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Morning After Q: Hold Up…So Wait…Is This Eventually? Um……


So…yeah. Oh and hey, Happy Friday!

When I was going through some old BT posts the other day, I remembered “Eventually Week” in which a lot of us talked about what we wanted to see between B&B. And some sort of equivalent of “B&B with possibly a baby and no real threat of any other significant love interest” was sort of the general consensus of what “eventually” would look like.

So…does that mean we’re there?

When Booth wrapped his arm around Brennan on that pier and told her that “all the stuff” would happen…is that what is happening? What does he say? “The stuff you think doesn’t happen…it happens. ”

Something like that?

Considering the fact that the real life (ha, the fictional real life) ending we saw in the season six finale was somewhat of a mirror to the ‘fake life’ (almost) ending we saw in End in the Beginning is interesting. Perhaps the ending of this season wasn’t what they had in mind when the season began, but I agree with those who suggest a pregnancy was possibly in the cards for the series. I don’t buy that they were ‘rushed’ into a decision; it’s not like they didn’t have choices–they deliberately chose to go the pregnancy route. I’m cool with it, for the most part.

Sidenote…remember a few months ago when Hart Hanson had to announce that unfortunately, it just wasn’t going to work out for Emily Deschanel to direct this year, and that there were several reasons why? And remember when he kind of got his face ripped off for it? In hindsight, I’m guessing that’s about the time he found out from the lovely Ms. D. Of course he couldn’t reveal her secret and ended up taking a lot of heat. If the calculations are true, then “tip of the hat” to you, Mr. Hanson!

Moving right along…and back to the original Q:

Is this eventually? And if so, then what ‘else’ is there for B&B? And not in a bad way, but possibly the ‘more than they ever could have hoped for’ kind of way?  And does anyone else feel like they sort of blinked and all of a sudden, ‘eventually’ kind of caught up to the rest of our realities? Like angst, angst, angst, science dude, angst, angst, angst, angst, Doctor in the freaking Photo, angst, This Land Belongs to Seeley Booth, angst, angst, Tommy Guns, angst, Thai massage, angst, angst, science fair medal, angst, angst, bow clacka mow mow, BoomMamaBones!

 Bam! Eventually! I’m not complaining; it’s more just…well, hello there!


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72 thoughts on “Morning After Q: Hold Up…So Wait…Is This Eventually? Um……

  1. In one way “Eventually” took a very long time, lets face it six years is a long time to see two people we like a lot to get together. On the other hand, we were cruising along on in “angst” mode through out this season and like the proverbial brick wall we ran right into “Eventually”.
    HH had been promising us that B&B were going to get together; but, when he actually came through with at least part of it, well, we were stunned.

    I say “part of Eventually” because even though Booth and Brennan are going to have a baby together, they have a lot of logistics to work out. We are not out of the woods when it comes to angst. They may love each other; but, they both drive each other around the bend with their stubbornness. When they consider themselves to be in the right, it is hard for them to bend to the others’ way of thinking. They also have lived as singles for most of their life and lets face it, being married may not be Brennan’s goal or even Booth’s goal. Most of us say that Booth wants to get married; but, he may not be willing to risk losing Brennan over the issue. That may make for some very angst ridden episodes. Stir in Brennan’s family and Booth’s family and B&B will still have plenty of drama in their lives. Of course, if you also consider that Booth and Brennan have abandonment issues when it comes to their families, well let just say, I can see some thorns on the rose.

    Brennan may be pregnant with Booth’s baby; but, she is still a very important person in the Anthropology world and the FBI value her skills very highly. She is going to want to be out in the field working, baby or not. Booth on the other hand is going to be even more protective of Brennan, if that is even possible. I think it could be very interesting how they handle Brennan’s pregnancy and her being a working anthropologist.

  2. This is the eventually. I thought that they were going to put them together at the end of the season given the HB storyline and I agree with Lenora that there is so much left unsaid and undecided between them. Lots of conflict which makes lots of good possibilities for stories.

    It’s going to be a bumpy road. I don’t think they will have to manufacture a genetic disorder for B&B– their pasts are messy enough as are their more recent pasts and I would imagine there’s a whole trunkful of stories to be told yet.

  3. Stephen Nathan always said that Booth and Brennan already are” together ” since the begining of the show. I kind be annoyed with him when say that. We know well the way they acted about each other during this six years looks like practically a date as Angela said to Brennan ” You and Booth are already a couple you just don’t have sex”. And on the end of season six we confirmed our suspicion that B&B slept together on the Hole in the heart. So i think and that is what i hope see on season 7 is B&B solving murders of course but being all this things i mentioned all in one plus being parents.I think this new life for them can be their ” Eventually”. How they’ll deal with their past and most important what they get from this to help them being a couple, parents and lovers. We know how much Booth and Brennan love each other and how big is their love. See them together never was boring on the contrary. Always was excited see their fantastic chemistry and banter and i think now this will get better and better.

    • If anyone has a problem calling marriage , why don’t they just call it a commitment ceremony , same thing , but it’s not formal and it will make Parker (and us ) happy.!!!!

  4. I think this is the eventually, even though i wish it weren’t. This ‘eventually’ feels very….well, anti-climatic. The culmination of six years of sexual tension, banter, friendship, hurt, pain etc should have resulted in a BANG when they finally got together. Instead all we got was a fizzle.

    I’m trying to think of a good way of explaining myself without taking a thousand words to do it. Bear with me as i attempt this! LOL

    It’s like….the past six years have been a VERY long journey. There have been ups and downs, bumps and bruises. I’ve laughed, i’ve cried, i’ve hurt, i’ve smiled. The journey was long and sometimes painful, but i held out because the destination…oh, the destination was going to be magnificant. It was going to make everything, the good AND the bad, worth it.

    And then i arrived only to discover that the destination, however pretty it appeared on the surface, wasn’t enough to make the road travelled worth it.

    • But see if there had been a “BANG” a destination then most fans would have thought this is the end. The show has reached its destination and the story is done.

      Doing it to where the two of them becoming a couple wasn’t treated as a 4th of July (or Laffers’ birthday) fireworks show then it indicates that there is still more story to tell. The two of them becoming a real couple, in more than just a “surrogate relationship” is just a point along the journey and now that journey will continue on an altered path and really we can have very interesting stories of them learning to be a couple and how that will work at work.

      I they do this the way I hope it might go we could in many ways have a return to the way things worked in the early season. This eventually could be just the thing to in a way revitalize the show. Most shows don’t make it 7 seasons, and of those that do most are losing vitality, they grow stale. I think what they’ve done here could be a fantastic thing for the show…at least I really hope so.

      We really haven’t seen yet what it will be like with the two of them together, other than Change in the Game (which for most of us when watching we weren’t sure of the status of their relationship) nothing has been shown yet on what they’ll be like. When watching the finale I thought they were great together, so in sync, so comfortable being with each other, and just something there that made me smile. I don’t anticipate them being undercover every episode next season, but I do anticipate that kind of flow with the two of them.

      I also foresee the kind of bickering we had in previous season, but now it being about what they are doing in their personal lives. They are two very different people so will have differences but I also see that they’ve worked very hard to get where they are now and will not just throw that away.

      • I completely agree re: the destination. This feels less like the final destination fo their story than it would have if the audience had been a part of “everything”

    • Is it wrong that it was a BANG for me? But not in the way where I feel like it’s over and done. It was like BANG! They are having a baby and are a couple. And I am, “Woot! What’s going to happen next?” It’s eventually for me and there’s a lot more to come. I am in love with them having a baby and can’t wait for it.

    • Laffers my friend, I totally agree with you. I expected a BANG and we got a whimper. I would not have stopped watching or thought the story was over if we had gotten the BANG. I don’t know who those people are, but I think most fans would keep watching and realize that the journey is not over just because one destination has been reached.

      I too, thought the destination would have been a lot more impressive after the part of the journey we had just traveled.

      I’m trying not to sound too negative for Season 7, but I’m not one of the fans who think the pregnancy storyline was a positive way to go for Booth & Brennan. I think HH & Co. could have come up with interesting stories regarding their relationship, their families and what truly “being together” really means for them without adding Booth/Brennan Jr. into the mix.

      I will reserve my praise for what an amazing season it will be for when it airs and I am actually impressed. Same goes for criticism-I’m going to wait and see.

    • Laffers, I agree. I wanted a bang and all I got was a wimper. I hope they do season 7 right, because we all know that the journey will be frought with tension. It always is when B&B are concerned. I hope they get into some of their past history, because I think the past has a great influence on the future.

      A Bang wouldn’t have lost me as a viewer, because I believe no matter what the tension will always be there in their relationship. They will disagree about everything, as always, and I can’t wait to see Booth’s reaction when Brennan wants to go into the field with a big pregnant belly.

      The show will start in her third trimester, so I think the issue will come up in the first few episodes. Maybe even the premeire. Can you picture her saying “Well in the Baloki tribe, the women have their babies in the field, and continue working. I don’t see my pregnancy as any different.”

      That would be so Bones. I think we have achieved eventually, but I still am disappointed in the arrival.

    • Agree w/ Laffers. Loved the journey, hate the destination. It’s like they missed a few stops on their way…that we, the viewers, have been waiting to see: first real kiss, first morning after the night before, etc. Does this storyline have potential to be great? Sure, if the writers remember WHO Booth and Brennan are and stay true to their characters (unlike S6). But still, I feel cheated because of how quickly ‘eventually’ happened.

    • Laffers, I feel for you, but I disagree. I never expected “eventually” to look like this, but somehow, I love it anyway. There’s a lot to keep in mind here. First of all, I don’t think they’ve fizzled. They’re having a baby!! No, we didn’t see “it” happen, but what goes on between them should just be theirs. I appreciate the face that B&B have been the epitome of subtlety thus far. They know what they are to each other, and that’s enough. It’s the opposite of Booth with Hannah (he always felt the need to bring up their relationship, even when it totally wasn’t necessary). Also, I like that it happened suddenly. Not that six years is sudden, of course, but Sarah, you’re right; it did sneak up on us! B&B are like magnets. They had to keep their distance until suddenly, all at once, the dam broke, Booth found his inner peace, her imperviousness was gone, etc etc. It happened in a flash of understanding between the two of them. That’s very much in character–and really, very realistic. My jaw dropped when Brennan told Booth she was pregnant; it snuck up on me despite Emily’s real-life pregnancy, which I don’t count as anti-climactic at all. I was caught by surprise (and even cried a little bit), so I think I count myself among fans who still got that “wow” moment out of B&B’s relationship.

      Also, as Frankie points out, we might have reached the start of “eventually,” but we certainly haven’t reached the end of it. There’s still a huge journey to make–but they’re making it as a more committed couple. I like that. I like that we’re watching B&B continue the evolution of their relationship. There will be more bantering, more sexual tension, more friendship and love, but it will happen within the context of a strong, unbreakable commitment between the two of them. A baby will bind them together forever (“a soul,” as Angela would say), and I love that the writers found a way to get them together but keep them interesting. Let’s face it: not that I wouldn’t love watching them as a romantic couple, but it wouldn’t look too terribly different than watching them in the first five seasons. They’ve always been flirty and adorable, anyway. B&B have always been together, in a sense, so this is a way to give them a relationship that actually looks different than it did before, without changing the fundamentals of who they are. They’ll have big things to banter about–but then maybe they’ll kiss at the end. Maybe someday, we’ll watch Booth say, “I love you” for the first time (without an “atta girl” at the end). Maybe we’ll watch them move in together. The possibilities are endless. The journey will continue. This is “eventually” in the sense that it’s an outcome many fans have waited for, but it’s not the final destination. I think we need to hold off judgment on what that destination will look like, because we haven’t really seen it yet. Once we see B&B as a fully committed couple, Laffers, then maybe it’ll look better to you than it looks now. The writers surprised us, but I think they surprised us with something beautiful.

  5. It only seems sudden to us. To Brennan and Booth, getting to ‘eventually’ took a hell of a long time.

    I already decided that I’m okay with the way S6 ended, and I’m still okay with it. Not perfect for me, but good enough to be going along with. I’m especially glad that “together” (whatever that means) happened while we still have at least one more season to see, and I’ve already heard talk about S8 so maybe we have at least two more seasons. It would have been awful to end the entire series with that sort of “I’m pregnant” cliffhanger and then the whole show fades to black and we never get to see any part of them working out what being together means for them. Thank you, HH&Co for at least not doing that to us.

    But, I also think ‘eventually’ has a lot more to it and I’m looking forward to seeing what that means.

    • MJ, I’m right with you on this.

      I love the way the season ended. Booth and Brennan had a rocky road, and yeah this whole thing is unexpected, but isn’t that how life works? This whole thing reminds me of that old phrase, “life is what happens when you’re busy making plans.”

      Ask anyone if they are where they thought they’d be five or six years ago, I’m going to guess that by and large the answer would be no. From where I sit, the show is being true to that.

      Just look at the evolution of Brennan. Season one, she’s adamant that she does not want kids and doesn’t want to get married because it’s archaic. She’s happy alone, love doesn’t exist, and biological urges are meant to be acted upon when needed.

      By season four, she’s jealous of Booth and Angela because they believe in love and want to lose themselves in someone else, and she also decides she wants a child. She goes so far as to write a fantasy world wherein she and Booth are married and have a baby.

      In season five she says that she’d need the right reason to get married and toasts love.

      And then, well, we all know the emotional journey that was the end of season five and all of season six, and then boom! Mama Bones.

      One of the things we all love so much about this show is how “real” and relatable the characters are. I think it’s awesome that we’re going to see some of the reality in the “eventually” and I’m really happy they didn’t hold off on this and give us a “and they all lived happily ever after” epilogue to this story.

      Don’t get me wrong, I loved fairy tales as a kid, but now that I’m an adult and I’ve seen the kind of crap that gets tossed at people, when I hear “and they all lived happily ever after” I kind of snort with disdain. Maybe I’m just cynical and jaded, but that’s my reaction. :p

      So, do I think this eventually? I think that they are at the start of eventually. Eventually is that place where all those things you never thought would happen, happen. And who says it has to be a destination…? I’m kind of looking at it more as the beginning of a new path on the journey.

      So I’m looking forward to seeing what “eventually ever after” looks like. Given the choice between “happily ever after” and “eventually ever after”, give me eventually. It sounds like so much more fun.

      Also, as an aside, Sarah, I had to giggle at your recap of season six. It reminded me of SN’s tweet from a few weeks ago: “murder, murder, murder, turkey, murder, murder, murder.” 😉

    • So many other shows have gone the route of the final scene fade out and they live happily ever after cop-out. If it had ended like JAG, I would have screamed and probably thrown something at the TV. That we get another season and a chance to watch things unfold makes me deleriously happy and therefore OK with the way things unfolded. I am also totally envious of all you ‘guys’ who have actually seen the episodes. I’ve managed to watch some bad quality viewing from the net. Can’t wait for them to be shown here in full colour high definition…

  6. I think that this is eventually. I just think that we got to eventually faster than anyone expected – including Hart Hanson. As I’ve said before, I think we have David Hornsby to thank for that, at least in part. I don’t believe that we would have Mama Bones so soon, if we hadn’t gotten Mama Emily so fast.

    I think that this is why many feel that we missed something. They had to make everything happen sooner than would have happened otherwise, so the story line had to move along more quickly than original imagined, starting sometime after the first of the year. Since a lot already had to have been planned out and written by then, Emily’s announcement had to have forced a very fast change.

    So, I think this is eventually. We’ve just missed a few of the steps and adjustment time that were originally intended. I think the result of that will be that those steps and that adjustment time will come now. Issues that would have been addressed leading up to the pregnancy will now be addressed during the pregnancy. Since unexpected pregnancies happen all the time in RL, in RL issues that, ideally, should be addressed before a couple co-habit and procreate, get addressed as those things are happening. And, the procreation, especially, has a big impact on the possible resolutions.

    So B&B will have to address all these issues within the context of a baby on the way, rather than working out the relationship issues (of which we can all see plenty) before making the baby. Everything happens eventually, “you just gotta be ready for it.” B&B will just be getting there (the baby part at least) whether they are ready or not.

  7. obvioulsy, they have a lot if work to do and there and many options for the both of them.I agree with Lenora, there are tons if storylines they can go with nd i like that. I dont think we have reached eventually all the way. I feel like we’re only half way there and im really glad that we have at least one more season to go.

    I remember i used to watch this Colombian soap opera called Betty la Fea (ugly betty) and they put the two main characters together on the very LAST episode and on top of that, they fastforwarded to when they had a baby and it just ended right there. I will never forget how unsatisfied i was with that ending and i am greatful for HH&co for not doing that to us.

    So what if we havent reached eventually quite yet? I am mostly happy for the chance to see them develop as a couple in the after math and i think that we will reach eventually for real when theyre at peace with eachother and the baby and when they learn to compromise for eachother.

  8. I am going to say something unpopular. Or maybe I am saying something that others are secretley thinking…I am beyond over hearing about Emily’s and Brennan’s pregnancy. She is having a baby. ..Women have been doing that for years…Women work when having a baby…Women take time off from…Women return to work, esp women with a multimillion paycheck. . .I am pleased for Emily but the fawning over this pregnancy and fans discussing it like they are going to deliver it is beyond good taste and stalkerish. Not necessarily here but other sites…Actress’ and characters start families ALL THE TIME. Some Bones fans have turned into the 2nd coming. Sorry I had to say it.

    • Carly,

      I guess I can see your point re ED’s pregnancy. It’s true that there’s been a lot of hoopla around her pregnancy for a number of reasons, so I can understand why some might be ready to be done talking about it. Fair enough. I actually agree, my only thoughts on the topics are good luck to her and her new baby.

      But I gotta say that Brennan’s pregnancy is quite different. Regardless of whether the choice was made because of ED’s or not, Brennan is a TV character and her pregnancy was the cliffhanger so to speak of the season finale. The whole point in a way is to leave viewers talking about it. I mean it’s a central plot point of the show now, how can it not be discussed by the fans? What else is there to discuss? The fact that Booth and Brennan solved the case or the fact that Max showed up in the season finale? Gotta say, if you’re over talking about Brennan’s pregnancy, I doubt you will find any Bones forum discussing the next season that doesn’t talk about it.

      Maybe I’m misunderstanding what you said, and if so feel free to correct me. But why is it so wrong that fans are discussing Brennan’s pregnancy, even if rabidly? How is that any different than Grey’s Anatomy fans or Castle fans or any other show that just finished a season talking ad nauseum about what happened in the season finale?

      Personally, I only read a few blogs so I haven’t noticed obsessive discussion over ED’s
      pregnancy but if it’s out there okay, I can understand where you’re coming from. But to say that it is in poor taste and stalkerish to discuss Brennan’s pregnancy and what that will mean for the show of which she is the named character, I just don’t understand at all. I can understand that discussing the pregnancy as a plot point might be boring in the sense that okay, I’m tired of talking about it, how about we talk about possible villains for next season. I’m actually someone who’s just waiting and seeing on the whole pregnancy thing and don’t have much to say on the subject. But, honestly, fans who just want to talk about it nonstop should be able to do so without being accused of poor taste or stalking. In fact, I’d venture to say that actors and writers of the show expected and wanted Brennan’s pregnancy to be a huge talking point over the summer. That’s how shows get returning viewers, after all. If everyone just forgot that Brennan was pregnant and didn’t care about it then where’s the incentive to tune in Nov?

  9. Life isn’t about final destinations. Each time we reach an ‘eventually’, another one materializes. We travel along life’s highway…sometimes we go through the rough desert, have flat tires and busted radiator hoses…other times we pop up over the hill and find an oasis – Boom! We hang out a while, enjoy the moment and then move on. That’s just life. The development of a new ‘eventually’ is what gives us hope and motivation.

    I haven’t had a problem with the angst ridden rough desert of season six. I certainly don’t have a problem with the boom of the pregnancy oasis. That’s just how life goes sometimes. I enjoy this show because, while giving us a nice neat wrapped up case and usual happy ending each week, it also mirrors the ups, downs and unexpected surprises in life. If the characters survive everything thrown at them, it gives me hope for my own ‘eventually’. And when I reach that one…I’ll find a new one! 🙂

    • This is basically what I was going to say too. I think eventually is a ever evolving thing. This is ONE (or two!) of the eventualities we hoped for, but there are more after season 6 and after that more and after that…well you get the idea.

      In all honestly I do think HH decided to let ED’s pregnancy effect his storyline. I don’t think they would have gone there yet otherwise and yes, I think that part of the eventually hit us rather unexpectedly (as do all unplanned pregnancies, hence the word “unplanned”.) I would have liked to have seen more of the development of the new part of B&B’s relationship than we got, but there is so much more to be seen that I’m okay with what we got.

      On to the next eventually!

    • Great thought! I agree that when we arrive at one desitinatiion we see another lurking in the distance. What a gret thought to B&B’s eventually.

    • Strangely, David tweeted something directly on point yesterday:
      “Success lies in the journey, not the destination.”
      Which is from somebody else, but he’s the one who tweeted it yesterday.

  10. The eventually that materialized at the end of the finale (and for some of us, at the end of “Hole in the Heart”) is going to feel different for everyone and although I don’t think any amount of discussion is going to change that, talking about it might hopefully improve some people’s perceptions of season 7. I’m totally with Frankie on not feeling let down by the pregnancy or by the fact that the big moment wasn’t shown, in big part because I was satisfied with what I saw as B/B’s enduring love for each other despite all the obstacles. For those who didn’t see that in season 6 though, the suddenness of the baby storyline might just be a disappointment. The ending just left me looking forward to next season and curious as to what issues they’re going to bring up to spice up the show since so many of the usual things we expected (friends finding out, al the early lovey-dovey stuff) have been taken off the table. That’s not to say I didn’t feel some of Laffer’s regret at being given the big news without more buildup; just that there was way more excitement for me personally than disappointment. It seems that optimism may be the prevalent feeling “out there” at least for now. Interesting, because up until recently the more vocal frenemies of the show on other websites have been so negative. So maybe Hart did pull it off.

    Frankly, I’m grateful that we’re being shown a substancial part of “eventually,” because I honestly thought all we’d get was a rushed pairing at the end when the series was guaranteed not to get renewed. Anything from now onward is just whipped cream icing on the cake, my favorite kind.
    And all the references lead me to agree with Seels that this was the planned way to go and not some slap-dash plot, even if maybe the timing was a bit off because of ED’s pregnancy. The “you’ll thow up eventually” “someone for everyone” and even the “marriage will happen” weren’t put in there by accident. Plus, since they waited so long to get them together and with the series nearing what could be an end run (no! no!, but realistically most don’t go beyond a 7th or 8th season), I’m also hopeful that eventually won’t involve a break-up of any kind. This for me is the worst kind of tv show cliche, the dagger through every fan’s heart, and an all too prevalent plot device. If they’re avoiding what they perceive as the trite way to go, maybe we’ll be spared that one as well.

    • I really hope they don’t go the break up route. I feel like they did that already, with the separation to the Maluku Islands and Afghanistan and then the Hannah time and then there was the rebuilding after Hannah. And then: WHAM! a big announcement. 🙂 We don’t need to go down any similar roads again, IMO. I hope HH and Co agree.

      • I really don’t think they’ll go the get them together just to break them up route.

        I agree with you that it’s definitely not what I want. It’s why when back in season 4 when they were talking about sex between B&B in the finale I was really worried. At that point I really did not see Brennan being ready for they type of romantic relationship Booth wanted, so I could only see they ending up breaking up.

        I think a lot of what has happened since then…all of season 5 and season 6 was really about getting to the point where both of them are ready for the same type of a relationship…not to say it’ll be smooth sailing; this is B&B after all, but I really think they are both ready to work on being together.

  11. Okay, honestly, I will never in a million years believe that the notion of B&B sleeping together after a coworkers death and then immediately getting pregnant was some kind of master plan years in the making. Nor do I think HH was sitting in his office, rubbing his hands together two weeks before the finale and thinking “What the hell, make Brennan pregnant, he he, this will make everyone on the internet flip out, bwahahahahah.”

    Television is a medium of change, things happen. The real lives of the actors happen. Storylines don’t work as well as they might have, audiences are fickle, networks are jumpy…things happen.

    I also think that as fans, sometimes we hang too dearly onto a certain scene or phrase, that was perhaps never meant as anything beyond that scene or phrase.

    B&B walking away from the dock arm in arm and talking about eventually was a great way to end that particular episode. Is it part of a larger theme? For the season? For the series? Do the writers even think about that scene anymore? Possibly. Or not. I hope that makes sense.

    • I have to say I agree with you Barbara. I fully believe that a baby was in the pipeline for B&B, but nothing they say will make me believe that Emily’s pregnancy didn’t expedite it. That’s fine, but I don’t see why they can’t be honest about it.

      Same with the fact we didn’t see them get together – I think it would probably be quite uncomfortable to film a sex scene with a co-worker at the best of times, let alone when you’re pregnant with your RL husband’s baby. I fully respect ED and DB for not thinking that’s appropriate, but I do think had she not been pregnant, the eventual scene might have played out a little differently. That’s fine, I’m sure they don’t want to expose ED to the sometimes, quite frankly, maniacal fans wrath.

      But yes, I often wonder whether the producers, actors, writers, creators of the show pay any attention to or even remember what happened in a specific scene 5 years ago. Filming a single episode is intense, a lot of the time I think they kind of let it go once it’s aired.

      I definitely feel this way about anything pre-season 4. They knew they had a 2 season pick up and they told a specific story in those two seasons. Apart from for nostalgic purposes, I sometimes don’t even think those first 3 seasons has much impact on what happens now. I’m not convinced they’re meant to.

      • I am sorry, I was posting my comment and then yours appeared. I didn’t mean to repeat what you were already going to say.

      • I’m rather inclined to agree with you two. There are many difficult realities to a TV show that a book writer doesn’t have to deal with. So changing storylines will happen, and the RL of actors can influence the show. HH has mentioned that his 2-year plan went away, then his 4-year plan, and now his 6-year plan. Having to wait for renewal, and being at the mercy of the demands of a network makes any concrete planning very difficult. But at the same time, I don’t think they make decisions on a whim. They have to make sure they have ideas on where to take a SL, but sometimes things happen to make it not as relevant as before, or not as important as something else. So they always have ideas in their head, and possible even different paths they can take the show. I think they just go with what they think they can reasonably pull off.

        As far as previous scenes go, they are nice, and they contributed to the evolution of B&B’s relationship, but B&B have been through so much and they just aren’t the same people because of that. Filming a current season takes all of their (producers & crew) focus, understandably. It wouldn’t hurt to have some kind of continuity director on board (I suppose I just made up a position.) There’s a difference between inherent character contradictions, and instances like “You read my books?” when it was explicitly mentioned before that he reads her books.

        Sophia, I too thought about how ED’s pregnancy could have had an effect on the intimacy scenes. They are actors, but I think I would have cringed knowing she was pregnant if they showed them being very intimate.

    • I agree that desperate fans often make a lot more out of a line or a scene than the writers ever intended. The whole consolation prize remark by Booth has almost become the foundation stone of a new religion. I doubt if that line held the importance for the writers that it has held for fans. Eventually is fine but it is an ever evolving state of being and we’ve seen B&B as partners, friends, confidants and now prospective parents. What we have never seen them as — except in the season 4 finale — is lovers. If Hart and company give us some scenes that satisfy our craving for B&B, lovers extraordinaire, I will be a happy camper.

      • HAHA, hilarious. You’re so right. Not only a new religion but a crazy one at that. To me, I simply took that line at face value, Hannah was not a consolation prize, Booth wasn’t with her to kill time while Brennan made up her mind. He liked and cared (I really don’t think he loved her, but that’s another story) for this woman. That’s all I thought he was saying. And then, much to my surprise, everyone else heard something completely different. Apparently, they heard something like, “Hannah is the love of my life and if we ever get together, you’ll be the consolation prize.” LOL! I mean, c’mon, but it’s like these people haven’t watched the last 5 years of the show. Hannah was annoying, her character didn’t work out and it was a waste of storyline, and I knew eventually she’d be gone. But even as I accepted that the story was that Booth was moving on and trying to build a life with her, never did I think or felt (based on the characters) that whatever he felt for Hannah could overshadow Brennan. He was trying to move on yes, but five years of the show tells me that Brennan could never be the consolation prize.

      • I also find it interesting that some people are looking for Booth to tell Brennan that he still loved her even when he was with Hannah and that he should have apologized for essentially trying to move on with his life when she told him no. Never mind that he said that “you can love more than one person…there’s always one you love the most” comment to her before. But more importantly, I don’t think Brennan cares about if Booth loved her while he was with Hannah, I think she cares if he loves her now. And by the end of the season, she didn’t seem to be doubting that. I agree with bbmagic that because he fell in love with Brennan first and she is the standard, she is automatically precluded from being a consolation prize.

      • Totally agree with all three of you. C-bones, you are so right. Brennan is no consolation prize and she only cares if Booth loves her now.

      • bbmagic, Lenora and C-bones, I think you’re all on the right track. It seems that people’s overall satisfaction with the pregnancy news is in direct proportion to how in love they felt Booth was, or has ever been, with Brennan. If you didn’t see the love before and you’re still waiting for a sign, then the season 6 finale is going to leave you feeling empty. There were definitely many people who shared this point of view with Laffers when she wrote her original post a while back. If, on the other hand, you feel like me that he’s loved her forever and that he never really stopped even when he was with Hannah, then the news feels right, even when it might have been accelerated by ED’s pregnancy. You either thought that you saw the signs all along, or you feel they were lacking and you needed more words/proof. For me, all those seasons of watching him care for her in big and little ways were definitely sufficient.

      • I think in their exceedingly clumsy way this is what the writers were trying to convey with all the stolen glances and intense looks — DitP, SitS — that Booth was giving Brennan. HH has been quite clear that Booth loved Brennan but the writers got themselves all screwed up when they tried to explain, yes, he loves Brennan, but he loves Hannah, but he really loves Brennan more. For those who like their relationships actually spelled out in the action, and who doesn’t, the big mistake they made was in not letting the viewers see his conflict more clearly and more consistently. Brennan didn’t have to see it; Hannah didn’t have to see it, but we did. Since glimpses of it were given here and then in a very random and inconsistent way but still there nevertheless — as in, ‘There’s always one person you love the most’ — I’m willing to assume that a man who has been in love with a woman for going on seven years doesn’t stop loving her in a matter of weeks. After all, people do leave marks on each other and those marks don’t fade away overnight no matter how many blonds you may meet under a fig tree.

      • maria, my feelings about Brennan being pregnant have nothing whatsoever to do with whether or not I think Booth loved her. I think he always loved her, and I also don’t like the idea of Brennan’s character being pregnant.

        I’ve listed a bunch of other reasons before (that have to do with what I consider less than stellar writing) but one of my other reasons is that, frankly, pregnancy ain’t that interesting! I watch television to vicariously experience a life I do not have. I’ll never be a gorgeous kick-ass anthropologist solving crimes and exchanging witty banter with her sexy FBI agent partner in real life, but I can be entertained by watching that on television.

        If I want to watch people play with babies, I could dig out my home movies. If I want to watch a couple struggle to balance work and home, I could reflect on the last sixteen years of my actual, real life.

        The Hodgela baby wouldn’t change the show very much, Hodgins and Angela are supporting characters. I don’t see how the two main characters have a baby and yet the show itself doesn’t change in any significant way.

      • Barbara. Hmmm, I guess I never thought about it from that perspective. But I can’t share your feelings because I don’t have kids, and I love babies! I love watching parents with their babies, so it makes sense that I’m more excited to see that than you are.

  12. Um, I may be late to the game in this one aspect, but when I was discussing the show we a friend of mine, she had an interesting comment that I never thought of. She knew of the pregnancy of Bones, but not the pregnancy of ED in real life. So when I told her ED was REALLY pregnant, she said, no wonder they didn’t show the sex scene–who wants to shoot a sex scene when they are pregnant? Push me over with a feather!

    I can’t believe I didn’t think of that sooner. And maybe you all have, but that totally changed my view of how the season ended. I am now mostly content with the way things happened, and can see why it just wasn’t an option to show more. Of course, a kiss would have been nice, but maybe that’s what Season 7 will start with? (fingers crossed and eyes hopeful)

  13. I don’t think we are at “eventually” yet, but it’s more in our view. If they had things figured out, then maybe I would say they were. I also agree with the sentiments of people saying there are always new destinations cropping up even as they arrive at one. I admire the people who say they would not have stopped watching if they had done it with a BANG. I’d like to say that too, but I really don’t know. I could see how psychologically, I could have lost some interest in the show because of what had been “accomplished”. I really don’t watch for the cases. But I suppose I would have been interested in how their relationship would have played out.

    I probably would have done the same thing HH did – not showing them physically getting together. At this point in the game, I think very few people would have been satisfied with the execution – many people weren’t even satisfied with the idea! Let people use their imaginations to fill in the blanks exactly how they think it happened. I also think they tread a line between showing characters in love without going overboard into fanfic territory. I think that’s where their comments about not wanting to show B&B being all lovey-dovey and polite come from, and that was probably to reassure the non-shipper fans. I think it will be as before, where they did have sweet moments, but it wasn’t too often. They can still be professionals at work, and I don’t want that to be compromised. I don’t even think it would be much of an issue because they are both very focused when they are working a case. But at the end of the day, when they have their time, I’d expect to see some special moments.

  14. “And does anyone else feel like they sort of blinked and all of a sudden, ‘eventually’ kind of caught up to the rest of our realities? Like angst, angst, angst, science dude, angst, angst, angst, angst, Doctor in the freaking Photo, angst, This Land Belongs to Seeley Booth, angst, angst, Tommy Guns, angst, Thai massage, angst, angst, science fair medal, angst, angst, bow clacka mow mow, BoomMamaBones!
    Bam! Eventually! I’m not complaining; it’s more just…well, hello there!”

    Bwahahahahahaha! Nail on head, Sarah! That’s exactly how I feel, and now I’m so confused as to what I’m supposed to expect, because what I was expecting to happen already happened off-screen, you know? It’s all very surreal, and I feel like Season 7 could evolve into just about anything.

    I still feel a little blind-sided by it all.

  15. I would like to say that I think it’s really annoying and frustrating when fans rip into the director/creator (etc) of a series – if he had said ED couldn’t direct, then people should know there was a reason. Instead they gave him shit over something that ended up having a perfectly good reason after all (as we found out later). I get tired of some people making the rest of the fandom look bad because they aren’t going to get their way/what they want. HH already gets enough shit on Twitter, to the point where he doesn’t even check his replies anymore because of all the fans who yell at him when they disagree with something in the show.

    /end rant

    That being said, I can’t see Bones lasting for more than another couple of seasons. If they’re going to have the baby and stay a couple, I *personally* think that there’s only so much they can do plot-wise before it starts to get repetitive. I hope it lasts for another few years though! (it’s the fangirl in me)

    @ ChillyHawaiian – See, that’s a really good point I hadn’t thought of either! If I were pregnant and as far along as ED is, I wouldn’t want to shoot a sex scene either. I can’t believe I didn’t think of that either.

    • I too get tired of some people making the rest of the fandom look bad. I think HH & Co. has had it with those people (many of their more recent comments sound more defensive than usual, and can be a little snarky), but I hope they remember they have more reasonable fans who honestly have questions and aren’t trying to jump down their backs.

    • I would be happy to offer my services as a stand-in for Brennan in those scenes she might be uncomfortable filming with Booth while she’s pregnant. I’d need a wig to cover up my long, red hair and a really good make-up artist because I’m ten years older, but hey . . . anything for art, right?

      Of course, I’d also be happy to stand in for Booth, with Brennan. But this probably not the right message board for that. 😀

  16. Hmmm… I keep changing my mind as to how I feel about this. I agree with the first part of what Laffers said although I would amend that statement to say that we expected Bang-ING (or evidence thereof) and instead of a whimper we got a Bang (result of Banging). 🙂 Now initially I was a little disappointed because after all the UST all these episodes, I wanted it to be a little, I don’t know, sexier, I guess. No, My dear Mr. Stephen Nathan I wasn’t expecting PORN! Jeez. Not that I would avert my eyes if I were to see it… 😉 I wanted more of what CSI did when Grissom and Sara got together (after friend in peril no less) and she just came out of his room wearing his robe or something. Some little glimpse that they had done the deed so I could have my fangirly squee cheer moment. But if I look at it from another perspective, I DID get that because “I’m pregnant. You’re the father.” is really crystal clear and not open to interpretation! And it’s so true to life. You think you’re going to to this and you end up doing the other all. I have NEVER gotten what I expected or wanted from life. (I’ve had to fight and struggle for what I need and barely got that). Why on earth would I expect anything from a TV show? Seriously, who are those people that everything just happens smoothly for? WTH is that even like? I would like to see more OF the eventually is all. More coupley things. Bickering over coffee. Scrambling to find clothes from the trail left on the floor because they have a case at 4 am. And more serious things like where do they live and what happens with Booth’s family. I’m sure we will see more of those things but not necessarily in the way we expect. Because Bones is realistic in most aspects. That’s why I relate to it in the first place. Maybe they expected to do a pregnancy , even a cart before the horse pregnancy and ED’s real life pregnancy forced them to do things a little quicker. Maybe Emily said “we’re trying to get pregnant” and getting pregnant didn’t take as long as they thought it would. You don’t get more real life than that… Also, Sarah, “Like angst, angst, angst, science dude, angst, angst, angst, angst, Doctor in the freaking Photo, angst, This Land Belongs to Seeley Booth, angst, angst, Tommy Guns, angst, Thai massage, angst, angst, science fair medal, angst, angst, bow clacka mow mow, BoomMamaBones!”, yup that’s exactly what it felt like but again just like RL! Like what?!? How? Who?!? No, seriously really? Shit. It’s okay, we’re okay. Ooopsies. Dammitalltohell. Okayokayokay. Breathe. Breathe. We can DO this. We’re okay. 🙂 Also, I would like to volunteer for the Continuity Advisor position. And also Stand in for the Stand In when MJ needs a break. 🙂

    • I agree. Never would have guessed I’d be where I am in life right now. And I have even had a (male) friend call me on it (I thought you didn’t believe in marriage?). But it’s life. What the hell am I suppose to do? Get off the ride? I love roller coasters. I see no problem with things not turning out the way life expected. And I am so glad Angela and Brennan had that conversation, because it is true.

    • Ahh, the GSR. One of my favorite ships. Sorry, anyway, nope that’s all I wanted to say was to make a side note comment. 😀

  17. I think the state of their relationship at the end of HITH and CITG felt very…real. Look, they need the audience to tune into season 7 so they need to leave more for the story. SN said they didn’t want to show B&B being all ooey-gooey and I kind of get that….they have had romantic/sweet moments in the past six years….they WERE being in the new couple mode in CITG, Max saw it and called them on it. They were being “nice” to one another. Ha! If Brennan hadn’t gotten pregnant what issues would they have? Discussion of their status? They may have gone on doing things, as HArmonia said, “as usual”. Solving cases, going for drinks, and making a little whoopie in between – taking turns at their respective abodes. Really, where’s the angst? Would Booth want to get married? Maybe not…. Maybe the angst would be Bones wanting a baby… they aren’t kids. As Booth would say, thing have to change. So, yeah, those things you don’t think will happen do. Baby BB happened! Ha! And what will that do? I think it IS going to force his or her parents to address some issues that they may have taken another 6 years to do. Here’s what I know what I DON’T want Eventually to be: I don’t want it to be them as just friends raising a kid. I don’t want it to be them deciding they can’t make it work and taking a step back and just agreeing to provide their child with what they didn’t have growing up. I don’t want any third party angst – nuh-uh. Been there, done that. Do they need to get married? No, I don’t think they do. Yes, I think they have logistics to work out but they’ve worked around big issues in the past (see mastadon in the room). They will continue to disagree and “bicker” in their way but I think they have a lot invested to make things work, at least I hope they do. They love one another and I think they are going to want to make a family, the kind of family they never had, for this child and for themselves. Remember Brennan’s “maybe I’m one of those people who doesn’t get to be in a family?” Yes, she’s made her own family with friends but this would be their family. Eventually does become reality. And I think we can argue that B&B are probably even shocked that eventuatlly came! By the look on their faces in the last scene of season 6 while it was shocking, they seemed excited to see what it will bring. One thing is for sure, they will definitely not be Oozy and Harriett. But it may be surprising just how much common ground they may be able to find. As for their work…well… I think I wouldn’t mind seeing Agent Shaw return and help Booth a bit. I’d like to see Booth back in the lab more, and Brennan too. She can still go out in the field but her days of putting herself in danger…I think she may even come to be a little more…cautious. I would think Brennan would be concerned about her child not having a family and, really, baby BB would loose both its’ mother AND father if they both put themselves in harm’s way at the same time but, yeah, I don’t see her totally giving it up either. Think of it this way though…if the season opens with her seven months pregnant and still, as SN said, out there doing her thing only finding in more difficult to squeeze herself into tight spaces then that conversation is probably ongoing….Booth probably knows he can’t make or not make her do anything. As for the marriage thing…. Booth has indicated that he thinks he’s the “marrying kind”. But, sometimes people start to think or feel a little differently when things become…real. He may be a little slower to go there…a little more cautious. In other words, I don’t know if I’d be surprised if we learn he hasn’t asked or isn’t pushing. I think it’s safe to say Booth has helped to bring Brennan to the place she is…taking risk at love,etc., maybe Booth will put a little more thought into it this time to make sure he gets a different outcome this time. Eventually isn’t the end.

  18. As I’ve mentioned I am happy with where we’re headed and yeah, I think this is the beginning of eventually. We still have a long way to go. I agree that there are a lot of factors that affect a television shows story line. Life pretty much sums up the factors. Honestly, to me it would seem that there are lines and scenes that are read way too much into by the fans (the consolation prize thing that you all mentioned). But I do think that enough times that HH and company do do certain things on purpose. Oh gosh, I am not sure that actually made sense. If I try to explain it more at this point I am just going to confuse myself and others. Translation: I won’t be further explaining.

    Moving on. I got really tired of people with the whole consolation prize thing. A quick note on SN’s porn comment: It’s probably just the result of the portion of fandom that has taken it’s time to attack/complain/whine etc at him and HH. He exaggerated a lot. I would think he knows that really a lot of fans don’t want a porn scene. He’s just tired of the crap. But that’s just a guess because of course I am not inside SN’s head.

    Sorry about that again continuing on. I am looking forward to the baby being born next season. To be honest I don’t want a season long pregnancy and it sounds like we won’t be getting one. I am much more interested in Booth, Brennan, and baby dynamic. Yes, I am aware that it won’t be B&B, and the B all the time but I don’t know I am looking forward to it. That’s not to say that I am not looking forward to pregnant Brennan. Nor is it to say that I am not looking forward to the stuff that Booth and Brennan are going to have to work out before the baby comes. I am excited for it all.

    I confess that I am hoping that their baby is a girl. However, I am good if HH makes the baby a boy. I do have my fanfiction version of their baby anyway. Her name is Lyra Grace Booth. I wrote her before the pregnancy thing happened. I am just in love with those two having a baby. I blame Hart Hanson, ha ha ha. He’s the one who had Brennan want Booth’s baby. I’ve been rambling on forever and ever or so it seems. I’ll stop now. Have a lovely weekend!

  19. Amen to all that has been said here. Bones brings out a lot of emotions from us fans.. It offers us a lot of things to discuss … And these are just 2 factors that I am totally hooked with this show! So, I’d accept a lot of angst if it means this show will have more seasons. I pray that this show will never have it’s ending!

  20. I had a thought last night. When we talk about eventually, most of us have an idea of where we want B&B’s relationship to go. The thing most of are pretty sure of is, we don’t want B&B’s relationship to be like Hodgins and Angela. Don’t get me wrong, I like Hodgins and Angela but their relationship is not a partnership. Angela controls that relationship and Hodgins seems to have very little say in it. If he wants Angela, he has to abide by her rules and wants.

    Booth and Brennan are very independent people. Neither wants to be dependent upon someone else. We have seen how Brennan and Booth have tried to protect their partnership and friendship over the years. They value the fact that each is an expert in their field and that each is better for having a partner to rely upon when things are going sideways. Both try not to hurt each other, though that has had limited success. The thing is, we know that though they constantly bicker and fight they are very careful about how far to push each other. They really do value their partnership and neither wants to lose it. This means, at least to me, that “Eventually” is a true partnership. Neither would dominate the other. They would continue to be the friends that they have been for years. They would still agree to disagree about some things; but, be there for each other, and now, for their baby.

    • So true about Hodgins and Angela’s relationship. I never thought too much about the imbalance, although I knew it was there. I like Angela, don’t get me wrong, but I think the wedding proposals definitely prove your point. Only when Hodgins accidentally figured out what kind of “anti-proposal” she wanted did she decide she’d be willing to marry him. And then she called the shots on the kind of wedding they were going to have as well! If you think about it, she was kind of a bridezilla in that one (sugar-coated in lovey-doveyiness for sure) and none of us would want Brennan and Booth to interact that way. It seems somewhat manipulative. If it wasn’t for Hodgins’ endless supply of funds, I’m not sure how they would have pulled off the large wedding she wanted in a week. I know they’re happy and all, but sometimes i think “poor Hodgins” (especially when he got his chest hairs ripped out!)

      • P.S. Hodgins is such a great guy, a perfect mate, and yet I’ve never been quite drawn to him (ducks). I think it’s because of what you said. I find what I perceive to be his almost complete lack of spine when it comes to Angela to be a little disconcerting. The one time he put his foot down she broke up with him (not that he was being entirely reasonable) and sometimes I wish he would grow a set, and not just with his father-in-law. But maybe then he wouldn’t be quite so lovable; look at the grief Booth got when he “moved on” even after years of endless devotion.

      • Maria, I agree that Hodgins is a very sweet guy. He should be the perfect mate; but, the fact that he has to be Angela’s doormat sort of drives me buggy sometimes. You are right about his money and how he uses it. He even had to give up his mansion and buy a new house because Angela wasn’t satisfied. I mean really. The house has been in his family for generations; but, since it isn’t “Ours”, she doesn’t care for it. I think Angela is lucky to have found Hodgins. He is the only one who would ever put up with Angela long term. Of course, Hodgins loves Angela so who am I to think poorly of the relationship. If it works for him then that is all that matters.

      • Lenora, I forgot about the house-that bugged me too! And yeah, they’re happy, so whatever works. I just don’t want one half of our B/B duo to always be making all the concessions, like Hodgins seems to do-spread the love (and the pain) around!

  21. This doesn’t have anything to do with the topic at hand, but I don’t know where else to post random comments. But in the finale tCitG, one of the teams was called “The Lab” and they had on the yellow shirts. I just saw that while watching it today, but maybe others have seen it already. HH & Co. definitely like to mess with our heads.

    • I’m liking this episode more and more the more I watch it. It’s got a lot of funny stuff:

      Brennan to Hercules: “I’m sure God wants you to be a good bowler.”

      Guy bowler on other team to girl: “Why don’t you take a chill pill, you poisonous little dwarf.”

      Little annoying girl: “I’m so good they have to say it twice.”

      I like the little bickering about Brennan’s “murder ray” vs. ultraviolet light.

      Booth: “Yeah, but you steal cars.”
      Guy bowler on other team: “That would make me a thief, and not a cheater.”

      Guy bowler: “Daddy must’ve been a baker, ’cause that is a great set of buns.”
      Max: “Down boy!”

      Brennan on the phone: “This is Wanda, at the bowling alley, bowling.”

      • c-bones, what is even funnier is the next line after Max says “down boy”,
        Blake: Oh that’s okay, you’ve got your eyes on her too! I get it! But all is fair, old man. I gotta warn you, I’m at the prime of my sexual magnetism.
        He doesn’t know that Max is Brennan (or Wanda’s) father and Max’s reaction is pretty good. Max is exasperated. You know he would like to slap Blake or at least zing him; but, Brennan is undercover. I really like this episode too. It reminds me of season 2 and 3.

      • I agree with this so much. The playful, fun vibe in CitG reminded me a lot of the first few seasons. I think a lot had to do with the change in the B&B relationship – seeing each other naked obviously relaxed both of them (Long Live Team Did!), and maybe the writers were able to relax, too, and give us a little bit more fun.

        I really hope to see a lot more of that “same ol’ B&B’ in S7.

      • MJ, so true. The playful things they do on Bones is always so cool. We had very little of that after 100 and I for one was so happy to see the “Change” back to the pre 100 style of Bones. I think we all missed that pre 100 style. Angst is ok in dribs and drabs but it can make you sort of tired when it is constant.

        Give me gory bodies, double takes, hot tempers, sweet smiles, undercover Booth and Breannan, looks, touching, Max, the squints, Caroline, Booth and Brennan as friends and lovers and WOW, we will have a great season 7.

    • The tower of wings is also in there. HH loves to play with our heads.

    • Speaking of the fun in CitG: My 5 year old nephew was with me over the weekend. He wanted to see the pic of bowling I had on the closet door; i.e., the TV Guide preview of CitG. So, I told him I could show him the actual bowling. Which I did. He couldn’t stop repeating “Buck’s on the truck. Driving the truck. Buck Truck.” He thought that that was just hilarious. He also liked Booth tearing his hat and hair off and when he made the 7-10 split.

      He liked it all so much, he insisted on going bowling, which we did instead of going to the movies, playing putt putt or swimming.

      I turned his big bro into a Days of Our Lives fan, so I guess I’m turning him into a Bones fan. 😉 He also enjoyed the hockey in Fire in the Ice. ;-D

  22. I’m still on the fence with the pregnancy storyline. I guess I’m feeling that if HH had a certain storyline in mind, going through to at least season 8, that ED’s pregnancy didn’t necessarily mean they had to write it in. I would have had faith in the Bones writers to write around her pregnancy, put her behind a prop and then sort of wink at us in the audience…and sure, waited on intimacy between characters for awhile, but it truly could have been written around in a good way IMO.

    However, if they truly have been able to write and adapt to bump up (sorry) the pregnancy storyline, I just hope they have a darn good plan. I do appreciate the cliffhanger side of things and why they did it like that, its just we are all so invested at this point, it means a lot to us “rabid” fans to throw a seemingly random baby in the mix. Right after Hodgela. (which, I actually loved. I prefer settled Angela to “sleeping with everyone in sight/complaining about celibacy Angela”)

    But, again, I’m really trying to keep an open mind until we get into Season 7. I don’t want to pre-judge the plan before it unfolds. I just hope they have a good one! That all being said, this COULD be eventually…but I don’t know that we are there yet. We’ve had coma dreams and “atta girls” and I just want to wait and see what they do!!!

  23. I’ve fallen so far behind, and I’m just catching up on past posts, so forgive me for being so late to the party here. I just couldn’t let this one go without saying that the last paragraph of this post is one of my favorite things I’ve ever read on Bones Theory! From angst to BoomMamaBones in one season! Wow.

  24. You know, whether or not we have reached eventually yet, we can at least say the chase is over, right?

    • I think it can be a theme for the new discussion here. I HOPE that chase is over. I was dreaming to see the whole season with B&B as a couple and I probably will get it this and next year. As so many readers pointed out before, there are many problems which B&B need to resolve.

      But if we will get the 8th season, as HH planned, don’t audience will be bored with happy B&B staff? Maybe they will decide to add any angst? And some kind of chase can be returned? But I want to believe as Seels pointed out several month ago – they should be together once and for all.

      What about their eventually – I think we saw the part of it. But expecting baby it is only a part. I HOPE we will see bickering about the wedding and wedding itself, problems with working together and acceptance of their work from FBI bosses, problems with Brennan’s work in the field, Booth jealousy issues and so on. It will he interesting journey. Without angst I hope.

  25. Olyapka, if they have a lot of things to work out because of their inherent differences, I don’t see them getting to a happy, bored state. BONES likes to be a little more authentic with their characters, and what couple is seriously ever a “happily ever after” story? Any storyteller knows that conflict is a necessary component to keep viewers interested. I think Hart and Stephen know that, and I don’t think we (the viewers) have ever suffered for lack of it. And the conflict doesn’t always have to be between B&B – it can come from the outside, too. Many of the past conflicts were situations that brought them closer and a new understanding of each other, because it always goes back to their dynamic, their connection.

    I still can’t buy into a wedding yet (will have to actually see it to believe it), but I can buy into them getting married.

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