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A New Religion: Brennan Can Never Be a Consolation Prize


In response to Friday’s MAQ,  EL  commented that “the whole consolation prize remark by Booth has almost become the foundation stone of a new religion.”

I found this hilarious and true.  And utterly ridiculous—not EL’s comment—but the fact that it is so true, that the fandom has obsessed over this one line and some, basing their opinion on roughly 8 episodes of season 6, adamantly consider that Brennan has become a consolation prize.

I hope I don’t offend anyone when I say that, to me, that’s utter craziness. All right, if that’s your opinion, you’re probably miffed I called you a crazy, and if you think I’m the crazy one for thinking that Brennan is not and could never be a consolation prize, then we’re even.  

As I mentioned in my reply to EL’s post, I took Booth’s comment to simply mean that he wasn’t with Hannah just because he couldn’t be with Brennan.  And more importantly, I think that comment was more for himself than for her.  Not that I didn’t believe Booth when he said that. I did. I believed that he believed it which is really all that matters. Booth is not the type of guy who would be with a woman who he thinks of as a consolation prize, right? But, in all honesty, Hannah was a rebound relationship.  I mean, if not for Brennan’s rejection he would have never been with Hannah. 

I think at the beginning, he was very aware of that. He says words to that affect when he proposes. But when she moved to DC to be with him, and he became more involved with her, it important to him that she be more than a rebound relationship, in essence more than a consolation prize. And that’s okay. That’s admirable even. I would have never, EVER, wanted Booth to drop Hannah for Brennan once Brennan admitted she had made a mistake.  For some reason, many people seem to want and even expect this and when it didn’t happen, they were either devastated or furious or both. I was devastated after Doctor in the Photo, but not because Booth said “Hannah is not a consolation prize,” but rather because I knew he was trying to do the right thing and it was hurting both of them.  I don’t know how many times you have all watched that scene, but there’s a moment, right after Brennan makes her confession where Booth’s face just looks devastated.  I remember there was so much anger directed at Booth for that scene.  People seemed to think he had rejected Brennan coldly and without a second thought. I have NEVER seen that.  He’s gutted and he looks gutted. 

I think he could have easily been angry at her. After all, after rejecting him and leaving him, here she is telling she made a mistake when he’s trying to move on. When he’s in a relationship with someone else.  How unfair is that? But he doesn’t because he knows that she’s not trying to mess with him, he can see how genuine her emotions are and I think he knows that Brennan is not asking him to leave Hannah.  I think when he says that she’s not a consolation prize, Booth is actually reminding himself.  He’s reminding himself that even though the woman he’s loved for years has just told him that she made a mistake, he’s made a commitment to someone else.  To me it was as simple as that.

Did he want to move on? Yes. Did he want to love Hannah? Yes. Did he do some stupid things in trying to move on with his life? Yes. Does any of that mean that Brennan is now a consolation prize?  I just don’t see it.

Personally, I feel like Booth has been in love with Brennan for a while. Certainly not since the beginning or season 1 or two or maybe even three, but for a while now (maybe a post for another day).  But even for those that don’t think so—which is fair enough—there’s still no denying that as Sweets as said, they share a deep emotional attachment and have for many years.  How can 7 or 8 episodes of Hannah—and in the show time line, less than a year, really overcome the years of partnership between Booth and Brennan. 

For six years—and yes, I’m including season six—there have been countless moments that have shown how much Booth cares and admires Brennan. Personally, I feel we’ve also seen that he’s fallen in love with her.  She’s the standard. By definition, everyone else is the consolation price. And there’s really been nothing in the show that has made me believe that he feels any different.

And I guess I wonder and must pose the question in all seriousness: are five years of evidence not enough to trump a handful of Hannah episodes? Do we truly believe that Brennan is Booth’s consolation prize? 

As professors like to say— Discuss.     


133 thoughts on “A New Religion: Brennan Can Never Be a Consolation Prize

  1. I totally agree with you that Brennan is not a consolation prize. Booth has loved Brennan since at least season 5 (if not before) and he has always considered her the standard when it comes to the women in his life.

    When Booth told Brennan that Hannah was not a consolation prize he was between a rock and a hard place. Brennan had turned him down in 100, he told her he had to move on (because he didn’t see any signs that Brennan would ever be ready for a relationship with him) and she agreed. She then had a break down and told him she made a mistake (turning him down). He couldn’t throw Hannah away because Brennan had changed her mind. What kind of man would that make him. He was devastated when he told Brennan this (he looked like he was near tears to me); but, Booth tries to be honorable in his dealings with people. I for one would have had little respect for him if he had gone home and kicked Hannah out of his place just because Brennan had changed her mind. Life is messy. Life can be very painful and we have to live with the consequences of our actions. Brennan started this by trying to protect Booth from what she thought was her inability to love someone. Everyone ended up getting hurt in the end, Booth, Brennan and Hannah.

    I think Booth did love Hannah; but, he loved Brennan first. I know some people have a problem with this and consider Booth to be some kind of cad; but, these things do happen. I had an aunt who married again after losing her first husband to a tragedy. She didn’t consider her second husband a consolation prize. She loved both of them. People are capable of loving more than one person in their life and I think that is what happened to Booth. This makes him human.

  2. I agree with your interpretation of Booth’s comment. However, like some other things this season, it’s easy to be blinded by Hannah’s presence and the lack of screen time between the Bs to actually think rationally about his words.

  3. Bravo bravo. If I wasn’t at work I’d thump the air in agreement.

    Love everything you said.

    I so felt for Booth at times this season when he was being mauled by some people in the fandom.I felt that after 5 years of seeing his devotion to Brennan he deserved more respect and support in what was clearly a hard time for him.

    Booth tried to do what he believed was right. It caused him nothing but enormous pain. I don’t see the need to bash him for trying.

  4. I definitely agree that Brennan is not a consolation prize. To be honest when many fans had this reaction I was rather astonished I suppose is the correct word. I mean I didn’t and don’t understand how anyone could think that Booth would consider Brennan to be the consolation prize. Him telling Bones that Hannah is not a consolation prize does not instantly make Brennan it. I may have even gotten angry that some fans were thinking this. I thought this was just totally ridiculous that they would even think that Booth would consider Brennan a consolation prize. How the h*ll can she be? I am pretty sure I even mentioned somewhere something about it only being the fans considering Bones a consolation prize.

    Obviously, I was also not angry with him for that scene. He did the right thing as far as I am concerned. I agree he cannot just throw away his relationship with Hannah because Bones’ confession. I would have been very disappointed in Booth if he had done so. He decided to make a commitment to Hannah and he has to honor that. Maybe he doesn’t have to but he should and does. I simply love Booth and I was just really frustrated and upset with a portion of fandom this last season for being mad that he was being a human being. Hmm…three beings in one sentence. It’s nearing my bed time (9am). I realize some of it may be a bit biased as I have some major mad love for DB. Anyway, the consolation prize was blown way out of proportion by a section of fandom. It irritated me to no end. Before I am no longer able to construct semi-clear sentences I am going to leave it here.

  5. I must say i agree with you. I have to confess when i watched the car scene in the doctor in the photo for the first time i almost died w/ Brennan suffering and i wanted kill Booth.i Had to watch several times to really get how Booth suffer too on that moment. I think too to Booth Brennan never was a consolation prize and never will. Like he said in sin in the sisterhood you can love lot of people in the world but there one you love the most and to Booth Brennan is this one.I have difficult to believe he loved Hannah. To me he thought he loved her.He wanted so much move on and try love another woman that he find Hannah in a hard moment of his life and he clung to this chance to be happy. But after the disastrous and reckless proposal to Hannah he saw on Founding Fathers who is the most important woman on his life that meant the world for him like he said to Brennan later on one of the harsh moments of his life. This quote of Booth to Brennan is an irrefutable evidence that to Booth Brennan never was and never will be a consolation prize.

  6. Right! It seems like very faulty logic to say that because Booth says Hannah is not a consolation prize that it means that Brennan is. Or even to say that because he didn’t dump Hannah when Brennan told him she made a mistake that it means Brennan is a consolation prize. Either of those is just faulty logic, and just so wrong.

    Now I could be a bit more understanding of someone saying Brennan was a rebound, or consolation prize if they were saying it after Daredevil, but even then I’d disagree, especially since they did take the time to step back and evaluate, to see how things were going and give both of them time to assess before moving forward and they had made the decision that they wanted to go forward together when they were ready before Hole in the Heart happened. (Whoa can you say run on sentence?).

    I’ll leave it here for now, but I might be back to comment more on this I just have to get back to work and I’m having trouble stating my thoughts on this right now.

  7. I agree totally with your post. That whole scene in the car in Doctor in the Photo was heart-breaking for Booth – it stood out a mile to me. Booth’s reaction to Brennan’s confession was acted in such a subtle way by DB, but those reactions WERE there for all to see. I’ve been forced to the conclusion that the portion of the fandom who subsequently ‘had it in’ for Booth couldn’t or didn’t want to see it.

    Brennan never was or ever will be a consolation prize, but Booth had committed himself to Hannah at that time, just as Hannah had committed herself to him by coming to DC to be with him. Life is contrary and full of irony at times for all of us, and I felt that Booth was SO, SO aware of that during that scene in the car.

    • Suzie, Good point about Booth being aware of the irony of the situartion. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t see or understand irony so they didn’t understand what was going on with Booth.

  8. Yes! In no way do I buy that Brennan is a consolation prize. Nada. Booth tried to move on with Hannah and, yes, I think he did care for her and love her…. afterall, you CAN love a lot of people but you only love one the most. But I also believe that he was struggling more and more, especially after Doctor in the Photo. I DO believe Booth was trying his best to move on without hurting anyone. I DO believe that he told himself a lot of things to make the relationship work, compromises even that in the end probably would have really come back to bite him had Hannah agreed to marry him. People will continue to debate this point, maybe, but I strongly feel that Booth has loved/been in love with Brennan for a long time. I think the comma dream allowed his feelings to come to the surface. As Harmonia said, he didn’t loose anything in that dream, he gained something. Also, in the dark days of episode 1-9 in S6, one thing stood out to me. In the Bones that Weren’t, Booth knows Hannah is going to a dangerous part of town to work on a story. He’s worried, asks her to consider not doing it but knows she will and tells her to be careful. When Hannah gets shot Booth is also worried, sees her, and goes about with the case. In Doctor in the Photo, Booth is worried about Brennan – even though he knows he can’t comfort her in the way he would have before. Fine. But what does he do? Well, we know he either has someone watch her OR he’s following her or SOMETHING because when she goes to a bad part of town, he FOLLOWS her there and saves her life. Maybe it’s apples and oranges but, for me, it said something. He’ll never let her fall. Period. Platonic or not, THAT type of relationship is pretty deep. Booth may have been able to successfully move on in another relationship with Hannah but he never stopped loving Brennan. And, yes, I agree that Booth looked VERY affected in that car scene in Doctor in the Photo. Booth is a pretty Black and white guy. He believe in fate. Brennan’s confession in that car scene introduced a WHOLE LOT of gray and made things very complex. He could have been VERY cold to her – as we saw he was with Hannah after the proposal – but he wasn’t. I am also of the personal believe that the end scene of Daredevil in the Mold with Booth and Brennan is not all about Booth’s reaction to Hannah’s answer. No. There was more going on there. I personally really have no problem with the Hannah period never being visited again. Somethings ARE better left unsaid. I really hope Hannah’s “over for now” nonsense never comes up again. It’s over. And, as painful as it was, I do think it was more about Brennan and Booth than it ever was about Hannah and Booth. Also, in closing, when I go back and look at 8 -9 episodes of Booth with Hannah in the beginning of S6 to the Booth we saw at the end of Hole in the Heart and CINTG, there is a BIG difference. BIG. HUGE. I saw more contentment, love, and happiness in just those few scenes we got in those episodes than in all the stuff we had to suffer through with Hannah and Booth in those 8-9 episodes. Period. Not everyone will feel that way but, for me, it was enough.

    • Sara, I like what you wrote. I also agree with you that we saw more love and contentment in the last two episodes with Booth and Brennan versus all of the episodes with Booth and Hannah. He was too busy trying to be the perfect boyfriend to ever be content with Hannah. It wasn’t who he was, it was who he was trying to be. With Brennan, Booth was himself and happier for it.

    • Oh, nice catch!

      Hannah goes to a bad part of town, Booth says “Okay, be careful.”

      Brennan goes to a bad part of town, Booth is driving around in the rain following her.

      Today’s gold star goes to Sara! 🙂

    • Sara! I’m glad you found this blog. I’ve enjoyed reading your comments. I agree with you here. Maybe it is apples and oranges, because the difference in Booth’s reactions to the women is pretty significant. Some people believe that Booth lost sight of Brennan while he was with Hannah. Sure, they didn’t have as much alone time as before, but tDitP showed us that Booth was always keeping an eye out for her – “I’m a meddlesome type of guy.” When I think about it, it kinda makes me laugh because that’s really in the line of his “guy hug” statement. Count how many other people’s lives he’s meddled in. I’m thinking his brother Jared (as a protective older brother) and his son’s mother Rebecca (worried about her boyfriends being around Parker). They’re family. But he’s been all up in Brennan’s life from S1, and not always with her approval.

      Another apples and oranges moment for me was his reaction to when they each said no. I know the point was that Booth was supposed to feel like he really did love Hannah, but I think he realized how deep his feelings weren’t when she said no. I mean, when she said no, he was done, and I think in his mind was not “Hannah is breaking my heart,” but “Not another rejection. I’m back to where I’ve always been.” There was no pleading like with Brennan. He let her walk off and didn’t even look in her direction (I was truly shocked – everyone up to that point in the season had been rather pleasant and understanding.) Not so with Brennan. Even after having tears in his eyes, he walks off arm-in-arm with Brennan, heads even touching at one point. There was so much to his relationship to Brennan that he remained partners and friends with her (I still think she didn’t even have to ask – he wasn’t going anywhere.) I agree that Booth could have been mad at her for saying no, and mad at the timing of her confession. I know he said he was in the 13th, but he was drunk and at a rock-bottom point in his life, and there weren’t really any other indicators to say that he was angry at her. And he explicitly said he wasn’t in Blackout. In fact, I had a hard time seeing Booth’s anger because he was usually either focused on case-solving, or with Brennan, and she was the one helping to ease the pain.

      I’ve already said so much, but just a little bit more. I’m glad I’m not the only one he thinks of the first half of S6 as the “dark days” of B&B. But I’m like Sara (and apparently the writers) and I don’t need to hear anymore about Hannah. Talking is for trying to figure out what happened, but I feel like Booth and Brennan know enough about it. If I thought there was any danger of the same thing happening in the future then I would encourage a talk. Booth and Brennan are the type of people to say “It happened, I’ll evaluate my behavior and the situation and see what needs to change, and I’ll move on.” Okay, that’s all for now 😉

      • C-bones, well put. You make a great point about Booth pleading with Brennan when she said No and yet he just shut himself down when Hannah said No. I think Booth really did just shut himself down with Hannah and was trying to keep himself from crying. He did have tears when Brennan rejected him and we saw how torn up he was and yet he couldn’t walk away from Brennan. He loved her. With Hannah, he felt the rejection of three women that he has loved and lost. It made him angry and bitter. I really don’t understand the people who watch this show and don’t see that both Brennan and Booth have suffered throuh this whole season.

      • When you say, “It happened, I’ll evaluate my behavior and the situation and see what needs to change, and I’ll move on.” It reminded me of the first time they worked together when Brennan said, “I will adjust my behavior accordingly.” Just so sure and positive that the past is over, and behavior can be changed that quickly.

      • Both Suzie and C-Bones make good cases for parallels in the way Booth treats Hannah differently than Brennan. Nice job!

      • I totally agree C-bones, there’s definitely a difference in how Booth reacted to them Brennan vs. Hannah. The one thing that always struck me about the proposal with Hannah was that as soon as she said no he completely shut her out with no option of continuing their relationship. He was surprisingly cold. However, when Brennan met him at the bar and she asked what next, he gave her two options – to go, or to stay. Hannah never had that option, and that’s what gave me hope for the future for them.

    • And here I thought I was alone in that Hannah/Bones dangerous situation comparison. I even tried to tell people that there was something in Booth following Bones in The Doctor in the Photo in other places but they just didn’t, get it I guess. Anyway, nice to know that others agree.

      • *le sigh* I meant for the above comment to be a reply to Sara. But I am pretty sure it ended up being to C-bones. Though it’s hard for me to tell at the moment. I do agree with C-bones as well so it probably matters little. Ha ha ha 😀

  9. I’m so glad this is just about the only BONES community I’m part of, because it has saved me from ever seeing Brennan referred to as being a ‘consolation prize.’

    I also agree that Hannah wasn’t a consolation prize, either. A rebound relationship – okay, that I can go with. But that fact didn’t mean that making that relationship work wasn’t important to Booth. We (unfortunately) saw him put a lot of effort into making things perfect for Hannah, once she’d followed him to DC.

    The SUV scene breaks my heart because it so obviously is breaking both of their (B&B) hearts, too. Booth’s worst nightmare is coming true. He knows it. It’s right there on his face. It’s killing him to see her cry, to see how much pain she’s in. But, there also isn’t anything he can do about it. She didn’t ask him to dump Hannah, and if she had, he wouldn’t have.

    It’s like there’s a big neon sign flashing “We Missed Our Moment – Again” hanging above their heads and neither one can ignore it.

    I hurt for both of them when I watch that scene.

  10. I completely agree with you. I think there are two types of Bones fans, probably more, but mainly two. Those like us here, who rehash the episodes over and over again to really understand what is going on, and those who watch each episode once or twice, but don’t really understand the relationship between B&B. The true deep understanding that they have for each other.

    The first type, saw the confession by Bones as her honest statement that her feelings had changed. Brennan is very forthright about everything. She will tell you exactly what is happening and not think about how it effects others. That is Brennan.

    The first type saw Booth’s verbal reaction, as a statement that he had moved on, they believed that he still loved her, but he had pushed those feelings deep down inside himself, and tried to hide them from himself. He tried to compartmentalize them.
    They also saw the pain on his face, as a statement that he moved on too quickly. When Brennan confessed, he realized that he screwed up, and now he was in a situation, that left him feeling lost.

    When I watched this, I cried for Brennan, but I also cried for Booth. I could see how much he fought from stopping the car, and pulling her into his arms. I could see the pain he was in.
    Sarah should do a scene study on this. If you watch his facial expressions you can tell her confession hurt him.

    The second type only saw Brennan’s pain, this type also saw her confession as a way to hurt Booth. They say she wanted him to leave Hannah at that moment, and run to her. They don’t really understand the true nature that is Bones. Her deep down need to be honest to the point of causing pain. This is not cruel, it is who she is.

    The first type of Bones fans, would never want Booth to leave Hannah, Brennan knows him, probably better that he knows himself, and she knows that he would never throw away one relationship, at the possibility of the other. When she said she would adjust, she meant that she would move on, no matter how painful that would be. She knew that she forced him onto making a choice, and now she had to live with the consequences of that choice. That was what made her so upset by the confession.

    In life we make choices that effect other people everyday. Sometimes we don’t see the reaction to those choices for years. I had a boyfriend that I truly loved, a long time ago. I didn’t hold onto him like I should have, and we both went our separate ways. I got married, and so did he. We both lost touch for years. Now that I am divorced, I found him on Facebook, and we reconnected, but he is married. I would never expect him to leave his wife for me. It just won’t happen, he wouldn’t be who he is if he did.
    We can still feel those feelings we have for each other, but it just wasn’t meant to be. We have stopped talking. because we both know that those old feelings would reserface if we continued to

    B&B are lucky that it worked out in their favor. They are together now, and they are having a baby. They have found that happiness that many of us never find. It just took a while for them to get there.

    • I should have added that the first type doesn’t belive in a conselation prize in any way, but the second type does.

    • Your words are very true, and it’s really a wonderful thing to have a forum to go to and be with the first type of fan. Sometimes we’re obsssessive to a fault and we may not always agree on everything, but we generally love the show and the characters that inhabit it, flaws and all.

    • Very nicely said.

  11. Obviously I completely agree. When I first saw this scene, like many people I was angrier at the ‘Can I call someone for you’ line than the consolation prize line because Booth is trying to convince both himself and Brennan of what ultimately isn’t true. That Hannah is the real deal. Then I watched the scene again and instead of watching Brennan’s meltdown I watched Booth’s reaction. Every time Brennan has had a meltdown over the last six years, it has been Booth, who has been there to comfort her. Now, not only can he not comfort her, he is the cause of her meltdown. He is in agony in this scene and you can see it in those darting, from the soul looks he gives her (while trying to drive a car) and the way his voice goes low and a little hoarse. And I realized that when he says the ‘call someone for you’ line, he’s no longer thinking straight, he’s just throwing the most obvious words out there, something along the lines of ‘Sorry for your loss’.

    For years Brennan has told him love doesn’t really exist. It’s just chemicals. Even a few episodes before this, she was telling him the same thing. Nor before this scene has she shown much in the way of regret that he is trying to move on. All of a sudden, out of blue, she has regrets. He’s gutted but he would have every right not to trust what she is saying. It’s only when she shows him that she will stand by him in the succeeding episodes that he slowly comes to believe that she means what she says. Where I think the writers really ran off the rails is the following episode where Booth seems to no longer be conflicted but is discussing Brennan’s deepest feelings in a bar over a beer and a joke. That was truly the nadar of this whole arc. The act of proposing to Hannah was that of a man trying to do the honorable thing but the manner of proposing was a man who was so conflicted that his heart just wasn’t in it.

    • Even talking about this whole Hannah thing pains me. It’s hard to think about, and I’m generally content to leave it in the past, honor Booth’s wishes, and never mention Hannah again. But then I read a post on this site or watch an early S6 episode (some of which were enjoyable), and I’m right back in my sad spot. It’s hard to watch B&B go through something so difficult! It’s also hard sometimes to follow what’s going on in Booth’s head. But I’ll stand by him forever, and I’m not what Kimberly calls the “second type” of Bones fan. I’m too obsessed and too optimistic! So when things get confusing, I like to take the time to figure them out and understand the characters’ motivation. It just makes me feel better 🙂

      So, as for the “can I call someone for you?” line, I agree with EL that it’s devastating–for B&B, and also for us–to realize that he can’t be the one to take away this pain. But I think the sentiment behind it is genuine. He’s not just trying to say the right thing. He means it; he wants to comfort Bones, just like he always has, and he’s not content to leave her alone. I think he knows when he asks the question that he is usually “the person she’d talk to about something like this” (to steal her line from Verdict in the Story) and that the chances may be slim that she’ll actually want him to call someone. But he asks anyway, because truth be told, there ARE other people Brennan could lean on (Angela, for example). Brennan struggles in this episode to accept the legitimacy of her relationships, and Booth (like Sweets, earlier in the episode) wants Brennan to know that she has a support system.

      Booth’s decision to tell Hannah about Brennan’s confession–well, that pained me too. It felt like it went against “what goes on between us should just be ours.” But we talked about that when it happened, and Sarah pointed out that there really was no perfect response in this scenario. Did Booth break Brennan’s trust? Yes. But he would have felt guilty keeping that from Hannah, and that’s honorable of him. I think he was conflicted. He tried to appear otherwise, for the sake of his girlfriend (and his own need to compartmentalize), but he was torn up.

      As for the proposal, EL, I agree that thought he was doing the honorable thing, but he also didn’t seem to be thinking clearly. It felt rushed, which is interesting because with Brennan, Booth is content to let things unfold at their own pace. He knows “you can’t rush her” (Pain in the Heart). With Hannah, on the other hand, Booth’s gambler side comes out. Booth took a chance on her, even when she had apparently told him many times that she’s not the marrying kind–which just shows how strongly he believes that love can change people. How very optimistic. How very Boothy. Laffers has posited that Booth loves the IDEA of Brennan, but I think it’s the other way around. He loves the idea of Hannah, because she makes him happy and he knows he deserves that (go Booth!), and he wants a wife: someone to love him for 30 or 40 or 50 years. I think Sarah’s right–he began that relationship fully aware that she was a rebound (“I thought I’d never find someone else”) and thought he could keep it casual. But the Booth we love isn’t a casual-relationship kind of guy. He’s looking for something more. Booth couldn’t change the core of who he was, but he thought maybe he had changed Hannah, and he wanted to know whether he had. He wanted to know if “this was going somewhere.” Not that this was necessarily the right approach, but like EL says, I think the intention was good.

      But look at the outcome. Everything about Booth’s proposal only proves that neither Brennan nor Hannah was a consolation prize. Booth values commitment and would have spent his life with Hannah had she said yes, but he wasn’t ready to wait 6 years for her like he was for Brennan. When Hannah turned him down, he couldn’t even speak to her–but he poured his heart out to Brennan, despite the fact that she wasn’t exactly neutral on the subject. I’m not saying Hannah was a consolation prize (like Sarah, I believe that she meant more to him than that), but his feelings for Hannah never matched his feelings for Bones. She’s the one who’s not going anywhere. She’s the standard.

  12. When you make a commitment to someone they become your priority. They are more important to you. In the car scene you reference, Booth told Brennan that Hannah was more important to him. Brennan understood that Booth didn’t feel for her what she felt for him in that moment. She got his signal. That regardless of their shared history, Hannah mattered more to him at that moment. Hannah was more important to Booth. She had replaced and erased any past history that Booth and Brennan had in the past. Booth commits to Hannah wholely, tells her he no longer feels anything for Brennan, and follows through with a marriage proposal because he loved and commited to her, not Brennan. Booth’s commitment and love for Hannah outways five previous years of any feeling he ever had for Brennan, because he no longer was in love with Brennan. Brennan wasn’t as important to Booth because the love wasn’t there. Booth no longer took into account how his actions or reactions would concern Brennan, because she no longer mattered as much to him. Hannah was his priority and Brennan wasn’t going to be his concern anymore. He chose Hannah and went with her because he commited to her and loved her, not Brennan. Hannah was his priority and Brennan wasn’t. Brennan and her feelings no longer mattered to him because Hannah’s where more important. I guess I’m crazy because as this season is written, Brennan is now the consolation prize.

    My problem with the entire writing of this season is that I believe Booth no longer loved Brennan. Through his actions and dialogue this was very evident to me this entire season. I saw no hesitation from Booth about his feeling towards or about Brennan. There was no conflict at all. Brennan was no longer as important to him. She no longer mattered to him other than being his work partner and friend. Her feelings were not his concern anymore because he no longer loved her like he used to. I don’t see where he ever fell back in love with her either, at any time this season. I now just see two work partners, who have had comfort sex, and are now having a baby together. They aren’t together because Booth decided he loved Brennan the most. They are together because Hannah turned him down, a work associate died and they engaged in a night of comfort sex. I do see Brennan as the consolation prize. Booth has settled for Brennan, because Hannah in no longer in the picture.

    I have always known where Brennan was coming from, in regards to her feelings and action towards Booth. I am now completely clueless about Booth’s. At what point this season did Booth commit to Brennan and make her his priority? If this happened, I never saw it.

    • K, Hannah may have become Booth’s priority, but having a priority doesn’t mean you cease to care about anything and anyone else. Hannah could never erase Booth’s love for Brennan–look how he followed her into a dark part of town! Brennan definitely still mattered to Booth, and you can see that all over his face in the screencap above. They’ve got a bond that can’t be broken, in my opinion.

    • I have to totally disagree here. I don’t think that there was a single moment when Booth didn’t love Brennan. Hannah never took over Bones’s place in Booth’s heart. Hannah had a very different place in his heart.

      Evidence beyond DitP and Bullet in the Brain: the scene with the red bow, the scene thanking Bones for saving Hannah’s life, telling the guy on the cougar cruise that Bones wasn’t interested. I’m sure there are more if I were willing to re-watch early S6, which I’m not.

      I would further argue that what so many called Booth’s coldness to Brennan in early S6, which I don’t read that way at all, was really evidence of just how much he continued to love her. He had to distance himself from her in some way if he was going continue to be her partner and not go completely crazy. And, that’s another proof of his ongoing love: that he continued to be her partner after everything that she did (saying no to being a couple, asking him to continue being partners, then abandoning said partnership, then not contacting him at all for months, and also some of the fairly awful things she had said to him since the 100th [skipping details]) that hurt him so deeply. Yet, he couldn’t not have her in his life even if that would have been the much healthier thing for him to do.

  13. To be a little bit honest, I think the producers brought some of this hoopla on themselves be having bandied the words “consolation prize” long before the episode aired and perhaps even before it was written. I can’t be positive, but I heard the “Hannah is not a consolation prize” uttered in releases and interviews early on in the season and unfortunately it stuck like a mantra in the minds of certain fans. It was a way for them to ram the relationship and it’s seriousness down everyone’s throats before Hannah had even made her first appearance-in my opinion, trying to do the writer’s job for them. When Doctor finally came up, the phrase was loaded with so much meaning and had been dissected so many times that it went in all sorts of directions that I don’t believe it was ever intended to go, including as a reference to Brennan. As Hart found out this year, excessive communitcation with viewers can often be a double-edged sword. In hindsight, it might have been a lot better to have people make up their own minds about what they were seeing as opposed to having their feelings seemingly dictated to by the producers. Instead of loving or even respecting Hannah, this tactic ended up leaving many feeling manipulated and annoyed with Hannah and the whole relationship, poor chemistry and writng aside.

    But onward. Proof that neither of these women were a consolation prize to Booth is that he didn’t immediately pounce on Brennan once Hannah was gone, like some people wanted. As he said in Physicist, scars have to heal on their own; they shouldn’t immediately be erased with another warm body. He had just undergone a very confusing time in his life where he certainly felt affection for Hannah and wanted to love her the most, but couldn’t-and was slowly finding this out. Now suddently Brennan was available to him and it posed a terrible, and very real, temptation which I believe he felt only a marriage proposal could take care of. It may have been rash and even stupid, but I definitely don’t think it was dishonorable to want to prove to himself that he really was commited to the woman who had given up so much to be with him. While proposing may have involved a bit of self-deception on his part, I don’t think this was in any way conscious or OOC.

    After the proposal debacle, anything but a reasonable waiting period to be with Brennan would have made a mockery out of both Hannah and Brennan, as if they were fungible bed partners who didn’t require any emotional adjustment period in between. That he loved Brennan always is beyond question for me and the fact that he wanted to wait and be ready to be with her in the way she deserved is Booth being honorable and honest, as he’s always tried to be. He was healing and working hard to be in the right place, so that he wouldn’t have to rely on luck anymore, as we saw in Signs. And I believe he’s there right now, judging by his reaction in CitG.

    • I see your point about all the communication outside the show. When the SO storyline came up, fans immediately went on alert, and the really crazy fans went crazier. Because of some of the less-than-nice fans, it seems like the producers were more in battle mode like never before. At that point, I just have to balance how much I listen to what they say about the show. But I do think it’s important to hear what they’re thinking to help inform me on what I’m seeing.

      That kiss on cheek moment seal the deal for me. The way he smiles at her the whole time it’s happening says a lot to me. It was a look of pure affection and happiness. Nobody looks that way all the time, but it’s nice to see it when it happens. Also, the fact that he was genuinely shocked but happy at the unplanned pregnancy says a lot. I just think the love looks different at this stage, but it’s still there. I think we were witnessing the calm, mature part of it. There was no rush, no desperation, and they know what they have together. But there could be times in the future where it could look a little bit like it did in the past.

    • Maria, you describe the motivation behind Booth’s proposal succinctly and perfectly, and I love it. Thanks!

    • This issue about how the producers promote and talk about the show has come up before. And it reminded me of Sarah’s post where she said that Hannah was a poor SL because she turned out to not be important in B&B endgame after all (if I understood that wrong, I’m sorry.) IMO, it was only poor in terms of casting and execution. But I don’t think the writers ever intended for us to take Hannah seriously. Their claims were always that it’s all about seeing what she does to the B&B dynamic and they told fans that they already knew how she was going to leave. And it was kinda curiosity on their part. They said they always wanted to see Booth with someone he would consider his ideal candidate. Basically, I think the hoopla really came from some of the fans being really upset and/or worried. The producers just wanted us to know that Booth was in a serious relationship and wasn’t planning on forever pining away for Brennan when she let him down so swiftly and seemingly permanently. To be fair to his character, it wasn’t just a fling with a floozy (I guess after their initial encounter, lol.) It was a valid relationship with an intelligent, driven, beautiful, successful, independent woman that he was committed to, and he was trying to make it work despite his lingering feelings for Brennan.

  14. I forgot to mention earlier my reaction to the conversation in the car. I, too, noticed that Booth was struggling in that conversation. The less he said, the better. When he said “Those are the facts,” I know some people got angry when he said that and thought he was being cold. But what I saw is that he felt safer offering facts instead of his feelings. It was a painful scene to watch, but I just can’t imagine him leaving Hannah for Brennan. He only admitted to adjusting, which isn’t quite the same as moving on and no longer having feelings. When they did finally get together, it was about them, not Hannah.

  15. I don’t think you can say either woman is a consolation prize over the other.

    A consolation prize is, by definition, the award you get when you don’t win the main prize in a game.

    The thing to me, is that Hannah and Brennan were never the same game. Not once. Brennan is the long haul; the “deep, true, stand the test of time, love you no matter what” game. Hannah is the “love you right now and what you do for my heart in this moment” game.

    At a carnival, you play lots of different games. Sometimes you win the big prize, sometimes you get a consolation prize, sometimes you get nothing. But winning the prize at the ring toss doesn’t make that the consolation prize for not winning at the “guess your weight” stand. Different games. Different prizes. Yes, winning at the ring toss eases the sting, but it’s not the consolation prize. And what is life and love but one giant carnival full of laughter and dizziness and tears and prizes and winning and losing and spinning and barfing and bells and balloons and competition and chance and thrills and hopefulness? One woman was a temporary ticket holder. A visitor. The other? She IS the carnival.

    Hannah was a means to an end, both for Booth and for the show. Do I think it was a well executed means to an end? Nope. Not particularly. But I do not think the two women were ever the same game. Hannah got a piece of Booth’s heart for a while. Brennan has his whole for that 30 or 40 or 50 years. And, like any annoying tenant, Hannah’s welcome was short lived. She ran her course. And Brennan, she’s still there. Always will be. Because she’s not anyone consolation prize.

    • And I don’t think Booth felt Hannah was a means to an end. That’s just how I saw her…you know, when I wasn’t busy hating her guts. 😉 Booth doesn’t use women. He wanted her to be the carnival. We just new better.

  16. Okay, so I may be going a little of tangent, but I think it is related somehow. Last week or so we had a conversation about Booth telling Hannah about Brennan’s confession. I know MJ was upset, and I don’t want to revisit a conversation we already had, but I do want to point out one thing that has always puzzled me.

    In the car, Brennan says she missed her chance and that she doesn’t want to have regrets. Booth immediately knows what she is referring to (him!) and tells her he is with Hannah, she isn’t a consolation prize, and those are the facts. I took that to mean he isn’t trying to hurt her by saying that, but Brennan deals with facts, so that’s what he is going to give her. I also take it to mean that Booth is going to leave the state of HIS emotions out of it as well.

    Now, when Booth tells Sweets and Hannah about this conversation, he says that Brennan told him she loves him. Now, the jump from “I don’t want to have regrets” to “I love you” is kind of a big one. Don’t get me wrong–I absolutely believe that is the essence of what Brennan is telling him. But the fact that Booth makes that jump and summarizes the conversation to himself in that way means something!

    I haven’t figured it out completely, but to me it means that he understand Brennan’s emotions better than she is able to communicate them. She says in a later episode that she is bad at communicating her emotions, but Booth doesn’t need a translator–he’s got it figured out. But with Hannah, he does need a translator. She says as much to him when she turns down his proposal. She say’s I’m not the marrying kind (or something along those lines–I am sorry I am not as good about getting quotes, which is why I admire it so much in others). Now, we could go into this as an investigation of whether Booth really loved Hannah (the Hannah who was really there) or the Hannah he THOUGHT (hoping, projecting) he was dating. But I will leave that to someone else.

    I just can’t get that idea out of my head. So interesting.

    • “he understand Brennan’s emotions better than she is able to communicate them”

      I really believe that, and we see that time and time again. Dr. Temperance Brennan, for all of her scientific and smart talk, seems to lose her vocabulary when trying to express her emotions. Remember when an intern was killed at the Jeffersonian and she was upset about that? She didn’t even know why, but Booth did, and he told her why. She wanted to argue with him, but she couldn’t because he was right.

  17. I agree with you on all points except the Booth loving Brennan for a while 😉 Who’s shocked?! LOL

    I’ve only watched Dr In The Photo once and it was more than enough for me (one of my least favourite episodes!) but you’d have to be blind not to see how much rejecting Brennan hurts Booth. His caring for her has never been in question and the last thing he wanted to do in that moment was hurt her…yet it was the only option he had. The only option she gave him.

  18. Putting all my thoughts in one post…

    Women are not prizes, period.

    Human beings are not “prizes” to be won or lost. Not Brennan, not Booth, not Hannah.

    These are people who made choices and then did their best to live with the consequences of those choices.

    It’s very clear in the dialogue in that car scene.

    Booth says “I’m with someone else.” NOT “I don’t feel that way about you anymore, Bones.”
    Brennan says “I understand. I will adjust.” NOT “Okay, I’ll get over it.”
    Booth says “I did.” meaning “I adjusted.” NOT “I stopped loving you.”

    Personally, I don’t like the idea of saying there are two types of fans, ones that “get it” and ones that don’t. I think that’s unnecessarily divisive. I think it’s quite possible to “get it” and still have issues with the writing or the plot choices that are made.

    OTOH, to say that Hannah’s handful of episodes erases and replaces five seasons of Booth and Brennan is, IMO, just deliberately being negative and angry.

    • Thank you, Barbara. You’re right, people aren’t prizes. Seems like that reminder was needed.

    • I have to say that of course I agree with you, but in my mind this was far more metaphorical than actually thinking women (or anyone) are prizes. I told a friend once that love is a 2 way street and he was driving around in a court, but that doesn’t mean I thought he was a cul de sac. 😉 I would never mean to insinuate that a person is any kind of possession and I’m sorry you feel that anyone here does, because I don’t think that’s anyone’s intention. Of course I can’t speak for the Bones writers, but I can’t imagine they meant that either.

      • I get that it’s a metaphor. I just don’t happen to like that particular metaphor and I didn’t like it well before it was used on Bones. No harm, no foul. (to use another metaphor).

      • This talk about prizes reminds me of when Aladdin (Prince Ali) went to the Sultan to state his intentions for his daughter. When Jasmine found out they were arranging her life behind her back she was way less than pleased. Anyway, I can imagine that Brennan thinks the idea of her being a consolation prize is ludicrous, and I don’t think she would allow it.

    • I understand the sentiment on the fans thing. Upon thinking about I am rather sure that it has more to do with some fans letting their love for Brennan or the actress cloud what they are seeing. I mean to say that they just ignore what is clearly there but to be honest some people may in fact not “get it”. Okay, well, I totally messed up that first part of the sentence. Let’s see if I can make this more clear. We have some fans that love Temperance Brennan and/or Emily Deschanel and some of them can’t see past her. I am not trying to be mean. I just think it’s the truth. But then you have fans who analyze scenes and episodes. There’s the fans who never seem to be satisfied. There’s the optimist. I could go on but I think you get my point there are all kinds of fans. I am sure there are even some who love Booth and/or DB so much that they can’t see past him. Anyway, every fandom has these different kinds of fans. This also includes the fans who can’t/don’t see Emily Deschanel/Temperance Brennan’s and David Boreanaz/Seeley Booth’s chemistry on the show. Or not to the extent we do.

      Sorry, to go on for a bit about the fan thing. Hopefully, it made sense. I do agree with your post. I was not saying with the fan thing that it isn’t possible to get it and still have issues with this or that or the other thing just that there are all kinds of fans.

  19. BOOTH : I love you, Hannah.And I just…When I met you, I really, honestly wondered if I was ever going to meet anyone again.

    HANNAH : Seeley.Oh, my God.

    BOOTH : I, uh…Marry me. I want you to be my wife.

    HANNAH : I…Oh, Seeley. I love you. I really do…But I can’t. I’m just not the marrying kind.

    BOOTH : I am.

    HANNAH : I know. I know you are. I thought we would have more time before we got to this. I’m sorry.I’m so sorry.So, what happens now?

    What bothered me about this whole conversation was Hannah saying I thought we would have more time. Hannah knew he was the marrying kind and she knew he would eventually ask; but, apparently never seemed to think it was important to sit down and talk to Booth to make absolutely sure he knew that. This is my number one reason for disliking Hannah. If Booth thought Hannah would change her mind about marriage, then Hannah must have led him to believe she would. Booth is pretty good about reading people, even the things they don’t say.

    KM is right, Hannah was the rebound relationship (but not a consolation prize like Some1tookmyname said, by the way I like your metaphor) and Booth had hopes of moving on with Hannah.

    Of course, I am grateful that Hannah did say no so I guess I will give her a break and say, Nice knowing you, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    • But we saw Hannah tell him very deliberately and clearly that she didn’t want to get married. And he ignored that.

      I don’t blame Hannah for the fact that Booth didn’t listen to her.

      • But she also said she was staying in Afghanistan, and came to DC. She said she was a nomad, but moved in with him. She said she didn’t like children, but did her best to win over Parker.

        I don’t think it was unreasonable of Booth to think that she would change her mind, since she had changed it before.

      • I can’t argue with any of that. But marriage is a much bigger step than being nice to a boy you only see once a month or so, or deciding where to store the two or three suitcases that contain all your worldly possessions.

        IMO, following him to DC was probably her biggest mistake when it came to giving him false hope. But, she did follow-up the following with the “I’m not the marrying kind” speech, or whatever it was she said to him when she was afraid he was going to propose the first time.

        But honestly, I think that proposal was more about Booth throwing out a lifeline than it was Hannah.

      • Exactly when did Hannah say she wasn’t the marrying kind before the proposal?

        I think that all she did was be shocked and relieved in that earlier episode when she thought he might be proposing. I don’t recall her actually saying she wasn’t the marrying kind earlier.

        Cite me chapter and verse and I’ll accept it, but I don’t recall her ever saying that specifically.

      • H: Hey soldier.
        B: Wow.
        H: You looking for a good time?
        B: Look at you. Wow.
        H: You didn’t answer the question.
        B: Hannah, I, um, wow, I… I thought I was looking for a good time but you know the truth is I, um, I think I’m looking for a little bit more.
        H: Don’t underestimate a good time.
        B: I, uh, I was gonna…. you know what, I was going to wait but, I um….I love you, Hannah, and I just…when I met you I really honestly wondered if I was ever going to meet anyone again
        H: Seeley…Oh my God
        B: I, uh, marry me. I want you to be my wife.
        H: I…Oh, Seeley. I love you. I really do. But I can’t. I’m just not the marrying kind.
        B: I am.
        H: I know. I know you are. I thought we would have more time before we got to this. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.
        (Break for tragic expressions, angst, etc.)
        H: What happens now?
        B: What do you think happens now? I don’t know…
        H: Can we just go back? I’ll walk in here, you tell me how good I look, I’ll say thank you, we kiss, we’ll have a nice dinner like, like this never happened. We can just go back. (silence) Okay. Your turn. What happens now. (silence) I’ll get my stuff out of your place.
        B: How much time do you need?
        H: To get out of your place or to get over you?
        (More tragic looks, teary eyes, etc.)
        H: I do love you, Seeley. I don’t think we’re done but I can see we’re done for now. I’m just not the marrying kind.
        B: You already said that.
        H: I said it plenty of times before. I guess you weren’t listening.
        Tears, tragedy, thousands of dollars take a swim, etc.

        I’ve changed my mind – I’d rather have ten mammograms than have to watch that proposal again.

        But the thing is, regardless of what specific words she used, she apparently told him more than once or twice that she wasn’t interested in marriage. I think Booth probably heard her, at the time, and ignored it in his fever to propose. Booth doesn’t generally misread people, right? I don’t think he misread Hannah. I think he allowed himself to ignore what he knew about her because he so desperately wanted something more from her and from that relationship than what it actually was.

        IMO, obviously. But really, I don’t care. I don’t begrudge him his relationship with Hannah but i am very glad she’s gone.

        And, we’re having a baby. 🙂

      • MJ, I can’t believe you wrote all that out! I thought it was awkward and painful to watch, but even reading it…whew! But I’m with you on him not really listening and him wanting to find a connection with someone so bad. I don’t begrudge him for being with her either. I was sorry he was in pain, but I was not sorry to see her go.

        To be fair to Hannah, they got together on “good times” terms. By his own words, Booth is the one who started looking for something more. In that conversation, Hannah goes from a “good time” and “I thought I had more time” to “I love you” and “I don’t think we’re done”, so I had some whiplash from that. Did anyone else have trouble really understanding her intentions, especially since Brennan warned her about how Booth is a serious commitment type of guy, and she assured her that she was serious? Was she prepared to be with him for the rest of her life, and it’s just that she didn’t like the idea of marriage? You know what, you don’t have to answer that. Hannah is gone, she’s old news, so I don’t care about her anymore (well, I didn’t before, but I care even less now).

      • MJ –

        Not being difficult, but that’s not the chapter and verse I want to see. I want to see where she told him she wasn’t the marrying kind before this. The issue is whether it was unreasonable for him to think she might have changed her mind. I still don’t see where she ever said it earlier. Or, maybe this is another thing we’re supposed to assume happened off camera?

      • Yea, I guess we are supposed to believe those conversations took place off-screen. I mean, she said she said it. And she said she said it “lots of times” – whatever that means. And Booth didn’t disagree with her.

        The alternative is to believe that canon is lying to us. If we can’t trust that what we’re told happened actually did happen even though we didn’t get to see it happen, where does that leave us?

      • MJ –

        I guess we have to accept canon, but … so often characters have thought they’ve said things but haven’t really. So, I’m left wondering if Hannah really said that or if she thinks something else she said or did (like her shock in that earlier ep) was telling him that.

        Love this show, but it can make one nuts. ;-D

    • Barbara, totally agree that it was not unreasonable of Booth to think that Hannah might have changed her mind about marriage. I don’t think she actually did say she wasn’t the marrying kind earlier. What I recall is that she was shocked in an earlier episode when she thought he might be proposing and relieved that he wasn’t . Correct me if I’m wrong on that, but I don’t recall the words “I’m not the marrying kind” until the proposal.

      Lenora, I love that you’ve quoted the actual proposal. I tried repeatedly to do a piece on the proposal which never quite worked out, but this dialogue was a part of it. This may be the lamest proposal of all time. Essentially, he’s asking her to marry him out of gratitude. As much as I’d jump at the change to marry Seeley Booth 😉 , I’m not sure this proposal would do it.

      And, that having more time bit from Hannah bugged the h*ll out of me too. That’s coldest, cruelest thing that anybody said or thought in all of the nightmare that was early S6.

      BTW on HH’s comments about things. What I found most interesting about some of his comments was how many times he said that they intended something other than what the fans were saying they got from certain scenes. Seemed to me like often what they intended was not what fans were hearing and seeing — and THAT is not good writing.

      • Angelena, I think you’re right that we never actually heard those words coming from her mouth. But I think some of us are going with show canon here, and she says that she did say it before.

      • I don’t know that we heard her say it but she said she said it and Booth didn’t argue with her. I’m in a doctor’s office right now waiting for a mammogram (oh, joy!) so I can’t go back and transcribe that scene at the moment. At least that gives me something to look forward to instead of cold metal plates. 🙂

      • Ok This is from The Bones That Weren’t:
        Hannah Burley: [Enters the apartment and realizes Booth’s made dinner] Oh God!
        Special Agent Seeley Booth: What?
        Hannah Burley: You’re going to propose.
        Special Agent Seeley Booth: No.
        Hannah Burley: Uh, candles, wine… new toothbrushes?
        Special Agent Seeley Booth: Right.
        Hannah Burley: You went through all this to tell me I have bad breath?
        Special Agent Seeley Booth: No. I just think you need a new toothbrush. Well, actually, we both do.

      • Angelena, I agree, I don’t ever remember her saying that to him.

      • Angelena, I don’t know how I missed the part where you said “This may be the lamest proposal of all time”. Wow, lol. But I agree with you. That would not have cut it for me; I wouldn’t have felt that special. He never even said what he liked about her. And for such a traditional guy, no kneeling on the ground (maybe DB didn’t want to get his pants dirty – he seems to be a pretty boy.) He said way more in asking Brennan to be more than friends with him than this proposal.

      • Yeah, that was a pretty lame proposal but oh how it stil hurts, even just to read the words!

        I think perhaps the writers just really misjudged how difficult it would be for the viewers to see Booth in love with someone else, even if we knew it would only be temporary and that B&B would eventually come back together.

      • And here’s the thing, MJ, Hannah may have told Booth she wasn’t the marrying kind but Brennan has been telling Booth that, as well as love is a chemical delusion, for years. He finally decided to ask Brennan to take their relationship to another level in the 100th despite having listened to her go on about this for so long. But in the end, even just reading the dialogue but especially watching his face and body language in this scene, you can tell his heart just isn’t in it. And the whole idea that he was looking for someone when he met Hannah, anyone, to help dull the sting of Brennan’s rejection makes Hannah most definitely a consolation rebound affair that was never going to go anywhere. If she had said yes, he would have been miserable for whatever amount of time she hung around until she finally took off again — which she would have done. That whole line about thinking they had more time finishes with an unspoken ‘before I had to dump you because I don’t want anything more from you’ attached. What a warm, caring person good old Hannah was.

      • EL, you’re right about Brennan being very forthright on her opinions on love, monogamy, and marriage for a long time. Sometimes it does seem like a miracle that Booth stuck around! It puts into perspective the few months that Brennan stuck around. I guess the difference with Brennan is that they had a special connection. Someone mentioned before that Booth knows her better than she knows herself sometimes. He saw past all her bluster and saw what was in her heart. She trusted him, and she allowed herself to be vulnerable with him like no one else. The fact that she admitted that she was jealous of him and the others for wanting to lose themselves in another person is pretty deep. I think he knew that deep down she had the same desire to love and be loved, but it was masked by her fear of abandonment. Her combination of strength and vulnerability are strong draws for him. The more he got to know her, the more decided he was about never leaving her, not being the next person in her life to abandon her.

        But also, Booth did witness ways in which she had changed. She announced that she believed in love because of him, and she told him how she appreciated the relationship that they have. He was just hoping she had changed her views on those topics enough to take a chance on them.

      • MJ –

        More important: hope the mammo came out ok.

      • Yea, just one of those things that women of a certain age (ugh) have to do on a regular basis.

        You now, if men had to do the same kind of test as a yearly precaution against testicular cancer, we’d have a different type of exam immediately!

      • Okay, I’ve watched his proposal to Hannah so many times it’s not even funny. In fact I watched it today. Today, I was all, “You are so over with Booth, Hannah. Stick a fork in you and you are done.” Admittedly, the whole last 10 minutes of The Daredevil in the Mold has been watched a lot by me. A lot of it because of DB’s acting. Right, anyway, I think it is possible that he wasn’t paying close attention any other off screen time that Hannah told him she wasn’t the marrying kind. Mostly, this would be due to the fact that at the given point in time it wasn’t something he was worried about very much. That’s not to say he forgot completely or anything just that it wasn’t necessarily always at the forefront in his mind because he hadn’t been considering proposing I think any time soon until The Daredevil in the Mold.
        Lame proposal indeed. It would be a you need to try again moment. I was seriously shocked when Hannah said that she thought they would have more time before it got to this. I was like Whoa! (horse). It made me like Hannah less. I did actually like her by the way. But she can stay in Timbuktu and never come back. Please and thank you.

      • this is to MJ re: mammograms:

        Someone sent me a cartoon once titled “The Manogram” – you can imagine what was between those cold metal plates. ;-D
        If I can get my scanner working, I’ll email it. It still makes me laugh when I see it on my referigerator ;-D

    • The first time I heard “I thought we would have more time,” I got really upset, too. But perhaps Hannah was thinking Booth would change his mind as much as Booth was hoping she would change hers. Hmmm, not good. Not to bash Booth, but he really shot himself in the foot there. When someone talks about not wanting to get married, you can’t just assume they are changing their mind on the matter if the relationship is going great. It would have been much smarter of him to test the waters with some talk about marriage and see how she reacted to that before he asked. The signs she was giving out didn’t give me a positive feeling that she would say yes to marriage even if she was committed to their relationship.

      This is one of the biggest differences I saw between Hannah and Brennan. Hannah was content with what she was getting out of their official relationship. I can swallow the fact that Booth loved her more than I can swallow that she loved him. I just don’t see it. I feel like it was just about what she was getting out of it. She could come and go as she wanted, have great sex with a good-looking guy, and she didn’t have to give too much of herself emotionally. Didn’t she make some comment about she’d rather being in a warzone than dealing with feelings? Red flag for someone who wants to be in a serious relationship with her.

      OTOH, Brennan turned down the chance to turn their friendship into something more because she was well aware of what he was offering, but didn’t feel like she was offering enough to match in return. She admires Booth so much, and thinks he deserves the best, someone with an open heart. I think she was (incorrectly) thinking that he only thought he wanted her. That he would see how she really was, and she would lose his love, affection, friendship, and perhaps even partnership. And in turn, that would devastate her. Brennan needed to find for her own sake her inner strength, and she needed to see that she did, indeed, have an open heart.

      This is a great video that gets the nuts and bolts of it:

    • Ughh-that moment was just awful to watch and I doubt that it will ever get better. But it was utterely and completely redeemed by DB’s acting in the bar; he ripped my heart right out-so now I just FF to the last couple of minutes of the episode. As to the proposal itself, maybe it wasn’t the textbook one we’ve grown to expect, but I thought it was still pretty decent-trust me, I’ve heard of worse. Unless someone has been practicing a lot, words usually come out much less smoothly than planned.

      But what to make of Hannah’s “I thought we’d have more time.” Like you Lenora I’m perplexed as to what that was supposed to mean. That they could fool around some more before he inevitably asked the question she knew was coming? The problem here is that we have so little to work with. She says she told him she wasn’t the marrying kind, but we don’t know how she said it. I doubt she categorically said she would never get married because even drunk Booth wouldn’t have have come up with the idea of marriage if he was certain she was going to say no. Did she say she was nomad, and hoped he’d get her drift? I guess maybe the whole mess was indicative of the kind of relationship they had to begin with; they were never on the same page.

      But I agree with you Lenora; I wasn’t thrilled with Hannah’s reaction regardless. If she knew he was eventually going to ask and also knew through Brennan how seroius he would be about a relationship, then hanging around while trying to dodge the issue seems a little bit cruel. It’s possible she felt he might change his mind, but that’s not what it sounds like to me from this conversation. It sounds like she understood where things were headed, but wanted to prolong the “polite” aspect of their relationship before it all came to an end. But I can’t blame him for misreading her. After all, she moved for him, lived with him, met his son and found her way into the lives of his friends. Was it really that implausible for Booth to think she might agree to marry him? Unless she absolutely rejected this idea earlier in a crystal clear way-and I guess we’ll never know-the proposal isn’t that far-fetched as a next step in their journey.

      We have Sweets to both thank and curse for that moment. He went right for Booth’s weakness the night before, a moment oddly reminiscent of Con Man’s loser conversation. And poor Booth with all of his insecurities fell right in, out to prove to himself that he was not only over Brennan, but that he had what it took to get a relationship-any relationship- to work on a higher and more permanent level. Who knows though, maybe he unconsciously forced Hannah’s hand knowing how things would end. Regardless, I doubt he’ll ever paint Brennan into the same corner, Sweets or no Sweets, because he’d be too afraid of losing her.

      • Just to add-as if I didn’t say enough already-that the proposal also serves to justify in his mind the fact that he had to turn Brennan down. Turning his back on her obvious need in Doctor could only be done for a really worthwhile reason-like being in a very committed relationship. Otherwise, his and her suffering during that confession would have all been for nothing.

      • Aren’t you glad we can leave as many comments as we want? I know I’ve posted a lot today. And imagine if we had a stricter limit on word count.

      • Amen, C-bones!

  20. I too never understood why anyone would think that Brennan would be a consolation prize. Similarly, I never understood the anger at Booth that some expressed.

    It was clear to me that Brennan’s confession threw Booth into a state of complete confusion, regret and internal conflict. Brennan, righting her world, turned Booth’s upside down. At the end of Bullet in the Brain, the look on his face at the window of the diner watching Brennan with the seashell said it all to me. This was a man filled with love for the woman he was looking at, but also filled with regret for what might have been, and at a complete loss as to what he could possibly do now to fix things.

    A man of lesser principles would not have faced these issues, he would have thrown Hannah out and gone to Brennan. But that is not the Seeley Booth that we love.

    Brennan was always the grand prize, she was the standard. Hannah was always the consolation prize, second best, that he had settled for. I’d remind us all that he never really expected to “have” Hannah either. He clearly had no expectation that Hannah would follow him to DC, so when she did, he found himself backed into a corner. Given who he was, what was he supposed to do with/for the one woman who wanted to be with him so much that she’d abandoned a job she loved and follow him half way around the world. How could Seeley Booth call a woman like that a consolation prize even in that awful moment in his car?

  21. Watching Doc. in the Photo, I never thought that they would get together just because Brennan realized she made a mistake. I thought they were both acknowledging that they were trapped in the choice she made (and that he subsequently made) and that it was the wrong one. Booth was just making sure she knew that he was comitted to Hannah, whether it was a rebound or not, and was going to see it through.
    Anyone who says that Brennan is a consolation prize is just plain silly or they haven’t watched the show enough to form a decent opinion. Of course, us die hard fans have been waiting years and years for them to get together so we don’t want to cast any negative shadow over their coupledom, but let’s be real: No man in Brennan’s life sticks around for more than a couple of episodes (except for Booth) and Booth only got with Hannah (in an intense, exotic, and adventurous setting, no less) after Brennan outright rejected him. Please note: when Brennan rejected him, he understood, came back, kept her in his life, but kicked Hannah to the curb the second she turned him down. Booth gave Brennan the choice to stay in his life (which she did, without hesitation). It’s like Hank said in season 5, Bones is a keeper, not a flipping consolation prize. You don’t make exception after exception for someone you think is a consolation prize.

  22. For me, bbmagic said my thoughts perfectly:

    “I think when he says that she’s not a consolation prize, Booth is actually reminding himself. He’s reminding himself that even though the woman he’s loved for years has just told him that she made a mistake, he’s made a commitment to someone else. To me it was as simple as that.”

    I figured that Booth was not going to turn over Hannah instantly in that moment for Brennan, that would have been highly un-Boothy. I also did not think Booth was cold either. He simply was stuck. His fantasy for so long was coming true….but at the completely wrongiest (yes i made that word up) time ever. I think I could hear his heart breaking in the car.

    **Side note: Season 6 has some completely AMAZING, heart wrenching, flat out wonderful performances from the handsome and talented Mr. Boreanaz. Like this “regrets” scene and the post-proposal rejection scene. Thought it hurts to see our characters hurting, what fine performances have we seen from them this season. Wow.**

    I agree that too much is made out of lines sometime in fandom. It happens. Booth was just trying to reason it out in his own mind, and to say he wants to try to make his relationship with Hannah work without hurting one that he cares about so so much. Her outward showing of emotions is rare, and he was trying to be as comforting as he could and yet remain distant. If he had tried to hold her hand, hug her, provide that comfort, I think it would have weakened his resolve and it truly would have been unfair to the life he was living with Hannah. I admire and respect Booth for being true to his value system in that terribly painful moment.

    Also I think BECAUSE he said that Hannah was not a consolation prize is also a comfort to Brennan. She now can know that the man she loves is still the same man even when the going gets tough, and when/if she finally gets together with him, that he will be truthful and faithful to her and she won’t have to wonder about him. Does that make sense? We’ve heard “once a cheater, always a cheater” and Booth was proving in that moment that he is the honorable guy. And that is awesome sauce.

    • She now can know that the man she loves is still the same man even when the going gets tough, and when/if she finally gets together with him, that he will be truthful and faithful to her and she won’t have to wonder about him. Does that make sense?

      That’s very good. I never thought about that in this way; but, you are right. I was honorable with Hannah and Brennan knows it so will know Booth is honorable with her. I like that.

  23. Eh, the consolation prize line never bothered me that much. I don’t believe Booth ever stopped loving Brennan, but I do believe he did a pretty good job of convincing HIMSELF that he didn’t love her anymore. And honestly, I don’t blame him, because he really had no other choice if he wanted to continue working with her.

    Call me crazy, but the thought that anyone could seriously believe that one phrase uttered in an agonizingly emotional moment completely erases five plus seasons of evidence to the contrary is just completely ludicrous.

    It’s clear to me from both his words and the expression on his face in the SUV scene at the end of The Doctor in the Photo that Brennan’s confession was pure agony for Booth and I’ve often wondered exactly what went through his mind in that moment. Did he feel anger? Sadness? Regret? Longing? Did he believe what he said (that Hannah wasn’t a consolation prize) or did he say it in an attempt to make himself believe it? I’m not sure what I believe about what he was really thinking, but what I do believe is that Brennan’s confession in the SUV that night was the tipping point for Booth. It was the crack that broke the dam of denial and eventually forced him to face the fact that he still loved Brennan (Bullet in the Brain); it forced him to admit that he loved Brennan more (Sin in the Sisterhood); and it (and Sweets) ultimately forced him to make what he thought was the safe choice between the women he loved (Daredevil in the Mold). Unfortunately for him, he made the wrong choice…at least initially. Fortunately for him (and Brennan), Hannah had the good sense to not be the marrying kind. Brennan’s confession may have been the end of her journey to realization, but it was just the beginning of Booth’s. And as much as it may have seemed like the nail in the coffin, when you look at the big picture, Booth’s proposal to Hannah was by no means the end of the journey. It was merely a stop along the way.

  24. Obviously, I share nearly everyone’s opinions here. And I’m always amazed by all the thoughtful, positive responses I find on this site. I have found that there are so many people out there (online, lol) that watch the show AND comment on it, despite the fact that they obviously hate it, hate the characters, hate the story lines and it boggles the mind. But I rarely see that here and it’s lovely! There’s a difference between fair, intelligent criticism of the show (because by no means has the show or its story lines been perfect) and constant, rabid, often fanatic dissatisfaction (because when something makes you that level of unhappy, maybe it’s time to stop watching/talking about it). Very rarely do I see that line crossed here, which has made this place my little Bones safe haven in an online sea of craziness.

    p.s. I caught a couple of glaring typos on the post which made me cringe, so I’m very sorry about that, I should have been more careful before I submitted it to Sarah! Oh lord, price is not the same as prize, lol, My English teacher would be so very ashamed 🙂

  25. Amber,
    After reading your post,
    “Right, anyway, I think it is possible that he wasn’t paying close attention any other off screen time that Hannah told him she wasn’t the marrying kind. Mostly, this would be due to the fact that at the given point in time it wasn’t something he was worried about very much. That’s not to say he forgot completely or anything just that it wasn’t necessarily always at the forefront in his mind because he hadn’t been considering proposing I think any time soon until The Daredevil in the Mold.”

    I thought about my own relationships, and during the time I was dating my husband, we spoke about the possibility of getting married frequently, before he proposed. Since we don’t get to see those off screen scenes, I wonder how the idea of not being the ‘marrying kind’, was referenced. It may have been said in Afgahnistan, for all we know. Then her following him, and his thought process would make sense. Since we never see those scenes, we will never know.

    • That makes sense. Now, I must apologize because some of my earlier comments were made when I was dead tired. But yeah, my ex-boyfriend and I talked plenty about marriage but then you know we broke up (definitely a good thing even though I couldn’t see it right after it happened. Who does? Okay, so maybe a lot of people but it still hurts). Sorry, I got off into a side ramble. Anyway, yes if it was brought up before he came back from Afghanistan he might think she did change her mind when she followed. Or you know something to that effect. Apparently, I am not any better tonight and I am well rested.

  26. A little further up in the comments someone mentioned the line Booth said about ‘do you want me to call someone for you, someone to be with you?’

    I noticed at the time that some people in the fandom were mad at Booth for that and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why. I admit, I still don’t know why that rubbed people up the wrong way.

    The way I saw it, Booth was acknowledging how upset she was and didn’t want to leave her on her own. It obviously wouldn’t be appropriate for him to spend the evening comforting her and I thought it demonstrated three things: a) how much he still cares about her, b) that he was thinking about what he could possibly do to make her feel better, c) his own heartbreak that for once, he couldn’t be the person to comfort her

    Yep – still don’t get why him not wanting to drop her off alone, upset, at her apartment and driving off into the night makes him the bad guy. Can anyone explain?

    • Sophia, I don’t know either. He just saved her life and then she told him of her regrets. He was in a relationship with someone he was trying to make work. Your right, he couldn’t cross the line between him and her and still be in an honest relationship with Hannah. He’s human. How far can he go comforting Brennan and still remain faithful in his dealings with Hannah. Like others have said, if you don’t like the show, if the show makes you angry, quit watching. Why make yourself unhappy. If you can’t follow what is going on then this show is definitely not for you. The isn’t perfect; but, then again, what show is. Even “Lost” drove me buggy some times; but, I gave the writers a lot of leah way and it worked out in the end.

      • I guess the main reason is that booth knows brennan. He could have been more specific in his question like “Do you want me to call Angela or sweets or Russ?

  27. I just read a post here that I think relates to this post as well. I think what we saw in S6 was the loss of innoccence betweeen Booth and Brennan. As I said in an earlier post in this entry, i don’t believe Brennan is a consolation prize. Nada. But I do believe things were different between them because there really is no going back. Remember that really cold look Booth gave to Hannah after the proposal when she suggested they go about their business and pretend the proposal never happened? It was like, “bitch, please”. Booth believe things “have to change”, Brennan taught him that. Both Booth and Brennan knew things had changed after the 100th episode. They didn’t pretend it didn’t happen…they may have avoided talking about it, but they knew. In Booth’s breakdown to Brennan after Hannah rejected him, he could only offer partnership because, well, he knew there was no going back and he couldn’t even think about venturing their with Brennan in that moment. Partners. That was all. But could that really only be all? No. And thus, Brennan would never be a consolation prize. Ever. I fans commenting that they don’t know what Booth’s feelings are for Brennan and, personally, I just don’t get that. I really don’t. What I DO get is that things will never be the “same” and by that I mean pre-100 episode vibe. There’s too much at stake now – especially now that they are going to be parents. Shiz got real, real fast for them. Now, I have no idea what is in store for S7 but I can’t imagine an issue being that Booth doesn’t really want to be with Brennan…that he’s around just for the kid. Nope. Can’t see that. I also can’t see him feeling that being with her and their child is somehow “second best”. Nope. Nada. For me I think the issues will be logistics and finding the right balance. They are different, they do see things from a different point of view, but I do beileve common ground can be found. No, love isn’t always enough but I think they have more than love to help them get there. I think they’ll know that….maybe everyone around them will have ideas of how they should be, and what they should be,etc., but what matters is what they feel. Come on now, can we really imagine Booth and Brennan taking advice from outside sources about how they should lead their life or build their family? No. Nope. There is a fine line though. Like if they try to sell that they are together in every way but aren’t living in the same house….that’s just pushing it, so there will have to be some concessions to how business is done as usual. And, again, I don’t think that will be a sacrifice or somehow done begrudgingly.

    • Sara –

      You’ve touched on something that’s been bugging me. First, I am thrilled about the pregnancy (almost as thrilled as when my sister was pregnant) and I am happy that B&B will be a family together, etc., etc. But, even once Hannah was gone and they were finding their way back to each other, a sense of sadness has remained — in them and us/me. Things will never be the same as they were before the 100th and in that something is lost. Things have been gained, but something has been lost. Maybe it’s innocence. Maybe it’s something else, but something is gone.

      Everything feels more fraught to me. Even before Bones got pregnant, the stakes seemed much higher. The bickering and banter had a playful quality. Two kids surprised and having fun with each other. That’s gone. I suppose it has to be. They are grown ups and really have to be now, but it is a loss, it leaves me wistful for the time before all the pain, when we were all innocent.

      Yeah, I know that was overly dramatic, but it’s true.

      • I don’t think it was overly dramatic. I feel the same way.

      • That is probably true, but while the “dark days” of S6 with all its angst is behind them, it isn’t that far behind. Sara mentioned that things got real this season. What’s also real is that time “heals” all wounds, and I believe that with more time they will gain increased confidence with one another and in themselves.

  28. I’ll offer up my explanation, not that I was mad, but it did kinda rub me the wrong way at first (as did how he confessed to Sweets and Hannah, not the fact that he did, but we’ve beaten those topics to death already.) But it is my favorite TV show, so I reasoned it out in my head to the point where you guys are.

    I guess when I heard it, it sounded like a pat question. Like a stranger could have found her on the street and asked her that question. I was just initially thinking that he knew her enough to offer suggestions of someone else she could talk to, like Angela. But I saw how he was struggling in that conversation, and so I decided it didn’t mean anything that he didn’t call any other names out.

    I didn’t expect him to be the one to comfort her. He just turned her down; how could he comfort her anyway? There really wasn’t that much that he could reassure her on. And things between are as simple as their guy hugs. Booth comforts Brennan like he was born to comfort her, and Brennan had come to the point where she could always count on that. But because of his more than platonic feelings towards his partner, I think he felt like it would be a serious threat to his resolve to move on and be with Hannah if he tried to comfort her in this case.

    If anything, it just proves how much they rely on each other and lean on each other. It was upsetting to feel like they couldn’t have all of what they had before.

  29. One last post because I think it’s helpful to consider this question from a different angle. Neither Brennan nor Hannah are the consolation prizes (acknowledging that people are neither prizes nor trophies). From Booth’s point of view, he is the consolation prize (‘There’s something wrong here.’) Refused by Rebecca, rejected by Brennan, with abandonment issues of his own, Booth sees himself as unworthy of love and commitment and his experience has back that up. At the end of season 5, Brennan has decided not to have his child. She’s rejected him as a man, broken up their partnership and over the course of their separation basically ended their friendship by making no effort to contact him.

    Booth in the season 5 finale is approached by an army colonel who tells him the army needs him. As we’ve all agreed, Booth needs to be needed. Over the course of that episode, his son basically tells him that he doesn’t need him by encouraging him to go to war. Brennan is leaving him and the FBI in the person of Caroline makes no effort to stress how much he is needed in DC. For Booth, only the army wants him. So he makes the decision to go back to doing what we’ve been told time and time again that he hates doing, killing people. And we see him doing just that in the opening scenes of the first episode of season 6.

    Only the army doesn’t see him as a consolation prize and then he saves Hannah’s life and suddenly she wants him, needs him and tells him she loves him. She is a life preserver in a sea of pain (probably too flowery but you get the idea). But he doesn’t commit to her. He returns to DC and leaves her in Afghanistan without any plans to get together in a year at the coffee cart outside Kabul.

    Then suddenly there she is. Not only has she comforted him (talk about comfort sex) in a war zone, she has changed jobs and followed him back to DC. Meanwhile has Brennan shown any regret at her decision in the 100th? Has she made any move that he sees to suggest that things have changed since she left for Maluku? No. Booth has no reason to believe that Brennan feels any differently than she did seven months before and here is Hannah willing to change her life for him, something Brennan told Booth she was incapable of doing.

    Half the season goes by. Hannah makes friends with his friends, tries to form a relationship with his son, gives him a lot of time in bed. And suddenly, as far as Booth is concerned, out of the blue Brennan has regrets. But for nearly a year, Hannah has been the only one who didn’t make Booth feel like the consolation prize he secretly considers himself to be. Then she turns down his proposal and he’s right back where he started, unneeded, unwanted, unloved. No wonder he headed for the closest bar. So IMO the person who needs to be reassured that they are not a consolation prize, and Brennan seems to be doing a pretty good job of this, is Booth.

    • I agree with this. Makes you wonder why people were upset with Booth.

      Booth and Brennan both have abandonment issues. We talk about Brennan more than Booth when it comes to this; but, you did a good job of presenting that issue.

    • I totally agree. That scene just broke my heart. It’s worth repeating that DB knocked it out of the park in that scene. But watch Emily. He steals it, no doubt, but the subtleties that run across her face… she’s just as good in her own quiet way.

      To me, while the Hannah rejection is the most raw, that’s not what sets Booth on edge. It’s the 3 women combined that kills him. He feels worthless. Why don’t any of them want him? It’s not just a pity party. He’s gutted that they don’t love him back when he offers them everything and since the common denominator is him, he can only conclude he’s not good enough. How hard that must be, to live your life trying to be a good man, only to feel not once, not twice, but three times over that you aren’t good enough. And Hannah sends him right back to that place he never expected to be again. Ouch.

      I do think it’s worth noting that he says that he loved Rebecca, they had a kid, etc. Then the second woman is Brennan (as she supplies) but he never says anything about loving Hannah. He says “And now…” and then launches into the whole things about women not wanting what he’s offering. At least, I think. I can’t remember as well as some other people can. I always felt that was a little telling. It’s the big picture he’s the most hurt over, not Hannah.

      And then he gives Brennan a choice as he always has. She can stay or she can go. Hannah got no such choice. But Brennan? He will always choose to stay with her as long as she chooses him. And she does.

      • Some1tookmyname: Off topic, I have been trying for several days to sign up for bones fanfic so I can review your new story ” Unexpected Variables”. I haven’t had any luck with that so here is your review. AWSOME. I hope this isn’t too vague for you.

      • Thanks Lenora! That’s very helpful because right this minute I’m working on the next chapter and it’s kicking my butt! Now I have renewed energy for it. Thanks! 🙂

      • Excellent point about Booth giving Brennan a choice in the Daredevil in the mold. In the 100th episode, Brennan asks Booth if they can still work together and he says yes, but he has to move on. I still maintain he looked more gutted in that scene than he did when Hannah said no. With Hannah he was angry – and not just because she said no, but in the 100th he was heartbroken. No doubt. The hope was gone and, apparently, he’d been hoping for something more to develop for a while. He DID give Brennan a choice. He wasn’t rejecting Brennan in that scene in the bar, he WAS giving her a choice. Booth saw himself as damaged goods and he knew he couldn’t offer anything more in that moment so he offered Brennan a choice and she chose to stay. And, as he later said in Pinnochio in the Planter (an underrated end scene in my opinion) it meant the world to him. I personally loved the Pinnochio in the Planter episode, it did enough for me. A lot was said, even when some things are “better left unsaid”. Booth actually talked about not saying certain things not as a lie, but as a way of “protecting his own feelings” and, to me, that is what a lot of early S6 was about. Actually, when it comes down to it, those are the two things I take away from S6 – some things are better left unsaid….as a way sometimes to protect your own feelings AND you can love a lot of people in this world, but you only love one the most. Those two things together can cause a lot of confusion and pain. NO ONE is a consolation prize. But sometimes fate, the universe and – if you are lucky – more than luck play into where you should be.

      • I doubt if Booth’s breakdown will be revisited BUT I do think what he said about Rebecca is interesting. AND I also think it’s interesting that he found it difficult or halted when he started talking about the “next woman” (Brennan). He was ANGRY and drunk in that scene and he could have really said a lot but didn’t. He stopped. Man, what would he have said? LOL. Back to Rebecca…. ” I fell in love with a woman and had a kid but she doesn’t want to marry me, well…. and then the next one….” Booth is kind of going back into that territory now, right? I guess that’s where we are in S7. He’s have a kid with a woman he’s loved for a long time and has had ups and downs with – probably more so than he did with Rebecca by the time Parker came around. He saw Rebecca not wanting to marry him as a rejection but I’m not sure if he’ll really have the same perception with Brennan…. THAT will be interesting. Brennan clearly knows the past here…. she even warned Hannah about getting serious with him because of how he views relationships.

      • Sara, …. she even warned Hannah about getting serious with him because of how he views relationships.

        That is another reason why I don’t think too much of Hannah. She was warned, by Brennan, that Booth would be hurt if Hannah didn’t take the relationship seriously. Hannah said she would be but we know how that worked out. She said she wasn’t the marrying kind. She knew Booth was. She still pursued a relationship not thinking about how he would react when he did get serious and she didn’t want to. I have felt sorry for both Booth and Brennan most of season 6. I am hoping I can be happy for them in season 7.

      • Sarah,
        I also wondered what Brennan will do, since she knows that Booth has regrets with Rebecca. Booth knows Brennan’s views on marriage, so he may not be that hurt if she won’t marry him. I think she will eventually, but probably not for a while.
        I wish they had some type of confrontation with Hannah and Brennan, because she did warn her to be careful, and not to hurt Booth.

      • some1tookmyname, let join Lenora on congratulating you on Unexpected Variables; you are very true to the character’s voices, which is an incredibly hard thing to capture. I feel like I’m actually seeing the show unfold in my head. I can’t wait for (hopefully) many more chapters to come!

      • Thank you Maria! I’m glad you like it. I put up chapter 5 just a bit ago. I’m going to try to get one more up before the weekend, when I try to spend my time with my family. 🙂

      • some1tookmyname, I’ve really been enjoying “Unexpected Variables”. I really liked “Adjustments” too. Maybe we need an “Meet the Authors” post for Bones fanfic writers. We seem to have quite a few who come to this site, too.

      • *blush*
        Thank you C-bones! You all are being so nice. I’m fairly new to Bones fanfic, so I still feel like I’m more of a reader than a writer. A meet the author post would be really fun!

    • El, if only so many of the viewers out there could see your post! I completely agree with you, especially about what Booth must have been feeling when not a single person in his life asked him not to go to Afghanistan; to this day (broken record here) that is my single biggest problem with last year’s finale. Like many here, I’m completely flummoxed by the many negative reactions to what Booth went through between the 100th and Daredevil to the point that I sometimes believe we must be watching a different show. And your thoughts about Booth feeling that he’s the consolation prize, dead on.

      • Maria, I agree with you about the season 5 finale. I was very unhappy that Booth didn’t have anyone tell him to stay. He must have felt pretty bad that he couldn’t get anyone to say “Booth, I need you, don’t go”. Booth obviously didn’t want to go and he tried his best to stay; but, wow, not one person would tell him that he didn’t have to go. I know I would have been pretty sad if that had happened to me.

        I also agree that the negative nellies out there really puzzle me. I don’t understand them either.

    • This brings up something I’ve always wanted to know… How long were Booth and Hannah dating before he left to go back to D.C.? How long were they dating before they moved in together?

      I know the timing on the show can sometimes follow real life, and sometimes follow tv time, so there may be no way to answer this question. But I’m still curious….

      • Well, at the most they were together 7 months because that is the span of time between BITE and MITR. I would like to think they were together maybe 3-4 months before Booth returned to D.C. Then the question becomes how long were they living together before Daredevil in the mold? We know S6 unfolded over 9 months because Angela tells Brennan she is pregnant in MITR and she delivers Michael in CITG. The timeline of Angela’s pregnancy is kind of wonky… I assume she’s finishing her first trimester (almost 4 months pregnant ) in Babe in the Bar when she and Hodgins officially announce her pregnancy to the squints. If we assume Angela was at least five months pregnant in Daredevil in the Mold then Booth and Hannah at least lived together for about five months and then it takes Booth and Brennan about 4 months to move on from the Hannah era after Daredevil. If they they were together the maximum of 7 months prior to Booth leaving for D.C. and if Angela was around 5 months pregnant in Daredevil then Booth and Hannah would have been together a year when Booth proposed. Personally it’s hard for me to imagine them being together that long…. but even if they were together 3-4 months prior to D.C. and lived together for another 5 months then the relationship lasted at least 8-9 months.

      • Thinking about timelines in B&Bverse gives me a headache.

      • Thanks Sara, I am totally impressed by your powers of logic and deduction. That is a decent amount of time to be together, but still interesting when thought about in light of some of the comments about whether or not Booth really “heard” Hannah when she said she didn’t want to get married.

    • Has anyone made parallels to when Booth is called to Afghanistan and when Zach is called? I vaguely remember a conversation about why didn’t people ask Zach not to go? Or maybe it was, we didn’t even get a chance to ask him not to go? Are there similarities between the two departures?

      Or was that already a blog post? Someone help!

      • Hodgins tried to stop Zach from going to Iraq:
        HODGINS: Zack…
        ZACK: There’s a recalcification around this hole. It healed.
        HODGINS: Zack I’m getting married on Saturday, two short day’s man, I need to know if you’ll stand up for me.
        (Zack picks up a letter on the table, Hodgins takes it.)HODGINS: I don’t need a formal response, a simple yes… (He trails off as he realizes what the letter is). Iraq? You can’t go to Iraq.
        ZACK: The president is asking for me personally.
        HODGINS: No, the president has a machine to sign for him. He’s probably talking to every forensic anthropologist in the country; you can’t go to Iraq. No, you stay here and be my best man.
        ZACK: He says I’m at the forefront of my field, he says my country needs me.
        HODGINS: Zack, you’re not going to Iraq. You going to be my best man or what?
        ZACK: No.
        HODGINS: Why?
        ZACK: Because if I decide to do what the president wants and I get killed in Iraq you won’t be able to remember your wedding with happiness.
        HODGINS: Okay, big assumption there buddy.
        ZACK: Rationally speaking I’m not good at social ritual, you should ask Booth.

  30. So many comments, so little time! LOL

    I only want to say one thing….we don’t see every conversation between each character. We don’t see every scene. There’s a lot that happens OFF screen.

    When it comes to Hannah, she tells Booth that she’s not the marrying kind and that she’s told him that before.The fact we never saw her tell him that (except for her look of horror when she thought he was proposing the first time!) doesn’t matter….it was said and Booth chose to ignore it.

    Much like the fact that we know from Brennan that Parker and Booth have used her pool. We never saw it, but it happened.

  31. I was reading a fancfic where Hannah appeared, and instead of it being a “So there!” scenario, Booth apologized to Hannah. I thought that was interesting, because so many people want Booth apologizing to Brennan. I never thought he needed to apologize for trying to move on; however, I wouldn’t have been opposed to explanations of what was going through his mind because that was very hard to figure out at times. Regardless, Brennan seems to understand more of the situation than we probably think.

    Back to my point. In a way, I think Booth owes Hannah an apology more than anyone else. She was the only person who didn’t really know what she was walking into, and I don’t think she really knew what she was walking away from. Even in their breakup they were saying different things. Granted, I think in a mix of pain, desperation and confusion Booth was making a lot of his choices. Maybe he can’t even explain some things himself. Booth didn’t really lie to Brennan (more than usual.) He lied moreso to himself, to Hannah, and sometimes Sweets (but he doesn’t owe him anything.) Sometimes I wonder if Hannah had known what happened between Booth and Brennan before, and that Booth would still had feelings for Brennan even if he had no plans to act on them, would she have stayed and have been as understanding as they showed her.

  32. I had no problem with Booth not dumping Hannah right after Brennan’s confession.My problem was with Booth giving up on Brennan after one shot,the episode where he confessed his lovefor her (100)and she rejects him out of fear.And with him ,after Brennan’s confession,knowing she was an option,he had the choice,he had the time to think and figure out how he feels about both Brennan and Hannah,and make a choice and he chose to ask Hannah to marry him just because Sweet hurt his ego,and in the process make crystal clear to Brennan that he loves Hannah.Brennan knew how important to him marriage is.That he would never propose unless he’s sure about his feelings.She sat here,took the bullets he shot at her,her eyes spoke louder than any words.She was heartbroken thinking that his feelings for her completly changed and that he actually loved Hannah more than her,thinking that any kind if feelings he had for her were dead.Emily’s performance was exceptional

    • Booth was in a very difficult position and there was no way he would have played it that someone would not get hurt. True, if Sweets had not egged him on, things might have played out differently but he needed to be sure that what he had with Hannah was true. He put all his cards on the table. If Hannah said yes or even maybe, he would believe he was making the right choice by letting Brennan go. Hannah’s actions spoke louder to him than her words – she travelled half-way across the world just to be with him and to a job she hated. To him it was like a bird in hand is worth two in the bush. It’s just like Brennan – she won’t say ‘ILY’ but her actions prove more than a reasonable doubt that she loves him loads. Booth gambled with Hannah and got burned badly which needed to happen for him to move on emotionally.

      • Booth made a choice and after proposing to Hannah he became unworthy of Brennan’s love.It can’t be both ways:Either his love for Brenna wasn’t as he claimed it was in the 100th episode,or he wasn’t true to Hannah when he proposed.He played one of the two women because there is no way he was truly in love with Brennan and a few month later truly in love with Hannah and propose to her.He lied to one of the two

      • And therein lies the catastrophic failure of season 6, a puzzle of miscasting, producing mistakes and writing miscues which will apparently never be addressed.

      • Booth proposing to Hannah after DoctoritPhoto, BulletitBrain and SinsitSisterhood still puzzles me. I have tried to rationalise it as best I can but it still does not make sense. Imane and El, you both make a lot of sense. The plot was lost somewhere which still leaves a lot of us reeling.

      • I completely disagree first that Booth was unworthy of Brennan just because he proposed to Hannah and second that he was lying to either one.

        I’m ***not*** a fan of Hannah so I’m not apologizing for her but there’s more than one way to love someone and that Booth could love Hannah (and I think he did) and also love Brennan isn’t unthinkable.

        Brennan told him no. Not ‘I’ll think about it,’ or ‘maybe someday’ but NO. No, I can’t. No, I can’t change. No. It tore both of them up and they had to separate, physically/emotionally/mentally, to get over it. If anything, proposing to Hannah was (IMO) his way of dealing with the fact that he was still in love with Brennan. It was like his way of forcing himself to put it behind him once and for all.

        I think that a lot of us would have preferred Booth to suffer silently until Brennan came to her senses but that’s so unfair to him. I have major issues with Hannah and with what they tried to do with that triangle (and Booth telling her about Brennan’s DitP confession pisses me right the hell off) but I don’t doubt at all that Booth loved her. Not the way he loved (loves) Brennan but I do believe he loved her. And for a little while, she obviously made him happy. He deserved that, I think.

        And now I’m going to go vomit to get the taste of defending Hannah out of my mouth.

      • Booth had every right to move on but when he started having mixed feelings which is what I would call his actions in BulletitBrain and SinsitSisterhood, proposing should have been the last thing on his mind. If those scenes had not been shown and he went on to propose to Hannah, it would not seem so odd.
        Yes he loved Hannah in a way but He knew he loved Brennan more and she had already said she made a mistake about saying no.

        Don’t wash your mouth MJ. Everyone needs an advocate – makes life more balanced.

      • If Brennan doesn’t hold it against him and completely trusts that he loves her, I don’t know why I should. It’s been more than a year and obviously it’s in the past. Booth has done plenty of things that show how much he loves Brennan. Mistakes were made by both of them in the past, but they acknowledged it, moved on and created a happy life together that they both treasure.

      • I have two lengthy posts that I just put up on “What a Difference a Year Makes” to the effect of how I deal with the proposal and how I fault Booth in no way for anything that happened in s6.
        Now, my point.
        Mar, you are dead on. If it’s ok with Brennan, why should I be upset about it? I think that it demonstrates how far Brennan had finally come and how much effect Booth had had on her in terms of her understanding of people and emotions.

      • My thoughts on why Booth proposed:
        1. To prove to himself that he really did love H and had made the right choice in trying to move on, because he had doubts
        2. Trying to stop himself feeling so much for Brennan – which had caused him a lot of pain previously – he was trying to avoid getting drawn back in again
        3. To honour his integrity. Booth’s the person who said, ‘You pick a wife, and you stick with it’ – Booth has often done things that while honourable, are detrimental to him. He was living with someone, he’d made a commitment, he was going to honour it, no matter the personal cost.
        4. At that time he was desperate for it to work out with someone. The proposal smacked of last ditch desperation to me. Compare that to the easy, relaxed love he has now. He’s very assured and confident in it.

        I agree completely with MJ when she said ‘I think that a lot of us would have preferred Booth to suffer silently until Brennan came to her senses but that’s so unfair to him’.

        Everyone seems to want Booth to be the perfect man, waiting like a constant for Brennan to come round and be ready. But frankly, if he hadn’t tried to move after such a resolute and thorough rejection he’d come across as a bit of a sad sap. He’d already been mooning over her for years. To continue in the face of no hope would have been a bit pathetic.

        DB and HH both said at the time that Booth’s nothing if not optimistic – to believe so fully in love after everything he’d been through takes a lot of faith. It makes sense that, as a strong man, he’d pick himself up and still strive for happiness, despite it not being where he hoped it would be. That takes strength, it’s not a weakness of feeling.

  33. Episode 6×20 Booth to Bones about lying: “I was protecting me”..This was the episode i knew that they are going to end up together in this season…He was lying that Hanna is not consolation prize …he was lying to himself to protect himself….

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