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Morning After Q: Does Brennan Find It Harder To Resist Booth Than He Finds It To Resist Her?


Hey, Happy Friday!

You know, when it comes to B&B, I don’t like using works like ‘addicted’ or ‘obsession’. Of course, I’m referring to how they feel about one another and NOT how WE feel about them, in which case, I declare, “Obsess Onward!”

But it’s not that Booth has been ‘obsessed’ with Brennan these past years…I prefer words like ‘tethered’ or ‘drawn to’, etc, etc. Yet even as I try to come up with what feels like the right word for BOTH of them,  I can’t quite ever get there. It’s, what Booth described and Brennan eventually called… inexplicable.

Sophia’s Q on Monday about Brennan falling in love with Booth in season four got me thinking. And I was sort of pondering on it all week. BBMagic’s post on Wednesday did the same (and I loved all of the Six Degrees connections on Thursday! Woo!)… for one thing, Hart Hanson has given Brennan’s character the safely padded luxury of being ‘gone’ outside of our sights. That is—who knows how Booth felt during the summers when Brennan was gone? We never really saw Booth in Afghanistan either, etc, etc. When Brennan separated herself from Booth—the show was on hiatus. We always saw reunions, sometimes mixed with doubt, but undoubtedly always resolved by the end of a season premiere. When Booth did it, it was there (including Brennan’s facial expressions) for all of us to see, and it lingered, right?

I don’t know why I’m going on about that because it’s not even ABOUT the question for today, but I guess what I’m getting at is this:  We sort of discuss a lot how Booth, once he met Brennan, found it impossible to not be around her. Right? Whether we believe in the ‘the one’ or not, he did, he’s still learning some things, but…he just loves being near her. Plain and simple.

As I considered all of the episodes in season four, wondering about the idea of Brennan falling in love with Booth, I began to see signs that it was possible. Perhaps, as a lot of you thought, it’s impossible to pinpoint ‘in love’, and even so, would Brennan recognize or acknowledge it. I don’t want to get into all of that. Yet, I think she was drawn to him. Still is drawn to him. Always has been drawn to him.  The difference between Booth and Brennan in this ‘tethered’ scenario is that Booth, from what we can see, is the kind of man who is very interested in tethering himself to someone, especially if he considered it the ‘right’ someone. Brennan was not that way. Neither of them are dumb nor unconscious of their own personalities. I just see Brennan KNOWING that she’s likely getting too close to Booth, yet she’s sort of powerless to resist it. Brennan is an incredibly strong character, and we’ve seen her turn away from many things she considers frivolous—easily. She has no need for TV. She has no need to spend time developing relationships with men for the purpose of long-lasting connection. She has no need for wretched children. Those are just a few examples, but the idea is there. It’s rare that she is inexplicably drawn to something she would normally have no interest in. With Brennan, I just don’t ever see the word ‘unwittingly’ applying, you know? It’s not that she unwittingly got close to Booth. It’s not that she unwittingly allowed herself to have feelings for him. I see her as incredibly cognizant of herself. Yet, over and over, she chose Booth. I don’t know if it’s ‘in love’, but I do know it’s ‘something’. Thoughts?  Is Booth the one thing/person Brennan cannot resist? Are her feelings for him the one thing she cannot escape?

With Booth, that “unescapable” feeling is sort of common knowledge and has been for years. Whether it’s the way he says “you’re unbelievable, Bones” in that ‘shocked, but oh he kinda likes it’ way or in the way he hustles after her to prove a point or in the way he smiles when SHE smiles…we’ve seen him drawn to her.

Perhaps just as steady has been Brennan’s inability to escape. For every Booth smile, there’s the underlying reality that Brennan could choose to spend her time however and wherever she pleases, and she chooses Booth.  I’m not explaining it perfectly, except to say that several times this week, I just found myself blinking, kind of like… “Huh, hmmm, I guess it’s possible that Brennan, even when she is aware enough to know that she is getting closer to Booth and HE is getting closer to HER (which would likely be worse), can’t seem to do much of a thing about it. Possibly this means that the draw she feels toward him is STRONGER than what he feels toward her, as he was already inclined to feel that way toward someone, whereas she was not.” This sort of statement is supported by her taking off all of his clothes in the lab.


I dont know. Basically it’s the “connection” that convinced Booth to hound her until she agreed to work another case with him, only to find her INSISTING on full participation. “You want me? You get all of me, and I get all of you, buddy”, so to speak.

…… in the partnerly kind of way of course  😀

Let’s discuss!

Peace, Love & Bones,


PS…If you’ve never commented on a BT post before, today is the perfect day to join in! Come on…just say one moment you’ve loved where either Booth or Brennan couldn’t seem to resist the other. Easy Peasy!


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  1. I have to leave for VBS in a few minutes so I don’t have time to write up a full comment (I’ll have to do that tonight after I get home), but I do want to comment briefly on one thing that stuck out to me in your post, Sarah. You mention that Brennan didn’t allow herself to be drawn to Booth unwittingly (good word by the way). But, see, I kinda think she did. I think she did her best to avoid being drawn too close to him and it happened anyway, almost without her realizing it. When she does realize it, she pulls back – she even leaves for awhile – and we see this happen on more than one occasion, by the way. But because of that tethering you mentioned, she always has to come back.

    I have more to say, but I’m late leaving already, so have a great day everyone and I’ll (hopefully) be back for more later.

  2. The elevator scene on the Blackout in the Blizzard. their talk about stamina and how perfect would be they make love! Well their looks to each other say everything. And the best part of it is they did! We don’t see yet but they did!

  3. Well, in Brennan’s very own words, “He’s very hard to resist.” Haha!

  4. I think they are both drawn to each other, and I like the way you said it, in that, Booth wanted to be drawn to someone, and Brennan didn’t. Booth accepted that feeling he had toward her, and although she tried to fight it(going away for a year after the first case), she couldn’t stop it. That’s fate baby. I think she realized that in the first season, but by then it was too late, she was already too attached to him to fight it anymore. At first, it was curiosity, then as time went by, it became the beginning of love.

    The scene I like most is the almost kiss in “A Night at the Bones Museum”. They were both drawn to each other, and neither one could fight it. You can see it in their eyes. It’s one of those moments we wait a lifetime for. Damn, Angela for interferring!

    Great post, Seels.

  5. The fact is, everyone needs someone that they can rely upon to be there for them, in the good and the bad. Before Brennan had Booth in her life, she pretty much only had Angela. Angela was Brennan’s friend; but, lets face it, Angela is a little self-centered and comes and goes as she pleases. This probably suited Brennan up to a point; but, she didn’t really have anyone that she count upon to worry where she was, what she was doing. She lost that when she lost her parents and found it when Booth came into her life.

    Booth gives her the acknowledgment and praise that she needs in her life. Her peers consider her brilliant and at the top of her field; but they are also brilliant and at the top of their fields. To have someone who is brilliant at what he does, in a field that is a complete mystery to Brennan, who likes Brennan for who she is and not just what she is, and yet can acknowledge that what she does is brilliant too, must mean a lot to her. I don’t mean to say that she is childish and she is looking for praise from everyone, I mean that when she lost her parents she lost the people who would praise her out of love, not out of what is required.

    We saw that Brennan was already at the point of no return, when it came to being drawn to Booth, when we saw the episode The Boneless Bride In The River. She couldn’t leave Booth to go with Sully. She couldn’t leave the best friend she had for a relationship that may or may not work. By this episode, Booth had already captured her. She may not have been “In love” with Booth; but, she definitely loved Booth as a friend by then and relied on his friendship to help her when she needed it.

    I agree with you Sarah, Brennan was the one that insisted that she be allowed to work in the field with Booth. Booth took her any way he could get her; but, it was Brennan who was already aware that she wanted to work with Booth more closely and she would do it on her terms. The magnetism of Booth had already started to work in their first case and I truly believe that it was Brennan fighting her attraction for Booth that made her so angry with him and caused her to sever their ties until Booth found a way to get them back together. He may have grabbed her arm and they may have had words; but, it was blown up out of proportion. It escalated because Brennan needed to get away from Booth. In their first case, Booth was already calling her Bones, he was already attracted to her. Brennan didn’t want to be attracted to Booth and therefore needed to sever any attachments she may have felt she had for him. Calling Booth a stupid man was the quickest way she had to do it.

  6. While it’s true that Booth wanted a connection with someone, I think he did want to resist Brennan. He knew how Brennan felt about relationships, so why develop feelings for someone who wouldn’t reciprocate in the same way? Remember when Sully accused him of wanting his partner? He said “I don’t need that.” I really think he meant that. He does feel the draw, but Brennan is a lot to put up with (as much as I love her.) Especially before when she was being so vocal and so stubborn. Booth became her friend because I think he realized she needed that more than anything. In all their talks about love, he never hinted himself as a potential candidate, probably because he thought she didn’t feel the same way. And they are so different, so of course he has his doubts. When Gordon told Booth he was in love with his partner, even though he didn’t deny it, he immediately talked about how they weren’t compatible. He realizes he can’t have a one-sided relationship, that their feelings need to be mutual.

  7. BRENNAN: I find it interesting that I’m only afraid of snakes when Booth is around to be jumped upon.

    Boom. Tethered.

    (sorry, I’m also a big Office fan 🙂 )

  8. But to answer your actual question, Does Brennan find it harder to resist Booth than he finds it to resist her?

    I would say “Mutual I’m sure”. (White Christmas)

    DB has got the longing glances at Brennan down pat. Obvs. But Brennan is sometimes a little harder to figure out. So let’s “dig deeper” (TNT) haha I’m very quotey today.

    Brennan is great at hiding her true feelings. Most of the time. But her actions speak loudly to me. Like when she didn’t leave with Sully. Or at Bones Museum where she takes Booth as her date. Or when she opens up about Riley. Booth can get responses out of her that no one else can, she trusts what he says implicitly. When Booth says “What’s between us is ours”, she acts on it and dumps that assistant director. When Booth tells her to talk to the universe, she does. And like she tells Gordon Gordon, “I can’t think of anything I wouldn’t do to help him.” So yes, I love that word “tethered” to describe them.

    So my take is that they are both mutually and equally tethered. That may manifest in different ways, and they may “take breaks” from each other from time to time. But like we saw with Hannah, Booth still could not cut Brennan out 100%. “Meant to be” sounds a little mushy for our duo, but “tethered” sounds just right.

    • bb, your White Christmas quote is great. You could not have found a character in a movie that was more of an antithesis of Brennan if you had tried. Very good.

    • Oops! Gave Kimberly credit for this quote on yesterday’s page. Sorry.

      I love this quote, bb. White Christmas is my fave Xmas movie. Love “We’ll follow the old man….”

    • GO to Smith– She couldn’t even SPELL it! 🙂

      • @Sarah: One of my favorite quotes!

        Clearly I’ve watched WC a few too many times, because when I wanted to answer your resistance question with “mutual”, I instantly heard her voice in my head saying “Mutual I’m sure!” So, there you go.

        And Lenora, you are right, she is the polar opposite of Brennan, but you know, I think she’d probably have more in common with Daisy 🙂 …though even super-annoying Daisy might meet her match it this character!

  9. I have a hypothesis, which I’m not sure if it’s really true or not. Stephanie mentioned how Brennan does leave to gain distance when she thinks she’s getting too close, but she always comes back. I think that after the events of the 100th, especially the Gravedigger trial, she needed time and even told Booth that. Then she told Angela that she needed to get away. She didn’t really want to get away from Booth, but she needed some space to process what was happening with them. But she did see how much Booth was hurting, and it was hurting her. I think she thought that they both could use the time and space, because staying just partners was proving to be more difficult than she thought.

    Brennan has been going on digs since the beginning of the show – it’s part of what she does for a living. She loves them, and is a research scientist through and through when we meet her. She goes off on her digs, and she doesn’t really need any input or approval from Booth. So I think it’s very interesting that in the S5 finale, even though she thinks that the Maluku dig is exciting, she seems hesitant about accepting the offer right away. You can tell she’s thinking about it, but doesn’t tell the organizers that she wants to come or is coming (which she could probably get away with.) She only suggests a piece of equipment and waits for the organizers to ask her. And Daisy (is she the intern who got killed off? Because I don’t see or hear about her – not complaining though.) Daisy announces that to Cam, but instead of Brennan being excited about that, she looks really torn. Daisy is the one really pushing for Brennan to go, as much as Brennan herself would like to go, but something is holding her back. She tells Daisy she has to discuss it with Booth because they’re partners. After Daisy makes some comment about them holding each other back, Brennan gets a certain look on her face. My hypothesis is that that’s what spurred her decision. Booth heard about the offer through Sweets through Daisy, and I think it colors Booth’s reaction when Brennan finally speaks to him. He’s already dejected.

    My other hypothesis is that neither of them had firmly decided until their conversation on the bench – sort of like they were reacting off each other’s reactions. Am I making any sense? Because I’ve never been able to figure out who decided first.

    Anyway, I hope I didn’t go off on a tangent too much. But this was just an example of how Brennan was being drawn closer and closer to Booth. Going off with boyfriends on boats isn’t typical for her, so staying behind and working with Booth isn’t too shocking. But having second thoughts about pursuing her first passion when she had never done that before shows a huge shift in where Booth stands in her life.

  10. I haven’t commented in a while, so I feel like a first-timer all over again.

    This is how I’ve always perceived things to be between Booth and Brennan, assuming these two are inexplicably drawn to one another, but resist any deeper connection than a friendship or a partnership.

    It’s always been easier for Booth to resist Brennan because any time he thought about going for it, he was also able to look past that moment and see how his decision affected Brennan. I imagine he always envisioned a complex reaction that involved Brennan distancing herself from him and/or “running away” and/or falling back on the whole “we’re partners” thing and/or claiming that she can’t be what he wants or needs. So he never went for it. Until the 100th episode. And Brennan pretty much reacted the way I think Booth always thought she would. But he’s the gambler, so he finally took a chance on a different outcome.

    I think it’s harder for Brennan to resist Booth because any time she might have thought about going for it, she probably envisioned a much simpler reaction from Booth. He had been open enough with her over the years, and despite her inability to read people, I think she had a clear enough read on Booth. But she never went for it either. Until the night Vincent died. That night, she finally went for it. This is not about what physical act may or may not have taken place that night. This is about Brennan going to Booth, showing him that she was no longer impervious and that she needed him to be with her as more than the friend or the partner he had always been. And Booth was – and is – that guy. It might have been easy for him to resist her in the past, but it was impossible for him to resist her in that moment.

  11. One of those wonderful tiny moments in Bones is when Brennan is telling Angela how suddenly no one cared where she was after her parents disappeared and then, as if on cue [;-D], Booth is calling out trying to find her. S2? What episode.

    More directly on point later.

  12. I think Brennan’s initial draw was that of the quintessential scientist: curiosity. Booth seemed to have something she wanted for herself, intuition, and the only way to get it was by “tethering” herself to him for further study. She obviously felt sexual attraction as evidenced by the rain-soaked kiss, but I’m pretty sure at the beginning she thought she could easily contain that. She’s smart, confident, desirable-she can deal with a brutish, overconfident FBI hunk any day. Probably twirl him around her little finger. Except Booth wormed his way right into her affections by not being what she had expected him to be: sensitive, loyal and possessing uncharacteristic depth of character.

    It slowly stopped being about who was smarter or more dominant, and it also wasn’t about sex anymore-but what it became, she had no category for. There was no way to compartmentalize what she was feeling because it was all new and definitely not at all logical. By the time she may have fully realized what was happening (and it might have been duing Boneless Bride, like Lenora mentioned above) it was too late for her to disengage herself from him. In this sense he was definitely becoming an addiction. So if we follow that analogy, going to Maluku was like going to rehab: end what she felt was an unhealthy reliance on another person for one’s happiness.

    I don’t know what happened when she was away, but she obviously came back with a new perspective on her relationship with him. Maybe it was an understanding that though she didn’t “need” Booth in the sense of having a bad habit, she wanted him. And this is a personal choice, which is good, and not something that’s bad because it’s beyond your control. I also don’t know if this ability to habitually keep herself from him puts her in the driver’s seat of the relationship. Let’s face it, if she, at any time, had wanted him for more than just “partnership” she could have had him. Easy pickings. So in many ways, she had more options than him but I don’t think that her ability to choose makes her feelings any stronger than his. It’s a matter of personal style: he always allowed himself to go with the flow of his feelings, and she felt like she needed to control them in order to retain her strength and objectivity.

    • Maria –

      I love your opening comment here. It’s what I have always thought. Yes, there was an initial sexual attraction, but I always felt that Booth was smitten immediately, whereas Brennan was more just curious. Who is this guy? Why am I drawn to him? What can I learn from him? Booth was curious, but it was more than that. He wasn’t concerned with why he was drawn to her; he knew he was and everything flowed from that. He just wanted to be with her.

      I also think that for Brennan early on, she wanted to show him she was better than he was, whatever that meant. Smarter for sure, but she wanted to beat him at everything. Remember Angela telling her to let him have the people thing; he let her be the smart one by making himself look not so smart. GGW said something similar when they were discussing about wanting to be in Booth’s head in the interrogation room, so she could learn how to do it. She is very, very competitive and can’t admit to being less than the best at anything, even when it’s quite obvious she is not very good at something. For instance, her supposed athletic abilities as discussed at the end of Fire in the Ice. Booth, et al., have helped her see that, not only does she have her shortcomings, but that that’s ok. She can still be loved and respected even if she’s not perfect. And, that it’s ok to rely on others for things she isn’t the best at.

      Anyway, over time, Brennan did become attached/tethered to Booth, especially emotionally, although she fought it like crazy — hence the creation of the “guy hug.”

      What Gordon Gordon said. I had always felt that it was Booth who had to fight it daily. He was aware of his feelings and so had to fight his desire (not just physical) for her. Brennan, on the other hand, had buried her feelings so deeply that she didn’t have to deal with that on a daily basis. However, a few months ago, BT got me thinking about that again and somehow I came to see how it could be Brennan who had to fight it. In the end, i think it was a huge internal battle for both of them, just in different ways. I think that Brennan was fighting her feelings while Booth had to fight the expression of those feelings.

      Which brings me to my point here: I think there resistance problems were similarly different. Brennan was trying to resist her feelings for Booth while Booth was trying to resist the actions those feelings drove him to want to do. Net net: they both have had a hard time resisting each other.

      Thank goodness at least some of that resistance has been abandoned. Can’t wait to see what goes next! ;-D

      • I really liked what you said about Brennan accepting over time that she doesn’t have to be perfect in order to be loved. This was definitely a big concession for her. As to GG’s attraction statement, I’ve always felt that the most obvious answer (Booth) is the most likely one. The writers drive us crazy though, don’t they? It sure gives us a lot to talk about…

    • Maria, Brennan wasn’t the only one who mis-judged Booth. Angela thought for sure that Booth would freak out when he found out she was going out with Roxie. He totally surprised her. I also think it is funny that Hodgins considered Booth a suit and working for “the Man” and yet over the years he has totally changed his mind about Booth and was even willing to risk getting hurt or worse to save Booth’s job in Judas On A Pole. The squints had Booth pegged as a grunt during the early part of season 1; but, now he is considered part of the family and most recognize that Booth is way smarter than he presents himself to be.

      • You’re right. And Angela also thought he was the one that “balked” with Tessa, which he didn’t. At least Brennan backed him up on this one, although she did think he was playing the field during the first incident with Epps.

  13. I’m stuck on the “tethered” imagery because it just feels so appropriate to me when it comes to B&B. Like tether ball, connected but able to move freely, and no matter how much the ball gets batted around, it always comes home. At any given time, I think B&B sort of trade places being the ball and being the pole but the connection is always there, regardless.

  14. I have always believed that Gordon Gordon was referring to Brennan when he desribed the one who “struggles daily” with emotions relating to their relationship. I believe that Brennan and Booth ARE drawn to one another….call it fate, universe, etc. They complement one another when they are together! We saw how akward it was in S6 when that dynamic was changed. I don’t know if I would say Brennan finds it harder to resist Booth but I would say she DOES have a lot of heart. I do believe she does have more heart than can easily be seen or demonstrated. I think once she is loyal to someone, that is it. She IS loyal to Booth. To me she went out of her way to make things work in S6, to make the best of the situation to keep her friendship/partnership in tact with Booth. I guess what I’m thinking is that for Brennan, I think she COULD have adjusted or made one hell of an attempt to keep Booth in her life. Yes, I do believe Booth loves just being with her but I think, and this is just me, that it was a bigger struggle for him when the possibility of being more than friends/partners was removed. He was really trying to compartmentalize his life. Maybe that’s just because he’s a guy and guys think differently about that subject. In no way am I saying that Booth’s feelings for Brennan are only physical. No. I do believe they care about each other very much but I think for Booth it would have been harder over time for him to maintain a purely platonic relationship with Brennan. I think the issue they face in S7 and beyond is how to make this work. As hard or challenging as their dynamic may get the other option is not being together and I would like to believe that that option is not one either wants. They shouldn’t work but the heart wants what it wants no matter how inexplicable it is. They dig one another for sure. Brennan likes to see things through Booth’s perspective and he is dazzled by the mystery of who she is; it’s hard to resist.

  15. I don’t have any specific moment in mind, but you invited previous lurkers to comment so I just wanted to say I love Bones, and I love your blog. I’ve read it every day since discovering it back in January, right around them time I discovered Bones itself. I knew it had been on of course but having not watched it from the beginning I was reluctant to join mid stream until one fateful night where TNT was running an episode and I tuned in while waiting for a movie to start. Sadly, my memory is so horrible that I can recall neither my initiation episode or the movie I was waiting for, but after that one episode I was hooked. Bones is the sole reason I joined Netflix and bought a Roku! Thanks for producing such a wonderful, insightful website which goes so far above and beyond merely recapping current episodes. I’ll be here watching for as long as you, and Bones, continues.

  16. I, personally, think Brennan’s ties to Booth go back much further than he 5th episode. I think it was season 2 or so, when Brennan is away on a dig, and comes back and everyone is like, welcome back, and she kind of brushes it off. But when Booth walks into her office, they hug like it is the end of the world. Maybe not season 2, I can’t remember the exact episode. But what is striking is her reaction to Booth is so different than her reaction to anyone else in the lab. I’m not necessarily saying she’s in love or anything, but it is “something.” 🙂

    This changes, as Brennan realizes that the people in the lab are her people, that they are her family (family Christmas at her house), and that she has responsibilities to them (Cam’s anger towards her at going to Maluku). I think these relationships, accompanied with her relationship to Booth is important. I think it effects her decision to stay and not return to Maluku, and I think its a part of the character development we see throughout season 6.

    The reason all of this is related in my mind to her relationship with Booth, is because Booth helps her to realize and enhance those relationships. He helps her to define “family” and I think he also helps her to define “love.” I agree that I think Brennan is very introspective about her feelings, but I don’t think she always knows what they are in terms that we traditionally use like love. The process of defining those emotions is what takes her time, but it is that process that is beautiful to watch. I enjoy every minute of it!

  17. “I can’t think of anything I wouldn’t do to help him.”

    That says it all to me. And some of that is because she knows he would say the same about her.

    I had to go with that because every other way I thought of was long winded and somehow didn’t convey the point like I wanted.

  18. I want to “ditto” Regina’s statements because even though Ive been a Bones fan since season 2, I had not delved as deeply as this blog forces me to do. Even when we don’t agree everyone is civil, and people constantly bring up concepts and ideas that cause me to think. So thanks BT for existing!
    Also, Im loving the tetherball game analogy, because isnt that so true of life in general? Sometimes we’re the ball, circling around in the air, and sometimes we are the pole, the strong and steady one. So true.

  19. Email 🙂

  20. Brennan at the beginning of the series:

    “I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will.”
    — Charlotte Brontë (Jane Eyre)

    Booth until now:

    “Because, I sometimes have a queer feeling with regard to you- especially when you are near me, as now: it is as if I had a string somewhere under my left ribs, tightly and inextricably knotted to a similar string situated in the corresponding quarter of your little frame. And if that boisterous channel, and two hundred miles or so of land some broad between us, I am afraid that cord of communion will be snapt; and then I’ve a nervous notion I should take to bleeding inwardly. As for you, – you’d forget me.”
    — Charlotte Brontë (Jane Eyre)

    • Wow. Yeah, I can see that. It’s nice to know that we know and now they both know they won’t forget each other.

    • Wonderful Quote!!

    • Very nice. I love it when we get more literary here. ;-D

    • El, I’m apalled to admit I haven’t read Jane Eyre, but along with Random Harvest (Lenora’s suggestion), it’s next on my list thanks to your quote (and Anne of the Green Gables, Sarah). Thanks, all! (Any typos=Cubs day game.)

      • Maria, do read Random Harvest but see the movie with Greer Garson and Ronald Coleman as well. It is one of the great love stories on film. Also the Jane Eyre version with Orson Welles and Joan Fontaine. But the books are wonderful.

      • Maria, I agree with EL. Read the book first though as there is a huge plot twist at the end of the book that they couldn’t do in the movie. I saw the movie first and wish I had read the book first. Both are really worth getting to know. Ronlad Coleman really gives a great performance in the movie.

    • Thanks! I love Greer Garson; she was wonderful in the original Pride and Prejudice film with Laurence Olivier.

      • I’m sorry, but this is a violation of Girl Code Rule 4, Article 14, Section A(IV)(g)(iii) which clearly states that:

        Any mention of any stage, TV or film version of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice must include the words, “…Colin Firth is the definitive Mr. Darcy,” or some version thereof of said phrase which clearly indicates that Colin Firth was, is and forever more shall be, Mr. Darcy. Forthwith, hereto and insomuchas.

        I’ll let you off with a warning . . .this time. 🙂

      • Actually to MJ –

        He is also Mr. Darcy in Bridget Jones’s Diary. That always cracked me up totally. ;-D

      • I usually avoid all HeigZeggIston movies like the plague but for Colin Firth, I sat through both of the “Bridget Jones” movies. Oh, the things we do for love.

      • MJ –

        Who is the Iston (I get the Heig and Zegg)?

        On things we do for love: watch DB’s movies. ;-D Terrific actor, cringeworthy movies.

      • Jennifer Aniston. Other than The Good Girl, I mean, which actually was very good. I even gave The Breakup a looksee, because I love me some Vince Vaughn. But, ugh. There are some people I’ll watch in anything – heck, I’m even anxiously awaiting Meryl Streep’s movie about Margaret Thatcher even though Thatcher is one of my least favorite people in history, just because I adore Streep in anything. But then there are those I’m just not wasting my money or Netflix space on.

        I’ve never seen DB in a movie – maybe I should be grateful. 🙂 I also didn’t know ED was in Cold Mountain until the “six degrees” game. Too bad that movie has Zellwegger and Kidman in it, or I’d watch it again just to see Emily.

  21. I read an article the other day about how to recognize children with higher IQ’s. It said that very often they are emotional, and highly sensitive to the world around them. They often will be overly concerned with the welfare of others, and try to help anyone in need. They also have a difficult time attaching to others, but when they do they become extremely attached. Most of these traits will continue into adulthood.

    This sounds so much like our Brennan.

  22. I haven’t had much time to check in this week, and I’ve missed BT! I don’t have a lot of time now, but I have two moments.

    First, in Critic in the Cabernet when Booth asks Brennan to be there when he has his surgery. There was no way she could say no to that.

    Second, when Brennan asks him to look at her parents’ case. I know it’s not exactly a huge swoon-worthy moment, but it’s really important in terms of their relationship.

  23. I know at least in season 5, she touches him or his clothing (or all out removes it) all the time. I think Brennan is perfectly aware of how physically attracted she is to Booth. I think this is a little upsetting for her for two reasons: one she doesn’t want to disturb their partnership because she thinks it’s fascinating and two because it is very unlike her not to act on her sexual instincts. The first part is much more important and definitely out of character for her. It disturbs her, but she can’t help it. I think she wants Booth in her life as much as possible, not to mention he’s opening up this whole new world for her. OUTSIDE science! gasp! She’s equally curious about both, but Booth become intregal to the process. She doens’t want to do it without him (her resistance to Agent Perotta). I think she also keeps expecting him to leave (or to want to leave) at some point because that’s what she’s used to, so she involves him in the more intimate parts of her life (her family). Basically, I think her fascination is this positive feedback that doubles every time she notices it.

  24. Epiphany time!
    Ok so I’m watching some Bones on my DVR’s on demand, and they have Daredevil in the Mold. I caught something that I hadn’t noticed before, and forgive me if people have already talked about this, but I don’t remember reading it directly.
    I was watching DB’s breakdown and while the first time I watched it, I was blown away just by his acting, I’d kind of missed ED’s subtle acting next to him.

    Booth: Ok….so you wanna know how this is gonna work? K, this is how this is gonna work…Me and you are partners, that’s what we do, we’re partners. Alright? And I love that, I think that’s great, and we’re good people who catch bad people right?….And we argue, we go back and forth, we’re partners….and sometimes after we solve a case we come here and we celebrate, that’s what we do, we celebrate. So, as far as I can see that is what happens next. Are you ok with that? Great, because if you are I’ll tell you what, you stay here and you have a drink with me. Alright maybe we have a little small talk, chit-chat. And if you’re not, well….you can leave….there’s the door, and tomorrow I’ll find you a new FBI guy”
    Bones: “Those are my only choices?”
    Booth: “Yeah, those are your only choices.”
    Bones: “Then I’ll have a drink.”

    When Brennan says “Those are my only choices” she kinds of says it sort of hopefully, as if he’ll give her the go-ahead to begin a relationship with him beyond the partnership. But he in that moment is completely firm, and his long description to her of what happens next is just describing their friends and partners only relationship. I guess I just really hadn’t caught that before. That he was firmly (for the moment) shutting the door on getting together with her, and that she was kind of hoping she’d get her chance now that Hannah was gone. I don’t know.

    Just rewatching, but looking more at Brennan’s side of things was really interesting. She knows he is hurt, and that she is part of that reason…yet she wants the chance to make things right. And he only gives her one option really, the partnership option. I just hadn’t caught her sadness that he wasn’t immediately open to having a romantic relationshiop with her. Its nice though, since usually its Booth, looking longingly at her, wanting that chance, and now the shoe is on the other foot. She is longingly looking at him, wanting that chance. Sigh. 🙂

    Season 6 is worth a relook. Great moments throughout.

  25. I came across this one this afternoon, pretty good:

  26. I just had another thought supporting the tethering concept. At the end of tDitM, Booth couldn’t see past just being partners with Brennan at the time. Brennan decided to stay with him anyway. Even though she didn’t like her limited choices (at least she had some), she couldn’t fathom leaving him – her tethering to Booth. Then, in the next episode (tBitS) she brings him tommy guns. He gives her a questioning look because he wasn’t sure what kind of gesture she was trying to make, but she got him to accept it. The next episode (tKitC) finds Booth seeking Brennan out on his day off and offering to go to a lecture with her.

    So basically, after Hannah was gone, his resolve to keep a certain distance from Brennan lasted all of like 5 seconds – his tethering to Brennan.

  27. Love it. I guess I would say the moments I notice the ‘tether’ most are after Brennan beats the crap out of someone and Booth just gives her that look. The “You are sooo hot!” look. In turn, she seems drawn to him. He’s not intimidated by her like most men would be and probably have been. He likes it, and she seems to like that he likes it. And I love it.

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