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I Ask, You Answer: Last Ep Ever.


I’m trying my hand at an IAYA, and since Sophia is the master at these, I will follow her rules to ask the question and then make myself not comment further. So here goes…

What’s your dream final (series finale) episode like? How does it end?


Peace Love & Bones



48 thoughts on “I Ask, You Answer: Last Ep Ever.

  1. I think I would like a jump to the future episode. Where they are married with a few kids, and doing something other than working in the same field. It would be nice to see them owning a nightclub, then it would be like the EitB coming true.

    There are so many possibilities, I’m not sure.

  2. I don’t know how many of you watched the last episode of Monk; but, I thought the way they handled the last shots were perfect and that is what I hope for Bones. For those who didn’t watch it, this is how I would see the last few scenes: Booth and Brennan would be asleep in their home, the phone would ring, Booth would answer it. He would then nudge Brennan and tell her “Chop Chop we’ve got a case”. We would then see them arrive at the scene and the last shot would be the camera panning out as Brennan was hunched over a body and Booth was making faces as the body would be absolutely gross. This would tell us that the world of Bones continues and the characters we love are together in life and in their fields of expertise.

  3. Oh Boy i have lot of Finales to Booth & Brennan right now in my head that is impossible i answer this question.But the most important thing is so obvious of course they end up together and happy as a couple. I even can see them having other child! Not necessary married but living together as a family raising their children.

  4. Well they’ve already blown away what I had been thinking would be a good last scene for the series. I had two in mind.

    One was that is would end the way the coma dream ended, with Brennan telling Booth that she they were going to have a baby.

    The other idea was that they woudl have that scene earlier in the final season and the finale would end with the birth of the Brennan-Booth baby.

    Since both of those options are now out I think Lenora’s idea is pretty good. They had the episode that eneded with Booth and Brennan starting a new investigation on some scaffolding on the Washington Monument. Having the series end something like that really would be great.

  5. I would be pleased as punch with a simple family breakfast scene as the last BONES scene ever. Something like, Booth comes into the kitchen playing with a laughing baby, Brennan is already there preparing breakfast. The baby goes in a high chair, Brennan feeds her (yes, her!) while she and Booth discuss something about work or a case we don’t know anything about. They start to bicker about something/anything and the scene fades to black on what is obviously a typical morning scenario for them. Cue, happily ever after.

    That would work for me.

    • MJ, I could also see Booth put his hands over his toddler’s ears as they discuss something absoultely gross about the body. It would be so Boothy.

  6. Ah – I always like it when long-running series come full-circle whenever they can. In other words, I love MJ’s ending scene, but as for the ep itself, I would love to see Goodman and GG making an appearance, and the exoneration of Zack – maybe not an official exoneration, but a reveal to Brennan – or maybe more importantly, a reveal to Hodgins. I think it would mean more to Hodgins to know that Zack was technically innocent after all.

    And if they were going to do a case and give it justice (which I would really like, because that is skeletal system of the show [and yes, I avoided using the direct metaphor of BONES for that] so it shouldn’t be cast aside) alongside the final relationship bits among the cast, I would hope it would be a 2-hour ep… I think of S5 finale and how that was just way too rushed and incomplete for such a major finale.

    • I agree with the two hour wrapup. Show us what happens to the interns, what happens with Cam…I think Zack and Goodman are gone for good though.

      Then, either B&B walking away together as they did at the end of the pilot, maybe swinging the arms of a small child between them.

      Or…since they did make that cast of DB’s face for his old-age makeup last season (Buck was supposed to be old, not trailer trash) they could do a flash forward with them at Parker’s graduation or their daughter’s wedding or something.

  7. I like the idea of it ending on the beginning of a new case. It depends how long the show goes on for though – in the life of the show, I think we’re always going to have Booth and Brennan working cases at the centre of the show. I can’t see the writers ever moving away from that premise. Which makes it plausible that they’d have the final episode them working a case as normal, and then maybe going home to their family life (whatever that looks like) so we can see them happy and content, before getting called out to a bizarre case and it’s business as usual for B&B but we’ve seen they’re happy.

    However, in the life of Booth and Brennan (as opposed to the lifespan of the show), I can see a day when they don’t work the field together anymore. In a few years I could see Brennan returning to full time FA, perhaps teaching, and I can imagine Booth as being promoted out of the field at the FBI (I don’t know how many 50 year old agents there are still active in the field as opposed to in management), he’s regarded as an excellent agent, it would make sense for his career to progress. Would their dynamic be the same? would it (shhh) work out? would they become a standard issue 2.4 family? who knows. These two are not ‘standard issue’ couple, and I wouldn’t want them to become that.

    But that’s more in the realm of fanfiction than it is what I actually expect to see. As other’s have mentioned, I fully expected the series to end with Brennan revealing a pregnancy, so the fact we may get some episodes where we see them with the baby is a bonus as far as I’m concerned. Them, happy with their baby, happy with each other, working a gross, interesting case would be cool. (I loved the ending of Girl in the Fridge where we saw them standing on the scaffolding of the monument and it just zoomed out over the city. Great stuff)

    • Or… – major fangirl squee territory as opposed to realistic, but I’d love it to end at their wedding. I know, I know, it may never happen (or in true Bones style, it might happen but we don’t see it) but there’s something irresistible to me about hearing their vows, seeing their first dance and, most of all, hearing the speeches. (Come on, you can’t tell me Booth’s speech wouldn’t be gorgeous, and I can see Brennan saying a few words too….)

  8. Time is marching on for Booth and Brennan. I thought it was interesting that Booth’s age was mentioned in S6 – his aches and pains, waking up as Obi-Wan-Knoobi(sp?) after going to sleep as Han Solo, and Sweets calling out his age in Daredevil in the Mold. People have mentioned that Booth would be protective of Brennan in the field while she’s pregnant and even as the mother of his child but I wonder if Brennan won’t worry more about Booth as well. I liked agent Shaw in Hole in the Heart last year and, realistically, I could see Brennan wanting Booth to have someone else able to have his back. Between her work as an author, mother and anthropologist, I don’t think it’s too out there to assume that her field days may be coming to an end. She could still consult on cases, but actual field work? Also, yeah, Booth is NOT getting any younger and he is a good agent. One would think his FBI duties will evolve in some way too. I’d like the series to end with a cool case and with the knowledge that they are committed to making sure the “center” holds for their family. A good balance of action, heart, and science.

    Oh, and I could TOTALLY see a scene with Booth covering the baby’s ears as they discuss the specifics of a case! LOL. He had a rule with Parker that he wouldn’t talk about cases in front of him…. I could see Brennan being a little less resistent to exposing their child to the realities of science, etc. Oh, and call me crazy, but I would like Booth and Brennan to have a cool Nanny….for some reason I envision a Helen Mirren type – cool, wise, older lady that can roll with the ways of the Brennan-Booth household.

    • Oh, I’d love to see B&B with their own Somerset (from the “In Death” series). Someone absolutely competent, a little dangerous and who absolutely got on Booth’s last nerve, even though he knew the guy would die to protect the baby. The thought makes me giggle. 🙂

      • How about Taylor Kitsch as the Nanny? Talk about a bristley Booth. I could see the glares now.

      • A little younger than I was thinking. In my mind’s eye, I was seeing more the Bruce Campbell type – although frankly, I’m not sure my little ol’ heart could handle 40 minutes of Bruce Campbell and DB at the same time.

        But, I’m willing to give it the old college try. For research purposes, of course.

      • Wow, I didn’t think of Bruce Campbell. He would be great. Of Course, so would Jeffrey Donovan. In fact, the more I think of it, the more I like the idea of Booth in a scene with Jeffrey Donovan.

      • Yes Bruce Campbell already has his Burn Notice gig so I’m not sure he’d have time for Bones.

        Lenora, I’ve often thought a Bones/Burn Notice crossover would be great but with their characters we’d have such a clash and I wouldn’t want either of them to lose.

      • I agree Frankie. Fi being a former IRA would put Booth on edge and Booth isn’t too crazy about the CIA either. Brennan might not be too happy with any of them since she is a stickler for law and order. I was sort of thinking of Jeffrey or Bruce as a former FBI agent in the final Bones story. You know, tired of the politics; but, loves to help people when he can. A job as a Nanny/bodyguard would be awesome.

      • Yea, it’s never gonna happen but geez, it does make a pretty picture. 🙂

  9. I’d like the final scene to show them playfully bickering in the SUV on their way to a case. Switch pov to see the back end of the vehicle traveling down the road as we hear the bickering fade.

  10. It looks like alot of people have similar ideas of having them be in a “traditional” going to see a horribly mangled body scene and then fade out.

    I would agree with this except for I would like an ensemble shot somewhere near the end as well. Like everyone was at Founding Fathers, toasting some successful case…and we get to see everyone laughing and being together as a unit…then maybe we see B&B alone walking home, as the final shot.

    Yes, the show is called Bones, and primarily we watch for B&B, but like Booth has said, we need all of them, everyone is a valuable team, and show member. So I’d like something that suggests that the whole team stays together to get bad guys. I don’t want them splitting up ala the Maluku storyline. I want my Jeffersonian team together, forever, doing what they do!

    • ooh, yes – they can have the evening party where they all hang out and have a drink and a laugh and then for the closing shot, B&B come out of the Founding Fathers, hail a cab and get in it together to go home. Closing shot is the cab driving off (maybe in the rain 🙂 ) and we can see Brennan lean her head on Booth’s shoulder through the back window as it drives off.

      As much as I hate the idea of it ending, I’m quite enjoying dreaming up the scenarios. Great IAYA Sarah!

      • Oh, yes, we definitely need to see a cab scene where they BOTH get into a cab together to their destination…. maybe that could happen in the second half of S7 – especially if they are heading to their home together. The more I think about it, the more I do want their personal life settled by the final episode.

  11. Yes. They are good at what they do….it’s what they do! LOL. And the whole team has become a family over the years. And, if B&B form their own little family on the side, then what they do in their careers isn’t all they have anymore…there’s more to life than that and they will, hopefully, have achieved that by the end of the series. Having the whole team working on a project will be a must in the finale, for sure. We love the team, especially when they are firing on all cylinders. My hope for S7 is that we do get some really good solid cases/field work in the second half of the season with victims we care about.

  12. Hmmm….have to think about that one (right!). First I’d show the other non B/B characters and some of the changes in their lives three or four years into the future. Lastly though, I would have Brennan standing over a grave, talking to it very personally, and we would all be having a coronary thinking it was Booth she was talking to. She’s say something like “you’ve taught me a lot, I can go on…” and we’d be all be about to burn every Bones DVD in our respective collections and put a Voodoo curse on HH and SN when a very alpha male arm goes around Brennan’s shoulder. She looks up at Booth, holding their baby boy and we see that the name on the grave is Max, right next to Christine’s grave. Maybe he saved Brennan or Booth’s life and lost his own. It would be such a Max thing to do, and a very nice way of redeeming himself for all of the things he pulled in his life. Then we’d see Booth call to a young adult Parker who was off on the sidelines playing with a darling little girl, obviously B/Bs daughter. They have one of those intimate conversations that we all love, maybe about how she has her own family now as does he (with appropriate swoon-inducing looks thrown in) and then the pair would walk off with their family to have breakfast together before they drop off the kids at school and maybe go to work right after. So no, I haven’t thought about this one at all…

  13. Great question, Sarah!

    My initial reaction is “it doesn’t end,” but since that can’t be true, I like a lot of the suggestions above. I think Booth putting his hands over the baby’s ears would be hilarious and wonderful, so I like the idea of them having their phones go off simultaneously while they’re in happy family mode. I like the symmetry and symbolism of getting in a cab together. At Max’s grave is nice too. Driving off, possibly bickering is nice too — maybe not on the way to a case, so they can have the “very small perp” in the back seat in her/his car seat.

    Two possibilities of endings that have symmetry:

    1) Booth picking Brennan up at the airport as in the Pilot — one of them has the baby. I could see Booth greeting Bones and a baby girl “How are my girls?”
    2) Booth walking into and hearing Brennan giving a lecture as in the time they first met, maybe with the baby in his arms. Booth’s talking to the baby about picking up mommy.

    Whatever it is I just want B&B to be together with their baby and happy, if still bickering.

    • Angelena, both of those would be so lovely.

      I have a personal desire that in the last ever episode we have diatomaceous earth as evidence 🙂 I read somewhere that after the pilot, they all begged HH that they’d never have to say diatomaceous earth again so I think it would be funny, and have a nice symbolism, if it was key evidence again 🙂

      As to Booth holding his hands over the baby’s ears (like he did to Parker in Finger in the Nest) I think that’s probably quite likely. He’ll hold them over and mouth, ‘Not in front of the b.a.b.y!’ and Brennan will say, ‘Boooth, the baby is six month’s old and lacks the language skills to comprehend what we’re discussing..’

      haha, I can almost hear it, this is going to be fun.

  14. In the penultimate episode, I would like to see Brennan propose marriage to Booth; not because she thinks that’s what he wants, but because she sees value in making that commitment, even in our modern society. In the final episode, they would both decide they had enough of death and murder and would open a nightclub, with a playpen in the corner.

    • I agree with you, it would be great! But maybe Booth should propose to her with hesistancy and fears. And she will say yes because she loves him and to be with him, to do this “social contract” is the huge reason to marry him. She changed a lot.

      And I don’t think they have to leave their work. It is THEIR LIFE! I think she can work with ancient sceletons again and work as a teacher. He can get a promotion and became an assistant director for example 🙂

  15. Maybe it could be end the same way it started. We see Angela at the airport trying to look at the arrival board but it zooms out and its Angela, Hodgins and Michael waiting for Booth, Brennan and baby B who were on vacation.
    Angela takes baby B and Hodgins fills Booth in on the case. Booth says something like, “Nothing like a dead body to ruin a great vacation.” or something like that and it ends with B&B heading to a crime scene…

  16. I don’t want it to end, but I know it must, so I guess if it has to I want to see what happens in the future. I wouldn’t mind it if they pulled a Will&Grace and B&B’s daughter married to reHodglela’s son. Then the whole gang will be a family for real. They can have a christmas future flash. This is my attendance list: Zack, Cam with Paul maybe, Max, Michaelle and her future Husband, Hodgela with all six of their babies, and Booth and Brennan with their daughter, one more biological child, and a few random children of other random races that Brennan found on her travels, fell in love with, and decided to bring home. The table conversation will be gross and squinty somehow, they will be reminiscining about the past to their children. Or maybe instead of married Their children will fight in the same way that B&B use to. That would be adorable too. I dont know exactly how I want it to it, but I want a happy ending and I want the whole gang involved

    • This is not related to the current conversation but… Cordelia, you bring up an interesting point. Brennan loves different cultures, etc…. It wouldn’t have been out of character for her to have adopted a child from overseas or a different culture once she decided she wanted to be a mother. She could have done so very easily. She’s wealthy and could afford a fulltime nanny and, surely, with her reputation she could have been qualified to be an adoptive parent. I know no one would want to hear this but, Hannah told Parker that if she ever decided to become a parent that she would have adopted. Interesting. We also know Brennan started the series as not thinking she would want children but changed her mind by season 4. In the beginning of Doctor in the Photo, during the dinner scene, Hannah said she couldn’t imagine “doing it, becoming a mother” when Angela/Hodgins and Booth were discussing the changes children bring. Actually, thinking back, Booth even said during that particular scene that “everything changed” when Parker was born….hmm…he didn’t say that at the end of Change in the Game when Brennan was talking about how Angela and Hodgins’ lives had changed, did he? Nope. He focused on how much that didn’t matter…. hmmm…

      • Sara, maybe Booth didn’t want to emphasis the changes that happen in life when you have a child because he knows that Brennan doesn’t care for change that much. Change worries Brennan. She likes to be able to count on steadfastness. He may not have known she was pregnant; but, Booth and Brennan had already gone through a huge change in their relationship and he was probably trying to reassure her that Change is nothing to worry about. Just a thought.

      • Thanks Sarah. I agree that it is realistic and I also think that it would be a good thing for the show to do. I can just picture her wanting to do it because she is so educated about the world so she know s how many countries there are that are overcrowded with orphans, she probably won’t want to be pregnant often because she will hate the loss of control and the feeling of being handicapped near the end of the pregnancy and she will have ample opportunity when she is traveling the world looking for bones and getting involved in different communities, so she could totally fall in love with a particular child. To many shows show adoption as a struggle where parents have to compete, but that is really only true for white infants. There are plenty of older children in America and smaller children around the world that are in desperate need of adoption (yes, paper work makes it a long process, but the children are out there). This is why although I was annoyed with Hannah overall, I thought she was ok when she expressed a desire to adopt. However it was a useless comment because no one really cared what she thought anyways. Brennan would sound much smarter talking about the subject and show it in a more positive light, so I would really love it if the subject was addressed at any point in the show, but it would especially fit in the season finale.

    • It’s an interesting point, but I don’t think she should became a new Angelina Jolie. I hope they have born a two children, let’s leave “a million” babies to Hodgela

      • With any of Hodgela’s bio children having a 25% of being born blind, they might think twice about conceiving again and could adopt children from different cultures.

  17. I really like the idea of everyone at the Founding Fathers and then Booth and Brennan walking away as the last shot. It almost seems like it would tie together everything.

  18. I think it would be like a normal episode, body found, murder to find but it would be years in the future and Parker would either be FBI or a squintern and he would be helping with a case for the first time. He could either be like a new Zack for Brennan or following around his father, but then there would be the baby who would be about the age Parker is now so that would be thrown in the mix and it would end with Brennan proposing to Booth at the end of the case in front of everyone.

    A bit crazy and different, but that is really only one of the many endings I would be happy with lol 🙂

  19. Towards the end I see Booth getting promoted to Hacker or Cullen’s position, a big party and him in another role that serves the country.

  20. Having recently seen the final episode ever of Brothers and Sisters, the ending with the wedding reception was great – corny – but great. I want to see images that suggest that everyone is happy, and that life goes on – in whichever way they choose to show it!

    BTW: Australia is FINALLY being shown the rest of Season 6 (from Killers) on TV. It’s a very interesting experience watching from this point in the series with the first half being a distant memory…it’s like H never happened…

  21. The idea of the night club was mainly focused in the lab working as a family, so, to me, if Ang, Hodgins, Zach and the others are not in the staff, the whole idea isn’t so appealing or meaningful as it was in the dream.
    The cab finale seems great to me. I want them to travel… I don’t know… like them creating an independent agency that solves cases wherever needed or something like that. I just picture them living part Washington – part rest of the world.

  22. Booth driving a tank through the lab. 😀 Ever since DB mentioned it at (comic-con, paley center, whatever) it seems like it’d be the most entertaining thing!

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