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Morning After Q: New Line(s)?


Hey! Happy Friday!

Okay, even if we fans HAVE completely blown ‘The Line’ (and you know the one I mean) out of proportion, I think we can all agree that it is fair to say Booth and Brennan have been particular about the boundaries between them.

Obviously the BoBo baby in this case means some ‘boundaries’ were ‘breached’ (your Harlequin romance-ism of the day) but now… What other lines or boundaries might Booth and/or Brennan try to put in place? Will they be successful?


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28 thoughts on “Morning After Q: New Line(s)?

  1. When it comes to boundaries, I am pretty sure we can count on Booth and Brennan having a few in place as they try to navigate through their new relationship.

    Booth pretty much hates anyone trying to meddle in his past and it seems that only Brennan has been told some of the things that worry Booth about his past. Whereas Booth knows so much about Brennan’s past, Brennan seems to only know little bits of Booth’s past. Some he has told her and some she has surmised herself (like his x-rays in Two Bodies in the Lab). I think Booth will still try to maintain a wall between his past and his present. If Brennan decides to breach that wall, well lets just say, we could have some interesting conversations. I know a lot of us would like to know more about Booth’s past and Brennan will have to be the one to get that info for us, boundary or not.

    Brennan has her own boundaries that most have had problems getting around. She doesn’t like to display affection openly and yet worries that she comes across as a cold fish. Booth knows the truth of her and that she is really a very caring person. It could turn out to be very interesting if Booth tries to crumble that barrier and get Brennan to be more open about her feelings towards others.

    Both Brennan and Booth have trust issues when it comes to people coming and going in their lives. Both seem to have trouble letting people get too close to them because they both have had transient relationships and both have been abandoned by parents. (I know we don’t know what happened to Booth’s Mom; but, even death could be considered abandonment) I think they will still try to maintain a boundary that will allow them to think that if their relationship doesn’t work, they can still be friends. They would never do anything to destroy their partnership/friendship so they may want to try to set up a boundary to protect that.

    • I think that’s an interesting point Lenora about PDA’s – traditionally, I’d have thought that Booth would be the more openly romantic and affectionate of the two, but actually I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re both pretty reserved in public. Maybe even in private. Do we see them as a couple who would snuggle on the couch? Hold hands in the street? Kiss when they meet up at the end of the day in Founding Fathers?

      I don’t think that’s going to be the kind of couple we see, so that might wind up being a new ‘line’.

      • Sophia, I think your right about Booth and Brennan being so reserved. They like to touch each other; but, they are not one to gush over each other. I also think it is pretty funny that they can be in a room of people and yet seem to see only each other. I think that is one of their many ways of being affectionate towards each other. They concentrate on each other to the exclusion of others. It may not be sexy; but it sure is sweet.

      • @Lenora, I love what you said. “They concentrate on each other to the exclusion of others.” Sweets totally has called them out on that too. I’ve always loved that connection they have to each other in that way. It really makes them a unit, and shows their complete connection and trust with each other. I think it is both sexy and sweet :).

    • Lenora, I completely agree with you about the “off limits” sign Booth puts around his past. Now that they are together, though, I’d expect Brennan to think that she has more of a right to that information. Assuming he still isn’t very forthcoming with it, I could see her feeling insecure over the fact that she might not be doing the right things to be supportive of Booth or to completely earn his trust. Booth will have to be more generous with his history if he wants the relationship to be on a more equal footing-but I think it will be difficult fro him to open up (angst, more angst-yay)!. I’m also wondering what they’ll do about the financial line because Brennan is somewhat clueless about what a proud man Booth is when it comes to accepting anything he might view as a handout. The reality though is that she’s a lot more solvent than he is, and he’s going to have to swallow some of that pride if they’re going to eventually form a household together.

      As to Brennan, I think she will attempt to keep her professional life completely separate from her personal one in order to retain her hard-earned self-image. Of course this will prove impossible, which should be a source of aggravation to her, particularly as Booth will probably be more protective and meddlesome than ever. And while I don’t expect them to be running off to the supply closet for to conduct some extracurricular activities, I wouldn’t object to Booth stealing a kiss here and there in the lab and watching Brennan’s reaction.

      • Maria, it is true that Booth doesn’t like rich people; but, he is not above getting Brennan to buy something when he can benefit from it. He tried to talk Brennan into buying a second home in West Virginia with a huge television in “Baby in the Bough”. I am pretty sure that was so he could use the second home for vacations and so he could watch the tv since he knows Brennan is not a tv fan. I think Booth is ok with Brennan’s money most of the time. He just doesn’t like it when she talks about making more money than he does. I don’t think he cares what she spends the money on though, he just doesn’t like to have his nose rubbed in it. He can be a little mean about it though. We had this conversation in Boy In A Bush, when Brennan was showing off her new car and Booth gave her parking advice:
        Brennan: By the way, there’s a huge ding in my passenger-side door because you told me not to park it at an angle.
        Booth: [laughing] What?
        Brennan: Okay, that’s just mean. You’re mean.
        Booth: [still laughing] Sorry.

        As I am writing this, I guess I just realized that Booth sends out mixed messages when it comes to Brennan and her money.

  2. I can see B&B maintaining professionalism in the workplace. If we’re lucky, we might get a little P.D.A, but I can’t imagine B&B ever going to the Egyptian storage room (or either of their offices) for some afternoon delight.

  3. I think they will try to draw a line around work. They will try to behave in certain ways when they are working, so that other people will not realize they are a couple. There will be lots of discussion about not compromising their professionalism, etc. in front of others. BUT, I think that that line is going to prove pretty “pervious.” I think that they’re going to be surprised at how many Maxes there are in the world, who will look at the two of them and just know. I mean already assumed they were a couple.

    This could actually be pretty hilarious. They’re trying not to be couple-y, but someone shows one of them too much interest and either one of them could totally lose it. They can both get pretty jealous. Trying to deflect someone’s attention from the other without being obvious could have its moments. Some of Booth’s most embarrassing moments (from our perspective) were when he was trying to keep other men “off” Brennan. He is positively cringeworthy in 2 Bodies when he’s challenging David about finding women online. Or, Brennan paying for and observing Booth’s lap dance in Bones that Foam.

    I may have more later.

    • I left the word “strangers” out of the last sentence of the first paragraph. It’s supposed to be: “I mean strangers already assumed they were a couple.”

    • Gosh, your right about the jealousy. If Booth was so jealous when Brennan and he weren’t a couple, I can just imagine how Alpha he will be if another man shows interest in Brennan now. I am pretty sure that it will annoy Brennan to no end. Brennan can be pretty jealous herself. In the past she just changed the topic when Booth talks about other woman or she has made little snippy comments. I am curious as to what she will do now.

      • I kind of think they addressed the jealousy issue a little bit at the end of last season – in The Finder episode when Walter was showing keen interest in Brennan at the beginning, Booth made a joke about how she’d be more likely to sleep with him if he told them what they wanted to know (or something) and then she whacked his arm and he apologised – the whole exchange was very playful.

        I think it’s exchanges like this that reinforce how much changed after Blizzard. Booth felt secure in them, he knows how Brennan feels about him and where they’re headed. There’s no need for jealousy.

        I felt this a few times in those last few episodes, that they’d been a subtle shift in their usual dynamic. They kind of ruined my theory by having Buck saying ‘you’re drooling all over my girl’ in the finale, but I’m just going to maintain that’s because he was in character rather than jealousy.

        Interestingly, some of the aspects of Booth some people are really looking forward to seeing amplified in S7 (his jealousy, his over-protectiveness) those are actually traits I’m hoping they don’t over do. I don’t want him to become a Neanderthal-stereotype of himself because I think it would be too fan-fictiony. Maybe that’s just me?

      • Yeah, I was thinking more along the line of Buck telling whats’it to stop drooling over his girl. He gave the guy a sort of baleful look. That is pretty mild compared to how he has acted in the past though, so he may actually be confident enough in Brennan to not have to over react like he usually does. Although I must admit, a jealous Booth is a funny Booth. I also agree with you that they could over do that bit. I hope they don’t either.

    • I think it would be pretty difficult to pretend they are not a couple when she is enormously pregnant with his kid.

    • Jealous!Booth is kinda funny, but even with tamer reactions as of recent, I wouldn’t mind either way. I’m not so sure how hard they would have to try to stay professional – they both have the tendency to be extremely focused on the case. But moments in the car, or walking by themselves somewhere are fair game moments, as before.

      People who seem them will see that she’s pregnant, but they don’t have to assume that Booth is the father. But if it’s like before, they will probably assume so. And if Booth is going to be in protective mode, that would give it away, too.

      Just because Brennan cried on Booth’s shoulder after Vincent died, doesn’t mean she’s going to be doing that all the time now. I don’t need too much mushiness – I watch a lot of rom-coms and read fan-fic so I can handle a good amount. Not too much different from what we’ve seen before. The difference will be that at certain times, instead of just looking at each other hoping they could do more, they now can kiss/embrace/hold hands.

  4. Oh, God, please no, let’s NOT have B&B heading off to Cleo’s bed or the nearest storage closet for a nooner. That’s one of the few major complaints I have about the show – how in the world do Angela and Hodgins still have a job there? And their supervisor actually watched a video recording of one of the events with the employee? Gah. Talk about a line that was crossed.

    I think we’ll see B&B act pretty much the same way they’ve always done with each other (before the first half of S6, I mean). Hopefully, we’ll get more references to things that happen off-screen, like maybe a ‘we were late this morning because we were having sex’ awkward moment or an argument/discussion about stealing the covers or something silly like that, but I would be surprised if they suddenly morphed into PDA-ville.

    Although, I definitely hope for a few of those moments when they’re alone. Mos def.

  5. I agree with MJ. I think that they were act pretty much the same way that they always have with each other, because that interaction with each other makes their friends and strangers both assume there was something going on when there wasn’t. Now that something IS going on, I think it will manifest itself a similar way, now there is just actually something behind the flirtation.

  6. Hmmmm…. good question. I don’t see them being very into PDA and, really, I’m okay with that. What is between them is theirs…and if they keep that for some end scenes at home or on a date at FF, I’m fine with that. I could see Booth wanting to keep aspects of their work seperate from their family life whereas I think Brennan would be okay talking about aspects of her work in front of their child.

  7. I have been thinking about this question off and on all day but I’m kind of feeling weird about this whole baby thing and maybe you guys can help me reason this out. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m still finding myself in bouts of utter and complete shock about B&B…&baby. After seeing them for six seasons banter and flirt and date other people, I feel ambivalent. Sometimes I’m squeeing with joy, sometimes I get worried. I truly was OK with most of season 6, minority group there I’m sure!, all except for those last 30 seconds or so. I know how I would want it to work out in my shipper heart, but without the writers giving me that dating period, or any real kissing between them, its truly hard for me to picture them together, pregnant, and going out to solve cases. How do they keep the show going for more than one season (I’m hopingggg!) with all these babies running amok? I feel like I’m rambling, but does that make sense? Without seeing the pitfalls of them navigating life as a dating/committed couple just the two of them, its hard for my brain to go from general season-six-iness to Boom! Mama Bones 🙂

    All that being said, we have seen the writers do amazing things, and hopefully they can keep the best of what we love about B&B going strong no matter what, but I re-watched the CitG the other day and I’m just still flabbergasted about that baby announcement! Happy, yet unsure, I guess is the camp I’m currently in!

    • I’m in the same camp. I feel like the baby isn’t real yet. We saw the flirting, but never the physical connection between them. It seems off somehow. I was trying to think of another show that was in any way similar, and the only thing I could think of was a teen preganancy movie. The teen suddenly comes home and announces to her mom and dad, “I’m pregnant.” It’s just strange.
      Maybe I’m not explaining it right, but I’m still confused. I really do hope the writers do this justice. I know everyone keeps saying B&B aren’t into PDA, but Bones was with Sully, and Booth was with H****, so I think we should see something. November can’t come soon enough for me.

      • True about Booth and Bones when they were with other people but I think it’s different when it comes to them together. If that even makes sense. However, yes we should get to see something. I am very much looking forward to seeing how the baby storyline is handled. I think it has the potential (personally, I am already pretty much, “It’s going to be so awesome.” That’s only because I love love love love love love love that they are having a baby. So excited. Dream come true. Really!) to be wonderful within the show. I mean clearly Bones isn’t going to turn into the baby/Booth/Bones and Angela/Hodgins/Michael hour. Just saying that if it’s done correctly it can still be pretty awesome while still having great cases. Oh, I am just rambling now. I’ll stop. Have a great weekend everyone! See you next week.

      • I agree, I am not buying this “B&B never touch each other because they share a love that goes beyond physical contact” nonsense. For five years they hung all over each other so the notion that their love is too pristine for mere earthly expression is just silly.

        The final episode was staged in such a way to keep the audience guessing about the status of their relationship so the pregnancy would be as big a surprise as possible. As for the baby, yeah, I’m not sure how a crime procedural/comedy/drama works when four of the six named leads are paired off and have babies. I guess wwe’ll find out.

    • I know how you feel, but I honestly think these issues will be addressed next season. Hart wanted a finale that would shock (well, he certainly got me!) and he wanted us to tune in to the next season by making us crave seeing many of the things we know we missed. If he’d shown much more than the hug, the arm holding and the bowling alley kiss, he risked giving the whole surprise away. There will probably be intimate moments sprinkled all through next year, because even I can’t believe Hart would be so impish as to withhold a little PDA between them-he knows what the audience wants, although sometimes he goes about it the wrong way. He’s just afraid of giving too much too soon in case we OD (like that would happen!) and don’t have anything to look forward to. That being said, I wouldn’t expect anything too spicy until well after Emily has recovered from baby-it would just be too awkward. But I’m good with affectionate displays, as long as they don’t go overboard like they did with Hodgela.

      Overall, I think HH accomplished his mission of surprising us and making us salivate over the start of the new season, even if there’s still apprehension out there. I know I’ve never looked forward to a season premiere this much in my whole life. And at least this finale didn’t leave me cringing and cursing, like last year’s.

      I’m going on vacation next week, and I can’t believe I may not have access to a computer! Try not to discuss anything too juicy before I get back. (Save undressed Booth pictures too…)

  8. I think you already have your answer, and are doing only what we can do…wait and see. At least, that’s what I’m doing. As the finale indicated, the game has changed. I’m firmly convinced they are still in the business of solving crimes. It’s been the basis of the show from the beginning, and will continue to be so.

    I’m still shocked about the baby, but I find it kinda funny.

  9. I think the BIG line they may be dancing around is their future….or how they define themselves. From some comments we’ve seen from Stephen Nathan, it appears that the question of marriage will be an issue, in that Booth is the “marrying kind” and Brennan is not. How they define who they are and how it will affect/shape the future may be a topic they shy away from until things are more settled after the baby arrives. Very interesting. I find it interesting from Booth’s perspective because of his past and after the breakdown he had in Daredevil in the Mold. Booth DOES know Brennan – more than he knew Hannah – and the fact that they had the discussion they did in Blackout in the Blizzard, where they basically committed to giving a relationship a real go when they were ready, showed to me that he still wanted to go there with her despite all their differences…. interesting. It will be a balancing act for them and the show for sure.

  10. Where have you been Bones Theory??? I am missing you so much 🙂

  11. Someone else posted this on another page, and I thought evertone should see it.
    Watch it!!

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