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Morning After Q: If Not “Then”, Then “When” ??


Hey! Happy Friday! Here’s a question for you:

If Vincent hadn’t died, causing Booth to insist that Brennan should (okay, okay…WOULD) stay at his apartment (and to be fair, she agreed of her own free will), therefore causing Brennan to be upset and approach Booth, causing her to ask if she could lean on his shoulder, causing him to say yes, and them both to fall back onto the bed, etc, etc, etc… If that hadn’t happened, and (while I hate the use the word stalemate) if there hadn’t been any major forward movement between Booth and Brennan, which one of them would have been the first to make that move?

Would it have been Booth who, after growing in confidence that Brennan’s words of always standing beside him and affections of talking about making love being quite satisfying, decides to make a move? Or would it have been Brennan who, after waiting as long as she thinks is necessary, decides to make something more happen?

Obviously we’re getting into fiction here (okay, okay…it’s ALL fiction, haha), and it’s moot in that what happened has already happened and there’s not room for debate there. But…if it hadn’t, then who do you think would have been the one to take the next step.

Also interesting to me is that after B&B seemed to really be on the move toward one another, everyone else pretty much laid off in that department. I can’t think of too many times AFTER Blackout in the Blizzard where Sweets was up in their business, and likewise, until Brennan told Angela what had happened in HitH, there wasn’t really a time when Angela was needling Brennan ,right? Refresh my memory if I’m wrong. Had everyone else given up, and is THAT what helped B&B relax a bit?


Peace, Love & Bones, ~S


41 thoughts on “Morning After Q: If Not “Then”, Then “When” ??

  1. In the fiction within fiction world… I would have guessed: Booth making the move after he caught Brodsky. They were always moving toward one another after BitB, and I think if VNM hadn’t been shot, as soon as Brodsky was out of the picture (and no longer Booth’s priority) Booth’s natural move would have asked Brennan out. But, that whole story would look different to me…. I don’t think he would have immediately made the move to sleep with her (that probably was always going to be her move), but I think he’d have been the one to tell Brennan he was ‘ready’.

  2. I honestly believe it took that kind of unforeseen event to act as a catalyst for change. Otherwise, I can see them drifting back into the same sort of quasi-relationship for a period of time and then just sort of drifting together, eventually.

    Me, I’m glad it happened like it did. (Sorry, Vinny.) I like the Boom! OMG! Did that just happen! aspect.

    • I agree wholeheartedly! Both with them needing a catalyst and with Boom!

    • HH was just interviewed by GMMR about S6 and he said the plan was to have them sleep together
      in the aftermath of a death from the beginning of S6…the baby was not originally planned. HH said
      the final scene of the season would have been about the fallout from sleeping together but that
      would not have been a baby. He also said a controversial season is a good season….um…gulp. Seriously, though WHAT would fallout that wasn’t a baby have looked like?
      HH said he is happy with the way things worked out because after he thought
      about it, he liked a baby being the fallout. I think this goes along with the line of thinking that seeing them debate about what their relationship means and getting all “talky” about it would have been…tedious and, honestly, THAT has been done before. I think a baby forces them to face things without getting too stubborn because, face it, there’s no turning back and no hiding. They do love one another, they should be trying for a different outcome than before, for themselves and for their kid and because, really, both of them should want their child to have a better childhood than they both had. Basically, as Booth said, a baby changes things but when it happens for two people who ove one another, it should be a good and happy thing. No hiding, time to get real.

      It kind of does put the scene in BITB where they talk in the elevator about what sleeping together would be like…”making love would be satisfying but…then what?” Ha! BAM! Oh, if only you two knew.

      • That’s good to know – was that the video interview? Apropros of nothing, I hate those. I’d much rather read a transcript than have to sit through a video. Ugh.

        Anyway . . . I agree completely with you if the baby took the place of the “okay, what now?” discussions we might have had without a baby. Thank goodness we didn’t have to take that road.

        But now I’m curious – wonder who were they planning on killing off before VNM?

      • MJ – It was a video interview of HH. I have no idea if they were planning on VNM being the one to bite it originally or not…it just sounded like they knew someone was gonna die and the B&B would “take comfort” in one another in the aftermath. To me, HH’s comments starting making me wonder if B&B started a relationship after hooking up or if they just slept together that one time and then decided to take things slow, i.e. hadn’t become a “couple” by the time she told him she was pregnant. Let that debate rage again until the start of S7. After listening to HH, I kind of now lean to the theory that they slept together once, didn’t regret it at all but weren’t ready to “try and be together” quite yet…..I guess that could have been the conversation. Right? Like, “so…..remember what happened a few weeks ago…..yeah, can we do that again?” It’s hard to imagine that but I’m kind of thinking that’s what they may try to sell.

      • I think they were totally “in a relationship” after the night after VNM’s death. The little arm thing, the vibes even Max picked up on, the kiss on the cheek and THAT LOOK Booth gave her, all of that just scream “we’re a couple!” to me.

        Plus after 7 years, once was enough? Nah. Not buying it. 🙂

      • I agree MJ, for all the reasons you mentioned. I totally read between the lines in CITG and thought that they had not only gotten bibical but that they were a new couple, getting to the level where Brennan could update her facebook status to “in a relationship” lol per the little “inside” joke/comment Booth made about her being his “girlfriend” under cover. That’s how I read it and I will choose to believe that those moments would have played differently had they not chosen to go the way of Brennan being pregnant. I think the last scene (no baby universe) could have been B&B talking about how happy Angela and Hodgins were and then one of them bringing up the”pachyderm in the room” and saying, “so….what are we now? are we ready to try and be together, could we try to have that one day?” I know some people weren’t happy about the baby but, really, when I think abou the alternative I am really glad things played out the way they did. I just can’t see Booth and Brennan
        being as over-the-moon happy/beaming as they were at the end of CITG if they weren’t feeling
        kind of lovey-dovey, which I think we saw glimpses of the B&B version of in CITG.

  3. I really believe that Brennan would have had to make the first move if they wanted a closer relationship. Booth had been rejected by Brennan before and I don’t think he would have taken the risk of trying to advance their relationship from partnership again. He loves Brennan; but, at this point, I think he was willing to float along and let their friendship be enough. If he couldn’t have her as a lover he still had her as his best friend and someone who would stand by him when he needed it. It would have been up to Brennan to make Booth see that she was ready for something more.

  4. Hm….interesting question…

    Well, I think if it wasn’t VNM’s death, then they still would have needed *something* to happen before they broke that stalemate. They both are experts at hiding emotions/avoiding the issue when it comes to their relationship, and they might have gone on in limbo for quite awhile without something jolting them to act upon it. They were both in unfamiliar terriory here. They both finally got to a place where both of them have admitted to feelings and a desire to get together…but now what? Who makes the first move?

    I’d say it’d have to be some dramatic case, in which someone has to save someone’s life (aka Booth pulling her out of the Gravedigger’s burial, Booth saving her from being eaten by dogs, Brennan saving Booth from the Navy ship about to explode, Booth being shot by Fat Pam, etc). Something that would shake them up enough to try to break the stalemate. VNM’s abrupt passing, his last words, witnessing a friend’s death up close, these things were dramatic enough to cause them to reevaulate and change their mindsets.

    It’s basically like B&B told us….they just needed time. Time to sort through their feelings, work through past issues, get over “imperviousness” and “anger”, and feel a sort of comfortability in this new paradigm of a romantic relationship before they actually went there. Going back to their pasts, Booth really wants something different than how he was raised. He wants a happy, nuclear family. A wife and 2.5 kids maybe. But a happy home. Can he really get that if he pursues Brennan? On Brennan’s side, she’s seen her family also torn apart, but instead of trying to chase the happy family dream like Booth, she’d just shut off all emotions and decided she was better off alone in life. Can she really find happiness and not be hurt again if she pursues a relationship with Booth?

    But it looks like they did get that time they needed to work through it…and then VNM broke the stalemate so they could act upon their feelings. But if not VNM, it would have had to be something similar, strong enough to overcome the limbo they were in.

    • bb, I think Maluku was the catalyst. I got the impression that Brennan came back ready to talk to Booth about “them”. I think Booth’s mental distance from her and then Hannah coming into the picture stopped Brennan from doing anything about her change in attitude. I think at that point she was just covering up her new found interest in Booth. DITP was the case that caused her to give voice to her change of heart that she had while in Maluku. After her breakdown, she told Booth what her feelings were; but, Booth already thought it was too late. I think they wouldn’t have needed something like Vincent’s death to get together. It just would have taken longer for Brennan to get the courage to broach the topic to Booth after Hannah rejected him. Of course, that is just my take on the whole season. Missed chances.

  5. Oh, and I think your right Sarah. I think everyone had given up on Booth and Brennan ever getting together. It did remove some of the tension from their relationship and it may have helped them in the long run. They didn’t have to keep walls up between them because everyone was pushing them together any more. Good point.

    • Yeah, I like that point, too. No matter how well-intentioned people are, it is quite annoying and frustrating when they tell you what you should be doing with your love life, even if you do like the person. I’m sure they didn’t mind not hearing the subtle and non-subtle hints.

    • Was it giving up on B&B or were they just giving them some time because of Hannha? There are social protocols about time for the most part. And we saw how negatively Booth reacted to comments about Hannah and moving on.

  6. It is kind of hard to say. I guess it would have been up to Brennan to say and prove she wants more. She admitted she made a mistake, but that doesn’t say anything about what she wants to happen. What made her change her mind where she feels like she wants the relationship now? A lot of things happened since her initial rejection.

    That’s kind of what happened anyway. I think forward progress in their relationship after Hannah up to VNM’s death is mostly due to Brennan (it was more give and take after that). She was the one who wanted to talk about their relationship (even though it was Sweets’ suggestion) while Booth was kind of…I don’t know…stalling? With Brennan being a little more assertive in showing that she’s there, she’s changed, and she wants more, and Booth recognizing that he still loves Brennan, I think they may have gotten there but at a slower pace, because I think Brennan was also trying to gauge Booth’s feelings.

    • “With Brennan being a little more assertive in showing that she’s there, she’s changed, and she wants more, and Booth recognizing that he still loves Brennan, I think they may have gotten there but at a slower pace, because I think Brennan was also trying to gauge Booth’s feelings.”

      I think this is right but I would argue that Booth knew/recognized the moment he saw Brennan again in MITR that he still had feelings for her. Remember that look on his face when she hugged him and how he broke off that hug? It was kind of like he was happy and had moved on and then….he saw her again and maybe his heart beat a little faster and he felt a little pull back to “the past”. From that point on, and once Hannah came to D.C., he would tell anyone who would listen that he and Hannah were “serious” and “happy” and that any feelings for Brennan were “in the past”; I think he did that for his own benefit as well. I think he definitely knew at the end of Bullet in the Brain as he gazed out at Brennan on the sidewalk…. I took that look he gave her as coming to terms with what he still felt and also knowing the regret she felt AND knowing that he had “moved on”. It is what I would like to call the “I’m love’s bitch” look. Then, soon after, we got the “You only love one person the most” declaration which was Booth trying to walk the line I guess but, man, that line was gonna be a tightrope, right?

      • Yeah, I know what you mean. I was speaking more about Booth fully and happily accepting the fact that he still loves her instead of pushing those feelings away and denying them, which he did a lot in the first half. Then Hannah’s rejection most likely reminded him of Brennan’s rejection, and although he said he wasn’t mad, he needed time before he felt like he could really act on his feelings.

  7. It’s a tv show and they need big moments, so I think they wouldn’t let THE MOMENT happen without a major event preceeding it. After six seasons, it was just too big of a thing to let it evolve in some organic, easygoing way. That being said, without the intervention of the powers that be, I believe B/B would have gotten together anyway because it certainly seemed like things were being set up that way ever since Blizzard. It’s unlikelythat they would have gone back to a stalemate but for Vincent. B/B had already stated that they wanted to try to be together; like others have said, it was just a matter of time.

    Without a doubt though, it was Brennan who had to make the first move. Booth’s always been careful not to overwhelm her with his feelings, and when he did it did not go well. He needed a clear sign that she was willing to really risk being with him, like the one he apparently got in his bedroom after she came seeking him out.

  8. I’m with MJ – I like the way it happened. 😉

    But…if it hadn’t been that way, I’m leaning towards thinking it still would have been Brennan. I think Booth’s “truth confession” at the end of The Pinocchio in the Planter was his way of telling Brennan that he was over his anger…which leaves me inclined to believe that he was waiting for Brennan to indicate that she was over the last of her “imperviousness” before he made any sort of move. The ball was once again in her court. I always thought that she was making excuses at the end of Blizzard (with the whole strength vs. imperviousness speech) for Booth’s benefit because she knew he wasn’t ready, but I think the way they came together in The Hole in the Heart showed that she really did need to jump that one last hurdle before she could commit to him wholeheartedly.

  9. I agree that it was going to take something out of the ordinary, like VNM’s death to move them along. It didn’t have to be something so tragic, though. An out of town (undercover) operation might have done it, as when they were pretending to be husband and wife and had to share a bed. Or, a moment like the end of “Museum.”

    Given that, I think that it would have been kind of mutual. Yes, Brennan did come into Booth’s bedroom, but Booth didn’t get out of bed, and he did take her hand and pull her down next to him. I also think that she was at his place because he wanted her near 1) so he’d know she was safe and 2) so he’d be there if she needed him. Yes, Brennan took the final step, but it wasn’t that big a step at that point.

    • Angelena, I think another Buck and Wanda case where they had to share a small camper with one bed would have been the end of the counting of Saints.

      • haha Lenora very good point!!

        Either a traumatic incident or a close proximity undercover case would’ve done the trick. We got the traumatic incident because VNM got a new show and was leaving…but its interesting to think about it going the “small camper” route….hehe

      • bb. I think a lot of people would have liked a “Small Camper” incident versus the whole enigmatic “they dit it but when?” scenario we were given. A small camper incident would have allowed us to see them become a couple.

    • Funny you say that because I am one of those people. Kind of hoping they give us some kind of flashback or something once ED has her baby, so we can get a glimpse of them starting up a relationship. Definitely feels a little weird we go almost straight from Hannah to B&B baby….I’d like some scenes of their courtship 🙂

  10. I agree with the majority here. Brennan would have needed to take that first step if not for the tragedy that brought them together. Or they would have needed some other less significant event to bring them together. In addition to the suggestions above, they could have had an illness or injury or even a social event (party) be the catalyst. Any of those could have required one to lean on the other. However, when I think back on Hole in the Heart, it seems to have happened so naturally. It’s as if maybe we missed some other movement in the right direction prior to Hole that led Brennan to know it was ok to come into his bedroom seeking understanding in the middle of the night and led Booth to know it was ok to hold her hand.

  11. I think after Blackout in the Blizzard B&B were partners with real potential… but even before that, in Killer in the Crosshairs, Booth was moving back into Brennan’s orbit. I do think Brennan would have to be the one to make the move because of their past but Booth would have been ready. I’m really okay with the way things played out. As for their “courtship” well… as far as season 6 goes, I feel that we saw them on a date at the end of the Finder Episode, and the end of PINTP….just a date B&B style;) There may be 1 or 2 more seasons so I think we’ll get more glimpses into their relationship so not seeing it all in S6 is okay with me. I don’t think they would have needed a traumatic event… I think proximity and an intimate moment would have been enough to move them to the next level. The only “prodding” offered post-Hannah I think was when Angela suggested to Booth that he spend his Valentine’s Day with someone else who was doing nothing;)

    • There was sort of unintentional prodding by Sweets when he told Booth of his intention to propose to Daisy, and then drunk, he basically called Booth an “old maid” who never married at his age. That prompted Booth to get a ring for Hannah too, even though Sweets wasn’t necessarily trying to get him to do that.

  12. Another thing to ponder along these lines is when the baby issue would have come up again had it not happened the way it did. Brennan wanted a baby in season 4 and we know that the issue got dropped due to Booth’s brain tumor. Right before the tumor issue though, Booth’s main objection to being a “donor” was that he couldn’t help bring a child into the world and not be involved in their life. Right after he told Bones this, and right before she told him he was going to the hospital, he asked her what she thought about that…”so, what about the kid?” her answer was that she just wouldn’t have a kid. We saw in the Signs in the Silence Brennan mentioning that she would soon be the only one without a child and Booth’s answer was that she would see Angela’s baby and her hormones would kick in and then, “bam, mamma Bones!”. LOL. That was probably just thrown in for a laugh, right or not. I mean…what did Booth mean? IF they hadn’t gotten together after HITH, would Brennan’s maternal instints have kicked in again after seeing Michael? And if so, would THAT have brought them together? Not her asking Booth to be a donor again, obviously their relationship had still changed since CITC, but would that have caused her to loose her imperviousness? Would Brennan had said to Booth she was ready to start a relationship with the hopes that they could someday have a family? AND if that had happened, would Booth have willingly had another child outside of marriage? Let’s say they still got together after HITH and the last scene in CITG was Brennan telling Booth she wanted a baby/family. Or, one more way to think about it, IF they had still gotten together after HITH but had not gotten pregnant, who would have been the first to bring up the issue of a baby, especially with Angela and Hodgins in new parental bliss? Neither Booth nor Brennan are getting any younger – a fact that was brought up about both in S6. Would Booth have brought it up, “hey, Bones, remember that whole baby thing couple years ago? I could make a direct deposit now but maybe we should put a ring on it first? What do you think?” I do think the issue would have come up again one way or the other after Michael arrived….Booth’s remark in SITS kind of tells me he would not have been surprised if the issue came up again after Angela’s baby arrived. I really think the way things went down is the best way because, otherwise, I think there would have been a lot of melodrama. I certainly would not have wanted to watch B&B in a relationship arguing about whether or not to have a baby…. not my cup of tea plus, with the way they are, Brennan would have reached menopause by the time they came to some kind of understanding. The more I think about it, the more I could see the family/baby issue possibly being a catalyst for Brennan to make that final move toward Booth. I’m not saying she would have intentionally gotten pregnant right away but I think she may have been honest that, in time, she hoped they could maybe be able to have that together and that wouldn’t happen if she didn’t at least take that step with him and “try to be together”.

    • @Sara, you bring up some really interesting points. One thing you brought up about Booth with another child and not being married. It is kind of interesting that Booth now is expecting another child and is still not married (not saying he wouldn’t love the child or not be happy) just because we know that is his desire, to be a family unit, and have a woman “want what he’s offering”. Does Brennan understand this, especially based on his “Daredevil” speech? Did she allow this pregnancy (maybe not taking birth control) knowing that Booth would want to marry her? Does she secretly want to marry the heck out of Booth???? hahaha

      I’m not saying they wouldn’t make a match of it without marriage, but it does get me to thinking. Brennan knows his stance on it and what he’s always wanted. His heartbreak in the past, sharing Parker with Rebecca, getting his proposals rejected…I’m just wondering, is Brennan “going all the way” (hehe) with Booth, starting up a relationship, getting pregnant…is she expecting/believing/wanting them to get married someday?

      In my shipper heart, I want this to be true 🙂 I want my Booth happy with his Bones and his baby, no drama…..sigh….:) haha

      • Well, I’m not expecting all happiness and rainbows for B&B (although I wouldn’t be surprised if the first half of S7 was lighter in tone than the second half on the relationship front)but I’m really hoping
        there’s no
        melodrama because S6 had enough of that for me. I think seeing them continue to challenge one another,facing challenges together, and doing that in between interesting cases would be my hope.
        To me B&B clearly still wanted to try and be together after weathering some highs and lows at the end of BITB and they seemed content at the end of HITH so now it’s making things work – and not
        just because they are having a kid, although that is a good incentive!! In BITB they talk about what would happen after sleeping together…they would never work as a couple because of their
        differences but…they still decided that they would like to try and be together some day.
        The heart wants what it wants and, hopefully, it becomes that they do complement one another
        and that love is enough;) Love does hurt and you do hurt the ones you love, which we have
        seen with B&B already. I think Brennan has evolved her outlook on love over the course of the series…mostly that she came around to wanting to believe in it and open up her heart to the risks love can bring however. That’s big. Does that mean she’s going to want to get married? NO. I really don’t think so. Angela came around to marriage so the show has already shown that angle…. can they make Brennan give an argument for not getting married that doesn’t sound completely cold? That she’s down for being in a committed, monogamous relationship (please no cheating) and raising/building a family but that doesn’t necessarily mean making it legal. Should that be a surprise? Nope. Will he accept that? I’m guessing no. But they knew that going in? Right? I mean would they have waited to sleep together until all these issuses were resolved? No. I don’t think so.

      • I think that Booth’s big issue with another kid is not necessarily being married to its mother, but being with the mother in a way that allows him to be fully involved in the child’s day-to-day life as he would be if they were married. He might want to marry Bones, but if they’re living together, raising the child together, I think he’d be ok with that.

    • Pardon me for interrupting but

      “hey, Bones, remember that whole baby thing couple years ago? I could make a direct deposit now but maybe we should put a ring on it first?


      Sorry. Back to your discussion. hehehehehe

  13. Missed this post… I like what Sara said: “the heart wants what it wants.” So true! To be honest, I was on #TeamDidnt after that night, and the baby announcement news the next episode was a surprise to me. Having had time to think about it, I’m happy about it. I really *really* hope B&B can make it work. One of my friends – a Bones fan, but not nearly the “involved” fan that I am who reads articles, fanfic, etc. – thinks it’s not going to work out. This makes me sad – I wonder if that’s how ‘casual’ fans feel?
    Looking back, I think they were certainly moving towards each other, but that catalyst was necessary for them. I mean, Booth could have held onto the phone – or he could have handed it to Bones instead of VNM. I think B&B both definitely realized the significance of that later, after VNM’s death.
    November is so far away!!

  14. I think had things not happened the way that they did that it would have been Brennan to make the first move, once she got a hint at the fact that Booth was ready. I mostly base this on what happened in Blackout in the Blizzard, since she (to me) seemed ready at that point to want to pursue something with him but he was still angry and so she backed off. I know that Brennan isn’t very good at reading social cues, but I feel like she can read Booth better than anyone.

    My guess at what would have happened? Perhaps it would have been in the aftermath of a dramatic moment (like VNM’s death) to break the stalemate, but I think it’d be more likely that they might have had a conversation that would have brought them back to the impervious/angry talk from BitB, where Booth might have revealed that he was feeling like himself again, which would have given Brennan the signal that she could ask if he was ready for something more.

    Great question!

  15. I think I’m going to change my position here, or at least alter it. Before, I said it was about Brennan making the move, but I think they made small moves towards each other, and would have continued to do so. Sure, he was angry and hurt after Hannah’s rejection, but he was also drunk. I have not seen any proof that he was mad at Brennan when the effects of alcohol wore off – quite the opposite, actually. In the elevator, Brennan indicated that they should talk, but Booth is the one who started the conversation later. He said he needed to find his inner peace before he was ready to try for them, love, happiness, and fate. So Booth may have been resistant at first, but by the time they got off the elevator he had been thinking about when he would be ready. Not just ready for dating, but to be with her. Brennan’s strength vs. impervious speech was her response to that, and indicated that she was on the same page. I remember thinking about Booth when he was drunk, “When is he going to stop his pity-party about no one loving him and remember that night when Brennan told him she made a mistake, and he knew that she loved him back?” So I guess by that time he was in his right senses.

    I think there was the same sort of “he gives, she gives” in tHitH. Booth didn’t just offer his place for her to spend the night – he told her (commanded?), with his puppy-dog eyes and everything. In the middle of the night/early morning, she goes into his room to seek his comfort, he just draws her nearer, she opens up to him, he comforts her with words, she asks to be held, he draws her down onto the bed with him. Mutual, mutual, mutual. I loved it. No one person was making all the moves, they were taking chances and being receptive to what was happening between them.

    • Totally agree. I said something similar above. They were both ever so slowly heading back to each other. Booth set the stage after VNM’s death that allowed Brennan to reach out to him for comfort. I am one of those who thinks that he wanted her with him in case she needed him, not just for safety.

      I also like that you emphasized that Booth was drunk in Daredevil. I have always felt that people have blown his so-called “ultimatum” way out of proportion. HE WAS DRUNK! Even Brennan understands that what he said that night probably was just hurt, angry ranting.

      • Yeah, the safety issue doesn’t hold too much water since she was the one sleeping in the living room and the door was closed.

        In Daredevil, maybe in technical terms it could be considered an “ultimatum”, but I think Booth was offering her an out. His self-worth was down at the time, and others have said here how that’s something that he struggles with anyway. I really think Brennan made the right choice in not responding negatively to him at the time. How do you have a conversation who’s (relatively) drunk, mad, and ranting? You don’t. I love that Brennan is such a cool cucumber in those types of moments – I think it really calms him. Like I LOVE how after Booth threw the frozen peas at Sweets in tBitB, she just calmly told Sweets that maybe he should take a walk. We know Booth is working on the anger thing, but Brennan is usually good at her response to try to help him. Maybe I read too much fanfic, but even from watching the show, I’m impressed that she sees his strength and some of what he is capable of physically, but she is never scared of him – she knows he would never hurt her (the phrasing is the fanfic part 🙂 ).

  16. Well said, C-bones. I completely agree!

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