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IAYA: Hannah




Okay, it’s time for another I Ask, You Answer! Ready?


Hannah really wasn’t that bad. Discuss.




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  1. Haha! So funny. Let’s just put it all out there, huh?

    I will say that I did not feel the third party was a bad idea… I will still support that though not my favorite route, the third party was definitely a good route to go with moving things forward with B/B.

    That being said. I really think I would have liked it so much better with a different actress. I dislike the fact that I feel the storyline didn’t work as well based upon the actor, but that is my current conclusion. I liked Booth with Hannah, but did not like Hannah – and that is an important distinction to me. She felt unnatural – and she was supposed to come across as fun-loving and at ease.

    • I have had “The Daredevil in the Mold” on my DVR for over a week and haven’t had the heart to watch it. Last night, I finally braved it. Anyway, what I discovered was that it really is the awful lines they give her to say that is so grating. “You talked about love and not about ME?”…. weird eyes at Brennan…. Blech. She comes off as one of those girls… the prom queen type. But the show-runners are saying “Oh, you gotta love her. She’s awesome. There’s something wrong with you if you don’t” Nobody likes being told you have love someone who seems too perfect. The writers really made her cloying and too self-important. There’s a difference between being confident and darn-right snotty. The writers did not walk that line well. You can’t blame an actress for that.

      But then, I could be looking for things to bug me because I thought a significant other was unrealistic for the time-frame and place that we left Booth in. And a fig tree? Double blech. So the very idea of that particular story line was not great for me.

    • That’s pretty much how I feel. I could see how her traits could have made her likable, but it just didn’t come together for me from the actress, IMO. And I think fans made a much bigger fuss over her than the producers, so she wasn’t supposed to be that important, like she was there to stay. The only thing is, we know B&B are supposed to end up together. When they are with anybody else, after awhile it feels like they have overstayed their welcome when you KNOW they have to break up eventually.

    • ProfJMarie, I’m totally with you. I have nothing against Kathryn Winnick as an actress, but I just didn’t feel the chemistry between her and the other characters, especially Booth. While I didn’t like the idea of Booth getting busy with someone else, I think that was the most authentic way for Brennan to realize just what she was missing, and finally get to the point that she was willing to risk getting romantically and sexually involved with Booth. She needed to find out exactly what “Just Partners” actually means in order to appreciate the relationship she and Booth shared before the 100th, Maluku, Afganisatn, etc. That said, I felt like KW was a square peg that the writers forced into a round hole. I think she’s a decent actress, it just that she just wasn’t the right person for that character, in my opinion. I find that most of the episodes with Hannah in them are painful to watch, in large part because her dynamic feels so awkward, forced, and false to me.

      • Well said, CJsMom. I also like the actress, she was great on House. But it just didn’t come together on Bones with her there.

    • Sure H was a NICE person(ugh), but the BIG problem was that she was in BOOTH’S bed. I have always dreamed of B&B together (married) and in bed.Call me old fashioned and proud of it!!!!

    • I did not really hate her. I came close with the sunglasses scene. My first impression of her and Booth’s relationship was, she is just his early midlife crisis. She was a means to an end for Brennan to see that things would not really be the same if he actually moved on.

  2. haha I know, I’m ducking over here. Someone was feeling puckish πŸ™‚

  3. She really was that bad.

    The sunglasses.

    That is all.

  4. I consider Hannah a pill that was hard to swallow. She may have been the necessary medicine needed to move Booth and Brennan towards each other; but, it was medicine that left a bad aftertaste for many. I didn’t mind that Booth had a girlfriend. Brennan had made it clear that she couldn’t commit to Booth so he was free to look else where. If just seemed that Hannah was supposed to be this perfect girlfriend; but, she came across as self-centered instead. It was all about her. Booth was supposed to make all of the concessions and go along with what ever Hannah wanted. The relationship was no relationship at all as far as I could tell.

  5. No I didn’t enjoy the Hannah storyline at all. I didn’t mind the actor but not the character. I felt the writers tried too hard to get us to like her & well with me it backfired. I felt her ‘friendship’ with Brennan was worse than her relationship with Booth, it was just…weird. (Not feeling too articulate tonight lol) I actually came to dread the episodes with her in them.
    I really believe they could have done the 3rd person storyline much better than they did.
    Or perhaps the romantic in me just didn’t want anyone with Booth except Brennan *sigh*

    • The hard part is being subjective about her character when so many of us are B&B shippers, so in a way we are automatically opposed to the idea, never mind what actress played the part and how it was written. Say they got the character and her lines just right (a natural feel at the least), and they picked the perfect actress for the part. Would we have actually felt satisfied with that? Would it actually be possible to insert a new character like that alongside other characters that have been developing for a long time, characters we have grown to love and appreciate?

      • I’m not sure we would have been satisfied with anyone in the Hannah role but I think if they HAD given the character and lines a more ‘natural feel’ maybe it wouldn’t have been so contentious.

  6. The idea of Hannah was fine and necessary.

    The execution of Hannah (but not literally, sad to say) was awful.

  7. Hannah really was that bad. The idea of Hannah was ok –that Booth had to try to move on or whatever — it was everything else about Hannah that was the problem. I think it’s a combination of her grating monotone voice, the implausibility of Hannah being friends with Brennan, the sunglasses, the phone, the bar scene where Hannah tries to find someone for Brennan, the fact that Hannah was more ‘camping out’ at Booth’s than moving in with him. It’s clear to me that Hannah was never in the relationship for the long haul. The fact that Booth couldn’t see that needs to be revisited I think. I can only watch the end of Daredevil. I had to mute the sound and turn away during the proposal scene when it was on the other night.

    • lol on the ‘camping out’. I know I didn’t really want to see her that much, but that’s what it seemed like. She was always going off on her assignments. I know her action in coming to DC said one thing, but I think her actions after she got there said another.

  8. Hannah wasn’t that bad, Booth needed to move on or become pathetic pining after a woman who did not want him but the problem was that B & B was so ingrained in us, it actually hurt to see him with another woman. This storyline came too late in the series. If it would have happened in season 2-3, I could see her around for a season or 2 with a SO for Bren too but timing is everything and this just did not work. TG

    • That’s a good idea. Although I don’t want anything but B&B together, I wonder if it would have been easier to take her if it was an earlier episode. I also think the writers did a terrible job in writing for her, and also the way they protrayed Booth and her together. They seemed stilted instead of easy going. I don’t know, i only know that I’m glad she is gone.

    • I agree, dovepage. Timing is everything. A third party storyline like this just wasn’t going to work after all the characters had been through.

      There was no good way out of the situation. Keep Booth single and he looks pathetic. Give him a superficial fling and he looks like a cad. Make him fall in love and it challenges the sincerity of a future relationship with Brennan.

      They tried to have it all ways. He moved on, but not that much, he loved Hannah just enough to be sincere but not enough for it to affect the way he loved Brennan. Unfortunately, a wishy washy storyline just doesn’t work – when you try to please everyone you usually end up pleasing no one.

      The idea that we can love more than one person at the same time, in different ways and for different reasons, is totally valid, but a lot more complicated than can be adequately addressed in a procedural-type show, when the relationships are only given a few minutes per episode.

      • Barbara, I saw Hannah like you wrote in one of your great fan-fics. She was Christmas morning. All shiny and bright, full of promise and magic. But the mornings always end up with crumpled paper, tangled ribbons and a gift you thought you wanted it, but didn’t really, after you open the box.

      • Barbara, I liked that description, too. Did you also call her a Mary Poppins? I’m not registered on FF, so I can’t leave you reviews, but thank you for continuing to write your stories during this really long hiatus. I always look forward to your stories. I can handle a good deal of fluff and angst, but I always think your tone is closest to the actual show (not too much of either), and I like those kinds of stories best.

  9. I was one of those people who was SOOOOOOO ready to love Hannah (especially after the producers mentioned how wonderful and great she was going to be),but when I really met her I was disappointed. She reminded me of one of those overzealous people who tries just a little bit too hard (especially with Brennan). I don’t know what the deal was with the sunglasses?? Was that supposed to be friends bonding (’cause it sure didn’t feel that way ><"). I don't think it was the character's fault, though. To be fair we don't really know a lot about Hannah and haven't really met her for all that long. All in all, Hannah wasn't a character that I love or a character that I hate. She was a character that I was kinda apathetic about and, honestly, I think apathy is a lot worse than hate.

  10. I continue to believe that there were other ways to accomplish what Hannah was brought in to do. However, if one accepts that Hannah was a necessity, then the execution was dreadful. The character was badly written, and the casting did nothing to offset the holes in the writing.

    Since I didn’t (and still don’t) trust TPTB, I was skeptical that they would or could get B&B together given how far apart they had grown. (And, I don’t care what HH says about it now.) There was just too much disinformation and messing with the fans’ heads. For me, it was excruciating and very, very, very upsetting.

    But, in truth, what we think/thought doesn’t matter. Ratings went up so whether it was the right thing to do and whether it was well done are irrelevant. They got the desired result. And, at least it did serve to make Brennan see what she had lost.

    • Angelena, what other scenarios do you see as being viable alternatives to Hannah that would result in Brennan letting go of the last of her imperviousness? The only one I can think of that makes sense within the context of the show is Booth getting injured, and Brennan thinking that he might actually die without her ever acknowledging her feelings for him/to him. But then, they already played that card twice, in Seasons 2 and 4. Anyway, I’m not being snarky or sarcastic, I’m genuinely curious as to what other ways you think it could have been done.

      • First, Brennan came back from Maluku with some change in her heart and brain. Had she already figured it out? What would she have said if Booth hadn’t told her about Hannah or there hadn’t been a Hannah to tell her about?

        Second, what if Hannah had not come to DC, but the fact of her, led Booth to distance himself from Bones?

        Third, and something that just occurred to recently. The real precipitating event for her realization, wasn’t Hannah alone, it was seeing herself in Lauren Eams. What if they’d been going along as partners, but Booth was keeping some distance between them?

        I guess I wonder whether Booth could have come back able to put more distance between himself and Brennan personally than he’d been able to post-100th without the interjection of an SO into their world in DC. Could he have come back, given Brennan’s lack of communication, and been so uncertain of her that he would erect his own wall?

        Could Brennan have gone through something difficult, but not been able to have Booth to help her because she felt the distance which made her realize what she had given up?

        What if Booth hadn’t shown up at the coffee cart, but gone straight to the FBI because it hadn’t been a year and he didn’t know if Brennan was coming back, etc., etc.?

        You see, I think that there were other combinations of things, without Booth’s life being in danger, that could have done the job of making her realize what Booth meant to her.

      • I can’t speak for Angelena, but there are always alternatives.

        Cam’s anger when Brennan returned from Maluku was such a sharp contrast to the warm welcome she got at the beginning of season 5. Hodgins and Angela having a child, creating their own family away from the ad hoc Jeffersonian crew. Cam being slightly older and starting her relationship with Paul, watching Michelle grow up. Vincent’s tragic death.

        All these things reminded Brennan that life is short and tenuous, relationships need constant reinforcement to stay healthy and that if she kept on her current path, she’d die alone. That’s the lesson she learned from Lauren Eames – if you avoid attachments to try and avoid pain, you’ll end up feeling nothing.

        As far as Hannah goes, it happened, it’s over, I’m done complaining about it, but in all fiction there are always alternative scenarios.

      • Barbara –

        Your comments are right on. So many things changed while they were away and any of them might have helped her see that she had made a mistake.

        Hannah is over, but this IAYA is about her, so it’s hard to avoid discussing her. ;-D

      • Okay, I can agree that in fiction, there are always alternatives. As the creator or author, you can take the story anywhere you want to go. So they COULD have used any of Angelena’s ideas, or even some combination thereof. But. For me, the only scenario that realistically allows Brennan to let go of her fears (and her imperviousness) enough to risk a relationship with Booth is seeing him happy with someone else. I think that Hannah actually did have to come to DC, because for Booth to resist Brennan and keep his distance without a concrete reason seems out of character to me. I think that if Hannah had stayed overseas Booth would have been drawn (likely against his will and certainly against his better judgement) into the same overly-friendly partnerish relationship that they had before they left (we know that Booth feels strongly that he can’t be just one more person who deserts her; I think that fact, combined with the thrall he feels toward her would have rendered him incapable of resisting her for long). And that would have been enough to justify to Brennan that she made the right decision; she rejected his romantic overture in order to preserve their friendship. Done. But with Hannah actually, physically there, he was creating a life outside of work that didn’t include Brennan and that made her realize that by allowing him to move on, she lost the friendly intimacy that they had previously enjoyed and that she had tried so hard to protect. She needed to be shown that she couldn’t be his best friend/partner/surrogate-significant-other if he did indeed TRULY move on. I think that when she said no to him, she had only considered two alternatives: everything stays exactly the same or become romantically involved. She didn’t consider that the third alternative existed: when Booth gets a real girlfriend, her status in his life would be demoted from Most-Important-Person-in-his-Life (after his son, of course).

        Okay. To sum up: while I agree there were alternatives, the others that you suggested just don’t ring true for me as a Wake-Up Call for Brennan. I think she needed to witness Booth moving on firsthand in order to make the emotional/psychological leap that she did in season six.

  11. Oh, and also, what really bothered me with Hannah was how Booth acted during the Hannah Era. It was so painful, watching him try so hard to be everything he thought he should be. It was so . . . awkward.

    I don’t know about any of you, but I’ve had friends IRL behave that way with a new boyfriend – they try too hard, they behave too perfectly, they bury or hide part of who they really are – and watching the relationship, you can almost see it withering from the beginning.

    That’s how I felt watching Booth and Hannah. One person was trying too hard to make it perfect and the other person was just there, enjoying the benefits.

    • I agree with you . I hated that Booth felt he had to be the perfect boyfriend.

    • I also agree.

    • See, I can really understand that, but I wasn’t sure if that portrayal was intentional or not. Booth wouldn’t intentionally use a woman – or in his language, he wouldn’t be with someone as a consolation prize. But when you are trying to move on from what you have already called “the standard,” there’s really a fine line between the two concepts. And I’m supposed to believe and accept that he really loved Hannah (maybe, in some lesser sort of way) and she really loved him (ludicrous, IMO, since self-serving love is an oxymoron.) Sorry, no. What did Hannah do for Booth? She changed jobs because SHE liked waking up next to him – nothing about being there for him. All she really gave him was great sex and an old telephone (Brennan’s suggestion.)

    • From a performance perspective, though, DB did a great job with Booth during that period. He was off his game and DB made it show in subtle ways.

      • Absolutely. That’s just one reason why I can never trash the season. Some of the most phenomenal acting has been done this season, and I think that needs to be recognized and respected. DB and ED knocked it out of the park several times. And the rest of the J-team have had some of their finest moments, too.

  12. hee!!! ok consider this: what if it had been charisma carpenter? or SMG? or Julie Benz? someone that (let’s face it) people like ourselves, could really really really see with Boreanaz? I liked Hannah fine, thought the character would have been a match for Booth – but was personally so freakin’ attached to Booth + Brennan, that I couldn’t let it go, ever.

    • Your right, it would have been worse if we actually liked Hannah.

    • So, do you think they deliberately cast someone who was a bit off?

      • MJ Yes, since Hannah was only supposed to be there for a few episodes, I don’t think HH would have wanted us to see Booth with someone we actually liked. It would have made his breaking up with her harder to do down the line.

      • Lenora, I can see your point here. But I think there is a difference between casting a character no one likes but who flows organically with the permanent cast and just making a bad casting call by choosing someone who doesn’t “fit.” I think that most of us wouldn’t have gotten really attached to Hannah regardless, because we all knew she was just Brennan’s Kick In The Pants To Acknowledge And Act On Her Love For Booth, and not a permanent fixture. Also, and I’m having trouble finding a way to write this in a way that makes sense, but the scenes with Hannah in them didn’t FEEL real to me; they felt like I was watching actors pretending to be these characters. It just didn’t feel authentic.

      • @CJsMom:

        haha I loved that! Henceforth “Hannah” will be known as “BKitPtAaAoHLfB” πŸ™‚

      • No. I think they just screwed up in both the casting and the writing. They are never going to admit that, but they hyped how much we were going to like her like crazy. I’m inclined to think that they wanted to present a credible competitor for Brennan, but they failed to do so. Why go there if you aren’t going to present a credible competitor? There is supposed to be some suspense; some sense that she really could come between them. If not, what’s the point?

        Seems to me that the only person who thought it was real between Booth and Hannah was Brennan. Which got her to where she needed to go, but Sweets didn’t buy it and there wasn’t much indication that anybody else did either. Which keeps getting me back to what’s the point. Which brings me back to weak writing. It just didn’t hang together.

    • I would have died if they cast Charisma Carpenter in the role. When I watched Angel, all I wanted was for them to get together, and then to see them together, and not want it, would have killed me. Because we all know, there is no one except Bones for Booth.

    • Yes, actually, I was thinking how great it would have been with Charisma Carpenter. I think she really could have pulled it off.

      • This is quite interesting as I never bought the Angel-Cordy thing. Don’t know what it was, but Angel and Cordy romantically always felt forced to me. Angel and Buffy were so-o powerful. Angel and Cordy just paled.

      • Angelena, I have to agree with you. I actually got hooked on Angel first, and even before I watched Buffy, the Angel/Cordy pairing felt disingenuous to me. And now that I’ve watched the early seasons of Buffy (I’m about halfway through season five now), it seems especially laughable. Just not my cup of tea.

      • I never watched Buffy or Angel but I have always wondered, is the chemistry with DB and SMG stronger than with DB and ED on screen?

      • IMO, the chemistry is so close, I can’t say that either was particularly better.

        But (IMO again) SMG is an awful kisser. Not that I’d know personally, but watching her, I mean. And it wasn’t just Buffy and Angel, it was everyone. Even that blond GI Joe who was so blah I can’t remember his name. I always got a a touch of the heebies during those moments.

        I definitely never thought, as I did when I saw the extended mistletoe scene, WOW.

      • I never watched Buffy, so the few episodes of her and Angel seemed strange to me. I did like the one where he became human though, but I think that was because he got what he always wanted. I think that’s why I liked the Cordy scenes. Maybe I should watch Buffy.

      • I think the DB/ED chemistry is stronger. Angel and Buffy loved each other; but, I just feel that Booth and Brennan is a stronger love. Buffy was too much the teenager in love with a really really old vampire.

        I seem to be in the minority; but, I liked the Angel/Cordy love story better than the Angel/Buffy liove story. I think it was because Angel fell in love with Buffy at first sight and really didn’t know anything about her. He knew all about Cordy when he fell in love with her. It seemed better to me.

      • Kimberly, Buffy is worth watching, but I think that as a series, Angel is better. Much better.

        Lenora, I agree with you about the chemistry. Even before I read your response, I was thinking that ED/DB have better chemistry and it is in large part because the Angel/Buffy romangst was so…immature. Even though he was 240 years old, they were just a couple of lovesick teenagers. I described it to my husband as Dawson’s Creek with vampires. In fact, it seems to me that DB primary role in Buffy was to tongue kiss SMG. Nonetheless, Buffy is one of my guilty pleasures.

        MJ, his name was Riley. I have mixed feelings about him. He was cute, but it felt to me like in large part he was created so that when SMG visited LA at the end of Angel Season 1, she could say “I’m with someone” and he could say “Good for you. I’m cursed and I can’t ever be with anyone and I must internalize and brood.” Which was okay with me, because I love angst. And I second your mistletoe comment. I mean, watching Buffy and Angel kiss wasn’t painful, but the first time I saw The Santa in the Slush, my stomach bottomed out. It was…wow.

      • I think the Buffy-Angel (SMG-DB) chemistry is different than the Brennan-Booth (ED-DB) chemistry. Very strong, but different. I think that the maturity observation is part of it. Buffy and Angel were a teen romangst (thank you CJ’s mom, it’s the perfect word) even if Angel was 240 years old. He was inexperienced in having a soul and loving someone. He’d been keeping himself away from everyone since he got his soul. And, he was rejected by the woman he loved at the time. I totally cannot believe that I know this much Buffy-Angel canon. πŸ˜‰

        Furthermore, you knew from the start that they were doomed and could never really be together. As much as a brainiac misfit scientist and an all-American FBI agent don’t fit together, they fit a whole lot better than a vampire and a vampire-slayer. Especially where the vamp couldn’t experience bliss w/o losing his soul and all. At least Booth and Brennan are both unadulterated humans. It might be hard for them to get together, but not fundamentally impossible.

      • As to Buffy v. Cordy. I just never bought it. It was like: one minute Cordy was a good friend, then suddenly they were in love. It felt like TPTB decided they needed a romance, so they decided to get Cordy and Angel together. Maybe it is partly because of how her character preceded to change and the Cordelia-Conner storyline, which is actually much worse than Hannah could ever have been.

      • I absolutely hated the Cordy/Conner love thing. Of course, she wasn’t Cordy by then since a demon had taken over her body. I just couldn’t stand the brat Conner and all of the crazy trouble he caused.

      • Angelena, I had never considered before that the Angel/Cordy pairing was forced to create tension in the Angel/Cordy/Connor triangle. That leads me into my next response which is:

        Lenora, I also hated Connor. In fact, most of season four. The whole Jasmine debacle drove me nuts. And the fact the the Angel/Cordy dynamic may well have just been to serve that storyline? Makes me annoyed at the whole thing even more.

      • I am just going to reply to Angelena’s post about Buffy/Angel and Cordy and Angel here. I agree. I love Angel and Cordy’s friendship but I’ve never been a bigger shipper of the two of them. Also, I’ve always been about Angel and Buffy. But anyway, if SMG had actually been cast I would have had a hard time being all, “Go away, Booth belongs with Bones” The problem is that Booth and Brennan tend to be in constant war with Buffy and Angel for my number on ship spot. They are both just wonderful love stories and…right I am rambling on when this is supposed to be about Hannah. Hee hee

      • Since I have never watched Buffy, I wonder if I like the Angel /Cordy thing, because I never saw him with anyone else.
        Is anyone out there who feels the same way? Because it seems like, I’m the only one. Who has watched Angel and not Buffy? What do you think of Angel /Cordy?

      • Kimberly, I watched all of Angel before watching Buffy, and I never liked Angel with Cordy.

  13. I haven’t read comments so bear with me if I repeat.

    But seriously, I didn’t mind Hannah. Not at all. Now, this doesn’t mean that I LIKED her, I just didn’t care. Kind of like that marine scientist lady buying Booth ties, or Sully, or Hacker, or Roxie, or whoever! Obviously she was there for a plot device, Brennan had realized she may be too late with Booth. Seeing him so happy with another right in her face, she had to face up to it. I thought it was interesting to see Booth with a woman who was similar to “the one he loves the most” in that she was a career woman, didn’t want marriage, beautiful, accomplished, saved her life, etc…

    But she wasn’t Brennan. So inevitably, it was going to end. So I didn’t feel that she truly threatened B&B. I also didn’t mind that it caused Brennan some pain. Again, it was temporary, the end result was Mama Bones, and look, how many angsty looks and pain did poor Booth go through over the years wanting Brennan? I think it was good for her to feel some kind of pain, longing, etc for Booth and admit it, both to herself and him. \

    Was Hannah the most perfectly written, fleshed out character ever written? No. The writers were just using her. Some scenes were awkward, but I think some worked really well. Like the scene where Hannah and Brennan were hit on by the creeper and then they both stayed to drink together? I kind of thought that was cute! (commence rotten tomato throwing now)

    Obvs Booth was trying to get over Brennan, but come on, the poor man needed someone to love him for crying out loud! Brennan rejected him over and over throughout the years, keeping him at arms length, and not even in the 100th did she give him any hope of it ever being more. Then she contacts him ZERO times while they are separated. What do you expect the poor guy to do? Did he make the perfect choice? No! She just happened to be there. But I don’t fault Booth for finding someone and I don’t fault him for trying to make it work. I feel bad for the poor guy. He just wanted someone to love him!

    All that to say, I didn’t mind Hannah. There are nitpicky things I could think of along the way during her arc on the show, but its all meaningless now with B&B and baby! Hopefully Hannah and Sully find each other out there in the world and they sail away into the sunset together. haha

    • Booth needs to get over that “she didn’t contact him for 7 months” thing. She didn’t contact ANYONE for that period of time. He wasn’t singled out.

      /pet peeve

      • MJ, I know that and you know that, but Booth in a war zone didn’t know that. He was out there, lonely, and found someone. That’s what I meant.

      • No, I agree with that, sorry. And I don’t blame for Hannah. I really don’t. He asked, she said no, “They were on a break!” etc. And for all the reasons you listed.

        But I’m also not sure that we wouldn’t have had a Hannah character if Brennan had checked in with him during their time apart. He said he had to move on and she agreed. Neither could complain when it happened.

      • I don’t understand the “get over” part… did I miss something that says he still resents that 7 month blackout? I thought it was only referred to in the 1st ep. Maybe you mean that some fans need to get over it, instead?

      • Yes, probably. Which in reality means I need to get over it, because fans are going to be annoyed by what they want to be annoyed by.

        Which I know because the walls of my own glass house are built with the damn “Go easy on Bones” scene. πŸ™‚

      • Yeah but Booth probably felt he was “special”…afterall, he was even hurt when she said they probably wouldn’t get “coffee” if there were no more murders. Booth probably felt his relationship with Brennan was different or more special than any and all other contacts in her life, thus he probably felt hurt by her not making an effort to stay in touch. I look at those seven months – beginning with the ending of Boy with an Answer – as a time when Booth lost hope for any type of future with Brennan that would be more than just “partners”. I choose to believe that part of him still held out hope even after the 100th episode. Yes, he thought about going to Afghanistan but I think he made his final decision after Brennan told him officially that she was leaving for the did in Maluku…. her pulling away from the partnership hurt him, even though we know some of her thinking/reasons behind it which he never did. Enter Bagdhad Barbie. I know, I know, Booth really did love her and tried to make it work, etc., etc.

        No, Hannah wasn’t THAT bad and I can say that now because she’s gone. PLEASE HH, please do not bring her back for another go-round.

      • Brennan didn’t meet with Booth in the park to tell him she was leaving for Maluku. Brennan seemed really torn about whether she would go or not. She could have jumped at the opportunity right away, which she probably had done in times past, but she didn’t. She wanted to talk to Booth about it first because they had been partners for so long. I don’t normally blame Daisy and Sweets for much, but here is where I really do curse them for their interference. Daisy’s tattling of what Sweets says about Booth and her comment about them holding each other back really made Brennan step back some. And Sweets tattling to Booth about Brennan’s Maluku offer before she got a chance to tell him really did them no favors. They had no business sharing that information! So Brennan hadn’t decided yet, she only told him she wanted to go and was looking for his reaction (kind of reminds me of Sully’s offer to sail off into the Caribbean). But Booth had found out through the grapevine, had already assumed she was going to go, and was already feeling dejected and had given up on them. I think her seeing his reaction made her finally decide to go, and then he said he was going too.

        I can understand them having a “special” relationship, but at the point where they were, wouldn’t making contact have been awkward, maybe even a bit torturous? Plus, I don’t see Brennan as the K.I.T. type. Did he contact her? I may be in the minority, but I do think they did need time and space since they didn’t get it right after the 100th.

      • Booth didn’t know that she had not been in contact with anyone until the moment on the mall in Mastodon. Up until then, he could see only one possible interpretation of her silence.

        On contact, it’s another of her blind spots. She clearly missed Booth, so why didn’t it occur to her that Booth might be missing her too? That in spite of everything, he might want to know if she was ok, just as she wanted to know if he was ok.

  14. ~~And by Roxie, I mean Angela’s Roxie, not Brennan’s undercover Roxie. Roxie was another character I didn’t really like per se, but I knew she was just there temporarily. πŸ™‚

    • Actually, I felt sorry for Angela’s Roxie. Roxie was the rebound relationship. It took her awhile to figure it out and when she did, she was left in the same place she was when she had known Angela earlier in their lives. Wanting Angela and not being able to have Angela.

      • I may not understand Angela’s love life, but I do think she is wholly committed to any relationship she is currently in. I have never felt as if she ever led anybody on selfishly, because she truly lives in the moment, enjoying who she’s with, not pining away for who she was with before.

      • I really appreciated the way they handled the Roxie/Angela arc. Too often, a female (and it’s always a female) bisexual character is introduced strictly as a titillating storyline or a way to throw in a threesome somewhere. Showing them committed to each other, for the time they were together, was nice to see.

  15. I was going to stay quiet and then decided against it. I didn’t have a problem with the Hannah story line. I think it progressed life for Booth & Brennan in an acceptable fashion. I didn’t have a problem with the actress who played Hannah, either. I am glad that she was a small, blonde, over-the-top kind of person. She was NOT Brennan. I was happy to see Booth with someone other than the Brennan wanna be he dated from the aquarium…whatever her name was. Everything that happened between the three of them (B/B/H) brought them to the point they are at now. Hannah is gone. Booth and Brennan have a kiddo on the way and may possibly make a go at a relationship. They now know more about themselves and each other. They’ve grown. They still have a long way to go, but it looks like they might actually decide to do that together. So…I guess I just felt the need to speak out in defense of Season 6. I liked it and I’ll be going to buy the dvd’s the second they hit the store and I’ll watch each episode a million times just like I do with all the other seasons.

    • No matter how all the other romances turned out, I’m just glad B&B finally are FINALLY together!! I regret, that poor Vincent had to pass in such a tragic way . but I just knew that IF B&B EVER got in the same place the sparks would fly with them. and thing would bring them even closer!!!!

  16. I liked Hannah. I didn’t understand the sunglasses either. The telephone showed just how observant Brennan is (and how incapable she was on acting on it by herself). I thought Hannah was acted well (she had a script to follow after all).
    And I think she was a logical development for Booth. Away for seven months in a war. After he gave it his all when he proposed to Brennan and got turned down. I can only imagine how that must have felt, after all this time admiring her, never wanting to (or having the courage to) approach her … and after the mother of his son turned him down years before. A deep, deep wound. Yeah, Hannah was there and available and apparently they felt something together. It may have only been physical on Hannah’s part, but Booth had convinced himself it was serious as a heart attack. I believe him when he says that! Until he saw Brennan again…and Brennan’s tears…

  17. I was trying to reserve my final judgment for Hannah until she was gone, so I think I was trying to see her with an open mind. But when evaluating everything we saw about her, I just didn’t think she was good enough for our Booth. Things just did not seem equal in that relationship, and she seemed way too happy to keep things on the surface. Booth may be big and strong (I want Pops back!), but would she really have been able to stick by him and help him when he inevitably has to deal with his deep-seated issues as a result of his past? Hannah loved her “good times” and hated dealing with emotions. Booth is private and never likes to share those kinds of things, and Hannah probably wouldn’t have pushed. That does not sound like a good, solid relationship. Brennan, while she doesn’t normally deal well with emotions, makes exceptions with Booth, and has chosen to be loyal to him. S6 wasn’t the first time she stood by him, it was just the first time that she gave verbal reassurance to that fact.

  18. Yes, she was really that bad, at least to me.

    I really did not enjoy that storyline at all, in fact I found it painful to watch. I haven’t rewatched any of Season 6 because of it. 😦 Part of it is my own bias because I’m a B&B shipper and to see Booth with someone else was unpleasant to say the least, but I feel l don’t agree with others that say that she was a necessary roadblock to B&B getting together. I think Brennan could have gotten there on her own.

    That being said, I think I would have accepted Hannah more if they had done more to actually develop her character. Her screen time was wasted with pointless post-coital scenes that didn’t reveal anything about her except that she’s a workaholic and is good in bed (I know I’m exaggerating). I felt like I never really got to know her as a person, nor understand her and her relationship with Booth. They gave Hannah A LOT of screen time (that was taken away from the other characters) but did NOTHING with it, which frustrated me a lot. The only good thing that came of it was that Brennan realized that she wanted to be with Booth, but because of how much time Hannah was there (13 episodes!), there wasn’t enough time by the end of the season to properly develop the storyline. It all felt very rushed to me, and I blame Hannah (but mostly the writers) for that.

    I felt very cheated at the end of Season 6. Maybe I’m being petty, but I feel like the amount of time they gave Hannah is not nearly close enough to the amount they gave/will give B&B, and that’s what we’ve been waiting for. I want to see playful tenderness and homey scenes with them, darn-it! (lol) I know there is a lot of good stuff to come, but I feel like had Hannah actually not been “that bad” the season would have felt a lot more evenly developed and I would be more excited for the coming Season 7.

    • I didn’t hate the character, I just didn’t care about her. At all. She was so undeveloped, she was boring. She achieved the purpose they intended her for. She made Brennan realize she wanted to be with Booth, but the character was just bleh.

      Even though it took 13 episodes for her to be gone, she only actually appeared in 7 of them. Felt like a lot more to me too.

  19. The other thing that made me sad during the Hannah era was how Booth’s “distance” from Brennan extended to the J-team. They had become a family, had even saved each other’s lives. But without the center how it had been, things weren’t the same. To me it wasn’t about Booth lying to go have sex with his girlfriend, I was more saddened that Booth couldn’t attempt to paste on a smile and focus on being happy for his friends (if Vincent was his friend, surely Hodgins and Angela were) because of the distance he was trying to maintain. I don’t know whether it’s just a casting thing, but sometimes it seems like Booth is really out there on his own. We know he has his Pops, his brother, and people that he’s served with, but how often does he speak to them? Does he ever lean on them for support, or is it mainly Brennan?

  20. I’m sure this won’t come as a surprise to anyone BUT….I loved Hannah.

    So there πŸ˜›

    • We took a vote before you got here, and you’re not allowed to comment. πŸ™‚

    • Laffers, I haven’t been in the Bones online universe for very long, but it seems to me that you march to the beat of a very different drummer. You provide a very unique perspective. I especially enjoyed your post “Booth isn’t in love with Brennan”…or whatever it was called. I’m not sure if I agree with you, but it certainly made me look at some of the earlier seasons in a different way.

      • ‘but it seems to me that you march to the beat of a very different drummer.’

        I love this. Thank you πŸ˜€ My new favourite way of being descibed!

        And i’m glad you liked the post πŸ˜€ I enjoyed writing it!

      • Laffers, so what do you think now? Do you think Booth is in love with her yet?

      • That’s not sarcasm, by the way. I’m a sucker for spirited discourse, and I’d like to know what you think, since you have such a unique perspective.

  21. They could potentially have done a scenario when Brennan gets hurt. Although I think that Brennan emotional relating to the victim in DitP was all that was really needed.

  22. I was ok with an SO storyline, but TPTB really let it go on too long. Sully was around for 3 episodes straight, and then gone, and it should have been similar with Hannah.
    The character was poorly written. It felt like they picked all these character traits for her, but none of it added up to a believable person. They were also too amibitous for what she was to accomplish. Booth’s gf and Brennan’s BFF? Really? Doesn’t work for me. She was also given terrible lines like “I’m just not the marrying kind”. Blech. Add to that that I really don’t think their choice of actor was ideal and it all turns into a big mess. Finally, I’ve said the storyline went on too long, and it did for my liking, but the fact that it went on for so long made me long for Booth coming to a better realization of what was going on with his relationship. I was quite disappointed that he didn’t see for himself that his relationship with Hannah would have never worked. Instead he proposed. Blech

    • What you said about Booth should have come to a better realization? That is EXACTLY how I feel. They made a point to direct the audience’s attention to the fact that Hannah doesn’t want marriage (how she reacted to him making dinner for her) and is very driven by her job (going into dangerous neighbourhoods and getting shot), but made Booth completely oblivious to those facts. I had hoped that he would come to his senses and decide on his own that it wasn’t going to work between them, but they made him ignore all the signs and charge ahead, despite Brennan admitting her feelings.
      I know there are lots of reasons why the writers would choose to do that, so I won’t go into it, but it just felt…disappointed that he was so desperate for his “perfect family” that he opted to pursue that with her.

  23. *pokes head back in*

    Re the Buffy conversations….LOVED Buffy and Angel equally. HATED Riley….with a passion. My hatred of Riley rivals that of my hatred for Daisy and Angela. Seriously….he was such a ‘meh’ person.

    And whoever mentioned Sully….i LOVED him. I’d have preferred him to be around for the entire of S2. I could have died happy then πŸ˜€

    • I also loved Sully. His cocky attitude reminded me of Booth.

      • *fistbump*

        Have I mentioned that you’re my favourite?! LOL Because you are!!!

        Side note- This is where I lose any brownie points i’ve just one. I’d have been happy if they’d have kept Booth with Hannah, and then had Brennan and Sully together. Yeah…I said it πŸ˜›

        *runs away*

      • Riley wasn’t too bad. His problem was he wasn’t Angel. That’s why he finally left Buffy. I loved it when Spike became Buffy’s love interest after Riley left. Riley was just too vanilla. Angel and Spike were the spicy parts of the show.

      • Just when I had myself convinced to shut up because I’d been responding too much to this thread, someone goes and mentions Spike. *pause for lovestruck sigh*

        Which reminds me, I haven’t bugged HH&Co. about getting James Marsters on BONES today.

    • Laffers, I have enjoyed Buffy very much, but whereas I re-watch Angel episodes, I think it will be a long while before I dust Buffy off again. Of course, the only reason that I even started watching it was to see the character arc for Angel. I just don’t care about the whole cast of characters in Buffy as much as I did on Angel. Except Giles. I really love Giles. And I get your hatred of Daisy, but Riley? And Angela? Wow. I’m curious, what do you hate about Angela?

      I loved Sully, too. I loved Booth’s awkward reactions when Sully asked him if he wanted Brennan, and then every time Booth got pulled into a disagreement between Brennan and Sully. And I just liked his character, and I liked the actor, too. He was just all-around good times.

      • See CJ, i’m the opposite.

        I rarely dust off my Angel DVD’s, but i’ve seen each episodes of Buffy hundreds of times and it never gets old πŸ˜€ But then I literally grew up with it. I was 9 when it started and watched from then until it finished, so the characters were very much like family for me πŸ˜€ Willow, Xander, Buffy, Giles, Oz, Tara, Angel, Spike….even Dawn (after she stopped annoying me! LOL).

        I still love Angel, but it started off on the wrong foot with Kate (hated her!). Love Angels own little scooby gang though…Cordy, Wes, Gunn, Fred…and Doyle *sniff* Good times. But where as on Buffy the only character I really disliked was Riley and he wasn’t around long, with Angel I had to put up with Kate and then Connor!! I mean, was there a more annoying man?! LOL

        OK…I think i’ll have to rewatch some of both soon. I’m now craving them both! LOL

        And Sully *sigh* I miss him….HE’S who we need to bring back, not Zack! πŸ˜‰

  24. Although I loved DB as Angel,and still do,I unfortunately I had to stop watching Angel because of schedule conflicts. I have NEVER missed a first-run episode of Bones can’t compare Booth and And Angel Their characters are so different. I don’t think Booth took advantage of Brennan, not at all. I felt his love flowed and hers into his.what ever happened ,just happened !!!!

    • I work nights, more or less, and I had this schedule all working just fine: bed around 4AM, up at 11 or 12. Then I discovered Angel, which runs from 6AM to 8AM on TNT here. It still keeps my sleep habits out of whack and I have the DVD’s. The really big irony is that I don’t normally watch anything with a supernatural thing going on. Just don’t like ’em, especially the so very serious dramas. Last supernatural shows I watched were: Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie. ;-D

      • I love Buffy and Angel shows. I do think Angel is better than Buffy. Oh before I go off on a tangent, I didn’t mind Hannah so much. It was hard for me to watch because it hurt watching happy moments with someone that wasn’t Bones. The only time I got really upset with her was when she said she thought they’d have more time before they got to this (the proposal). I don’t even care that much about the sunglasses thing. Right, so Angel (LOVE him)/us, he’s probably very likely my favorite television character. I have mad love for him and always thought he fit better with Buffy than Cordy.

        Buffy and Angel’s relationship is to a degree immature but at the same time she had to kill him. When he got his soul back right before she had to that made it infinitely harder for her but she still had to do it. Angel by a certain point season 3 that he had to leave. They made hard choices and sacrifices. I guess what I am trying to say is that it wasn’t all immature. He goes back to being a vampire in I Will Remember You because her life and others are more important than him getting to be with her. He wanted more than anything to be human and be with Buffy but he can’t have it. Oh my gosh, I am sorry guys, my Buffy and Angel love is showing through as well as my major Angel love. Right, anyway, long story short it’s not all immature.

      • Amber, first of all, let me say that I loved the Buffy/Angel story. And perhaps immature is the wrong word, because it has a negative connotation. I don’t mean it to be a criticism, just an observation. Perhaps a better word is “young.” I simply mean that teenagers and adults approach love very differently. With teenagers, there is so much drama; every bad thing seems like the end of the world. It’s very hard to see beyond high school. Every break up, every heart break seems earth-shattering. But by the time you’re in your thirties, you realize that “this too shall pass.” Yes, heartbreak hurts, but there is a future out there in which you will hurt less and eventually you will be happy again. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I can remember that as a teenager there were times when I really and truly felt like my heart was breaking and that I would never be happy again. Ever. The Buffy/Angel romangst has all of that drama, and (did this bother anyone else?) very little discussion of problems. When Buffy was upset about Angel kissing Faith as a part of their ruse, she tried to read his mind instead of just asking him about it. When he made the decision to leave without saying goodbye after Graduation and fighting the Mayor, they shared meaningful looks, but they didn’t actually talk about it, etc. Grown-ups (at least the ones who have successful relationships) don’t behave that way. Even if it’s hard, you talk about it. You work it out. Or you talk about it and realize that you can’t work it out and you break up. I think that Buffy and Angel were portrayed realistically with regards to their relationship, because that is how young (or young at soul, in Angel’s case) people act. Which is not to say they never did things “the mature thing” (Buffy killing Angel, and Angel leaving so that Buffy would move on, for example), but maturity is a process. It doesn’t happen overnight.

      • I agree. CJsMom. You’re right it is a young love. I didn’t mean to get on a soapbox or anything. Sorry about that. I do agree with what you said in reply to my post very much. πŸ™‚

      • Amber, you have nothing to apologize for. It’s all in good fun.

  25. Side Note: Xander is my least favorite BtVS character.

  26. Buffy/Angel post on tumblr that I think is worth reading.

  27. I don’t mean to turn this into a Buffy/Angel but as a side note, since I don’t have any Bones this summer, can someone recommend Buffy/Angel shipper episodes I could watch if I’ve never watched any episodes of either Buffy or Angel?

    • In Angel “I Will Remember You” in S1 is just heart bre …. heart crushing. An absolute emotional roller coaster. It’s one of the few times Angel really seems happy. The chemistry is pretty intense and like with B&B goes from anger and sniping at each other to amazement and bliss. Unfortunately then they go to complete desolation and finally end with anger and sniping (Buffy) and desolation (Angel).

      “Sanctuary” is also heart crushing — and EXTREMELY intense toward the end.

      Both these episodes always leave me with tears in my eyes.

      Like Amber I am supposed to be in the middle of an Angel marathon (it really helped during early S6 of Bones, when I just couldn’t re-watch anything), but I’ve been stalled for months (Things picked up for B&B). I may have to start all over. Oh, dear, that would be just terrible. ;-D

  28. Hmm…Let’s see from season one of Buffy probably Angel. That might not be way shippy but I don’t know it might help a bit. Maybe from Season 2: What’s My Line Parts 1 and 2, Surprise and Innocence. Passion (it’s a great episode though um, not all happy and what not), Becoming Parts 1 and 2. Season 3: Anne, Beauty and the Beasts, Amends, possibly Enemies,The Prom (mostly for the lovely dance scene with Angel),Graduation Day Parts 1 and 2. Now, um Angel’s show. Season 1: I Will Remember You, and Sanctuary. Those are the only two episodes she appears in during Angel. That may be a lot. Mostly, I would recommend watching Seasons1-3 of Buffy plus 4-7 because it’s a great show. I would also recommend watching all of Angel. Yes, this my personal bias shining through. Angel is a wonderful show and I love Angel. I would encourage to you watch both shows while awaiting the return of Bones. I own both on DVD. Supposedly, I am in the middle of a rewatch of Angel though I haven’t actually watched any for awhile. Must get back to it. Life. *sighs* Hope that helps.

    • Amends is my favorite episode. It is so sad that Angel wants to kill hmself to protect Buffy and everyone around him. I just love the scene a the end when Angel and Buffy walk down the street in the snow holding hands.

  29. OK – Last one: What if Hannah had been played by Jewel Staite (Firefly’s Kaylee)…then we’d really be hosed.

    • Oh, Lordy. Her Hannah would have been far too sweet and adorable to hate. Also, I heart Firefly. Everytime I watch it (just last night, in fact) I am sad all over again that there was only one season.

  30. How did I miss this post?

    The idea of Hannah was exciting…but she was bland and the extent to which it was carried out was a little too much for me. There was excessive schmoozy moments and too much flesh (she really wore that to work?), which whilst I appreciate contrasts with all that we didn’t see between B&B by the end of the season, was also unnecessary. Along with this, is the fact that I still can’t believe that Booth actually proposed to her. I really don’t see why it had to go THAT far.

    Aside from that though, here in Australia, we’ve been shown Season 6 in 2 lots: Eps 1-14 screened from late Jan -March, and we started with Ep 15 just 3 weeks ago. So for me, H really is a distant memory…now, if only they would screen the remaining eps in the right order…

  31. I think she wasn’t that bad. I never never never never wanted her to last, but I believed her, mostly. The first thing is that her diction (is that what I want to say) was strange in an interesting way. She pronounced carefully, like she had to overcome a small speech impediment at some point and also like someone who uses words for a living–not just words but words which get written down and might live for a long long time. I think there is plenty of evidence (those Bones writers are no hacks) that Booth continues to be in love with Brennan throughout the Hannah stuff (watching her listen to the shell, saying to her that even people who appear to have moved on are still there, etc.) and your idea that Booth feels more affection and attraction for Hannah than love rings true in the way Hannah’s character was played. I really liked the way that she made an effort to and actually did connect with Booth’s friends. The women “helping” her move in scene was great. I don’t know. She just doesn’t seem so bad….ESPECIALLY NOW THAT SHE’S GONE MWAH HAH HAH! Just kidding.

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