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Scene Study: The Parts in the Sum of the Whole- First, The Truth…Then The Catching


Hello, hello, and happy BONES-less BONES day!

The thing about Booth (and some of you mentioned in your comments yesterday) is that he honestly believes what he believes. This is a good thing about Booth, in my opinion. Not that it’s always right, but I still find his convictions to be very special. For example, does love at first sight exist? I don’t know. But Booth believes that it does (or did), and he believes (or did) that he knew, right from the beginning.

Now, we have also talked a lot over the past few months about Brennan and HER reaction to love (whether she is in love, or if even if she is, if she would know it…if it matters or not, etc, etc,), but when I think about Booth, I think he honestly did feel that spark of something…fate, true love, interest, curiosity…whatever it was, and though he spent the next few months (perhaps more) trying to squelch it, he always felt that draw. Booth is sort of sentimental, but I DON’T think he’s sentimental enough to hold onto a ‘moment’ for nearly a decade, right?

There had to be MORE than just the hope of a ‘moment’ fulfilled that kept him around Brennan (besides their successful work relationship of course) in my opinion. And I think over the course of their partnership, he genuinely did fall in love with Brennan. That he tried to tie it back to a single moment was perhaps the wrong piece of “evidence” (and no one will ever convince me that he wasn’t trying to provide the evidence he so thought she’d find necessary), but still…Booth fell in love with Brennan at some point in this whole shindig. What’s fun for me is to try to find the exact moment– with the understanding that I don’t know if it will ever be able to be pinpointed. Having said that…this scene from the 100th episode is one of my all time favorites. Maybe it’s not love…but he’s hooked…big time. Let’s take a look!

The scene begins with Brennan arriving to the FBI and surprising Booth with an INCREDIBLY accurate description of his victim. She produces mass quantities of facts as well as a sketch of what the victim looked like before her death, ending with an apology that despite all of her efforts, she and her team were not able to ascertain the victim’s name.

Booth is gobsmacked–no other word for it. Unless you could mash up “adorably” and “gobsmacked” somehow. 😀

But he takes her into a small room and shows her a VHS tape of a singer. Brennan watches the video and also watches Booth watch it.

As they are leaving the room, Brennan remarks that the woman bears the markings of the victim.

Booth tells her it’s Gemma Arrington, and he gives her Gemma’s stats. He also apologizes. “Look, I’m sorry,” he says.

“Sorry for the victim?” Brennan asks him.

“No,” Booth replies. “Sorry for holding back her identity.”

“Well, even though my time and expertise are extremely valuable, I accept your decision to test my abilities,” Brennan assures him. 😀

“Obviously,” Brennan continues. “I passed with a lot of color.”

“Pardon me?” Booth asks, an early version of “I don’t know what that means”, not that he ever said that much.

“It means I did very well.” Brennan clarifies, which is hilarious to me.

“Oh,” Booth sort of nods afterward and gets the “is she for real?” look on his face. And I love that look.

Flying colors,” he corrects. “You passed with flying colors.”

“Yes, I know,” Brennan tells him right away, perhaps slightly defensive or perhaps just reiterating that she is aware she is awesome at passing tests.

As she walks around his desk, he can’t help but be sort of amazed by her. Yes, amazed is the word we’ll use for now.

“But passing your test suggests you have something more important in mind?” she asks him.

“I want to catch the bastard who killed her,” Booth tells her.

“How do you know he’s a bastard,” Brennan asks Booth in one of my all time favorite moments. “How do you even know he’s a man?”

“Um…” Booth is flustered a bit, and then he pulls out the picture of the federal judge. “I assume you know who this is, right?”

Brennan tells him that she doesn’t, and he tells her it’s Judge Mles Hasty.

“Well, I don’t follow current events past the Industrial Revolution,” Brennan replies. AH hahahahahaha!  Remember how I wanted some sort of mash up to adorably + gobsmacked? That is pretty much Booth’s reaction here too. It’s that delicious, “Is she for real?” as he slowly realizes that she is indeed incredibly for real, and she’s very unique and amazing. Dazzled!

“He killed Gemma,” Booth insists.

“Why haven’t you arrested him?” Brennan asks.

“I don’t have enough proof,” Booth answers her.

“Then how do you know it’s him?” she counters.

“I just know,” Booth shrugs with confidence, perhaps expecting her to go along with his ‘gut’. “I’d like for you to help me catch him”.

“I won’t do that,” Brennan tells him, and Booth sort of laughs, as if to think that she’s joking. Then he realizes she’s not joking.

“Why,” he asks…

“I will help you find the truth,” she answers.  “And if the truth is that he killed her, then I will help you catch him. First the truth, then the catching.”

“Okay, look,” Booth sort of sidles up to her. “All we need is the kind of crap that will persuade a jury.” I always thought that quote was kind of interesting, because I’m not sure if it means that he’s testing her, or it might be the kind of thing that would have worked on past forensic experts, etc. Thoughts?

Brennan completely eyes him as she weighs what she thinks is his sincerity or possibly that he’s joking. “It seems to me,” she tells him. “That someone like you could benefit hugely from an association with someone like me.”

Booth thinks SHE’S joking, and he laughs, and then he realizes she’s serious and says so. “You’re serious? Wait…you’re serious.”And we can see that she is.

“I was just kidding,” he tells her. “You know…just having some fun?”

I love that Brennan honestly considers it…can’t you just see her mind working as she puts everything together. “It is fun,” she concludes, and smiles at him.

And THAT, my friends is when he’s hooked just a little more, in my opinion. I mean, she’s incredibly pretty, and smart and confident, and all of that appeals to him. And she’s wide-eyed and innocent,and she doesn’t get phrases right, and she’s eager, and yeah…he’s hooked.

And that’s the truth as I see it.  😀

Peace, Love & Bones,



34 thoughts on “Scene Study: The Parts in the Sum of the Whole- First, The Truth…Then The Catching

  1. Gobsmacked is the perfect word for Booth in this scene. Nail on the head.

    As for Brennan, your scene study brought something to my attention: she says, “Well, even though my time and expertise are extremely valuable, I accept your decision to test my abilities.” That got me thinking about early-series Brennan and it occurred to me that she must have been somewhat dazzled by him as well, because can you imagine her saying that to anyone else? If someone other than Booth had wasted her time, I think she would have been at least annoyed, and possibly even furious, about it and taken it as an indication of disrespect. Even from the beginning she saw something in him that held her in thrall.

    • Yes! I think it is very telling that Brennan made that statement about “testing” her abilities. No way can I imagine her saying that to anyone else – which is part of why we love her, right? What a great way to show their relationship right from the start.

      • Seriously. I see this as evidence that she “knew” something (or maybe felt something) that she either couldn’t admit or identify from the beginning, too. At the very least, she knew something was different about this man. Perhaps that’s why she was so easily scared away by his confession that “this was going somewhere.” It was too much, too fast, and she wasn’t ready. To quote Booth, “Don’t you know you can’t push her?”

  2. I agree with CJsMom, I think Brennan was fascintated with Booth from the beginning. I really think that Booth was gobsmacked by Brennnan from the minute he saw her in the lecture hall. I don’t think it was love a first sight; but, he sure was interested in her. Even though their first case ended in bad feelings, you just know that Booth did everything he could to plan to get Brennan to work with him again. She captured him from the beginning and could never get her out of his system after that.

    • Lenora, I definitely don’t think it was love at first sight. However, I think that later Booth convinced himself that it was. I don’t think he was lying to her when he said, “I knew. Right from the beginning.” I think he was just (as we all do) reinterpreting his recollection to fit the argument he was trying to make to Brennan. As Sarah wrote, “He honestly believes what he believes.” Or maybe he didn’t even mean he was in love with her immediately, but that he he knew he would love her? That she would be pivotal in his life? Hmmm…food for thought. I must digest.

      • I don’t think Booth was lying to Brennan either. It took years to let himself really believe he was in love with Brennan. He may have felt that he had fallen in love with her at first sight; but, it’s possible that his coma dream interfered with his memories of Brennan. I do think he was fascinated with Brennan from the minute he saw her and wanted to be around her. She was absolutely fascinating to him. I do believe he warred with himself from the beginning about how close he wanted to be with her. I believe his past relationship failure was already haunting him. He showed us he was jealous too many times, of Brennan’s love interests, to make us think he was anything less than totally captured by Brennan. He just had to decide if he was really in love with her or not.

  3. Yay, Sarah! I love scene studies, and you sure picked a great one today. I love this scene! Everything about it makes me laugh. Booth is definitely hooked here. Later on, he did say felt like it was going “somewhere”. Brennan is so cute/adorable and funny here! One of my other favorite lines is when they first meet and she tells him “I’m the best in the world,” and he thought she was joking then, too. You know he’s NEVER met anyone like her before. Overall, it’s one of my favorite episodes, right down to the heart-breaking end.

    November still seems so far away, *sigh*. I love re-living the memories, but I can’t wait for some new ones.

    • I know Brennan’s confidence/cockiness can rub some people the wrong way, but I love it and think it’s totally awesome. I wish I could make that statement, but I’m not the best at anything. Not many people can make that statement and have it be true. Hey, it’s just a fact, and you know how Brennan is about the facts!

  4. Maybe we need to define “love at first sight”. There are different kinds of love, especially if you go back to earlier languages like Latin and Greek. (Examples: eros, philia, agape)
    So maybe it WAS love at first sight, but not yet the enduring, 30, 40, 50 years type (agape), but more of an eros (attraction) kind of love at first. It grew to a deep friendship (philia), but then changed (we hope!) into a strong, long lasting, forever, agape love.

    Love can evolve and change with us over the years. I’ve heard many people say on anniversaries and such occasions that they love their spouse more now than when they first married. How can that be, we might ask? Didn’t they love them enough when they got married to make that commitment to them? Well, yes, but now its a truly, deep, love that sort of combines the best of all the types of love.

    So in that respect, I would use “Love” at first sight for them. Both were “gobsmacked” at each other, instantly (eros), and changed enough to accept each other as partners when they had previously both been loners in their fields of work (philia), and it has merely grown, evolved, matured ever since then (agape). I think we have seen them move through all of those types of love and I hope to see that continue!

    • bb, Nicely put. What do you suppose it says about our culture that we don’t have different words to distinguish between the different types of love?

    • As a Greek, I can’t tell you how much I agree with your comment! lol 🙂 Really, I’ve found it almost frustrating sometimes, speaking with people in English, that I can’t adequately describe/distinguish types of love, as I’d do in Greek. So I think your comment is definitely something for fans to consider. 🙂

      • JPSTG, it really is astonishing when you think about it. I love my daughter. I love ice cream. I love Bones. I love clean sheets. Only one word, but infinite meanings. Insanity.

      • CJsMom, the most frustrating for me has been when I was trying to explain how I “love” some male friends I have… but not like “being in love” with them. Crazy! :p The only distinction I’ve been able to think of and use is love vs being in love, but still, as bb said, “in love” can take different forms as well. Ufff.. 🙂

  5. Also, I love this: “It seems to me,” she tells him. “That someone like you could benefit hugely from an association with someone like me.”

    Foreshadowing much? hehe

  6. “All we need is the kind of crap that will persuade a jury.”

    That right there? That’s a Cam-ish thing to say. Which is probably why it bugs me so much. And Brennan was right, he did benefit from someone like her, didn’t he? 😉

    I also love that you can see him trying to use his charm smile on her, probably for the first time.

    As for gobsmacked, I guess I’ll never be able to say for sure about them but I sure as heck was smitten, by both of them and by both of them together.

  7. I’m gobsmacked (cool word) by Booth!

    • Me too!!!!

      • I gotta say, I’m not ok with “gobsmacked” any more. At first I liked it, but lately I have a vision of someone getting a giant loogie in the face. How do you spell “loogie”? Lugie? Lougie? Loogy? Lugy? Looguy?

  8. I think this scene study also reminds me of how much Booth physically changed during his relationship with Brennan. Here, his color looks greyish, he looks thin, and he definitely looks like he stays up all night gambling. A year later, his color has improved, he is in Gambler’s Anonymous, and while I cannot attribute all of those changes to Brennan, physically he looks so much more healthy and vibrant now. The show did a good job in showing the physical-ness of emotional well-being.

    • Nice point and he’d regressed a bit in that regard in S5.

      • Yeah, there are episodes in S5 where Booth looks downright weary and haggard – the FF scene in The Witch In the Wardrobe and the diner scene in The Devil in the Details spring to mind. Not sure if that was the makeup department creating an intentional look for the character or if that was DB himself looking rough what with the personal stuff going on and stress (and probably lack of sleep) with his new baby at the time.

      • Interesting, Firefly. I had the same thoughts about how DB looked in S5 and why.

  9. At this point, I go along with gobsmacked… but I wonder if it was simply because she was SO different, perhaps, than the women he might have usually dated? Meaning, he clearly dated strong, intelligent women before (Rebecca, Tessa, Cam)… but they were all within his usual realm of profession. Lawyers, cops. Here was someone who was clearly extremely intelligent and strong, but in a different way. Maybe it was the fact that her strength was less jaded by crime and crime-driven death? Less marked by the dark side of human nature? I mean, sure, she’s got the marks of her foster child days, but she escaped into her new world, away from all of that.

    Writing to realize… love it… this makes me look at the childish argument they have at the end of the case differently (because I really think Brennan’s reaction IS like a 12-yr old)… when she slaps him and says she “hates him”… perhaps he has drawn her out of her ancient remains cocoon, which drops her into the jaded world for a moment. It seems like that moment kind of breaks a little of the “gobsmacked” vision… as I think Booth reels Brennan back in during the pilot not necessarily by his fascination with her, but by his practical nature to use whatever resource he can in order to convict.

  10. And, by the way… thanks for the PHOTOS. 😀
    As one who notices teeth due to way too much dental work of my own when I was young… look at DB’s teeth! They are perfect.

    • I thought I was the only one who gets fixated on these things. What can I say, 5 years in braces warps your perspective a bit:)

  11. Oh, Sarah, Sarah… this is one of my favorite scenes of the show ever, too! Especially that line of Brennan’s, “First the truth, then the catching.”… I’ve been in love with it since I first heard it. :p Seriously, though, I believe it just about captures the essence of (at least a big part of) who she is.

    The gobsmacked look in Booth’s face when Brennan tells him all of her findings is hilarious, but I can’t help muttering “You cocky bastard” every time I watch the scene when I hear him reply to all this with “… you should be wearing gloves.” Seriously? Someone cannot handle feeling “inferior” very well. :p I do think it highlights how they tried to “one-up the other” from the beginning, though, as I remember DB saying in an interview.
    [ That last part bugs me for another reason too, though: Brennan is called by Cam (when she suggest her to Booth) a “forensic anthropologist” (“There’s a forensic anthropologist at the Jeffersonian…”). How, then, could she NOT know about the gloves? She’s the best in the world, she’s an excellent scientist, a perfectionist. Even if she hadn’t worked on a body that needed her to wear gloves, so far, wouldn’t she KNOW? Wouldn’t she have studied everything there is that she should know about this “new” field before throwing herself full-force to doing it? Isn’t that how she works? Hmmm…]

    “How do you know he’s a bastard? How do you even know he’s a man?” Oh man, that line is SO her, I adore it. I can’t even imagine her saying anything different, at this moment.

    As for whether it was the moment that one or both of them fell in love with each other… I think bb’s comment on different types of loved covered it for me. 🙂

    PS I love the screencaps of the scene, I think they highlight both their expressions so well.

  12. The word you’re looking for is ADORASMACKED. 🙂

  13. “For example, does love at first sight exist? I don’t know. But Booth believes that it does (or did), and he believes (or did) that he knew, right from the beginning.”

    I think Booth does still believe in love in love at first sight/fate and I do believe that he still believes he knew from the beginning. I think Booth is a survivor and, yes, he did try to move on with his life when he thought any potential for a future relationshp that went beyond “partners” with Brennan was over. For as “angry” as he may have been in Daredevil, by the time Blizzard in the Blackout came around, he was talking about “fate, love, happiness” again. We don’t know what the start of Booth’s relationship with Rebecca looked like but for some reason I imagine them spotting each other across a bar and getting hot and heavy very fast…..and I think we can infer things moved fast with Hannah as well. But the meeting wtih Brennan….. she wasn’t what he “expected”. From the moment he laid eyes on her she challenged him or at least the way he views the world. He was expecting an anthropologist to be something other than Dr. Brennan. She was beautiful, smart, eager, honest and, well, darn cute in her own way. She was Bones. I think he was intrigued/amazed by this very unique woman. He liked her and, yes, grew to love her in way that was a kind of love that he believed was the kind that could last 30, 40 or 50 years. He liked her/was attracted to her despite the obvious differences between. I also think Brennan liked Booth and was intrigued by him even though she may not admitt or even recognize it. But it was Booth, as far as we know, who sought her out again 13 months later despite the way things were left between them. I think that says a lot. Over the years I think we’ve seen several instances that show Booth as being someone who is loyal once he committs but that loyalty doesn’t seem to be easily won. He seems to either like someone or not and stick with it. The fact that he sought Brennan out again shows, to me, that he really did respect her work/ability and, yeah,while I don’t think thought of her every moment I think he probably couldn’t get her out of his head and hoped that a second chance may result in a different outcome.

  14. I hate the last three mins of this episode but that look we got into their first interactions? Epically awesome…..and I love that scene. To be fair, I think I loved every scene around their first case. It was all kinds of good!

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