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Morning After Q: Will B&B Get Married?


Hidy Ho, Bones pals! Happy Friday to you!

Yesterday, I got a text from pal Heather, and she was watching Woman in the Sand, and we were ‘laughing’ at a few of the parts (including Booth telling Brennan that he has ‘enough Bibles’, thank you very much, haha), but especially about Brennan’s reaction to being engaged or engaged to be engaged, etc.

Then later on, I got a few more texts from Heather — grousing on Hannah a bit, and we laughed about that (my fave text: “Hey, if you’re not the marrying type, don’t connect with his SON!”)

And those two VERY different episodes still made me think last night. Will B&B get married? I’ve always thought no, because I always figured that would be one of the things Brennan would stick to, and I figured Booth would compromise.

I don’t really like using the words ‘stick to’ or ‘compromise’ here for either of them (even on the opposite side, that Booth would insist on getting married, and Brennan would compromise and agree), because they sort of have an air of begrudging-ness (not a word!), and I don’t get the feeling of anything but pretty much all in from both of them. Does that make sense?

So what do you think? Is the M word going to be a sticking point, or will it be straightforward? Will it even come up in discussions?

Of course, we are spoiler free around here, and I honestly know pretty much nothing about season seven except the start date. I’d like to keep it that way. 😀   So, discuss with that in mind!


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66 thoughts on “Morning After Q: Will B&B Get Married?

  1. I don’t think marriage is out of the question; but, if they do get married I really believe the proposal will have to come from Brennan. Booth has already been rejected three times and the last one left him bitter about the idea of proposing to anyone. I also think ,since he was rejected by Brennan already and that rejection started a slide into hurt on both sides, I just feel that Booth will never risk proposing to Brennan again. He has Brennan now and I don’t think he would risk losing her again by insisting that they get married when she may not want to.

    On the other hand, Brennan, has changed over the last year. She is more aware of her emotions and those of her friends and co-workers. She knows how Booth feels about marriage and she may be willing to overcome her fears and actually get married. I think it could play out either way.

    That said, I would like them to get married. If not now, then at the end of the show.

    • I just have to point out that Booth never proposed marriage to Brennan. All asked her to do that night was to give being a couple a try. Hate to be picky, but …. 🙂

      • I know. But he did want her to commit to him. It may not have been a marriage proposal; but, it was a plea with her to commit to a serious relationship. Rejection hurts whether it is for marriage or just to have a serious relationship. Booth still felt the sting of rejection and I don’t think he will risk having his heart crushed again.

  2. I’m not ruling the M word out.

    While Brennan back in S1 may never have considered marriage as we’ve discussed here she’s evolved a LOT since then.

    I admit I’m also drawing on my own experience here . I always swore I’d never get married – despite my parents having had a long and happy one – I’ve now been married two years…at the risk of sounding like a real cliche it took the right guy. And we’ve mostly spent 6 series ready to take Brennan out for a coffee and sit down and explain at length why Booth is the right guy! *grins*

    • I agree. For most of my young adult years I thought I would never get married or have kids. A year and a half into marriage and we are (already!) discussing maybe having kids or adopting. *shrugs* I believe in giving yourself permission to change your mind. There is no sense is stubbornly staying with a position that doesn’t really represent how you think or feel anymore.

      What I imagine will happen is that marriage will come up in conversation, and Brennan will say something like, yeah, I’ve thought about it… it makes sense (for reasons that others have already stated well). And Booth will be shocked (as would anyone involved in the conversation) and it will move on from there. Very much like how in Season 6, Booth, Brennan and Sweets are sitting at the counter at the diner and Brennan shocks them both by saying when she was in Maluku she thought about what it would be like if she and Booth were together. Same conversation, just ever-evolving.

  3. I think that it will come up. Brennan has clearly relinquished her absolutist position on the matter (see Goop on the Girl, Change in the Game).

    I don’t think we’ll see a traditional proposal from Booth. Ditto for Brennan. I think one of two things will raise the issue:

    1) Something will prompt the conversation and there will be a mutual agreement to do it.
    2) Pops and Max will get together and drive them so crazy about the issue that they’ll do it to shut them up.;-D

    • I like #2. That would be great.

    • I could totally see Max or Parker bringing the marriage issue up. It will be interesting to see how Max acts around the guy who has knocked up his unmarried daughter. LOL. We know Max’s feelings about Booth in the past….”you’re the nicest guy to ever arrest me”…”you’re a good guy, I want that for her”…. “I always thought you and Booth would quit the nonsense and settle down”. But now? Now it’s reality. Now the cart came before the horse, etc. Max may be a lot of things, but he was -as far as we know- married to his children’s mother. Max knows his daughter but…come on. AND, yeah, let’s not forget this is Booth’s second child and the SECOND time he is preparing to welcome his child with a mother he is NOT married to. That HAS to come up, right? Parker was pretty forward with Hannah about her relationship with his Dad. He’s getting older now and I could totally see his little friends asking questions and therefore Parker asking questions. Of course Brennan would give him a rationale explanation and Booth…well… he would consult with Sweets, right? LOL. Hmmm….Grandpa Max, Brother Parker or, if he’s around, Great-GrandpaPops. Who would bring the issue up first?

  4. I’m going to say it’s possible, BUT I think it’s also possible we may never see it. It may well be something that is left open as a distinct possibility, but not one that we ever get to see on screen. If we see any forward progress on the marriage front, I would love for it to be Brennan’s idea. I think it would be great if she were the one to bring it up. I can imagine Booth deciding not to rock the boat; that he’s happy and it’s a good life with Brennan and he’s okay with the way things are. I think it would be great if she made the move towards marriage because SHE wants to, not just because she thinks Booth wants it. Remember, in “Goop” she says she never found a reason to enter into it (My quoting skills aren’t as awesome as some of you, but that was the gist of it.) That’s a far cry from antiquated notions and archaic institutions. I think it could play out that way. Only time will tell.

    • I suspect you might be right about us not seeing it if it happens, but eugh, I’ve so had enough of not seeing the most important moments between them!

      • Yeah, some of what we’ve missed has hurt a bit, but on this, I’d be okay just knowing it was going to happen, like at the end of the show. These 2 love each other like nobody’s business…have for a long time. I’d be fine with the solid knowledge they were spending their lives together, however that may be.

        And there is always fanfic!

  5. I think marriage is probably going to happen (eventually, anyway) but I also believe Brennan’s acceptance of the idea will come as much from her intellectual, rational side as from what she feels for Booth.

    Marriage is, at its root, a legal contract. No matter what else you do together – have a child, own property, join your bank accounts, whatever – it’s that little piece of paper that says “I thee wed” that confers legal rights for each of you over the other. Ask any gay/lesbian couple who’ve been faced with an emergency in some (edited to remove insult that felt good but isn’t necessary) state that doesn’t recognize the steps the couple took in a different state to join their lives together. Without that piece of paper, you have nothing.

    I believe that knowledge will play a part in Brennan making a “rational” decision that marriage is the right thing to do. And then Booth can convince her that, no, marriage is about two people, love unending, happily-ever-after, etc. etc. etc. 🙂

  6. Well…considering that I spent two whole days and thousands of words arguing why I thought Brennan could eventually consent to getting married, I’m going to have to say yes. I don’t think it’s a guarantee by any stretch of the imagination, but I definitely think the writers have put that framework into place over the last several seasons. Whether they choose to do anything with that (or instead choose to stick with Brennan’s anti-marriage mind-set of earlier seasons) is ultimately up to them.

    But I will say that, personally, marriage is the one thing I want for them the most. I don’t care if it’s a postscript at the end of the final episode, I just want to know it happened.

  7. I think marriage is entirely possible, although maybe not immediately.

    Yeah, the Brennan who came back from Maluku was not the same Brennan who left, but it took Booth’s breakdown in Daredevil for Brennan to really see how deeply Booth was hurt by being rejected and how even though he “adjusted” , he still carries the pain of those rejections with him. Up until then, I don’t think she really had any idea how Booth really felt about Rebecca or her turning him down, because he never opened that part of himself up to her.

    And since Brennan is so outwardly affected by Booth’s confession of that, I don’t think she’d ever want to be the cause of that kind of pain to him again. I agree with Lenora – if there is a sticking point, I could see Brennan being the one pushing him past it. I think Booth will still be too gun shy to open that door again anytime soon.

  8. I think marriage is going to be a contrived conflict for them in season 7.

    Like a lot of things, Brennan’s views on marriage change to suit the writer’s needs. Season 2 Brennan was quite zen about the subject. In Woman on the Sand she just says she doesn’t need a piece of paper to demonstrate her commitment. When talking to Angela, Brennan is just “hey, do it if you want to” although Angela’s comments suggest that they’ve previously discussed marriage as something that hobbles women’s freedoms.

    By season 4, Cinderella in the Cardboard, Brennan was frothing at the mouth about how terrible marriage is – quite a change. But then all of season 4 was..ugh. Don’t get me started.

    Anyway, season 5 saw her mellow again “marriage is fine if you have a good reason.”

    So season 7? I predict will be more “Marriage sucks!” for the sole reason of promoting audience nailbiting. Will they actually get married? I don’t know. The idea might be too “conventional” for the characters that have always been promoted as having a quirky, inexplicable relationship.

    Sorry, I’m feeling cynical this morning.

    • Barbara, I agree with you about it being a contrived conflict because unfortunately Bones does that with storylines and character development all the time totally disregarding what has come before.

      I can’t wait to see what Brennan’s views on marriage are in Season 7. I also think if it ever happens it will be Brennan doing the asking and it won’t happen until the end (or close to) of the series.

    • I interpreted her espoused (ha) views on marriage in Cinderella to be more about hiding her fear that she would never have what others around her have. It was easier for her to dis the institution than to face her fears (until she did so at the end). I see no reason why she wouldn’t be at the Season 5 stage of “marriage is fine if you have a good reason” unless, as you predict, the writers are looking for a contrived conflict.

      • well, Booth didn’t hear that season 5 conversation between Brennan and Margaret so perhaps the conflict will be that he assumes she’s still in season 4 mode and doesn’t want to ask, and she wonders why he doesn’t?

      • Barbara, I can see that. To be honest, I would rather see some dancing around each other because of assumptions/misunderstandings than to see them actually arguing about marriage. I think it’s a little far-fetched to think that Booth would push it anyway. If anything, I could see him being reluctant even to mention it. I don’t think he would seriously be afraid of her running away at this point, but he’s probably thinking, “She’s made herself perfectly clear on this issue. Why rock the boat?”

        I am very very very interested to see where we pick up in November. Are they living together? Sleeping together? What do they call each other (girlfriend/boyfirend? sex partner?)? How are they planning to handle co-parenting? I know that everyone is probably thinking all these things, but I recently read something (I promise, no spoilers forthcoming!) in which HH said he couldn’t answer anything without giving something away. This hiatus is testing my patience. I am just terrified that the writers are going to ruin everything with this baby, and I am very anxious to be proven wrong.

  9. I’ve thought about Brennan proposing to Booth as well, rather than the other way around. I think it could be quite truthful to the characters.

    But I don’t think it’ll be a ‘proposal’ as such – I don’t think she’ll plan it, or set anything up, I think she’ll justify her desire to get married by making it sound really logical – ‘what? Booth, why are you so surprised? We love each other, we have a child, I can’t see a time when we wouldn’t be in each other’s lives, it makes sense that we marry. For tax reasons if nothing else…’

    haha, and then he’ll insist on doing it ‘properly’, with a ring and a down on one knee and the whole she-bang, and she’ll roll her eyes and secretly love it. At least, that’s how I hope it’ll go.

    I feel like when people say they don’t want them to ever get married because that would involve Brennan compromising on something she really believes, they aren’t giving people enough leeway for change. Who among us can honestly say we’ve never changed our mind on something we used to feel strongly about?

    Besides, Brennan has already changed – she used to be pretty adamant that she didn’t believe in love or long term monogamous relationships and that she’d never have children. Most of that was evidence of her insecurities and fears of not finding that, or trying to protect herself from the pain that she knows results from losing those you love. So she built those impervious walls so those scary emotions couldn’t penetrate and hurt her. Those walls have come down now. She’s strong enough to take the risk with Booth and have his baby. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if she decided she wanted to marry him too, in a civil ceremony of course 🙂

    • Ha! Couldn’t you see them argue over who is going to be the one doing the proposing! LOL. I could TOTALLY see that. I could TOTALLY see Brennan just one day coming to the realization that the time has come to mingle their assests and legal bindings, etc. Remember how she decided she wanted to have a baby! Hell, remember how she said she was pregnant! Just blurted it right out! And Booth would be surprised and try to wrap his mind around it and process everything – You are the father. You are the prospective husband! And then, yes, I could see Booth saying that traditionally he should be the one doing the proposing because that’s what guys do. LOL. He once told Brennan that she helped him be a man/feel like a man because she let him fix things…. so I could see Brennan then getting on board with having a traditional proposal because, anthropologically, that’s normally happens in popular culture. Oh, man. It could be fun and uniquely B*B.

  10. This is one of those things I’ve been wondering about for a while now. I believe it could go either way. They could go the route of a committed monogamous relationship without marriage, or they could go all the way and get married…a civil ceremony which Booth later wants to be blessed by the church. 😀

    It does seem to me that they’ve been working toward Brennan softening her stance on marriage I can almost see something like we saw the first time Hodgins and Angela planned to get married where Booth saying that he doesn’t need marriage to be happy, that being in a committed relationship with Brennan is all that he needs, will be enough to push Brennan to see that maybe she can be married to him. I know they’ve said they aren’t going to repeat Hodegla with B&B, but it’s just something that has been kicking around in my mind and of course it wouldn’t be done in the same way. We won’t see Booth proposing to Brennan and being turned down, I think it’ll be done differently but with the same net result; Brennan says yes to marriage w/o Booth ever really proposing. Of course will the wedding happen before the end of the series, or will it be something saved for the future that we never see.

    I do believe though that whatever happens, marriage, or domestic partners they will be together till the end and we won’t have to endure break-ups and all ‘stuff’ we had with Hodgins and Angela and that you get on so many other shows when they are trying to keep the UST alive.

  11. I hope that the marriage question isn’t the conflict for season 7. I agree with Lenora that it isn’t off the table, and that the proposal would come from Brennan, or in some really really really great scene where they get there together. These characters are so well developed, and so rich, that it wouldn’t honor them, and frankly, certainly wouldn’t honor their (ahem) devoted fans.
    I hope we see Pops, Jared, Max, Russ etc chime in maybe, just because that would be fun, but would also like to hear about Booth’s mom this season, and for pete’s sake, could we get a little Zach?

    • And why Booth hates clowns.

    • For some reason I think that if we get a season 8 – and I believe that would be the final season – that that is where the marriage issue may come up. I honestly could see them – wait for it – getting married OFFSCREEN. Ha! I mean they made love and a baby offscreen so why not make it legal offscreen too! I think season 7 will and should be more about figuring out what and who they are now and then, after a period of adjustment, the next stage. I REALLY hope that we don’t get another break between them in the interim. I don’t think we will but you never know…. I don’t think the issue of marriage should be contentious because I think they both should know where they stand on this and many issues after all these years – now it’s just facing these issues and figuring out a way to build their lives around them.

  12. I see Brennan insisting on marriage for practical reasons such as tax benefits, emergency situations, and giving legal rights to Booth over their child. They will then fight over how to do it. Booth will want a church and a big ceremony, and Brennan will just want to go over to a judge and sign some papers. I’m not sure how they would find a compromise, because a church wedding would make Brennan really uncomfortable, but it would be important to Booth. If marriage gets brought up I am really curious to see how the show handles it.

    • If they got as far as getting married on the show, I think I’d have to say “Booth, take one for the team, dude. Get over the church wedding.” But I don’t think he’d need it. I honestly think marrying Brennan would be enough. I think he’d be giddy over it.

    • I don’t think booth would care about big church wedding. his faith thing is totally personal. he will find a way to honor his own faith, and honor her and their family, it would be a disservice to the show to fall into the marriage debate trap.

    • I don’t think for a second Booth would expect or request a church wedding. He has never tried to talk Brennan out of her atheism, only wanted her to respect his faith. It’s actually one of the most refreshing things about the show – the atheists are never proselytized to.

  13. I think it will come up. My question is really what state in their relationship will they be in when we join them in Season 7. Will they be living together? Will they be comfortable in their relationship? Will there be any feelings on either part that they are only together for the baby? The show doesn’t revisit past stories or references too much but the scene at the end of Daredevil in the mold, the fallout after the 100th episode, the beginning of S6 and the discussion B&B had in Blackout in the Blizzard all lead me to believe the issue will come up. Maybe they won’t talk about it (onscreen) before the baby is born but I think, definitely, after the baby is born it will come up. I can’t really see Booth asking Brennan to marry him before the baby is born. The situation with Rebecca/Parker may have taught him about that AND Brennan’s view on marriage in the past may make him take it slower. Hannah said she told Booth her views on marriage…maybe he wasn’t listening or maybe he just thought that he or what they had would be enough to make her change her mind. It wasn’t.

    I actually am all in favor for them taking it slow because even though them getting together was a long time coming, it still all happened very fast. Brennan kind of didn’t like the way Booth asked Hannah to move in with him -remember, over the phone? I would like to think that if B&B move in together it happens over some conversation and that Booth makes it more “ceremonial” or something – not traditional but very B&B. And, call me old fashioned, but I would still like to see Booth be the one to ask her to marry him if they decide that is what they want for their family. I have no real expectations. Yes, he has been rejected in the past but the past is the past and I would like for his relationship with Brennan to be different, it’s worth taking the chance. I DO know though that I want them to be very clear that they are in a committed manogomous relationship…. I don’t want it to be “unclear” to Brennan. She seemed to know, via the conversation she had with Hannah, what kind of relationship Booth would want – that he would give himself completely. Brennan’s sense of what Booth would want out of a relationship is, I believe, one of the reasons she felt she couldn’t give them a chance in the 100th episode. Personally, I don’t think they need to be “married” to be in a loving, committed relationship. And I would like to think that becoming parents together isn’t the only reason for them to be in a committed, loving relationship… I think it is believeable that both Brennan AND Booth would like th idea of being part of a loving family for themseleves as well. I would like to think that they were on the path to building a loving, committed relationship in the month or so they were together and getting pregnant just kind of happened along the way. In my mind, I would like to think they both kind of hoped they would get there eventually and eventually happened sooner rather than later in this case. Finally, there are many different kinds of families. Hodgins and Angela have theirs – through traditional marriage – first came love, then came marriage, then came… and B&B will have theirs. And, remember, their family WILL include Parker. I can’t imagine Parker having a problem with his dad being with Bones. Even in his young mind he has to be thinking, FINALLY! But I WILL be interested in seeing what Parker’s reaction is to Booth having another child. He came right out and asked Hannah if she would have kids with his Dad…. I would imagine it may not be an entirely smooth transition. I think it would be normal for some feelings of insecurity or questions to pop up because he IS a kid. I DO think both Booth and Brennan would want to do their best to make sure Parker is and feels part of their family and I hope they show that a bit, especially since we had to sit through Parker/Hannah.

  14. I think Brennan’s ideas about marriage have changed quite a bit since her “marriage is an antiquated ritual” comment . But then, maybe that wasn’t her true thought about it then either. Maybe she used that to cover her hurts. Now that her walls are coming down, she feels she can be a good parent, she accepts that she loves Booth and knows she deserves to be loved. While she still ‘doesn’t need a piece of paper’ to prove her commitment, I can see Brennan recognizing the value of marriage for the spouses as well as for the children. I hope we at least get to see her express her desire to marry (and not just for the child’s sake) even if we don’t get the wedding.

  15. I always just figured that Booth would be able to convince Brennan to marry him. I feel that Brennan has grown and changed into a different woman since Woman in the Sand. In the season 6 finale, she had no problem saying that Buck and Wanda were engaged (if I’m remembering correctly).

    I think it’ll happen… eventually.

  16. I haven’t read every single comment yet, but I’m going to go out of a limb and guess that I’m the minority here, because I don’t want them to get married. At least, not any time this season. I think that Brennan would likely only ever agree to marriage for practical reasons, and I don’t think that would be enough for Booth. I think he would want her to want to “marry” him, not “legitimize their relationship with a piece of paper and a ceremony”, which is how I think Brennan would see it. Now, if the writers could come up with a really compelling (not practical) reason that fits with Brennan’s character, then…maybe. In the series finale.

    • Hannah comes back, they murder her, then get married to keep from having to testify against each other. Is that compelling enough? Or just really fun to think about….

      • Funny. I actually liked the reason you used in your fic: access to Parker if anything happened to Booth. That’s what I had in mind when I wrote my comment above.

      • Marrying Booth for Parkers sake is a practical reason. It has nothing to do with wanting Booth as her husband. That’s what I want too. For Brennan to realize that she wants Booth for her husband and it has nothing to do with money, or anything else outside of him and her.

      • Lisa, I agree, that marrying for access to Parker is a practical reason, but in the story it was much sweeter. It was because Parker was the only other person who ever calls her Bones and if anything ever happened to Booth and Rebecca refused to allow Brennan access to Parker, then she wouldn’t have anyone to call her Bones, which was special to her. Wow, that’s a run-on sentence. Anyway, go read va32h’s Epic Series, beginning with The Mourning After the Proposal. You won’t regret it;-)

    • I just hope they don’t have 100 conversations about it onscreen. The best thing Hart Hanson has done on this series is have them get together off screen. So brilliant!

      • A kiss! I wanted to see a kiss! I’m not a perv. I wasn’t looking for porn…just an unexpected, steamy kiss. I feel cheated.

  17. In my mind I see Booth telling her that if she’s ever ready and lets him know that she is, he’ll propose. My guess is he might already have the ring, just in case, but he won’t ask without a prompt. I can’t imagine he would ever risk what he has with Brennan by painting her into some corner with a flat-out proposal. It’s a no-win situation for him because he knows there’s a high likelyhood that she would say no and he’ll invariably be hurt. But I believe there will be a marriage-there’s too much by way of “foreshadowing” all over the place for me to think there won’t be. He told her one day she’d find someone-she did. He told her she’d be throwing up one day-we surmise she has. He said she’d want a baby-she’s getting one. I feel a wedding coming on, figuring she’ll change her mind on that one too. Don’t expect it right away though; that might be left for the end of the series.

    It’s not just the hints. Like many have said, this will be Booth’s second kid out of wedlock. Even if he’s happy with Brennan without a legal commitment, we all know how important marriage is for him, how it signifies a bond taken to a new level and the possibility of the family he has always hoped for. Can you imagine the comments of strangers and colleagues when they figure out he knocked up his partner but isn’t married to her? Just listen to Sweets and his “you’re a failure because you’re not married” speech for a preview. Awful. Booth’s character doesn’t deserve that. Besides, Brennan has already commented that she isn’t firmly against marriage, just that she hadn’t found a good enough reason to do it yet. Marriage ceased to be the ultimate no-no for her a while ago. If relieving Booth of the underlying fear he’ll always have that he’s not good enough for someone to take that ultimate risk with him isn’t a good enough reason for getting hitched, I don’t know what is. But it wouldn’t just be about him; it would also be about acknowledging to herself that she can be in a relationship for the long haul, knowing how permanently he views that kind of union. Bottom line: he’ll bend by being willing to be with her without a marriage and she’ll bend by being with him as his wife. That way, they’ll both be compromising and we (hopefully) get to hear a wedding march.

  18. In a word? No.

    (Shortest BT response from me ever.)

    • Okay, who was supposed to be guarding the door?

      There are rules, people. Laffers is not allowed to comment on these posts.


    • Because you don’t want them to, or because you just think they won’t go there? I’m still trippin’ over this baby business. I am not ready for a wedding too.

      • Both really CJ.

        I don’t think it’s something they need, you know? Booth wants to get married. Brennan doesn’t. I think it’s safe to say Booth is going to want Brennan more than he wants a wedding, so I can’t see it happening.

        Add in the fact that I don’t believe in marriage and it’s really not something I’m looking to see.

        But then again, I didn’t want a Booth/Brennan baby and Hart didn’t listen to me there so… 😉

      • Okay, usually I read your posts and think…where is she coming from? But I’m totally with you on this one. Well, except the not believing in marriage. I am married, but I don’t think marriage is necessary to be committed.

        I really just feel like a baby, a wedding…those are such cliche TV strategies when ratings are bad or when they just want to spice things up. I like Bones the way it is. I am not opposed to babies generally (I have to two best babies in the whole world, in fact;-), but I’m afraid of what this means for the series. And if they get married, too…well. As I said before, maybe as a series ender. But certainly not anytime soon, if I have my way.

  19. Again, late to the party (darn new work firewall that blocks my email account! urgggg!) but I digress….


    I’ll explain 🙂

    First of all, I really don’t think Brennan ever REALLY hated marriage as much as she claimed. She was trippin’ off her parents’ abandonment and foster situation. Part of the whole shutting herself off from the world thing is that she was hiding from ANY deep friendships or commitments. Always claiming she liked to be alone, she traveled on Christmas away from everyone, etc. But we know our lil Brennan was just scared, and sad, and nervous to reach out to people. I think her whole anti-marriage act was just that. An act. She softened to it as she congratulated Angela and Hodgins. If she was so against marriage, Brennan would not have done that. At first on undercover missions (aka Roxie) she was totally against marriage, but has since posed as Booth’s wife and then most recently, proudly waved her ring around and called herself his fiancee. (At the restaurant, Booth said you can be my girlfriend….Brennan herself upped it to fiancee!)

    Second, I want this for Booth. I do. I want the poor guy to have a woman that wants to make a public, visible, strong committment to him. I want him and Brennan and Parker and Baby Booth to have each other as that committed unit. I want this for Brennan too. She’s struggled in relationships and trying to belong just as much as Booth. I want them to know this is for real, not doubt it, and publicly proclaim to the world they are the real deal. Plus, how amazing would Booth look in a tux on his wedding????? Shippers of the world, don’t faint! 🙂

    Now, do I care exactly how, when, where? I don’t care if they run to Vegas, hit up a justice of the peace, or have some lovely outdoor wedding. I want Parker, and Hank, and Gordon Gordon to be there. And Brennan in something smashing.

    And…..that’s it. 🙂

  20. First of all: serious LOLs at your text convo. Haha.

    Secondly, …I have a very strong feeling that at the end of the day Brennan will ask Booth to marry her. From what we’ve all seen so far, it’s been made pretty clear that Brennan isn’t interested in marriage. I don’t see Booth ever “going there” with her. So if they were ever gonna get hitched I think it has to be coming from Brennan.

  21. I’ve been following BT for a while now, but this is my first time commenting.
    Personally, I would like them to get married, because I believe in marriage. And I also agree with bb, that Booth needs it. I think he would happily be with Brennan without marriage, but he wants to be married, he wants to take that final step, and he deserves it. I don’t think it would be out of Brennans character to change her stance on marriage, and I think she already has quite a bit. She has found a reason for marriage. She has changed, and believes in love, and isn’t hiding from relationships anymore. I don’t care if we see the wedding, or how it happens, but I would like it to happen. But if it didn’t, as long as they are happy together, I would be okay with that!

    • Welcome Kira-and don’t be shy; after that first post, you’ll feel pretty good here! (Take it from someone who hung around terrified to say anything, and now can’t seem to stop…) And yes, he deserves marriage. I’m an official Boothofile (is it really that obvious?), and I want a wedding too-so sue me. Even if it’s off-camera!

  22. If Brennan proposes, they can call the ep The Girl with the Question. I love Jeopardy! and symmetry.

  23. I think marriage or engagement – I tend to think the former – will be how the series ends. I think HH will want something significant to end the show with, and since they’re together and will already have a child, that would be a logical choice (or so it seems to me.)

    I expect it to come up sooner due to the pregnancy, but I’m not sure their roles aren’t going to be reversed somewhat, with Booth being unwilling to go there again, and Brennan being open to it because she knows that on some level it does still matter to him. I’ve been thinking since his breakup with Hannah that if/when they get engaged, it may well be because Brennan asks him. But we’ll see.

    • Everything you just said appeals to me. If they are going to get married, I want it to be a series-ender. And I’m hopeful we’ve got several seasons ahead of us still. They can be like Sting and his wife. They lived together for years and had scads of kids before finally tying the knot.

      I’d also like to see Brennan say, “Hey, I’m cool with marriage if that’s what you want” and Booth countering with, “Let’s not rush into anything here…”

      • I absolutely think it should be the fade out to the series, and since I don’t even need to see a wedding, I’m down with the agreement to get married being the fade out. It kind of leaves a little B&B epilogue to our imaginations that way.

      • I like that idea of that being the series-ender. I’m good for marriage, but I haven’t been able to jump on the wedding bandwagon. I just can’t envision that for them, no matter how many fanfics I read. Or I should say, I wouldn’t believe it unless I saw it, but I do usually like HH’s surprises.

  24. I read a great fan fic over on Bones GA ON LJ where Brennan decides that since they are living together and are having/have a child together that marriage is no more of a commitment than that and that it would help them legally to be married… It was very IC, realistic and still sweet. Can I remember the name of it or who wrote it? No! Can I find it on the forum? No! Ugh. My brain! But if anyone knows what I am talking about or feels like trawling through the recs on Bones GA feel free to speak up and remind me. I could really see Brennan realizing that it would be a practical decision and that it would make Booth happy and asking him and him being a bit poleaxed and maybe reticent… 🙂 And I agree with Ryn that it makes sense for wedding or engagement to be the fade out for the series…

  25. definitely off topic. I found this great video. It is from Doctor In The Photo

  26. I can’t reply to you properly CJ but…i’m trying!

    I think my issue is people seem to be suggesting that Booth can’t be happy with Brennan unless they get married. Really? Is Booth so…fickle? (Actually, don’t answer that. It would be very easy to argue in the affirmative! LOL). I don’t think ANY couple need to get married to be in a commited relationship. ‘Marriage’ doesn’t make two people more or less commited to one another. How many people break their marriage vows? How many people get divorced? Marriage is no longer the ‘happily ever after’, and the fact that certain TV shows and films try to portray this just makes me laugh.

    I am more than happy to see Brennan and Booth in a relationship…a real relationship, not a fairytale.

    P.S. Can I just thank you for not lecturing me?! LOL When I say I don’t believe in marriage it normally results in a shocked gasp and then a lecture on why i’m wrong….you are a breath of fresh air!

    • Well, since I “lived in sin” (oh yeah, members of my family said this to my face) for five years before getting married, I’m in no position to lecture you about marriage. And I totally agree with you about that. Not to get too political, but it really bugs me that the congresspersons and senators who are usually most outspoken against gay marriage are on their third or fourth marriage themselves. I mean, come on, if your marriage vows are that meaningless, then why who are you to judge? Okay, stepping off my soapbox now.

      And I think that you’re right about Booth being happy with Brennan regardless of wedding vows. Maybe if they’d jumped in the sack after that first tequila incident, maybe then Booth would have said, “If you won’t marry me, that’s a deal breaker.” But now? After everything they’ve been through together? After being apart and heart-broken and the friendship and “family” they’ve built together? I think they both are at the point that they’re just relieved that they are finally on the same page.

  27. Brennan’s comment to Gordon Gordon a season or so ago that she could not think of anything she wouldn’t do for Booth gives me confidence that at some time in the future they will marry. The last scenes of the series would be outstanding because I don’t think we will ever see it on screen. Think of the major events that have happened so far.
    1. Hodgela getting married–Bam
    2. Booth/Hannah breakup–Bam
    3. Brennan pregnancy–Bam

    I could see them deciding, doing the deed and announcing that they are married. Whereas marriage is not important to Brennan, it is a basic value for Booth and she might have to convince him it is for the right reasons and not just for legal reasons or convenience. JMO, please Brennanites, don’t have a meltdown.

  28. I don’t think critical marriage is to Booth. I think he always wanted a family, a woman to love, and perhaps a child/children as an expression of their love, and marriage is what he figured was the way to get it. But if he’s getting a woman he loves and who loves him back, and the child, he has what he really wants, so I don’t see that marriage has to be a real sticking point. Though he wouldn’t be opposed if she did change her mind, I think.

    I am not against marriage, so I’m not opposed to the idea. But I do believe that it can go either way based on the characters’ evolution. I don’t think Booth’s opinion on marriage is rigid. If marriage was the deal-breaker for him and Hannah (am I wrong here?), why would he start a relationship with Brennan who he must know doesn’t believe in marriage? I hope this doesn’t turn into her believing in love and wanting to be with him means he thinks maybe she would just eventually change her views on marriage without double-checking with her first, like she was leading him on, somewhat like what we’ve talked about in the Hannah debate.

    I think they are/will be 100% committed to the relationship. No paper needed for that. I can perhaps see her conceding for practical reasons, like maybe for the kid, or to make Booth feel more comfortable about the situation (having another baby mama). I don’t think that’s wrong – she does love him. But I don’t see traditional (not that there’s anything wrong with that) – not a wedding, not changing her name.

  29. I just think people give Booth a hard time because he says he wants to get married. Growing up, I never once heard that being considered as unreasonably idealistic. Yes, having the job, spouse, kids, and house might be considered ideal, but a lot of people today still want that. Wanting it all to be perfect is probably too ideal, but many people figure much of their satisfaction in life will come from those things. Is it because Booth is a man? I would think his desire for that level of commitment would be commendable – even Brennan knows that, and she even questioned Rebecca for turning him down.

    I don’t even think Booth needs to be married. He probably just figured he would be, one day, because that’s what people do. He may have his insecurities, but he knows he’s a good guy, handsome, a protector, a provider. How hard could it be to find a woman to accept what he has to offer? Booth says he is the marrying kind, and that seemed to be the deal-breaker for him and Hannah. I’m trying to reconcile the idea of that, with him possibly having to accept never being married to Brennan, but starting a relationship with her anyway (which he wanted before the pregnancy happened.) Is it simply because Hannah wasn’t “Bones”, and their connection wasn’t strong or special enough for him to make an exception? Or will he have to undergo a paradigm shift to determine what it is that he really wants? I hate thinking that he needed (even subconsciously) a reason to break things off with Hannah, but for all we know Hannah could have been offering him everything besides marriage, but he wasn’t willing to consider it. She loved him, she had already taken a career shift, she had a good relationship with his son, she might not have wanted to get pregnant but she was willing to adopt – so she probably planned on settling down one day.

    I think what he really wants, he doesn’t need a paper for. I think a paper would really make him feel good, but if there are no doubts between him and Brennan that they are in this for “30, 40, 50 years”, I don’t see why he wouldn’t be satisfied with that.

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