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Top Five Tuesday: Surprise, Surprise



No, no, the title for this post is NOT a reflection of the fact that it’s probably a big huge surprise that I actually got my Jeffersonian-sized rear end in gear and wrote a Top Five Tuesday this week! Haha. No, I wanted to take a look at five times the show surprised me– honest to goodness made my eyes go like this…

I don’t mean the WTF?!? moments that make me grumble and mutter curses (sunglasses, squint interruptions, etc, etc). Additionally, in order to qualify, each moment had to be un-spoiled or un-promo-ed (not a word!) for me, which did cause some limitations. For example, Brennan undressing Booth in the lab (holy smokes!) in Goop/Girl counts as surprising, but not for this list because it was in the promo for the ep.

I’m also not talking necessarily about “gross-me-out” bodies, because though they ARE shocking (the human pizza, anyone?), I’m looking at this from the plot/character POV.

So, here are five moments I deliciously never saw coming, five moments that made me blink and immediately re-wind and still sometimes make me shake my head and think, “Did that REALLY happen?!”

(in no particular order)

1. Brennan kisses Booth on the cheek (and Booth reacts).

From Knight on the Grid- Season Three

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but seriously, if there is a ‘gasp-o-meter’ for the series, this moment always…ALWAYS takes my breath away. It was meaningful when it happened, and as the series has continued, it has remained meaningful. I find it to be an incredibly layered moment. Is it that Brennan just literally cannot physically resist the pull she feels toward him in that moment? Is it that she is only incredibly thankful to him in that moment? Both? More than that? Is it that she just recognizes what a good man he is?

It’s one of the most ‘controlled out-of-control’ moments we’ve ever seen between them, from both of them. This wasn’t just a hand on the arm; it wasn’t just an adoring look across a room. This was physical contact. Whoa, baby!

2. Brennan and Booth spill their guts to Sweets.

They left Booth’s apartment with the idea of picking Sweets up from his office and bringing him back to Booth’s place for dinner with Gordon Gordon Wyatt. Or at least, that was Booth’s idea. Brennan went with the thought that she needed to verbally share about some trauma she’d experienced in her life. Her announcement that at one point her foster family locked her in the trunk of a car for dropping a dish…

…it was just one of those moments that completely sucks the air right out of the room– on screen and in the privacy of our homes. Brennan had talked a few times about being in foster care, but not really like this, and especially not for someone like Sweets. Helping Booth solve a case by using her personal experience was one thing– this was different.

Booth’s reaction is interesting and guarded, and only Brennan can convince him to reveal a pain point from his own childhood. He does, though we can see that he’s telling her and purposefully trying to not include Sweets in his revelation.  She understands and then proceeds to tuck his handkerchief (the one he offered to her when she was upset) back into his jacket pocket– a moment that still makes me just…slow down and watch. I don’t know how else to describe her actions except for honorable and special. I love it, even as it absolutely blew my mind the first time I saw Mayhem on a Cross air in season four.

3. Booth wraps his arm around Brennan beneath his sink.

Okay, so far, my moments have included Brennan touching Booth in some unexpected way. But this season five moment also made me gasp out loud.

Do you know those moments where, when you’re physically attracted to someone, and the air around you both when you’re near one another is almost electric? It’s chemistry, I suppose, and anticipation. It’s the difference between feeling annoyed when the person next to you is hogging your armrest on a plane and the shivers of pleasure that race up your limbs when you ‘randomly’ touch the person next to you on a first date. Right? It’s sort of giddy and it feels edgy and adventurous, even though to most of the rest of the world, it’s not.

That’s how I feel about this moment from Bond in the Boot, Season Five. It’s intimate, it’s sort of flirtatious. They both like it a little too much, and I like it a whole lot.

4.  Brennan sheds a tear.

From The Headless Witch in the Woods, Season Two

In the early seasons of BONES, the writers made a point to present Brennan as tough, but somewhat vulnerable underneath. It’s been a long while since we’ve seen her approach other men with romantic interest, but in the early seasons, it wasn’t uncommon for her to go on dates or flirt with men who were attracted to her. When she realizes that her newest interest murdered his own brother, she can’t quite believe it. The single tear that falls down her face breaks my heart and takes my breath away every.single.time. To me, it signifies that she feels hurt when things don’t work out the way they should, and she also hates it when she reads people wrong–and when she places her trust or potential emotions into the hands of the wrong people. So it’s interesting that within a few moments, she’s literally placed herself in Booth’s hands–okay, really his arms, when he introduces the idea of the ‘guy hug’.

5. Booth tells Brennan there is someone for everyone.

LOL, Sweets-haters will not love that two of my moments came courtesy of his office, so I’d like to declare that it’s coincidence 🙂

But still, this is one of my all time ‘wide-eyed’ moments. It’s sort of rare that Booth kind of pushes the envelope to prove his point. Every once in awhile he would, but if Brennan ever pushed back, he usually would back off or roll his eyes and leave, or tell her to focus on the case, etc, etc. Of course, she does the same to him usually, so it’s not only him. And even more rare is when she seems to genuinely accept what Booth is saying. This is one of those moments where, after she tells him that all relationships are temporary, he cuts her off and tells her that it’s not true, that there’s “someone for everyone”. When she just stares at him and appears to weigh his words, he adds that she just has to be open enough to see it. Still, she says nothing, and Booth is entranced with her, and she’s staring at him, and I’m staring and entranced with the both of them. Lovely all around.

One last thing before you weigh in with your most ‘surprising’ moments. I saw a cartoon the other day with a man and a woman sitting on a couch. The woman was reading a book and the man was watching football. He had a day old beard and a beer helmet and a remote control in one hand. Based on appearances, it seemed like the couple wasn’t communicating very well. But between their bodies, they were holding hands, and it was very sweet. It reminded me of B&B in the way that though they are different people, they can feel comfortable being themselves while they are together, right?

I commissioned pal Hsingyu Lin to create another one of her awesome BONES cartoons with something along those lines, and here’s what she created. Good times, right?

Alright, talk to you soon! But first, please comment below and talk about the BONES moments through the years that have (in a good way) surprised you most!


Peace, Love & Bones,



36 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday: Surprise, Surprise

  1. At the moment what pops into my head is the moment in Change in the Game where Max accuses them of not being “affectionate” with each other. Obviously it’s disguised as an undercover action, but the way Brennan responds to Booth giving her the “get over here” smile, and him kissing her cheek, completely took me by surprise. I must have watched that a hundred times.

  2. there is such a thing as a Sweets-hater? that makes me gasp out loud.

  3. It’s funny because I’m sort of stunned after reading this post, but in a good way. These are wonderful moments you’ve chosen! That cheek kiss is amazing, any time Brennan shows emotions is amazing, and the plumbing scene is flat out great. It’s light hearted, cute, but there’s always that undercurrent of attraction when they are together! And the Sweets’ office scenes are definitely great, because while Brennan may say she doesn’t believe in using psychology, and Booth may be uncomfortable sharing feelings, Sweets does get things out of them, that they might not have ever said without being “forced” to. They do tend to open up more than they probably realized. I think they’ve imprinted on their baby duck right back!

    Which brings me to my most favoritest of moments, the Mayhem on a Cross scene. Oh. My. Word.

    When Brennan walks in, cries, and shares that, I’m stunned. Then I look at Booth’s face, and I think I stopped breathing. The way he is watching her, hating she’s in pain…and then she turned to him, expecting him to reciprocate. He starts to back away, but she just looks at him, tears in her eyes, and he can’t help but respond. And they do that thing they do, talk to each other just like no one else is there. He’s telling his story for her. Only her. Then realizing Sweets is still there, he backs off. And the return of the handkerchief…and the look in both of their eyes is just……wow. And I love the look on Sweets’ face as well. He knows. And allows them to take him away and help forget about the pain they’ve all shared, together. It’s truly an amazing scene. Probably one of the best in the series. Because its not just about relationship angst or UST, but its just raw emotion. Fine acting you guys. I’m feeling breathless again just envisioning it in my mind.

  4. And I love your opening Booth surprise face. 🙂

  5. Oh, Gawd…..I have to work all day and can’t go home RIGHT. NOW. and rewatch “Mayhem on a Cross”???

    That sucks out loud.

    Forgive me for adding another Sweets moment but the “we’d have coffee” conversation is also another moment that always has me hitting rewind repeatedly. The reaction from both of them when they think about a life without the other in it is just . . . wow. And then they’re both trying to convince each other that yea, it’s just coffee. That’s what we’d do. Meet for coffee. Just coffee. Those kids are just so darn cute.

    Dammit, it’s only 8:30 a.m. I may have to sneak in some Youtube.

  6. Mayhem on a Cross is definitely a moment that sucked all the air out of the room – but in a way that was good. The acting in that scene… the story Brennan tells…heart crushing. It’s such a real scenario too, I can easily see a kid being treated like that in the foster care system. My heart breaks for Brennan when I think about how her world was turned upside down after her parent disappeared and she ended up in homes where she was not “cherished” as her mother told her she was. It’s so easy to see how she shut down and why. And Booth… his confession to Brennan…again, it’s easy for me to imagine kids in dysfunctional/abusive homes having those feelings. B&B are so much more than just UST/friends…there’s just this bond between two unlikely people that is so special.

    My other suprise moment has to be the last scene in Change in the Game. I felt the option to have Brennan be pregnant was there but, I don’t know, it was still surprising to me when it became reality. And the looks exchanged between them/reaction to the news…that was something I just never imagined, or thought we’d ever get to see.

    • I agree the end scene of Change in the Game was something I thought I’d only read in fanfics or would be implied at the end of the series. I was very pleased and surprised that it happened now.

  7. Gosh, your choices are right up there for me-and those pictures! Loved this post. My other contenders:
    1. Harbingers-lots of moments, including Harmonia’s revelation to Brennan and her disbelieving, vulnerable reaction, but I’d go with the kiss on the head and the very, very quiet “I got you baby.” He’s never ever called her baby like this; it was an incredibly intimate scene.
    2. Con Man: when he said his dad drank. The way she look at him conveyed just how momentous that revelation was. That scene floored me in all its quietness, and I loved that she didn’t say anything back.
    3. The 100th, when she turns him down. I figured he was going to say something, but I never expected her emotional, heartbreaking refusal or the tears in his eyes.
    4. Agree with camcat-my mouth dropped open at the baby news just like Booth’s in the picture above. I mean, on some level I must have known it was coming, but I wasn’t sure. I must have rewinded that scene twenty times before the impact of what she said even sank in. What a way to end the season!
    5. Booth’s scene at the end of Daredevil. The music, the way he scouted around the room to make sure that no one was there that he knew before walking in. His speech, all the raw emotion-it just felt incredibly real and to this day I’m always a little embarrassed when I watch this scene because it leaves me feeling a bit like an intruder who is witnessing something that shouldn’t be made public. Booth left himself so incredibly exposed, so vulnerable to whatever decision Brennan would make; this was a very powerful scene. I loved how her subtle expressions showed all the sadness she was feeling on his behalf but could do nothing about, kind of what he did in Doctor. Definitely a wow-though horribly painful-moment for me.

  8. Maria, I would say that Daredevil for me would be my 2nd favorite moment of Bones, Mayhem still being my #1. But Daredevil was so utterly painful! Because we know Booth had a crappy past, you can just see that little boy wondering why nobody wants him….wow I’m getting emotional thinking about it! And Brennan, sitting there, watching and listening to his pain, but knowing its not the time for her to make a move, but she responds in just the right way, just being there for him. That was another scene, like the end of Mayhem, where I just didn’t breathe until it was over. It was definitely a “wow” moment. More of those please, Season 7!

  9. Oh, wow – well, I have to confess that one of the most surprising and gratifying moments was that little scene in “Passenger in the Oven” where we catch a glimpse of Booth’s sexy librarian fantasy colliding head-on with his very real physical attraction to his partner: “All right, what I want you to do is take off your glasses, shake out your hair and say, ‘Mr. Booth, do you know what the penalty is for an overdue book?’” The barely-restrained look of want in his eyes, and the long moments of cluelessness in hers, and the honesty of the whole scene make it a pleasure to watch over and over again.

  10. I guess the other scene that surprised me in its intensity was that first kiss from Episode 100 and Booth’s very physical reaction to it (he damn near falls over, his legs having turned to jelly by that point) as she turns away and says, “We are *not* spending the night together.” That kiss was so intense, far more than mere sexual attraction, it leads one to think what would have happened had she gone home with him that night. (I wrote a fanfic about that very question, and my answer to it.)

  11. Well the Mayhem scene would be my choice. It KILLS me and every time I watch it’s like I hope that THIS time will be the time their fingers touch. So silly, but true.

    Otherwise, I was honestly surprised in season one, in The Soldier on the Grave. Now, there was never any doubt in my mind that Booth would confess his past as a sniper to Brennan. So I watched that ep several times with no surprise. But just last week I watched and noticed something for the first time….she has a tear rolling down her face when he tells her about it. It’s not super obvious, I think because it’s not really her moment, it’s his, but that tear is there and it was a surprise to me to see it (esp since I’ve watched it at least twice before and never noticed!) You really do have to look carefully, but I rewound it just to sure…maybe even more than once. 😉

    So that would go on my list. For sure.

    • It took me awhile before I saw the tear, too. Also, check out her reaction in tFitF when Booth’s Pops told her why his father left – she feels hurt and anger on Booth’s behalf. It’s subtle, but it’s there. I love that episode – I love how Brennan welcomed Pops so warmly and openly and was just as concerned as Booth with his health.

      Brennan may not be good at emotions, but she always wants to be there for her friends. Especially Booth – you can tell that whenever he feels pain, she’s affected by it, and she wants to help assuage it.

  12. Oh! I LOVE FitF! LOVE! And I would say that also has another moment that surprises me! Thanks for the reminder. When Booth says that Pops will think he (Booth) doesn’t love him anymore and Brennan says “Really?!” She is clearly surprised at the thought and I was surprised that Booth would think his relationship with Pops is so tenuous. It shows me that Booth is very much an “acts of love” guy, which seems accurate based on all the things he’s done for Brennan in their partnership (and vice versa) but it was still a surprise. It’s almost juvenile, which I would guess is based on his childhood experiences with people who were supposed to love him.(his father and maybe even his mother.) It was a telling moment for me, but it was a bit of a surprise. Booth gives off this idea that he knows all about relationships and love, but this shows otherwise, it shows his insecurity. A really surprising and telling moment for me.

    • This is true… I too was surprised by Booth thinking his grandfather would have that reaction; I think we all know Pops would not feel that way. Booth does seem to feel that he has to “prove” his love or make things work or “fix things”. That very well could come from abandonment issues he may have from his father/being the child of an alcoholic. In DITD, Booth tells GG that he would “know” if Brennan loved him. I think it is fair to say that Brennan had been a loyal partner and friend to Booth up to that point and, at the end of that episode, her being at the firing range when Booth asked her to be meant a lot to him. I would say post Daredevil, Brennan’s loyalty and being there for Booth – even at his lowest moment at the end of Daredevil – meant a lot to him too. I think her actions after Daredevli – especially in light of her confession in DITP – did mean the world to Booth as he told her in PITP. And, yes, I agree that the end of Daredevil was surprising – and not just Booth’s proposal. His entire meltdown was very bare and I did not see it coming.

  13. Yeah! The return of Top 5 Tuesday. Oh how I have missed you.

    My brain is not still not working well so I have nothing new to add, I just want to dogpile on everyone else’s responses. My favorites have to be:

    1. Mayhem on a Cross – that scene is pure intensity. Heartbreaking, but…just…wow!
    2. Booth’s librarian fantasy from Passenger in the Oven – never in a million years would I have expected Booth to say THAT!
    3. B&B’s first kiss in The Parts in the Sum of the Whole AND Booth’s gambler speech at the end. I was absolutely 100% completely floored by both of those events. Did not expect them. Did not see them coming. At all. I had that insanely tingly feeling all over my body when Booth started talking at the end and I thought, “oh my gosh, they’re really going to go there!” … never mind the fact that everything came crashing down a minute or two later when Brennan said no (and I very nearly started bawling my eyes out). The end result might have been heartbreaking, but the build-up was deliciously intense and it was all a huge surprise because I was still spoiler-free at that point and hadn’t even seen the promo for the episode thanks to my DVR.

    • Yes. Booth’s confession to Brennan about his gambling problem that he was “gettign ahold of” and his “I knew” in The Parts in the Sum of the Whole were surprising too! Gosh…good post today! I was also surprised at the sweetness/innocence between them during their initial meeting. I never imagined them to be so gaga over one another during their initial meeting….I always thought the opposite.

  14. Oh Sarah, you make my heart sing with this fabulous top 5 Tuesday! Each and every one of these moments gives me a thrill, catches me in the throat, and leaves me mesmerized.

    It’s no secret that Mayhem is still my favourite all-time BONES ep and end scene, for all the reasons you described or so aptly weren’t able to describe. What I loved about it the most was how blind-sided I was about it – this moment is one of the main reasons I stopped reading sides. I had originally read about the premise of the episode, and the idea of them investigating a death metal murder was somewhat unappealing, despite the fact that GG was in it. The episode itself was wonderfully surprising, and then the end…let’s just say I’m glad that I’m no longer spoiled for those kinds of moments. 🙂

    I also absolutely love that cheek-kiss in season 2. The fact that Booth has to physically stomp his foot to check his response to her is totally A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

    • OMG, the foot stomp. I practically squealed when I saw that the first time. I was more taken aback by Booth’s reaction than I was by the actual kiss. Definitely in my top 5 too.

  15. Oh dear, so many moments so little time. And to think that I thought this show was just a waste of my time, how things have changed!
    1. The Doctor in the photo-when Brennan confesses that she thinks she lost her chance with Booth. That broke my heart! I felt her pain, I believed every single word and I was right there with her.
    2. The night at the Bones museum-when she tells him what and we think they’re going to kiss but they’re interrupted and she fixes his bowtie and he fixes her hair.
    3. Passenger in the Oven-the librarian fantasy, oh so hot!
    4. The blackout in the blizzard-the end when they write the dates that they think that they’ll be ready to start a relationship and they burn the paper, Brennan telling him that she’s improving and that she’s stronger. Loved that!
    5. The santa in the slush-when Booth and Parker bring the Christmas tree to Brennan and her family, beautiful!

  16. Okay, one more of my favorite surprise moments. “Woman in the Sand” is one of my all-time fave episodes (because what on earth is hotter than Booth bare-knuckle boxing in a wife-beater T-shirt?), not just for the obvious prurient reasons, but also because the closing scene is really, really great. Brennan had mentioned in an earlier scene that there were two reasons she bet on Booth to win his fight against the gargantuan Monroe, one of which was the tremendous 20-1 odds against Booth. (His hilarious response: “Did I look that bad?” )

    So then, in the closing scene, Booth presses the issue, intensely curious as to what that second reason was:

    BOOTH: Uh, you never told me the second reason why, uh, why you bet on me.

    BRENNAN: Yeah, it was…silly.

    BOOTH: Well, come on. Try me.

    BRENNAN: Beginner’s luck. I haven’t lost at anything since I’ve been here. So, well, I…I figured if I bet on you, then–

    BOOTH: I couldn’t lose.

    BRENNAN: Sounds silly, right?

    BOOTH: It sounds familiar. (Pauses.) Thanks.

    There’s a lot of Bonesy goodness packed into this short exchange: (1) Brennan, in a surprising turn given her scientific world view, admits subscribing to a superstition (beginner’s luck) as only she could (after observing, on the basis of her own empirical experience, that there is no other rational explanation for her success at betting in Vegas); (2) Booth (perhaps recognizing the way she’s stretched her worldview to accommodate the strange experiences they’ve had in Vegas) is genuinely touched by her concern for him and is grateful that she tried to help him out in that way; and (3) a strong allusion to Booth’s struggle with gambling and the curious quandary he found himself in, becoming himself the object of a gamble during the course of the case.

    I found myself surprised and touched by this episode, and by the great closing scene.


  17. Ok, here’s my #4: The ending scene from “Dwarf in the Dirt” is one of my favorites, probably the one of David Boreanaz’s best scenes, helped in no small part by brilliant support acting from Stephen Fry as Dr. Wyatt. Booth pleads with Gordon Gordon to help him pass his pistol qualification test:

    BOOTH: Doc, tomorrow morning I gotta be on the firing line at seven am sharp, so you have to fix my brain damage.

    GORDON WYATT: (He uncorks a bottle.) But not as a result of brain damage. When you were in a coma, you got a glimpse of another world.

    BOOTH: Right, and how does that help me aim my gun?

    (They sit down.)

    GORDON WYATT: Temperance Brennan. You’re in love with her.

    A look of surprise, then recognition, passes over Booth’s face, but he doesn’t deny it.

    GORDON WYATT: You’re building a world around her, a family.

    Gordon Gordon’s own expression is so rich with compassion and it seems clear that his concern for Booth goes beyond that of a doctor for a patient, but rather is the kind of care that one good friend shows to another.

    BOOTH: (He pauses, looking torn.) We’re not compatible. She sees the world one way, I see it the other way.

    Gordon Gordon’s statement has cleaved Booth to the bone (no pun intended), and his facial expression is one of utter vulnerability.

    GORDON WYATT: No of course, it’s absolutely ludicrous the idea of you together, but the heart chooses what it chooses, doesn’t it? We don’t really have any say in the matter.

    Booth looks like he is about to cry, and he points his glass of white wine at Gordon Gordon as he insists that there is no hope for him with Brennan:

    BOOTH: She doesn’t love me. I would know if she loved me.

    The vulnerability in Booth’s face at that moment shows that he knows that Brennan feels something for him, but he doesn’t know how to move forward and act on that knowledge. And that paralysis, of course, is the rub, the emotional conundrum that weighs on his every thought and at a subconscious level is compromising his abilities.

    Gordon Gordon’s next line may not be what Booth wants to hear, but is exactly what he needs to hear (and which rings so true when one looks back in the context of the 2nd half of Season 6):

    GORDON WYATT: May I counsel patience on this front. Hope and patience.

    On the marksmanship front, Gordon Gordon counsels him to “grow a set”…

    BOOTH: So that’s your big psychiatric advice, just “grow a set”?

    GORDON WYATT: Indeed. When it comes to a man and his gun, a woman is the natural cure. Take Dr Brennan to this, um, this shooting event of yours.

    Then Brennan walks in the restaurant kitchen to join Booth at the chef’s table.

    GORDON WYATT: You won’t fail in front of her, trust me.

    And he doesn’t. Quite the opposite, of course. In that closing scene, with Brennan standing in the corner behind the firing line, Booth empties his magazines into the two targets and nails his qualification with 100% bullseyes. This is one of the scenes where the music (“My Ghost” by Glass Pear) actually works to enhance the emotional power of the scene:

    Who can you trust, in this place?
    And whom can I put my faith?
    If you’re real, then show me now,
    Who you are.

    How can I love, without grace?
    Shine a light on your face,
    If you’re real, then show me now,
    Who you are.

    He turns around and she gives him a thumbs up and a vague smile, and the look on his face, a swirl of relief, satisfaction and something more–perhaps a recognition that Gordon Gordon had it right–really moved me, in a way I didn’t expect. This, for me, is one of the most emotionally moving closing scenes in the entire series, right up there with the other zingers in the latter part of Season 5.

    For me, the end of DitD is a triumphant bit of acting finesse by Boreanaz and Fry. Heart-meltingly awesome in every way.

  18. wow – what a great post!

    ok, off the top of my head, 2 stand out:
    1. The ending of Night at the Bones Museum: OMG. I replayed that so many times because I could. not. believe what almost happened.

    2. The Season 6 finale. I had no idea how it was going to end, so Bren’s announcement stunned me. And then I grinned and squeed like an idiot for the next 2 days 🙂 I thought she was going to tell him that she wanted a baby, but the pregnancy floored me.

    And these feelings just further prove to me that watching Bones with no expectations and spoiler free is the best way to watch, because the emotions I feel are what makes this ride so great!

    • I agree. Spoiler-free is the way to go.

      • I too think being spoiler free (or at least nearly spoiler free) is the way to go. While I don’t think spoilers really do “spoil” the show for me; I do think knowing certain things are going to happen tend to just take away some of the wow factor when you actually get to see it on air.

        I don’t avoid promos and the like so this is why I say nearly spoiler free, but I do hate it when those promos give away big things from the episodes, they are supposed to tease, not spoil. I am so glad they didn’t give away Brennan saying I’m pregnant!

    • I watch the US promos too on you tube (I’m in Australia and watch the eps asap online). So that’s as spoiled as I am. What they do to promos here in Oz though, is appalling , as they have the whole episode to choose from and always choose to show/give away the ‘best bits’. ie Bones pushing Booth away from the kiss and crying in the 100th. (still scarred…)

      This weeks TV Week has a front page B&B pic with the headline ‘Together at last: B&B finally give in to temptation’, just as they’re about to screen Hole in the Heart here this weekend. It drives me crazy how little regard they have for the excitement…although I’m sure they figure that the true nutters…er, devotees (moi!) have already seen the episodes.

  19. On of my favorite surprises was the one you listed first. When Brennan kissed Booth on the cheek it was completely unexpected (at least by me; and apparently by Booth too), and what made it extra special was Booth’s reaction to it. His facial expression, and when you hear his foot stomp it’s like he’s barely holding it together there. I just loved it.

    Another huge surprise was when Brennan told Booth she was pregnant. Even being online, and with Canada seeing the episode the day before those of us in the US I managed to watch the episode w/o that being spoiled and I must have looked like the classic cartoon character displaying jaw-dropping surprise. I was simply stunned. In that case I was so shocked that it did take me a while to figure out if I was happy or upset about it. I did come down on the side of happy. I am excited to see how things develop from here.

    Other surprises have also already been described by others here. Mayhem on the Cross. When Brennan just blurted out about being locked in a trunk I let out this weird laugh, not because I thought it was funny, but sometimes when I’m nervous, or frightened, or shocked a totally inappropriate laugh will escape. This did really bring out a real emotional reaction. They did manage to shock me that time and it was an OH NO shock.

    I want to add that I absolutely love the expression on Booth’s face in that top picture. I’ve thought it was great from when I first viewed the episode and think Double Death is worth watching if for nothing other than that reaction. 😀

  20. That first photo…you know they had to shoot that moment NUMEROUS times. I mean, no way is Deschanel not laughing at him there. Right?

  21. I haven’t had a chance to read all of the responses, so forgive me if I’m repeating, but the scene from The Woman in Limbo when Brennan breaks down and Booth hugs her and tells her, “Hey, I know who you are.” Oh my heavens. Sometimes I watch that episode just to see that scene. I love it.

    Then there’s the scene in The Boy in the Shroud when Booth tells Cam, “I’m with Bones. Don’t doubt it for a second.” Oooooh. That one gives me the best kind of shivers.

    The hand holding scene at the airport at the end of The Beginning in the End, when it looks like Booth is going to kiss Brennan, and her tiny little gasp in response, then his face as he walks away…Swoon.

    • “I’m with Bones. Don’t doubt it for a second.” I absolutely love, LOVE that line. It’s huge—HUGE! For all of their ups and downs, that line, and the devotion that underlies it, has been the one overarching constant during the ensuing seasons, giving all B&B shippers hope that our beloved characters will find their way through everything that stands in the way of the happiness they deserve. Wow.

  22. Okay, I have a moment that isn’t a surprise, per se, but I couldn’t find a post about funny stuff, so I’m sticking it here. In The Knight in the Grid, I love that after the car explosion, and Booth drags Brennan out the window of the taxicab, they immediately start bickering. Haha! You can say that that’s surprising that they can do that after they almost got blown up.

    Man, more than anything, I want a return to the bickering – more of it, anyway.

  23. My fav episodes would have to be season 3 episode 15 and season 2 episode 9 it’s so sweet how booth runs down that hill to save Brennan but I’m also a sucker for the episode where they tell sweets about their juicy past together 😏😏😏

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