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Morning After Q: Favorite Episode Endings?


So last night, Fox aired The Truth in the Myth and the Pinocchio in the Planter, two of my least favorite episodes when it comes to B&B endings. I won’t get in to all of that, because it will just annoy me 😀

BUT…it did make me try to think about what I would consider to be my ALL-TIME favorite episode endings. And then I had a good laugh at trying to pin it down to under 100 all time faves  😀

But I’ll try–at least, I will attempt to narrow it down per season. Sidenote: This probably would have made for a better Top Five Tuesday, but oh, well! 😀

Season One: It’s hard to choose, and as much as I love Booth in the White Polo Shirt (yes, it deserves capital letters) and Soldier/Grave, I think my favorite ending is Man in the Fallout Shelter

Season Two: I don’t care if it’s cliche–nothing beats Brennan turning and seeing Booth standing there at the end of the pier in Boneless Bride in the River, followed by them walking away together.

End scene Boneless Bride - Booth's arm around Brennan

Season Three: Santa in the Slush. Done and Done.

Season Four:

Wow. Um, yeah. Impossible to choose. I’m going to say my favorite episode ending of season four was in Beaver in the Otter.

Season Five: Oh, impossible!!! I’m going to have to say Dwarf in the Dirt–with Brennan encouraging Booth:

Season Six: I think my favorite ending to an episode is actually The Finder–though it was one of my least favorite episodes ( and calling it an episode of Bones also feels very, very generous…but I’m not being annoyed today, right? So…moving on!)

Ah, that’s more like it. Okay, enough from me. What are your favorite episode enders of all time, or from each season, or…you know, the top 100?!? 😀

Peace, Love & Bones (and best wishes for a great weekend!)



52 thoughts on “Morning After Q: Favorite Episode Endings?

  1. Season 1: Woman in Limbo, Booth peeking at the manuscript, “Girls are nice”
    Season 2: Agreed, Boneless Bride
    Season 3: Agreed, Santa in the Slush – hello! Are they not gazing at each other with blatant adoration and longing? Sigh. The denial…it is so strong…
    Season 4: Fire in the Ice, hands and skates and Brennan’s butt down
    Season 5: Gamer in the Grease – ’cause once Booth starts, he ain’t gonna stop! Also, three piece suit. Also, “look me in the eye and tell me you don’t feel a thing.” (see season 3)
    Season 6: Can I just say my favorite part was that it ended? I actually like your example, Sarah, because look at that screencap – they are so on a date. I guess I’d have to pick Hole in the Heart, for the expression on Booth’s face when Brennan takes his arm. Relief, contentment, our long national nightmare is over…

  2. I love this post, and here are a few of my favorites because there are so so so many 🙂

    season 1: Two Bodies in the Lab. The face Booth makes when Brennan comes back into the room. She chose him!
    season 2: The Glowing Bones in the Old Stone House. Brennan makes food that Booth wants to be alone with, and no one is fooled by Brennan’s “you have to eat” gloss over. It’s a sweet gesture that is not lost on Booth.
    season 3: Death in the Saddle. Because sparks, broken laws of physics, miracles, and Booth wins an argument. 🙂
    season 4: The Cinderella in the Cardboard. Brennan goes to Booth’s place without calling first, Booth is unabashedly happy to see her… talk of transcendent and eternal love :). They sit so closely together on that couch… and I am probably reading too much into it, but it always sounds to me like Brennan is telling Booth she wants to love HIM, and Booth is saying he’ll be there when she’s ready.
    season 5: The Night at the Museum. Booth is into old museum stuff, because Brennan fascinates him so much. Also, Booth in a tux (had to take a moment there)…what’s between us is ours, and gradual steps closer and closer to each other. Straightening the straight bow tie, and fixing the perfect hair.
    season 6: The Hole in the Heart. Booth knows Brennan is coming. The linked arms. 🙂

  3. Wow. Narrowing down one per season is so unlike me, but here goes:
    Season 1: Two Bodies in the Lab. Even if Brennan looked really dorky with that bandage on her forehead.
    Season 2: Agreed – Boneless Bride. Nothing in the six years of this series beats Booth being on the dock when she turns around. And never has he looked so hawt!
    Season 3: Agreed – Santa in the Slush. Christmas miracles all around
    Season 4: Mayhem on the Cross. Not a sweet B&B moment, but an important point in their journey.
    Season 5: Bond in the Boot. Could anyone be sexier repairing plumbing?
    Season 6: Blackout in the Blizzard. They cheated a little on burning things and making wishes, because they had already done that in Season 5, but I loved that they both admitted (in their own B/B way) that they wanted more. Plus I loved the way that scene was lit.

    • Oh, I think Mayhem is a sweet B & B moment. The look on Booth’s face when he hears what she endured, then the way she looks at him to get him to tell something, and the handkerchief…oooh. Love love love it.

      • I love that moment too!

      • I just don’t think what they revealed to each other about their pasts could ever be considered sweet.

      • Huronia, I agree that the stories they shared were not at all sweet…gut-wrenching might be a more appropriate word. But the moment between them, the way they look at one another…it is so obvious how much they care about one another in that scene. The feelings that arc between them in that scene are so…tender. Beautiful.

  4. Season 1: The Man in the Bear. I love the look on Booth’s face when Brennan starts talking about Charlie’s well-developed hips and thighs, and then when he pushes his plate away, she offers him some cornflakes. It’s so cute. That is one of my favorite session one episodes, all around.

    Season 2: Judas on a Pole. “There’s more than one kind of family.” ‘Nuff said.

    Season 3: Mummy in the Maze. It’s silly and ridiculous, but I love the costumes and the “not really a date” and Brennan spinning in circles.

    Season 4: Mayhem on the Cross. I have watching this scene 50 gazillion times and it never fails to stop my heart. Love it.

    Season 5: Dwarf in the Dirt. Because there is something so sexy about Booth with a gun. The shot where it shows him reloading from behind…for some reason I find that totally hot.

    Season 6: I haven’t watched many of them more than once, but I guess I’ll go with the season finale, because I love that song, and because of Brennan’s face while waiting for Booth’s reaction and, finally, because of Booth’s goofy grin.

  5. This assignment is sheer insanity! How on earth are we supposed to pick 6-SIX-endings we love? Aaarrrrgggg! I take all of the above, but just for variety I’ll go with some different ones than the ones I might have picked. Everyone here already knows my unhealthy obsession with the X-mas ones, so I’ll spare you and omit those.
    1.Man in the Morgue: because he does something that jeopardizes his whole career for her and she begins to look at him with different eyes.
    2.Judas on a Pole: because who doesn’t like having a different kind of family?
    3. Verdict in the story: he leaves without even hearing the verdict because he doesn’t want her to be alone and she hugs him with everything she’s got-and Max notices.
    4. Con Man gets me every time; nothing new about that. Vulnerable Booth; to die for!
    5. Tough Man in Tender Chicken: Booth starts to get his groove back, and how ridiculously cute are they when he asks her if she wants to know what he saw?
    6. Hole in the Heart-because the linked arms nailed it for me! No doubting Thomas here…

  6. Killer in the Concrete: Keep on Trying by Poco…B&B at their adorable best! 🙂

    • It is a very sweet moment, but…DB really should not sing. His voice is adorably terrible, and I cringe for him every time I hear it. ED on the other hand, she’s got the pipes.

  7. Season 1: Woman in Limbo – Really, the beginning for me of B&B being more than just partners
    Season 2: Glowing Bones – Gotta Eat!
    Season 3: Agreed, Santa in the Slush – Seriously, how did Brennan not run into Booth’s arms and not want to make love to him? Was it Parker being there?! Gosh.
    Season 4: Fire in the Ice – Best way to overcome a concussion
    Season 5: Dwarf in the Dirt – Thumbs up, baby !
    Season 6: Change in the Game – I was a complete sucker for that last scene. They were SO OVER THE MOON.
    Honorable Mention Season 6: The BEST thing – aside from Brennan’s medal being found – about the Finder Pilot was the end scene with Brennan and Booth who, I’m sorry, were ON. A. Date. Period. At that point in their story, THAT was a date. I think if Brennan would have let Booth into the cab at the end of Truth in the Myth he would have gone. That was CHARM Booth there….I think his date on his piece of paper may have passed or already approached so, yes, I’m comfortable with saying the end scene in The Finder was a date.

    • Santa in the Slush…that is probably where I fell head over heels in love with Booth/DB because wow. If you’ve got a guy that wants to do that for you, and he’s wearing that wonderful sweater. How she didn’t drop that phone and run out to him right then, I’ll never know! Whew! **fans self furiously**

  8. Hi!! Let me say it’s very difficult to choose just one episode per season, but i’m gonna try it!! 😀 Season1: “Two bodies in the lab”, loved B&B’ final hug, they got closer from that moment on!! Season2: “Aliens in a spaceship” Booth running down the hill and pulling Bones out was really amazing!! Season3: “Death in the saddle”, Booth’s “making love” speech was truly breathtaking, and I loved how they stared at each other eyes, they really could have broke the laws of physics!! Season4: “fire on the ice”, B&B skating is surely one of my fav B&B’ moments ever!! Season5: all of them!! lol Ok, I’m gonna say: “The parts in the sum of the whole”, It was heart crushing but I really loved it!!! Season6: “The change in the game”, just because of Booth’s smile at end of the episode.. It was priceless!!! 😀

  9. Very tough question!

    Season 1-
    Season 2- As much as I love the Boneless Bride ending, I’m going to have to go with The Girl with the Curl – the oh-crap-I’m-in-love-with-Bones look followed by completely invading her personal space when he tells her he’s ordering take out.
    Season 3- This would be the hardest for me as there are so many great endings. I would have to go with The Wannabe in the Weeds and the goofy way Booth loves to watch his girl sing and Bones finally lets loose.
    Season 4- Cinderella in the Cardboard – Bones wants to believe love is transcendent and true and Booth assures her that she will
    Season 5- The Bond in the Boot – the tender moment when he teaches her how to fix pipes in contrast with the water exploding in their faces.
    Season 6- The Bikini in the Soup – I really liked how Brennan brought the Tommy guns for them. It was a very sweet moment between them.

    • I realized I forgot Season 1. I think I’ll have to go with the The Man in the Morgue- Booth gives Brennan her mother’s earring and Angela asks, “Does that prove something?” and Brennan replies, “Yeah, it proves something.”

      • and darn it I’m switching my season 4 choice to Fire in the Ice. I just saw the ending and it just warms my heart.

    • I totally forgot about the Tommy guns. That was a great ending.

  10. Not sure of the episode name, but Brennan’s arm is in a sling and she comes out of the restaurant with cake for Booth, asking him if he wants time and space, and he just smiles and says “time”. And they eat cake together…

    I love their personal little moments at the end of cases. After all the murder and mayhem, its nice to have them just sit, and just be together for a bit. More of these in season 7 please!

  11. Season 1 – “Two Bodies in the Lab” is probably the one for me, but I’ll diverge from the norm and also offer up “The Man on the Fairway” with the last scene being Booth looking at the file on Brennan’s parents and then Booth smiling as he looks at Brennan’s childhood picture.
    Season 2 – “Glowing Bones in the Old Stone House” – Lordy, have mercy. If it were me, I would’ve ended up pregnant at the end of THAT episode, not 4 years later. 😛 But TPTB succeeded in having that scene give us just a little taste of B&B together yet leave us wanting more. Evil geniuses.
    Season 3 – “Santa in the Slush” is my ‘duh’ choice, but I give honorable mention to “Intern in the Incinerator” with Booth & Brennan doing shots in Booth’s office.
    Season 4 – “Fire in the Ice” My husband thinks the ending to this is cheesy. I say, there’s a disco ball and David Boreanaz wearing hockey skates; everything else is invalid.
    Season 5 – “Bond in the Boot.” For as platonic as it is intended to be, it’s such an incredibly intimate scene. It’s one of my favorite scenes ever for the series.
    Season 6 – “The Finder” – First episode all season where I felt they were “They.”, even more so than Blackout in the Blizzard. They were on a date, and there was nothing awkward about it.

  12. In order of certainty (or uncertainty) I think.

    S4 – Fire in the Ice – Happy together for quite a lengthy scene. Although S4 has a lot of great endings. Cinderella, Pieces in the Purple Pond (Booth reciting her review by heart), Critic (the look on Booth’s face when he is looking for her, then sees her and when he tells her she should have his “stuff” if he doesn’t make it), Panhandle, Salt in the Wounds (Brennan watching Booth talking to that boy), Passenger in the Oven (“there’s that smile,” Booth pretending he doesn’t remember Bones having a hard time getting him to take her into the field, “why does everyone think we’re going to kiss,” etc., etc.

    S2 I’d go with Boneless Bride, but … Headless Witch – the first “guy hug” and the look of complete happiness on Booth’s face as he holds her and rubs her back. In the church at the end of Aliens, ain’t bad either, although I must agree that Booth running to the rescue is hot, hot, hot.

    S3 – Wannabe and Verdict are good, but I think I’ll go with the moment on the stairs at the end of Pain in the Heart

    S1 – I guess I’d go with Booth looking at the pic of young Temperance

    S5 – Toss up between Dwarf in the Dirt and Night at the Bones Museum, and the plumbing scene and the discussion of soul mates at the end of Body on the Blue Line

    HH really is an evil genius: it really is impossible to pick just one final scene per season.

    S6 – I’d go with Hole in the Heart – that almost imperceptible, crooked smile on Booth’s face when Brennan takes his arm, but wait: the look of complete regret and confusion on Booth’s face and the look of delight on Brennan’s at the end of Bullet in the Brain. Runners up: Change in the Game, Bikini in the Soup, Blackout, “Broadsky is bad; you are good.” But wait, I hated most of this season and it’s still tough to pick just one end scene. In the early part of the season: Brennan with the Science Dude (and I want to be that little girl sitting in Booth’s lap ;-D ); the scene about the people who were on the slave ship — Brennan looking at Booth as they stand there next to each other; Booth with the red bow at the end of Maggots.

    • “But wait, I hated most of this season and it’s still tough to pick just one end scene.”

      See, y’all?? Don’t throw out the baby (season 6) with the dirty, icky bathwater (aka Hannah). Yeah Booth had a girlfriend. That sucked. But we still had tons of good parts too! I personally can’t wait for the DVD to come out so I can fully enjoy it, knowing what we know now about B&B! Hindsight is 20/20, and I’m excited to see things that I might have missed the 1st time.

      • I definitely enjoyed S6 rewatching it after seeing the entire season. The only episode I really still hate is Babe in a Bar. HATE IT. HATE the end end of THAT episode. HATE. If anything, rewatching the first half of S6 now is painful in a different way…. I still believe Booth loved Hannah but it’s just more clear to me now that he was trying to move on but that anything he had with Hannah or anyone else would never be equal to what he had with Bones – and they were never even an official romantic couple. It kind of makes the ending CITG all the more sweeter.

      • I still hate most of S6. I will never re-watch anything prior to DitP and not even sure I’ll re-watch that. There are those couple of endings I might watch, but overall until Bullet in the Brain, I’m not looking at it again. (There’s at least one after that that I won’t watch either.) It just hurts so-o much. Even with hindsight. It’s partly because I’m still worried about them. Can they really get it back? We still haven’t seen Booth look at Brennan the way he looked at her in Wannabe (and other times, I can’t cite at the moment). Everything is still so fraught, feels so-o fragile. Even after Hole in the Heart, Change in the Game and those end scenes, I’m still worried about them. They aren’t themselves in some way. They’re still treading so-o carefully.

        I really need to get a life. ;-D

        I will get the DVD’s, tho’ — for the commentaries, the outtakes and extra scenes. I have it on order at amazon at the pre-order price.

      • I learned my lesson tonight. After seeing Jaime and David on the red carpet, I flipped back to Rock Star in the Rinse Cycle. I thought I recalled some moments in that ep that I had enjoyed (singing Hot Blooded), but I came back in as Brennan is telling Cam that Booth seems to like Catherine and that she (Brennan) expected to be alone, etc., etc. I immediately went elsewhere. My first inclination to avoid from ep 100 up to Bullet in the Brain was right. Basically, there’s about a year of Bones eps that I just can’t stomach.

      • Hm…Angelena, I do understand where you are coming from. However, I just don’t have that same feeling on that scene. I liked the Brennan-angst of Season 6. It’s been mostly Booth-angst on the relationship front…I’m thinking of going to GGW’s for a one-on-one dinner with Brennan and them talking about Booth’s love for her and Booth saying it would never work. He looks so sad! Post-coma-dream Booth was an interesting time because he was truly lonely, he wanted to recapture the feeling of that place and those people. Brennan’s always been able to hide her feelings/stuff them down deep so that she could go off and do the next thing, have her next surface relationship, but Booth typically wore his heart on his sleeve.

        But season 6 flipped all of that. Now it is Brennan that is having the life-changing epiphany now, and Booth is the one stuffing his true emotions deep down and having surface relationships. I’m sure Brennan-ites might be ready to throw those tomatoes, but honestly I think it was good for her character to experience true love, loss, realizations, fear, etc that she never let herself go through before. I think Season 6 was a necessary growth pattern for both.

        And I know some people don’t like Booth’s actions in season 6, but I think that might be because he was acting more like Brennan. Sometimes I don’t like when Brennan makes a cutting remark, or leaves Booth high-and-dry at different times. But anyway, I see season 6 now as a bit of a role reversal, unique to their relationship, and through that, they’ve gotten to where they are today–A COUPLE–so I can’t truly hate on Season 6 now that there’s a baby! I mean, come on, isn’t there a bit of merit to season 6?? Doesn’t pain make us stronger? Wasn’t it awesome to see Brennan experience true emotions?? I am so excited to watch Season 6 DVDs with the hindsight knowledge of the baby!

      • bb, I think that’s a really great perspective. Brennan had definitely been better at keeping her deeper feelings at bay. Either not wanting to think about them, or trying to deny that it was anything other than a great partnership and close friendship. I think I will always cringe in the 100th episode when she says “We’re not in love with each other.” Now, maybe it was a true statement, because she may not have been, but we know Booth was, and the face he made was…I don’t even have words. And I cringed earlier when she said she didn’t care about the love thing in Sweets’ book, and told Sweets his conclusion was wrong (perhaps a few indicators of the day to alert Booth that maybe today wasn’t the best day for a declaration of his undying love?)

        I know Brennan doesn’t want to hurt Booth, she doesn’t mean to hurt him, but she knows it can happen unintentionally. That’s one of the reasons she said no to a deeper relationship. But I think she is at a place where she tries to be more mindful of how she comes across. She won’t be perfect, but she’ll try to fix it once she knows. I’m actually more worried about Booth getting upset and not saying anything when she can tell he is bothered by something she says or does. Last time she had to pull the partner card to get him to talk. As long as Brennan doesn’t mind having to push sometimes, and I don’t think she’s lost that ability, so that Booth eventually relents and talks to her, I think they’ll be fine. I think when it comes down to it, Booth is just more sentimental than Brennan. That doesn’t necessarily mean she doesn’t love him as much, but yeah, a lot of disagreements can come that difference alone.

      • bb, with all due respect that idea “who cares what happened before, now they are having a baby!” is exactly why I didn’t like the baby storyline.

        It’s a very easy way for the writers to say “don’t think too hard about where we took the characters last year, don’t think about what we *did* to our characters, and for heaven’s sake definitely DO NOT think of the complicated emotional mess we left them in, because we have no intention of resolving it.

        Look at the baby! They’re having a baby! Nothing else matters because they’re having a baby!

        I don’t expect any real turmoil between B&B in season 7. I think the show is giving up the angst and will be milking every possible pregnancy joke/funny storyline they can. (And I said that in the days after the finale too, so I’m not talking about spoilers).

        My prediction: Nothing that happened between B/B & H in season 6 will ever be mentioned again. It will be written as if B&B have been together all along.

      • va32h, I think you misunderstand me! And maybe I am not clear! I just mean their “coupledom” or whatever you want to call it, stemmed from the past events. That the hurt they went through in Season 6 was painful, but necessary for them to proceed from surrogate relationship to actual relationship. I truly am not on the “everything is great because of the baby” bandwagon I promise 🙂

        (I am actually still on the fence about them writing in ED’s pregnancy!)

      • I think they would have tried to gloss over the emotional mess even without the pregnancy. But yes, it’s a convenient idea to get people attached to. Doesn’t make me any less excited, though. I’m not saying it’s the best thing for them to do. I just happen to enjoy observing the different stages of motherhood – no, I’m not a mother, so it makes observing all the more merrier.

        Maybe a clear resolution would be best, but I honestly don’t feel like going through it with them. When I really think about it, I don’t even know what they need resolved regarding Hannah that they haven’t already said. I would rather think it happened offscreen so I wouldn’t have to sit through reliving the pain with them. Who knows what will be brought up in the season 7, though. If there are any things to work out in their relationship, it’s not because of Hannah. It would be their regular issues, and some newer ones with the baby, that they would have to work through. I don’t think Hannah is relevant to them anymore. I will say, if there is one thing I would like to see, it is to see Brennan confess why she said no (fear), and the real reason she went to Maluku like she told Angela – because that’s where I think miscommunication happened. I don’t think Booth really understood that her decisions were motivated by just how much she cared for him, not how she didn’t. But at this point, water under a bridge? We’ll see.

    • Red bow Booth and the “thumbs up” moment were about the only things keeping my hair attached to my scalp the first part of the season. But it got better…

  13. This was a very tough assignment. I loved most of season 3 and 4 so really had a hard time making up my mind. I reserved the right to change my mind in an hour or a day or next week:
    1. The woman in Limbo = when Booth opens the manuscript and sees “This book is dedicated to my partner and friend, Special Agent Seeley Booth’
    2. The Headless Witch in the Woods = it’s a guy hug (That hug is so sweet)
    3. The Santa In The Slush = Booth in his sweater in the snow
    4. The Hero in the Hold = When Brennan rescues Booth and they hug so fiercely, like they’ll never let go.
    5. The X in the File = Booth and Brennan gazing at the stars
    6. The Hole in the Heart = Booth and Brennan walking arm in arm, their so relaxed and so sure of each other. Finally……

    • #2: I’ve always found his smile as he’s hugging her quite suspicious, like he really knew what he was doing.

      #4: That’s not the last great moment of the episode, though. I love when Brennan hands him a new Cocky belt buckle when those are not easy to find. I’ve always felt like there was something very deep going on in that moment, something just barely discernible and I don’t know if Brennan understood it all herself. She knew she had almost lost him, and as he’s excited about the buckle, she half-smiles but it looks like she has deeper thoughts on her mind.

      For all their differences and bickering between them, they really appreciate each other just as they are. She got him a new buckle not because it’s really sexy (when she probably thinks it’s actually rather silly like his socks,) but because it’s part of who he is in terms of what he wears, and she wants to help him stay “Boothy” (her term she surprisingly said in The Plain in the Prodigy.) She needs him to stay “Boothy” – that’s her Booth. Oh, what wouldn’t I pay to hear her use that term at least one more time.

      #5: An out-of-town case! But I love when Brennan allows herself to be silly with Booth. Not many people can bring out her silly side.

      #6: I *heart* this scene. I must have replayed it over 100 times by now. Brennan going to his side and taking his arm, the way he smiles and looks at her. Sigh. In spite of the sadness, they have each other.

  14. Just going to tag along with one the many fave endings with Boneless Bride. I was just listening to “You” by Fisher and that song just seals the whole deal for me. That whole episode – there is something about it that I can’t quite put my finger on that moves me and that song — that song paired with that “cliché”. So beautiful.

  15. Well, I HATE the episode with a passion, BUT Death of a Queen Bee, with everyone at The Founding Fathers, having a drink and Brennan speaks to knowing what real friendship is because of the people at the table with her…I really liked that. It’s just that season 5 had so many good choices! But that one doesn’t win for me. Just wanted to point it out

    Season 1- Two Bodies. No doubt. Because it wasn’t one hug, but 2!!
    S2- Glowing Bones. Just awesome.
    S3- Oh that Christmas tree. No question. At all. Le sigh.
    S4-Fire in the Ice. Perfection.
    S5-Dwarf in the Dirt
    S6- Don’t hate me, but the end of Daredevil and Booth’s mini breakdown in the bar. Powerful stuff. Not necessarily happy B&B, but stick together no matter what B&B and I like that about it. She’s not going anywhere and she got the choice to stay or go. The supposed cause of his breakdown? She wasn’t given a choice. She just had to go.

    • I almost went for your S6 choice b/c it was such a powerful and emotional scene. It’s certainly one of my favourite scenes, but in the end I decided it wasn’t so much a B/B scene as a Booth scene; and an unforgettable one at that.

    • S1 – Two Bodies in the Lab
      S2 – Glowing Bones
      S3 – Pain in the Heart
      S4 – Con Man in the Meth Lab
      S5 – Parts in the Sum of the Whole – I just love it.
      S6 – End of Daredevil – One of my favorite scenes. EVER. Breaks my heart.

  16. S1: Two Bodies in the Lab
    S2: Judas on a Pole
    S3: Secret in the Soil
    S4: Mayhem on the Cross
    S5: Harbingers in the Fountain/Witch in the Wardrobe
    S6: Change in the Game

  17. Wow. This post just made me smile all day. It just reinforces my love of BONES. Hmmm, people have said a lot of my favorites already. So maybe I’ll mention some others haven’t.

    Season 4:
    The Bones that Foam – the bickering about Brennan driving the sports car; I love the sweet stuff, but they can fade out to bickering anytime they want

    Season 5 had a lot of great endings too:
    The Goop on the Girl – their peeked glances at the dinner table
    The Tough Man in the Tender Chicken – Brennan’s “Next time call me; you like brown sugar on everything!”; “Even at half-speed you’re twice as fast as anyone else.”; “I want to know what you think…I need to know what you think.”; “I trust you.”
    The Dentist in the Ditch – Brennan’s toast to love, which she said she believed was only brain chemistry before she met Booth

    But yeah, most of the endings are great. But I am with camcat with the exception being The Babe in the Bar.

  18. S1: Two bodies in the Lab
    -There’s something very moving about Brennan’s genuine fear. Up to this point, she’s been a rather “strong” woman. It was very interesting to see her in a different light.
    S2: Boneless Bride in the River….
    -Do I even have to explain??
    S3: The Santa in the Slush….
    -He lit up a Christmas tree outside while talking on the phone with her. ‘Nuff said!
    S4: Con Man in the Meth Lab tied with Fire in the Ice
    -“Do you need time and space?” ….”Just some time” AWWWWWWWW.
    -B/B iceskating = my dream come true
    S5: Night at the Bones Museum
    -aka. the episode that made me stop breathing.
    S6: Blackout in the Blizzard

  19. 1. Woman in Limbo — Booth takes care of her while they find out about her family.
    2. Boneless Bride — everything happens eventually. How comfortable they are with Booth’s arm around her. Tie with Glowing Bones — her cooking for him after they discussed what cooking for someone meant.
    3. Santa in the Slush — just an awesome example of how it can be just them when there are other people in the scene. It’s so sweet when she says she loves her gift and Booth is just gorgeous in the grey sweater.
    4. Fire in the Ice — holding hands while skating and just enjoying each others company. You’re the only partner I want to work with.
    5. X in the file — teasing about aliens while looking at the stars. tie with Bond in the Boot — that plumbing scene gets me every time. Especially because Brennan went out of her way to let Booth teach her.
    6. Bikini in the soup — those tommy guns were awesome and just what Booth needed so he could vent a little and overcome his anger. Brennan didn’t need anyone’s advice on what to do — she said she would always stand by him and she did just that.

  20. Season 1: Two Bodies in the Lab (after all he did for her, she finally gets it and decides to cancel her date and spend the evening with him in the hospital room watching TV – a tiny step on the Brennan’s road to learning how to be a good friend).

    Season 2: (tie) Woman in the Sand or Glowing Bones in the Old Stone House (“beginner’s luck” versus Booth saying about the mac ‘n’ cheese, “I’d like to be alone with it” – absolutely wonderful line!)

    Season 3: Death in the Saddle: I love Booth’s little monologue on making love. Best ending scene ever.

    Season 4: (tie) Fire in the Ice or Critic in the Cabernet: The ice-skating scene is very sweet, romantic and surprisingly intimate (“You’re the only partner I want to work with” – awww), but I also love the scared, boyish Booth at the end of CitC and the way Brennan steps up to ensure that he feels safe going into surgery, agreeing to ask the doctor to be present in the operating room (wow).

    Season 5: Foot in the Foreclosure: The scene with Hank, where he basically urges each of them, separately in and in their own way, to open up their hearts to one another, is very sweet and heartwarming. Despite the events in the latter part of Season 5 and the first half of Season 6, I think B&B both remember what Hank said then.

    Season 6: Blackout in the Blizzard: That conversation is so pivotal and so meaningful, and gives me a lot of hope going into Season 7 that these two characters can make it work for 30, 40 or 50 years.

    • Oh my gosh! You’re from Fanfiction! I love your stories 🙂 Can I change my answer for Season 3 for a three way tie? I love that monologue… I actually remembered it.

  21. First of all…. thank you! I completely I agree… the finder annoys me! Anyways:
    Season 1: The Man in the Morgue- In my opinion the episode is creepy… but I LOVE when Booth gives her mother’s missing earring back to her.
    Season 2: Tied between the last 2 episodes–Stargazer in a Puddle and Glowing Bones in the Old Stone House–is it me or do the ‘closers’ for the season always rock 🙂
    Season 3: Mummy in the Maze- The ‘date’ analogy is hilarious and I love when Brennan spins around at the end. and (sorry I can never pick just 1) The Pain in the Heart. Enough said.
    Season 4: Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond. 1 Zach is back. 2 Zach isn’t crazy… no B and B really but its still great 🙂 and Eng in the Beginning
    Season 5: Harbingers in a Fountain. Cyndi Lauper guest stars as a psychic and says ‘my cards tell me it will all work out in the end’ to Booth. and Foot in the Foreclosure… I love Hank!!!
    Season 6: It’s really hard…. all the end episodes.. basically after Hannah was gone the season was great. Hole in the Heart (obviously) and Change in the Game–love the song at the end (Adele Make you Feel my Love) and “I’m pregnant, you’re the father” I was on the floor by the end of that episode.

  22. Its like you learn my mind! You appear to know so much approximately this,
    like you wrote the book in it or something. I feel that you can do with a few percent to pressure the message home a bit, but other than that, this is wonderful blog.

    A fantastic read. I will certainly be back.

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