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I think this may be a highly unpopular opinion, but Cam has always been one of my favorite characters on Bones, after-who else-Booth and Brennan. Which is pretty amazing when you consider how little substance there often is to her.

There’s actually times when I’ve wondered what purpose she serves on the show because so often it seems like the writers see her as an afterthought, especially after this last season. I understand that a lot of time had to be spent on the Booth/Brennan arc because they are after all the main characters and their story needed to be pushed forward these last two years, but it just seems that by adding the Angela/Hodgins story to the mix, there was very little time left over for Cam’s development.

So why do I still like her so much? I started watching the show in the fourth season so I never saw Cam as a real rival to Brennan; rather, I saw her in terms of what else she had to offer. I guess I respect her take-no-prisoners approach which, though it sometimes borders on the unethical, also serves the very practical purpose of keeping criminals off the street. She is, after all, a cop and she’s probably seen everything. Booth may not agree with her methods, but he defends her to Brennan nevertheless. Of all the people at the Jeffersonian, she’s the only one that made a career out of examining the newly dead, people who often were still quite recognizable as human beings on her table. Being a coroner would really be no fun and I appreciate the kind of steely resolve with which she applies herself during autopsies. It’s a tough job that would take guts and I always felt the writers got that part of Cam right.

I also like that she comports herself with the sort of dignity that befits her role as “den mother” of the lab, particularly since the squints are sorely lacking in the dignity department. It’s not that I don’t like the humor they bring, but it’s nice to see someone rule over the chaos, sort of like watching a preschool teacher in action. She’s typically serene, which is also a refreshing counterpoint to Angela’s constant drama. And I definitely love her dry sense of humor, a perfect straight man to all the loonies on the platform.

But my favorite thing about Cam is the way she’s always been a good friend to Booth, despite the fact that she had been in relationships with him before and could have harbored all sorts of resentments. These are the moments that make her seem real to me: when she stands up for him in Con Man, when she’s concerned about him in Harbingers and when she thanks Brennan on his behalf in Proof in the Pudding. She’s always been very perceptive when it comes to Booth because I think she knows he’s his own worst enemy and she wants to steer him towards a place where he can be genuinely happy. Her deep empathy on his behalf, as well as her concern for her adopted daughter makes me like her.

So here’s my beef with the writers. I don’t object to Cam’s lapses in judgment, not even when she sent in that application for Michelle. I personally would never do a thing like that for my kids but I can almost understand her feeling that Michelle’s future is a huge responsibility, especially since Michelle has no one else to look after her. It’s the sort of extra paranoia that parents have when they’re watching someone else’s kids. Would I advocate what she did? No-but I can sort of understand why she did it. My real problem with Cam of late is that she’s lost some of the empathy she seemed to have early in the series towards many of the victims, in part because the writers seem to feel obligated to make her part of the squints’ mayhem. Of late, she doesn’t do much more than roll her eyes or make some throw-away statement. I’m certainly glad they gave her that storyline with Paul, but I’m afraid this is one more of those things which will be mentioned in passing every so often but which won’t really be developed.

I also feel that her interaction with the other characters, particularly Booth, has really been lacking of late. Of course that was also the case with Angela and Brennan, and this might have been a deliberate effort by the writers to keep B&B isolated last season. Back to Cam’s disappearing act, though. The thought actually occurred to me that she could be the surprise victim in Hole in the Heart because of how little by way of presence she had this year. It seems that her lovely, though highly impractical, wardrobe gets way more attention than her character does.

So I hope we get to see more Cam and less Hodgela this season, by way of variety. I hope they show her having a real impact on her friends with her advice, especially when it comes to Booth and his relationship with Brennan. I would prefer if Sweets wasn’t the only person that Booth went to when he feels he has a problem because frankly, I like Cam’s advice way more than I’ve ever liked Sweets’. So writers, I urge you to give Cam her due and restore her to her rightful place in the series this next year, although I fear it’ll be a long-shot, given the shortened season and the baby storyline (which by the way, I’m not minding one bit.)

So, does anyone else like Cam? Let me know.



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  1. I’m with you when you say you prefer Cam’s advice over Sweets. Cam has Booth’s best intentions in mind when it comes to her advice. Sweets has the FBI’s best intentions in mind when it comes to his advice to Booth.
    I too like Cam for the reasons that you gave. She is a good friend to Booth and Jared. She brings a maturity to the Lab that is sorely needed. Brennan is the only other adult in the room when it comes to the Lab. The squints are always getting into trouble and they definitely need a den mother.
    I would like to see more of Cam and Paul and less of Angela and Hodgins this year. Well maybe not Hodgins. I am a big fan of Hodgins. I’m just not a fan of Hodgela. We know Angela and Hodgins story so we need to see more of Cam and Paul’s story. Add to that, they are very cute couple. Of course, not as cute and B&B; but, then, who is?

  2. I also came to Bones late in the game. The fifth season was on air when I started watching, but I think I actually watched the fourth season first, then went back and watched one through three and finally saw the fifth season when it was released on DVD. The sixth season is the only one I have actually watched as it aired.

    I read somewhere that the reason that Goodman was eliminated and Cam was introduced was to remove Brennan’s paternal-esque support and inject some conflict. In early season two, Cam certainly accomplished that.

    I never disliked Cam, but for a long time I didn’t actually like her, either. Now, though, I’ve developed a bit of respect for her, at least as she was written early in the series. She’s grown on me, and I find that she often is given the funniest lines. So even though she’s not my favorite character, I enjoy her role.

    To be honest, I could do without the whole Michelle storyline. I don’t really have feelings one way or the other about Paul. I like Cam as a counterpoint to Brennan in the lab, and I also like her as the person who cuts through the BS and tells Booth how it is. In the interest of full disclosure, I’ve only watched most season six episodes once, but from what I recall, her character was different last season. I can’t articulate how exactly, just that she wasn’t the same. And I’m not entirely certain when that started.

    And seriously, what is with those clothes? You’d think that a pathologist would need more range of movement than those skin-tight dresses afford.

  3. I like Cam; I feel exactly the way you do. She’s had some of the funniest reactions and comments to the others, and she does look out for Booth. But they need to really utilize her this season – and not just her love life.

    True, sometimes she skirts the edge of the ethical, but whenever it comes to solving a case, she doesn’t cut corners, even if she feels tempted to. Sure, she may not want to stay at the Jeffersonian 24/7 and kind of presses on the others to hurry at times – but ultimately she knows it’s important to provide evidence that presents an air-tight case. I actually like her as a boss – I don’t think she’s too bossy, and she only emphasizes that when things kind of turn into a circus in there. In an administrative capacity, she has to consider the big picture (like spam experiments probably not going over well in a courtroom). She doesn’t try to be their friends and have them like her, so they are nice to her in return and she’s there when they have drinks after work.

    Booth is a good guy, better than most. I know he despises dirty cops. But sometimes laws are difficult to work through even when you’re in the right. In the beginning, Booth told Brennan that he just needs “the kind of crap that can persuade a jury.” I don’t know how serious he was, but after that exchange it’s not hard to see why he understands where Cam is coming from at times. When Cam wanted to falsify evidence to keep the Venezuelan ambassador in the country, Brennan was not too happy. When Brennan told Booth he did the right thing, Booth just downplayed his actions and said that things just worked out. Makes me wonder what he would have done if Brennan wasn’t there to protest so strongly. Like I said, he’s a good guy, but having Brennan as a partner has kind of forced him to have higher standards.

    • Just wanted to say I agree with you completely.

      Also, I’d really like to see the writers develop Cam more in the aspect of being a foil for Brennan when it comes to the home-life vs. work-life balance. Cam does encourage speediness when it comes to an instance that involves getting back to her home-life. It’s not really in an unethical manner, because I do think she would (and has) stayed until everything was completely finished. She’s antsy to get home, signaling to me that her home-life is more important. Her career is just her career, not her everything NOW that she has Michelle. Before Michelle, I would say she was *more* Brennan-esque in her approach to her job.

    • Just to clarify one thing, it was Booth, who refused to go along with the ‘lie to the suspect’ approach Cam proposed with the Venezuelan judge. He gave a very good speech to Brennan about how if the US lies to evade diplomatic immunity now some US diplomat somewhere some day would be roasted over a slow fire. Then he tore up the folder. Brennan didn’t give Booth a moral compass. He had that already when he met her.

      Oh and I like Cam a lot. To me, she is the linchpin that holds all the crazies together and interfaces with the real world. She’s smart, bright and pragmatic and she supports Booth. But she hasn’t been used very creatively which is a shame.

      • I wasn’t trying to say that Booth doesn’t have morals, even strong ones. But he sees more gray in the world while Brennan’s approach is usually black-and-white.

      • He did not refuse to lie to the suspect. He commented that if they did not honor diplomatic immunity in America then it wouldn’t be honored in other countries. He said nothing at all about the lie being bad, the only one who made that comment was Brennan.

  4. I can’t reply properly now, but briefly – yes, I basically love her and wish they’d spend more time on her than Angela. Looking forward to hearing other’s thoughts.

  5. I’ve watched the show from the beginning as they aired from the Pilot on. When Cam was first introduced I did not like her at all, but it seems to be they didn’t intend for the viewers to like her in the beginning. It sure seems that she was brought in to create friction, and to cause problems for Brennan. Threatening to fire Brennan was not a move designed to endear her to the Brennan fans, but it did give Booth the opportunity to tell this longtime friend that he was with Brennan all the way.

    From what I can tell a few episodes in they decided to make her a regular on the show and started writing her less abrasive, and more a part of the team. It could just be looked at from the character point of view that she came on strong in the beginning because she was being flown in over their heads and that was the best way she knew to not get buried under all of these strong personalities. I just know it did take a while to get to the point where she didn’t inspire a hiss when she came on screen. 😀

    I do like her (most of the time) now. I think her lack of presence in the 6th season could be attributed to the fact that she does seem to function very effectively as Booth’s friend, but she’s centered more in Brennan’s world. For most of season 6 Booth was mainly separated from Brennan’s world so there was little opportunity for Cam to interact with Booth as a friend. The time they had to pop over to the FBI and in this case get advice from Booth instead of giving advice was just a little weird…at least to me it was.

    I think this next season there should be more opportunity to have Booth and Cam interact as friends again. Since Cam does appear to have become a shipper over the seasons (she did say she thought they’d be together when they returned) that friendship shouldn’t be threatening to fans. She has also developed an easier relationship with Brennan something that seems to be inching closer and closer to friendship instead of just co-workers. Hopefully we’ll get less of the stunts on her part like applying to college for Michelle and putting up a countdown clock on solving a murder so that she can keep a date next season.

  6. It’s interesting to me how Cam has become more liked as the series has progressed. Once she got out of Booth’s pants, it was easier to appreciate her for her other qualities. I really like the friendship that has developed between Booth and Cam. I, too felt it was sorely missing this season (though I did like that Cam went to Booth for advice on Paul, which is a bit of a reversal for them). I think it was mostly missing because Booth was being kept away from all things relating to the lab, including his friend. I also felt Cam had less to do this season (as did Hodgela in the first part of the season). I would actually like to see less of Cam’s personal life and more of her running the lab and having an influence over people in the lab.
    My biggest complaint about Cam, by far, is her wardrobe. Now that Cuddy is no longer on House, Cam will be all alone in the race for Most Inappropriately Dressed Boss.

  7. I don’t like her.

    It has nothing to do with Booth or her prior relationship(s) with him. It’s her. “Borders on unethical” is being kind. At least Michelle knew right from wrong and refused to accept the Columbia admission that was earned by fraud, not to mention Cam seemed a little too comfortable fudging the presentation of evidence, which still gives me the heebies.

    But the main reason I don’t like her is her attitude and behavior toward Brennan and the snarky comments, hurtful comments, etc.

    I don’t like her. You can’t make me. *hmmmpf*

    • Perhaps one should never assume, but I assume that Cam’s past as a cop has given her exposure to the criminal justice system in a way that others in the lab will never know. I believe she has an appreciation that our criminal justice system is an adverserial system, where the best argument wins. The squints often seem to think that they are in an inquisitorial system (i.e. they seek to know the truth). Perhaps this is why Hodgins was so willing to move to France. That being said, Cam’s suggesion re: fudging the evidence occurred once, four years ago.
      Although I’m not really a fan of the MIchelle story-line, I did enjoy the mini-exploration of the phenomona of helicopter parents. The college admission is an extension of a parent completing a child’s homework, but carried to an extreme. It seems to be a pretty common occurrence in our society. The difference on Show was that the child put a stop to it.
      As far as Brennan goes, I guess it’s all in the perception, but I think she gives as good as she gets. Just yesterday, I watched the Valentine’s Day episode, and Brennan made a remark to Cam about a woman of her age placing importance on Valentine’s Day because she doesn’t have a mate. While the comment may or may not be true, it was nevertheless hurtful. One may not classify Brennan’s comments as snarky, but they still sting.

      • Absolutely true. It’s all a matter of perception.

        My perception is that I don’t like Cam so I don’t give her the leeway and benefit of the doubt I give Brennan. In a choice between the two administrators, I’d rather have Goodman.

    • My husband feels the same way. I cannot watch Cam-centric episodes (the only one that springs to mind right now is Doctor in the Den, but it seems like there are more) with him, because he complains about her the whole time and totally ruins it for me. So we just don’t watch those together. He can’t stand her.

    • I don’t dislike her, but I know what you mean.

      I love Brennan, but Brennan can say really unthoughtfull things sometimes. And I don’t mind Cam putting her in her place when she says something inappropriate (allthough I do believe that Brennan never Intentionally sets out to hurt people and Cam knows that). However: There have been two moments when I thought Cam was way out of line.
      1. It was totally inappropriate for Cam to be angry at Brennan for leaving for Indonesia after she got back, and no one will convince me otherwise. First of all, Brennan had a legitimate reason for leaving (she really needed a break) and also a professionally appropriate purpose. Cam expressed no worry or anger when Brennan told her she was leaving (she even was nice), and getting angry in hindsight because things didn’t work out as she had expected was infantile and unethical if you ask me. However, I get that she was frustrated so I tried to let it go.
      2. But what really flapped me was the “Right, because nothing says rest in peace like a potted plant” comment. WTF? I still don’t get where that came from. It came completely out of the blue, like one of the writers farted through his pen or something. I am allmost ashamed to say (cos obsessed much) that it still bugs me a little.

      • Botjes,
        I agree completly. Both of those scenerios bother me too.

      • I’m a little late to reply to this, but I actually thought the potted plant comment was brilliant. At every funeral, there is one person who puts their foot in their mouth and says something completely inappropriate. In this case, it was Cam. We know that Cam is not unfeeling and we know that she is upset about Vincent’s death. One of the things I like about this show is that people don’t always say the “right” thing. Just like in life, however, the other charachters just let it go. What would you say in repsonse anyway?

      • Hmmm. Huronia, you’re probably right. I’m thinking about Cam’s reaction to Zack being the killer. I don’t remember her exact words, but I think her reaction was more angry. Sweets pointed out that it was her way of dealing with the situation. Even though I believe Brennan is strong, I think she’s more sensitive than Cam. In theory, the line might have been brilliant, but I have a hard time seeing it as such since it came at the expense of my favorite character – and I just wasn’t ready for the sarcasm at that particular moment. Thanks for your comment. It’s easier for me to accept things when I know people have different opinions on the matter.

    • After reading through over half of the comments, I finally found someone who thinks like me. My opinion in the beginning was pure dislike, then I started to like her, but now I see her as a cruel and unethical member of the team. If she left, I don’t think it would pose a huge impact on the show.

  8. I did not like Cam at all when she first came on the show, but I have grown to like her. She’s not my favorite person, but I enjoy her sometimes. I really hope they show more of her and less of Angela this next season. Cam brings a more mature person to the lab, and some much needed guidance to the squints. There are definitely times that I don’t like her(the whole Michele college thing like you guys mentioned) but overall she’s a good boss. And I like her friendship with Booth, and she gives him good advice. I am just sick of Angela’s drama, and hope Cam gets a little more screen time this season!

    I’m with you guys about the way she dresses! I don’t know how she breathes in some of those outfits!

  9. I love Cam! I totally agree with you, I’ve always loved her advice a whole lot more than Sweets’ and think Booth should seek it out more. I did mind the whole ‘Michelle’s application’ thing, but it wasn’t that it was unbelievable. I didn’t like it because it was believable. Which made it sting all the harsher. I miss her snarky comments and morbid humor. I firmly say, “Bring her back!”

  10. I am with those who didn’t like Cam when she first came on the show. Regardless of Booth’s involvement with her, which I didn’t mind actually, she was just an unlikeable character. As the show went on, I started liking her more and more despite her tendency to be abrasive. I love when the writers put her in the ‘straight man’ role, because no matter how much she may giggle in the gag reels, Tamara Taylor’s deadpan delivery and expressions add so much to a scene.

    That said, I thought she was sorely underutilized in the last half of S5 and all of S6. Other than the one conversation in Sin in the Sisterhood where she went to Booth for advice about Paul and the one line she had in Couple in the Cave where she told Brennan that she assumed when B&B got back from their trips they’d be a real couple, there was no personal interaction between Cam & Booth or Cam & Brennan all season. Not that there needed to be some serious heart-to-heart like in Harbingers, but Cam was always observant and quick with a quip, and that wasn’t there.

    She also seemed to be pretty isolated this year (so were the rest of the squints, I know), but it was like the writers felt they needed to do something with her character, so they hastily threw in the Michelle college app subplot (p.o. I’m sure I can’t be the only one who finds Michelle unlikeable in general? No? /duckstomatoes), brought back in Paul (if only to give her a reason to talk to Booth? and meh- don’t care about Paul), and added the Shallow in the Deep subplot (which of the 3 is the only one I think did any justice to her character).

    And double ditto on the wardrobe. Skin tight dresses and the skin tight Jeffersonian lab suit. You’d think that would be uncomfortable to autopsies in. LOL

  11. I find it so odd that Cam’s “friend” Paul is a whimp type, compare Dr. B’s duel dates w/ Jason & Mark~~Mark the “deep” sea diver who can hold his breath for 3 minutes “down there” and they “never” leave the bedroom & Jason w/ his skin tight suit & is a fan of Coldplay. WHY is Cam w/ a Jason type when she’s ONLY been seen w/ Mark types?~~Booth, Dr. Andrew Weldon & Angela’s ex husband. WHY whimpy, mushy, spineless Paul??

  12. When she took Brennan to task for being curt with Clark, and blamed Brennan for breaking up the team, I wondered if they were going to renew the tension between Cam and Brennan. But, instead she did become the character “most in need of a storyline” this season.

    Yes, let Booth go to Cam now and then. It seems that Sweets is going to be his new partner in the field and I can’t imagine that he’s going to want to reveal all to Sweets. In fact, I can imagine that Cam would be a sounding board for Booth and a go-between for him with Brennan when she just doesn’t understand what is going on with her FBI guy. I’d like to see Cam try to juggle the partner’s relationship within the confines of the lab– there’s a reason the FBI frowns on agents and consultants consorting and while she’s mostly taken a hands-off approach, I would like to see her forced to navigate the minefield of their relationship. I’d also like to see her navigating the issues with the new parents. Baby needs will sometimes trump murder needs and I think she could have her hands full. There’s a lot for Cam to do– probably much better ideas than mine– and I really enjoy watching her try to rein in the mayhem. I just hope they let her be the kindergarten teacher again.

    • I like Cam and feel that there could be a really good role for her going forward. When it comes to B&B though the one thing I liked about S6 is that, ultimately, it was Booth and Brennan who decided to take a chance on being together. It was Booth and Brennan who took that final leap without anyone urging them to do so. I don’t know if we’ll get to see everyone’s reaction to them becoming a couple or whatever it is they are going to be but I would think it won’t be surprising in a way and yet kind of surprising because some may have given up hope on them ever getting together. In S6 we didn’t see anyone really pushing them. I would like B&B to, at the end of the day, be able to work their challenges out together without third parites having to do too much interpretation. I think Cam can be a supportive friend but I don’t want her having to connect all the dots for them as her primary role.

  13. Great post! And I second everything! I liked Cam fine from the start but she’s really grown on me over the last 3 seasons!

    I do like Angela, but I agree that some more time on Cam this season would be nice. I think it’s funny how her wardrobe makes us roll our eyes, but I think her wardrobe is part of the character. Like Angela said, “Cam is not the type of woman you catch with crusties in her eyes.” Yes, she’s a pathologist, but she’s also the type of woman who’s always put together. It’s not like she’s hiking up her skirt to kneel down next to a body. I think the times we’ve seen her at the crime scene she’s been dressed in the Jeffersonian jumpsuits, right? I actually don’t have that big a problem with her wardrobe. I know plenty of women who won’t leave their house without their heels and perfect make-up, so I always figured that’s just the character.

    I adore the Cam-Booth friendship and would rather see more of that than any baby stuff, lol. Regardless of whose baby (gasp) 🙂

  14. I haven’t read it all yet but………I LOVE CAM!!! #ThatIsAll (I went all twitteroo on your asses….that’s how I roll 😉 )

  15. Well, who knew? I was sure this post would get mostly negative reactions, particularly since so many people seemed to resent the “potted plant” comment at the end of Hole in the Heart (which, by the way, I blame the wrriters for and not Cam personally…) Glad that Cam’s getting some love!

  16. Yeah, I thought there were more Cam-haters out there (MJ is proudly holding up that touch, apparently, haha.) The “potted plant” comment I didn’t really care for either, and how convenient is it that I blame the writers, too? I usually think her quips are funny, but I just didn’t feel it was the time for it, and since I’m a huge Brennan fan, I particularly didn’t like that it was done at her expense when she was doing something really nice.

    As for the “I have someone” comment, I have no hard feelings there. Cam really isn’t the coddling type. Just imagine how many other comments Cam has heard from Brennan that she let slide or responded to very graciously (when Cam told Brennan she met someone, Brennan told her – “It’s been quite a while for you.”) Booth can take up for Brennan and say she “speaks from the heart”, but we all know (she knows, Cam knows, and even Booth knows) that some of the things she says can sound kind of hurtful, offensive, or harsh even if it wasn’t her intention. I believe that is something she will always struggle with because her mind works so differently from other people. But she should be aware that most people aren’t going to automatically give her the benefit of the doubt when interpreting what she says because most people don’t know her that well. We know it does bother her how people view her, but that is basically who she is, and I honestly don’t see that changing that much. It’s not to knock her personal growth – she has gotten better at holding her tongue and recognizing when someone has taken offense and making peace. Booth accepts that and usually understands her. I hope he continues to, or else that could spell trouble in the relationship because he would be on the receiving end a lot of times – although he can dish out some zingers, too.

    I did think it was hilarious in tCitG when she asked him why was he bowling so badly, though.

    • He did seem rather hurt by the fact that she was doubting his abilities (“you giving up on me already?” or such). More of what’s in store? And where would we be without a little conflict…

      • More of what already is/was, I think. Sometimes Brennan has to restate things several times to get her point across in a less offensive manner.

  17. You know, I like the character of Cam too. There were some growing pains, I didn’t particularly her when she was sleeping with Booth (aka Hannah #1) and she even mentioned in interviews that fans HATED her for being with him!
    But I did like the power struggle they created between her and Brennan at the beginning. Dr. Goodman was a scienc-y guy so he was more in Brennan’s comfort zone. Cam is more of a “real” person like Angela, and has a strong personality, so she took Brennan right out of her comfy lab position and forced her to work as more of a team than have just the ‘Dr. Brennan Show’.
    I also had NO problems with her trying to help Michelle choose a school (though her writing essays late for her was wrong)…and every character was so mad at her for wanting to help guide Michelle through the college selection process and not just follow a boyfriend. But I say, “Go Cam!” She was acting like a responsible parent, and I actually loved that.
    I like how you call her a “den mother” because that is basically what she is! Her character is a good friend to Seeley, sort of his version of Angela. Someone who knows him well and can call him on his crap, like when he was wanting to confess his love to Brennan. I think her character has really morphed into something I like, more than when she first came to the Jeffersonian. Also glad the poor gal has a love interest finally! It’s gotta be hard to find a guy after Booth, though! 🙂
    And they do show her working in boss capacity sometimes so we can see what the other aspects of her job are like. When VNM died, they had her explain how she had to call his mother and arrange for his body to be transported, yet it was hard for her because it was someone she was close to. Which really got me thinking; as the boss, you have to do things like that, even when it hurts you. It was a great scene.
    The only thing I don’t like, and this a minor point, but her clothes. I’m sure for her public appearances and meetings as the boss, her fancy clothes are appropriate. But she wears them in the lab, no matter what. And they are always super skin tight dresses! Not a big deal, but it often takes me out of the show, because I’m staring at them wondering why she is wearing them around gross bodies and evidence!

  18. Is there anyone else who wasn’t as off-put by the forged application as it seems that everyone else was? Yes, it was very wrong and I don’t recommend it but I feel like everyone made such a bigger deal about it than was necessary. I only say this because most of the application is filling out personal information (name, address, etc). The only thing Cam actually forged was the essay. Everything else (SAT scores, GPA, high school transcripts, teacher recommendations, the actual important things) are sent by the school and obviously Cam didn’t forge those.

    • @Megan…I wasn’t really on board with her forgery…not that it was a huge deal to me, but it was kind of shady.

      What I am totally HAPPY about is Cam initially trying to help guide Michelle to looking at good choices, not just following a boyfriend. I believe ANY good parent would seek to at least show their kids some options and not let their high school/teenage brains pick one on a whim. To follow a boy. Kudos to Cam for at least trying to be a responsible parent. I was kind of sad that the rest of the team kind of beat her down about it actually.

      • Yes, completely agree BB – I think it’s every parent’s nightmare for their very intelligent child (which it sounds like Michelle is considering the universities she has the chance to go to) to think about throwing away their education and future because of a high school romance. Cam was right to be horrified at that prospect, she just didn’t necessarily deal with it in the right way.

        Also, thinking about what Cam said about how they could present the evidence to the Ambassador in such a way that showed her son could have done it, to prompt her, out of love for her son, to admit to doing it herself wasn’t that bad. She wasn’t lying, it was just a tactic to get someone to confess. Booth and Brennan have both lied to suspects in the interrogation room to get them to implicate themselves or confess, I don’t really see the difference.

        Not to mention that presenting evidence in such a way as to make it look like an alternative suspect could have committed a crime is exactly what Brennan did in Verdict in the Story to save her father – to get a man we knew was guilty off a murder charge is rather different to prompting someone we know is guilty into confessing. I know we love Brennan and Max, but morally, that was an extremely grey area.

      • That is an awesome point about Max, Sophia. And I guess they were trying to show how Brennan’s character has changed, and to show her reconnecting with her family by trying to help her father and be interested in more than her steadfast pursuit of the truth…but that’s kind of what I like about Brennan. Her unfailing search for the truth in things. And she does in others, like when she was pleased that Booth wanted the truth about the possible JFK skeleton, even if it hurt him. So it did seem a little weird that she was so OK with it, she did wrestle with it in the epsiode, but it was definitely a grey area! And hey, if the episode ends with a really sweet B&B hug, it can’t be wrong 🙂

      • It’s true that Brennan obfuscated the truth to help her father. But it was outside how she normally operates. She struggled with the question of how could she want her father to go free while the work she does catches murderers, so she went to Booth for his advice. Based on what he said, she made her decision. She likes to hold on to her black-and-white view of things, but she understands more and more how love can dominate reason.

  19. Regarding the potted plant comment, I actually thought it was a bit of a cheeky wink to the audience as much as anything.

    At that point in the show, Emily d was beginning to show and they started hiding her behind things *pillow.cough.pillow* I’ve always thought, in that scene they needed to hide her tummy, and did it in an incongruous way on purpose. A potted plant WAS an odd thing to bring. It was meant to be. And cam pointing it out was them saying ‘yes, WE know why its there, YOU know why its there, but let’s all just have a giggle at it and move on’

    I think that’s why its never bugged me. I think it even made me laugh at the time.

    • @Sophia, what a great theory! I hadn’t thought of that, but it sounds like that could definitely be what they meant!

      I took it to mean that she was gently poking fun at Brennan’s struggle to be “normal” in social situtations, and that she’s still not quite there yet 🙂 But no malice or rudeness meant. In any event, Cam’s tone was kind and gentle and I didn’t take offense to her comment.

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