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Everything and the So What? Theory


{Edit from Seels: Happy 6th Anniversary (or Birthday–not sure how that works) to Bones today! Can you imagine if the show premiered now? Would it succeed? I’d like to think so! Even MORE importantly, Happy Birthday to Owl, the author of today’s post! Be sure to wish her well!}

There are always stories where you want something a bit… more, like something is lacking, or missing. Sometimes it’s just because the story is so good, you can’t get enough of it. I’ve seen that recently, in particular, with Bones. Somehow, I have mostly avoided the responses of others to episodes, as it clouds my personal judgement, but one I have seen over and over again (and not just after this season finale), that has really stuck out to me: the belief that we need to see everything.

Understandably, there are technical reasons why we can’t see everything. The show has time constraints: 43 minutes to pack in a case with a beginning, middle, and ending, plus a character plot, so it’s easy to see why they’ve condensed so much. There are scenes, though, that we could have seen, that the characters have mentioned. Many of them would have been really great to see, but did we really need to?

        Personally, I don’t think we need to see and hear everything – I agree with the writers, who once said in an interview that the emotions are far more important for the story. I agree with this because I feel like emotions move the story. Sure, actions move the story, but it is the characters’ emotional reaction to those actions that actually causes further developments. While the team is stuck in the lab in Man in the Fallout Shelter, it is Brennan’s emotional reaction to Angela talking about family which causes the action of the rest of the episode. The fungus had nothing to do with the case, or the emotional reaction. The case could have been solved just as easily in a different context in any other episode. This is how Bones works. There is an action that causes a stronger emotional reaction that triggers another action.

Look at these three examples from the last season alone, where the emotions and cases mixed:

– Brennan starts associating herself with a victim, she responds emotionally to that victim, and realizes her regret.

– It is not until the characters start connecting emotionally to a scared deaf girl that they figure out that she was kidnapped when she was a small child.

– Vincent dies in front of Booth and Brennan, Booth realizes he is not responsible for someone’s death when he would usually blame himself, Brennan goes to Booth when she is having difficulty processing Vincent’s death, even when she knows that Booth could basically be killed by Broadsky in the morning, risking her own happiness, and something happens. We know something did happen, and that there are emotional reactions to that something. In this instance, the emotions actually are stronger than the events following. They carry the rest of the episode.

The center of each of these events is the emotional connection. This is when the audience connects to the characters, and in my mind the most important part of the whole show. These lead to the “gotcha” moments of every mystery – the moment where we say “Yay! I got it right!” or “Shoot, I got it wrong!” because we’ve been so wrapped up in that story, which intrigued us with an event (crime), bring us in emotionally (emotional reaction) and reveal the bad guy (action), and then tie up the loose ends. I guess this is why, for me, the emotional reaction is the most important part of the story – it is not who, how, where, when, but why. In my museum education class, my professor called this the most important question an educator (read: anyone) can ask: “So What?” I have it sticky-noted to my work computer, and it was posted in my dorm room. If we ask, “so what?” then we are really asking “why is this important to me/you/us/them?” This then, leads to the reasoning behind the emotional reaction being greater than action because it is where they reach our emotions, making the “so what?” event important to us. This was highlighted in the Pilot commentary, when Hart Hanson and Barry Josephson remarked that had they done the pilot again, they would not have had the skull damaged. Why? People recognize skulls as human remains. Without the skull, up until the body was out of the water, there is no acknowledgement that a person was deposited in the lake. There is no need to emotionally attach to a skeleton, because we don’t see people as skeletons, we see them with skin, hair, and clothing. This is one of the great “so what?”s of Bones — the skeletons aren’t important until the characters make them important (see my post Heart in the Box for more details on this theory).

What about Booth and Brennan? We know things have been skipped over, and will be, with the upcoming season. Would this effect the series? I would like to posit that since we have already gone through the actions with Hodgins and Angela, we have never needed to see any more than we already have with Booth and Brennan. We saw Hodgins and Angela’s first date, we saw their physical reactions more than once, we saw them almost married, looking for Angela’s husband, broken up, really married, we saw them deal with the possibility that their child could be born blind, and we saw the birth of Michael Staccato Vincent Hodgins. Each of these things was an action, and yes, we had an emotional reaction, but they rarely tied in with the main story except in theme. With Booth and Brennan, we didn’t have most of those events, and because of that, we have been able to focus on the emotional reactions, making the reactions and the cases stronger. Basically, what happened with Hodgins and Angela didn’t often need a “so what?” moment. Either it mattered or it didn’t matter, period. With Booth and Brennan, we are constantly asking “so what?” (isn’t that why we’re here on BT in the first place, to figure out the “so what?”s?).

Let’s look at the first scene from the End in the Beginning. I’m one of those people that accepts it as canon, but a sort of future canon, a literal end (to the series) in the literal beginning of the episode. If we have already seen the action, according to show logic, why do we need to see it again? If that scene is when Booth and Brennan are an already established couple, then maybe it is supposed to establish our questioning not only of how they got there (the actions that we are seeing)… but why they got there (emotional reactions that lead to further actions). If the main question is asking why they are together, shouldn’t our emotional response be telling us why (that they love, respect, and value each other) instead of having them spell it out for us (*coughDwarfintheDirtcough*)? Haven’t some people, both characters on the show and fans, been asking all along “why aren’t they together yet?” 

I mean, they got together (finally) but… “So what? Why is the fact that B&B finally got together so important (to me/you/us/them)?”

         Do we really need to see every detail of the journey to answer this “so what?”, or is it really “why?” in the first place?

What if we don’t need to see everything because all of the information is right there in front of us, and has been there all along, and the only way to answer it is not just with our brains, but with our hearts? Hasn’t that been one of the main messages of the series all along?

What if this was the answer to “so what?” to begin with, and it’s been there, the entire time?

I don’t know about you all, but I’m pretty sure it has.

 Do you believe that the emotional response is just as important as the action that creates it? Are emotions greater than or equal to actions on the show?


Author: Owl

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  1. “Nothing happens unless first a dream.”
    It’s the emotion of the story that drives me to watch it. I don’t have to see every detail of their relationship to know that Booth and Brennan love each other and want to be with each other. We have seen them dance around each other, emotionally, for over six years now and I find I am just as fascinated with them now as I was when I first started watching the show. In The Parts of the Sum of the Whole we were shown what they would look like as a couple. It was wonderful to see. I know a few people hated that episode; but, I loved it. It did present a look into the future and it was satisfying to see. I know a lot of people have complained that they didn’t get to see the courtship of Brennan and Booth. I think we did. It was a very long courtship that lasted over six years. It had its ups and it had its downs. It was an emotional roller coaster that left a lot of us breathless.

  2. Owl, great post! It definitely made me think.
    ‘What if this was the answer to “so what?” to begin with, and it’s been there, the entire time?’

    This is one of the reasons why I could accept why things happened as they did – because it was consistent with how they always treated the story of our favorite couple. We were never privy to everything that happened either between them or individually. But we could get a sense of whether or not something impacted them, and what it did to their connection. While this show has romance, and it has comedy, it is neither a romance nor romantic comedy. Also, I know that in the absence of the physical, they were focusing on the emotional. Focusing on what we didn’t see means missing out on the significance of the emotional development, which was really beautiful and heartwarming, IMHO.

    Honestly, watching B&B “get it on” would about as appealing as watching two of my friends “get it on.” I do like seeing that a couple has a strong bond, but I don’t need to witness all the events that made their bond strong. Even though they are fictional characters, what they have is so special that I’d rather some things stay between the two of them. On the other hand, I probably would have watched anything they would have shown us, under the premise that they are just fictional characters, not my friends ;).

  3. First up, happy Birthday Owl!! Enjoy your special day.

    Second, I have no major quibble with what you’ve stated here. I like your assertion that it’s actually emotion that drives the action (and that emotion is, ultimately, more important than action). I’ve always been more of an “emotions” kind of person so perhaps that’s one of the reasons why I really liked the way things were handled between Booth and Brennan at the end of season six (incidentally, that’s probably also why the 100th episode – while it was emotionally devastating for a time – still had a strong enough impact to send me to the Internet looking for more information). The scene between B&B in Booth’s bedroom in The Hole in the Heart is probably one of my top three favorites ever (I’m not sure how many times I’ve watched it) – not because of what it implies happened, but because of the sheer emotion of the scene. It’s beautiful and painful all at the same time and I love that. It’s what truly good television is all about.

  4. The problem with the writer’s showing so little of the Booth and Brennan story, for me as a viewer, is that I no longer feel any connection between these two characters. Booth and Brennan used to exude this fire, both in dialogue and energy in the first three seasons. I no longer see this or feel this coming from them. When the season six finale aired, all I saw were two work associates with absolutely no chemistry, or spark, having a grief sex baby. They now come across as more brother and sister.

    I, as a viewer, am unhappy because I am unable to alway fill in the blanks with the correct scenerio that they want me to imagine. The writing has become too vague for me. What I think is being said and told through this type of storytelling now, is often wrong and it makes it really hard for me to enjoy this show. Is it the writing that isn’t clear? Is it the words and dialogue that is so vague that there are multiple ways to interpret scenes and what is happening? Is there something the acting is failing to convey? I think so, because there are others who are coming up with alternative interpretations, from what the writers and actors may have intended to convey.

    I see no love at all between Booth and Brennan. There was no struggle, on Booth’s part this entire season, towards his past feelings for Brennan. All I saw the entire season was Booth acting distant and removed. Brennan was that piece of gum on the bottom of his shoe, that he just couldn’t get rid of. I never saw or felt from him that he felt anything for Brennan anymore. She was his work associate and nothing more. I didn’t see that big a struggle coming from Brennan either, concerning her feelings about Booth. She was more concerned with making sure Hannah wasn’t mad at her and was her new best friend. She had feelings one episode and none the next. Even at the end of the season, there was nothing there for me to see that Booth even liked Brennan that she mattered the most to him. Booth just loves the one he’s with. It doesn’t really matter to him who that person is, anyone will do. He loved Hannah because she was around, he was mad that she turned him down. Season six is the season that I saw Booth fall out of love with Brennan and changed my viewpoint on these two characters. You can say that he loves her and she loves him, but I no longer see it or feel it from them.

    Season seven’s baby, part two. scenerio is the last thing I wanted to see, because I saw absolutely no love at all at the end of last season between Booth and Brennan. This is how the show played out for me and how my brain interpreted what I was seeing. Others may say that I am wrong in my interpretation, but the writing and acting didn’t tell me. I had to use what I was able to deduce from what they were showing me.

    • I don’t have time to reply completely to this, but I’m sorry that you think that way. I think we both saw a different Bones this past season.

      Although the looks were brief and few, they were still there. The way he looked at her in SitS, when he said he wasn’t going anywhere, or the way he looked at her at the end of BitB. That wistful smile, as he was looking out the window at her and Max, melted my heart. I saw regret, and love in his eyes.

      IMO that was the point when he knew he had to decide which woman he was going to love. Granted he made the wrong decision going with Hannah, but he knew he couldn’t continue to be torn between the two women.

      I hope you find what your looking for, if you continue to watch season seven. In watching the previews, and reading the sides, I think I will find it.

    • If you don’t see it, you don’t see it and there’s nothing wrong with that. But season 6 is over, it’s not going to change. You can either choose to interpret what did happen in a more positive light or you can not watch the show or I guess you can continue to complain but complaining isn’t going to change anything that happened in season 6.

  5. I agree and disagree. Can I do that at the same time? 🙂

    I absolutely agree that we don’t need to see everything. I also try very hard not to compare the see/don’t see parts when it comes to B&B and A&H. They’re two completely different couples with two very different story arcs and two different values of importance to the show as a whole.

    But . . . .

    While I may understand why we haven’t been shown everything and while I may agree that we don’t need to see everything, I still want to see MORE. I just want m-o-r-e.

    It’s like adding toppings to my frozen yoghurt. I can eat it plain, and I actually like it plain. But every so often, I have to have some frozen cheesecake squares. Or crushed pecans. Maybe a little raspberry syrup. A few little extras just makes it better.

    • Haha. I know what you mean. My preferred opinion is that HH knows that and was deliberately holding back at the time to make it more intriguing. You have viewers who stop wanting more, and you don’t have a show anymore. But I also think there was not any rush to show Booth and Brennan being together acting like a couple because they will have all next season (and beyond?) to explore that.

    • I think that’s the point of fiction though; to leave the audience wanting more. Getting more does not always enhance the experience. In fact, it’s often like learning the secret of a magic trick; it spoils the fun.

      I can think of no better example than the Star Wars prequels, which revealed Darth Vader, mysterious villain with a nebulous past as a whiny, petulant teenager. The lengthy political backstory in Phantom Menace may have been rich in detail, showed us “everything” but was in interesting?

      I remember participating in a chat with JK Rowling after the last Harry Potter book was released. Someone asked her to describe the Hufflepuff common room. Rowling admitted she hadn’t really given it much thought, then said that oh, it probably had lots of comfy chairs and wood paneling, and lots of yellow. The person who asked that question got “more” but how much value did that more have? Is the series enhanced in any way by knowing what the Hufflepuff common room looks like? Was Rowling’s off the cuff description any better than what a reader could imagine?

      On Bones, we see the discovery of the body, then a few seconds later, Booth and Brennan arriving on-scene. We don’t see the person who finds the body calling the police, who in turn appeal to the local FBI field office, who in turn call up Booth and Brennan. That’s part of the story, but it’s the boring part. We don’t see the characters grocery shop, pump gas, see the dentist, get haircuts, poop, masturbate, take out their garbage, buy stamps, or do their laundry, but they are obviously fed, groomed, not constipated, driving cars, wearing clean clothes — the evidence that they do all those mundane things is there.

      And except for the masturbating – which we wouldn’t get to see on Fox anyway – none of those activities would be particularly interesting to show onscreen.

      So, MJ, I would say that your wanting more is exactly what showrunners want you to want, and also exactly why you (we) are going to continue to not get it. And I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

      • This reminds me of something I heard about the movie JAWS once. Apparently Spielberg wanted to show more of the shark, but because of problems with the mechanical shark, they weren’t able to; he said in hindsight, that showing it less actually made the movie better, the shark scarier, and the suspense more…well, for lack of a better word, suspenseful. Sometimes letting the audience fill in the gaps actually does make for a better story.

        That said, I would like to at least have seen a kiss. A real kiss, not just on the cheek in front of Max. I get why they didn’t show it to us in the Hole in the Heart, because they were trying to create the “Did they/didn’t they” mystery. But he could have kissed her in the Change in the Game. I mean, come on, that’s not asking for too much, is it?

      • For all we know, there was some awkwardness in getting used to the new them. If that was the case, I wouldn’t mind skipping that part. I think I would have liked to have seen a kiss, or hug, or hand-holding when they were by themselves in tCitG. But, it is what it is, I’m accepting what was shown. Reading between the lines, you could gather that they had added the physical component to the relationship. I rather enjoyed the confirmation via Max. I thought that was interesting and creatively done.

      • Ah, Barbara, you had me at Harry Potter. 😀

        I think there’s a happy medium between showing everything and showing just a bit more and too often, the writers err on the side of not showing enough. I don’t mind having to fill in the blanks – I have a really good imagination! – but I do mind having to do it all the time. And, I shouldn’t have to.

        Was Booth really conflicted between Hannah and Brennan? Well, we assume so but it would have been nice to have just a bit of evidence to back up that assumption. Not endless dialogue but maybe one or two more brief scenes like the glance-thru-the-window. Something. I’m like a starving dog – throw me a bone and I’m yours forever.

        Don’t get me wrong – I ***love*** the show. I adore Brennan, I love Booth 99.999% of the time. I’m thrilled that we’re having a baby. Just don’t take me for granted. Toss me not just crumbs but a few really good juicy morsels a little more regularly. That’s all I need.

      • MJ, I love this! I wish we could send your response to Hart, even though he knows (or supposedly knows) all the varied reactions. We are not people who want B&B action the equivalent of a porno. We are people who really do appreciate the emotional development, we are loyal viewers who aren’t trying to bash the characters or show creators when we talk about what we wished we could have had a little taste of.

      • MJ, I would very much have liked to see some of Booth’s inner conflict as well. I have no doubt that he was struggling with it, but (as I’ve said many times before) I just love me some angst.

      • You’re absolutely right, MJ, and I think the fact that Stephen Nathan had to give an interview explaining the finale – the fact that the writers thought the line “you’re the father” was necessary to include – speaks to the fact that in the name of keeping things subtle, you can leave the viewers wondering what the hell is going on.

        In terms of the finale and Hole in the Heart, I think the vagueness was all about keeping the pregnancy reveal as surprising as possible. The rest of season 6 was just….disconnect, I think, between what the writers thought they were showing and what (many parts of) the audience saw.

        Going forward though, I expect we will always be left wanting more. There will be moments between Booth and Brennan and the baby that will be alluded to, but not shown (like the cannonball/meatball sandwich incident) and I’m okay with that. It’s good to want more. Episodic television depends on us wanting more. I will be annoyed if the writers try to milk the tension between B&B and keep us guessing as to the nature of their relationship, but I don’t think that is likely to happen.

  6. I love your take on how Brennan’s late-night visit to Booth is done at some risk to her heart. That emotional core of the show is what keeps me coming back.

    Do we need to see everything? No. Do we need to see B&B reconnecting this season? Absolutely. Certainly, Booth’s comforting of Brennan and even his desire to keep her safe is key to knowing he hadn’t given up on her and is still connected, and they wanted to keep us in suspense during the finale so they did little to overtly say– they are a couple– until the end.

    I’d argue that the last three episodes were a bit rushed toward the pregnancy, but I’m willing to suspend my disappointments for the new season as I think we’re going to see B&B back to bickering and bantering. K’s right– sometimes we have no idea what the writers meant (see sunglasses for prime example).But I think the way is clearer for storylines that don’t seem to splinter the group and draw attention away from the heart of the show– the humanity that these people find in the victims or in themselves.

    • I think your point about them being connected is valid. That’s also what made the whole first half of the season so hard to watch. Not only were B&B not “connected” anymore but we saw how their disconnect affected the connection everyone else shared.

      I want that back. I can handle the fade-to-black instead of the boom-chicka…oops, the Booth-chicka-wow-wow, but I need to see and/or feel the light that binds them together. That’s what makes them, and this show, special to me.

  7. Do I need to see everything? No. Why do I need to see something? Validation.
    I don’t need much – maybe just a stolen kiss or holding hands (wow I sound like I’m in middle school). I want to see more emotions – I don’t feel like I’ve seen much emotion between the two of them regarding their feelings toward one another lately. The action helps validate the emotion and vice versa.

  8. Oh and Happy Birthday Owl!!

  9. I agree that we don’t need to see everything. The emotions of the show are very powerful, and that is what keeps me hooked. That being said, I wouldn’t have minded a little more, like a kiss or something. But we didn’t, and I’m okay with that!

    I have to say that I’m surprised at how many people seem to think that their chemistry is gone, and never came back after Hannah, as well as think that Booth didn’t show any struggle over his feelings for Brennan. Though their connection was off while Hannah was around, I think the chemistry was still there, just stomped on and not as obvious.I thought the connection came back as soon as Hannah left. It didn’t come back in quite the same way, and their bantering/bickering was not completely back, but they certainly didn’t feel like brother and sister!
    I also saw Booth struggle quite a bit about his feelings for Brennan. In the end of BitB, he looked so incredibly sad. I saw a lot of regret and pain on his face. In SitS, I also saw it. And while we didn’t see a whole lot of the struggle directly associated with Brennan, I think we saw it in his relationship with Hannah. Trying to prove to himself that he wanted that relationship, and proclaiming how satisfied and happy he was,while really struggling with the fact that something wasn’t right. We know that he didn’t tell Hannah very much about his personal life,but Brennan knows almost everything. Just my opinion and interpretation though!

    • Kira, while I agree with you in regards to Booth’s pain and regret in both Bullet and Sin, he then followed up with proposing to Hannah so that kind of wiped both those scenes out for me. If he was so regretful, he shouldn’t have gone through with the proposal.

      I felt like the ending was rushed. They were just starting to re-build their emotional/romantic relationship when Vincent was shot so they slept together and then oops! she’s pregnant.

      There’s nothing I can do about any of that. As Va (Barbara)said season 6 is over, but I still didn’t like the big rush which I believe was due to finally deciding how to work with Emilys pregnancy. When they decided to write it in, they had to make major leaps with Booth & Brennan. I’m sorry, but I feel like it was at the fans expense.

      All it would have taken for me was for them to go into an embrace after she says she’s pregnant. Instead they’re standing three feet away from each other. Big whoop.

      I hope we get to see the romantic connection between them in Season 7, not just the emotional connection. We’ve already seen that. They’ve hugged and comforted each other and she’s taken his arm all before, but never in a romantic way. I’m sorry, but the scene when the hearse drives away with Vincents body really wasn’t a big romatic tell for me unless I tilt my head and squint really hard. I’d like something a little more obvious.

      • I know the hugging and arm-holding may not seem like a big deal since they’ve done it before and they had no problems doing that … before Hannah. That pretty much all stopped when Hannah entered the picture. Even when Hannah was out of the picture, they were still pretty hands-off. And after being in bed together, and forming a new intimacy, I think Brennan’s simple taking of Booth’s arm was a sign that she was okay with what was happening between them, and it reassured Booth. So yes, they’ve done all those things before, but not like that, not with an awareness of their feelings and both wanting to take things to the next level. Since it was new, I wouldn’t have expected to see anything unless they were in private together somewhere, and I don’t think they get a lot of time to themselves once a case starts. As far as I’m concerned, we only saw a little bit of Booth’s reaction. I don’t know why they decided to cut it off at that point. So in my mind, the scene goes on, and there’s a real possibility of a hug, some words, maybe even a kiss.

      • There was an another significance to the arm hold at the end of Hole: it was public, specifically, in front of their friends/colleagues. She has taken his arm before, but I don’t think in front of the others.

        Also agree that the end of Change was abrupt. I expected him to grab her to him and hug or kiss or pick her up and twirl her around. Kind of reminded me of the end of the Sopranos where you’re thinking, “wait, wait, what’s going on?” BTW, I didn’t watch the Sopranos, but I did watch that finale — too big a pop cultural moment to miss. 😉

      • The lack of contact after the announcement was, IMO, more producer manipulation. If they’d embraced, kissed, etc, we’d know “they are in a relationship” rather than wonder “okay, they’re happy about the baby but….now what?”

        Sure, Stephen Nathan gave interviews afterward but 1) the interviews themselves were cryptic “in a relationship as much as they can be” and “committed to raising the baby together” etc. and 2) huge chunks of the casual viewing audience don’t read interviews.

        In fact, big chunks of the casual audience didn’t even know that wasn’t the series finale. On another board I visit, people went nuts when the s7 promo aired because they had no idea there was going to be a season 7. (and yes, I had a minor heart attack at the idea!)

        I don’t think the producers intend to have B&B just partners raising a baby, but they have repeatedly said they want to keep us guessing about everything. Lack of physical contact after the pregnancy announcement keeps us guessing. Lack of discussion about their relationship keeps us guessing. A kiss on the cheek while undercover keeps us guessing.

        All this manipulation sometimes backfires on the characters though. I will always, always HATE “You’re the father”?? WTF? Who else would be? I know we’ve fanwanked that to death (like we always do, HH it’s damn lucky we are so willing to do that for his show) but it was a total disservice to Brennan’s character to make her clarify who the father of her child was. I’ve heard all the excuses for it, and even made some myself, but the inclusion of that line is just plain crap.

      • I will always, always HATE “You’re the father”?? WTF? Who else would be? . . . it was a total disservice to Brennan’s character to make her clarify who the father of her child was . . . the inclusion of that line is just plain crap.


      • Barbara, I 100% agree. “You’re the father sucks as one of the final lines in the series.

      • I always thought that the “You’re the father.” statement was in reference to CitC where he says “If I’m going to be the father I have to BE the father. I didn’t think it was meant to insinuate that she or he wouldn’t know who the father was. I think she was just reassuring him that he would BE the father vs. sperm donor. If you know what I mean… I’m very tired…

      • I would like season 7 to deal with some of the fallout from Booth’s proposal, even something small. That would help close the chapter on season 6 for me. The bickering and the affection will certainly help show they’re back and they’re in a real relationship, but it would be nice to acknowledge the wrong turns. Okay, okay, they don’t have to show everything, even that, but it would show that they still talk about everything, even what’s painful.

      • I like MellBert’s explanation. They have evolved from that time. It would have been more odd to hear – “Booth, you ARE the father”. That would sound too much like Maury or one of those other shows where some women have several men take a DNA test and none of them are the father. I think it is a significant idea, and it bears a lot of weight when put into words.

  10. I mostly agree with you, Owl, but like many others, I still am not entirely comfortable with where B&B are, so a bit more would have made sense to me.

    I never believed that Booth didn’t still love Brennan. His expression of that was just sharply curtailed, reduced to longing looks, etc. And, man, some of those were amazing. (Kudos to David and his face.) I also agree with Kira that the struggle for Booth was shown in his relationship with Hannah, with his continuing need to tell everyone he was happy. Me thought the Special Agent didst protest too much.

    And, yet …. I am still very worried about them. They got so-o far apart, I wasn’t sure they could get them back together. They were still so tentative, so careful and so serious at the end. They used to be more sure of each other in a way, able to bicker and banter. For example, while I acknowledge Booth’s retreat from willingness to provide his sperm in Critic, I just can’t understand why Brennan wouldn’t realize at this point that Booth would be thrilled to have a child with her.

    A kiss, a hug, a held hand, finally saying, “I love you.” An “it could have been you” by either of them. Brennan saying something about being careful when Booth went after Broadsky. Just something more. I definitely don’t need the porno. And, I adored the scene when Brennan climbed into bed with Booth. The dialogue was spot on and the emotions from D and E were amazing.

    Re: that scene. There’s one particular moment in that scene that no one has commented on anywhere (that I’ve seen) which I think was a huge indicator. After they’ve fallen back into the pillows, Brennan finally stops sobbing, repositions her head and lets out this enormous sigh and seems to relax. I think that that sigh reflects so much. Her recognition of what she lost when she lost the comfort of his arms. Her recognition that she nearly lost him forever that day and just when they were inching back to each other. Her concern that she could still lose him when he goes after Broadsky. Anyway, the lack of comment underscores for me how much we’ve been left to intuit about what happened in those last few episodes. (Which seems kind of backward in a way. Does the lack of comment indicate that we think we understand that moment?) And, it’s why I think they went a tad too far in leaving things to our imaginations.

    • Well, I did notice that, and I think others have, too (many fanfic writers have interpreted that scene). I think it has been touched on, maybe in an indirect way, because I have seen people mention Brennan missing that physical comfort from Booth, and being relieved when she sought that out and had it given to her. However, I was surprised that there didn’t seem to be any apparent hints to “It could have been you.” I don’t know if it’s because they’ve both had their lives in danger before, and their jobs together have been dangerous from day one, so they’ve already come to some sort of acceptance about that. So case 1, that message was too subtle, or case 2, that wasn’t a message they were trying to send at all, and that’s why we didn’t get it. I’ve been going with case 2 for peace of mind.

      I didn’t take Brennan’s anxiousness to mean that she didn’t think Booth would be thrilled to have a child with her. And even if she was just a little worried about that, I think it would be normal to feel that way. I don’t think it’s accurate to compare it to when she was single and was going to raise it on her own, because their current situation is so much different. I think it had more to do with timing, and the fact that the news would really change things for them. They never got the chance to have a conversation about having and raising kids together before she got pregnant.

      • I think they left the thing about Broadsky meaning to kill Booth to Cam’s comment in the conference room. Nice that Cam finally had something substantive to say, but I think something from B or B would have been more to the point and indicative of what was happening between them emotionally. I’m thrilled about the baby, but I just feel that there’s a hole there (and not in their hearts). They still feel rather far apart to me. Basically we’re been given 3 things (after the scene in Booth’s bed) to show us the change and they are all pretty oblique. The arm hold, Max’s suspicions, and the kiss at the bowling alley. I’d like to see another private moment of emotion, affection, something.

        Agree with whoever said it that it just feels rushed.

  11. Kinesthetic, auditory and visual are classifications of how people learn information. The kinesthetic learner needs to touch, feel, and immerse themselves in the learning. The auditory learner will hear something, understand it and learn without other stimuli. The visual learner needs to see, hear and map out what they are being taught in order to understand. These learning styles can often lead to the different opinions viewers come up with about what is happening within the same show.

    I was wondering why this season was all over the place with people’s views and understanding of what was happening on Bones. Even in storytelling, there is the listener, or viewer, that is learning the story being told. How it is interpreted or understood goes back to what type of learner that person is on the visual, auditory or kinesthetic scale. The auditory learner will go with what words were said and derive the meaning solely from dialogue. Visual learner will often only remember the story based on the visuals and actions provided. Facial expressions, body language, actions played out and etc. Television is a story being told mainly through visual and auditory means. If only one aspect is used to get the story told there is a significant portion of the audience that will not understand or absorb what is being told onscreen.

  12. Great post! I don’t need to see everything, but I do hope we get some more glances. I am of the mind that some things are better left unsaid and that I like my interpretation of events better than having it spelled out sometimes. For example, at the end of PITP, I’ll interpret that as “Whew, I’m glad things are back on track. Things were weird there for a while, right? I was kind of a dick to you when I broke up with Hannah but you stayed by my side and that meant so much. Yeah, the thing with Hannah was real yada, yada but it wasn’t us. Sorry for the pain I know you went through and I know you have regrets too but, yeah, let’s move forward and get to that date when we can try to be together. Good? Good.”

    • I think I would have cringed if Booth “revealed all”. I mean, he was all like “it’s all in the past”, “I don’t have feelings for her (Brennan) anymore,” and a lot of untrue and/or defensive things he said to protect himself. I don’t know that letting her know what he had been saying would have been beneficial to either of them. If it hurt us to watch him at that time, imagine if Brennan found out about the things she didn’t hear and see. I even think Booth could have held some things against Brennan, too – not giving them a chance, lack of contact when apart, changing her mind when she previously said she understood he had to move on. They both made decisions that hurt them both, and they just decided not to hold it against each other. By this time, they had already expressed their desire to still try and be together, so I don’t think there were any notions of being a consolation prize or concerns of love being lost.

      Brennan likes to consider herself an honest person, but she’s prone to hold back her feelings. I think she respected his desire to not divulge certain things because she recognized that there were certain things she herself doesn’t think she needs to share. She was definitely thinking about something when he thanked her for being there. Perhaps his drunken venting saying he was mad at her and offering only a working relationship with some hanging out, or his attitude against love around Valentine’s. She was hoping for a second chance. She had to put away her own feelings to be there for him, but I don’t think that’s something she wanted to share with him.

      I think a lot of women would have pushed to have the conversation. You’d have to be an incredibly reasonable and rational person to be that understanding, which Temperance is.

  13. Happy Birthday Owl! 🙂 I would like to see a little more intimacy but I completely agree that it is the emotional responses that drive the show. And the incredible cast that can show all the emotions in just a look. One of my favorite things about Bones! I’m okay with them mentioning something that happened off screen and I like seeing things onscreen too. I’m complex like that… I like that B&B have moments that are just theirs that we don’t see. It seems more real that way. And I love minutiae, tiny details about peoples lives and learning about people that way. I honestly wouldn’t mind seeing Booth picking up his dry cleaning or Brennan grocery shopping. I loved the opening scene of Doctor with Brennan working in her kitchen because I enjoy little details like that. I like looking around non-fictional people’s houses too. I’m nosy. I can’t help it. 🙂 I do understand that we can’t see things like that all the time because of the limited medium but that’s okay too. I have fan fiction and an excellent imagination! I think we will see more this coming season. I only need a little. Some more of those incredible DB/ED looks! Oh and some bickering in the kitchen would be cool too!

  14. Yay success! The blog wouldn’t let me post the last couple of days, so I’m excited my “email” test worked! 🙂

    Also, happy b-day Owl! It is also my sister and step-sister’s b-day too! Very busy b-day day! I hope yours is wonderful!

    I would say that I agree with you mostly that we don’t need to see EVERYTHING….but can we see a lil something??

    Things I would like to see if I was a PTB and could make it happen:

    1. Their first mutual kiss, as a couple. Yes, we’ve gotten almost kisses, or when Brennan kisses him on the cheek, or Booth kisses her in the 100th. But I would like to see a glimpse of their “first time” together, mutally (I’m sure).

    2. A glimpse of them deciding to tell the team/actually telling the team. To see Angela/Hodgins’ reactions…Sweets???

    3. Early days of the pregnancy….sorting out coupledom…going to drs appointments, Booth running around with a goofy happiness grin…telling Parker…

    Now, how could they actually do this? Perhaps some well place flashbacks? A dream sequence? I don’t know…but I would like it. They don’t have to show EVERYTHING…but come on, a little bit would be nice. I’ve been waiting six seasons for those moments, and I don’t want to miss ALL of them.

    Also, bonus youtube video someone just sent me. It literally made me tear up! It’s set to Make You Feel My Love of course 🙂

  15. I think sometimes people accuse us of wanting to see ‘everything’ (read, too much) when actually I think a lot of us just want to see a little bit more.

    I haven’t heard anyone say ‘dammit, I was hoping for a really smokin’ sex scene and we didn’t get one.’ (They may well want one privately though haha) but I have heard people say they wish they’d seen their first kiss. Or their second kiss, or any kiss that’s more than a kiss on the cheek.

    I know that the finale wasn’t the right time because they were keeping the ‘did they / didn’t they’ thing going, but come next season, I really do hope to see them behaving quite differently with each other. I know we can say that they’ve ‘always been together’, but let’s face it – they realllllly haven’t. With every relationship I’ve ever known, people who have a sexual intimacy have a different bond to those who are just friends. I don’t need it to be the be-all-and-end-all (Hodgela, I’m looking at you), but inference to the fact they’re now physically and emotionally completely entwined is important. These two have always had passion and chemistry, it’s time we get to see how that actually translates into their lives now.

    Besides, they’re yet to have a really really passionate kiss (I want to see his hands in her hair, so sue me).

    I don’t think it’s asking too much to ask to see some recognition of what’s changed. I know they’re always going to leave us hanging a little bit, but what I really don’t want is for there to ever be a Bones Theory post called ‘They’re together, but they might as well not be for the amount it’s changed anything’

  16. Well…I’ve always seen this show not just as a forensics/crime drama story but also as a romance and for me…an element needed in most romance stories is to see them have their “passionate” moment. I’m not talking about sex but about that moment in stories that leads up to acknowledgement that they love each other…and that…this person is “THE ONE”. It can be sweet, beautiful, passionate…but not “non-existent” or “left up to one’s interpretation” which I feel is what we got. It’s an intimate moment I enjoy seeing in stories and the emotions that they demonstrated wasn’t enough for me. We know they love each other, we know there is chemistry & sexual tension (though it was sorely lacking in this season) so take the next step. I want that eye to eye contact that says…”hello…you are my “life”. Sorry…but this is just the romantic in me wanting to see more. This is a story. after all. and it could have been done but they didn’t want to go there. What were they afraid of?

  17. What an interesting post…which has generated many interesting replies!

    As for your questions, ” Do you believe that the emotional response is just as important as the action that creates it? Are emotions greater than or equal to actions on the show?”…

    I have to say the emotional responses are far more important than the actions, because they are what determine the course of the show and the lives of the characters. An action can cause several different potential reactions. Each of those reactions can change how the future plays out.

    Umm…example…ahh…Booth gave Brennan an ultimatum in the bar after Hannah turned down his proposal. She had several options available to her…she could have pushed harder and bickered and pissed Booth off even more; she could have flipped him the bird and stalked out after severing their partnership forever; she could have stayed and had a drink with him (which she did); etc. Each of those reactions to the action would have changed the outcome.

    So, for me, what we have seen (or what little we have seen) has been far less important than the reactions to events. The reactions are what matter. B&B obviously did the deed…but I gotta admit, I got more payoff with the “I’m pregnant” shocker at the end of the finale than I would have had I been privy to seeing them even hint at sleeping together. If I’d seen them kissing, having sex, whatever before Brennan made her announcement, I would have thought, “well, duh, of course she’s pregnant” when that moment in the finale came. Instead, my eyes bugged out, my jaw hit the floor and then I literally screamed! That emotional payoff was worth far more to me than seeing something which I’ve always known has been inevitable. But that’s me!

    Happy Birthday Owl and thanks for sharing the gift of your post with us!

  18. crap…forgot to check the email box.

  19. ok…one of the reasons that I fell in love with Bones, was that it allowed me to fill in the blanks. The B&B ‘moments’ were enough to keep me hanging, and I could ‘see’ the progress and the emotional impact of events without it having to be spelled out for me.

    For this reason, some of the overtness of S5&6 annoyed me. The subtlety was lost. I was thrilled by HitH because of the infered meanings. I didn’t need to see them hook up, because really, I have watched the bond get deeper and deeper over the years and I’m happy for them to keep their subtle relationship.

    On that, whilst I loved CitG, I’m annoyed by the blunt ‘you’re the father’ comment from Bren. I know that it was done for the occasional viewer to be in the loop, but still, it was way too blunt. For me, a hand hold, a touch, a look has always meant the most.

    • I think that line was more for the viewers, too. Though it’s really not out of character for Brennan to be blunt, even for something sentimental.

      I just imagine it would have taken more work on the part of the writers to clear things up later if they didn’t make that point clear in the episode. As it was, some people thought it was just a dream or that she used his sperm. That tells me that not everyone would not have just made the assumption that Booth was the father.

      Back to the point of this post. I loved the final scene in winter finale, 7×06. But I’m glad that it faded out when it did. Not because it was awkward or anything. But somehow, to their credit, DB and ED are able to create such a powerful sense of intimacy between Booth and Brennan that I feel like an intruder sometimes (could be just me). I actually like feeling like the “what goes on between us should just be ours” thing applies to the viewers. So, I’m more for subtleness and hinting. Seeing a little but not too much.

      • That pretty much explains why I don’t read M fanfic, too, or skip through the Penthouse stuff if I find an otherwise interesting story. It feels too much like I walked in on my best friends having sex.

        I love the romance stuff they do and the hints about what’s happening behind closed doors but I know how sex works, they don’t have to show me. I could definitely use some more of the romance and hinting about closed doors, though.

        But, that’s just me.

      • Agreed MJ. The only thing I wonder about with HITH is if they said ILY that night and who kissed whom first. And, really, it’s fun to think about that.

      • Ooh camcat, that is fun! Let me think here….I think…Brennan would have kissed him first, because I think she’d take that first step and then Booth probably said ILY first. 🙂 That’s just my “head canon”.

      • That sounds rational to me and very much in line with them, so I accept your head canon.

      • Agree C-bones. Don’t need to see the ‘gory’ details but just a conversation between them that all is well and they are both now ready to move forward together whilst knowing there will be obstacles along the way.

        bb, your “head canon” works for me too although I have a niggling feeling no one said ILY that night.

      • My head canon is that neither one of them knows who kissed the other first, they just suddenly were. But I like the thought that “the words” came from Brennan first. I think that was when the pieces of the puzzle fell into place for her.

      • There has been a lot of great fanfic regarding that night. I do wish I knew some things more concretely, but it was kind of fun to find out other people’s opinions on what they think happened that night. I think on this blog there were two teams on whether they had sex that night or not. To me, it doesn’t matter when they did it. It matters that when a big step was taken, nobody was taking any steps back. I think that is what they wanted to show, and that is exactly what I saw.

        Maybe we haven’t gotten a lot of displays of affection, but they’re there. Some people want more, some could even go for less (not me!). And there have been hints here and there that suggest that they are sexually very compatible and satisfied (Booth was quick to agree to no TV in the bedroom so as to not compromise their sex life.) Starting out in a new phase, getting used to the new dynamic of things, I think they’ve done pretty well for themselves. People are still excited about this show which has survived re-scheduling and long hiatuses. I’ve decided to hold out on certain judgements until the end of the series.

  20. I can’t seem to find enough time to add a thoughtful comment but I did want to chime in and say, Happy (Belated) Birthday, Owl! Great post and awesome comments by all 🙂

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