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Morning After Q: What Made the Difference?


Good morning, my friends! I hope you are having a great Friday so far. Where I live, the sunrise was awesome–signaling a great start to the weekend.

I’m getting ready to move to a new apartment, which means that’s where my time is going these days! But enough of that. There’s nothing more annoying than a blogger who blogs about not having time to blog. Ugh. 😀

So, last night, Fox re-aired two season six episodes. You might remember from last Friday that Fox had chosen to show two of my least favorite (ended) episodes, and in contrast, last night’s episodes are two of my favorites– Signs in the Silence and Hole in the Heart.

I kind of like when there are two episodes to consider, because it calls to mind comparing or contrasting the two. With this pair of eps, it made me think–what made the difference for Brennan (and Booth) to really take the next step?

We’ve talked some about that before (If not, then, when? etc), but in the context of what really DID happen, compared to the end of Signs in the Silence, where both Booth and Brennan seem to be weighing one another’s words…I guess what I’m asking is…what made the difference? Was it just VNM’s death?

One of the…I don’t necessarily want to say issues, but ‘hard-to-swallow-ness’ of this season was that Booth seemed to be measuring Brennan. It was tough to see because we’d never really seen it that way, and it was particularly tough for me to see because Brennan, by that point, was very open to more. It had flipped from Booth being very steady for the past several years and Brennan measuring him up and weighing his words and such–and for some reason, when it was flipped, it was hard (for me, at least) to watch. (Sidenote: I think maybe the writers didn’t realize just how hard it would be for viewers to see that?)

But…the point is…as we saw Booth ‘test’ (for lack of a better word) Brennan, she held up (she never got a B, and she never will! 😀 ) , but even so…she was also testing him and measuring him on things too. It reminds me of early in the series when she told him if she couldn’t respect the law, she could at least respect him.

So my question is…what made the difference? What was it that, over the course of their time since their trips, made them willing to take a chance?  It was more than just releasing biological urges, more than just easing that sexual curiosity after all these years, more than just happening to be in the same bed at the same time, more than just comfort…but what else? Or was it only those things?



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  1. When watching Signs In The Silence last night, I felt that I could see the difference in their relationship at the beginning of the episode. They were in the diner talking about buying a present for Angela’s baby. They were buying the present together. That is something couples do. The first time I saw this episode I was struck by how comfortable they were with each other. They may not have gone all the way; but, they were definitely working as a couple. I also thought it was striking that Brennan mentioned that she would soon be the only one without a child and Booth was quick to tell her not to worry about it. It just struck me that they were coming to an understanding and it wouldn’t have taken much for them to make their relationship a more physical one.

    My theory is that The Truth in the Myth made the difference. Booth came up with some outlandish story about seeing a Yeti and Brennan went out of her way to prove that Booth had seen “something”. This some how proved to Booth that he could count on Brennan to be there for him, even when it went against her belief system. This also allowed Brennan to see that backing someone, even when it seemed contrary to her beliefs, was ok, it didn’t make any less the rational person she considers herself to be.

    Vincent’s death was just the final piece to the puzzle. They were there for each other and that allowed they to start a physical relationship.

  2. This, for me, is the million dollar question. It is the only true problem I have with S6. I don’t feel like I saw Booth “come back” to Brennan. Thinking back to Owl’s post on the idea of showing us/not showing us… that would be the thing I wanted to see. I wanted to see Booth fall in love again – or rediscover his love – or whatever. It didn’t have to be in the same way as before, but I feel like I missed it.

    Yes, there were eps that seemed like they were bringing me there (and I, too, was a little uncomfortable with Booth “testing” the waters, though I liked it – at least the idea of it), but I feel like there was a mysterious time jump, a bewitched snap of the fingers.

    So, I am looking forward to the perspectives given on this post.

    • Nail on head, Janet. I am thrilled about the baby and so happy with where B&B are, esp in comparison with where they were a year ago, but ….

      I too feel that there is something missing, something was rushed. I’ve been saying that it’s that they still seem so tentative and fragile, but you have expressed pretty much what is bothering me. I never believed Booth stopped loving Brennan, but I have missed “in love” Booth. The guy who “knew.” The guy who looks at her and is a kid looking at the bike under the Christmas tree again.

      As amazing as Brennan had been in Signs, I didn’t see “in love” Booth in that final scene. I loved that final scene, but it wasn’t “in love” Booth. In spite of the depth of what they were discussing, they seemed more like old friends walking side by side than a couple. I guess that is why it feels like we missed something. They went from friends to couple in what seems like the blink of the eye.

      Now back to our regularly scheduled MAQ. I’m inclined to two things.

      1) I think that the danger that they both had been in that killed VNM and the danger that Booth would be in the next day gave Brennan that final push. What may have started out as comfort made her finally realize what she had lost and just what she could have and still could irretrievably lose.

      2) I think there was something similar with Booth. He realized how easily he could have given that phone to Brennan instead of VNM. Also, even if he isn’t “in love,” he does love her deeply and he does know her, so he could see that she wasn’t finished processing VNM’s death. That was what making her stay with him was about, more so than safety. Then she was in his arms for the first time in forever.

      I was struck from the beginning that when Booth held Brennan, you could see that for Booth the world was as it was supposed to be. She was where she was supposed to be and that gave him some sense of peace. Brennan, of course, either didn’t realize it or, if she did, she fought it. He was not about to let go of her now. And, she wasn’t fighting, finally.

      Net net: The events of that day, pushed them both into realizations of what the other really meant to them and to the shortness and fragility of life. This made them both open to changing, deepening their relationship. When Brennan fell into Booth’s arms, it was almost inevitable. Finally!

      ’nuff said.

      • “……I too feel that there is something missing, something was rushed. I’ve been saying that it’s that they still seem so tentative and fragile, but you have expressed pretty much what is bothering me. I never believed Booth stopped loving Brennan, but I have missed “in love” Booth. The guy who “knew.” The guy who looks at her and is a kid looking at the bike under the Christmas tree again………..”

        I agree and this is why I think they will still have major relationship issues to deal with in S7. I like your description of a guy looking at a bike under the Christmas tree again because I can imagine the feeling of awe and wonderment as you realize how awesome the gift is in front of you…..and that is precisely what I want to see from both of them this season and will be greatly disappointed if they skip this opportunity…cuz the writers still have a great opportunity for that great moment between the 2 if only they’d go there….but perhaps they want to keep it tame and not overly dramatic….we’ll see.

      • 2 things in this thread I have to comment on:

        Totally agree that the one reaction I am most dying to see is Caroline’s. And, all the suggestions about what she’ll say are dead on. I could hear them as I read them.

        2nd, on Booth the next morning. He looked lost in thought, not upset or unsure. I also felt that the old Booth was back for the first time since EitB. There was something about his response to Shaw: “Don’t be sorry. Just help me get revenge.” Cocky and confident — for the first time in a very long time.

    • Ditto what Janet said 100%. Apart from a stolen glance here and there, I didn’t feel like I really saw Booth ‘come back’ to Brennan either. Even in ‘Signs in the Silence’, Booth is still somewhat detached from Brennan – He mentions the ‘mama Bones’ thing in the beginning but it just seems to for the use of flippant foreshadowing from the writers. There is no implication to suggest Booth thinks will be the one to make that happen. At the end of the episode, he starts to tell Brennan about his dad abusing him but then stops himself, like he’s still not ready to full open that part of himself back to her.

      In Hole in the Heart, it may be reading too much into that scene, but interesting nonetheless that Booth literally closes a door between them that night and that Brennan is the one who opens it. Even then, Booth still has a look of doubt on his face the next morning in his office. And at the end when they’re seeing Vincent off, I think he’s still – I don’t want to say “testing” either, but it’s the only word I can think of, in that Booth makes no move to go towards Brennan. He looks at her, gauges her reactions, and Brennan not only comes to him after the hearse pulls away, but she also puts her arm through his and we see the crooked smile on his face, which for me was what I think finally made the difference. They were physically and emotionally as close as they had ever been, and she proved to him she wasn’t going anywhere. And I think that set up the lighthearted rapport they finally got back in Change in the Game.

      • Interesting how non-verbal moments can be perceived differently. I didn’t see a look of doubt on Booth’s face in his office. I saw someone who was reflecting very seriously on something. Although he didn’t go to Brennan in the hearse scene, he was the one who assured everyone else that she would be there. He was sure of her. I think she was the one to put her arm through his because he was waiting for her to decide what was appropriate at the Jeffersonian and in that moment.

      • I didn’t catch it originally, but rewatching the episode I found it amusing to note how their reactions (B&B) sort of book-ended each other.

        Booth is staring out the window, thinking deep thoughts, and when Shaw enters, is flustered and immediately picks up a file and thumbs through it.

        Brennan is just staring at that skull – forever. I still laugh at a fanfic I read about that scene and the only thought in her head was “the skull is white.” That just seems so perfect to me. The skull is white. And that’s all she can process right then. 🙂

      • As I said further down in the thread, I LOVE the reaction shots we get of Booth and Brennan the morning after. We see Booth first and then we see Brennan. The first time I watched HITH I was inclined the deal was sealed when we saw Booth staring out the window. Wow. He was replaying something in his mind over, and over, and over again. Heh. I think he was thinking about love, and life, and fate and that this is going somewhere and that he might have thought he “knew” before but now he really knows. And Brennan, well, I think she was thinking about breaking the law of physics and how awesome and yet mysterious/inexplicable it can be. How they went about their day/functioned/got out of bed that morning is beyond comprehension! After seeing CITG it’s easy for me to imagine how they were in those first weeks after Broadsky had been captured. Did everyone know by CITG? What do we think? Because we know Max figured it out. Was the aftermath of VNM’s death and the impending birth of baby Hodgela enough to buy them some time to fly under the radar? Booth was barely keeping that giddyness in check at the diner scene and, well, we saw his reaction after he kissed her on the cheek in the bowling alley – her reaction too. After the initial shock wore off and Broadsky was behind bars I think Booth was probably whistling/humming in the hallway/elevator… would Sweets pick up on it? Hmm… Brennan too may have been a little more glowy/smiley than usual. If they interacted in front of the gang, were they “nice” to one another the way Max described it? LOL. It’s fun to think about. After all that time, I actually kind of think the reaction from Cam, Sweets, Hodgins may be tamer than we think. I could see one of them seeing them together and thinking, “yeah. finally!”. Like everyone knew they were together but the baby being the real surprise but also a “well, they didn’t waste any time!”. And I could definitely see Caroline being all “about damn time, now let’s get back to business!”. I also could see Caroline just taking one look at Booth and knowing. Ha!

      • Of all the characters we know, the one reaction I really (really really times-infinity) wanted to see was Caroline’s. Not about them as a couple but about the baby. I just adore Caroline and I hate the thought of missing any of her witticisms. I just have this vision of her going all gooey/baby loving/totally at odds with her usual gruff persona.

        That’s what I really regret, not witnessing her reaction.

      • I tend to agree with Huronia on Booth’s “morning after” expression in his office. I didn’t see doubt, but rather someone totally lost in his thoughts…the gravity of all that happened in the past 12 hours sinking in…the possible consequences/rewards, the realization that his whole world has just changed dramatically.

        MJ – thanks for the fanfic quote “The skull is white.” Perfect.
        When Brennan does actually articulate something – like, maybe she should examine the skull microscopically, and Angela’s “You told me that an hour ago…” yes, our Brennan is having some major synapse-misfiring going on.

        Kudos to Ang/Michaela for encapsulating every shipper’s reaction to Brennan’s admission: jaw drop, then – Wo – wait – shwew – hunh – gah!…all in maybe 1 second!

        And that smile of Brennan’s before Hodgins’ Very Untimely Entrance – tentative, semi-sheepish with giddy, gobsmacked and ‘yowza!’ lurking just beneath the surface.

      • I think we’ll get some reactions from Caroline in S7. Like, I could imagine Booth worrying about Brennan and Caroline saying he should suck it up or telling him he should have thought about it before he knocked up his partner. Ha! I could see her giving Booth a hard time about all his baby photos, “Cher, my time is precious! Don’t be showing me a slideshow. I get it, you make cute babies!” And I could imagine her having a very un-characteristic reaction to the wee Brennan-Booth. Very sweet. Yep. Definitely.

      • “I am a busy woman, Agent Booth, and I do not have time right now to discuss your penchant for having children out of wedlock.”

        Sorry. I wrote that and it still makes me snort milk out of my nose. If I drank milk, I mean. I heart Caroline so hard.

      • @jigs – Yes, what you said is a much better way of describing Booth’s expression. I said ‘doubt’, but I didn’t really mean that he was doubting himself or what happened between, just that whatever he was feeling (which seems heavy) was evident in his face. “Gravity” is much more accurate of describing that, it’s just not a word that came to me at the time. 🙂

      • Correction – Accurate WAY of describing it. /proofreadfail

  3. Seeing the vulnerability made the difference. And Booth’s both knowledge that he is the “rock” here. He wants to comfort her. And he knows she will accept being comforted.

    Booth sees Brennan’s vulnerability at the moment when Vincent died and at 4:47. He has seen death close up. She has not, at least not when it was someone so near to her. Vincent’s last words are a puzzle she cannot solve. He has religion, she is alone.

    Both of them seek something more than “just sex”. They seek love, love of life, love of each other, loving protection. It’s what partners do. Sex just happened.

    And Bam …

  4. It was definitely weird to see Booth doing the watching, looking for evidence if you will, just like Brennan had done to him for the last six years. Not because he needed to see that she measured up-she is after all, the standard and there’s no danger he would see her as anything else, but because he got burned and needed to regain trust. Look, I honestly think that his little “tests” were actually very, very minor in the scheme of things; awkward, but not offensive. This is a guy who finds it incredibly hard to give himself to others. When he does, as Brenan says, he gives himself completely. And when that doesn’t work, he goes down just as completely. For Booth, there seems to be little in between. It’s actually amazing that it took so little for him to get back on the Brennan wagon but I don’t have problem with the short time frame because it’s clear to me that he never stopped loving her-he just needed to trust that she wouldn’t shred his heart again. It’s almost a childlike quality in him; once he trusts you, you’re in.

    Brennan made it clear that she was ready after Hannah left, and it was really wonderful to see her taking the “let me show you that you can trust me” role. We know she cares about him, but to see her go out of her way to actually give him the evidence (the refusal to get a date for Valentine’s Day, the Yeti, the reassurances re Broadsky) was nice, because she so seldom cares about what people think. She was letting him know that she does care about what he thinks and she had the presence of mind to stick with it and not expect him to fall right back into her arms after Hannah left.

    I think by Hole in the Heart they were ready for something and it was just a matter of time, although Booth was more unsure about them than she was, judging by his struggle over whether he should hold her or not when she went to his room. I think that night was his call; she came to him for whatever he could give and he finally broke down and let things go forward, even at the risk of ending up with a broken partnership. The fact that Broadsky might kill him the following day might have made that decision easier.

    • Ah,
      “judging by his struggle over whether he should hold her or not when she went to his room.”

      I can work with this.

    • I think that it was important that Brennan initiated the closeness. That way there would be no questions as to whether Booth was doing any pushing. He had been clear to her about what he wanted in the past. Brennan hadn’t been so clear. Even with her expressing her regret, that wasn’t exactly a statement of what she wanted. In Blackout, she did say she wanted to try once she shed the last of her imperviousness. It was only natural for Booth to be hesitant. He’s been burned several times in the past, and she’s done some of the burning.

      Okay, so here’s where I project some of my personal philosophies onto the show: I think the whole “in love” thing is overrated. These two love each other, and they both want to make this work. They care for each other and desire to protect one another physically and emotionally. They respect each other and are loyal to one another. I think being “in love” is just a stage of a new relationship and may make some reappearances in the years to come, but it’s not what makes a couple stay together – commitment is. I’m not saying couples can’t be in love after many years, but I think it’s more of a feeling that can come and go (at least for most people). We have seen moments where people debate whether or not it looks like they are in love. I do think B&B will have their moments, and in my perspective I have seen some of them, but by no means do I expect to see most of their interactions display that. One of the things that I love about their relationship is the gamut of emotions we see displayed between them – affection, silliness, anger, frustration, love, understanding, exasperation, irritation, happiness, gratefulness.

      • Agreed. Being “in love” is not necessarily for the long-haul; it’s the initial chemical rush which may or may not end up being replaced by something more permanent. Loving involves a lot more; no rose-colored glasses, no hiding what we really are, accepting imperfections and being patient. I’m pretty sure B/B have that part nailed. If we don’t see what they already share as love, whether they ever use that word on the show or not, then I’m not sure what else qualifies.

    • Even though Booth may have been unsure about them, I love the initiative he took in having her spend the night at his place. He was so incredibly perceptive, knowing that Brennan would not give in to a public breakdown. If he was just being a friend, he could have just asked if she wanted company, and told her he was there for her for whatever she needed and could call at anytime. He just made it so much easier for her to come to him. And I love the delicious awkward tension between them when they are at his apartment discussing sleeping arrangements. Like he was looking to be of further assistance, but Brennan was fine at that point, so he couldn’t really come up with any other valid excuses for being around her in his living room.

  5. I think the VNM death made them realize that life was precious and that there wasn’t a reason to stay apart any longer. In general, once Brennan felt it was right to make a move, I don’t think I could see Booth stopping her (as long as he was unattached).

  6. Brief answer unfortunately but I think what made the difference that night were two quite simple things…

    1. Brennan came to him and asked him to hold her, to comfort her. She’d never done that before, and I don’t think you can overestimate the significance of her finally submitting to her feelings. It was such a breakthrough for them.
    2. Death. They’d watched a young man; a brilliant, sweet, kind friend, gunned down in front of them and tell them in his last moments that he wasn’t ready to die. It had me in floods and I wasn’t even there! I think it made them all the more aware that life is so short, for everyone, but a particularly possible outcome for them.

    This is what I think when people say Booth got over Hannah and his anger remarkably quickly. I kind of think, they probably did get together quicker than either of them expected, but it was expedited because of the situation they found themselves in that night. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of them (Booth to my mind) hesitated and said to the other ‘are you sure, is this right?’ etc, and the other person just said ‘it’s time’ or ‘I’m ready’ or even just nodded. (Buffy fans out there, I’m thinking of the scene when they’re about to sleep together and Angel hesitates and she’s the one who asks him to just kiss her, thus moving things forward)

    Also, as an honorary third point (and there’s no need to really go into this but frankly I can’t help myself), in my mind when I ponder about the first few moments after the camera left them alone and what those moments might have looked like, I think they lay there, as we saw, quietly and united in grief. And then after a little while, when her crying has quieted and her head is on his chest, listening to his heart and feeling his chest move with his breathing, I think they would be this moment when they both suddenly become vividly, blazingly, aware of where they are and who they are. There’d be that breath-holding moment of realisation and a zing of energy between them, and then I think Brennan just lifted her head so her chin was on his chest and looked at him. And they both knew that that was it.

    • Love your description of how it might have happened, Sophia.

    • I also love your description of how it happened. And I agree most of the time. Then sometimes I think that in the quiet after her crying she said something silly and serious and true like “You smell good.” that maybe made him laugh a little or shift down so they were face to face. Hard to say really. Those wily writers…

  7. Hm…that is a great question. And a hotly debated one, I’m sure!

    To be honest, I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to fully say what happened, unless they give us a flashback or we see Brennan telling Angela the details or something. I’d love to what words (if any) were spoken as the comforting turned into something more. Who initated it? Was it just unspoken and mutual?

    But as far as we are allowed to see anyway, I’d say it was just a gradual culmination of the past 6 years. It was all the past joys, hurts, hard times, difficult cases, separations…and VNM’s death was just the tipping point. Here’s my take.

    We’ve seen Brennan “mellow” over the years and especially recently. Her hurt when Zack betrayed them, her pain when she thought Booth was dead, her realizations in DitP…for someone who tries to stay clinical…she’s been downright emotional :). Just as she’s taught Booth the logical, “brain” aspect of life, he’s taught her the emotional or “heart” side. So when VNM literally gets shot right in front of her, and she watches his life ebb away…that is a big moment. (I myself I have not be able to watch it beyond the first time.) She has dealt with death and already dead skeletons/bodies, and she has been through other emotional things, but I believe this is the first time someone she was close to died, let alone right in front of her. And her misunderstanding of his words hurt her even more.

    Now this did affect Booth too. Maybe not so much as the actual death since he’s been there and also killed himself, but I think seeing Brennan’s pain was very hard for him. Also the realization that it could have been her. Had he given the phone to her, she would be dead right in front of him. How would he have lived with that?

    It was the perfect storm of emotions. Brennan had her “DitP” moment, Booth had his “Daredevil” moment, so this just sort of tipped it into motion. Booth, worried for Brennan’s safety and shaken at her close call is there in his room, and Brennan, shaken from VNM’s death before her eyes and his last words is right outside the door. Who does she go to for comfort when she needs it? Booth. And who is Booth sworn to protect as his partner and good friend? Brennan. So they’re coming together is a natural thing, but you add everything from their past, plus the recent trauma, and there you go. Like I said, we may never know exactly who initiated it or what was said, but the circumstances got them to that place.

    Oh to be a fly on the wall in that room! Please, Season 7, gives us a lil something! 🙂

  8. She never got a “B” and she never will. I love it.

    • Yes, I love it too. They blow me away with how incredibly perceptive they can be with each other. Especially Brennan, who in general doesn’t read people very well. Brennan was incredibly brave in sticking by Booth after his rejection by Hannah. I feel like she finally realized what she wanted, and she decided to do something about it. Not in a pushy way, where she was overstepped boundaries, but she was stretching them. I don’t think the first half of the season was about punishing Brennan – some mistakes are irreversible, and sometimes people don’t get second chances. But she knew that if she got one, she would take it. But she didn’t just sit back and wait for it to happen, she gave him consistent affirmation through her words and her presence to make it more of a possibility.

  9. Tvline had this posted a little while ago, No spoilers, just good news:
    Bones‘ unorthodox approach to its seventh season just got even… unorthodoxier.

    You’ll recall that Emily Deschanel’s pregnancy already forced the show to scale back its number of episodes to 13, six this fall (beginning Nov. 3) and seven in the spring, with its spinoff, The Finder, bridging the gap in the winter. Well, now comes word that Fox has ordered four additional episodes, possibly to air over the summer or be carried to Season 8 (assuming there is a Season 8).

    Executive producer Stephen Nathan acknowledges that “it’s a very odd situation we’re in,” adding that Fox “has scheduled us for 13 episodes, but they want as many episodes as we can produce.”

    Whatever happens, the four bonus hours will likely air apart from the original 13. “We’re constructing the season so that the finale is Episode 13,” Nathan says. “And then there will ultimately be four more episodes that we can play with. [Fox] could run them on a different night, they could run them in the summer, or they could hold them for fall.”

    • Wow, does Fox loves Bones, or what? It amazes me that people really think this show needs to end or that people aren’t watching it anymore. A show this old wouldn’t be well-supported unless it was considered a solid performer.

      • At the end of the season, Bones was listed in the Top 20 for several weeks for number of viewers watching. I think the people that want the show to end just lost patience with the show and didn’t want to invest any more time on it. They did the same for the show LOST. It’s their loss.
        Some people don’t like complicated plots. I love them. I just wish they would quit harping over a show they don’t like. Just because you don’t like a show doesn’t mean there aren’t other people out their who do. If they don’t like Bones, they should ignore it and leave the rest of us to our guilty pleasure.

    • I am a happy resident of Spoiler-land (though I will NEVER mention things here, cross my heart!!) and things like this have been coming out for awhile. It is definitely good news that the network is so eager to get more Bones eps! 🙂 More B&B&Baby please!!

      • I live there, and I can’t seem to get out. I guess I like to be prepared vs. surprised. To me, even if I know something might happen, the cast makes it come alive to me in a way just reading about it won’t. Even if a piece of info makes me dubious, I’m always curious on how it will come across onscreen; a lot of times it’s not that bad.

        Last year, I knew about Hannah, and I’m glad I did. I can’t imagine being shocked into that one for the premiere.

      • C-bones –
        I’m with you on the spoiler thing. I was very, very, very glad I knew that Hannah would be coming.

  10. Last season I knew it was VNM who was leaving, but I didn’t know the how or when, so it was still shocking. But I’m glad I found out so that I was at least semi-prepared.

    Though I definitely was NOT prepared for what came after, in Booth’s apartment! 🙂

  11. I never believed, and especially after watching S6 again, that Booth stopped loving Brennan or fell out of love with her. I think seeing how hard he tried to make things work and move on really showed that. B&B’s love is so much more than “being in love”. Totally agree. I LOVED the akwardness between Booth and Brennan in his apartment in HITH. LOVED. They just witnessed death and it could have easily been either one of them instead of Vincent. No matter what date they wrote down on those pieces of paper, they were ready. Time is precious. I think in that moment Booth DID want to “fix things” but he wanted Brennan to allow him to fix things. He did want to hold her. Hell, I think he REALLY had to fight not wanting to hold her in DITP, but he knew that he could not do that at that point because comforting her wouldn’t just be comforting a friend. And Brennan? Well, she was processing a lot but when she finally accepted that she wanted comfort, she went to Booth. I think both of them knew that they were at a point where holding would lead to more, they wanted it to lead to more. They love one another AND they TOTALLY dig one another – have for a long time. I think they both knew for a long time that sex would never just be sex between them. I like to think of Booth and Brennan lying there together and really taking comfort in holding one another, both realizing that this is right and that there is no one else they would rather be with in that moment. I imagine Booth giving Brennan’s head a little nuzzle and Brennan looking up and giving Booth a kiss on the cheek and then, well, we all know what happens next. I actually don’t see them saying anything. And the next morning? I could see them waking up together and Brennan telling Booth that she knows he will get Broadsky and to be safe and Booth telling Brennan he knows he’ll get him with her help and they’re off, back to the real world and doing what they do best. What REALLY intrigues me is what is going through their minds the next morning. Ha! Brennan seemed quite distracted/fixated on the evening’s events. And, well, we got to see her little expression of satisfaction too! Ha! And Booth? Man, I see him as playing it over and over in his mind and kind of wondering if that really happened! When they first saw each other again at VNM’s send off…. even before Brennan took Booth’s arm there was a connection there. I know there’s debate about whether or not they had slept together again after HITH before CITG or if they had only slept together once and were taking it slow. My personal opinion is I don’t think they stopped once they started. I would find that really hard to believe. No turning back, I think. I like to think that no matter how frustrated they may get with their different points of view and challenges life gives them that they know that being apart would be worse.

    • I totally agree. They definitely kept going and it is fun imagining those weeks. I have to say though that I’m not sure what the next morning was like. Sometimes I think maybe he left her sleeping…probably she had been up worrying a long long time since it was 4:47 when she finally went in and maybe ultimately slept after they made love. And he probably had to get to work, what with having to catch Brodsky and all, and maybe left her a note? Something sweet. Maybe a white bakery bag on the table? I feel like he expressed a pleasure that was greater for being slightly anxious when she took his arm at the end of the episode. As if they hadn’t had much, if any time, to connect since the night before and he might have been a little worried that she now had second thoughts.

  12. I haven’t read all the responses yet, so pardon me if I repeat something that’s already been said…

    The pivotal moment for Booth, I think, came a few episodes before The Hole in the Heart (at the end of The Pinocchio in the Planter) when he acknowledged how much it mattered that Brennan stuck around at the end of Daredevil. I think that was the point at which he was once again ready for more than “just partners.” Ironically, I’d always kind of thought that Brennan was ready even before that and was just making excuses for Booth’s benefit, but something about the look on her face when she asked about VNM that night in Booth’s bedroom makes me think that hers was the last wall that needed to come down after all. And yes, because of her REACTION to VNM’s death, that night it did.

    The fact that we didn’t see any of the S5 signs that Booth was “in love” with Brennan at the end of S6 doesn’t really bother me, mainly because I always come back to what Sophia (I think) said awhile back about the way Booth expressed his love for Brennan in S5 (the whole love sick puppy, “I would do anything for you” routine – which while it was romantic, simply wasn’t sustainable for an extended period of time, nor was it at all a good foundation for a mutually strong relationship). I think by the end of S6, Booth had a level of confidence in Brennan (in her love for him and eventually his love for her), thanks in part to his “testing” of her, that he didn’t have in S5 and it made most of those “signs of love” that we saw in S5 unnecessary. I know this horse has been beaten to death here, but there was a level of maturity between them, and in their love for each other, at the end of S6 that simply didn’t exist at the end of S5.

    And honestly, what was shown vs. not shown is always going to be an issue of contention. Let’s face it – it either matters to you or it doesn’t. It doesn’t matter so much to me because what I did see WAS enough (and that’s partly because I feel like I “get” what the writers were trying to do).

    • Yeah. I think B&B came back stronger @ the end of S6; there’s a good foundation there. You DO only hurt the ones you love but at the end of the day, love alone isn’t enough, you DO only love one person the most AND call it fate, the universe, whatever, but some things are just meant to be.

  13. Considering how I blathered on a while back about how physical contact was what would make Booth’s walls come tumbling down, what everyone is saying about this physical contact between them in Hole in the Heart really works for me. I’m not saying that I suddenly don’t miss other stuff, but for my part, I’m on board with the physical contact (on Booth’s part especially since Brennan did not have these boundaries this season) being the answer to “what made the difference”.

  14. I know people concentrate on the time in bed or Booth and Brennan’s reactions in Hole, but we also see something in Booth’s reaction in the interrogation room in Signs– it is the very first time he belts a suspect. He’s confronted with his own “father” and he confronts the man physically.

    Yes, I know it’s a bookend to Brennan’s recollections of her own childhood, but it is also another opportunity for Brennan to reassure Booth– you are good. Booth’s anger in Daredevil centered on rejection and “something is wrong here.” Brennan has been doing everything she can to let him know in “teeny, tiny words” that Booth is a good man and worthy of love. At the end of Signs, she’s reassuring him that he deserves his son’s love, that he is a good father. Certainly she’s done it before, but this time is more significant for Booth.

    I guess there’s also some symbolism one can pull out of the two endings– one is in the daylight where the truth of the girl is discovered as is the truth of Booth, as Brennan sees it, is laid out. The ending of Hole takes place at night where the truth can be obscured, where one can hide, but Brennan does not hide. Twenty-four (?) hours later, she still goes to Booth. She’s still reassuring him. She does it by being there, by the looks she gives him, by threading her arm through his.

  15. By the time ‘it’ happened, they were ready. I keep thinking back to all the times that I felt that they should just ‘get it on’, and realise that it would not have lasted. There needed to be testing. Booth needed to ‘move on’. I just rewatched the end of Season 5, and saw again how much she hurt him…and recalled my impressions that it needed to be Brennan who made the next move – and boy, did she make them!

    Whilst it was painful to watch at times, I can appreciate the angst of season 6 (except the proposal. Seriously?). I loved seeing Brennan realise her errors from the past, and not run away. She showed so much dignity and strength, and watching her need Booth and asking for comfort – wow! I do feel though that post Blizzard, it was inevitable….the teasing, the ‘date’ at the end of the Finder ep, the agreement to buy a joint present for baby Michael. These are all very coupley actions. But I really love, that in the end, he was wearing stripey socks, she wasn’t looking at all ‘sexy’ and it was rather 2 people who finally knew the time was right.

    And as for those final exchanges at VNM’s funeral and the arm loop? Wow. That’s why I love Bones. No need for blatant ‘stupid viewer’ exchanges. Subtlety works.

    • Linda, I totally agree! It has been noted many times how mature B&B seemed by the end of S6. I think they both became very honest and aware of themselves in S6. Brennan felt she missed her chance and came to have regrets. Booth became more aware of his age and where he was in life and, I think, proposed to Hannah because he was committed to making it work and didn’t want to waste any time, he was ready to move forward and go for something he wanted, it was just not with the right person. I think maybe they would have let some of their stuff get in the way if they would have tried earlier. They had hurt one another and had been apart and, well, that sucked. I think they both want it to work – baby or no baby – so they were being cautious about going for it but they were ready. The baby is a little gift, an extra incentive to keep things in perspective, I think. In HITH they weren’t at their most sexy selves, they were very real. There was a “to have and to hold, for better or worse” type of feel to that moment in Booth’s room.

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