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Top Five Tuesday: Booths That Make You Go Mmmmmmmm…


Hello and Happy Tuesday in BONES Land! I hope you are having a great week so far.

The other night, I was watching the Emmys, and of course, saw David Boreanaz, and can I just say it? That boy is fiiiiine. It’s not so much that I forget as much as I’m just always reminded. Haha, that might not make sense, but for me, it does. You all know that SeasonOneHairBooth! does it for me in a big way, so of course I was just like ahhhhhhh when he appeared. It’s just…everything, that’s all. Sometimes I think that when I die, and I’m standing before God, He’ll be like, “Why exactly did you spend so much of the time I gave you on earth staring at pictures of David Boreanaz?”, to which I’ll only be able to shrug and say “Isn’t that why HE was placed here on earth?”


So, to veer away from the creepy zone and instead focus all of my gushing on a completely fictional character (yes, not creepy at all…this was determined sometime back a long time ago), I thought I’d jot down some seriously smoking Booths, in my opinion at least.ย  Here goes! (and feel free to add your own in the comments).

1. Happy Booth

For me, Happy Booth isn’t necessarily ‘smiley’ Booth…it’s more content, I guess. For all of his smoothness, he does have this restless energy, and when that is soothed is when I think he’s happiest. And me too!

2. Starchy/Overprotective Booth

As pal Smurfs said long ago, “God Bless that tailor”, because yes, seriously, those white dress shirts. What makes starchy Booth so great is that (well, besides the fact that it just annoys Brennan so much) he’s not overly starchy. He’s not a prude–gentlemen are discreet, etc. And if he’s overprotective of people he loves, it’s still love, and I love that. Plus, also…the hair.

3. Fierce Booth

It just does not get old, does it?!? Every single time, it’s like…mmmmmm, yes.

4. Flirty Booth

Okay, maybe this could also be Happy Booth, but I think he’s kind of flirty in this scene, as he sort of gets his groove back and tells Brennan a joke.

5. Flustered Booth

What’s just so awesome is that he kind of is easily flustered, especially around Brennan. The first time we really saw it was at the end of Boy/Bush, and then throughout the series we’ve seen that she just flusters him. And it’s so darn cute!

Okay, what say you? What else should be on the list? Cocky Booth? Vulnerable Booth? Stretched Out On A Table Booth?



72 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday: Booths That Make You Go Mmmmmmmm…

  1. I also like Aggravated Booth and Daddy Booth as well as Overprotected Booth, Sexy Booth and flustered Booth.

  2. It’s hard to pick a Booth! Of the ones you picked, my favorite would be Fierce Booth. (God bless that Vega scene!) I would add a subcategory to Fierce Booth as Sniper Booth, because there’s just a little extra somethin’ somethin’ about him when he’s being snipe-y as opposed to just Grrr!Fierce!

    And I find it very apropos that your Happy Booth picture could also synonymous with Smitten Booth. I love a Smitten Booth!

  3. Getting Caught With Rebecca – No Pants Booth – for the win!

  4. “Nearly Naked Booth” (aka Goop Booth)
    “Bathtub Booth” (with beer hat, natch)
    “Cocky Coma Dream Booth”
    “Pre-Surgery Looking for Brennan and Then Smiling Big When She Comes In” Booth
    “Buck Truck” Booth
    “Throwing Himself Into the Path of a Bullet to Save Brennan” Booth
    ~~Actually, “Saving Brennan’s Life and Looking Amazing While Doing It” Booth (any time!)
    “Hole in the Heart Protective and Comforting” Booth
    “Grey Sweater with Parker and a Tree Outside for Brennan” Booth
    “Undercover (anytime!) Booth”

    That’s just what comes to mind first ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I will answer this after I replace my keyboard. For some reason, it has drool all over it.

  6. The “rip my heart out” Booth is fab (see end of Daredevil, also when he tells Brennan to go live wide with Sully, or sees her kissing said agent, or gets stumped in the 100th (so, I’m a little bit of a masochist; or would that be a sadist in this case?) I also love little boy Booth (aka baby Andy-Booth and in-Santa’s-apartment Booth.) And Tuxedoed Booth-what can a girl say? The more clothes to peel off, the better… Oh, and all those other Booths y’all mentioned? I’m taking those too.

    • “Rip my heart out” Booth–yes. During those scenes (Daredevil, Mayhem) I think I literally stop breathing. I cannot look away. Some of Booth/DB’s finest moments.

  7. Daddy Booth! YUM! I love scenes with Parker and the idea of big ol’ Booth holding a tiny baby? Oh yes, please!

  8. Booth in love, as in Night at the Museum Booth

  9. I’ve got to go with Fierce Booth as my favorite. Even more than the example you provided, I love it in Season One when Booth threatens the gangster who put a hit out on Brennan. I watched that episode recently and it gives me the shivers. It’s one of my all-time favorite Bones scenes.

  10. Quick answer, as this requires more thought:

    First, love all the Booths so far.

    Shirtless Booth as in Truth in the Lye, and many other examples, such as, nooner with Hannah Booth which is partially offset by the shirtless Booth. Starts fanning self.

    Army guy Booth — apparently God created fatigues just to make DB/Booth look even hotter. Aside: I loved it when HH said that they had to have the Army scenes in Mastodon because David just looked that good in fatigues. As much as HH made me crazy in s6, Army guy Booth may just make up for everything else. Fans self wildly.

    Booth with guns: Army guy Booth, shooting range Booth (pilot, Dwarf), my fave fierce Booth is gun in the gang leader’s mouth Booth

    I guess this isn’t the quick answer.

    Hockey guy Booth

    Tuxedo Booth — strangely similar in effect to Tuxedo David.

    Running to save Brennan Booth in Aliens. Still fanning self. Also jogging Booth — the middle Broadsky episode. I think we have a theme here: Being physical Booth? Fighting Max Booth.

    Admiring Brennan’s ass Booth — Bones on the Blue Line which also includes a deliberately acting dumb Booth, oh you mean the stuff that kids make stuff with.

    I’m a jock and I’ve been to war Booth — Player Under Pressure — I just love the way he walks out of the gym after Bones says that people who are obsessed with sports are stunted.

    I’ve been listening Booth as in Change in the Game when he explains what Bones just said. Closely related to Yes people, I’m a constant surprise Booth — what ep was that?

    Help me, I can’t stop!

    Guy Hug Booth in Headless Witch, which is also a happy Booth like Sarah’s happy Booth.
    The first time he laid eyes on Brennan Booth: flashback in the 100th.
    Verdict in the Story Booths which includes: heart & brains Booth, vroom; testifying Booth, that’s some heart, Bones; and hugging on the stairs Booth.
    Baby caring and holding Booth – repeatedly shown in Baby in the Bough.
    Hurt and angry Booth: in the interrogation observation room in Conman.
    Rejected Booth: end of 100th.
    Watching Brennan with Sully Booth at the end of Bodies in the Book.
    Doing the right thing, even if it’s killing him Booth: telling Bones she should go with Sully in Boneless Bride.
    Waving good bye Booth: end of Boneless Bride.
    Riding in tiny cars Booth: 2 Bodies in the Lab and Yanks in the UK, Part I.
    I’m with Bones all the way Booth.
    You can torture me and I still won’t talk Booth — Killer in the Concrete.

    I could go on, but I guess this is enough, for now anyway. I think you could blog for years on this topic alone. ;-D

  11. Everything happens eventually Booth – standing on the dock – and he was right!

  12. Oh good grief, what an amazingly wonderful topic for a post! You’re killing me Sarah ๐Ÿ™‚

    Am at work now, but CAN’T WAIT to read (savour) this later. I do think he’s pretty much my ideal looking man. (Me and a mere 5 million-odd other women ha) Certainly, I don’t go weak-kneed about anyone else in quite the same way.

    My first, and recurring choice – Booth with a gun. It’s primal and I’m a bit ashamed of my overly predictable reaction to it, but hey, as Brennan would say – it’s evolutionary! I’m hard-wired to find big, brave, dangerous, muscly, triangular-shoulders-to-waist Booth hot.

    Wow ok, now I have to get my mind back on work somehow. No idea how. Hmmm, Boooooth (said in manner of Homer Simpson and his donuts haha)

  13. Have to add:
    Sniper Booth in Hole in the Heart. Suited up, looking fine, on the hunt for the bad guy, intently focused with that sniper rifle…my, my he looks good in that scene ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Thanks for this post! Now I’m gonna spend all day grinning while I think about all the various Booths I love! *sigh* And then reading about all the ones here that I haven’t thought about! What a *hateful* way to spend a day! Bwahahahaha!!!!

    • OK…I’ve decided which Booth I like…ALL OF EM! I simply can’t decide! I think it’s the whole package combined together that makes him so special. Because if any one of those looks/etc were in a royal jerk of a guy…they wouldn’t be attractive. It’s because we see them in someone we like and care about that makes him so danged hawt! Well…that…and the body…and the hair…and the…oh for the love of pete…stop me!

  15. “This land belongs to Seeley Booth” – just love the look on his face

  16. One of the (many) things that struck me watching DB on the Emmys: Anna Torv was hanging on to him for dear life. The other women did not do that with their escorts. But, then who wouldn’t hang on for dear life to that arm?

    Fanning self again!

    There’s also a backstage video clip where the women walking by DB all touch him. Again, what hetero female wouldn’t given the opportunity? I’ll dig out the URL later.

    Gotta get on the stationary bike, now. Shall I watch Bones while doing that? Or do some work? Hmmmmm?

    BTW, Jaime looked gorgeous.

  17. New Orleans Booth!

  18. As painful as it is, I’m going to have to add Singing Booth. At those times, he reminds me of my daughter who, bless her heart, can’t sing a lick but still belts out her favorite songs as loud as she can with obvious enjoyment.

    Besides, that’s what the mute button is for. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • He is charmingly inept when he sings. But as adorable as it is…it makes me cringe a little (for him) when he does. I guess DB is just that secure? Or clueless?

      • I’m going with secure and having fun anyway. There was so many “Angel sings Barry Manilow” jokes that he definitely knows he can’t sing.

        But there’s something endearing about allowing yourself to be the butt of jokes deliberately. So, Singing Booth goes on the list.

      • And now I have “Mandy” stuck in my head… Thanks, MJ! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Poco “Keep on tryin'” Booth is too cute-and the singing is surprisingly ok. Or maybe it was the look that went with the singing…

    • If we are going to add singing Booth, then I want to add Deep Voice Booth, singing at the end of Hole in the Heart.

  19. “Making love that’s when two people become one Booth”- very intense Booth – Brennan keep staring at him, she can’t help herself.
    Iceskating Booth and holding Brennan’s hand Booth – fire in the ice
    “You’re better than smurfette, you’ve your look and a whole lot more” Booth, ok this is flirty Booth, but I had to go with that, it’s one of my fav B&B moments!
    Caring Booth – Santa in the slush – also related to “I love my gift Booth”
    Smiling Booth – the change in the game – took my breath away!

  20. I just have to say that I love how many responses this thread is getting. Sometimes people are busy, sometimes work gets crazy, and posts are more scarce…but today “Boom!” as “Boom! Mama Bones” Booth might say ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Oh! Oh! At the Firing Range Booth! The beginning and ending scenes of the Dwarf in the Dirt just set me on fire. He is so damn sexy with a gun.

  22. All Your Booths Are Belong to Us.

    The only bad Booth is a Booth who is off the screen for too damn long!

  23. Air guitar Booth as well as any hospital Booth; and from Fire on the Ice: cutting off your cast Booth; locker room Booth, beating the bejesus out of the other hockey players Booth (like Cam, I like that just a little too much…) And to make up for that, church Booth.
    Also, lying down on the table with a sniper rifle Booth, as well as pointing up at a building while your wrist tattoos are showing Booth. And maybe my fave: just got kissed Booth. Warning: I’ll probably be back-blame the topic!.

  24. I haven’t poked my head over here in a few weeks, and I come back to this. I picked a good day. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Sarah, I think you will not be alone answering God’s question; plus it would just be rude not to appreciate the beauty of God’s creation, right? Surely He’d understand that. (We so need an innocent looking smiley with a slightly crooked halo… ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

    I haven’t seen anyone list it, but one of my favorite Booths is scruffy Booth from the beginning of Harbingers. The beard, those freakin’ jeans (OMG those jeans) and that t-shirt… Yum.

    Hole in the Heart Booth is pretty hot, too – from take-charge no-nonsense “you’re staying at my apartment tonight” to sleepy, sexy and kinda scary (in a good way) with the gun on the nightstand, to THAT LOOK at the end of the ep.

    I love… well, I can’t think of a good adjective for it, but there are four similar moments that I just adore for their subtlety. First, Knight on the Grid when Brennan kisses his cheek and he just kind of melts a little bit. Second, after the Santa in the Slush kiss and he sort of staggers backwards a bit. Third, in Bikini in the Soup when Brennan presents him with the Tommy guns and he is just floored. Finally, in Blizzard when Brennan’s talking about how compatible they would be, the look on his face is just perfect. Maybe it’s Dazzled Booth? Does that work?

    Oh and is it just me, or does the title of this post make anyone else think of the Furies from Angel with their constant “mmmmm… Angel…”? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Jade, let’s not forget that the Furies told Cordelia that they would require ‘payment’ for lifting the anti-demon violence spell and only Angel was ‘equipped’ to repay the debt.

      • hehehehehehe, no we can’t forget that at all. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        I forgot a Booth earlier. Passenger in the Oven – “Do you know the penalty for an overdue book?” Booth. Yowza.

  25. One more! One more! I call it “totally in his element Booth” That smile and wave he gives to Brennan while he’s in the penalty box in “Fire” He’s doing his favorite thing (hockey) and his girl (not really, but still!) is there to cheer him on. Life is good. Oh-la-la! That little look back and smile he gives her….SWOON!

  26. Love all of these!

  27. Nothing like a blissful Booth post to inspire me to peek over the hedge and sayโ€ฆ
    Hockey Booth – YOWZA.

    Also, the “I’ got you baby” from Harbingers is amazing because it required about a dozen rewinds – did he really say that? Yup – he did indeed.

  28. The “I love holding you in my arms” Booth never gets old – I guess that’s the content one, though.

  29. I don’t feel David Boreanaz (so this would also be Booth) to be all so fine (great looking) but I feel he had an aura of sexiness.

    There is one Booth moment that I played over and over….. and had he been near me with this look, I would did or given him anything he wanted.

    The moment: Mayhem on the Cross. Booth shoots the speaker and turns to look at Gordon and Brennan. The look and aura that he projects in that moment…. hell, I lost my mind and all I could think was David Boreanaz (because he wasn’t Booth anymore in those few seconds) can get it…anyway he wants it.

    Okay, I’ve shown enough of my perverted side. All the faces of Booth in today’s post are great.

    • I guess I’m also in the minority who doesn’t quite drool over Booth any time I see him, but I have my moments like you. I do appreciate his physical beauty – yes, beauty. Shirtless Booth is always a rare treat. But I will have to say he can wear a well-fitted black T-shirt any day, hello! (bruised but still looking good at the end of tBitB, their “date” in The Finder, holding Brennan in tHitH) Somehow it accentuates his big, muscled arms.

  30. I wish I had not taken a bite of bagel when I read that first paragraph, Sarah. I narrowly avoided snorting bagel bits out my nose… ๐Ÿ˜‰ I was not a fan of the Emmy part at first but it grew on me. When I think about the DB hair evolution, all I can think of is the scene in Buffy where jealous Spike is punching the punching bag with the cartoon pencil drawing of Angel with the pointy hair and the Xs for eyes and of course the vampire teeth and I crack up. (If someone has a screen shot of that, I can’t do it justice…) But as usual, I digress. I would also like to add drunk or high on pain killers Booth to the list, please. (Let’s see, Soccer Mom?, Man in the Fallout Shelter, Princess and the Pear) As apparently it makes him more physically affectionate, touchy-feely, goofy and open about his feelings. “Her silky black hair” ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. Armed and Dangerous Booth – ANYTIME he’s at a shooting range or in sniper mode. When he shoves that gun in the gangster’s mouth in WITG…when he leads the team in to kill Gormogon and, wow, HITH. SO. HOT.

    “Bicker” Booth – when Brennan says something that just kind of rattles his world view. This often happens when religion comes up – see the Priest in the Churchyard, ha! or the “little heads” scene in Sins in the Sisterhood.

    “Dazzled” Booth – “That’s a lot of heart Bones”.

    I’m going to be a daddy Booth at the end of CITG was just…gah…who didn’t melt?! I think it’s safe to say that every woman wishes for that type of reaction when she tells the father of her child of their impending arrival. I don’t want the whole show to become about new parenthood, and I don’t think it will, but I know I am looking forward to seeing Booth holding little baby BB.

    I think new daddy Booth may provide us with the ingredients necessary to bring about Happy/Protective/Fierce/Flirty/Flustered Booth in season 7. Well, at least I hope.

  32. oh my….it’s rather warm isn’t it?

    So many Booths…so little time…I wish someone could make a vid of all these Booths…or create some action figures…

    I’m going to add I need to find her Booth from Aliens…yum. Protective, stressed, desperate, ready to kill…

    Is it wrong how …um…hot this topic is?

    • No Linda, I firmly believe it’s entirely right and proper how hot it is. As Sarah said, It’s only polite to take time to appreciate what has been given to us ๐Ÿ™‚

      And I LOVE Aliens in a Spaceship Booth – I’m not sure he’d ever been hotter than when promising Vega he would ‘end him’ on that table. Calm, assured, dangerous = yum. All adds to my theory that Booth has never been hotter than in season 2…

      • Yep- I fell in love with Booth in Season 2. Some eureka moment that had me thinking ‘Now, I get it!’

  33. It’s totally fine to appreciate the fine, Boothy goodness that is Booth. Ah. AND I might add that he seems to be aging like fine wine! As Booth said in Shallow in the Deep, “I haven’t passed my prime…. I still want to hunt”. Amen!

    It will be very interesting to see what S7 brings and where B&B are because we may be seeing “family man” Booth and that may bring on extra fierceness to protect the little family unit he may have. God save anyone who may threaten a B&B family, right? We’ve seen how fierce he’s been in the past, I can imagine that would only be multiplied by x 100. Whew. THAT could be all kinds of hot.

  34. Ahhh, yes, so many come to mind…. and it really does seem unseasonably warm in here….

    Tipsy-grinning-Booth sitting on the steps (Soccer Mom)
    Heart-on-overdrive, vroom, then smile-fading-Booth (Verdict-Story)
    Leaning-in-very-close “Thai food?” Booth (Girl-Curl)
    Any T-shirt-Booth (arms alert!)… or, you find yourself wishing your kitchen plumbing would spring a leak….
    And since I just watched Passenger in the Oven, white-shirt-broad-shoulders-tapered-waist Booth -overdue book penalties, “Really…”, enigmatic smile, champagne.

    OK, this blog was not a problem when I was on break, but now that I’m supposed be getting some work done, this is ***Not***Helping*** !

  35. One of my favorite scenes involved what I think is the most recent flustered Booth when he stops Brennan’s Thai massage session on him. And then when she talks about them being sexually compatible and that their love-making would be quite satisfying. Subtle, Brennan!

    • Oooooh, yeah! Booth WAS flustered after that little tai massage:) And that look on his face when Brennan was talking about them making love……wow. It’s like in that moment Booth realized the idea of them actually making love was a very, very real possibility – not just a daydream;)

  36. Of course I love pretty much all Booths, but I think “in-action” Booth is one of my absolute favorites. That scene at the end of The Pain in the Heart when he finally gets Gormagon gets me every time.

  37. Of course I love pretty much all Booths, but I think “in-action” Booth is one of my absolute favorites. That scene at the end of The Pain in the Heart when he finally gets Gormagon gets me every time.

  38. the way he looks at her when she is singing Girls just want to have fun. He is literally bouncing in his seat:)

  39. Also I’d say season 2 through 5 Booth. Pretty damn hard to pick.
    But I’d have all of em if I could ๐Ÿ™‚

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