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Scene Study: The Signs in the Silence- Bang! Mama Bones!


Hello, and happy Bones-less BONES Day! Congratulations to the one and only Emily Deschanel (and her one and only husband David Hornsby) on the birth of a new baby boy, Henry Hornsby! Very sweet! Just want to say that Auntie Seels is available for babysitting any time! Just tossing that out there.

And in honor of that, I thought we could take a look back to a sweet little scene between B&B where they discuss baby gift purchasing and just how babies are made.

The scene starts with a lovely shot of the diner and I must say, it’s a pretty city. People from DC, represent if your city looks like that!

“How about an encyclopedia,” Brennan offers as a starting-off point in the baby-gift giving negotiations. “Or a microscope.”

“Come on, Bones,” Booth disagrees. “Angela and Hodgins are having a baby, not a graduate student. Iiiiiiiii’ve got it,” he brags. “A stuffed animal. That’s it.”

“How will that benefit the child?” Brennan wants to know. Oh, Brennan. And when I say that, I really mean, “Oh, Brennan-character-writers”. Really, she doesn’t understand the relationship between a child and a stuffed animal?

Booth explains it. “Bones, they’re having a child whose pastime will be pooping his pants. Okay? Mr. Poo-poo Pants”  (Staying classy, Booth-character-writers!)

“In one of my foster families, I had a stuffed dog,” Brennan offers.

“And you liked it right?”

“It frightened me, actually. It was the family pet for many years before they had it stuffed,” Brennan tells him.

“Oh, well…we’ll forget about the whole stuffed animal thing. Oh, I got it. We’ll get em one of those mobiles for the crib.”

Time-out, and yes, it’s not new, since this episode is months old, but heck yes, BB buying baby gifts together.  😀  This is one thing that annoys me about myself. Yes, I am frustrated at the way Brennan’s character was written in a lot of episodes in season six, and yet, when something like B&B buying a baby gift together pops up, I want to squee it to the heavens– I just can’t help it.

“Oh, those are very good for spatial recognition and cognitive development”

“Ah, see,” Booth tells her

“That wasn’t so hard, was it? Piece of cake!”

“Soon I’m going to be the only one without a child,” she answers him.

“Oh ho ho, please,” Booth contradicts in that way he does sometimes. “Bones, I’ll tell you what. When you get a good look at that pudgy little baby face, your hormones are going to go WACKO, alright?”

“And before you know it, Bang! Mama Bones!”

“That’s not how it happens, Booth,” she advises, and as Caroline Julian walks in the diner to retrieve them, Booth says, “I think that’s how it works.”

Haha! So perhaps while I was slightly annoyed when Brennan had to tell Booth in the season finale that he was the father of her unborn baby, the reality is that Brennan just wanted to confirm with him that said baby was caused because of the quite satisfying lovemaking they’d shared 😀

But seriously, one interesting thing in this scene is that when Brennan suggests that she will be the only one to not have a child, Booth sort of jumps to the conclusion that she doesn’t want one, and his answer is that once she sees the little Hodgelet (Serious props to whomever came up with that!), her hormones will go crazy and then…well, all that banging. Hey, Booth’s words, not mine.

What do you think? Did Brennan ever stop wanting a baby? B&B were together before MSVH was born, so it’s not like it played out the way Booth said.

Can I just cheat for a moment and include a couple of pics from another episode? I was watching the end of Change in the Game the other night, and it wasn’t the end scene that gave me hope…it was a scene before that.

Hodgins has just brought out little Mikey and the team is admiring him. Brennan is included in that…

She looks at Booth to see what his reaction is, and her looking at him was very…natural. Back when the series started, she would look at him to study him and gauge his reaction. If she thought something was funny, she would look at him to see if he laughed, etc, etc. You know the way you can be so in tune with a person that you just know when they even walk into the room? Even if you tell yourself “Do NOT look over there”, you still just can’t quite not look? It’s that underlying connection between two people, and B&B have that, and in that moment, Brennan (I think) wasn’t even thinking “I wonder how Booth feels about this”; it was more that because he was in the room, she naturally just turned toward him for his reaction.

And he was already looking at her …

You know…in that way he would always just be looking at her? To gauge her reaction and wonder what she was thinking, and the ‘even though we’re in a room of a lot of people, even ones we like a lot, this is still a moment between you and me’ kind of way? THAT is what made me think, “Okay…okay. Everything is going to be just fine.” Of course, I think Booth is thinking that things are really good and steady between them, and that they can maybe one day talk about having a baby or something like that (or who knows–maybe they had already agreed to do that. Maybe on the HitH night, they were conscious of Booth’s mission against Broadsky the next day). But either way, the season sort of ended with a “Bang! Papa Booth!” moment that was, as we know, very sweet!

What are your thoughts? Did Booth think Brennan wasn’t interested in a baby? Was it his usual brand of encouragement (eventually, someday, etc), or did he have himself in mind? If it didn’t happen the way Booth ‘foretold’ (Brennan sees the new baby and then wants one), does that still make this scene foreshadowing? Thoughts?

Peace, Love & Bones,


PS…I could NOT figure out which ep this scene was from, and so special thanks to Bailey_04, sejlb, _Lancifer, wellsbones, some1tookmename, turtlehab, GihConforte, BexCalpin, teacherkim00, rynogeny and robinchase for tweeting me the name of the ep, and special thanks to soEPIK for telling me that it’s not “Boom! Mama Bones!”, it’s “Bang! Mama Bones!”  😀


55 thoughts on “Scene Study: The Signs in the Silence- Bang! Mama Bones!

  1. Given the fact that this conversation occurs after Blackout in the Blizzard, I think Booth has to be talking about himself. Testing the waters, so to speak.

    Also, given the timeline, Brennan’s personal revelations, the burning of the dates. etc. etc…it seems to me like Brennan was maybe fishing a little with her “Soon I’ll be the only one without a child” comment. I know, I know. Brennan is blunt and straightforward and doesn’t beat around the bush. But, given what’s a stake, the fact that she’s trying to be patient and give Booth the time he needs to put Hannah and that whole debacle behind him…maybe she figures she needs to tread lightly. More evidence of her personal evolution?

    As for her desire for a baby, regardless of what she said in Critic in the Cabernet, the fact that she chose not to have a child when it became clear that she couldn’t have Booth’s child speaks volumes to me. She didn’t want “a baby.” She wanted a baby with Booth. So when things went south and Booth moved on, I think she gave up on the idea altogether. I mean, she could have reacted to Hannah’s presence in Booth’s life by running to the nearest sperm bank and having a child, but she didn’t. I think that’s telling.

    I don’t know. I haven’t watched this episode since it first aired, and I’m looking forward to reacquainting myself with season six when the DVD is released in a few weeks, but based on my sketchy memory and what I read in the post, that’s my personal opinion.

    They are feeling each up…I mean, out.

    • You bring up some excellent points here. First, you’re right – Booth isn’t suggesting that some day she’ll meet someone or go back to the sperm bank. I think he’s definitely just putting it out there -” hey, if you decide you want a baby at some point, I’ll be available for a direct deposit.”

      I hadn’t thought about Brennan fishing, but it makes sense. “Soon I’ll be the only one without a child, and I’m not getting any younger so hurry up at get over yourself Mr. I’m-Just-Really-Angry. Chop chop!”

      • “I’ll be available for a direct deposit”! Love it. And I totally agree. I read some responses to a recent post that some people felt like Booth was “testing” Brennan between The Blackout in the Blizzard and The Hole in the Heart, to be sure she wasn’t going to freak out and run away because she was scared about going forward with him, but I disagree. I think it would be more accurate to say he was proceeding with caution. I think that Booth had figured out the Brennan knew what she wanted, she had weighed the risks, and she had decided it was worth it. I don’t think he was really concerned that she was going to jump on a plane to another dig, regardless of what happened between them. It was just a matter of taking things slowly, because the last time he tried to rush things, it did not go well, and I think they both were aware that if it didn’t work out this time, there probably wouldn’t be a third chance. Like you wrote in your response to this post, they had come to an agreement at the end of BitB, and it was just a matter of consummating. Eventually. If I remember correctly, Brennan even used the phrase, “and then we could try to be together” in their conversation at the end of that episode. At this point in the series it’s not a matter of “if” but “when.”

      • I totally agree. I think this conversation is them wanting to talk about it but still testy about it too. So in their own way they’re just making sure its out there so the other knows.

        On a side note I love how direct these “clues” can be for the plot. Idk maybe I’m looking into things too much, but it was literally what Booth said, she looked at the baby and next thing we know its “Im pregnant, You’re the father.”
        Same thing kind of with season 5 finale; Beginning in the End. The beginning of BB was pretty much stated in the end of the ep, they kept repeating ‘one year from today’ and one year from that finale we get full on BB 🙂

    • I agree with your insight. I never thought about it this way, but it does make sense. She knew how hesitant he was, so she took all those lessons he gave her and hinted at the possibility of having a child.

      • Kimberly, absolutely. I think she’s finally learned that sometimes asking point-blank is not the right way to get answers; that is definitely something she learned from Booth.

  2. I love this scene. I’ve seen it six times so far and just love the whole “Bang Mama Bones” thing. When I see the scene I believe that Brennan is sad that she does want a baby; but, it doesn’t seem like she will have one anytime soon. We already know her views on who she wants to be her future baby’s father and I think she was sad that she would have to wait until Booth was ready to have a relationship with her before that could ever happen.

    My take on Booth is that he was encouraging Brennan about the fact that after Angela’s baby was born, things might change and she would have one eventually.

  3. Sarah, I agree, the bit with Brennan not understanding why a child would want a stuffed animal is – ugh. Writers, really? But I do love Emily’s delivery of the “It frightened me. It was the family pet before it was stuffed.” It reminded me of the scene in Finger in the Nest when Brennan is explaining that seeing her dead neighbor didn’t bother her, she just occasionally pretended she died and one time Russ had to go see the school counselor.

    There are a couple other things in this scene that bother me – also the product of lazy writing. The gifts they are suggesting, a mobile or a microscope, don’t take into account that the baby might have been blind. So either they didn’t know (which is a depressing commentary on how far apart Angela & Brennan’s friendship had drifted) or they do know but for some reason Brennan, who considers every possible outcome of any situation, has just decided to be optimistic and pretend like it’s not a possibility.

    I don’t think the writers considered the possible implications of those gift ideas, which is why I put it down to just lazy writing.

    But yeah, the meat of this scene is that they are buying a baby gift together. And not some hugely expensive thing that you’d expect multiple people to go in on – just an ordinary gift. As in “hey, honey don’t forget we need to get a gift for our friends.” I mean, Brennan might just as well have reminded him to pick up more filters for the air conditioner they are such a couple right there.

    But I think that was the point ever since Blackout in the Blizzard. They were only waiting to consummate the deal they’d made then.

    (Imagines B&B with arms folded and feet tapping. “Hey writers! Look, I know you want to save the whole baby thing for the finale, but c’mon! We obviously want to jump each other, the plausibility of us going out for drinks after every case and then going home alone is stretching thin.”)

  4. First of all, I ADORE Emily and David’s baby name, Henry Hornsby. So stinking cute! Sounds like he is some fancy English duke with a castle and a couple of very fine hunting dogs 🙂 And thank goodness he’s not stuck with a name like “Pilot Inspektor” or “Apple” or “Story” or “Ever”!! **All real celebrity baby names**

    But I digress.

    To me, I just interpreted the scene as Brennan just really feeling left out as Angela’s impending birth is more real to her as the time nears. And I think she’s feeling that all her attempts to remain isolated and alone are actually working, and that she just might end up as she feared, alone. And Booth, to me, knows her fears, knows her long term issues in this area and seeks to comfort her. I don’t think Booth questioned her wanting a baby, because clearly she’s thought of it and he’s donated his “stuff” for her. He’s also seen her with Baby Andy. He just knows her insecurities and is trying to sooth them. Maybe he’s thinking, someday it could be us, but I don’t know if he’s actually thinking its possible yet. And then he breaks a serious moment with some cheesy Booth comedy 🙂

    I love the screen shots you have of Booth’s face as he’s talking about her hormones going wacko, so CUTE. And Brennan’s face after, “Sometimes I think you’re from another planet”.

    But now she knows what the rest of us know, that he really is very nice. 🙂

    • My reaction to “Henry Hornsby” was yay! not a celebrity baby name fail!

      My reaction to this scene was very similar to yours. I felt Booth was trying to assuage her concerns in a non-serious, Boothy way.

  5. Most importantly, Congratulations to Emily and David on the birth of their son. Lovely news!

    This is an interesting little scene, with quite a lot going on.

    First of all – yes, it’s annoying when the writers write Booth and Brennan in a certain way just to get a joke out, like Brennan and the taxidermy dog, and Booth saying ‘Mr poo-poo pants’. (I mean really, he’s a 40 year old, ex-sniper FBI agent and his description of a baby is ‘Mr poo-poo pants’? That’s not my Booth!)

    Nor is the fact that he seemed to think he was some kind of baby-whisperer for coming up with the idea of buying a new born a stuffed animal. Sigh – I hope this isn’t a sign of what’s to come in season 7, Booth is a loving man. He’s also an adult, let’s portray that shall we? (ha, sorry for the rant!)

    But also, there is a slight inherent misunderstanding between them – it is very clear to me indeed that when Brennan says she’ll soon be the only one without a baby, it’s with longing. She’s not saying ‘thank goodness I dodged that bullet’. And they made Booth misunderstand her, for whatever reason. Considering the convo they’d had in Blizzard, it would have been more appropriate for Booth to say something like ‘One thing at a time, ok Bones? One thing at a time’. But they couldn’t do that because they wanted to keep the fact that they’ll be a baby along before long as far from the audience’s mind as possible and because then they’d miss the ‘Bang, Mama Bones!’ joke (which I love, and incidentally, Brennan – that kind of is how it happens 🙂 )

    It’s one of those conversations I can imagine the writers sitting round a table discussing, for quite a long time, trying to work out what’s realistic dialogue and what fits in to where they are heading with their story.

    Also, I think I read too much into the fact that they were going to buy the present together, I was all ‘ahh, look, so cute and couply of them!’ but when I think about it, I’m not sure it’s that big of a deal – if Hodgela had had a baby in season 3 or 4 for example, I think they might have doubled up on a present then too.

    I’ve just read the above, and don’t get me wrong – I LOVE ‘Bang! Mama Bones!’ it’s adorable and something I think Booth would say so I can forgive some of the other things because of that (Not Mr poopoo, that’s unforgivable)

    Regarding the actual ‘I’m pregnant’ scene – something I think is lovely is the line of dialogue between them right before she tells him. She asks him for reassurance that having a baby is all that it is cracked up to be (incidentally, it was as soon as she said that that I went ‘OMG, She’s fricking pregnant isn’t she!) and he says something like, ‘Are you kidding Bones, they love each other and they just had a baby, this is the best day of their lives!’ and I think it is him saying that which prompts her to choose that exact moment to tell him he’s going to be a father again.

    What I like the most about it is that I think she related what he’d just said about Hodgela to them. I can see her logical mind whirring and thinking ‘well, we love each other and we’re going to be having a baby too, so maybe he’ll think it’s the most wonderful thing that could happen, I’m going to tell him…’ I like it because it gives me confidence that she has confidence that they love each other. That’s new. That’s cute.

    • Oh yeah, as she’s asking Booth about Hodgela you can literally see the gears turning in Brennan’s head, trying to gauge his reaction and his feelings….I think a huge part of Bones-universe started going, “Wait a minute….” during this part of the scene…”Is she…are they….adkljfouwrfhaslifjlkjef?!?!?!?!?!?!?”

      Or at least that’s just me! 🙂

  6. One of the things I love the most about this scene is how they just assume they’re buying a gift together as if it’s the most natural thing in the world. There’s no discussion about it. (At least not that we SEE, which, given this show’s history doesn’t actually say much but work with me here, people. Work with me.) It’s “their” gift. Theirs, together. Because “they” are “them” and it just makes sense.

    Also, I love this particular expression from Booth, the one that says “aren’t you just the cutest thing” and “I know you better than you know yourself” at the same time. My heart, she is melting.

    Re: the Hodgelet scene – I remember noticing ‘that look’ when I first saw the episode and adding ‘that look’ to my mental Proof that Brennan and Booth Had Sex list. Just so sweet. So sweet.

    (I have spent so much time saying, and thinking, “Boom! Mama Bones” that I’m a little perturbed that I was wrong the whole time. I’ve decided that I was right, Booth just said the line wrong. *ahem*)

  7. Since Emily was clearly pregnant at the time and they were doing their best to hide it, I chalked up the whole scene to a giant inside joke with a little wink to the audience. You could just see DB’s impish grin as he said those lines. Of course, little did I know that the joke was on us! I mean, I had no clue what was coming-I never thought they’d write the baby stroyline in, even with this little bit of clearly foreshadowing dialogue. Now I see that scene and just laugh at my own cluelessness. Love it!

    As for Brennan wanting a baby, so much happened since Critic in the Cabernet that I don’t think it was anywhere on Booth’s radar that she might still be interested. And Brennan, even though they had her interacting so little with Angela last season, seeing a couple in a happy relationship and waiting for their baby to arrive would logically make her think about it. At my workplace, when one woman went, usually more were soon to follow-blame peer pressure!

    • Maria, I had the exact same feeling about the scene the first time I watched it – that it was a big wink and a nod to the audience. (Same with the potted plant, they could have had the same effect with a gigantic bouquet of flowers, imho.)

      I totally agree with you about the impish twinkle in DB’s eyes when he said “Bang! Mama Bones!”; he clearly had fun with that. It kind of makes me wonder how many times they had to shoot that scene. 😉

      You’re also not alone with missing the foreshadowing. If anything, I thought it was a bunch of winks and nods, and a bit of a red herring tease. In fact, I was thinking that right up through Change in the Game and all the comments about the horrible little girl at the bowling alley. “Ha ha, Hart, very funny, sure Brennan’s pregnant. Yeah right.” And then I was left in stunned silence with my mouth hanging open when the episode faded to black – so yeah, jokes on those of us that didn’t see it. 😉

      • I did too! Between Booth’s comment about ‘Once you see that pudgy little baby face…”, Booth Brennan saying, ‘if we ever had a child…’ to both Max and Booth – I thought, I bet at the end of the finale she’s going to tell Booth that she WANTS a child, and we’d spend all summer whether or not Booth & Brennan were trying to make babies in the hiatus. HA! Hart, you evil genius. The joke was definitely on me.

      • I swear to God, one of these days I’m going to type something on Bones Theory with no typos. Good lord. 😛

  8. From what I recall from this wonderful scene, I didn’t quite feel that Booth thought Brennan didn’t want a baby. I didn’t feel that he sorta had himself in mind at the moment. I was honestly surprised to see Brennan say that she feels that she “missed out” on something everybody else has. Wow!!!! She sure has come a long way from the Pilot!!

    “Bang!!! Mama Bones”. Foreshadowing at its best!!!! 🙂 🙂

    Can I just slip in a personal wish here? 😛 I’ve had the privilege to see numerous births (and the subsequent magical “mom meets baby” moment) up close and I must say that a “mama Bones/papa Booth meets BB baby” moment is gonna be AWESOME!!!!! We NEED to see it!!!!

    • Sirikanya, couldn’t agree more about the baby-meeting moment. I’ve been patient with missing out on the rest; I’ll live. But if they flash forward past that scene, someone’s gonna pay…

  9. I have a character that is very near and dear to my heart, who is an actor, so this is why I have this strange affinity to give this statement: Actors are not the only ones who name their kids strange things. They’re just the ones we are most likely to hear about. 😉

    As for this scene… I love the IDEA of this scene, but not much about the scene itself. The conversation feels awkward, the words in the conversation are weird, and like Barbara pointed out – the whole visual gift idea is way off… but, like many of you, I also think it is sweet that they are talking of getting a gift together.

    I am not fully on board with the subtext of the conversation…this whole idea that they are testing each other out to have a baby together in the near future or that Booth is assuming Brennan doesn’t want a baby. I mean, his whole “Bang, Mama Bones”, I’m sure, is meant to be reassuring… but…

    Ugh. See, I’m getting caught up in the whole dialogue again. I am unhappy with the writing of that scene. If any of the subtext y’all so far are mentioning was supposed to be there, I did not successfully pick up on it.

    They are picking out a gift together. That is sweet. There is foreshadowing that “BANG”, Bones will be pregnant. That works. I’ll just go with that.

    • Totally (on the baby name thing). I once had a student bring me a picture of a baby cousin that had been born or something like that, and on the back, it said “Asslynn”. I sort of flinched and the student was like “oh, it’s pronounced ‘aslyn’ ” but I still couldn’t believe it. #DoesntMatterHowItsPronounced 🙂

      • Believe it or not, one of my Dad’s distant cousins has a first name that makes me laugh everytime I hear it: Orange

      • Oh, I completely win the weirdest baby name ever contest. I had a student worker a few years ago whose name was Clamittiah.

        If I’m lying, I’m dying.

        I just can’t imagine someone not taking that mother aside and gently suggesting something else.

      • Some people are very strange with names. I don’t know why people would do that to a child. I saw an anecdote once in a baby name thread at where the poster claimed to have seen this for a name: “La-A” When asked how to pronounce it, the person said, “LaDASHa. You say the dash.” It’s just crazy enough that I believe it.

        And Lenora, I can’t help but ask… how many times has your father’s cousin had the orange knock-knock joke pulled on them? 😉

      • Jade, I once heard about a K-a, pronounced KaDASHah. I have to admit, I never thought I’d hear of another variation of the dash being pronounced.

      • CJsMom, that’s… wow. I never though I’d hear another variant on it. Makes you wonder what is wrong with people… :p

      • Jade, my Dad wouldn’t dare make fun of anyone else’s name since his middle name is Cyril and he has a brother names Corrin. When they were kids, there friends called them cereal and corn flakes. Ah Childhood.

      • Haha “Asslynn” reminds me of The Office, where Michael Scott thought a baby’s name was As-tird, a Viking princess. He was, of course, mispronouncing As-TRID 🙂

        Also, I know a L-a myself. They pronounce it La-dash-a.

      • I’ve heard another one that I find a little difficult to believe, but the person who related the story to me is an acquaintance who was a teacher and she swore that there were two brothers in her school named Orangejello and Lemonjello (pronounced Or-RAHN-jeh-low and Le-MON-jeh-low).

      • LOL Lenora, yeah, I can see where your dad and his brothers would be disinclined to tease. Kids can be so horrible.

        (But, if I knew someone named Orange, I swear, just once, if they knocked on the door and I said “who’s there” and they said “Orange.” I’d HAVE to say “Orange, who?” Because that would be too good to pass up… even if they had heard it a thousand times already. :p )

      • Jade I used to know someone named Shane. I used to tease him every once in awhile by saying to him: Shane, come back Shane. Gosh he hated that joke. I wonder why??

      • I hesitate to criticize names, but I can’t help myself with this one. I know a pediatric nurse in a hospital who found out one of her patients was planning to name her new baby “Le Freak,” back in the days when the song was popular. She gently urged the parent to not saddle the baby with that name and the woman ended up picking another one. She’d probably get sued for that these days. Then there’s part of my hispanic family that all had Russian first names: Lenin, Nikolai, Katerina, Alexandra and Sergei, and Katiuska, all with the last name Gonzalez. The poor hapless family was actually investigated by the FBI!

      • Love the name Henry for a boy! Good job ED!

        Now, who is with me in anxiously awaiting to find out what B&B have – boy or girl – and what they name him or her? Would it be a name with meaning, i.e. they name the baby after someone ( we know Booth’s history in that he named Parker after his army buddy) will it be a name they settle on together or will they debate? I saw HH say somewhere that the gender and name were being decided or debated so we know that is a very real discussion going on out there. I hope B&B come up with a good, non-weird name! I had a daydream – I know, they aren’t real- about them debating names and Brennan suggesting Elizabeth if it was a girl and Booth saying no because kids would call her Betty Booth. LOL. That could be a very entertaining discussion indeed.

      • Camcat, I am DYING at your “Betty Booth”! That is so creative! Please tweet that to HH and DB!! Who knows, they might love that!

        I hope they pick something with meaning like Parker’s name, but I kind of hope it is not something like Christine or Joy. It seems like too mushy or something for Brennan. However, I’m not sure what I’d pick myself! I’m kind into the older names that are coming back in style again, like the “Office” baby is Cecilia, or something like Evelyn. But I dont know!

    • I think if the baby is a boy I would like for his middle name to be Seeley. I’d like Brennan to want her son to be named after his father and to give a great explanation about male progeny, bonds, alpha male in only the way Brennan can do it. I like Christopher Seeley Booth. If it’s a girl I like Ava or Abigail Booth.

  10. I don’t put too much stock into this scene. I think it was fun, maybe a little wink to the audience and it kind of gave us a look at where B&B were at that moment. I look at this scene as Booth reassuring Brennan that one day it will happen for her -bang! Mamma Bones and I DO think he had it in his mind, or hoped, that he would be the one to help her with that:) In CITG I think Brennan’s only hesitance about being pregnant is that it wasn’t planned and that it happened so fast and early into their new relationship. Remember in PITP when Cam was trying to find out about the pregnancy test she found? She said something along the lines that it couldn’t be Brennan because she maps everything out with a chart! Ha! I believe Brennan was probably shocked/happy when she learned she was pregnant but also wondering what Booth’s reaction would be because of the timing and wondered how it may affect them. It’s true that neither of them are getting any younger so a conversation on the topic would have had to come sooner rather than later. After seeing that look exchanged between B&B when Hodgins brought Michael out, I could easily see a conversation happening between them when they were alone that night about the future potential of a little BB. I could see them both thinking that things were good between them and neither wanting to rock the boat too much because, well, they are who they are. I think the baby being a surprise is the best way it could have happened because planning it may have been a mess! LOL. I LOVED the way Brennan told Booth she was pregnant. I loved how intimate it was, just the two of them and the conversation before it happened. I also saw Brennan taking Booth’s words about Hodgela and relating it to them. Anyone remember the dinner party scene at the beginning of DITP? Booth tells Angela and Hodgins that “everything changed” when Parker was born, but he doesn’t go into how wonderful it was, etc. Go back and watch that scene, seriously. Look at Brennan’s reaction and, yes, even Hannah’s reaction. Hannah was the one wondering how women become mothers and Brennan was just silent. Juxtapose that to the end of CITG where Booth is really reassuring Brennan that this change is a good thing. I think Booth had to be thinking about holding Parker for the first time and how wonderful it was and hoping he may get to share that with Brennan some day and under different circumstances. So when she started talking about “apprehension” over a new baby’s arrival he probably just thought, “What? Really? Oh, no, I need to set this right.” That’s why, to me, their shared joy in the moments that followed was just so special. It was like, see how happy Angela and Hodgins are, we are going to be that happy too because we love one another and this is a good thing – even if it is a surprise and, bang, it is a surprise! It would be fun though to get inside Brennan’s head and see how she was thinking about telling him….did she think he would put things together if she dropped little hints? She is so direct usually but this is a whole new thing for her and her relationship with Booth was so new and different. Would push have come to shove when they went for a drink at FF, i.e. she wouldn’t be able to share a drink with him anymore, the way Bren told Mr. B in the coma dream? I think she did decide to tell him after Angela’s baby was born, maybe because she wanted to see his reaction to that or thought that that event may bring up the conversation. Wow. A lot of fun to think about. But, again, I’m really glad we got to see her tell him and I’m glad we didn’t see her tell anyone else first – different from the way it went down for Angela and Hodgins. Very Booth and Brennan.

    • Yeah, when I saw the looks B&B exchanged over Michael, I thought “Hmm….maybe they’ll end this with Brennan revisiting the whole ‘I want a baby’ thing but maybe ask Booth do it for real, in a relationship, and not use his ‘stuff’.” And then as Brennan is questioning him later, I thought for sure that’s what they were leading up to. But I honestly did not think they would actually go there just yet! So it totally floored me. I think my jaw literally smacked the ground, and i RANNNN to my computer to hit up Bones Theory! 🙂

      I would like to see them revisit that at some point though. What did Brennan do with his “stuff”? Had she though further about using it, or by the time they got through Booth’s tumor scare, did she scrap that plan completely? I would kind of like to know more about it, though we probably won’t.

      • I am REALLY glad we don’t have to watch a season of B&B trying to have a baby and debating it and what it will mean to their relationship and what kind of relationship they should have and yada, yada, yada. SO GLAD! I know there is some disappointment that we didn’t get to see the first time but, really, if seeing that meant we had to sit through the other stuff, I’m glad we didn’t see it. I agree with HH that the early stages of a new relationship can kill a show. I totally get what he is saying. I DO hope we get to see some sweet scenes between B&B and I do hope they are committed to one another and not struggling over that issue when we join them in S7. If we can get some end scenes where they are flirting and doing their B&B thing, good cases where they bring their individual awesomenesss to their work partnership, and an acknowledgement that they are together and facing challenges together, I’m good. Really. I missed the flirtyness and their “bickering” in early S6. Angela and Hodgins are Angela and Hodgins and their shtick can get a little too much for me sometimes but, hey, I still love them. B&B have their own goodness and style when they are firing on all cylinders. There aren’t too many shows out there that show a loving couple in a committed relationship that respect one another, challenge one another to be the best, and dig one another at the same time. Right? Right. Couples are usually angsty or over-the-top or seen as nagging or doubting and that just gets so tiring. I’d like to see B&B as B&B only extra united and coming home to one another at the end of a case and tucking their little BB in at night. Aw.

      • I am totally with you, camcat!

  11. 1) Congrats to Emily and David. I must add that Jaime B was prescient Sunday night. When her hubby said that Emily was due in 2 weeks, Jaime pointed out that you can’t really say for certain.
    2) Mr. Poopoo pants didn’t bother me. Remember Booth with baby Andy. “Tiger, tiger, tiger, tiger.” (I can hear that in my head.) And, similar nonsense that had Brennan chastising him about stunting the baby’s verbal development.
    3) I love “they’re having a baby not a grad student.” Also Booth’s reaction when Bones tells him about the stuffed dog’s provenance. He keeps his cool, but you can see that he thinks it’s pretty horrible and explains more about why Bones is Bones.
    4) Also love that exchange of looks over MSVH.
    5) On foreshadowing: Remember when Angela thought she was preggers by Wendell? Her comment about being connected by a person, a soul, being stronger than being married — was this a foreshadowing of how B&B would end up? Now they will be linked forever through the soul of their child, even if they don’t get married.
    If you want to get really, really nutso with the foreshadowing, remember Booth telling Rebecca they would always be linked because they share a child?

    • I don’t know about foreshadowing…. I think a lot of times, especially when things happen in earlier seasons, the writers really have no idea where they are going or what the future may hold for the show. I remember SN or HH saying that the idea of having Booth and Brennan have a baby by the end of S6 had been floated around the writer’s room before ED announced her own pregnancy and I wasn’t really sure if I believed it or not. However, when I rewatched DITP and saw that conversation about babies “changing everything”, I wondered if maybe that wasn’t a foreshadowing. I could buy something being said earlier in season 6 as foreshadowing more than something said years before. I look at B&B’s child as not just something that will bond them together but as a new beginning for B&B and a chance for them to have something neither of them have had but have wanted – a family. And not just in the traditional sense, but something for them to share and love and hold onto through good times and bad. Having a child with someone does bond you to that person but sharing a child with someone you are in love with and committed to and raising that child together – in a marriage or not – well, that is something different. Kids grow up and go away but the relationship the parents share will hopefully endure.

  12. Despite the awkwardness that Janet noted about the scene, I still love it. I think it’s really sweet in their awkward way. He’s always wanted Brennan to have a child, even before she wanted one herself. I just don’t think Booth was really thinking about having a baby with Brennan at the time because they weren’t there in their relationship. I think he just wanted to reassure Brennan, but not get too serious about it. I don’t think he interpreted it as she wasn’t interested in having one, because I think he did pick up on the wistfulness in her tone.

    In that episode, Brennan thought a lot about family. I think it was the first time she really allowed herself to kind of wish to have a happy family of her own some day, like she had before her parents disappeared. We knew Booth wanted that for a long time. This is the main reason why I’m happy for them having a baby right now even though it happened so soon. I think, more than Booth and Brennan wanting to find someone to lose themselves in, they want a family to belong to. And I think it’s beautiful that they are giving each other that, even if there are bumps and it will take some hard work and compromise.

    And darn you Barbara for bringing up the impracticality of certain gift ideas if the baby was possibly blind. I never even thought about that. So I’m still insisting that perhaps they need to hire a person to be a Continuity Editor or something. I don’t really blame them sometimes – there are so many different elements to the show, and I don’t think they film scenes in the order we see them so I imagine the story is a little bit more helter-skelter in their minds vs. ours. But other times when things like that slip through, it’s like “Really? Nobody noticed what was wrong with that?”

  13. Well, I found the scene a little clunky, dialogue wise, even up to and including the portion with Caroline. It just didn’t flow for me. “Why don’t we just question her?” as if Caroline wouldn’t have come up with that on her own! And much before that as well, the stuffed dog, etc. The only part that made me laugh was when she tells him “That’s not how it works.” and he’s pretty sure that’s how it goes. LOL!

    That said, I think perhaps it could be because the writer’s were so intent on delivering that wink and nod and some subtle foreshadowing to the audience that they sacrificed the content of the scene. I have also seen it said that the whole Cam and the potted plant comment was a wink and a nod to the audience, with Emily clearly hiding behind the the potted flower. To that I would also say “Clunky Dialogue Alert!”

    As to subtext, I’d like to think what Booth said, in an effort to lighten the moment, was a way of reassuring Brennan they’d get there sooner rather than later, but it feels like reaching to me. Maybe because upon initial viewing I HATED that he said that…like she would magically turn up pregnant; as if he’d have nothing to do with it. That might have been a left over knee jerk reaction to the earlier parts of the season, though.

    I do love that look between them at the hospital after the Hodglet is born. Yes! It’s just one of those moments where you seek out that person because it’s a special, amazing moment and there is generally ONE person you want to share it with just a smidge bit deeper than what you are sharing with the rest of the room. And they have that exchange and it’s a nice moment for them and for us.

    • I agree with you about the scene being a bit clunky. I found myself wondering why the heck Caroline would go to the diner to track down Booth and Brennan and not just, you know, CALL THEM, like she has any number of times before. Or have Cam do it. Or the FBI. It felt kind of like they’d written the scene, loved it to pieces, and were determined to keep it, but didn’t quite know how to get themselves out of it.

      I laughed my head off at the stuffed dog thing, though. I thought that was hysterical. (Clearly my sense of humor is twisted. 😉 ) Between the way Brennan says it so non-nonchalantly and Booth just looks at her with that expression that is just a little horrified mixed with “that explains so much…”, I loved it.

      The exchange of glances after Hodglet is born is swoon-worthy. I lost track of how many times I rewatched that scene – and the one after. 😉

    • Jade – that was the first thing my husband said – “Since when has Caroline gone to the diner to find Booth & Brennan?” LOL

      Yeah, I agree that the flow in the scene is off – it sounds like Emily almost stumbles over her line, and even Caroline’s entrance was awkward. Booth saying, “Bang! Mama Bones!” is cute and all but I was very perplexed as to why he said it, other than being the wink & nod to the audience other people mentioned.

      The part of the scene that really made me laugh, though, is right after Brennan says, “It frightened me, actually. It was the family pet for many years before they had it stuffed.” Booth pauses, and in the background you hear the cash register go DING. It’s so slapsticky, but it cracks me up every time I watch it.

      • I don’t know about whether Caroline has gone to the diner to find Booth before, but Booth has gone to the diner to find Caroline. It seems like the diner is within short distance of the Jeffersonian and Hoover, and is a popular spot for any combination of the characters to go to. So that didn’t seem strange to me. And I make it not a point to analyze when information is related in person vs. by a phone call.

        You know what I like about this scene? It’s just Booth and Brennan hanging out and having conversation like the good ol’ days. No angst, just discussing something on their to-do list. And though they start off in different places, they end up in agreement.

  14. The only gift that doesn’t work for a child born blind would be the microscope– a mobile can stimulate both the auditory and tactile senses. Yeah, they missed it on the microscope. (Although Brennan isn’t into speculation and might see a dismissal of the gift as being giving into that. Okay, maybe instead of a continuity checker they need an excuse maker.)

    I thought their conversation in the diner was a light-hearted one– no great meaning between them since Booth’s explanation of pregnancy was outrageous as was his Mr. Poo Poo Pants.The stuffed critter was creepy, but Brennan sometimes brings up creepy childhood memories– collecting animal bones, finding the dead neighbor. Probably done for the creep factor more than anything in the scene. And yes, “Mama Bones” was probably a wink and a nod to the faithful who knew that ED was pregnant.

    What caught me about the scene is what someone already mentioned– that Brennan sees herself as different because she won’t have a child. It’s probably not the only difference she sees between herself and the others and it weighs on her enough to bring it up to Booth. (For some time, she was the only principle who was not in a relationship.) Their reactions– his is flippant, and hers is much more serious, tell the story for me. She doesn’t like the difference and he is (sorry, it’s so easy), poo-pooing the idea.

  15. In honor of lil Henry Hornsby, a B&B parenting moment for us, courtesy of Baby in the Bough:

    BOOTH: Are you gonna get him?
    BRENNAN: I figured you’d get him.
    BOOTH: Don’t you have a “responsibility under state law”?

    BRENNAN: But you’re the baby daddy.
    BOOTH: Baby daddy?!
    BRENNAN: You have prior experience with pre-verbal infancy.
    BOOTH: You can be the daddy mommy.

    I may be pulling this one up in my DVR queue tonight 🙂

    • I’m with you bb, I think I’ll dust off the DVD and watch it this weekend.

    • “You can be the daddy mommy” is one of my all time favorite throwaway lines of all time. Ever! It’s almost ad-lib, maybe? It’s so funny, and also totally telling about what Booth wants from Brennan (well, not that he wants her to be his mom, but that he wants her, haha).

  16. They will be their own little “hamlet”, or is it village?

  17. The best part of this scene is just the ease at which they are buying a gift together – one couple buying a gift for another couple. They didn’t need to discuss buying a joint gift, it was automatic. I think Brennan was thinking she would be the only one without a child like years before when she said some people don’t get to be in a family and Booth said there is more than one kind of family. She knows she still wants a child but she is thinking Booth might not. She is kind of feeling him ‘up’ on that idea. After Blackout, they know they will eventually be together. So Booth’s reassurance that she will have a baby is comforting to her.
    I hadn’t even thought of the continuity problems with the whole baby’s blindness/microscope issue. It does seem like the inappropriateness would have occurred to Brennan since Angela had discussed how she would learn to sculpt and Hodgins to play the piano just in case.
    I was a little disappointed in the CintheG waiting room scenes. I didn’t like how Booth and Brennan didn’t sit together or even stand next to each other when Michael was introduced. Even though they wanted to keep what’s between them a secret for a while, it seemed like they were still unsure of their relationship. The glance just wasn’t enough for me. Also, I thought they should present the gift to Angela together though I can see why Brennan wanted to go in alone.

  18. I love this post. I love that we all speak Bones on this page. Someday, eventually… I hope the rest of the world will get it. 🙂
    Nicely done

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