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Morning After Q: Are Booth and Brennan In Love or Are They Just Happy To Finally Be Together?


Say what?? But okay, let’s think about it.

You know that feeling you get when something bad, or not necessarily bad, but tiring, is completed, and you might say something like “Well, I’m glad that’s over.”

It could be a wonderful, but mentally challenging college course. It could be moving to a new house (ultimately good, but a huge undertaking). It could be any number of things…and the end result is more catharsis than happiness, so to speak. Now, in my scenario, ‘happy’ is the ‘catharsis’ part of the ratio, and so while viewers might see Booth and Brennan as being in love with one another, what might really be the case is that they are just glad to not be awkward. They are glad that the ‘not being together’ part of their lives is over. But is that the same as in love?

I suppose it’s possible for them to be both in love and happy about it, of course. Do you get a strong ‘love’ vibe from them? Do you get a strong ‘happy’ vibe from them? Is being content the same as happy (like we talked about with this weeks Top Five Tuesday)?

This question sort of assumes that it’s a given that love exists and being ‘in love’ is a possibility. I don’t mean to get into that discussion again (as far as even if love does exist, would Brennan allow herself to be ‘in love’, etc).  I guess my question is this. Are Booth and Brennan in love with one another or just thankful that all the ‘stuff’ that would have prevented them from being together (including themselves) is over. If so, are we looking at a season where they sort of fall in love with one another  (all over again, or for the first time, depending on how you feel about it), or is it just going to be ‘status-quo’ for the rest of the series?


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  1. That this should even be a question I find to be a sad commentary on the writing from last season. If you don’t love each other why bother to try to be together? Because suddenly you’re pregnant? Then why bother with this particular show. The writers have said from the beginning that Booth and Brennan loved each other and we’ve seen that love steadily deepen until the 100th episode. After that it was up to each viewer’s interpretation because the writing was all over the map. But I’m going with the original set-up. Booth and Brennan fell in love the first time they met. They each tried to fight it at various times along the way but ultimately it proved stronger than their efforts to resist it. Now, hopefully, if the writers do their jobs right next season, the catharsis will be the visual (for viewers) fulfillment of their need for each other. And love, among a lot of other things, is need.

  2. It finally happened – Laffers took polyjuice potion and she’s impersonating Sarah! Someone lock her up until the spell wears off!

    I’m not sure how we can answer this question until we actually see B&B together for more than just the amount of time it takes to say, “You’re the father.” We haven’t seen that yet. We don’t have enough evidence (such as it is) on which to base a reasonable conclusion.

    Last season was just so . . . odd . . . in terms of B&B. Their interactions During-Hannah were understandably awkward and uncomfortable. Post-Hannah they were just awkward and tense. Now that we’re Post-Baby, well . . . we just don’t know.

    Personally, I believe they’re in love and have always been in love. But still, being able to back that up with something concrete would be nice.

  3. I think this is one of those times when we really need to step outside the universe within the show and look at it as a fictional creation.

    The characters are supposed to be in love with each other. That is one of the main premises of the show. Whether we, the audience, believe that or not, based on the writing and acting…well, that’s another story.

    And as MJ said, we really have no idea how they interact as a couple – well some of us have some idea, but those are spoilers which we cannot discuss here.

  4. Right now, I think it’s an immediate relief thing. But I really do believe these two love each other. I already gave my rant the other day of the how being “in love” is overrated. It’s great and all, and I think they have felt it, but it’s just feelings. They’ll need more than that if they want their 30, 40, 50 years. I think we will see them be happy, but they’ll have their ups and downs like any other couple.

  5. I think they love each other, and both have for a long time. I believe that love it still there. Sure there is a relief thing that they are finally together. They had both reached a point where they thought it would never happen. From my perspective when things cleared out and the way was opened for it to finally happen; they were both afraid to trust that they might finally be there, that they both wanted the same thing at the same time. So yes relief that it’s finally happened, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t still in love.

    As already stated we saw very little in season six of them together (those tricky writers keeping us in the dark about what was really going on so they could surprise up with the pregnancy announcement).

    I hope that in the seventh season we’ll see them able to more openly express that love (and I’m not talking about sex), we’ll see them able to live out their feelings instead of suppressing or ignoring them. Now I do try to stay spoiler-free. I might see a little bit around, but nothing detailed and nothing definitive so this is just my hopes.

    • I think there was a relief between them post BITB. S6 was akward, and I think that was needed. They were both hurt last season and early S6 Booth was REALLY akward but they pressed on and continued with the partnership. I think once they admitted/talked about their past, i.e. they both had thought about “making love” and decided they would try to be together one day there was a sense of peace/anticipation. I think in the end of HITH and glimpses in CITG showed us a B&B who were happy/satisified and, yes, in love. They have loved one another but they finally got on the same page and went for it and let themselves be in love. We will learn more in S7 but I’m of the belief that they aren’t going to be together just for the baby’s sake. I choose to believe they were in the early stages of a relationship when Brennan got pregnant so they were already together and in love. And, yes, in S7 maybe we’ll see their love evolve and grow….maybe it will grow so that they can make it to 30, 40 or 50 years – I hope. And I think Brennan will let herself be in love. I think she’s going to fall in love with her child and I think she made a conscience decision to let herself be in love with Booth. She knew what kind of relationship he wanted and didn’t go for it in the 100th episode because she didn’t trust that she could do it…but something changed while she was in Maluku and I think after DITP she knew if she ever had another chance with him she had to go for it. I think we saw Brennan come to allow herself to believe love does exist, is real, but you have to be ready to embrace it and strong enough to handle the risk that may come with it. And Booth? Well, he can’t fix everything, he can’t make everything perfect and doesn’t have to in order to be loved.

      • Speaking of the baby, I’d really like to see that moment when she falls in love with her baby in utero. If you’ve ever been pregnant you know the moment I’m talking about – it’s a kick or a shift of an arm or elbow and you just overflow with love for this baby you haven’t even seen yet.

        I hope Brennan gets that moment and I hope we get to see it.

      • ‘They have loved one another but they finally got on the same page and went for it and let themselves be in love.’

        I love this camcat and I agree. They’ve loved each other and been ‘in love’ with each other, but we’ve never seen them relaxed and honest about it with each other. More than anything, I want to see that next season.

        And in case HH or SN are reading – that doesn’t mean I want porn. Kisses, cuddles, looks, hand-holds, forehead kisses, back rubbing, tummy stroking, it all counts.

  6. Aw, this is kind of a sad post day!

    But really, I don’t think there is a question. Yes, there has recently been a “rough patch” so to speak with them for awhile, but just because a relationship has hard times, doesn’t mean the love is over. If it is a “meant to be” kind of thing, then the love only becomes stronger. Probably the biggest hurdle right now, as others mentioned, is that we don’t know what happened between HitH and CitG as far as B&B’s relationship (besides Mama Bones happening!) and what their lives have been like in that period. Also, we don’t know how they are living between “You’re the father” and Super Preganant Bones. It leaves alot to the imagination, that’s for sure!

    But, I don’t really think you can doubt that they love each other after CitG though. B&B’s behavior in front of Max at the diner. “You can be my girlfriend.” “FINE!” And Buck and Wanda! Waving her engagement ring…Buck Truck (I love!) and come on—The CHEEK KISS PEOPLE!!!!!!!! And the loving looks over Michael in the the waiting room. Sigh. Thank goodness TPTB gave us this glimpse because it is gives me hope. I want the Buck and Wanda flirty banter, the comfortability in leaning in for the cheek kiss and Brennan’s chuckle. It felt like they were back. They were in sync.

    So I go back to my Jane Austin movie memory banks and leave you with this tidbit from the wildly handsome Jeremy Northam (aka Mr. Knightly):

    “The truest friend does not doubt, but hope.”

    I choose to hope that Season 7 is all I’m wishing for, and trying to kick doubt to the curb. Who’s with me?!?!

    • Brennan’s giggle after the cheek kiss and Booth’s reaction to it plus Booth’s barely contained giddyness in the diner – “I will getcha there!” with Max made me believe they were in love. That was really all I needed.

      • I loved the confidence in Booth when he made that ‘come ‘ere’ head movement right before he kissed her cheek. Previously, it wouldn’t have been out of character for Brennan, even undercover, to refuse – maybe saying ‘no-one is looking Booth, there’s no need to act like a couple right now…’

        But no, he knew she wouldn’t say that because things between them had changed and he knew he was allowed to do that now. Very cute and subtle change.

        I’m not one of those people who thinks the kiss on the cheek was enough though, so sue me, I always want proper kisses haha.

      • I know the cheek kiss isn’t a proper kiss, but it really just conveyed so much while a proper kiss would have been so blatant. I am, however, looking forward to seeing another proper kiss(es), because God forbid their last kiss we see will be Booth’s desperate one in the 100th.

        So back to the cheek kiss. It just hinted a little at what they are like when they are alone and being playful and flirty. Now, Brennan isn’t the shy type, but this did happen in front of her father. She had a cover to keep, and did fairly well at taming her reaction, despite her throaty chuckle at the end. Booth, on the other hand, was totally enjoying the moment. Brennan may have looked unsure, but Max’s challenge was the perfect excuse for Booth for some Bones-lovin’. I’m just saying, Max watched the whole exchange. I love the way Booth smiles at Brennan before and right after the kiss – he looks so happy. It’s funny to see Max watching Booth while Booth is watching Brennan walk away when Booth’s eyes are NOT on her face.

      • What I really loved about that moment is that wink and nod and “Come here” from Booth to Brennan. There was just so much confidence and playfulness and flirtation in that one little movement – and it all looked completely natural and unforced, with none of the tentativeness of some of their earlier under cover moments. Followed up with the way he looked her up and down as she walked away – yea, there’s a lot being said without words in just that little scene.

      • I’m personally hoping for another Santa in the Slush type kiss mixed with a little of the “getting dressed” kiss we saw during the coma dream:) I really did enjoy the little bit of interaction we saw between them in CITG. I loved the cheek kiss – yes, it did leave me wanting more but it was fun! – and I really loved the interaction in the diner. Booth’s smile right after the “I will getcha there” and then catching himself and asking Max “what?” LOL. There was just an underlying happiness/barley-contained giddyness that I liked a lot. I like to think of it as “Cocky Love” Booth. Between the talk of “whoopie” at the crime scene discovery + diner scene + cheek kiss, I could read between some lines. If you look at the Booth from early S6 and then see him in CITG….yeah. It’s a different type of happy/content. I think back to something Caroline said to Booth during the flashback in the 100th episode “Watching you two is like watching two kids at prom”. Ha! And little baby BB is the little love receipt that came out of this crazy little whirlwind time:)

    • Speaking of ‘Emma’, strangely enough the first thing I thought of was Colin Firth’s Mr. Darcy and the scene where he is practicing his swordplay in London, telling himself that he can get over Elizabeth Bennett, knowing in his heart he never will. That’s what I felt Booth was going through last season. Which brings up the analogy of Kelton’s chair, the office chair of the dead FBI agent that Booth just had to have. It was everything he thought he wanted — until he got it. Then he discovered it didn’t lean back, the padding was worn out, the controls were broken and it smelled like a 300 pound dead guy. For me, that was the Hannah analogy. He wanted her until he found out what she really was. He has always known who and what Brennan is. She was the go-to chair of refuge and friendship and that’s why he never stopped loving her.

  7. I think that to have shared the night they did they had to have loved each other. And, I think they never stopped loving each other which is why last season was so weird with Hannah in the middle of it all it seemed sort of awkward. I think some are right there is relief for them now but the love is definitely there its just a different love. It use to be that innocent, flirty, make excuses to see each other love. But its real now and they can relax because they can acknowledge how they feel without having to fight anything. Hopefully next season we get to see that where they fall in love with each other again for all new reasons and all new discoveries, and its ultimately just them together but on a whole deeper level. I think there is relief in the fact that the games are over and the dance is done, but the excitement is in a whole new dance starting up again 🙂
    I am very hopeful and excited for next season.

  8. I think they are like an old married couple. They’ve shared personal histories, they have a shared history, they trust one another, they have inside jokes and unspoken communication, they are aware of each other’s faults and weaknesses as well as each other’s strengths. They have been emotionally intimate for a while, and now they’ve finally (FINALLY!) added physical intimacy as well. There is no doubt that they love each other, and have for some time. The difference is that now they can be open about it and explore it. When I got married we had to go to an “engaged encounter,” which was basically group therapy for engaged couples, and the theme was “Love is a Decision.” Basically it means that even when you don’t like your spouse very much, you have to make the decision to still love them, no matter what. You choose them again and again and again. That’s where B & B are, in my opinion. They are going to keep choosing each other, every day, regardless of what they are feeling at a given moment.

  9. First, MJ, please do check on that polyjuice potion. I immediately had the same thought: Laffers has taken over Sarah’s mind.

    Second, people, people, people. Answer the question! It wasn’t “do they love each other” — something we’d probably all agree on: that they do and have for a long time. That is what even “she who shall not be named” couldn’t change. It was “are they IN LOVE” — a question on which there has been a great deal of debate even before s6, especially with regard to Booth. (See Laffers essay.) And, as that essay showed us, the semantics matter. One issue was what does “in love” mean?

    Without an essay-length discussion of what “in love” is, I think that they aren’t, at this moment, in love. I believe that Booth was “in love” with Brennan for a very long time, but I think that that is what the events from the 100th on took a toll on. Brennan I’m not so sure about. I tend to think that that’s what she always kept repressed. She loved him, but she did everything she could to control any feelings of “in love.”

    As I’ve said elsewhere, there’s still a lot of awkwardness to me. There’s still a distance between them. They’re still walking on egg shells. It’s getting better, but I haven’t seen that look on Booth’s face that we saw on a number of occasions before. The look that makes it clear that he’s a goner. For example, the look on his face when Brennan is singing at the Chatterbox. There are other instances, but without a thorough review of eps 1-99, I can’t cite another example. Much as I’d like to review eps 1-99 right this minute, I have a dentist appointment in 3 hours and the dentist is 1.5 hrs away and I still have to complete my morning ablutions.

    So, I guess, I believe that they love each other and are happy to be together at last, but I’m not so sure they are “in love.” I am hoping that s7 will show us that they are, so bring it on!

    Later, dudettes.

    • Okay, if you are going to be picky and insist that we actually answer the question, then my answer (in full ignorance of what awaits us in season 7) would be: yes and no. I think that when you fall “in love” with someone and then take that to the next level (long-term commitment) feelings fluctuate over time. I think “in love” is what Brennan used to refer to as ephemeral feelings based on hormone levels in the body. Sometimes you feel it and sometimes you don’t. Sometimes I look at my husband and I am overwhelmed by affection and love and warm-fuzzies; other times I look at him and I am overwhelmed by the urge to throttle him (I’ve never actually succumbed to this particular feeling). Love, though–the lasting kind–depends on the choices you make during those in-between times when you are not awash in feel-good chemicals and the rapture associated with them. That’s where they are. Sometimes they feel “in love” and sometimes they don’t feel it, but they choose to stick around and work things out knowing that eventually they will feel it again.

      • I agree, but while we saw “in love” before s6, we still haven’t really seen it since. I’ll agree there was a bit in CitG, but I want to see Booth with that wonderful smile on his face. Not sure what it will be for Brennan, but I’ll know when I see it. We’ve gotten plenty of the loving when things aren’t going well in both parts of s6. I just want to see fun, flirty, banter, etc. again.

        What was it Booth said about the first time you have sex? You should be all goo goo about the other person. I’d like to see a bit of that goo goo.

      • Angelena, I’m totally with you. I want to see them trying (and failing) to keep their hands off of each other. I would totally love to see Brennan reach out and yank Booth into a supply closet at the Jeffersonian and give him a big sloppy kiss.

        I guess my problem with answering this post (the actual question) the first time, is that, in my opinion, “in love” is a topic that is really only meaningful at the very beginning or the very end of a relationship.

        As in, “Should we get more involved? I love him” and then a friend replies, “But are you IN love with him?”

        Or at the other end, “I still love you, but I’m not IN love with you anymore. Sayonara.”

        In between, you live in this state of flux in which you experience highs and lows of “lovey” feelings, but you don’t really worry about the preposition “in.”

        I think that B & B have both experienced being In Love with one another at various times, and I suspect they were both feeling it between The Blackout in the Blizzard and The Hole in the Heart, even if we didn’t see much evidence of it. In fact, I would posit that the evidence was deliberately withheld to keep us guessing for the finale. I think that if we’d seen lots of goo-goo eyes between them pre-HitH, everyone would have assumed that Brennan’s expression (directed at Angela) meant “We had hot monkey sex!” HH and Co. were too busy stringing us along to show us the (even PG-rated) goods.

    • Angelena, can I also just add that I love the word “ablutions.” It feels funny rolling off my tongue. Kind of like rutabaga. Or rubbish. All excellent words.

      • I’ve always loved that word. It removes the need to spell out the whole morning routine which would be very much TMI, TMI, TMI. It also feels kind of elegant and Victorian. 😉

  10. I haven’t read all the comments so I apologize for any redundancy. I know in my heart that B&B are in love with each other but I find myself struggling with seeing it in the end of season six. I really hope we see not only comfort between B&B in season seven but also some passion.

  11. There’s only one answer: LOVE, IN LOVE-doesn’t matter. Love all the way. Otherwise, all we’re left with is a very depressing show about friends with benefits. I’ve said it before; if all the sacrifices and the kindnesses we have seen over six seasons-along with their baby-isn’t enough to convince people of that fact, then I don’t know what will. I don’t mind additional confirmation next season of what I already know, but I don’t need more proof-it’s all there for me.

  12. I am, I think, a little newer than many of you to Bones. I’ve watched them all multiple times but within a pretty short period of time (6 months or so) so the whole sweep of the show is recent for me. For what it is worth, *I* think they are crazy head over heels in love with each other. Remember (in Mayhem on the Cross, I think) when Gordon Gordon and Sweets talk about his (Sweet’s) book about B&B and he says something like “one of them in particular is very aware of the attraction between them” and Sweets says “which one?” and then everyone had their own opinion about which one they thought GG meant? I often watch episodes through that lens (and there are a lot of them after this episode) and B&B consistently seem to be unable to keep their hands off of each other, physically and also metaphorically. They have learned to subsist and even thrive on the metaphoric ones–small but intense interactions packed with emotional content. During the whole Hannah thing, there are a LOT of times Booth looked at Bones and knew that he still loved her even though he loved Hannah. That’s the kind of contradiction that just doesn’t bother him or upset his world view. Later, post Hannah, he’s scared to risk but the two of them continue to reach for those connections–even if maybe they seem awkward…the awkward doesn’t matter, it is not the ease that they sometimes have that is necessary to their partnership but the TOUCHING. Not the quality of the touching just the touching. Metaphoric though it may usually be until now.

    The part that I hope they find a way to work into this season sometime is all the little ways they can actually touch now! Dancing? Cooking together? Sneaking kisses at the lab? In the car? First trimester hormones will get us a little way there, and I’m not saying I need to see a lot of nakedness (although I would absolutely not be against it!) but remember when Bones was with Sully and all messy and happy under the sheets or in the hold of the boat? And when Bones and Angela went dancing at the club and accidentally got high (so funny)? And all the times Bones has talked about laughing during sex, or enjoying role play, or liking sex? I guess I’m saying that I hope they get to really enjoy each other’s sexiness openly. I absolutely think they are in love with each other and I too, read the cheek kiss and shared looks just like the commenters above.

    Thanks for such a great blog. It has been really nice to be able to be a part of a community that recognizes that there is so much to enjoy in Bones.

    • mlaforge, well written. I agree with what you wrote.

    • mlaforge, I agree with most of what you said, but I take issue with this sentence: “there are a LOT of times Booth looked at Bones and knew he still loved her even though he loved Hannah. That’s the kind of contradiction that just doesn’t bother him or upset his worldview.” I agree that he realized that he still loved Brennan, but I think it bothered him very much. He’s the guy who said, “I have NEVER cheated on any woman I’ve ever been with. Never!” and I think that emotional cheating is just as bad as physical cheating in his book.

      Barbara (va32h) has observed that the conversation with Brennan at the end of Sin in the Sisterhood about “the one person you love the most” sparked a realization for Booth that while he did love Brennan the most, he couldn’t do anything about that. He loved Hannah, was living with her, she had followed him across the world, etc…he needed to mark some boundaries (Pronto!), and THAT is why he proposed to Hannah. No matter how he felt about Brennan he would never never NEVER cheat on his wife. (Barbara, I hope I didn’t misrepresent you–just trying to give credit where credit is due). I’m inclined to agree with this assessment.

      I definitely think that, even though we didn’t actually see it much in season six, Booth was very conflicted over his relationship with Hannah and his ongoing feelings for Brennan. Especailly after Doctor in the Photo. I mean, it was one thing to keep carrying his Brennan Torch while having a relationship with Hannah when he thought Brennan was a lost cause. But then…then! she admits that she made a mistake turning him down? She missed her chance? She wants him? He probably thought this was some earthly form of purgatory designed to punish him for the past he has been trying so hard to atone for. Poor Booth.

      But now…let’s hope we’re in store for lots of B & B sweetness and lovin’.

      • you’re fine…it’s just my proposal theory, one of many out there!

      • CJ’s Mom, I agree with all your points, including the one that disagrees with mine. One of my favorite things about Booth is that he can break protocol and cross lines in all kinds of important situations but would never cheat on his wife. He has a great understanding of which rules can be broken and which ones can’t. As Brennan has said more than once, “you [Booth] do the right thing.” Thinking a little more about it, what I want to say is not that it didn’t upset his worldview but that he is able, unlike many people, to acknowledge the fact that he still has strong feelings toward Brennan even though he loves Hannah. He doesn’t hide from the conflict this presents, or flinch from any implications for him. He doesn’t pretend it’s not true once he realizes it.

        On the other hand, I just keep thinking about what would have happened if Hannah had said yes. Booth would have married her, been happy (I have my doubts as to whether he would be as happy with her as with Brennan of course). But I really believe that he would still love Brennan. Not cheat on Hannah with her; never cross that or even other less drastic lines, but I still think he would love her. And I think that he would know it. Michele

      • Ah! What if she HAD said yes?! Egads. To be honest, I’m not sure that Booth could have actually gone through with it. Surely at some point, someone (Pops, maybe?) would have pulled him aside and smacked some sense in him. Anyway, assuming that they actually had gone through with it, I agree, he wouldn’t have stopped loving Brennan. He liked to think he’d moved on, but really he’d moved past her…but kept her in his rearview mirror. At that point I think that he had acknowledged that he loved her and he believed he was never going to leave her behind altogether, so it was time to straighten things out (thus, the proposal).

        But back to Booth and his flexible moral code. He does seem to have his own sense of which rules are important and which are not so much. (Church every sunday? Yes. Premarital sex? Sure, whatever. Child out of wedlock? I’ll take two, please.) But even when he breaks the rules that he considers negotiable, I think he carries around a lot of guilt about it. I mean, he rationalized all the lives he took as a sniper, and then had to work like hell to atone for it. He held himself personally responsible for Brennan being kidnapped by Kenton and for Epps poisoning Cam. He dropped Epps (a seriously bad guy!) off a balcony, and had some serious issues dealing with whether or not he was actually responsible. Did he let go or did Epps just slip? (Actually, this one seems a little contrived to me as a vehicle to introduce Sully, but since I loved Sully and it also introduced Gordon Gordon, I can overlook it).

      • i know there was a block of episodes that were aired out of order but I felt that Booth’s realization that he was screwed came at the end of Bullet in the Brain when he watches Brennan listening to the seashell. It was post DITP and after he told Hannah about Brennan’s revelation. Booth was trying really hard to put the past in the past and DITP completely threw a wrench in that plan. Sweets was right, I believe, when he told Booth that Booth felt he had to tell Hannah because he was feeling guilty. In CITC Booth told Hannah he and Brennan were close from working together…cut to BITB where he apparently told Hannah about Brennan’s confession and about his “past” feelings for Brennan. In BITB Booth had a close call with Broadsky and then in that quiet moment when he was sitting there alone and watching her – the truth of her in that moment taking simple pleasure from a gift given to her by her father – he knew. He knew that he still loved her – not in the past sense. I think he missed the emotional intimacy they shared. He knew the feelings she stirred in him were different than the feelings he had for Hannah but that their chance had slipped away. I’m sure Booth did struggle or felt it was almost like emotional cheating. The end of SITS gave us a look at Booth “walking the line”. I could see Booth’s proposal in DITM as a way to lay down some more permanent boundaries, that actually makes a lot of sense.

      • CJsMom, you are funny.
        “Child out of wedlock – I’ll take two, please.” smh

      • C-bones, perhaps I am showing my age, but I’m clueless when it comes to text-speak. What does smh mean?

      • It means shaking my head. I remember when I first got into Bones, because it was the first show that got me so hooked I was scouring the internet for more, it took me forever to figure out what UST stood for, that’s unrequited sexual tension, but that term may have been around longer, I don’t know.

      • Aha. I was familiar with UST, but for the most part I’m clueless. In fact, you could say it’s willfully so. I’m only 32, but sometimes I feel like such an old lady when it comes to things like this. I find myself constantly shaking my head and saying “Kids these days…”

        Bones is my first obsession, too. I did read SG-1 fanfiction many years ago, but it was much more casual, just an every-once-in-a-while thing. With the exception of when I go out of town, I am online doing something Bones-related every day. As MJ and I have agreed, there are worse vices to have.

  13. OK one quick response because I just can’t help it. I truly believe that at some level Booth knew that Hannah would never have said yes. Not simply because she told him a number of times but because although she had moved across the world to sleep with him, she had never actually been with him — if that makes any sense. Neither of them made any effort to know the other, their past, their families, their fears, their desires for the future. Certainly not in the way that Booth and Brennan had worked at knowing each other for years. Booth had to realize that such a tenuous relationship was a quick stop at the gas station, one fill up and you drive on down the road. Brennan was always going to be the journey home. Even had they become engaged, Hannah would have gotten cold feet fairly quickly and accepted a nomad’s assignment in Outer Innistan. Why the writers felt they had to take it over the edge in that way is a mystery to me.

    • If that’s true, and Booth knew somewhere deep down that Hannah wouldn’t say yes…do you think when he was ranting and raving in the bar about being angry with Rebecca, Brennan, and Hannah that he was really just angry with himself?

    • But it’s one thing to know something at a certain level and another thing to really acknowledge it. I’m sure in the first half of the season Booth knew on some level he hadn’t moved on from Brennan, but he wanted to act like he did. Booth still could have been hoping against hope for her to say yes. On the whole proposal thing, I’m just going to take a page out of Brennan’s book – I’m not going to engage in what-ifs. It seems rather pointless now that they’re together, and figuring themselves out now is more than enough to focus on.

      I will always be surprised at how Booth and Hannah broke up. The writers didn’t want to go the catfight route, the drama of Brennan’s confession was diffused pretty quickly so she and Hannah could remain friends(?), but after Hannah said no she was pretty much kicked to the curb. Maybe he was mad because he felt like she had just been using him, because he couldn’t even look her in the face after that. I had expected something more peaceful and mutual because that’s how things had been going. Something where they would part saying “no hard feelings.” I guess three rejections is pretty hard to take.

      • I think there had to be some amount of drama in the break up in order to have a reason to postpone B & B getting together. If it had been a mutual, no-hard-feelings sort of break up, then B & B could have fallen into bed together almost immediately. Booth’s anger was the main obstacle to B & B starting a relationship at that point. (I think that Brennan was ready and that all of her talk about losing the last of her imperviousness was a way of taking the pressure off of Booth and giving him the time he needed.) They needed to draw things out until the end of the season to keep us guessing. The other option would have been to postpone the break-up until almost the end of the season. I’m glad they didn’t do that. I think Hannah stuck around too long as it is. Also, given my penchant for angst, I really love the scene at the end of Daredevil in the Mold when Booth is broken and angry, and Brennan is hopeful and then dismayed, but she stays.

        And you’re right, engaging is what-ifs is pointless. And yet I find it entertaining, which is why I read fanfiction. And there are still almost six weeks until season seven starts. We’ve got to fill the time somehow;-)

      • Yeah, but engaging in the what-ifs of Booth and Brennan together is much more enjoyable than engaging in the what-ifs of them not being together, or if Hannah said yes. I think Brennan has moved on from that, and it doesn’t seem to me that she doubts that Booth loves her. I really can’t read any stories where Hannah is still with Booth. The only time I don’t mind her presence in a fic is for her to see that she and Booth ARE finished. Not in an unkind way, because I don’t see Brennan rubbing Hannah’s decision in her face because she would know how it feels to want a second chance. Although I wouldn’t mind if she chastised Hannah a little for not taking her warning serious enough.

      • Haha, you’re probably right. You sound as practical as Barbara (va32h). Not a bad thing – the world needs more practical people. You two friends or something? 😉

      • I find it nearly impossible to just immerse myself in fiction, be it television or books, and divorce myself entirely from the fact that it is a created work and the the creator had an agenda (even if that agenda is just to create a surprising and original story). I constantly have questions buzzing in my head: “Why did they use THAT word? What purpose does this serve for the characters? What is this setting up for the plot?” etc etc etc. Sometimes it’s actually kind of exhausting. Very occasionally, if a piece is especially compelling or well-written, I can lose myself and forget all those questions. But rarely.

        And no, I don’t know Barbara personally, but I do enjoy her version of B & B (and company).

      • I think it’s important to do that, too. I totally agree with va’s comment above, too. The story has always been about the journey in the love growing between Booth and Brennan. If a person doesn’t believe that, and they don’t have to because it’s a free country, I honestly don’t know what to say to that. It seems like most people tend to think that it was the writing and not the acting that caused some confusion in that area.

        I think this show has incredible talent. I love this cast. But one of my biggest fears is that the writers underutilize their talents. A lot of people felt like Cam really got put on the backburner last season. HH even admitted that the Hannah storyline took precedence over a lot of the rest of the cast. I’m like, why? So we can see her all lovey-dovey with Booth, ask for Brennan’s sunglasses after she saved her life, and drink to Brennan moving on from her boyfriend? I don’t think that traded screentime paid off for me in any way.

      • Well, CJsmom, you sort of know me, because a writer (even a fanfic writer) reveals something of themselves in what they write. Gordon Gordon touched on that topic, I believe!

        I often get caught up in how the characters think or feel and then I tell myself to step back. They are fictional characters after all and they are not self-motivated. They do what the writer directs them to do, they say what the writer makes them say.

        Even now, on the eve of season 7, debate still rages over what happened in the 100th. “If Booth had just said X, then Brennan would have said Y” being the main issue. Well, Booth said the lines that were written for him to say and if the writers wanted Brennan to say yes, those words would have been just fine. But she wasn’t going to say yes, she wasn’t ever going to say yes because that wasn’t the plan for season 5. So the semantics of Booth’s offer are really irrelevant – well, they are relevant to telling us something about his character, but they aren’t the reason Brennan said no. If that makes sense.

        With the Hannah arc, it seemed to me that HH was very invested in NOT doing a typical love triangle. And I actually commend him for that. Hair pulling catfights are demeaning not just to the characters but to women in general. Over and over, this show has given us couples who break up and remain friends with their exes and their exes new loves. That’s a recurring theme. We shouldn’t have expected any less from B/B/H.

        Getting Hannah out of the picture was challenging. As CJsmom points out, having Hannah pull a Baroness Schrader and step out of the way of true love would not allow them to stretch out the relationship to the end of the season. Maria and Captain Von Trapp were kissing about five minutes after the Baroness left! Having her dump Booth makes Brennan the rebound. Having Booth dump Hannah for Brennan makes her the Other Woman.

        The proposal mystified me for many reasons, but I do think I understand the POV of the writers. It was an attempt to get rid of Hannah without making anyone the “bad guy”.

      • I like that they didn’t go the petty route, too. Trust me, I was not saying I wanted to see a catfight. But I did wonder did women like Hannah truly exist. Or is she the kind of person that can only exist in someone’s imagination? And I like that Booth didn’t break up with Hannah for Brennan. In the end, Booth and Brennan got together for themselves on their own terms. It definitely added to the feeling that it’s always about what’s between them, what they share and don’t have with anybody else.

      • Oh Hannah only exists in imagination. Hannah was that most dreaded of creatures, the Mary Sue. Beautiful, intelligent, spunky, seemingly perfect and beloved by everyone. There’s a reason Mary Sues are derided in fanfic.

      • something else occurred to me – I was visiting Bones-confessions on tumblr (which is amusing btw) and there was a still w/Hannah and Booth in bed and even now it was a punch in the gut to see. I think the writers underestimated how painful it would be for the audience to see one of these characters with someone else at this point in the story. In season 2, they were still creeping toward each other. By season 6, we were all invested so much that any third party was going to be heartwrenching.

      • Yeah, sometimes the whole thing was pitifully heart-breaking, like when they saw each other again and some of the other long glances they shared, and some were even one-sided. Didn’t Hart say he they always wanted to explore what it would be like for Booth to be with someone he always considered his type? But that’s really kind of backwards, because Brennan had already been established as Booth’s standard by that point. I do agree that they couldn’t just let Booth pine his life away for her, though. How was he was supposed to know that Brennan – who practically never makes a mistake or changes her mind – was going to do admit to doing precisely that?

        Props to ED to playing her part so well. So many people were upset at Brennan when she said no to Booth. But there was hardly a person who didn’t sympathize with her when they saw how she was hurting. DB had a tough role to play, and they way he portrayed his character took a lot of hits last season (I don’t think they were all deserved,) but with his exceptional performance in Daredevil, he gained many a fan back.

  14. Yes, I think he was definitely angry not simply at himself but because he didn’t understand why or where he was lacking. From his point of view, whether right or wrong, he had given all he could give in each relationship and all three women had rejected him. Booth isn’t used to feeling inadequate. He’s used to excelling and he’s a people person. Yet he finds himself unable to understand or connect with three women with whom he’s tried to establish a more permanent relationship. But I think, too, that he was angry at Brennan in a general way. Looking at his body language in the bar, he expected her to walk away from him again. From his point of view, she set him up by making him love her then rejecting him and then asking him to love her again at a point where he was trying to move on. In a sense, her opening up of her emotions sabotaged his shutting down of his. He knew Hannah wouldn’t accept him and personally I don’t think in his heart of hearts he wanted her to. He knew she was temporary in episode 2 when he said ‘You’re going to make trouble while you’re here, aren’t you?’ Sweets knew she wouldn’t be there long in episode 3. Yet Booth’s desperation to prove himself lovable, probably impacted by childhood traumas, compelled him to propose even knowing it was futile and it really wasn’t what he wanted. Frankly I’d rather go with that story than the ‘what the hell were the writers thinking?’ excuse.

    • “In a sense, her opening up of her emotions sabotaged his shutting down of his.” Wow.

      “From his point of view, whether right or wrong, he had given all he could give in each relationship and all three women had rejected him.” I know Booth believes this, but as an outside observer I think it’s only partly true. Booth was committed to Hannah and wouldn’t have cheated. I could tell that when in tSitS he mentioned that you pick one woman and you stick to that. But I never really felt like he gave her the deeper parts of himself – his fears, his insecurities, his hopes and dreams. So I never feel quite right in saying that he gave all of himself to Hannah when he seemed to hold so much back. And though I’m not surprised that he was comparing the three rejections that really hurt him, Brennan’s was different. Rebecca and Hannah didn’t want to give up who they were. They said they loved him, but just couldn’t give him what they always knew he wanted (I’m assuming that Booth has been the type of guy looking for “the one” for a long time and that it’s always been fairly obvious for anyone to see that). Were they just stringing him along? Brennan never explicitly said that she loved him, but she realized that she couldn’t provide him with what he wanted/needed (or what she thought he wanted/needed.) She was more concerned about his welfare than her own. If that’s not love I don’t know what is. It made all the ensuing pain because of her decision all the more painful.

      The only thing I don’t quite agree with is her making him love her. Because it’s the absolute opposite of what I think Brennan was trying to do, or thought would happen. Now, maybe her friendship, trust, and loyalty bolstered his feelings, but he can’t blame her for that. In fact, Brennan never would have opened up to him the way that she did if it wasn’t for so much of his insistence. I do think early Brennan crushed on Booth some, but I think it’s different from the love that began to grow in her (metaphorical) heart, which I think grew in response to his loving actions toward her.

  15. C-Bones I could have phrased that better. I meant that from his point of view in a way, Brennan just being Brennan and letting herself get as close to Booth and need him as much as she did before the 100th episode, encouraged him to think that he had a chance at loving her and having her love him. That’s for me was what the whole gambler speech was about. From the way that scene played out, I think he believed she might qualify their relationship in some way as a prelude to romance but he never believed that she would deny him outright. He cried but agreed to continue as her partner and friend. Whereas with Hannah, you could tell from the hurried and rather uncommitted way he proposed that he expected her to say no. And there were no tears, not even visible regrets. Just anger and instant emotional withdrawal. Those two responses say more about where Booth’s true feelings lie than anything else.

  16. I should have said too that I don’t think Booth expected from a Hannah relationship what he expected from one with Brennan. Much as the producers and writers may protest, he was settling for second best.

    • Two scenes we haven’t mentioned are the one at the beginning of DitMold when Sweets says that he doesn’t want to be like Booth and THAT is the ostensible catalyst for Booth’s deciding to propose. Strangely, instead of feeling contrived, I think the writers got at the heart of something there. I think that Booth is sensitive to the story he believes himself to be in, as a person. It matters to him in the Physicist episode that there isn’t room for him in that story. CJsMom you are right that he feels a lot of guilt or turmoil at least when he breaks certain rules and to look at himself through Sweets’ eyes and see “the kind of man who has never been married” is powerful. (I do think that Sweets would be appalled later to find that Booth took his words the way he did even though it is entirely logical.)

      The other scene is the really obvious one where Booth (again, now that I think of it, acting off of a conversation with Sweets yes?) goes home and makes dinner for Hannah and then she walks in and says what’s wrong oh my god you are proposing and Booth says no and shakes new toothbrushes at her.

      So this really interesting discussion is making me think of the scenes that I’m grateful to Hannah for motivating, many of them mentioned by you. Let’s see…

      1. I also love the scene in the bar when Brennan stays with him. I always wonder what third choice she was hoping for when she asked “those are my only choices?”. Was she asking if they could be together? Or if they…what?

      2. A small thing, but with Hannah around we got to see more of Booth’s apartment and Booth in his apartment. I really like that.

      3. The entire Doctor in the Photo episode. I love this episode. “Why do I always understand everything you say? I don’t have that with anyone else.” “Following you into a deserted alley and saving your life. The Usual. You?” (paraphrased; I don’t remember exact wording very well.)

      4. What else?

  17. If Booth proposed because he cared what Sweets thought of him rather than because he wanted to spend his life with Hannah, then that speaks eloquently to the fact that there was something profoundly flawed with the relationship from the beginning. Granted, Sweets was the motivator who got Booth to declare himself to Brennan but he was simply seconding what Booth already wanted to do. With Hannah, I don’t think this was true.

    • And if that wasn’t bad enough, he felt like he had to go for a big ring, to prove to himself he was serious. Now, I may not know that much about Hannah, but I doubt she was the kind of girl to be hung up on rock size.

      I know people may not like Sweets’ prodding in the 100th, but Booth and Brennan were really at a standstill. By that point, Booth wasn’t putting himself out there looking elsewhere for that special someone. He was building his world around Brennan (thanks for the words, GGW.) I wonder how long he would have waited until he thought it was safe to declare his feelings and ask for more between them? But Brennan was content to stay in the kind of relationship they had, probably forever. So that time would have never come, and then where would that leave him?

      Sidenote: I found it interesting and funny that in a lot of interviews with DB and ED, they kind of say the opposite of their characters. DB would always insist that they were already together – ummm, right, tell Booth that because I don’t think he sees it that way. ED said they belonged together – sounds a little bit like fate, which Brennan does NOT believe in, and Brennan said she doesn’t believe in people belonging to each other.

    • First of all, I don’t think that the conversation with Sweets was THE impetus for the proposal, but I do think it was a factor.

      Secondly, insomuch as the comment Sweets made about being Booth’s age and never having been married DID motivate Booth, I don’t think it was actually Sweets’s opinion of him that mattered to Booth; it was more like the comment Sweets made shined a light on Booth’s own personal insecurities and made him sit up and take notice. I think it was the same thing when Sweets goaded Booth into asking Brennan to “give it a shot.” Sweets wasn’t giving him new information. Booth was already aware of his feelings for Brennan in the 100th episode, and Booth was already aware that he was 40 (ish?) and had never been married at the beginning of Daredevil in the Mold. But knowing it is one thing; having someone hold up a big flashing sign that forces you to confront the issue is another thing altogether.

      In the end, I think that he proposed to Hannah because he needed to create clear boundaries (As Barbara put it in one of her fics, “Wife Hannah and Best Friend Bones”), and because he needed to prove to himself that he was lovable, worthy of being loved, and (most importantly, in my opinion) that he had made the right decision when he told Brennan that he had moved on after she confessed her regrets to him. All of this was roiling under the surface before he had drinks with Sweets, but the conversation brought it to the foreground and made it impossible for him to relegate it to the background again. Coupled with the conversation he and Brennan had about “the person you love the most” (and his promise to her that he wasn’t going anywhere), he couldn’t ignore it anymore, so he had to take action.

  18. This is so interesting psychologically. So what you’re saying is that Booth proposed because not only did he need to have confirmation that someone loved him and was willing to accept him completely for who he was but because he felt himself in danger of falling back into the same hurtful emotional pattern with a Brennan whose emotions he didn’t trust? And he felt that if he proposed and Hannah accepted him that would force him to draw a line in the sand with Brennan? Booth wouldn’t cheat so if he acquired a fiancee, he was forcing himself to put up a permanent wall with Brennan, one that his own moral code would never let him breech. Which makes Hannah not only a bad plot device created by the writers but one recognized as such by the lead male character and used for that purpose. Amazing!

    • IMO, it’s only a bad plot device for the character if he recognizes consciously that that’s what he’s doing. Personally, I don’t believe Booth proposed to Hannah with that thought verbalized in his head. Is it true subconsciously? Yea, I think so. But that’s not the same thing as proposing with an ulterior motive.

      I also think we can’t discount the fact that Booth loved Hannah. He really did love Hannah. It wasn’t Brennanish love but (IMO, fwiw) fans discount that very important fact way too often. Booth loved Hannah. He proposed to Hannah because he loved her and he thought he could build a life with her. She loved him back, but just not in a let’s-get-married-and-live-happily-ever-after kind of way.

      If Hannah had said yes, Booth would have spent the rest of his life with her and been mostly happy because that’s what he decided to be. Happy with Hannah.

      • MJ, you said exactly what I was thinking. I stand by everything I said about Booth’s internal conflict and reasons for proposing, but I agree that for the most part it was subconscious or at least not consciously acknowledged by him.

        I believe he did love Hannah, but as we have discussed, there are different kinds of love. Hannah was a bit of happiness in a landscape of despair, and Booth latched onto her like a drowning man in Afghanistan. Then she followed him home (SHE followed HIM!), moved in with him, met his son and built rapport with him…these are all behaviors that indicate she loves him back and sees a future with him.

        As compared to Brennan who, from Booth’s point of view, became terrified and ran away to the other side of the planet when he suggested they try to have a romantic relationship. Sure, she said she regretted it, but when weighing those two options, Hannah seemed like more of a sure thing. Booth was playing it safe.

        Sweets reminded him that he was forty and had never been married. Suddenly Booth felt a sense of urgency and decided it was time to do something about it. Should he propose to Hannah (a sure thing, he had convinced himself) or break it off and try to establish a relationship with Brennan (a very risky endeavor)? Additionally, if he did break up with Hannah and try with Brennan, then all the pain that both he and she felt the night she confessed her regrets was for naught. He should have just called Hannah, broken it off and made a go of it with Brennan then.

        I believe that most of this inner turmoil was subconscious, but it was definitely there. Consciously, I think he probably said to himself, “I love her. I’m getting old. Time to get this show on the road. Marriage is the next logical step.” If he had been consciously aware that he was using Hannah, he would have been appalled and disgusted with himself. Perhaps her refusal made him realize that to seem extent, and that was part of the reason he was so angry.

  19. One comment, I never said that I thought Booth did any of this coldly or with conscious forethought. I agree with you both that there was a stew of emotion roiling around inside of him. The need to prove that someone desirable would commit to loving him exclusively, to prove he was right about the relationship and not misjudging yet again but also the need to provide some concrete separation from Brennan were all mixed up together in his mind. Sweets lit the fuse but Booth was flying on instinct and in this case it was self-delusional.

    But I do disagree on another aspect. I don’t think either he or Hannah loved each other in any profound way. For me, it’s not possible to love someone in that way that you don’t know and neither of them knew the truth of the other.

    • EL, I agree that the love between Booth and Hannah (and to be honest, I’m not sure if she loved him back or not–but in any case, the love that Booth had for Hannah) was not profound. But I believe he felt affection and a kind of love for her. I believe he cared about her and that he hoped she reciprocated. And while we weren’t shown all that much of their relationship, I think it is safe to assume that they didn’t share the kind of confidences that B & B had/have/will continue to share. I don’t think that the love that he felt for Hannah could hold a candle to what he felt for Brennan. But that doesn’t mean he didn’t love her at all or in any way, in my opinion. I also think it’s probable that he convinced himself that he loved Hannah more deeply than he actually did.

      • I agree that Booth’s feelings for Hannah weren’t as deep as I believe his feelings for Brennan are but I also don’t think that it matters what I think because Booth believed he was in love. He was “serious as a heart attack” about her. Booth believed it was real, deep, life-long love, as evidenced by his proposal. Maybe we can look back in hindsight and see the evidence that proved it wasn’t that kind of feeling, but Booth sincerely believed he was in love.

        The kind of relationship he had with Hannah seems to be the kind of relationship he was used to. Brennan was different, but Brennan said no.

        And Hannah said yes to him in all the ways that he was used to. So in the flush of feeling and emotion (and subconsciously reaching for a lifeline), he proposed. Personally, I think he really expected her to accept and was really shocked when she said no and then blamed him for proposing in the first place.

        It was a tough scene. Now that I’m past the angst and anger, I love watching it.

      • MJ, so do you think Booth really meant it when he said “serious as a heart attack”? I mean, she was halfway around the world, he was under the impression that she would never move to DC and settle down (even temporarily), so–best-case scenario–they were looking at a long-distance relationship, with no practical way to move forward. I was under the impression that he said that to make it clear to Brennan that he’d moved on and things could go back to the way they were between B & B.

      • To be clear, I don’t think he was deliberately lying to Brennan so much as stretching the truth.

      • Even if he was just making an extreme statement at that particular moment, everything changed when Hannah actually came to DC. He moved her into his house. He introduced her to his son. He built his world around her, to use GGW’s words against him. He proposed to her.

        I don’t think he did any of that because he thought those steps would lead him to a relationship with Brennan. IMO, he did all that because he sincerely believed himself to be in love with her.

        Loving Brennan as I do I hate that I feel that way, on her behalf and there were certainly occasional glimpses of Booth in conflict about his feelings for Hannah vs. Brennan. But all of his major life decisions revolved around bringing Hannah more fully into his world. That speaks to someone who believes he knows exactly how he feels.

      • MJ, I certainly didn’t mean to imply that any of Booth’s actions with respect to Hannah were an attempt to get another chance with Brennan. Quite the opposite in fact. I was wondering if he told her that the relationship was “serious as a heart attack” (even if it wasn’t) so that Brennan would know he had moved on and things between him and Brennan could revert to what they were before the 100th episode. On some level he must have realized that at least part of Brennan’s motivation for leaving DC was to give Booth the opportunity to move on properly, because their relationship was somewhat strained and uncomfortable in the wake of his request that they give it a shot.

        In fact, I think Booth was pretty clueless that Brennan was hurt by seeing him with Hannah until Doctor in the Photo. Even if everyone else could see it, Booth was positively certain that Brennan didn’t love him and didn’t want him and he was wrapped up in Hannah, busy running home for nooners, and distancing himself from Brennan and everyone at the lab. He didn’t even show up for Hodgins’s and Angela’s baby announcement, for heaven’s sake. The fact that he didn’t register the hurt on Brennan’s face when he asked her to lie for him is evidence that he was completely clueless as to what was going on with her.

      • I think you’re absolutely right about his tunnel vision. IMO, his focus on Hannah was a way of NOT focusing on Brennan. Totally self-preservation on his part.

      • Why does everyone get so worked up about Booth not going to the baby announcement? He was told not to come if he couldn’t look surprised. He was trying to distance himself from Brennan which almost by definition means distancing himself from the other Squints. I have NO problem with his actions at that point.

        Now, as to not seeing Brennan’s hurt when he was with Hannah.
        1) He did NOT flaunt Hannah.
        2) I don’t think it ever crossed his mind that Brennan might be hurt. She’d been quite clear that she didn’t want a relationship with him and then she left, etc. And, everything she was doing re: Hannah indicated that she was ok with Hannah.
        3) Part of moving on was not paying such close attention to Brennan’s emotional state.

        Up until (for the most part) DitP, Booth had nothing to go on except Brennan’s response in the 100th, her flight to Muluku and her lack of contact. The last was explained, but the point is everything Brennan had said and done told him she was interested ONLY in being his partner and friend. He had no reason to think she might have changed her mind as much as he still clearly loved her. She only continued this message when she told him in (CitC) that she had thought about them being together, but had decided it was impossible. And, she befriended Hannah and was clearly trying to help Hannah build her relationship with Booth.

        So, I don’t have a problem with anything Booth did during that period. He was a wreck and just trying to find some peace (and happiness?) while still spending most of his time with the love of his life, whom he thought he could never have. If he’d been paying more attention to Brennan (and her emotions), he wouldn’t have a prayer.

      • Angelena, I hate to say that I get worked up about the baby announcement thing, but it did rub wrong in several ways.
        1. He was totally willing to let Brennan to lie for him. Yeah, she offered, but I don’t think he should have taken advantage of that when he knows Brennan really prefers to be honest.
        2. Hannah would have been fine if he just popped in there for a few minutes to say congrats and then head home.
        3. I don’t buy that he couldn’t look surprised. Booth is all about white lies and telling people what they want to hear – it’s kind of his specialty, and I don’t mean that in a negative way. I was actually surprised that Brennan could act surprised.
        4. I really just think he should have sucked about his pride/crushed ego and said congrats. Brennan was there, but there were enough others around where he really didn’t have to have direct contact with her.
        5. I think by this point, the squints were more than just Brennan’s people. They considered themselves to be his squints. They have even saved his life and helped him get his job back before. I think that bodes toward him having some kind of relationship of his own with them, just being grateful for what they’ve done for him. I don’t see how his relationship with Brennan had anything do with sincerely wishing them well and just showing some kind of support. At least he told Angela congrats before, but he skipped out on an opportunity to tell Hodgins.

        But, I totally agree with your three points. In fact, he might have thought he was doing Brennan a favor letting her know that he moved on, so she didn’t have to worry about him asking for more, and she didn’t have to worry about him moping around or pining for her to no avail. Brennan understood and respected that he was moving on, and I don’t think she held their decreased time together against him.

      • Since, I won’t go back and watch those eps, can someone tell me what was on his cell phone for that call outside the FF? Was it clearly from Hannah? Was it clearly about just going to do to the horizontal tango? I seem to recall thinking that the message was ambiguous in some way — but I may well be wrong on that given what was going on overall.

      • C-bones —

        Mostly I think we’ll just have to agree to disagree on this point, but ….

        I didn’t think he couldn’t look surprised (he’s quite good at that), but that it gave him an excuse to do something he didn’t relish doing.

        I also don’t think it was about ego. I think it was about minimizing time around Brennan because that was still hard — and perhaps already causing him more questions than he might have preferred to deal with.

        He’d already told Angela congrats and he could still tell Jack at some other time.

        So, we’ll agree to disagree.

      • I understand it was really difficult for him. But this was about Hodgins and Angela, not himself and Brennan. Like I said, there was no reason for him to really have to talk to Brennan or be really close to her, and he didn’t have to stay the whole time. Maybe I shouldn’t have used the word ego. But I just felt like maybe he could have afforded to put his feelings to the side just for a few minutes. I don’t want to trivialize Booth’s feelings, but in the words of Caroline, sometimes he has to be a “big boy” whether he likes it or not.

        His reluctance was understandable, but it just made the contrast between Booth and Brennan character development last season that much wider. When she was finally accepting her feelings and the consequences of her decisions, supporting his decision to move on and be with someone else, he was busy denying how he really felt, ignoring the red herrings in his relationship with Hannah, and his desperation to move on from Brennan have someone love him caused him to neglect one of his most important friendships and led to a painful rejection. It was sad to watch both of them, but his was sadder somehow, because I could see where Brennan eventually found or developed her inner strength.

      • Angelena, from your comment about the baby announcement, I get the feeling you were responding to me, but I’m afraid you misunderstood me. We actually agree on this.

        When I mentioned the fact that Booth didn’t attend the baby announcement, I was just offering it as evidence that Booth was distancing himself from Brennan (and by extension most everyone at the lab) as a means of self-preservation. I don’t fault Booth for not going to the announcement (though I think the lying was unwarranted–if he wanted to see Hannah, he should have been willing to say, “I’m skipping this because my girlfriend just got back into town and I want to see her.)

        And I agree that while Brennan was hurting, until DitP, Booth had no idea. I don’t think he was flaunting Hannah. I think he was focusing all of his energy on Hannah in a effort to genuinely move on, be happy, give Brennan some space (which he thought she wanted), and that Brennan was very hurt, but Booth was clueless.

        I agree that until DitP, Booth was operating under the assumption that Brennan had no romantic feelings for him, that she wanted to be partners and friends, nothing more. And even if occasionally he saw something that made him wonder, I think he would have dismissed it as wishful thinking (“Maybe she does want me after all…No! can’t go down this road again! She made herself perfectly clear!”)

        Anyway, we are totally on the same page. I didn’t like everything Booth did, but I understand why he did it.

  20. I agree with you totally that he had convinced himself he was in love with her but what I think he mistook for love was actually a kind of gratitude to her for being there when he needed someone and (in his mind) proving her love by moving across the world, etc. At the end of season 5, Booth desperately needed someone to say to him : I want you. I need you. And I’ll do anything to be with you because you’re worth it. He thought he’d found that no matter what underlying doubts he may have had about his own feelings. And gratitude begat a loyalty that led to the proposal. But when he discovered that all of this was a misreading of the facts. That Hannah was only really interested in him as a temporary good time, it shattered him. And so we get the great scene at the end of TDitM where he’s asking himself, ‘what is wrong with me? how could I have misread this so badly?’

    As you might guess, I find Booth a fascinating character with so many layers. I just hope the next season does him justice.

  21. I’m loving this discussion of the proposal. I have struggled with making sense of it. You’re all saying what I’ve been thinking. The thing that I’ve added, and gotten push back on, is that I think that on some level it was a test for Hannah. Not consciously, but he had to know that, if he was going to give up Brennan now, it better be for a darned good reason.

    I also agree that he was very, very grateful to Hannah for reaching out to him when he was drowning. The words of the proposal are basically: You loved me when I thought no one ever would, so please marry me. That’s a less than inspiring proposal.

    Hannah: Hey, soldier.
    Booth: Wow!
    Hannah: You looking for a good time?
    Booth: Look at you. Wow!
    Hannah: You didn’t answer the question.
    Booth: Well I…uh…I…I…I thought I was looking for a good time, but the truth is I think I’m looking for a little bit more.
    Hannah: Don’t underestimate a good time.
    Booth: I…um…was gonna …You know what? I was gonna wait, but I…uh…love you, Hannah, and I just…when I met you I really honestly wondered if I was ever gonna meet anyone again.
    Hannah: Seeley, oh my god.
    Booth: I…uh…marry me. I want you to be my wife.

    I might not accept that proposal from Seeley Booth. ;-D

    I would also note that Hannah was a more promising option at that point. She wanted to be with him enough to leave a job she loved and follow him half way around the world. She had, reluctantly at first, worked to build a relationship with Parker. She had people skills. He could understand everything she said. In short, low maintenance. Contrast that with Brennan. Yes, she had a very good relationship with Parker, but she kept running away from him and was very high maintenance in every way.

    In short, I think that he was a completely confused emotional wreck at this point. He was getting mixed signals from the two women that he loved. Brennan had abandoned him. He’d found a woman that wanted to be with him enough to follow him home. Then Brennan realized she’d made a mistake and proceeded to cry, like he’d never seen her do before, when he told her he’d moved on. Add Sweets’s comments about being old and never married and you have a distraught and confused Booth. He did the only thing he could think of to try to find some peace of mind.

    Anyway, that’s my take.

    • I agree with you about the proposal! I have also loved this discussion, it has been very thought provoking! Sometimes, although I had made peace with the fact that he had proposed, it still irked me a bit. I was never mad at Booth, just confused. But now that I’ve sorted it out, I think I can let it go!

    • Angelena, yes! And despite the fact that I didn’t really like her, Hannah was not an idiot. She was a journalist for heaven’s sake. Whatever Booth told her about his relationship with Brennan, she had to know there was more there. The fact that she stuck around anyway speaks (to me, anyway) to the fact that she WAS just looking for a good time. If she’d been really serious about Booth, she would have been more threatened by the relationship and the history that B & B shared. And she had the sense not to marry someone who was clearly still, at the very least, still dealing with his feelings for a woman with whom he was involved, if platonically and professionally, and quite possibly (this one gets my vote) still head-over-heels in love. Of course she said no.

      • And that’s what bugs me. If Hannah was just looking for a good time, does that mean she lied to Brennan about her intentions when she was warned?

      • C-bones, that’s an excellent question. To which I have no answer. Perhaps she didn’t really think it was any of Brennan’s business and so she just answered in the affirmative to move on? Or maybe she just lied. I don’t know. I’ll have to go back and watch that scene again to hear the exact dialogue before I can formulate a decent answer.

      • I think that Hannah’s response to Brennan was simply thought-less. Not in the negative way that word usually is used, but in the sense that she didn’t bother to think about it. Brennan said, “blah, blah, blah,” and Hannah gave her the obvious response.

      • Angelena, I can see that. It’s not as if Hannah is going to say to Brennan, “I don’t really want to put down roots, but, holy cow, he’s a tiger in the sack! I’ll stick around as long as it’s exciting and doesn’t get too complicated.” Hannah also may have been operating under the assumption that Brennan was just giving her warning because it’s the expected thing to do in that situation, not knowing that Brennan doesn’t do or say things just because it’s what is expected.

      • One of the things that has cracked me up about discussion of the proposal and Booth’s behavior in early s6 is that Brennan had no problem with any of it. It’s only some fans who are bothered by it.

        We may not have seen the conversation that so many people thought was needed: that they needed to have some big shouting match and Booth had to explain all this stuff to her. But, I don’t think Brennan ever needed that. She realized she had made a mistake and was responsible for where she found herself. She wanted Booth to be happy, and as far as she could tell, he was. When Hannah rejected him, she was there because he needed her and he meant a lot to her. In spite of her question about the alternatives, I don’t think she was expecting anything. Actually, I think she had no idea what to expect. She just didn’t want to lose him as partner and friend at that point, which it seemed she might if she gave the wrong answer.

        I also think that she, unlike some fans, realized that most of what he was saying was caused by pain and alcohol and wasn’t really directed at her.

      • Yes, Angelena! Thank you for saying that! Brennan deserves so much more credit than what she’s given, sometimes. It wasn’t about Brennan being punished, especially not about Booth punishing Brennan. Sometimes the choices we make in life are irreversible. Second chances aren’t always guaranteed. Her trying to play the blame game would have been an awful idea, because Booth could have had his own list of things to blame her for. I think when she told her father that she didn’t want to talk about Booth falling in love with someone else, it didn’t have anything to do with feeling betrayed by Booth, but disappointment in herself and her choices that led her to the predicament in which she found herself.

        Booth was kind of a bear after the failed proposal, but Brennan didn’t let that stop her from proactively being there for Booth. I confess, I probably would have given him a lot more space because he seemed intent on being alone, but she brought him the Tommy guns even when he was pretty clear about wanting to be alone Valentine’s evening and that turned out to be a great idea. And she must have believed his speech about being able to love more than one person, and she still believed he cared about her even after Hannah left. I actually think Brennan had more doubts at the very beginning of the season, when it seemed like a very inconvenient time for her to recognize that she did love Booth and perhaps wished to revert back to her previous views of love. Booth basically told her that just because you have feelings for someone new, it doesn’t mean it negates the feelings you had for someone before. Brennan couldn’t revert back to her old views, and I believe that it had more to do with her current feelings proving her wrong and not so much Booth proving her right.

      • C-bones –

        Thank you!

        I also think that by the time of the failed proposal to Hannah, Brennan had realized how much she herself had hurt Booth. That also led her to a better understanding of just how much the failed proposal would hurt him. That also allowed her to finally understand just what Booth had done for her in agreeing to continue to work with her which gave her even more reason to stand by him after Hannah’s rejection.

        I agree about the comment to her father. She never blamed Booth for anything, unlike many of the fans.

      • Angelena and C-bones, with respect to the outrage of many fans, I think the explanation is that we are often more upset when someone we care about (even if that someone is fictional) is hurt than we would be if we ourselves were the ones who were wronged. It’s easier for me to forgive someone who has wronged me than it is to forgive someone who has wronged my husband or my kids. I’ve found that this is true for most people.

        Brennan felt that whatever hurt she suffered as a result of Booth’s relationship with Hannah was a direct result of her refusal of him in the 100th, and therefore her fault. (But as Russ told us, “Consequences aren’t the same as fault.”) Also, she just wanted him to be happy, and she honestly believe that he was happy with Hannah. Even if it hurt her, she felt justified that she had done the right thing turning him down, as long as he found happiness. I get that she wasn’t angry at Booth, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be angry on her behalf.

        That said, I didn’t start hating Booth, either. He was going through his own stuff (granted, he also had the perk of sleeping with a beautiful woman during all of this), and I felt bad for him, too, in season six. In fact, I think that the fact that we are so invested in his character and his happiness is why many fans were so outraged. We wanted real, genuine, love-of-a-lifetime happiness for Booth, and I think that most of us believe that he can only have that with Brennan, so it was like a double-slap in the face: Brennan was crushed and it was because Booth was deluding himself into thinking he was happy when he actually wasn’t.

        I have admitted before that I am perhaps too emotionally involved with these characters considering that it’s just a television show. Nonetheless, it was very painful to watch Brennan hurting, and it was very hard to watch Booth with someone other than Brennan.

        Besides, controversy is what makes conversations like this interesting.

      • “I have admitted before that I am perhaps too emotionally involved with these characters considering that it’s just a television show. Nonetheless, it was very painful to watch Brennan hurting, and it was very hard to watch Booth with someone other than Brennan.”

        CJsMom, I felt the same way. And yeah, I was frustrated with Booth’s desperate attempts to make himself move on, instead of just letting that happen with time. I guess he probably thought seven months fighting in the desert, a hot fling, and he should be fine. But I suppose seeing Bones again made him have to re-double his efforts. I (and perhaps Angelena, though I usually try to just speak for myself) were talking more about the fans who started blaming AND hating Booth, without trying to understand where he was coming from at all. That’s what I like about this blog. Many of us here don’t feel like we have to be just Team Booth or Team Brennan, though we my drawn toward one more than the other. But most of us are invested in the welfare of both, and want to see them end up happy, i.e. together.

        To my over-analytical mind, there’s a fine line between being hurt by someone’s decisions and that person hurting you. I can say they both hurt each other, but I say it with a twinge because it was never their intent and they hate to hurt each other that deeply. Since we are talking about the ever-analytical Brennan, I think she understood the difference, and that’s why she didn’t blame Booth – even though she was hurt, he didn’t set out to hurt her. I also felt bad for Booth for getting a third rejection from a woman he was committed to, though I wasn’t sad to see said woman turn it down. I only engaged somewhat in his “no one loves me” pity party because rejection is just hard, but we know (and he knew) that Brennan did love him, even if he couldn’t deal with that thought at the time.

    • Booth usually takes the easy way out. When I look at season six, I go back to Jared’s opinion of Booth. He just stays where he is at and rarely fights or rocks the boat. He usually takes the easy way out in most situations. Booth professed to want 30, 40 and 50 years with Brennan, but that wasn’t really true. All he wanted was 30, 40 or 50 years with someone, anyone. It didn’t matter who that person was as long as it was uncomplicated and easy. When presented with an easy life with Hannah or difficult road with Brennan, Booth chose the easier of the two choices. Brennan would have been hard work at this point and Hannah was a stepford-wife in disguise, in his eyes. So Booth took the easy route and he proposed to Hannah. Booth chose Hannah over Brennan, is what season six boils down to essentially. When Hannah turned him down, she was just another Brennan. Love has nothing to do with Booth’s decisions in life.

      • Wow, that seems a bit harsh to me. My interpretation of Booth’s immediate “I have to move on” statement was that he was trying to salvage what he could with Brennan. He was in love with her; he’d been “building a world around her” (according to GGW), and she was the single most important person in his life aside from Parker at that point. He didn’t want to risk alienating her and losing her completely, so he made a promise to both of them that he’d move on and agreed to continue their partnership, even though it must have been very difficult and painful for him to see her day in and day out.

        The whole Hannah debacle was a knee-jerk reaction to Brennan’s refusal of him. Sure, he didn’t handle it well. He made some very ill-advised decisions, but he was in emotional agony. And then, even when he started to get a clue that he was heading the wrong way, his sense of loyalty and responsibility trumped his better judgement. I was very annoyed at some of Booth’s actions in season six, but I just can’t agree that “Love has nothing to do with Booth’s decisions in life.” I believe that his love for Brennan is deep and genuine and that Hannah was a distraction that nabbed him to deal with the pain of Brennan’s rejection.

      • Cjsmom, there’s really no point in replying to K. This person expresses nothing but hatred for the show and the characters and doesn’t seem to have any interest in hearing, much less considering alternative viewpoints.

      • Thanks, Barbara.

        Also, in that last sentence, the word nabbed was supposed to be enabled. I missed that the auto-correct changed it when I misspelled it. I really hate typos.

  22. Angelena, your recap of the proposal was great. It showed so clearly how half-hearted and forced it was. Poor old Booth just couldn’t cut a break — or maybe Hannah’s refusal was the biggest break he ever got.

  23. MJ, to me it was serious as a heart attack when (a) Hannah was still in Afghanistan and not expected to reappear any time soon and (b) Brennan was sitting there asking and Booth was carrying around all that pent up resentment at her earlier rejection and the fact she’d walked out on their partnership and the fact that she hadn’t contacted him. Did he say those words just to upset Brennan? I doubt it but I do think he was overstating what had after all been basically a sexual relationship in order to get some sort of reaction from Brennan and was astonished when Hannah showed up out of the blue. We can argue this in finitum but your point about Hannah giving him what he was expecting to get in a relationship rather than what he had with Brennan is a good one.

  24. Wow, I cannot believe I checked my email and found 40 messages! From today! Great discussion too 🙂

    For what its worth, here’s my take on it. I’ve said before that I don’t hate season 6. It was painful, but I think necessary. Both B&B have some pretty heavy stuff in their past, and present (if you count all their near death experiences) and its not something you can just skim over and just be in love and its all rosy. Brennan had (has?) a fear of committment. Your parents disappearing at Christmas, being criminals, etc and the foster system could do that to you. Booth, from what little we know, almost killed himself in his youth, and had bad experiences himself. His experiences, however, made him want that perfect nuclear family, instead of turning him away like it had Brennan. However, probably subconciously, he’s chosen women that were not the right ones for him, basically sabotaging that dream.

    Season 6 was an emotional season. It was heavy, it was serious. On paper, Hannah and Booth sound like good idea, kind of like Sully and Brennan. It should work. But they weren’t “the one”. So I don’t begrudge Booth for attempting to move on. I could have told him it wouldn’t work, but hey, sometimes we just have to go through stuff before we get it. Brennan and Booth both hurt each other this season, and I don’t think either of them did it purposefully, but I think it makes their coming together stronger. I understand why both of them did the things that they did, be that right or wrong in our eyes, I understand their motivations for it.

    I do wish they’re would have been a way to not rush the pregnancy, I truly don’t begrudge ED her baby, but it did up the timeline faster than they planned. Would Booth and Brennan have done what they did if they had not had to cram it into Season 6 for the pregnancy? Perhaps the proposal would not have gone down the same/the 100th ep as well. I don’t know. Like we’ve lamented over and over, there’s alot we are going to miss, and there’s alot that happened that might not have happened without the pregnancy.

    But I’m still just trying to hold on till I get my Season 6 DVDs, to rewatch in the hindsight of the pregnancy, and try to take it all in. Most of the eps I only watched once because of the emotional scenes, but I’d like to watch again. There were alot of sweet B&B moments and other awesomeness that I think we can appreciate more knowing what we know now.

    But I understand why Brennan pushed him away, I understand why Booth was trying to fight for them to be together (after imagining her as his wife in the coma dream), I understand why he tried to move on, and I’m glad that through it all, Brennan admitted she’d had regrets and she CRIED! Phew, it was painful, but awesome performances by her and DB for sure.

    Anyway, bring on season 7! I’m ready!

  25. @Angelena There seemed to be something unfinished about this scene, like the scene with the sunglasses — as though the writers meant to set up something that they never followed through on. Booth obviously intended to go to the baby announcement party as he was standing right outside the door of the FF with Brennan. Then he gets a text from Hannah, who has been gone, what a day or two? He’s 40 not 18 and the idea that he couldn’t walk through the door, stay for 15 minutes and then leave, that he had to rush home to have sex just doesn’t really make sense in the context. Brennan jumps to the conclusion that’s what Booth wants to do but he acts like ‘yeah, fine, if that’s what you want to think, great.’ At the time, it seemed to me as if this scene was meant to set up some kind of rift that was happening between Booth and Hannah, the whole ‘Booth’s going to sabotage his relationship’ theme that was mentioned in interviews. But the writers decided to take the story in a different direction and just like the crooked cops theme, we were left with a start to something and no finish. Booth worked with Brennan every day so not showing up at the announcement as a way of distancing himself made no sense. Or maybe I’m just spending too much time looking for meaning where there really isn’t any.

    • EL –
      Do you recall exactly what was on the cell? I’d like to be sure about it, but I refuse to go back and watch any of early s6.

      I do agree, tho’, that there were a lot of set ups that seemed to have been abandoned in s6. Was it on purpose? Just red herrings to confuse us? Or, misjudgments on TPTB’s parts?

      BTW, looking for meaning where there isn’t any is the whole point of BT, etc. It’s so much fun! ;-D

    • I have to say, I pretty much take Booth at his word when he said it was ‘serious as a heart attack’. I don’t think he said it to hurt Brennan, or to reassure her either. I don’t think it really had anything to do with Brennan apart from to let her know where they stood. That he had moved on like he said he would.

      While it’s true that Hannah followed Booth to DC, I don’t think that’s an indication that Booth wasn’t serious about her and thought they were having a fling that ended when he left Afghanistan. He sure was happy to see her when she chose to come to DC, and she was secure enough in what had gone on before to know he’d welcome her with open arms. That’s not how you react if it’s just a holiday fling (well, war fling, watevs 🙂 )

      I also see no evidence that she was only interested in having a ‘good time’ with him. Just because she didn’t believe in marriage doesn’t mean she didn’t love him or want to build a life with him, which I suspect she thought they were doing, considering he’d asked her to move in and worked hard to smooth things between her and Parker.

      I must be in the throws of some kind of fever because I’m suddenly finding myself feeling kind of sorry for Hannah (ducks!) It’s just occurred to me that I do honestly think she really loved him and he went from ‘I want you to be my wife’ to ‘get your stuff out’ in about 2 minutes flat. Talk about pulling the rug out from under her feet. I just think by that point Booth had been through the wringer so many times he didn’t know which way was up.

      As an aside, him not going to the baby announcement didn’t bother me, for a few reasons. Firstly, Booth does give himself completely to people – Hannah came first at that time, because that’s the position the woman in his life take. He’d probably think it’s his boyfriendly duty to rush home and see your girlfriend when she’s been away. Secondly, the sex comment from Brennan – the way he hesitated after she said it, I thought he was going to say that no, he wasn’t rushing off for sex but to spend time with her, but he didn’t because it wass easier to just go along with what she said rather than explain. At that time, I think Brennan was still equating a sexual relationship as the main thing that separated her and Booth, she didn’t realise yet that there is actually a lot more to an intimate relationship. I think she realised that during Hannah’s time because she noticed the loss of Booth in other ways – and she realised that even though they’d never been together in the sexual sense, they had been together in lots of other ways. It was the loss of that side of their relationship that surprised her when Hannah came. I think when they talked about ‘moving on’, she assumed it meant him finding someone else for romance but with their relationship staying the same otherwise. This is how I felt she grew after Daredevil – she was just there for him, with no pressure for ‘more’ and because of how she was there for him, they grew their closeness back.

      The other reason I didn’t mind him heading off at that point is because I was so mad with Angela for telling EVERYONE about the baby when she promised Hodgins she wouldn’t and then setting up a situation to cover up her lie and making Hodgins look a bit stupid in the meantime. That sounds harsh, but I just think when it comes to telling people that you’re pregnant it’s pretty harsh to ignore your partner’s wishes and then lie about it. That moment was important for Hodgins and he never got to have it.

      Wow, supporting Hannah and doing some Angela bashing – I may lie low for a while 🙂

      • You don’t have to lie low, you make some good points. But I’m still only going to concede that perhaps Hannah wasn’t as casual as some of us hope to believe. However, I never got the impression that she was actively doing the long-term monogamous commitment for life thing – just seeing where things took them. There was a comment she made after Booth told Hannah about Brennan’s confession about finding it easier to being out in the field doing her thing than dealing with emotions. That doesn’t speak to me of getting in really deep. I do think Hannah planned on settling down one day even if she didn’t get married. She said she would be willing to adopt, so that indicates that somewhere down the line, she wanted a family life. But I don’t think she was at the point in her life yet, while Booth was, and had been wanting that for a long time. I think that Hannah could have considered it with Booth had she given more time passed for the relationship to grow. But Booth’s reaction to her saying no, and not giving her any other options led me to believe that his feelings may not have been as deep as he originally thought.

        Hannah didn’t seem like a believable character, and I don’t want to sound so biased as to say I didn’t like her because I’m a B&B shipper. But when I sit back and look at the big picture, I just didn’t seem them working out – not with the way that they were going. Booth has his demons, his issues that he struggles with. From my impression of Hannah, I really didn’t feel confident that she had everything it took to deal with his issues, since apparently she had no issues (that we were shown) on her own. And when I look at the relationship between Booth and Brennan, they are better people for knowing each other. I never felt that between Booth and Hannah. It was actually one of the few times in his life where he was just looking out for himself (even if I was sympathetic to the reasons why, so I was trying not to begrudge him.)

      • C-bones –

        I esp like your point about how Hannah was written. I think one of the big problems with that whole story arc was that Hannah was never really a believable threat to Brennan. Booth clearly still loved Bones. What he learned in Mastodon and hugging her again, undercut at least some of his resolve about moving on. It was clear that most other people didn’t buy Booth and Hannah (esp Sweets). Booth’s constant protestations otherwise were clearly as much to convince himself as anyone else. I think the only one who really bought it was Brennan. That it appeared that Hannah didn’t know Booth the way Brennan did was also quite clear.

        And, of course, HH said that B&B was the end game.

        Why go there unless you intend to make it believable?

        The other thing is: remember what Hannah said when Booth first asked her why she came: she didn’t like sleeping alone. Not “you’re the love of my life and I can’t live without you” or similar. She was living in hotels. She wasn’t looking for a permanent place to live. In a sense she was lucky that Booth asked her to move in. I really don’t think she was in it for the long haul. Maybe that would have changed over time, but she didn’t get the time.

        If she didn’t pick up on what was between B&B, then she wasn’t a very good reporter. If she did, then that suggests that either
        1) she thought she could overcome it, or
        2) she didn’t care because she wasn’t interested in anything too serious or long term.

        If 1), then she either really didn’t understand that situation or she was prepared to give it the time and effort it was going to take.
        If 2), then she either didn’t really understand who Booth was and what he wanted or she did and she didn’t care.

        Either way, it doesn’t really make a lot of sense.

      • If I remember correctly, the Broadsky thing started while he was with Hannah. That was a really big deal for Booth, but we didn’t see any of the impact it had on his relationship with Hannah. Maybe there was an impact, but we didn’t see it, and if it was really important, wouldn’t we have found out about it? We don’t always see every conversation, but sometimes they at least let us know a conversation took place. Hannah just seemed…strangely absent despite her presence.

        Sometimes I wonder how it would have played out if Booth tried to move on with someone like Catherine, the marine lady, after he came back from Afghanistan. She was a confident, accomplished, beautiful woman who knew how to go after what she wanted. I even laughed at her small diamonds joke. I liked her, she seemed much more of a believable character, she just had bad timing so she ended up being more of a much-needed ego boost for Booth. Or maybe Booth just got tired of Brennan constantly bringing her up, haha.

      • @C-bones: Well, maybe Catherine could have been the “real” Hannah character, but she got the job on NCIS as Gibbs’ love interest and took that instead I guess. It was a bit disconcerting to see her on both shows around the same time, flirting with Gibbs and Booth…side note…she better kiss the feet of her agent, because she is getting amazing jobs! 🙂

        @Sophia, the tomatoes might be coming my way because I loved everything that you typed. Hannah was not an evil character. Some scenes they wrote didn’t quite work, but she did respect Brennan and Booth’s relationship as far as work, and did not try to be all jealous or break them up, she just actually got to know Brennan and accept her as Booth’s friend and her own as well. She was in a weird situation. Handled it pretty well, considering. Actually they all did. It was nice to have adult reactions to the situation instead of pettiness or cat fights and all that. Even when Brennan was starting to have a change of heart, while admitting regrets, she did not try to break them up or push it, and when Booth said he was sticking with Hannah, she set out to adapt her thinking and not come between them. Booth ended up kind of stuck between these two women, knowing Brennan had changed her mind, but still being in a relationship with Hannah, how do you handle that appropriately? They all ended up in a weird place, and overall, handled it very well. Hannah probably got the shortest end of the straw, going from proposed to, to kicked out in 5 minutes. So I do admit to feeling a little bit sorry for her.

        And Angela often annoys me…she’s better than she used to be, but she often takes her own feelings and ideas about life as better than everyone else’s and many times her treatment of Hodgins frustrated me to no end….but overall, Hodgela grew on me 😉

      • Angelena, as far as Hannah picking up on something between Booth and Brennan, I can see how she wouldn’t, and not necessarily because she didn’t care. Apparently, Booth talked about Brennan with Hannah when getting to know her. But I think he just talked about how she was a really great partner and friend. Why would he have to say anything more when he felt pretty sure that there wasn’t going to be anything more between him and Brennan? When Hannah came to DC, Booth was a good boyfriend, Brennan wasn’t making moves on Booth, so there was no reason to suspect more. Okay, there were some shared glances while Hannah was around, but those went over her head.

        Now, after she found out how Brennan felt, I think it made it a little awkward for her, but bb is right in saying that they were just doing their best in trying to handle the awkward situation in an adult manner. I suppose I should be impressed that they didn’t want a little thing like loving the same man get in the way of their friendship instead of finding that part hard to believe. I’m not saying they had to become enemies, but they were more concerned about staying friends instead of just resolving to just be civil with each other. I guess I figured that a woman more concerned about her relationship with her boyfriend would feel more proprietary, and would maybe then start to wonder or feel at least a smidge uncomfortable about all the time he has to spend with his partner who has feelings for him. But I guess Booth and Brennan are both trustworthy, so she didn’t worry about anything else happening.

      • C-bones, considering the number of times B & B had to say to complete strangers, “We’re not sleeping together. Why does everyone always think we’re sleeping together?” throughout the course of the series, I find Hannah missing the fact that there’s “something” between them pretty difficult to swallow. I know things were different between them after the 100th, but not so different that she wouldn’t notice anything, regardless what Booth did or didn’t reveal, in my opinion.

      • Haha, I know. That was me totally rationalizing that, because I also find it hard to believe that Hannah didn’t pick up on that. She did pick up that they were close, but I don’t think she went beyond that. I just try to take it as a positive that she didn’t immediately get suspicious of her boyfriend and trusted him. But even if she did suspect, she asked Booth if she should be concerned, and he said no. If she had asked Brennan, she probably would have said no, too. Booth was pretty insistent and convincing when he told her he only had feelings for her.

      • C-bones, I’m no Hannah-hater, but here’s an alternate theory. She did pick up on it, she was threatened by it, and she subscribes to the old adage, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” That would at least explain the very strange friendship between Hannah and Brennan, and the reason Hannah was so quick to do the “mature” thing and continue being chummy with Brennan after Booth revealed Brennan’s confession. Just throwing it out there.

      • Sophia7470, you make an excellent point: “Just because she doesn’t believe in marriage doesn’t mean she didn’t love him or want to build a life with him.” I mean, Brennan doesn’t believe in marriage, either (at least, probably not at this point–we’re not exactly certain), and most of us don’t take issue with that. In fact, many of us, myself included have expressed a desire for B & B NOT to get married, at least until the series finale. So her reluctance to get married is not the only issue here, and I don’t think it’s a double standard, I think it’s a different situation, because of her response.

        Hannah’s response was: “I thought we’d have more time.” That is the kicker, in my opinion. It sounds to me like she thought they’d have more time to have fun before things got too serious and it would have to end. She said, “Can’t we just go back to the way things were?” (in effect, I don’t have the exact quote handy), not, “Maybe someday, but for now can’t we just keep building on what we have already?” All I remember from her response is she wanted to back up and pretend it didn’t happen, not talk about other possibilities for their future.

        In contrast, I think most of us believe that B & B together are as good as married, commitment-wise. I lived with my husband for several years before we got married, and we both took that just as seriously as marriage. We knew we would eventually get married, have kids, spend the rest of our lives together. It was not a casual decision. Hannah and Booth moving in together was a matter of convenience, not commitment. I’m just not sure that Booth realized that at the time. If (When, I hope?) B & B move in together, regardless of their legal status, they will be starting a family.

  26. @Angelena I don’t remember that they showed the screen on his phone. He looked at it but I don’t remember actually seeing it well enough to read anything. Maybe just a flash? If you can remember which episode that was, I might grit my teeth and go back and check it.

    And I think we have to conclude that a lot of changes were made on the fly last season. Hanson said in an interview that the whole dirty cops storyline in episode 5 was something he had planned to develop but had to scrap. Interestingly, he seems to have turned it into a Finder script. From what I heard, Hannah was originally supposed to do a Sully arc of 4 episodes, then it got expanded to 6-8 episodes and then interviews implied it was going to be expanded even further. But the fallout from viewers and critics was so negative that I would guess that was why it was wrapped up so abruptly. Anyway, despite the failings of the writers, the fact that we can find this much to discuss means that for the first five season at least they must have been doing something right.

    • If they didn’t show us anything clear on the phone, then we don’t really know why Booth left. Everyone has been piling on about how terrible it was for Booth to leave and ask Brennan to cover for him. But, I seem to recall that whatever was there was ambiguous, so he didn’t necessarily take off just to go hit the mattress with Hannah.

      That’s very interesting about the dirty cop becoming the Finder.

      Totally agree that they did something right the first 5 seasons, or the first 99 episodes. S6, however, was … well, let’s say uneven. 😉

      • It did seem rather ambiguous why Booth left. I know I had a long post about Booth leaving, but I still don’t think Booth was terrible for doing it. I wish he had made different choice, but as you and others noted, it’s fairly obvious why he didn’t want to go. I guess sometimes it still amazes me how much Brennan’s rejection did a number on him. I think “He couldn’t even…? Did he really have to…?”, but I guess it turns out, he apparently couldn’t, and he really did. Booth needed the emotional distance to be able to move on. But he lied to himself to get him to do so until he couldn’t any longer. Did he have to lie? I don’t know, but him doing so means that he was either angry at Brennan or still harbouring deep feelings for her. Since the show didn’t really seem to be going the anger route, I guess he needed to tell himself certain things to handle his conflicting emotions.

        On another note, I didn’t even have a problem with his reaction to Brennan’s confession. It was about as perfect as it could be. He spoke few words, stated facts, and offered no promises he couldn’t keep, but still was concerned for her. Because apparently if he was the one to comfort her that would be straying into dangerous territory, not to mention that it would be kind of awkward since he was the reason she was crying. Now, *how* he told Hannah (not the fact that he did) is something else that rubbed me the wrong way (and once again I understand his reasons), but I’m so through with talking about that.

  27. @Angelena I found it. It was episode 7 The Babe in the Bar I’ll try and check out that last scene tonight.

    • Thank you, EL. I still can’t stand to watch those early s6 eps. I tried watching Rocker in the Rinse Cycle last week, and I had to change the channel. It’s still just too sad for me.

  28. @Angelena I know exactly how you feel. I’ve erased almost all of last season except for the final three episodes but I still have the middle part somewhere. I really can’t stand to watch any of season 6 apart from the Dude, which is the only early episode they don’t mention Hannah constantly, the Brodsky arc and the final three. Nor did I care for any of the episodes after the 100th in season 5. Everything that went before I’ve watched so many times I can quote whole passages and if next season works then I’ll just erase that little black hole of last season from my memory banks. Anyway, I ‘ll get back to you on the phone thing.

  29. @Angelena This is exactly why the moving in together was really not that big a deal. She was a nomad in a strange city with no place to stay. Booth gave her a place. If she had lived in DC, had her own place and then they moved in together it would have had significance. As it was, it looked like she was a temporary house guest and from the dialogue in the early episodes that idea was reinforced. Totally agree on the ‘didn’t like sleeping alone’ statement. Nothing there to proclaim undying love. And when Booth’s big romantic move in the beginning was to buy her a toothbrush and a set of sheets, even Sweets said ‘Oy’. The whole thing felt so thrown together that I just never bought that either of them had any kind of permanent plans in mind. We’ve discussed at length how Booth may have changed his mind toward the end because of all the emotions he was dealing with so I won’t go there. But, Hannah, neither we nor Booth hardly knew you, and believe me, it was better that way.

  30. OK Angelena, you owe me.
    TB: He killed her because he loved her?
    SB: Well, he fell in love with a fake. When he found out he just couldn’t handle it.
    TB: Love is an idiot.
    SB: What?
    TB: I was personifying a concept. It’s poetic. How does someone fall in love with something that isn’t even real?
    SB: Oh, that’s a big question because you’re just going to say that it’s your brain releasing chemicals that drive you crazy and I’m not even going to go there. I’m not even going to have this conversation.
    [His cell phone rings]
    TB: But you admit that love is an idiot, right?
    SB [flipping open his phone]: Yep. Oh look at that. Hannah’s back. Uh, you know this whole thing that we’re going to here –
    TB: The official announcement that Angela is pregnant?
    SB: Yeah. I feel uh, I feel pretty stupid pretending.
    TB: You’re trying to find a justification so you can go home and have sex with Hannah, right?
    SB: Yeah. Plus we already know anyway.
    TB: But Hodgins doesn’t know we know.
    SB: But Angela says if you can’t pretend not knowing then you shouldn’t go. So I shouldn’t go.
    TB: If you want I can lie to all our friends and say you have pressing FBI business.
    SB: I don’t like the idea of lying to our friends but I’m going to go with it. Thanks.
    TB: Tell Hannah welcome home.

    To answer the primary question: the screen of Booth’s cell phone is visible briefly and someone with a less corrupted video recording than I had to work with could probably freeze it and read it. But here is my take on this scene after having watched it half a dozen times. It wouldn’t matter whether it was Hannah or the library calling about an overdue book on the phone, all Booth wants to do is get away from Brennan anyway he can.

    The theme of the conversation is in the first exchange about a murderer who met a woman and out of his own need fantasized an illusion of her that never existed. He didn’t love a real woman; he fooled himself into believing that he loved the fake she pretended to be. The minute Brennan pours scorn on someone fooling themselves in this way, Booth gets agitated and irritated. At some level, conscious or not, he is worried that this describes him. He bursts out quoting Brennan’s constant refrain that love doesn’t really exist, that it’s all chemicals and her implication that what he believes he and Hannah have together is just that, chemicals. When the phone rings, Brennan doesn’t say, ‘oh you must have missed Hannah and you want to see her.’ She goes straight for the chemicals and explains Booth’s desire to leave as nothing more than hormones – he wants to have sex. Booth’s ‘Yeah’ is more like ‘Whatever – you would think that, wouldn’t you. You haven’t changed at all.’ And he leaves in a hurry.

    None of this plays at a conscious level and I think that’s what’s wrong with the scene. The writers have tried to add in so many emotional layers that all that popped to the surface was Booth blowing off Hodgins and rushing off to have sex with Hannah. But rewatching the scene, the really wasn’t what it was about at all.

    • Wow. Kudos to you. But I guess I do remember Booth being somewhat agitated/irritated with the exchange. I can also modify my earlier opinion and say that sometimes Booth can pretend, but that night he just couldn’t bring himself to do that. And wow, does this previous conversation really explain what the deal was with Booth and Hannah, like a forewarning? Because I think we were supposed to believe that he and Hannah were real. This would also highlight Booth’s insecurities for his reasons with being with Hannah even though he would insist to Sweets that he and Hannah were fine, even great.

    • Hey EL, I’m so glad you wrote this because it’s kind of what I was trying to say yesterday but you explained it much better than I did.

      Your explanation of the scene outside the FF and the underlying tension about their different attitudes to relationships at that time is what I was trying to get at when I said:

      Secondly, the sex comment from Brennan – the way he hesitated after she said it, I thought he was going to say that no, he wasn’t rushing off for sex but to spend time with her, but he didn’t because it was easier to just go along with what she said rather than explain. At that time, I think Brennan was still equating a sexual relationship as the main thing that separated her and Booth, she didn’t realise yet that there is actually a lot more to an intimate relationship. I think she realised that during Hannah’s time because she noticed the loss of Booth in other ways – and she realised that even though they’d never been together in the sexual sense, they had been together in lots of other ways. It was the loss of that side of their relationship that surprised her when Hannah came. I think when they talked about ‘moving on’, she assumed it meant him finding someone else for romance but with their relationship staying the same otherwise. This is how I felt she grew after Daredevil – she was just there for him, with no pressure for ‘more’ and because of how she was there for him, they grew their closeness back.

      Thank goodness there are brilliant people on here like you who are more eloquent than me!

  31. Ah-ha! It’s all about the rewatching. I think we all should run out, get our season 6 DVDs as soon as possible, and slug our way through it, I bet there are interesting things and awesome things sprinkled throughout that we didn’t notice upon first viewing.

  32. What I think happened is that in the midst of the Hannah arc, the writers/producers changed their minds about who they wanted her to be. Originally there would be flaws, sort of like any normal person, that would allow Booth to rethink his relationship. But then TPTB fell in love with the character/actress and just couldn’t bring themselves to weaken her or make her anything but a perfect person that Brennan describes as someone everyone loves. Which left Booth with nothing to play off of and nowhere to go but proposalville. That’s my take anyway.

  33. C-Bones, I can’t reply up there but the way I did the italics was to do before the words and afterwards (Without the underscores!) I’m pretty sure there is a more sophisticated way of doing them as well but I can’t remember it 🙂 Just make sure you open and close the paragraph with them because the first set turns them on and the second turns them off. Hope that helps 🙂

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