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Top Five Tuesday: Great American Beer Week


Move over, London Bridge– it’s Great American Beer Week! Haha, so in honor of that, I was thinking I would choose five times B&B share a beer together. But what I found was kind of interesting…there aren’t too many times where they both have a beer. I might just be missing the obvious moments, but when I thought back to my favorite ‘drinking’ moments, a lot of them weren’t necessarily beer. But I suppose the idea is the same.

One of my favorite things about B&B (and I know I’ve mentioned it before) is that Booth will usually have a beer and Brennan will have a glass of wine. There is just something about that that feels right…Booth is a beer guy; Brennan likes wine. And it works for them. Sometimes, sure, they’ll both pour back a shot or something like that. Sometimes it’s sweet and sometimes it’s fiery, right?

So without further ado, here are a few times B&B shared a drink… Let’s do this thing!

1. “I’m not going to have a headache in the morning, am I?” from Intern in the Incinerator (Season Three)

I love this episode ender, and this one is particularly special (not just because of Booth’s face), but because it’s slightly innocent–especially after a case involving internal murder and betrayal from within the Jeffersonian. Lovely.

2. “Magicky” from The Finder (Season Six)

We’ve talked about this scene a few times in the past couple of months, and I believe that we’re all 100% in agreement that they are on a date. Especially, as pal Choebe pointed out to me when this ep first aired, after we see the scene before this, where B&B are both just randomly walking around DC, and Booth has a dress shirt and jacket on and jeans, and he has that one button undone (you know…the “we’re in a bar and it’s a look” look?)…whether they were admitting it to themselves at the time or not–they were totally on a date. Magicky indeed!

3. “Still Got It” From Tough Man in the Tender Chicken (Season Five)

The more I watch this scene, the more I see it as almost a microcosm of the B&B relationship/partnership/awesomeship. Booth is struggling with his Boothyness, and Brennan is right there to encourage him, and when she is struggling with her fight with Angela, Booth is right there to offer advice. Love it!

4. The Good Scotch, from Cinderella in the Cardboard (Season Four)

In my old age (haha), I have come to agree with a lot of you (not in your old age, to be clear) who have pointed out that until the ‘next’ seasons were ordered, each season had to have moments that could act as catalysts for B&B forward motion. Sure, there was always forward motion in terms of the series as a whole, but if we’re talking B&B falling into bed together at some point, there had to be some ‘pushes’ along the way. Since we’re getting to season seven now, sometimes these moments in earlier seasons feel like cruel teases, but I’m trying to weigh each one in the context of the series as a whole and in their own special context of a special moment within a particular episode or season. This moment is like that for me. One thing I always remember about this episode is that B&B were particularly snarky with one another pretty much the entire time (she tells him he can’t possibly know if he’ll be married one day, he calls her Dr. Burn in Hell), but still at the end, Brennan shows up to his place and asks for his advice and encouragement, and Booth provides it. And in turn, he’s drawn to her again, because of her vulnerability. 😀

5. “Eat your ice cream” from Girl in the Mask (Season Four)

Okay, so for some reason, I had remembered these scene as being a B&B have a beer scene. I had completely forgotten that it was ice cream, and then Brennan sort of whines (but adorably, don’t get me wrong) that she’d rather have beer. And Booth then proceeds to pull out two beers, and the episode ends with swelling music and the warm feeling that comes along when Booth says things like “love is always worth it”.  So even though it’s sort of a cheat for beer week, I’m still including it because I love it. So sue me.

6. “Life is Good Again” from Devil in the Details (Season Five)

No “B&B share a drink together” list would be quite complete without at least one coffee pic, right? Because, even though they are several other things to one another, they are also…coffee.

So…which moments did I miss? “We’re the center” coffee? Milkshakes at the diner? Booth in the white polo shirt sipping fruity drinks? Tossing back hard liquor at the end of Daredevil? Be sure to sound off in the comments, and in the meantime, happy Great American Beer Week from Booth and me!

Peace, Love & Bones,



36 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday: Great American Beer Week

  1. I love your picks.

    I would like to add one of my favorites: In Player Under Pressure when Brennan drinks the last of her milkshake and then Booth drinks down the last of his. Booth ends up with a milkshake mustache which Brennan points to and he then licks off. I just think the whole thing is so cute.

  2. First of all, let me thank you for that final Boothy pic. 🙂

    It’s hard for me to think of all the times they’ve met up for a drink of some kind, let alone pick out some favorites, but you did a great job! Their times together (after cases mostly) have always been that special partner time…makes me think of “guy hugs” that aren’t really, these are partner times that aren’t really about just your work partner. I always love these moments between B&B. Yes, their team is great, extras like Caroline and Max add fun to the show, but when you get right down to it, its about B&B, and these alone times with just the two of them are special. Regardless if they are “dates” or not, I guess I’d call them “surrogate dates”, they are that bonding time between friends, time to dwell on their connection with each other. Love it.

    Maybe we could do a “coffee” themed study, because as I’m writing, I’m thinking of a few times they are drinking coffee or talking about it! that are great. Sure, you have the “we’re the center” coffee, but when they are in court for Max, and Booth gives her “crappy coffee” so they can hide the fact they are talking….or outside when they are drinking coffee and Sweets asks to write about them, and they are gently mocking him (I love that scene…”I think he liiiiiiikes us”). Baby Duck alert!

    So perhaps the bar scenes are more datelike and the coffee scenes are the more, um…we are life partners, “we are comfortable with each other profoundly” times.

  3. I have a theory that there are a few times through the seasons where had Booth not held back, Brennan would probably have been up for some no-strings physical urge satisfying. That scene at the end of Cinderella is one of them. But that’s for another day.

    In terms of when they’ve shared a drink (beer?) and I’ve loved it, the dine and dash in Foam is too cute for words.

    • I agree. Brennan has wanted Booth physically from their first case, and she let him know it. I love how even 7(?) years later, she still lets him know it – elevator scene, anyone? It’s a good thing Booth is “cocky” and not actually a prude, or else I don’t know if he’d be able to keep up with Temperance Brennan! lol

  4. I have to say the #5 ice cream then beer scene totally counts! When I saw what you were posting it’s the first scene I thought of. I really do enjoy that scene.

    Another one I like might be a cheat since it’s not just Booth and Brennan. It’s the end of Woman in Limbo and Russ is there too. She invites Booth to stay and have a beer with them. He says he has to go pick up Parker but then reads the dedication on her next novel and says he can stay for a little while. She walks into the room carrying the 3 beers. I think that just was lovely.

    • Frankie, that’s the scene that leaped to my mind as well. It totally counts. And that makes me think I’m hoping we’ll see some cuddly ice-cream-eating scenes in season seven.

  5. I love all of these, but one I would add is at the end of BitB when they burn their dates for the future. I’m almost positive they’re drinking beer.

  6. @Frankie, That was the first scene I thought of, too! So glad you mentioned it.

    The other “sharing a drink” scene that immediately came to mind is the conversation they had about having coffee, if they didn’t work together. It’s not beer and it’s just them talking about ‘what if,’ but it’s such a sweet moment.

  7. Sad but true – when I learned of the pregnancy storyline, one of my first thoughts was “but alcohol is such an important part of their relationship!!”‘

    How are we going to end each episode if they can’t go drinking!

    Coffee too, although I suppose Brennan can always make a point of ordering decaf.

    Heck yes they are on a date(s?) in the Finder. Look at that picture. Bren is showing side-boob. You don’t whip out the side boob (pun intended) for a partnerly drink.

    • I remember when I saw that dress, my first thought was “Woo hoo, cleavage is back!” After all those buttoned up trench coats and high necklines of the Hannah Era, it was nice to see Brennan loosening up, so to speak.

      • Killer in the Crosshairs is where I first noticed the cleavage and the bare arms. You’re right though Hannah goes and boom! Hey, now!

      • I love this post today.
        I’m glad I’m not the only one who picked up on a change of dress. At first I shrugged it off as coincidence because I wondered if Brennan would really be the type. But I think she can. She may not be your average woman with typical responses, but she is a woman nevertheless. They had burned their papers, after all. I guess she wanted to make sure he didn’t have a reason for his eyes to look elsewhere. There was a sort of quiet determination about her to not have any more regrets, and god help the person who gets in her way!

      • They were TOTALLY on a date at the end of the Finder. How they didn’t fall into bed around that time I will never know. And, earlier in that ep, when they are walking around DC at night it looks like Booth has sneakers on as well – totally casual. That bar scene at the end of Finder was a highlight of S6 and certainly the highpoint of that whole episode/pilot. And Brennan totally looked like she was dressed for a date – hello clevege. Brennan might be Brennan but I think she also knows what stimulates the male mind;) It will be interesting to see how they close episode in early S7 without alcohol involved;) It would be funny if Brennan talked about how much she missed celebrating cases with a drink, that would feel very real to me

    • The other great thing about the ‘date’ scene, is the way it was shot. I haven’t seen it for a while, but it struck me when I first saw it. We see them facing each other, with no table/bar in front of them- which is what we’ve usually got. It felt like the first time that they were ‘exposed’ to us, and each other…so to speak. That they were open to each other physically, and we get to see that. They are in the same frame, full body shot, before we get individual close ups. They’re close enough to almost be touching.They are similarly dress (dark colours) and have this…symmetry…that speaks volumes. If someone can get up a screencap of that first sgot, I’d love you to bits!

      • I got to rewatch this…so it’s not exactly as I recall…but hopefully you guys get my drift about metaphoric obstacles.

        Clearly i was distracted by DB’s arms…

  8. Anytime they’re together, sharing a drink is pretty special. I really like the one where Booth is drunk, and Brennan has met up with him on the steps of the monument and she seems to have brought him some coffee to help sober him up a bit. There’s honesty in their conversation and there’s something else– something that goes beyond picking up your partner who’s imbibed a bit too much. Hanging out with drunks isn’t always fun, nor is it easy to pour them into a cab or into your own car to take them home. But it seems just so them that Brennan would do that for Booth.

  9. One of season 1’s most sizzling moments was at the end of Man in the SUV when they are at Sid’s and Booth asks if she wants another drink – hers isn’t even half empty and that look he gives her…Tessa or no Tessa, there was an invitation there. Then at the end of Man on Death Row too when they’re at Sid’s and Booth goes all googly eyed over her and plays it off by making a joke about her Nobel Prize speech. It’s funny because I usually think of the “episode ends w/B&B drinking” as a later season thing but it’s been around from the beginning.

    • Hehe I just commented mentioning the same scene from Man in the SUV… I agree, there was a definite invitation there and a lot of subtext in their looks and I guess, after the 100th, we know what it was all about! 🙂

  10. How about the “got to be bad to be good” scene (can’t remember the name of the episode-was it Player Under Pressure?) Him taking her hand and running to the car after surreptitiously paying the bar tab-priceless! Or the play-doh one-can’t remember if they were eating or drinking, though.

    And thanks for the reminder about the “magicky” moment. I may actually be motivated to look at that episode again sans the “Walter on the can” scenes.

    • Blech. Don’t remind me of the “walter on the can” scenes! I just did not like his character, so I don’t think I’ll be a Finder fan…but I may rewatch and FF through his scenes to the Bones ones I want 🙂

      • It’s kind of ironic that The Finder episode had some of my favourite B&B moments, and a Brennan reminiscing moment, to boot. The ending scene was one of my favourites of the series.

      • bb, I didn’t care for Walter either; but, you have to admit that it is pretty funny when Booth and Walter wrestle over Brennan’s key card. She’s concerned that Walter is going to damage it and Booth is determined to rescue it. That is so Boothy.

      • Well, of course Lenora! Any scene with Booth could never be THAT bad 🙂

    • Maria, Dash and Dine (You have to be bad to be good) was in The Beaver in the Otter.

      Bones On A Blue Line:
      Brennan: The idea of soul mates actually originated with Plato.
      Booth: Yeah. You mean, uh, the clay that kids play with.
      Brennan: No, the anc- (Booth smiles) Ohh. (she chuckles)
      Booth: What?
      Brennan: You’re joking.
      Booth: (sarcastically) Me joke? No.

      Both scenes are very cute

  11. I was just watching The Killer in the Concrete while I was on the treadmill, and even though DB’s singing makes me cringe a little for him, the way Booth is looking at Brennan in that scene takes my breath away. I really wanted to rewind it and watch it again and again, he’s just so darn adorable and sexy. I know it’s not beer, but they’re sharing a beverage.

    For that matter, if you’re willing to indulge a widening of the parameters, I really love the end scene of the Man in the Bear when they’re having breakfast together. The banter, Booth pushing his food away, Brennan offering her cornflakes…Le sigh.

  12. I forgot to ask you, Sarah, if you and Booth are celebrating Great American Beer Week with a warm bath and a cold beer hat?? 🙂

  13. Let us all not forget the scene where it almost or did all begin – no, it didn’t involve beer but tequilla was involved! Lots of tequilla. We learned about Brennan drinking bang as a grad student and B&B in their ungaurded genesis drank and stared googley-eyed at one another until Brennan reminded Booth what his firing of her meant!

  14. In honor of Great American Beer week, I submit the end of Blackout in the Blizzard in Booth’s apartment. It’s not in my top 10 of B&B scenes, but I love that scene because David Boreanaz had Booth & Brennan drinking Yuengling Light for that scene, which is a Pennsylvania-based beer (and my favorite beer!! Coming to Ohio in October!! /drunkFirefly) Such attention to detail, that DB. I think Yuengling is also drank in another episode in S2 or S3 as well, but I’d have to scour the old archives to see which one.

  15. For me the end of The Man in the SUV got a totally new meaning after the 100th, since it’s the first time they go for drinks after the tequila night. Booth asking Brennan if she’d like another one and the look on her face when she reminds him he should be getting home are so ripe for interpretation after that night in Parts in the Sum of the Whole. So I’d say it’s now one of my favorite driniking scenes for them. 🙂

  16. Oh, and Passenger in the Oven, which aired recently on TNT. Who can resist Booth and his wide shoulders, a bottle of champagne in hand? She reaffirms their partnership with a clink of their glasses after having complained earlier that she doesn’t get to do enough anthropology. Their looks are devastatingly flirtatious throughout-even the kid in the back thinks they’re about to make out. I think the scene gets overlooked because of the naughty librarian scene earlier (and can we be blamed?) It definitely deserves a mention, though.

    • Totally agree. This is one of my favorite end scenes.

      “There’s that smile,” is an incredibly intimate statement. It implies so much between them. Familiarity — knowing “that smile.” Caring — the implication that’s he’s trying to get her to smile.

      And, that well-tailored white dress shirt.

      Slays me every time.

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