Bones Theory

Season Six Haikus


Hello, hello! Why yes, it IS October 3rd, also known as exactly one month before the Season Seven premiere of BONES! WOO!

Last year around this time, my sister and I wrote a haiku for every episode of Bones up to that point (106 episodes – haikus here), so I thought it would be fun to try to do the same for season six. Here is my take on them, but please feel free to add your own in the comments! Without further ado…


The Mastodon in the Room

Cam’s job on the line

The team rushes home to help

Booth takes like a flea


The Couple in the Cave

Clark is a fangirl

Hannah arrives to see Booth

Brennan drinks alone


The Maggots in the Meathead

Hannah’s moving in

A gathering of Guidos

Red bow in Booth’s hand


The Body and the Bounty

Bunsen Jude’s in town

Observe, analyze, deduce!

Thumbs up all around


The Bones That Weren’t

Shakespearean Sweets

We all get new toothbrushes

Freaking sunglasses!


The Shallow in the Deep

Angela’s artwork

B&B offer up Sweets

Cam is terrific


The Babe in the Bar

A baby secret

Cam fudges Michelle’s essays

Booth chooses Hannah


The Twisted Bones in the Melted Truck

Hannah meets Parker

But Brennan is more awesome

At least we think so


The Doctor in the Photo

Dr. Lauren Eames

“Fear in a handful of dust”

Worlds turned upside down


The Body in the Bag

Booth confides in Sweets

Dead body in a shower

Treadmills are for mice


The Bullet in the Brain

Heather Taffet dead

Booth doesn’t need a warrant

Caroline helps Sweets


The Sin in the Sisterhood

Periscope Brennan

And a Sisterhood of wives

One you love the most


The Daredevil in the Mold

Booth takes a big risk

Brennan joins him when it fails

And they have a drink


The Bikini in the Soup

Wedding planner’s death

Valentine’s Day Massacre

Brennan makes Booth laugh


The Killer in the Crosshairs

Staccato Mamba

Brennan stands (and sits) by Booth

Broadsky bad, Booth good


The Blackout in the Blizzard

Elevator stuck

Brennan gives Booth Thai massage

Quite satisfying


The Feet on the Beach

Dr. Doug Filmore

Cam’s college plan backfires

Brennan tells the truth


The Truth in the Myth

A Chupacabra

Booth puts Brennan in a cab



The Finder

Meet Walter Sherman

Brennan gets her medal back

With Booth’s help, of course


The Pinocchio in the Planter

Booth goes commando

Some things better left unsaid

I so disagree


The Signs in the Silence

Bloody girl with knife

B&B talk baby gifts

Booth wants more than luck


The Hole in the Heart

VNM’s sad death

Brennan gets in bed with Booth



The Change in the Game

Booth’s a Thunderball

Brennan has a big secret

She’s pregnant; Booth smiles


Okay, I know you all can do better than these! Let’s hear them! Remember… 5 syllables; 7 syllables; 5 syllables!

Peace, Love & Bones,



51 thoughts on “Season Six Haikus

  1. I don’t know if I could do better than yours, those were pretty clever! Also, thanks for introducing the phrase, “BoothChickaWowWow” to my brain.

    Um…here’s one for season 6 as a whole, it’s Monday morning and my brain simply can’t take too much higher level thoughts right now.

    Booth and Brennan change
    Through pain comes growth and strength
    Baby on the way!

  2. Oops, I forgot a word (see, too early!) 🙂

    Booth and Brennan change
    Through the pain comes growth and strength
    Baby on the way!

  3. I love that you were able to fit “BoothChickaWowWow” into a haiku. Well played, Sir. Well played. 😀

    Mastodon in the Room:

    Seven months alone
    Now all is changed, yet the same.
    Long road back to love.

  4. Mister Hart Hanson
    That magnificent bastard
    Kept us in the dark


  5. “We all get new toothbrushes”
    Thanks for the laugh so early on this bright, chilly Monday morning.

  6. Love these
    can’t do better
    attempts are made:

    Snowflakes on the street
    We’ve thought about it
    Burning fingers

    Bullet in the Brain:
    Copper bullet
    Hunting elusive snipe
    Seashell song

    Risky buisiness
    Ring in the water
    A choice accepted

    Signs in the Silence:
    A loss of words
    Stuffed bunny
    Better than that

  7. Two more:
    Change in the Game:
    Wanda bowling at the bowling alley
    Perfect eyes
    Grinning like a fool

    Hole in the Heart:
    Dinosaur vs. man
    Shattered Glass
    She takes his arm

  8. This is embarrassing, but I have no idea what a ‘Haiku’ is…

  9. Ok, I’ll try:

    The Change In the Game

    Wow Buck and Wanda

    A Smootch an understanding

    Max smiles very smugly

  10. I’ll try, but I’m already cheating on the first line:
    Daredevil in the Mold

    Booth jumps, but Hannah doesn’t
    Wicked witch is gone, not dead
    Brennan makes a choice

  11. Show, you crushed my heart
    But like that good bad boyfriend
    I just can’t quit you

  12. The Daredevil in the Mold

    A ring and a splash

    Painful cry he feels alone

    Brennan is your friend

  13. The Hole in the Heart

    Beloved squintern dead.
    Booth holds Brennan as she weeps
    And Bang! Mama Bones.

  14. The Blackout in the Blizzard.

    Sleeping together.
    Now they’re talking about it.
    A light is turned on.

  15. I’ll try one.

    Four fourty-seven
    The clock foretells the future
    Baby on the way!

  16. Mr. Seeley Booth
    We all love your muscled arms
    Please wear tight black shirts

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  17. This is fun!

    End of season six
    Thank goodness it is over
    Seven starting soon

  18. Hello Agent Booth
    If you could read dirty minds
    You’d arrest me. Please?

  19. We don’t need sex scenes
    Blah blah blah, true love, blah blah
    Shirtless!Booth will do

  20. You guyzzzz! We are so creative! Is it because we are officially in the one-month homestretch? I also loved how its devolved into a Booth haiku thread. 🙂

    Seeley Joseph Booth
    Handsome, courageous, and strong
    Looks great in a tux! 🙂

  21. Agent Seeley Booth
    love you in tight black t-shirts
    Why am I sweating?

  22. Bones Theory rocks!
    Sarah is the catalyst.
    Amazed by you all
    [Lucy C, yours on HH was absolutely my fav!]

  23. Hey guys, with a month to go to SEASON SEVENNNNN, do we want to do a end-of-episode chat like we did in the season 6 finale? So we can watch it separately, away from people, so we can squee our hearts out at the TV in peace…and then squee together on the internet? What say you all? (Sorry I just entered the Renaissance apparently!) 🙂

  24. Definately YES!!

  25. Change in the Game:

    Just five simple words:
    “I’m pregnant. You’re the father.”
    Everything changes.

  26. Hole in the Heart

    Angry man does wrong
    Life and love seem so fleeting
    Waste not one more day.

  27. For anyone interested in a deleted scene from season 6 go to I wish they had included the scene. It is really good. (From Daredevil In The Mold)

    • Wow. I feel like we need another post just to discuss this.

    • Seels did an episode review over at GMMR but I don’t think there’s a seperate scene study for the last scene in DDITM Yet but, yes, I agree there should be a post just on this!! WHY did they delete this scene!!! The fans were desperate for this scene during S6. What scene that was left in during DITM was better or more needed than THIS SCENE?! Hello!!! It shows that Angela DID miss Brennan and WAS still rooting, I think, for Brennan and Booth. Did Brennan ever tell Angela about what happened in the 100th episode? Did she tell Angela that Booth wanted to give them a try and she said no and her reasons? Did Brennan tell Angela about what happened in DITP? In MITR Angela asked Brennan if it was weird seeing Booth again…that made me think she knew something had gone down between them but maybe she just asked because Angela always thought of them as a couple, just not having sex. Part of me would have LOVED to have seen Brennan tell Angela about what happened in the car in DITP…. I think Angela’s heart would have broke for Brennan and I also think she would have REALLY hated Hannah’s existence after hearing about it. Plus, this scene shows that Brennan heard and thought about Booth’s famous “You only love one person the most” quote from the end of the previous episode, SITS. This scene makes me think Angela didn’t know about DITP specifically because Angela seems to think Brennan still has the power to make Hannah go away, I take that to mean Angela thinks if Brennan told Booth how Angela believes Brennan feels about Booth, Hannah would go bye-bye but, in a way, that’s what happened in DITP and Booth stayed loyal to Hannah. I’m curious, what does Angela think Brennan could say or do that would make Hannah go away? Booth told Hannah about his past feelings for Brennan and THAT didn’t even make her uncomfortable. I wonder if Angela knew about THAT! Right? “Angela, um, I told Booth how I wish I had given us a chance and he said he had moved on and that I should adjust like he had to when I wouldn’t give us a chance. THEN he went and told Hannah about what I said and she’s okay with it. We’re still friends!” LOL. I could totally see Angela struggling with wanting to stick her nose in their business and go and chat with Booth. I could see Angela saying “damn, that’s a good man staying loyal to his girlfriend. Damn it.” But then I could also see her being all “WHAT THE HELL!” or asking Booth if he really knew the reason why Brennan went to Maluku, that she needed to process things and, well, look at how far she’s come! Or hell, Angela actually saying to Booth, “Really dude? Really. You’ve moved on and have no more feelings for Brennan. Really? OOoooookay. You don’t think this little threesome going on here between your current girlfriend and your “partner” is weird? Not at all? Oooookay. Whatever you need to tell yourself buddy.” Oh, one more thing, does anyone think Brennan told Angela about the bar scene with Booth at the end of DITM? Oh, boy. I’d LOVE to see Angela’s take on THAT ONE. Booth was heartbroken but, hey, not one of his finest moments, right? I think Booth knows that and I think that’s why he was REALLY grateful that Brennan didn’t leave his ass alone in that bar and “stood by him” after the breakup. I think he files some of the stuff he said and his behavior under “some things are better left unsaid” category. You know, I was kind of a dick to you then and during the whole Hannah thing but I still love you, you know that right? Right. Yeah, I don’t need to say it. I think Angela would be REALLY proud of her friend if she knew or tell Booth his ass is lucky.

      • We could all probably list our most hated Hannah scene. But I’m curious, does anyone have a favorite Hannah scene? Because HH admitted to pushing some of the other cast to the background to make room for her storyline, and in the aftermath I just don’t think it was worth all (read: any) of the time she was given. I feel like we needed the after effects of Hannah, not Hannah herself.

      • Nope. Nada. Instead of the scene with Booth, Brennan and Hannah in the diner together early in DITM we could have had the Brennan/Angela Scene. Instead of the scene with Booth and Hannah at Founding Fathers in Body in the Bag, we could have had a Brennan and Angela scene (there isn’t one that I know of) where Brennan tells Angela about what she revealed to Booth and how he told Hannah and Hannah being cool with it. I’d like to see Angela’s reaction to that. Hannah added nothing. Nada. Did we really need to see Booth and Hannah in bed the two times that we did? No. We saw Brennan and Sully once, that time could have been given to Cam, Angela, Sweets, Brennan or another Brennan/Booth scene. Hannah added nothing, except the aftermath to her story. Anyone ever watch How I Met Your Mother or Definitely, Maybe? If Baby Brennan-Booth ever asks Daddy Booth about how he fell in love with their mother I’d like to think of Hannah as the point in the story where little BB goes, Dad, NO! Please don’t say that is Mommy!

    • There’s also this deleted B&B scene from Bikkin in the soup:

      In this scene, Brennan gets another call/Valentine’s Day invite, this time from the Science Dude from Body in the Bounty!~ Booth notes, enthusiastically, that Brennan is getting “a lot of calls”. So….was Booth really happy for Brennan or was he a smidge jealous? Was Booth thinking, “yeah I’m happy for her, good for Bones moving on! Really, I’m happy for her. My life is in the dumps right now because I stayed loyal to a woman who really only thought of me as a good time. I could have been spending Valentine’s Day with Bones who, I knew from the moment I met was the one, but, hey, didn’t work out and she “moved on” look at all the guys waiting to boff her! Yeah, good for her! I only wanted that for six years or so before this disasterous attempt on my behalf to move on.” This was the episode after the breakup with Hannah and Booth was still dealing with that but….I thought I detected a little more jealousy or discomfort from him in the scenes that DID air in which Brennan was receiving calls…”Jean Paul?” and the Secret Service Guy from the gym, “of course…..No, I’m not her mother!” Was it fair for him to be a little disjointed after the Hannah thing, after the drunken ultimatium he gave Bones at the end of DITM? Maybe not, and perhaps he knew he had not real right to be grumpy about it so he put his best effort forward. We never did get to see Brennan “moving on” while Hannah and Booth were together…I recall Booth telling Hannah that he though Brennan had moved on when he told Hannah about Brennan’s feelings in Body in the Bag. I think it was when he told Hannah she didn’t have to discuss this with Brennan, i think he said, “beside, I think she’s moved on”. It may have been interesting….maybe Booth wouldn’t have believed he’d really moved on as much as he thought if he saw Brennan with someone else too….may have made things way more complicated than they already were. I like to think the little Tommy Gun gift on Valentine’s Day from Brennan put a little bug in Booth’s mind somewhere that maybe, just maybe there was a chance down the road afterall. Which brings us to the lovely jog we saw at the beginning Killer in the Crosshairs. You remember, when Booth just happened to run into Brennan’s jogging route on his day off and when he wondered if she wanted company at her Polyponesian War lecture. Booth wanting to go to a lecture on the Polyponesian war? As Caroline said, “Of course he was”. If Brennan hadn’t pushed talking about “us” in BITB, how long would it have taken Booth to get around to talking about it….that he wanted them to have another chance knowing she had regrets about the last time? Would he have? or would it have taken another third party or a near-fatality to force him to go there again? I think whatever “anger” he had really began to fade away the moment he sobered up the morning after DITM when he realized Brennan stayed with him (“oh my god, did I really say all that stuff last night! Oh, and the thing I said about there’s the door and finding a new FBI guy! Ahhhh! With my luck it would be a Sully redux. FML!”) and continued to dissipate from there on out. It didnt’ take too much for him to burn that paper by the end of BITB and I believe he would have crawled in that cab with Brennan had he been ivited to by the end of TITM. Remember Booth’s face when Brennan talked about “making love” in BITB. Oh, yeah. He hadn’t allowed his mind to go there in a long, long, long time but once it did, oh, hello old memories! That past wasn’t so distant afterall, was it?

      • And you know what? I just got the symmetry in Brennan bringing up “making love” in BITB and the bar scene in the 100th episode! It WAS Brennan who came right out and said they could have sex after Booth fired her. And you know what? I think Booth’s face looked pretty similar in that moment and the moment in the elevator when Brennan was talking about how satisfying making love would be for them. That kind of “yeeeeaaah” this woman is awesome, she just goes there, I didn’t have the balls to go there but she just does. Lovely little bit of symmetry there.

      • Yeah, for a man who just went through a break-up he sure embraced the idea of being with Brennan pretty quickly.

      • Camcat, you really rocked this. 110% solidly behind you.

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