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Scene Study: The Bond in the Boot- Student, Teacher; Student…Teacher


Happy Thursday!

This is one of my all time favorite scenes, I must say. It’s just very nice!

I mean, come on, right? In this second episode of season five, Booth was bummed out because he couldn’t quite remember how to fix a leaky faucet. Brennan offers to help him pay for a professionaly, but Booth balks at that and decides to buy “Plumbing for Dummies” (Not ‘Imbeciles’, as Brennan asks later, haha). Brennan finds the book for him (which is very adorable. What do you think…did she scour local used bookstores? Did she happen to see one? Did she send out some interns to look for it? Did she make some calls? 😀  )  ,and she tells him he can pay her back whenever–hahahaha! I love that scene where Booth asks if she takes credit cards. Good, good times.

Sweets encourages Brennan to allow Booth to teach her how to fix his pipes (oh, the innuendo! I’m going to try to be good in this post, I really am!), and it’s clear, when she tells Booth she wants to learn that he gets into cocky mode (yes, it’s a mode) and says he WILL teach her!

So here we are…with them huddled together under his sink on a Saturday morning or something like that…

“So for the next step, you need to attach the elbow,” Booth is instructing.

“Okay,” Brennan gets to work.

“Using the PVC cement there,” Booth continues. “And take that fuzzy ball in there and swish it around.”

“It stinks,” Brennan complains softly. And Booth replies with one of my all time fave Booth lines…

“Yeah, you smell dead bodies and that stinks? Okay…”

“There’s a beautiful logic to this,” Brennan observes as she slathers the liquid onto the pipe.

“It’s like reconstructing the circulatory system”

Booth is not so sure about that, but he’s going to go with it…for now.

“The water is the blood, the pipes are the veins…”

And I LOOOOOOOOOVE when Booth just almost tosses the book right out. It’s like ‘okay…let’s just do this. Me and Bones. We can do it, baby! I don’t need no stinking books!’

“Right, right, right,” he pretends to agree as he rolls onto his side.

“Right. What we just do is…” he begins to explain as he moves his hand up toward hers on the pipe. “Apply pressure and hold right there for a minute, okay…”

I love that picture. I adore it. It’s one of my all time favorite B&B pics of all time ever! It’s just so perfect!

“Got it,” Brennan breathes, and sue me if I think her voice is a little huskier and breathier than normal. 😀

Who could blame her?

LOL, I love when she’s like “Got it,” and he sort of laughs shyly. She’s sort of catching him in a moment, but she doesn’t totally call him on it.

“Right.” Booth knows. “Just making sure that it’s safe. You know, student teacher, student…teacher.”

Gosh, Brennan is beautiful! Confession: I have pale skin, but not pretty pale skin like Brennan, you know? Yes, she is wearing make-up and such, but still…she’s pretty. And she’s pretty close to Booth, and we all know how he gets kinda breathless and sweet when she’s near!

She sort of laughs at him, but in a sweet way. It’s almost a giggle, in that Temperance Brennan would likely never giggle in her life, but it still is one. Hmmm….right? Sort of the unintentional happiness kind of laugh–slightly nervous, but also pleased?

And O to the M to the G, but straight teeth smiling, crinkly eyed sparking, Saturday morning scruffy Booth in a casual sweatshirt and jeans. I just…no words. Let’s see it again, just because we all deserve it. We do. We so do.

Just…yep. Kinda makes me wanna cuss. But I won’t. Yet.

“You know, Bones,” he begins…

“I’m glad that we uh…don’t have any secrets…between each other.”

“Yeah,” Brennan agrees. “I like that.”

“And if we have something on our mind…we just…we just share it,” Booth says, and his voice gets kind of breathy and whispery too, doesn’t it. Doesn’t it?!?

“Sure,” Brennan nods.

Booth sort of nods back, as if he’s surprised she agreed with him so easily. But one thing that has always been so interesting to me is that it seems like Booth has provided Brennan with the opportunity to share something. Brennan seems to take that cue from him (which is another reason why it seems so to me), but for the life of me, I can’t figure out what else in that episode would lead Booth to want to open up discussion like this with Brennan. It might be a carry over from the season five premiere, or even just their story line in general, but who knows…

Either way, Brennan agrees…

Brennan seems to blush a little.

“Even with all the financial and intellectual contradictions…I still feel close to you,”

“Right, because, you know…none of that stuff really matters anyway,”

Brennan gives a soft little “I know better, but I’m nice about it” smile and says, “Sometimes looking at it through your eyes, I believe that.”

They stare at one another for a few seconds, in one of those moments where we all know it would have been and could have been totally possible for one of them to lean in and just gently press his (or her) lips against the others in a soft kiss that would have resulted in more blushing and a little bit of laughing and smiling and perhaps more kissing. And back in those days (and a lot of other days), it seemed like B&B were always holding back…for one another. Sweets once told Dr. Wyatt that he always thought Booth was protecting Brennan from his feelings for her, and we know later in season five that Brennan has been trying to protect Booth from her feelings for him…and that protection, ingrained in their partnership, is what has kept them from making any physical moves up to this point in the series (in season five). But, like with the end of Fire in the Ice, here is a moment where Booth and Brennan have sort of given themselves…permission. Under the guise of close proximity and ‘work’ on Booth’s sink, there are only a few seconds here and there where they aren’t touching in some way.

“Right, so the pipe seems nice and secure, right?” Booth confirms.

“Alright, just hold on there…let me just…” he says as he reaches around her…

LOL, you just know Booth was the type in high school to yawn and then stretch his arm up and over the back of his date’s chair in the movie theater, right? Or totally the type to give ‘backrubs and more’ in college, etc. He’s a touchy guy (in a good way, and yes, please), and heck, who knows…maybe he’s been perfecting the ‘guy hug’ for years! Haha!

But this is just such a classic move, and they both love it.

Once, my friend (and the owner of Kath emailed me because she was in LA at some FOX thing, and the email was basically like “I just saw David Boreanaz, and I thought you’d want to know that he smells amazing.”

Yep, pretty much.

I want to be Brennan in that moment. Heck, I want to be this water knob.

Brennan is curious to know why the knob is under a wood plank, and Booth explains that it’s because the apartment is so old, and really…is anyone even really listening to this or are we all just thinking about Booth’s fingers turning us on? I mean turning the water on. Naturally.


Yes, I am so sure Brennan is making mental notes about Washington colonial style apartments and their architectural stylings. Wouldn’t you?

Then again, our girl does love learning new things, so it’s possible. She has a quick mind, so she can catalogue the architecture stuff right alongside of how it feels to have Booth stretched out beside her and leaning over her with his arm and…

“You can take your hand off now, Bones,” Booth says.

“You sure?” Brennan asks, excitement in her voice.

“Positive,” Booth assures her, and when she does, he sort of brags.

“You see? Look at that! Nice and secure”

 “No drip!” Brennan proudly exclaims.

“No drip…” Booth agrees with a smile on his face and in his voice.

“You’re uh…you’re a good student,” Booth tells her, a little shy and a lot sweet.

Brennan smiles in that way she does when she’s complimented, even though she is amazing and she knows it, she also likes getting compliments from Booth. “Only as good as my teacher,” she offers, also a little shy and a lot sweet.

Guh, what makes this scene so amazing for me is that it’s just…Saturday morning life, you know? Casual clothes and being chill and just working together on something that has nothing to do with death or crime or bones or anything like that…it’s special, and it’s sweet, and it’s good. This is the stuff, more than sex or whatever, that I hope writers won’t skimp on this next season. It’s what can make B&B being together special.

And then we get sprayed in the face with water.

It happens.

Brennan does sort of giggle then too, and tells Booth “Turn it off!”

Booth just laughs at the situation and at Brennan, especially when she complains that her watch is ruined. They bicker a little bit, and the screen goes black, but it’s still lovely. Because, like I said before, it’s just real life. What started out the episode as a (albeit small) source of tension between them turned into a fun and laughing moment that smudges along the lines of ‘just partners’.


Booth had already told her in season four that he liked spending time with her because she made him feel like a guy–when he fixes things, he feels like he is ‘one with the universe’. I like that Brennan, who easily could tell him that he’s being archaic in his modal preconceptions (or something like that) doesn’t…she just goes with it. And she likes him; she likes being near him.


Hope you have a great day!

Peace, Love & Bones,




28 thoughts on “Scene Study: The Bond in the Boot- Student, Teacher; Student…Teacher

  1. I agree the hand on hand on the pipes is so sweet; but, my favorite part of that scene is when Booth reaches around Brennan to turn the water on. Just love it. I also love at the end when Brennan complains that her watch is ruined and Booth says, “What do you mean your watch is ruined? It’s a Rolex! You have to believe that he knows her publishers pulled a fast one on her and gave her knock off and he thinks it’s funny. (At least my impression)

  2. You know, usually when I see a brand new Bones Theory post (not just a response to a previous post) in my email first thing in the morning, I open it and then sort of forward past it, saving it until I can come back and savor it later.

    I just could not forward on past this post. Read the whole thing with a silly stupid happy smile on my face, because that’s what this scene does to me – makes me silly stupid happy. *sigh*

    And now I’m going to go back and read it again.

  3. This scene. I just….*breathe* …woowee. It gets me every. time. One of my favorite moments between B&B ever. It would’ve been so easy and so natural for B&B to give in here. The romantic tension between them here is intense (and yet comfortably so) that it’s almost palpable, but it’s like neither one of them wants to break the spell.

    (I, on the other hand, am much weaker than Brennan and would’ve totally hopped on that stallion and ridden him back to the barn. :P)

  4. CLASSIC!! I too love these little moments the share like this. They ARE sweet and thrilling, right?! Any couple can have a “love” scene but when they snap, crackle, pop even in little every day life moments like this, that’s the real thing baby:) Loves it. The absence of scenes like this is what made S6 hard and painful and I think B&B struggled too, I think they missed one another. Things had to change, Booth was right. They were more than just partners and going on and doing things “as usual” wasn’t fair to either one but the “moving on” thing? Well… they missed this as much as we did. I could TOTALLY see Booth as being the High School boy who did the yawn/arm move! Ha! Guy hug. C’mon Booth! The thing I loved most about the 100th episode is how much they really liked one another from the very beginning. They REALLY did. They were so different but yet clicked. As Booth would say, oh, there’ s magic, baby. Boot is dazzled by her and Brennan likes him and likes him liking her. Aw. Picture these two in High School. Booth, the good looking, cocky, charming jock and Brennan the withdrawn, brainy girl who liked to disect animals. I like to think that if Booth walked past her in his letterman jacket and flashed his smile even then she’d have melted a little. Right? He was ssoooo cool;) There was an age difference back then but I’d like to picture even the unevolved Booth as recognizing there was a more to that strange little girl than met the eye. Aww. They are so hot but so sweet too! Loves me some B&B. And, really, who else can make plumbing look so good! Ha! I don’t think any of us would mind see Booth lying under our kitchen sink with a little crack showing:)

  5. Perhaps my favoritest scene study ever?? Love this scene!

    I think its mainly because its like you said…its not job related or death/bones/murder related at all…just two friends, working on a project together, which forces them to be in super close proximity…to our utter delight! It does show their camaraderie, their bond.

    I also like that it gives Brennan a chance to show off her growing people/social/emotional skills she has been learning over the years. Early Brennan would either just hire someone or learn it herself. Newer Brennan is better able to read the situation, and realize it would help Booth to continue to get better if she let him teach her. I love that she has grown that much. (It also doesn’t hurt that she has a reason to get very close to him! She’s a smart lady!) Any time the writers give her a chance to showcase her humanity, I love it. She’s not just a hyper rational, compartmentalizing, forensic robot anymore. She’s all those things, but more. More of a complete, well rounded person and it shows.

    More of these in Season 7 pleaseeeeeeeeeee. We will love you forever TPTB!!!

    And I must say, I ADORE your friend’s observation, “I just saw David Boreanaz, and I thought you’d want to know that he smells amazing.” I think that’s the best thing I’ve ever heard 🙂

    • Agreed on the smell thing. I’m taking a deep breath now and just imagining it…

      • I’m thinking of a tweet I saw a long time ago when Stephen Fry was filming with them (dwarf I think) and someone tweeted him and asked if DB smells as good as he looks and Stephen replied something like ‘he smells utterly delightful’ or something equally as wonderful. It made my day then just thinking about it and now this tale has just done it again 🙂

  6. Thank you! Sarah, that is the best scene study. Ever. Of course, I think that every time you post one. I’m still hyperventilating over the naughty librarian one, btw. When he talks about not having secrets, it just makes you hold your breath. Of course the reference goes back to the case, what with the “secret agent” thing, but he’s really testing the waters, “feeling her up” (oops, out-although that arm reach is awfully close…). And even though she reacts in a cute way, it’s so clear that she’s kind of avoiding going too far down that road. We all know if she had kissed him right then, that baby would have would have been celebrating at least its first birthday. If he had kissed her, though-no go at this point. And it’s so bittersweet, especially witnessing that moment knowing what’s to come for poor Booth.

    Even when people were hopeful that they’d get together at this point, I knew it wouldn’t happen-and not just because of the spoilers. Athough it’s clear that she really cares about him, I didn’t see the spark that was already written all over his face. She had affection and real regard, but she wasn’t “in love.” Seeing how unbalanced he was in this scene, how he was wearing his heart on his sleeve hoping she would catch on at some point, that was some good TV…and great, subtle acting.

    • “We all know if she had kissed him right then, that baby would have been celebrating at least its first birthday.” HA! LOL. So true. Little BB was fate or the universe, baby. I think it’s fun to watch this scene with the cheek kiss and diner scene from CITG in mind. Who can forget Brennan’s little giggle when Booth, er, “Buck”, kissed her cheek in bowling alley? Oh, yeah. They were giddy. Good stuff.

  7. Sarah, I think the reason Booth starts talking about secrets is because the victim was in a secret relationship, running a secret mission, etc.

    Of course the irony of Booth’s whole “we don’t keep secrets” speech is that they are both keeping a huge secret!

    You know, I never even noticed that Booth is reading from the Dummies book before. Clearly, my eyes were elsewhere.

  8. What a pleasure it was to turn to Bones Theory and see this scene study this morning. If my plumber looked like Booth, I’d spend a little time under the sink, too. ED is always beautiful, but the makeup department went right to the max for this scene (I think she’s wearing false eyelashes). She’s a knock-out. And I am also certain that Brennan was pondering Washington architecture when Booth’s arm was around her 😉 Thanks for this post and for putting a smile on my face today.

    • Hey, if I’m Brennan, and Booth is teaching me how to fix a sink, I’d be going write to the makeup drawer and going all out :)…maybe that was a deliberate part of ED or the TPTB to make her freshen up a little bit extra knowing that she was going to be thisclose to Booth?

  9. I think of scenes like this when I hear The Powers That Be say stuff like “we’re not showing you porn.” This – THIS – is what I want to see more of. Not the BoothChickaWowWow. This.

    (But a little bit of BoothChickaWowWow, that would be just fine, too.)

    • I would take THIS any day! I thought the little love scene we got in the beginning of EITB between coma B&B or Future B&B or whatever was tasteful and pretty darn hot but, yes, I would take more little moments like this. I don’t need to see hardcore stuff and don’t expect it from a show like Bones.

    • I feel the same way, too. I don’t want them to be the couple that can’t keep their hands off each other (in public), but at the same time I think that sometimes they can do a little bit more than just look at each other and smile at this point in the game. At the same time, if we’re not going to see sex (I wasn’t really asking for it,) they can at least keep the eye-sex going.

  10. Oh, I love this scene! I thought it was funny that it was Sweets who gave her the idea, and it seemed like she did her usual dismissal of his advice because he gave his “I give up” look, but she actually did it. I wonder if she ever told him – probably not. Just goes to show what lengths Brennan will go to just to help Booth. And yes, I’ve often wondered how she found the book, but the fact that she did was so very thoughtful because she did that on her own. Loved that it wasn’t a gift, though, as to not assault his virility, haha. Booth’s “S’cuse me ? It’s a gift!” with noodles in his mouth kills me every time, along with the credit card joke and Brennan’s literal response.

  11. I absolutely Love this scene – it’s just so…natural and sweet, yet SO Charged with that delicious undercurrent of B&B chemistry.

    I agree with other comments here – it’s sooo much sexier than any “sex scene” could ever be (although granted, can’t say I’d object to just a bit of BoothChickaWowWow now and then…)
    But THIS – this scene leaves me breathless, grinning, and wanting to shout “Yowza!”, all at the same time.

    And someone’s in mighty fine form today (Seels!) LOL through reading this post, especially:

    “O to the M to the G” !

    “I want to be Brennan in that moment. Heck, I want to be this water knob.”

    “and really…is anyone even really listening to this or are we all just thinking about Booth’s fingers turning us on? I mean turning the water on.”

    And, “This is the stuff, more than sex or whatever, that I hope writers won’t skimp on this next season. It’s what can make B&B being together special.”

    Amen to that! Please, please!

  12. Here’s the gag reel for season 6. I think it’s the funniest one yet!

  13. How nothing happened at this point in time – or at any stage around this ep, I’ll never understand.


    But I agree Seels- I don’t need sex or smut when I can have sweet 🙂

  14. I love, love, LOVE this scene, and I love, love, LOVE your analysis. I think this is one of the most intimate moments in the whole history of the show. There’s no overtly sexual component to it, but it’s extremely intimate, physically, and as you point out, there are all these little opportunities where the space between them could close up, but they hold back, and it doesn’t. Really, really brilliant acting on the part of Deschanel and Boreanaz, because this scene could have be ruined by overacting, but they restrained themselves, giving us a scene full of delicate restraint. Freakin’ brilliant. Great analysis. Awesome job on the screen caps.

  15. What a great thing to read right before bed. *shivers with delight* I absolutely love this scene and Booth. In my head, Booth always smells good. I think that’s all I’d be thinking about if I were Brennan. “Wow, he smells fantastic!” Ha ha ha… or I might be really, really distracted by the fact that he has his muscular arm wrapped around me…. What was I saying?

    Awesome scene study!!

  16. “This is the stuff, more than sex or whatever, that I hope writers won’t skimp on this next season. It’s what can make B&B being together special.”

    i couldn’t agree more. 🙂 Since i started watching Bones that’s how the BB dynamic came across to me — not your regular run of the mill love story. They can make me squee in their own unconventional romantic way.

    • I agree with everything that’s been said about the B&B relationship that they don’t need gratuitous physical scenes to show their love….to a certain extent. It is a part of their relationship that makes them special that we don’t HAVE to see that stuff…but I think it would be nice to get a bit of it…like EitB kind of scenes. We got that bit of a love scene in the beginning of the ep, but it wasn’t too much, or over the top, it was cute, quick, and they moved on. Later, the scene where they are changing clothes, it again is quick…we get some Booth leg action 🙂 a couple smooches….and then finally at the end, she’s sitting in his lap…they were cute, affectionate…but it was a level up from their usual relationship. I think we saw a glimpse of it in CitG, like at the oft-mentioned cheek kiss. It was B&B….but different/better.

      So while I don’t need graphic love scenes, I would like to see them take a scene like this scene study and maybe get a little kiss or snuggle out of it. A little payoff please! 🙂 I don’t think it would hurt their relationship or our perception of it to get a little EitB or Wanda-kisses out of it.

      Not to get spoilery, but has anyone seen the new trailer for Season 7 they’ve been running on FOX???? OMGGGGGGG haha

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