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Top Five Tuesday: The Lovely Emily Deschanel As The Lovely Temperance Brennan


Happy 35th Birthday to THE Lovely Emily Deschanel…

…and Happy Tuesday to the rest of us! (Unless it is also your birthday, and if so…make yourself known in the comments!)

A couple of weeks ago we took a Tuesday to celebrate David Boreanaz (okay, okay…his hair!) and some Booths that make us go Mmmmmm. Today, I want to take some time to celebrate Emily Deschanel.

She’s just beyond

She just is. You know? I remember talking with pal Marisa once about how it was ridiculous that she just doesn’t get nominated for awards as Brennan, and Marisa mentioned that she thinks people just don’t know that ED is not Brennan-esque. Hmmm…something to think about I guess! We know that she is separate from her forensic-counterpart, and one thing I think we can all agree on is that the writers/directors/make-up artists, etc are very…deliberate when it comes to how they allow Brennan to dress, wear her hair or make-up, etc. And sometimes–despite their efforts almost– ED just shines as this beautiful person. We’ll talk more about that during Brennan Week (um, have I mentioned we’ll be doing another Brennan Week? It’s true, and it’s coming soon…right after Booth Week), but for now, here are ten times Temperance Brennan knocked my socks off for the very sole reason that she’s played by Emily Deschanel.

1. Bullet in the Brain:

This was a Booth-themed episode in several ways (seeing Taffet’s death, beginning to track Broadsky, etc), but it also featured some character development for Brennan–particularly in terms of her relationship with Max. I loved the scene where Max asked her about how things were between her and Booth, and I also loved this end scene when he gave her the shell/toothbrush holder (Sidenote: someone on the BONES writing staff was very deliberate about dental health!).

2. From Salt in the Wounds:

Maybe it’s because Brennan is sort of having one of those “Stomach is bottoming out fluttery feeling” moments (or at least, I always interpreted that she was) that this picture just exudes…depth, gravitas, beauty–inside and out. Do you know those women in your life who might not be textbook model pretty, but they are just beautiful? That’s what this moment always feels like to me. Love it.

3. Santa in the Slush

I love the look on Brennan’s face after she’s just kissed Booth. In this case, it’s a little flushed, a little excited, and a lot pretty!

4. Man in the Fallout Shelter.

I think this might have been my first “Whoa…” moment for ED. Yes, of course she’d been pretty since the pilot began, but at first, she was more…interesting–beautiful, but also a challenge to get to know, etc. And then in this episode, despite the fact that she is contained in her ‘favorite place’, as Booth later calls the lab in season three, she sort of blossoms as a character and person. Stunning…

5. Foot in the Foreclosure:

I love this scene from season five, when Brennan is talking on the phone with Pops. Of all of the one-time guest stars on Bones, I think (today, anyway) that I want to see Pops back. For one thing, he and Brennan just totally connect, and that can make Booth a little edgy (read: I like him that way), but Pops also brings out a sweet side in Brennan–it’s about love and family. And kicking Booth’s behind at dominoes.

6. The Woman in the Garden

To me, this represents Brennan’s cool beauty. You all know that one of my ALL TIME UNANSWERED ISSUES is that Brennan would never know that Booth got in the gang member’s face on her behalf. All she knows is that he showed up late for an important funeral because he had something ‘important’ in his eyes. In other news, I want her hair.

7. Wannabe in the Weeds

Emily Deschanel can sing, and I liked how they fit this in with Brennan’s character in season three. But there was something more in this moment than just her voice. Remember in Boy in the Time Capsule when Booth tells her she has her looks and a whole lot more? It’s kind of like that. She’s just…awesome.

8. Shallow in the Deep:

Um, I guess these next two are from the “Bones: After Hours” club, but seriously #BrenChickaWowWow.

Wow. She’s stunning.

9. Man in the Outhouse

This is another one of those times where even though a VERY gorgeous Booth is sitting next to Brennan (and he’s saying things like “There’s someone for everyone” with the low raspy note to his voice that means we all know he wants to be that someone), I still can’t quite take my eyes off of her. So pretty.

10. Mummy in the Maze

Well, no tribute to the loveliness of Emily Deschanel as Temperance Brennan would be complete without this…

Wonder-ful (get it!?) indeed.

Okay…which ones (or hundreds) did I miss?  I KNOW there are more, so let’s hear it in the comments!

Peace, Love & Bones,


PS…If you haven’t already voted for your favorite episode endings, be sure to do so!

PPS…Today is National Face Your Fear Day! What might you do?


33 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday: The Lovely Emily Deschanel As The Lovely Temperance Brennan

  1. The end of Mayhem on the Cross. The vulnerability in her face and voice when she reveals the story about the trunk, and then the way she looks at Booth to get him to share a secret, too…oh. Sigh. Priceless.

    The end of The Headless Witch in the Woods, when Booth comes to the restaurant to arrest the douchebag brother and she a single tear escapes.

    In Judas on a Pole when Max and Russ are leaving, Booth draws his weapon, and Brennan keeps calling Booth’s name. Then the very end of the episode…”I’m just one of those people who doesn’t get to be in a family.”

    The end of the Pain in the Heart when she feels like she failed Zack.

    Apparently I could keep going on forever, but now I’ve got a tantrum to deal with. Which makes me think of the time I saw Kurt Vonnegut speak and he referred to the television as “the tantrum.” Unfortunately, my three-year-old does not power down or have a mute button.

  2. I love her in moments like the end of Daredevil, when she is just THERE for Booth. Providing the strength that she can give him, the friendship, and just being what he needs.

    Other examples include her comforting him with a touch on the hand at the graveyard, bringing him cake and giving him time, at the end of Mummy in the Maze where she says she is sorry he had to kill someone, she knows he hates doing that, sitting in church with him after her and Hodgins are freed from the car, betting on him at the fight because she knows that she couldn’t lose, the bones in the pudding (he hugs her so tight!), the Valentine’s Day massacre…etc.

    I could probably think of a bunch more, but I like that they show that Brennan has more to her than the clinical, reserved side of her. That she can and does understand human emotions, at least when it comes to Booth. She is very attuned to what he needs, if he is hurting, and she wants to help and be there for him. Even if she’s not sure why, or not wanting to let herself open up completely, she still strives to be a good partner and friend, in way that she doesn’t do for anyone else. I love that. 🙂

  3. I would say the “I think you’re really very nice” moment in Verdict in the Story. But she is always lovely.

    I am one day off from being birthday twins with her!

  4. Night at the Museum’s ending. She’s excited and so beautiful in that dress which showcases her-um- attractions. And he is soooo attracted.The way she looks at him when she fixes his tie, it’s no wonder he stopped breathing. I also loved her in the interrogation scene in Boneless Bride right after she turns Sully down and then looks at Booth through the window as he gives her a thumbs up. She’s incredibly vulnerable and God knows she’s trying hard not to acknowledge the real reasons she didn’t go on that boat. One more: the scene with red-bow Booth. It’s the first time she really sees herself as an outsider with Booth and you can see that in her eyes; it just hurts, and Booth can see it too. And one more-her face when she sees the Christmas tree and Booth standing there with Parker. She’s happily surprised, and something else…

    • Rats, forgot Brennan squealing like a little girl with Daisy over the Egyptian stuff and looking so innocent in her skeleton-tutu costume. So carefree, you really get to see all that got taken away from her. ED always hits all the right notes as does DB-that’s why they’re so deadly together.

    • Night at the Bones Museum definitely belongs in the Bones: After Hours club.

  5. In terms of just plain ‘wow, this woman is smokin’ hot’ I love the moment when she’s in the lab talking to Clark before going to meet Jared in Con Man and Clark is just blown away. She looks inCREDible (and very tall ha) and doesn’t even really realise. I love the way her hair is dark and glossy, up off her face, her eyes are all smokily made up, bringing out the colour of them and her earrings emphasise her great facial structure. Just hot.

    In terms of her just being an incredibly beautiful woman, under the sink in Bond is pretty amazing. Shot in high def, in an enclosed space with a light in her face and she’s just radiant, amazing natural beauty.

    Happy Birthday EmDesh – we love ya 🙂

  6. All of these moments underline the truth of Emily Deschanel– besides being incredibly beautiful, she is also incredibly able to convey emotions that make the very cold, the very rational Brennan very, very approachable for us, the viewers. And makes the connections she makes on the show with the other characters very real and very believable. She’s a fabulous actress who is very brave– she’s asked to do some things on the show that many actresses might veer from, yet she goes for it and brings us along on the journey.

    There’s a saying that a truly beautiful woman has many different looks and ED certainly has many different looks throughout the 6 seasons of the show. Just looking at the various scenes emphasizes that.

  7. I loved how ED played Brennan’s sadness/wistfulness/jealousy at the end of Cinderella in the Cardboard.

  8. You know that moment that begins in Pilot and ends 129 episodes later?

    Yea, that one. That’s my favorite Emily moment.

  9. There are some actors that are amazing with props. ED is one of them. The conversation with Pops on the phone in Foot in the Foreclosure is my favorite scene of the episode.

    The funeral scene in the Pilot, just as Brennan agrees to help Booth, and you can see her wrestle with it without any words at all (and there’s this face that she makes that my little sister makes that immediately hooked me to the series).

    Doctor in the Photo, the scene in the rain (before the car scene), and the very last scene (well, anything with Micah, especially that first scene when he brings her cookies?). Actually, that whole episode because ED has the ability to say things without any words at all. I believe that this Alfred Hitchcock quote is appropriate: “Dialogue should simply be a sound among other sounds, just something that comes out of the mouths of people whose eyes tell the story in visual terms.”

  10. The last scene in CITG when she is just so….happy/relieved/overjoyed after seeing Booth’s reaction to the news that she is pregnant. Just lovely. She’s also really beautiful in Santa in the Slush and that last scene when she gives Booth the thumbs up in DITD. I’ve also agreed with Booth that Bones was looking beautiful in HITH – and he hadn’t even seen her! And, yes, that last scene in BITB when she’s holding that seashell and taking in the simple wonder of the sound of the ocean – or is it blood rushing in your head? I loved that Booth got lost looking at her in that moment….it’s like in that moment it all came rushing back to him and, really, how could you not love her in that moment?

  11. You missed the end scene in The Night at the Bones Museum. SO PRETTY. Probably my favorite end scene ever. She is so cute and adorable telling Booth not to step on the thing on the floor and all about how the mummy actually died. However, your list was incredible.

  12. It’s my birthday too! Can’t think of anyone better to share it with 🙂

  13. I love this post! I’ve very much Booth focused, so being able to celebrate Emily is a treat.

    there are so many moments… one that stands out for me is the end of Daredevil. She looked stunning, and so quietly strong against Booth’s vulnerability. It was a real turning point for me.

    It amazes me how much emotion she can put into her scenes. Her crying ability just blows me away everytime.

    Oh wait – just thought of another one – Stargazer? When she’s watching the video of her mum. wow.

  14. We need a post to squee about the Season 6 DVD that came out yesterday! I am the proud owner of a shiny new one myself 🙂 Annnddd….no spoilers because that is wrong….but. The commentary for “Blizzard” should not be missed. Just saying. No matter your thoughts about the evil one, aka Hannah, go out and buy the set. Now. Booth would want you to 🙂

  15. The Beginning of The Pain in the Heart. From the slap at Booth’s funeral all the way to confronting Booth in the bathroom, ED does a great job!

  16. It was also my birthday 🙂 a bit late now though…

  17. I just read an interview from HH about what S7 would have looked like had ED not been pregnant, therefore Brennan not being pregnant. Ugh. Thank you, ED, for procreating! I hope ED is enjoying motherhood and her new family and wishing her all the love and happiness in the world! Thank you. Thank you! Thank you!

    In a nutshell, the theme that would have been explored in S7 – were it not for the baby – would have been just because two people sleep together doesn’t mean they are together. Ugh. Just…. Thank you, ED!

    • christ…I agree. Can you imagine? They finally do the deed, but what? It didn’t mean anything? Yeah right. The fandom would have lost it.

    • Yeah, even Hart likes it this way better.

    • But you know what that tells me? They really did have sex on the night of VNM’s death.

      So on behalf of all of those on Team Did I would just like to say “nanny nanny boo boo, we were right! tttthhhrrrrbbbbrrrrtttt”


      • I think the show would have jumped the shark had they gone with the original scenario and it would have REALLY cheapened their relationship for me. I wonder if HH knew ED was pregnant when BITB aired? From the commentary on the S6 disc it sounded like when that episode filmed ED hadn’t told anyone she was pregnant yet. After what B&B said and did at the end of that episode it would have seemed really wrong if they didn’t know what sex meant to them and their relationship. Would S7 have been friends with benefits? I mean, come on! So, here’s my question now, did B&B sleep together when VMD died and then didn’t sleep together again…they were kind of still waiting until they were ready? Is that why Brennan had to drive it home that Booth was the father…maybe that is really why she seemed so nervous to tell him. If that’s the case can you imagine how Brennan reacted when she thought she was pregnant or had it confirmed! I could see her being in some crazy denial. They didn’t seem to have any regrets or be akward around one another. It really was Bang, Mamma Bones! I hope in the second half of S7 we don’t get the fallout being that B&B start to question if they only got together for their kid, please no. They love one another, they were ready and the baby was a bonus because, honestly, neither one is getting any younger. The baby was fate or the universe waking these two up and forcing them to just go for it already! Geesh!

  18. ED looked so beautiful sitting in the dinner at the end of Bullet in the Brain….hair and make up was perfect….no wonder Booth was staring, wondering how he ever got mixed up with anyone else….

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