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Booth Week: Scene Study Part One- Con Man in the Meth Lab: Happy Birthday Booth


Hello, and welcome to another round of Booth Week! Yeah, baby–a week dedicated to this guy:

As I was thinking about which scene I wanted to use for Booth Week’s Scene Study, this one came to mind, and honestly, after it did, nothing else even came close to being considered. Up until this end scene in Con Man in the Meth Lab, I always thought Booth was mostly…solid. Sure, he had some issues, but he had dealt with them: gambling, falling into bed with ex-girlfriends haha, etc. But I can remember watching this ep and then hopping on Yahoo Messenger with pal Smurfs (and possibly Lauren and Steph…) and her being like “Sh*t, Booth has issues!”

If you know Smurfs, then you know this was said with much excitement–and it’s true. Booth having serious issues was very, very, very intriguing. And when I say intriguing, of course I mean exquisitely hot.

I was going to try to cap this entire episode, or at least a lot more than the last scene, but even those several minutes resulted in over 200 pictures, so…I’ll save most of the other stuff for other days in the future year or so, and I’ve split this up into two scene studies (Part Two on Saturday). But for now, here’s one of the best times BONES (via Booth) really surprised me.

(PS…full disclosure: I had, have and probably always will have up and down emotions about Brennan in this ep/scene. I will try not to dwell on them. Wish me luck.)

You all know what happens in this episode to get B&B and the rest of the gang to Founding Fathers for Booth’s birthday party. And if you don’t, stop what you are doing and run…RUN (or click netflix or something) to watch this episode in full. NOW!

Anyhiz, the scene begins with some of those night-shots of DC that the show editors have in the can and pull out whenever they need to show that it’s a different time of day from the rest of the episode.

‘I would like to propose a toast” Brennan announces, and her voice is kind of shy, but very sweet. It’s not shy, necessarily, I guess. But it’s that tiny tone of uncertainty that Brennan can get sometimes. Plus then she says, “To my partner…Seeley Booth”. There’s almost a little blushing there, when she calls him by his full name!

“To Booth!” most of the team cheers, and Brennan continues with, “I know who he is,”

“But…I forget sometimes,” she says. “Because…because he never shines a light on himself.”

“He shines it on other people,” she says.

“Yeah, right after I conk them on the head with it,” Booth sort of deflects, and people laugh. But I love Cam’s reaction–she’s like the one friend who is like “not funny, dude.”

And speaking of dudes, who the heck is that dude standing behind them and watching on. Wait…are all of these people there for Booth’s birthday? Haha, yeah right! Not in a bad way, but…well, I don’t know…I don’t think Booth has that many close friends.

“Anthropology teaches us,” Brennan continues. “That the alpha male is the man wearing the crown, displaying the most colorful plumage, and the shiniest baubles–he stands out from the others.”

“But I now think that anthropology had it wrong,” Brennan states–which is a pretty big admission!

“In working with Booth, I’ve come to realize that the quiet man…the invisible man (um, ouch!)…the man who is always there for friends and family. That’s the real alpha male,”  she says. I remember being slightly annoyed with her speech, but this is one of those moments where because Booth really likes it and responds to it, then I just have to let it go! 😀  Booth is kinda vulnerable about it though, which is gorgeous–so that helps.

You see two people, and you think...

...they belong together.

He's in love with Dr. Brennan...

I have awesome duck parents.

Like, seriously wicked rad.

“And I promise that my eyes will never be caught by those shiny baubles again. Until your boss asks me out in your office.”

“Happy Birthday, Booth,’ she says, and they click drinks. One thing I love is that, even though Brennan is giving this toast to the whole crowd, Booth really only has eyes for her. Love.

“Happy Birthday, Booth,” the group toasts, and I love Cam’s smile here, too. I think she is very happy for Booth, and that Brennan is done with her Jared phase 😀

I love that Brennan drags him away from the group for a little private talk. I admit, when I first saw this ep, I thought she might even kiss him. She didn’t, but…that’s okay. I only always just wanted to say “You are not a loser” to him, but it never happened. I’m not over it.

Booth is like, “Okay, what are we doing,” and Brennan says “Just come here.” Which , come on…when you pull your man away at his own birthday party…it’s usually for a kiss, right? 😀 

“What you’re doing for your brother isn’t fair,” Brennan tells him.

“Come on, Bones. Don’t get me mad at you–not after that great speech. And not after I got you shot,” Booth says.

“You didn’t get me shot! ” Brennan insists. ‘I got me shot.” I don’t know what it is about that line that always makes me smile, but it does.

“I don’t want to talk about my brother,” Booth insists.

“Would you prefer Sweets do it?” Brennan asks, and Booth realizes he’s been set up.

Haha, Sweets, sorry…not happening. “I’m listening,” Booth says begrudgingly to Brennan. I love that too.

“Well, I forgot all the psychological stuff, but basically, when you rescue somebody all the time, when you keep getting them out on bail…”

“Bail them out, Bones. If you…bail them out.”

I love that Brennan just sort of ignores the correction and continues. “You’re thwarting their ability to help themselves.”

Booth does that little growl/sigh from the back of his throat thing, and Brennan picks up on it. “Now you’re angry.”

“Come on, Bones, you gotta admit…getting a psychological lesson from you is like–”

“Getting an anthropology lesson from you?” she smiles at him.

They look at one another, and Booth weighs what he wants to tell her. He finally does. “The RICO case. I traded my one shot at glory to keep my brother from being arrested..for drunk driving.” I think this is what I was referring to last Friday, when I asked whether or not Booth would have married Hannah–not necessarily because he loved her completely, but because he didn’t feel like he deserved what he saw as the best. As the example here, it’s not that Booth gave up the RICO case because of something right or noble–and I don’t think he thinks so either. I think he thinks it was just “What you do”–taking care of his brother, even at an expense to him. This was a sacrifice, sure, but not for something good or that he believes in. It’s not that he sacrificed his credit so someone else he loves could get it. It was sacrificed to take care of someone else. That was the difference, I think. Okay…moving on 😀

“Booth,” Brennan sort of gets on his case. “What if he does it again? What if he kills someone next time? You shouldn’t have done that”. !!!!!!!!! Nothing about how he deserved the credit for his work or anything. I am moving on…again.

“Right,” Booth counters. “Says the woman who got her father off murder charges.”

“Face it,” he says. “We do things for family.”

“You’re right,” Brennan concedes. “You’re totally right.”

Booth looks over to Jared, who is obviously having a good time…

“No I’m not,” he says.

“What? Why?” Brennan asks.

“There’s no risk that your father will kill again,” Booth tells her. Which, um…haha with Max there’s always a tiny bit of risk, right? Right? 😀

Booth walks away and signals for Jared to follow him outside (which he does), and Brennan watches that from where she is standing.

In all of my memories of this scene, I had missed this little moment where Brennan watches them walk out the door. Now I wonder if she went back to the group, or if she just moved to the door herself and watched the whole exchange, or if she waited, and then when Jared came back in, was surprised that Booth wasn’t with him, and looked outside to see him punch a bus-stop. Ah…that’s all in part two.

See you then!  Until Saturday, let’s discuss this part. Was Brennan’s speech worthy? Was she right to talk to him about Jared? Discuss!

Peace, Love & Bones,




71 thoughts on “Booth Week: Scene Study Part One- Con Man in the Meth Lab: Happy Birthday Booth

  1. Oh my god. Okay, I have to admit I haven’t even finished reading the post, because when I saw the captions for the photos of Sweets: “I have awesome duck parents. Like, seriously wicked rad.” I very nearly doused my computer with a fountain of coffee. Not cool. Please, add in a “Refrain from taking a sip just now” warning or something!

    Alrighty. Back to the post!

  2. The one thing I regret about her talk with Booth is that she didn’t tell him he wasn’t a loser. I really hated that she didn’t tell him that. I think that affirmation would made him just a little bit more confident when it came to his relationship with Brennan. As it is, you just know, in the back of this mind, he felt that he may really be a loser. Makes me sad to think about it.

    Love the screen shots by the way. You always do such a great job doing those.

    • I totally agree with you here. But for Brennan, I think that’s one of those things that to her, if it’s true, and we all know it’s true, then there’s no reason to say it out loud. Just the fact that it is true is enough. But sometimes people need to hear things. It’s like telling my kids “I love you” every day. I mean, I show them. I feed them, clothe them, hold them when they are sad or hurt, read to them, etc. etc. But there are things that need to be said out loud, even if all parties are already aware. I think Brennan assumed that Booth just “knew” she didn’t think he was a loser.

  3. Okay, I’m back again. So first: Brennan’s speech. I’m not sure worthy is the right word. The things is, what I think Booth deserved to hear was, “I’m really sorry I believed your brother and discounted everything I know about you and thought you were a loser. I totally screwed up, please forgive me.” Or something to that effect, but with bigger words and more convoluted sentence structure.

    Instead, she used anthropology to justify her erroneous assumption, and then explained why it was incorrect. Not exactly an apology, but at least she kind-of-sort-of admitted she’d made a mistake in a totally backhanded way. Which is consistent with her character, I believe.

    Secondly: was it right for her to discuss the Jared situation? I’d say absolutely. Booth has been all over her relationship with her father and brother, giving advice, pushing, prodding, etc. She totally had the right to do that. Allowing, of course, for the fact that he was free to ignore everything she said.

    I’d like to make one more comment re: Hacker as a Shiny Bauble. I agree, it was totally insensitive for Brennan to go out with Booth’s boss (his BOSS!), but I don’t think she ever entertained the possibility that he was better than Booth. And I to me that’s what the “shiny baubles” comment was about. She allowed herself to doubt Booth and believe that Jared might actually be a superior man. I think she liked Hacker, found him amusing and attractive (?), but he never came even close to measuring up to Booth in Brennan’s mind. And I believe that’s a significant distinction.

    • Agh…you typed everything that was in my mind! 🙂

      Yeah I didn’t have a problem with Brennan’s speech, because its so very “Brennan”. While she is growing as a person, she’s still super blunt and squinty. What she’s saying comes off weird to us, its clumsily and doesn’t always come out right, but it was very in character. She means well. And to say that she thinks anthropology is wrong…WHOA! That is a huge moment.

      I also love how Booth is during the speech. You know he doesn’t quite believe the good things about himself, but he’s focused on her anyway. He follows her to talk anyway. They are comfortable enough with each other as partners and friends that she can calll him out on enabling Jared, and he can call her out about her father. Only the truest and closest of friends can do that an maintain the friendship.

      Ugh! I can’t believe this is a 2 parter! I wanted to finish out the scene! 🙂 And yes, the part about Sweets “wicked rad” thoughts was awesome!!! Good work again on the scene study!!

      • And yeah, Hacker to me was just Booth-lite for Brennan, as Sully was. FBI, good guy, etc…but not with the potential emotional fall out as it would be if she gave her heart to Booth. She wanted someone like Booth, but couldn’t yet handle dating the actual Booth 🙂

  4. I have never loved this episode or this scene. Sometimes I want to shake the writers and ask them “Do you want us to actually LIKE the title character? No, really. Do you?” Because I frequently don’t like Brennan. (ducks tomatoes)

    Anyway, her little speech about JUST NOW realizing Booth is a true alpha male doesn’t ring true for me. Hasn’t she called him an alpha male before, in earlier seasons? Maybe she could say that in the animal kingdom males with the loudest call or brightest plumage but…argh! I get that they wanted her to make a concession and call her beloved anthropology wrong but it just sounds very contrived to me. And yes, a private “You’re not a loser” comment would have been nice. It would made me like Brennan much more than the public toast.

    I agree, Sarah, when you hear comments like “I won’t be distracted again” you never expect a buffoon like Hacker to become her next love interest. But was this episode filmed before the two year renewal?

    Anyway, the parts I do like are Brennan saying “I got me shot” because you know Booth feels responsible for everything and it’s nice to see her quickly dismiss that. I love that Brennan and Sweets have obviously been conspiring to have this talk with Booth about Jared and that they’ve agreed she’s the best one to give it, but Sweets has prepped her with all this psychology talk that she’s forgotten. And I love that a couple of sentences from Brennan and one shot of Sweets can conjure up that whole scenario for us.

    I am going to disagree with you on one thing Sarah – Brennan’s response of “He could kill someone” rather than worrying about Booth getting credit for his case was absolutely right. Drunk driving kills people. Helping drunk drivers get back on the road helps them kill people. Brennan’s priorities were in the right place and Booth needed to hear that. He thought he was doing Jared a favor, he was really putting everyone else who shares the road with Jared at risk. And despite Booth’s little jab at Max, that realization is what motivated Booth to act.

    • I thought the comment about realizing that Booth is a true alpha male was meant to be something along the lines of “I used to think that Booth was an alpha male. Then I doubted him, but that was a mistake. I was using the wrong criteria.” I mean, she thought he was, but then Jared pointed out something she’d never thought of and it changed her perspective. Than she realized that Jared is a…I’m trying to think if a nice word here…let’s go with “jerk”…and now she’s come to her senses again. I feel like she was admitting to having a crisis of faith (not that she would put it that way) with regards to Booth.

    • One would think that in the human course of nature, more time spent with a person means we always know just how much that person means to us. But as we know, human nature isn’t that simple. Usually, over time, we start to take the ones closest to us for granted until some major conflict occurs, and I think that’s what happened. They had been partners for like four years at that point. Long enough, IMO, for that to happen.

      I don’t think it’s objectively a bad episode that unequivocally made the main character unlikeable, because people just see things differently. Namely, me, and I liked the episode as a whole. So are the writers wrong because some viewers interpreted things in a certain way, even though other viewers didn’t? To me, it’s just one of those things that happens.

      I also don’t think she considered Hacker better than Booth. He liked her, she liked him, so why not? I also never disliked Hacker as much as other people seem to dislike him. It was kind of an odd pairing, but by now in life I’ve learned to hold my tongue about those because what does it really matter if the people involved are happy? And by that time, Booth wasn’t a real option because of the risk, but it’s not like she should be expected to put her dating life on hold. Anyway, she and Hacker were about as serious as Booth and Cam.

      • valid point. When I shake the writers I will ask “do you want *me* to like this character!”

        I know I’m in the minority on disliking this episode. I didn’t dislike Hacker (Diedrich Bader is hilarious) so much as I disliked what the writers had Brennan do. Go on the date when Booth specifically asked her not to, make that crack about “that can’t be quantified” when Hacker says Booth is the best they’ve got (already a backhanded compliment). Then the whole egg incident…I just never understood what they were trying to accomplish with the Hacker storyline. All it did was make me annoyed at Brennan.

      • @va32h: I know. But that’s the thing about this show. I guess there’s a fine line between disliking a character and disliking what a character does. I don’t think the show writers are always trying to paint the characters in a light so that we like them all the time. (See many people’s reaction to Booth this season.) But I think they only do that as plot devices, and have the character come around to learn something at the end. Whether it works or not is a different story. I agree with MJ about what it was about, so it worked for me. I disliked the using Booth’s sperm and discounting his feelings SL more than I disliked this, so to each his own. But if I can try and fail at things, I can certainly allow that to happen with a show without going up in arms about it. But I think they succeed more than they fail. The day I feel the tables are turned, I would have to re-evaluate my interest in the show.

        Side note re: Hacker. Honestly, why would Brennan just know what she means to Booth if he doesn’t tell her. His feelings had gotten deeper by that point, but I don’t think she was aware of that yet.

      • I don’t think it was a question of knowing what she meant to Booth (although I think she did, her speech in the 100th seemed well planned) but Booth said that her dating his boss would be awkward for him professionally.

        And she basically said “well too bad for you.” Discounting his feelings.

        I don’t think I’m up in arms about anything. I know you can’t hear tone on the internet but I assure you my arms are down. And I guess… whew, I mean, I didn’t say the writers failed. I didn’t say the show was a failure. I said I don’t always like the way Brennan’s character is written.

      • I should have said I don’t think your arms are up. Honestly, I love how you think about the show. You accept what you like and dislike without getting overly emotional about it. It was more about what I see other people doing. Yeah, by the 100th she knew. But it could have been because she really started thinking about it from that moment.

        With the exception of Sully, Booth has always had something to say about who Brennan wants to go out with. When it’s really none of his business. Despite any feelings Brennan may have had for Booth, she never tried to intimidate his dates, tell him not to date someone, or crashed when he was on a date. Maybe she just thought he was overstepping his boundaries, so yeah, she did ignore him. There was the fact that Hacker was his boss, and in her mind Booth’s concern would be about her talking about him. She broke her promise, and that was wrong. She knew she shouldn’t have, but she didn’t realize how big of a deal it was for Booth. You know what, if this show has taught us anything, it’s how confusing and messy things can get when we don’t own up to our feelings.

    • Totally agree. I always had a problem with her ‘no more shiny baubles’ because as soon as I saw Hacker in Season 5 I immediately thought so much for that idea. Brennan likes shiny baubles. She was attracted to that creepy science guy at the Collar Institute later on in Season 4 and but for Booths speech about the mark people leave on us should fade away and not be scrubbed off-I think would have accepted his offer.

      I also hoped when she took him away from the group that she was going to offer a private apology or reassurance that he was not a loser, but nope.

      I spent much of this episode disgusted with Brennan because she accepted what Jared told her without evidence, but completely disregarded Cam’s ‘antidotes’. I was underwhelmed by her speech and felt it was the least she could do.

      She was right about Booth rescuing Jared though. I was glad that gave Booth the push he needed to go have it out with Jared.

      • So was the fact that she was attracted to Hacker what made him a ‘shiny bauble’? Because I don’t see that her going out with another man has to invalidate her opinion of Booth. She wasn’t going to go out with Booth because they still weren’t looking for the same things out of a relationship, so yes, it would stand to reason that she would date other people. I don’t know why people hate Hacker so much, anyway.

      • c-bones, I commented above re Hacker. And to add, they could have had Brennan date anyone, they chose to create a character who was Booth’s boss. I guess so the whole thing could play out right in front of Booth and amp up the angst? So we could have that egg moment? (Which is another scene that makes me think “I’m supposed to LIKE Brennan, right?” Right?”)

      • I would say Booth paid her back in spades for the egg moment. She broke his confidence about an entree, he broke hers about a moment of personal crisis.

      • I’m not touching that, MJ because we disagree and neither of us are going to change our minds. But I must point out that while watching season 5, I obviously had no idea what would happen in season 6.

        I’m just saying, there have been times (from season 4 onward) when the writers have Brennan do and say things that make her appear very unlikeable to me, beyond the level of “here’s a 3D character with flaws”.

        And I don’t think it’s *just* me, because I’ve read comments from more casual viewers on general TV sites to the same effect.

      • I actually agree with you about the “off” moments for Brennan. I think as a character, she’s often treated more harshly than Booth. He’s very much the tortured-soul-white-knight-uber-alpha-male every woman wants to hug, feed and take to bed (maybe not in that order). Brennan is the one given the WTF moments – at least until S6, and then Booth’s issues were still all Brennan’s fault.

        (I should apologize for bringing up the Booth Ratted Out Brennan moment. I know no one agrees with me and most of the time, I just let it go. But I’m still home sick, no one wants to hear me whine and I don’t feel good. 😦 My little temper tantrum helped. A bit. 🙂 )

      • Sometimes it seems like they have an entirely different writing staff from before. And for me, it’s not just Brennan that happens to. But it seems like those are some crazy aberrations (that Hart allowed to happen) and I do my best to try and act like it never happened. I think everyone but Sweets I can find redeeming value in (**ducking tomatoes**.)

      • I’m kind of on middle ground here. I can see that Booth felt that he needed to be honest with Hannah. I get that. But Brennan deserved a heads up. I’ve said it before, but I think she had no idea that Booth moving on might negate the “What’s between us is ours” comment.

      • The thing that always bothered me about this episode is that as an anthropologist Brennan has had years to evaluate the qualities in Booth that made him into an admirable man and to realize his alpha maleness. Yet one offhanded remark from a man she has only just met, even if he is Booth’s brother, weighs more with her than her own years of experience and all of Cam and Angela’s input. That just never made sense. And I agree with va32h, there are episodes where they have written Brennan as a character I just plain don’t like. And biased as I am, I can only think of one where that was true of Booth and that was in the lamentable season 6. But the end of this scene where they share cake and Booth lets Brennan even more deeply into his personal space with the confession about his father, is so touching that it balances out my irritation with her. Regarding Hacker, if they had just stayed away from the ‘romantic option for Brennan’ bit and used the character as a foil for Booth, it could have succeeded brilliantly. Hacker was a funny guy.

      • @ EL: I’m wondering if Bones so easily believing Jared was one of those plot devices to move the story long that we “love” so much, aka the Hannah proposal. Like you say, the ending of the ep is so touching…and maybe that was what they were going for. Same thing about what they did with Hacker’s character. Maybe they knew they only had him for a few episode arc and tried to make the most out of it. Same thing with Hannah and Jared. They are not regulars, but actors that might take other jobs, or for whatever reason are temporary. That might influence how TPTB use them. Or like the strike disaster of season 3 where they rushed up the Gormogon arc…maybe there is a reason they make the characters seem to go OOC for awhile. And at the end of this ep, we got the lovely cake moment. With Hacker, we had Booth seeing Brennan with another guy and facing some discomforting feelings there, and same with Hannah as far as making Brennan realize the pain of Booth potentially moving on. Same with jerky Jared. They are brief, guest stars, that have to get the plot going quickly before they’re out the door.

        I don’t know for sure what is what, but I think there’s always more going on than we know. Also for lack of time, good deleted scenes get cut which make the storylines more cohesive, so sometimes important transitions and scenes are edited out.

        But through those seemingly OOC moments, I think we get great character development out of them on both sides of the B&B coin, so maybe even if I don’t 100% “get” why they do something, the end result is usually awesome enough for me not to care 🙂

  5. Yeah, this is one episode where I’m just not as upset as other people. What people say they didn’t hear, I heard. Sure, I was kinda disappointed that she had been really stubborn when Cam was trying to give her some advice. But she did end up considering it, and gave Jared a chance to speak for himself. Really, as a general rule in life you shouldn’t always take what people say about others at face value, but I will say going out with him and kissing him is going over and beyond that. And I don’t believe Jared was completely wrong about what he was saying – he just skewed the evidence in his own favor. And I absolutely loved her speech. By the end, she learned her lesson and her heart was in the right place to fix things with Booth.

    I actually think she did say Booth wasn’t a loser, and what she said was, IMO, better than if she had said those specific words. Willing to go against what her beloved anthropology taught her, calling him a real alpha-male, explicitly listing those qualities that make him one (in front of friends for everyone to know)…I just don’t see where saying “You’re not a loser” would have the same kind of impact as what she said. And I believe that alpha-male is pretty much on the opposite end of the spectrum from loser, so Brennan saying he is an alpha-male IS saying he isn’t a loser.

    As far as whether she had the right to say anything to Booth about Jared…I don’t have a problem that she did, but others can disagree. Brennan cares about Booth. And if she didn’t say something, Sweets would have, and Booth would have appreciated that less. So I think she figured if it had to come from one of them, it would be better from her, and she was right. Of course Booth deserved the credit for the case, and Brennan thought so too, but I don’t think that was the issue. And once again, me reading between the lines, I thought that’s kind of what her “Oh, Booth” and what she said afterward implied when he told her. That she felt for him because he didn’t get the credit he deserved, not as a sacrifice for a noble cause (as you pointed out,) but to cover the mistake of a family member. She wasn’t just thinking of the present moment, she was thinking beyond the moment. Her saying what if it happens again meant what if in the future Jared makes another mistake that takes away credit Booth so rightly deserves. Not only was the situation not fair to Jared, it was not fair to Booth. She saw that, and that’s why she said something as his close friend.

    Looking at the bigger picture, it’s all about the story, and in particular this time it was about Brennan’s character development. So if it wasn’t this situation, it would have been some other situation to cause conflict between them, but at the end she learned so much and appreciated him even more.

    • Brennan is fairly consistent in how she deals with advice from people– it takes her time to admit that they might be right. The only exceptions to that tend to be Booth and Angela who she seems to trust. I actually like the fact that Brennan thought about what Cam and Sweets said before acting– and she did act. She did go after Jared and let him know that she had misjudged him and she told Booth in front of their friends that she had misjudged him as well.

      Brennan is Booth’s conscience when it comes to his brother and he is hers when it comes to her family. And Brennan can say something to Booth about Jared and not have it impact her relationship with him whereas when Cam did, it apparently was 6 months before he spoke to her again. It tells us just how much he values her opinion. That’s why he’s so upset with her assessment of him– he values her in a way he didn’t value Cam. (Yes, he could have been angrier or at a bad time in his life, but his reaction to Brennan is softened by her toast. And he does put off Cam at the lab– dismisses her concern with a lie. He really doesn’t want to discuss it with her at all. Brennan becomes a different issue because of how and where she brings it up– his territory, where he should shine and he doesn’t feel particularly shiny at that point– a bad interview with a suspect and then Brennan bringing up the issue– he’s angry.)

    • Sometimes, I think you have to be very blunt with Booth. In this case, I think he really needed to hear the words “You are not a loser.” He appreciated Brennan’s speech; but, I think he would have prefered more direct words. We saw that in Killer in the Crosshairs, when Brennan told Booth, Brodsky is bad you are good. Sometimes he really needs and wants to hear the words.

      • I see your point. But is that really true in that instance, because the writers had it play out the way the wanted, and Booth accepted what Brennan had to say. To me, the most important question wasn’t really “Do you think I’m a loser?”, the most important question that was implied was “What do you really think about me?” I think it was very clear what she thought about him, and apparently it was clear to him, otherwise I don’t know how we would have had their moment at the bus stop.

  6. Aaargh! gotta run this am, so I’ll have to come back, but this is one of my top, top episode endings ever. It wqs so nice to see you pick it! Thanks (if I could figure out how to use the smiley face thingy, there’d be one right here.)
    And here’s one of my questions of the week: was Booth’s character intended to have such a troubled past, or did it evolve that way as the show got more popular and Booth’s character got more and more fan mail? I mean, we know about his sniper issues and a little about his troubles with Rebecca, but in this episode all becomes clear: his issues come from way, way back. so was it planned, like Brennan’s journey, or just happenstance? Would love to hear your opinions. PS-I love this episode because it fleshes his character out so much, and we finally get a real diagnosis of all the other syptoms of disfunction we’ve already seen. It all made perfect sense after that.

    • I think that Booth’s abusive past was totally created for the episode. In season two Booth tells Gordon Gordon, “Wrong tree, doc. Dad and I were tight.”

      He also told Brennan, “I LOVE my father” and that if he had a chance to talk to him again he would. Also in season two, I believe.

      I don’t see why Booth would have said those things (he could have just kept his mouth shut) if his abusive past had already been conceived as part of his character’s back-story.

      • I’m not so sure. On the one hand, the abusive past seems to come out of left field. But on the other hand, I think Booth is the kind of guy to say things (which includes lies) which will get people off his back when they are getting too close into his personal stuff.

        However, it is really plausible that as the series continued, they wanted more character to flesh out. Hopefully we’ll get more in the upcoming season, and maybe somehow all of those things are true – he loved his dad in spite of the fact that he abused him. Even after we find out about his dad, we never hear Booth talk about his dad in a mean and spiteful way. The last memory he brought up was a happy memory. So he seems more sad than angry and bitter. Hmmm. Like I said, I hope to see more to fill in the gaps.

      • It will be interesting to see if Booth’s past/father issues are brought up this season…. I think they may be. Anyway, Booth saying he loved his father, was close to him, and would talk to him if he could all still seem okay to me even if his father was abusive. A lot of children – I know some very well – with abusive parents with substance abuse issues still love their parents very much. We heard Booth tell Brennan about his “one perfect day, best day of my life” with his father at the World Series when his father was sober. We know Booth’s father left, we also – along with Brennan and Pops – know he was asked to leave by Pops and did. I could see Booth really trying to remember the good times with his dad and holding on to those memories – that was the man he loved and probably wished he could have had more of in his life. Booth knew his father had a struggle with alcohol and protected Jared from his father’s wrath when he was drunk. It would be very hard for a child to see their parent go to such a dark place and probably wonder why he couldn’t stop. We know Booth likes to “fix things” so I could see him not really dealing with abusive past with his father and only trying to concentrate on the good. The question I have about Booth and his father is why didn’t he try to find him? Right? He’s an FBI agent, surely he could set out to find his father. That’s where I think his conflict lies. Surely after becoming a father himself, Booth had to have some more conflicted feelings toward his father. We’ve seen how hard Booth has tried to be part of Parker’s life under some difficult circumstances with Rebecca. Booth himself has a gambling addiction, he’s not perfect, he also has anger issues that he tries to control. Booth once told Brennan parents do the best they can. Having said all that, it has weigh heavily on his mind that his father walked out and never came back. His father didn’t get help and he didn’t – as far as we know – try to come back for his children. I don’t know if Booth learning that Pops asked his father to leave really makes any difference at all….it doesn’t change the fact that he left and stayed away. Anyway, yeah, my mind goes back to wondering if Booth ever tried to find his dad or if his dad is even still alive. I think a lot of Booth’s issues in trying to make things right and doing what he considers as the right thing come from his issues with his dad. And, yes, I totally agree about the whole Hannah/proposal thing. I understand that he did love her, but I also think a lot of the motivation came out of wanting to do the “right thing”. But, yeah, Booth has issues. LOL.

    • I think it was added later but I have no problem with that. It happens. Writers have one idea, as the series goes on, they get other ideas. Booth was originally going to be one of many agents Brennan worked with. They changed. I think Max’s character was supposed to be more dangerous, he changed. Cam was supposed to die, Zack was supposed to die…a TV show is a living thing and the stories change.

      I don’t think Booth saying he loved his father or would talk to him again are incongruous with an abusive past. Abused children still love their parents – which is one of the reasons it is so hard for them to speak up.

      As for telling Gordon Gordon “we’re tight” – well, Booth doesn’t want to be in therapy at all and he does not want to talk about his past. It’s easy for me to fanwank that he lied, just like I conclude Brennan lied about the grandfather who got her out of foster care. In both cases, they were discussing their past with people who, at the time, they barely knew.

  7. For me, this scene (and this episode) was all about Brennan realizing Booth was her standard. And without using those exact words, she told him that.

    I also think Booth needed to be called out on his ‘saving people’ thing, especially where Jared is concerned. I believe he really thought he was doing the right thing, continuing to pull Jared’s feet from the fire, continuing to take responsibility for everything that happened around him (Brennan getting shot). He needed a little slap on the forehead and a firm ‘stop that!’

  8. C-Bones Yes she was attracted to Hacker because he was a shiny bauble. Assistant Deputy Director of the FBI-the man basically in charge. Brennan likes men with titles and status. I was often appalled at how just about every man seemed to interest her, but she wouldn’t even try with Booth.

    • Well, I think it’s unfair to say that every man seemed to interest her. Hacker was the only guy we had seen her with an in-charge position, so I don’t see that as a norm for her. Super-confident, slightly cocky men, maybe. And I’ve never seen Brennan like a guy who wasn’t showing interest in her. I just think it was a thing of mutual interest. And her not trying with Booth had more to do with protecting what they already had. I think her conversation with Cam about Booth and Catherine said a lot. She liked Hacker, but not like how Booth wanted to like someone. To me, it was more respectful than leading him on to think she wanted the same things from a relationship that he did.

    • Oh I do not get that vibe for Brennan at all! The reason she wouldn’t even try with Booth has nothing to do with status and titles, but that she knew, if she gave in to her feelings with Booth, she’d fall so hard, that if something happened, she might never recover. Cam even cautioned Booth on that very thing when he wanted to confess his feelings after the coma dream. Brennan doesn’t easily attach to people after her parents’ abandonment, and then after Zack’s situation…she took that hard. That she’d never given him any gifts. When VNM died, she took it so hard, that she took his final words as against her, and it broke her down. These guys she dates, she has no deep emotional tie to them, and they can come and go without truly hurting her. She put up wall after wall against Booth specifically because she could tell they were deeply connnected, and a romance tried and gone bad with him would be heartcrushing.

      • I didn’t say she wouldn’t try with Booth because he lacked status. I know she cared about him. I said men of influence attract her. Hacker was a doofus. He wasn’t suave and charming or even paticularly handsome. As far as I was concerned the only reason she would go out with him was because of his status.

        I’m in the same boat as Va. I very often wonder if the writers are trying to make me dislike the Brennan character in any given episode. If so, it worked because there have been many times I wondered what the hell she could have been thinking.

  9. I think we as fans sometimes need to step back from taking snippets of dialogue, and turning it into more than it was probably meant to be. Perhaps the writers don’t phrase things exactly how we would all the time, and maybe the characters don’t always act precisely as we think they should, but do we put too much into certain aspects? I think we have a tendency to. And we might pick apart different dialogue or actions based on our own experiences in life.

    But I can’t discount Brennan’s speech or her intent because maybe a line or two didn’t sound quite right. Personally, I think it was supposed to be not quite right and awkward, because its Brennan. I like that she doesn’t say or do the right thing all the time (nor Booth either) because they are flawed and we are supposed to see their journey. Even through the rough patches. Brennan is still on her journey from uber lab rat who has little to no social skills to Mama Bones. When she does things like the “egg situation” it is not out of spite or meanness, it is often quite accidental. I kind of like it because it shows her deep bond with Booth that she can’t stop talking about him on dates, and that she knows facts about him that no one else knows. And she learns that she needs to be careful in what she says…and that was a valuable lesson for her to learn.

    However in this particular scene, I think does a lot of things right. She takes a public stand of support for him. She takes him aside privately to express concerns and not embarrass him publicly. She is showing concern for her partner. She discounts anthropology and uses psychology. (Though she hates it! haha) That is like major Brennan growth, and I think its super great.

    Also, Booth looks so hot when he’s all grumpy and fierce. 🙂

    • “I think we as fans sometimes need to step back from taking snippets of dialogue, and turning it into more than it was probably meant to be. Perhaps the writers don’t phrase things exactly how we would all the time, and maybe the characters don’t always act precisely as we think they should, but do we put too much into certain aspects? I think we have a tendency to. And we might pick apart different dialogue or actions based on our own experiences in life.”

      Just…this. Thank you. I find it sometimes helps to go with what I think the intention was, even though we can have different ideas about that.

  10. I think Booth would have felt better hearing the words “I don’t think you’re a loser” and it would probably have been more (and also less) of an issue were it anyone but Brennan, but because it was Brennan, he took her offering and chose to accept it and make it work for him. Much like in The Goop on The Girl, when she invites him for Christmas dinner because his “family and friends have shunned” him and he thinks it’s a “sweet” invitation. Booth always chooses to see the best in Brennan, something that we who watch the show can’t always do =)

    • I think you make a great point here Natalie. Both characters are far more forgiving of each other than we as individuals may be in their place, either as fans watching the show, or our actions in a similar situation. Booth accepted her apology, he took her advice about Jared, and he confirmed (at least partially) to her what the squints had been saying about his childhood, which was a huge admission from him. I think there are parallels to season 6 in that Brennan never took saw or took personally any of Booth’s action wrt Hannah. She did not share the anger that a portion of the fandom expressed on her behalf. I think they both understand that they are trying and are there for each other, and I think they have always held a bit back, so as not to repeat the nasty fight that separated them in the flashback to the 100th.

      As far as her actual speech, I was disappointed in Brennan when I heard it. To be fair to her character, I feel that the writers put her in an untenable position. Anthropology is her life’s passion and one of the cornerstones of the show. A few episodes later in Salt in the wounds she is referring to the head cheerleader as an “Alpha Female” and her subsequent actions in season 4, 5 and beyond show that she hasn’t abandoned the thought of Alphas, though she seems to have stopped using the term. She doesn’t view Anthropology as wrong, and she IMO didn’t continue to see the Alpha theory as wrong, but misapplied to Booth.

      What bothered me about her speech is that while she expressed contrition, she never (in my eyes) took responsibility for her actions, but instead blamed it on following something that was incorrect. My view is that while she may have wanted to get information on Booth from what she regarded as a trustworthy source (Jared), she erred badly and hurtfully in not evaluating him before accepting his words. She made the leap that he lost the RICO bust due to his own failings all on her own. Jared planted the seed, but Brennan went through the motions and applied the assumptions to Booth, even after all of the team spoke up for him. That was a saving grace of the episode for me, in that the rest of the team backed him up. But it never should have gotten to where she had to make a toast in public. I too would like to have seen her say “I was wrong” and not “Anthropology had it wrong” along with “You are not a loser” but again, it’s a case where the character accepted the apology and they moved on.

      I do think Brennan was right to bring up Jared and his drinking after, and she did seem to be intuitive enough to know that he needed a little time and distance following the confrontation and toast. I do think Brennan learned something from the episode, beyond consigning Jared to beyond hope. I could see assumptions such as this being an issue for both of them in a relationship, on both sides. They each tend to think that their way is the right way, and it remains to be seen how they compromise on issues. I’m looking forward to finding out in season 7, but I don’t expect it to be exclusively puppies, rainbows, and prancing unicorns for them.

  11. Brennan’s speech was so worth it. I think he needed to hear those words from her, they weren’t necessarily the words we all wished she would’ve said but then again, we are not Booth. Was she right to say something about his ungrateful brother? You bet! Good for her for saying something and made Booth come to the realization that his brother is an opportunist. He takes advantage of Booth and doesn’t understand that his actions are damaging his brother’s life. Go Brennan!!!!

  12. On a slightly lighter note, is this the only time a character’s birthday was recognized and celebrated on the show?

  13. Thanks, everyone, for commenting. I was going to hold off until part two, but after reading some of the responses, I wanted to totally come clean and say that I think a lot of my issues with Brennan in this episode are probably things I wouldn’t not like about her in any other episode. Rationally, I can see that in a lot of ways it’s SO Brennan, what occured. And after all these years, sure, we’ve learned to trust her heart and her expressions, perhaps more than her ‘words’ . I like to think I’m mostly evolved, haha, and usually, I can get over stuff. But for some reason, (and at this season four time, I was so crazy about Booth. I mean, I don’t know that I’ve ever not been completely crazy about him, but then?…big time) this was just this INCREDIBLE Booth moment and HIS reactions (I mean, OMG when he sort of corners her in the interrogation observation room–what always kills me is that he hardly moves into her space, but his presence is just…ridiculous. And like intruiging, when I say ridiculous, I mean exquisitely hot.) …well, those were sort of new…for me at least. It’s Booth’s actions and reactions that always throw me off Brennan-wise, if that makes sense. 🙂 It’s like…when he changed his actions/reactions, then it just amplified my response to the situation, on Booth’s behalf. I don’t know, there’s like this middle ground–somewhere. I don’t necessarily need more from Brennan, but I still wanted/want more for Booth (even if he’s cool with it!)

    • I love that scene too, Sarah. I guess it’s because we so rarely see Booth get angry, and this time he wasn’t just angry, he was furious. He usually reserves that fury for when he’s justifiably reached the limit, and her borderline betrayal of sorts clearly made him go there. And I loved him even more when he didn’t throw Jared under the bus by telling Brennan what just happened even though that would have eliminated her doubts very quickly. Angry, self-sacrificing, vulnerable Booth=very hot Booth.

      • I think what actually killed me the most in that scene in the interrogation room is that when Booth was looking to her, waiting and demanding her to tell him if she really thinks he’s a loser, and when she didn’t say anything, I think the bit that made me most sad for Booth is that he didn’t say anything either. He let it go.

        As much as I was thinking, ‘oh my god Brennan, tell him you don’t think that!’ I was also thinking ‘Go on Booth, have a go, tell her she’s wrong. Stick up for yourself!’ and he just didn’t. He backed off, away from the confrontation. And in that moment, I remember thinking ‘my god, he believes her. There’s a part of him that really thinks she might be right or that she really thinks that’.

        And that just broke my heart. And of course later in the episode we find out where Booth’s struggles with self-worth came from…

        ps: Jared’s an opportunistic, lying douche who’s jealous of his big brother and much like a child, wanted to take something away from him. All that BS about Booth being a sniper because he likes staying away from the front line – yeah right Jared, coz so many sniper-trained Army rangers are actually delicate non-confrontational cowards. Dumbass.
        pps: Yeah, really not a fan of Jared ha.

      • Sophia, I dislike Jared so much I killed him off in one of my fanfics. What can I say. He’s a user and I can’t stand him.

      • @Lenora,

        Yeah, Jared is a jerk, but isn’t there cause to say that the Booth boys are scarred by their upbringing? Yeah “our” Booth is a nicer guy, but many people see his propensity for rage and he’s talked about not wanting his son to ever see that side of him. Jared is just more obvious about his scars. He is choosing to take after his dad as far as drinking at least, and to some extent, Booth’s “protecting” him has given him freedom to do so. I don’t particulary like Jared either, I don’t think we are meant to, but I do understand why he is the way he is. Perhaps this Padme person (will we see her again?) will help him get on the straight and narrow, as Brennan has helped Booth?

      • bb, The difference between Booth and Jared is the fact that Booth thinks of others and Jared doesn’t. Booth does protect the ones he loves. Jared used the ones he loves. You can take the lessons of your childhood and use them to learn from or not. We like Booth because we know he has issues with rage and yet he manages to control them. Family is important to Booth. Jared manipulates people to get what he wants. I have someone just like Jared in my life and believe me it is very hard to be around someone like that. I suppose I should have some sympathy for Jared because his childhood sucked; but, he doesn’t seem to want to take responsibility for his actions. The only time we have seen him think of others was when Brennan forced him to help her rescue Booth from the gravedigger’s death trap. Instead of being a stand up guy and volunteering to help his own brother, Brennan had to embarrass him into doing it. I’ve really disliked him ever since that episode aired.

    • I’ve never been super crazy about Booth. Don’t get me wrong, I like him. But I can find myself disliking/being annoyed with what he does/says as much as I can dislike/be annoyed with what Brennan does/says. Sometimes I look at him, and I’m like, “Brennan can have that.” He’s so touchy, and sometimes it’s like everyone wants to coddle him while I want to clobber him and say get over it (not saying that’s how I felt for this particular situation – Brennan should have known better so it stands to reason that he was hurt.) Yeah, I’m really not the emotional type. But then I remember that he has deeper emotional issues and carries around with him a lot of hurts and heavy responsibilities, and he’s really a good guy and is pretty nice to Brennan considering how she treats him sometimes. So, a flawed yet redeemable character for me. I’m probably more likely to be upset on Brennan’s behalf, and I guess that’s a bias (unfair?) that I haven’t overcome.

      Not to get on a soapbox and rant, but I guess it lends to my perspective on what I say here.

      • Yeah, I think Booth and his whole tortured hero thing can be very appealing in 44 minute weekly increments but in real life- no thanks, I’ll take Hodgins.

      • But I guess that’s what makes them opposites and perfect together – they have the right amount of sensitivity together! Him with too much, her, not enough.

    • When Booth asked Brennan if she thought he was a loser, I’ve always had mixed feelings about what that pause really meant. Was it that she did think so, but then it seemed like a bad idea to tell him? Or was it that she was shocked that he even suggested that? I think a similar instance was when Booth was struggling with his ties to Broadsky.

      I think Jared’s observations in a way lined up with Brennan’s observations. Brennan kinda sucks at interpreting those observations, though. Brennan is so curious about Booth. I think she wanted more perspective on Booth, but ended up learning some data isn’t worth the trouble it takes to get. Jared’s interpretation of Booth was wrong, and I wish Brennan would have recognized that sooner. At the same time, because it DID happen, I think it made it more likely that that would never happen again.

      • Yeah I don’t mind too much when Brennan messes up in regards to Booth (even though its painful to watch Booth be upset) because she does learn and change and adapt her world view once she learns. She’s used to just doing things her own way in life, and sometimes she forges ahead without consideration, or she’s just oblivious to the social cues around her. But she takes Booth’s reactions to heart, and she wants to understand him, and once she does, its a beautiful thing. I just keep thinking back to early Brennan….she’s come a long way, baby (thanks Hodgins!) haha. And I believe she deserves some credit for that. And at the end of the ep, we see Brennan “getting it” and bringing the cake out to Booth, asking if he needed time and space, and it was truly lovely.

        The leaky pipe scene is coming to mind, where Brennan lets him teach her how to fix the pipes. She did not have to do that. Scenes like that make me give Brennan a pass when she does mess up I guess. We all do dumb stuff. Especially when it comes to someone we love. It happens. So I don’t hate Booth or Brennan when thesy mess up. They were trying so hard to maintain their surrogate relationship and boundaries most of the time, problems are bound to occur. It’s like they say in the immortal words of Sweet Home Alabama:
        “Look at them two welded together.
        Why do they fight it?”

        Now that at least for the most part they are not fighting it anymore, ie baby!, I am wondering…what new things are on the horizon for them?? Hmm….

    • This is a big episode for Booth. When he confronts Brennan in the interrogation room and when he goes after that suspect with a shot gun – whew. Oh, boy. So Alpha, so good, so hot. I think we all know make-up sex would be very, very good with Booth;) In fact, Brennan may bicker a little more with Booth for that very reason. Anyway, the scene in the interrogation room was a difficult scene because it could have come off so badly but it didn’t – we root for Booth in that scene, we want to – like Booth – understand Brennan’s view of him in that moment. A similar scene may be the moment in early S2 when Booth confronts Rebecca over Parker. Rebecca kind of threatened Booth telling him she didn’t have to allow him access to Parker and he pretty much told her to knock that off because he is a good father. He stood up for himself in a way that was strong and made us root for him. I am really curious to see the dynamic between Booth and Brennan in Season 7. I imagine there will be some conflict between them as they move into parenthood because, really, there would be no story without conflict. I can imagine Booth really, really liking the idea of having a family with Brennan; their own little unit and having that connection with her. As Seels described in this post, B&B have a way of looking at one another like no one else is in the room – just them. I think Cam knew Booth was in love with Brennan for a long time, she may have even suspected it while they were together in S2. I love the way he looks at her during that speech… what happens between them is theirs.

  14. Even though she didn’t use the actual words “I’m sorry,” I always felt that her admission that anthropology, her passion and her guiding compass to life, was wrong this time is pretty epic. She completely misinterpreted all the signs that were there all along about Booth and Jared because her academic background told her they meant one thing and one thing only. Brennan wasn’t about to rely on instincts or anecdotal evidence in her classification of her partner, just the generalities she had come to accept in her profession as the truth. So when she says anthropology has it all wrong, she’s essentially rejecting a lifetime of knowledge in favor of the intangibles she’s gotten from Booth. While I agree that an “I’m sorry” would definitely have been a nice touch (and weren’t we all fooled when she pulled him aside), Brennan just threw a lot of her beliefs out the window for him. I think Booth understands that, which is why he accepts her words without calling her out on what happened before. Still, that scene between them in the interrogation room always makes my heart sink a littlle-I can literally feel his hurt and shock at her words.

    • Maria, I would respectfully disagree that what Brennan had with regards to Booth was several years of solid evidence that she, herself, could confirm. It wasn’t conjecture, instinct or anecdote. It was hard evidence from a slew of worked cases that they had solved together. What she accepted from Jared was anecdotal and she accepted it without question in the face of her own knowledge. It may have made sense for the storyline the writers were trying to achieve but it never made sense for a character whose judgments have historically been based on fact, fact that she already had.

      • She definitely had all the evidence she needed in front of her, but i would argue that she’s used to classifying people according to anthopological models and she went with that in this instance because, quite franky, I think she was very taken by Jared and wanted to see him in that light. Facts need to be interpreted, and she went the easy route to get her to where she wanted to be. Why pick Jared? I agree with past postings that getting close to Jared was an unconscious and safe way of getting closer to Booth, of figuring him out, and this made Jared an intriguing prospect. He outwardly fit the anthopological criteria of the alpha male (which he does), and she used her scientific definitions to keep him on that pedestal. To me, the end speech signifies that while the label of “alpha male” may be correct, the definiton of the term as used in academia is wrong or at least woefully lacking. But I’m with you in that the characters aren’t always consistent in their views or behavior; the perils of having different writers on a show, I guess.

      • @Maria, what I didn’t understand is why she would have considered Booth as an alpha male model which she implied numerous times before this episode and confirmed by her own observation only to throw all that aside for a casual remark made by a stranger. Imagine Brennan’s indignation if it were suggested to her that hormones had skewed her judgment to accept Jared’s statement without any facts to back it up. She didn’t even try to argue with him and we know she would have tried to argue if the tables had been reversed and Booth had made the same statement about Jared.

        Despite the flaws in the script, I do love the outraged Booth scene and his fury that she would just accept Jared’s word about his character. Together with the egg/Hacker scene, those are two times that Brennan has run on about something and then looked up and seen Booth so angry and then blinked as if suddenly she was confronted with an emotional reality that didn’t fit any model she had memorized.

      • You know, I try not to assign too many motivations to the characters because they are, after all, fictional, but I tend to think one of Brennan’s motivations re: Jared was just plain jealousy. In season 2, she clearly envied that Cam knew things about Booth that she did not. I think Brennan just wants to be THE person who knows the most about Booth. She’s fascinated with him. So here comes Jared, a part of Booth, whom Cam also knows more about than Brennan does and it’s CAM who is the first choice as Jared’s escort, even though Brennan is clearly throwing herself out there.

        So when she gets the chance to replace Cam, I think she has something to prove. That she can have more knowledge, insight, whatever. And it backfires horribly of course.

      • You make a very good point. I think you are quite right.

      • One thing I disagree with is viewing Jared as a stranger. Yes, Brennan had never met Jared before. But he was no stranger to Booth. Being Booth’s younger and growing up with him would have given Jared a perspective Brennan could have never figured out on her own. I think that’s what fueled her curiosity.

        Brennan is a character with contradictions, and not all of them are the writers’ fault. Brennan herself would like to think that she makes always judgments only based on fact, but she doesn’t. She would like to think she’s always rational, but she’s not. Sometimes it’s a matter of believing what she wants to believe, deciding what’s factual and what’s anecdotal in a way that helps her sleep at night. Sure, it doesn’t put her in a flattering light, but it happens to everybody. Booth went through that this past season.

  15. Oh my gosh Sarah – your captions are priceless! I love it when you editorialize. 🙂 And the screen caps are AWESOME! Booth is looking so very Boothy.

    Anyway, I never cared much for the toast, but I like that Brennan pulled Booth aside to talk to him (and the little look and wave Sweets gives Booth when Brennan asks him if she’d rather Sweets give the talk is hilarious) and I like that Booth confronted Jared. Sure, Jared wasn’t ready to hear what Booth had to say, but I think Booth needed to confront his brother as much for his own sake as for Jared’s.

  16. OK three things. One, I remember feeling much like you, Sarah, about Brennan’s speech and even the fact of the mistake she made thinking Booth was (I can barely say it) a loser. I think she HAD to take a bullet so we would at least listen to what she said! This scene without the sling would have been different. Two. I think that Brennan’s reaction to Booth’s confession about getting Jared off of drunk driving charges was not what *I* would have wanted but I think it is consistent with Booth, who doesn’t mind breaking the rules but not if someone innocent is going to get hurt. If something did happen to someone because Jared was drunk driving, he would feel responsible. So maybe Brennan’s response had as much to do with Booth as with herself. Three. I am amazed more than once at Booth’s ability to accept what Brennan has to offer as enough. You’re so right. She never says, “you’re not a loser” and I would have been hung up on that if I were him (for years), but he sees what she offers as though in her place, empathetic in the extreme. Another case of that is when in Killer in the Crosshairs he is so upset through the whole episode that Brennan thinks he is like Brodsky but when it came right down to it, Booth good, Brodsky bad was enough?! Not for me, but he is very straightforward in some ways. I’m reminded of how Gordon Gordon asserts that they are not complete opposites. We often talk about how direct Brennan is in her speech and mannerisms; Booth has a kind of directness and honesty to him also. It’s more complicated than that, but then again so is Brennan’s directness.

    • Good point and this is why I think he responded the way he did in the car scene in ‘The Doctor in the Photo’, because what Brennan was offering, after all he had gone through and where he was at that moment, just wasn’t enough. He didn’t yet know that Hannah was playing him as a good time sex toy and believed that she loved him. So I don’t think Booth trusted what Brennan was trying to say but never really said and that was the one time that what she offered him as an emotional return on his investment in her just wasn’t enough for him.

    • Good point about the ‘Broadsky is bad, you are good’ line. I’ll be honest, I really didn’t like it. I couldn’t help but think, ‘Booth is neither an idiot or a child but that’s kind of how you’re speaking to him’. I was surprised he liked it.

      • Brennan probably normally wouldn’t have said it like that either, but it was upon request of Booth to put it in simple terms. Her first response would have probably started off on some theoretical tangent, but it seemed Booth didn’t want to hear that. And for the record, I think the phrase “You’re not a loser” sounds as simple as “You are good.”

  17. Sarah!! How brilliant of you to cap what went through Angela’s, Cam’s and Sweets’ head!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 HILARIOUS!!

  18. I’m loving this discussion, but can’t get though the “I got the moves like Jagger” going through my head everytime I look at the initial dancing clip 🙂

    So no intelligence from me today.

  19. I don’t care much for this episode though I do mostly like the the bus stop part. Brennan meant well with her toast but I thought it was inappropriate to say all that in front of everyone about how she doubted him and was distracted. She should have just made up for it with a public toast about what a great guy he is and then privately apologized for not trusting him. I would have liked her ‘stop bailing Jared out’ spiel to be more about ‘he’s an adult and should be responsible for himself and you should counsel him about AA and the dangers of drunk driving, etc.’ and less about ‘you are wrong to step in…’ She should have sympathized with his loss of credit on the RICO case.
    Booth needed to by wowed by her but instead I think her speech was merely adequate.

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