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Booth Week: Morning After Q- What Makes Booth Happy?


Good morning, and happy Friday!

One thing I love about Bones Theory is that the discussions inspire me. Just when I think I will never be able to come up with something else to write about– or if I think I know what I want to write about– a discussion will happen, and I’ll change my mind or be inspired again, etc. If any of you are writers or considering writing or if you are blogging or considering that, I can’t encourage you enough to let other people help you. Sometimes, for me at least, as a writer, I want to keep everything to myself–that never works. Sharing always expands an idea…it almost never reduces it. It doesn’t seem to make sense…after all, if I give half of something to someone else, I’m left with half, right? Yet, in my experience, when it comes to writing, or creative ideas, sharing with other people always leads to bigger things.

Oookay! Haha, enough of that. The point is that this morning’s question stemmed from some of the discussions that have occured this week, all the way back to last week’s MAQ. And now I’m wondering this…what is it that makes Booth happy?

Is it his job? Does putting away bad guys make him happy, or (based on the end of the pilot), does it just absolve him of guilt? Not that this can’t make him happy–Does that absolution (or lack of guilt) make him happy?

Is it his family? Is it sports? Is it the idea of something bigger than him–God or fate or whatever, that might have a purpose for his life?

Is it Brennan? Is it love? Is it knowing that he’s right about something?

When have we seen Booth truly happy? If never, then what might it take to make him happy? Is it something he can make happen, or is it something he needs to accept already exists?


Peace, Love & Bones,


PS…see you tomorrow for part two of the scene study, and the next round of “Rock the Vote 2011” will occur on Sunday! I’m happy to report that out of the thousands of votes, not a single one of us voted for the end scene of Bones That Weren’t. Yay us!


34 thoughts on “Booth Week: Morning After Q- What Makes Booth Happy?

  1. I can only think of a couple of times when Booth appeared to be happy for happiness sake. We saw Booth truly happy was in The Santa In The Slush. The look of wonder and joy on his face when he walked into the victim’s apartment was beautiful. We see Booth smile; but, we rarely see him with looks of joy. The other time was ice skating with Brennan in Fire In The Ice and when she came to his hockey game.

    To me, when he smiles, he’s usually doing it with reservation or even with a touch of sadness or melancholy mixed in.

    To answer your question, I don’t think very many things make Booth happy. I feel that there are two things that really do make him happy and that’s his family (with the exception of Jared) and Brennan, all else is duty.

    • Booth is a family man, even from the beginning. I see him as a guy who in spite of, or because of, his family history, wants the chance to be the kind of father his father wasn’t but his Pops was. It’s like he has all this love that he wants to bestow on his own little family unit, and he would be so great at protecting and providing for them, he just has to get it first. Now, we see that dream is more accessible to him now than ever before. So being in a secure, committed relationship, with a strong and steady love flowing both ways, raising a child with the woman he loves (especially the most) – these are things that I think would make Booth happy. Hopefully, this is what we will see.

      When I think of times when we see Booth being really happy, I think of when he’s with Parker, Pops, and Brennan. (I feel like as a technicality, I grudgingly admit Hannah made him happy before the breakup, but I really don’t want to include her so that’s why I didn’t, especially because she doesn’t make him happy like that anymore.)

      What is great is that we know Brennan likes to see him happy. I think her confidence has grown (and will continue to grow) in her ability to make him happy just by being herself, being supportive, and doing special things for him.

      • C-bones, I’m with you. Let’s not mention Hannah and the word happy in the sames sentence.

        I agree about Brennan. She really does like to see Booth happy.

      • C-bones, I agree with you too. Once he has a chance to have his family unit, I believe he’ll finally have a chance to be happy. Other than that, there have been moments that I’ve seen him happy – moments with Parker, Pops, Brennan, and his friends but none of these moments have made him more permanently content.

    • Lenora, I would add the moment in the fFot in the Foreclosure, where Booth is watching his grandfather dancing with the ladies and tells Brennan to give Pops one more minute. It goes to your theory that taking care of family (agreed-sans Jared) and making them happy makes him happy. It’s partly why his joy came through when he delivered the Christmas tree-Bones has become his family too.

  2. I agree with your examples, Leonora, but I would add the moment in Santa in the Slush when Parker shows up at his office and the end of that episode when he brings Brennan the Christmas tree. And the two occasions when he sees Parker in Man in the Fallout Shelter (when Sid brings him to the lab and at the end).

    Hmm…sensing a theme there…

  3. I agree with Lenora that two things make him happy: his family and Brennan, but I would include Jared now, too. They’re on ok terms now, and that in itself makes Booth happy, I think. he one example I keep thinking of when Booth shows pure joy is when Brennan tells him that she’s pregnant and he’s the father. It’s not until she adds “You’re the father” that he gets this incredibly overwhelming look of ecstasy on his face. It’s like he can’t think of anything better that could happen to him.

    • Oops, your right. He was extremely joyful with Brennan told him he was the father.

    • I agree that the look on Booth’s face of incandescent joy when Brennan told him she was carrying his child was the happiest he’s ever looked in six seasons. I would also add the scene where he is watching Brennan sing at the end of ‘Wannabe in the Weeds’ and where they are singing together in ‘The Rocker in the Rinse Cycle’. Many of the final scenes, like looking at the stars together or sitting on the capitol steps mildly drunk or running out on paying the check all seemed to make Booth happy and all were things he shared with Brennan. Making things right by catching bad guys, building things like Gordon Gordon’s barbeque, and sharing with Brennan, Parker, Pops, even Jared, makes Booth happy.

      And not to beat a dead horse but I don’t think Hannah ever really did make him happy. He had to lie continually to her about who he was and what he felt beneath the happy boyfriend veneer and never actually sharing his past, his demons, his doubts and fears would make no one happy.

  4. I think Booth is kind of basic when it comes right down to it: job, faith, family, love. He likes to have a job that gives him purpose, that he loves. He finds belonging and purpose in his faith. If his loved ones, friends and family, are well and content, then he is happy. He delights in other’s happiness. One time that comes to mind is when he was watching Brennan karaoke. All their friends were there, happy, enjoying themselves, and the look on his face as he watched her have fun takes my breath away every time. Even Fat Pam is sent over the edge by the pure joy (and love? hehe) there on his face. The coma dream made him happy. He had a job he loved, a wife-and then baby-on the way, and life was good for him then.

    Unfortunately for Booth, one part of these is often missing from his life at some point. He found purpose in being a soldier, but the death was not a part he enjoyed, and then in he had to return to train snipers and he did so, but not with joy. Or he’s denied love from people that should have loved him or treated him better, his dad, Jared, Rebecca, at times Brennan. But when we get a scene where the team is together and happy, maybe at Founding Fathers, maybe in the lab, Brennan’s house for Christmas dinner, etc…and Booth kind of looks around and sees those in his life well and happy, then he himself finds joy in that.

    I think we will definitely still get some angst this season, but also more joy in Booth. Now that he’s with the one he loves the most, I think we will get a “more content with his life” Booth than ever before. Even the promos on TV that have been coming out hint at that. That Booth and Brennan will find love and stability that they’ve really not known before with each other. I can’t wait! 🙂

    • On one of the fan sites someone posted a photo of Booth from S6 next to a screencapture from one of the S7 promos and….wow. LOL. I don’t know if it’s lighting or if DB is more well rested or what but he looks so much better! I know a lot of people felt and believed Booth seemed non-Boothy in S6, a little off from what we were used to. I don’t know if that was an intentional choice by DB or not but I do agree that Booth seemed different to me and the S7 promos do seem to be showcasing a lighter, happier tone.

      • In some of those season 6 episodes he looked gray and I don’t mean his hair. He also looked gaunt. Whether that was something the actor was going through or, as you say, a choice for the character, for me it reinforced the belief that Booth was not a happy camper during all but the last episode of that season.

      • David looked just fine to me in Season 6. Now, in Season 5 right after Bella was born and he and Jaime began dealing with their personal problems, he definitely dropped weight and looked gaunt through most of the season. It wasn’t until the last few episodes that he finally started to look more like himself. I thought he looked fine in promo pics and in episodes last year. Just he announced to the public that he had been unfaithful last May (2010) he and Jaime had already been busy getting their marriage back on track since September 2009.

        On another note, I love Booth and Parker playing football in ‘Finger in the Nest’. Such a great father/son moment. I think Booth is most happy with Parker. Next would be moments with Brennan when she is unguarded and let’s herself go like singing in Wannabe in the Weeds.

  5. Remember in EITB when Brennan tells Mr. B that he is made up of soft spots? Yeah, I think that applies to the real Booth too. He can be, as Brennan said, “very male” 🙂 He’s strong and tough but he has an ooey-gooey center too. The times we’ve seen him with Parker he appears at ease and happy. He lit up when Pops came to visit and, yes, even though little brother Jared can be “annoying” he’s Booth’s brother and Booth is happy when Jared is happy. Booth was happy in Santa in the Slush with Parker and bringing the tree for Brennan and her family to enjoy, I think he was also happy watching Brennan sing before he took a bullet for her. Booth lit up when he saw “Bones” in Harbingers” when she returned from her dig. I think he became happy when he saw Brennan at the gun range on Valentine’s Day and when he realized she came with the guns for him that definitely turned his frown upside down. Booth, to me, seemed to be barely containing some giddyness in CITG – mostly in the diner scene with Max. That smile he broke out into when he told Brennan he would get her to see Angela have her baby…lol. So goofy and Max TOTALLY saw it! And, the ultimate, his reaction to hearing he was going to be a daddy with Brennan. If that look wasn’t pure absolute over-the-moon joy I don’t know what is. I don’t even want to think about what would have happened if HH and co. were evil and had had Brennan get knocked up by someone else….I mean after Daredevil I think he may have had to been placed in a padded cell somewhere if that had happened. So love, family – and the idea that fate can bring that to you – I think that all makes Booth’s lion heart happy. Kind of what he said at the end of BITB, ” you know, you and me, love and life and happiness and fate”. He likes “fixing” things and taking care of the ones he loves and I think that does go hand-and-hand with being a family guy. I also agree that Brennan does seem to like being able to help Booth and make him happy. I think we saw that in the beginning of S5 when Booth was unsure about himself after his surgery. Her letting him “teach her” about plumbing is a great example. And, yes, after Hannah she knew he needed her as a friend and she was happy to be there for him, even if that maybe meant that was the only way she would be in his life. Gordon Gordon was right in that B&B are more alike than different. I think the idea of belonging to a unit means a lot to them and I think no matter what happens between them they will be able to agree that they want their child to be loved and happy and have some of what they did not as kids.

    • Regarding Brennan getting pregnant by someone else, or Hannah having come back saying she was pregnant (too late now!), oh the horror! And the sad thing is that all that stuff was a possibility for me right up to the end of the Hole in the Heart. They’re trite storylines, but that hasn’t stopped plenty of other shows from using them. I don’t believe I’m being spoilery by mentioning Hart’s recent interview about what would have been in store for B/B but for the fact that Emily was pregnant and they decided to go for it and incorporate that into the storyline. It goes like this, if I’m interpreting correctly: B/B end up sleeping together, but not necessarily being together and they end up trying to figure that out all through season 7. Other than pregnancies which didn’t involve each other, I can’t imagine a more depressing scenario. If that was my choice, then I’d gladly take them with more of their surrogate relationship and nothing else. For me, it’s count your blessings time. That fork in the road had a lot of scary tines attached. I think we’ll finally get to see Booth really happy in this new reality-thank you, producers. Happy Booth=happy me (who are we kidding-every Booth makes me happy!)

      • I’ve been watching the promos for season 7 and everyone of them makes me smile. I am so ready for a happy Booth and Brennan.

      • Yeah, I posted in the ED celebration thread about my thoughts on HH’s comments on the original plan for S7. Oy. Talk about unhappy or out-of-character Booth. This late in the series the games just get old so I think it is better to risk and “change the game”. I stopped watching Grey’s Anatomy because I just got so tired of seeing the same drama over and over. For sure. I’m happy but also slightly nervous about the previews we’ve seen so far for S7 because it seems so happy and good and, well, it’s almost like waiting for the other shoe to drop. Just call me Brennan! LOL. I can relate to Brennan in that way. Brennan couldn’t seem to trust love or its ability to last but it really can. It’s not easy, but it can last, endure, grow and strengthen. I think the only good thing that came from early S6 is that it showed another example of B&B facing some hard times and coming out possibly stronger. That’s why the original idea of S7 seems so wrong because I think still prolonging them is just down-right silly after the events of S6. You come out stronger, learn some lessons, and go for it. Brennan or Booth not knowing where they stand after DITP, Daredevil, even “you only love one person the most” is just dumb. So, yeah, thank you ED and fate! Now, let’s not screw this up! Let’s let B&B grow, and mature, and find their way together for their sake as well as their kid. And, yes, I know they are just fictional characters! LOL. I know there has to be some conflict but having Hannah come back or having some really ridiculous angst introduced is just not neccessary, in my estimation.

      • I’d like to think the scene where Brennan tells Booth she’s pregnant as a mirror to the end scene in Boy with the Answer and the 100th episode. In Boy, Brennan comments on Angel and Hodgin’s marriage and how everything is changing. She seems sad and confused and Booth offers her their partnership and another drink with him and she breaks away. In CITG, Brennan comments on how happy Angela and Hodgins are and wonders why they aren’t a little more hesitant because their lives have changed. Booth looked a little worried and tries to assure her that change can be good, and that Angela and Hodgins change is good because they love one another and are happy. Instead of running, Brennan stays and takes a risk and tells Booth some news that was sure to change their lives (wonderful, unintended symmetry to the beginning of DITP as well when Booth talks about how Parker’s arrival changed everything). IF B&B only slept together once by the end of CITG, I’d like to see Booth, in his elated state, telling Brennan he knows they can be happy, that they love one another, and that he’s ready if she is. Ready for love, life and happiness and that he really wants that with her and for them. Very similar to the 100th episode, but I’d like to think Booth is a little wiser and maybe even “knows” more now than before because, well, Brennan stood by him during a difficult period. And after trying to “move on” he still loved Brennan, unlike anything before or since. He’s that guy. And Brennan? Well, after DITP and her time in Maluku and everything that happened up to that point, I’d like to think she thought the universe sent her another signal, that she got another chance to go for it and did. She allowed herself to be happy and to let herself have the chance for a life she never thought would be a possibility for her with someone she loves and loves her. She CAN be someone who loves Booth and receives love in return. The beauty of it all is that it really does work well and flows, much better than what was originally intended. They may make no sense, but the heart wants what it wants.

      • You know the Hannah coming back pregnant or just having had Booth’s child is still something I get scared about when reading a fanfic where she pops up, even the ones where Brennan is pregnant, it is a constant fear I have.

        I read that interview too, and I am so happy they didn’t go that route, I really think we all owe ED a huge dose of graditude for being pregnant at what turns out to be the perfect time!

        And yes it made Booth one super happy, joyous man. 🙂

      • Anyone have a link for that interview? I haven’t seen it cross my Twitter timeline.

      • I think any fear we have about Hannah is thanks to HH having her say she thought they were only “done for now” at the end of DITM when Booth essentially told her to pack up her minimal crap and not to let the door hit her in the ass. *shudders*

      • Given how scrupulous TPTB have been about not adding Hannah into any mix such as the gag reel from season 6 or the reel they did for Comic-Con and basically pretending that she never existed, I think it’s safe to say we’ve heard the last word on her even if there are those who would like Booth and Brennan to have some sort of conversation that wraps her up in consolation prize bunting. But it won’t happen. She’s gone, she’s gone, thank heavens.

  6. I think happiness for Booth is in the simple things. Seeing the stadium seats in Blizzard. Him and Parker giving Brennan and her family a Christmas tree in Santa in the Slush. Eating pancakes in the diner with Parker in Mastodon. Ice skating with Brennan at the end of The Fire in the Ice. Coaching Parker’s T-ball team. Building a family with someone he loves. Big screen TV’s and seven-layer dip. Doing something special for a friend (Brainy Smurf anyone?). Saturday mornings spent teaching people the ins and outs of plumbing. What’s between us is ours. Video games. Hockey. Pudding. I’m sure there are tons more examples, but you get the picture. 🙂

  7. Oh, thought of one. Because it’s next on my rewatch of S6, the scene at the end of The Body and the Bounty, when Brennan comes out looking all adorable and pigtailed and red tutu’d and Booth literally scoots a little girl out of her seat, letting her sit on his lap (and come on, I know I’m not the only one who wanted to switch places with that kid!). He is just so happy and laughing and fist pumping and lost in watching Brennan let her inner child out to play.

    Such an oasis of happy in the middle of Hannahhelldom.

    • I always thought that they’d missed a bet by not having Parker sitting with Booth instead of some anonymous kid, especially after Booth had told Brennan how much Parker loved the show. It would have continued the storyline of Max and Brennan enriching Parker in science.

  8. I saw this MAQ on my iPod this morning and my eye caught:

    “Morning After
    Booth Happy”

    because the text lined up just like that.

    And yeah, my brain went there. But it’s Booth so no one is going to blame me, right?

    So that’s my answer; The morning after, with Brennan, makes Booth happy. Very, very happy. 😉

    • Jade, that was fabulous!

    • OMG, my mind went there too! LOL. I thought this was going to be a hypothetical pondering on what the morning after the first time with Brennan was like! Seeing Booth at the end of CITG it’s easy to envision him skipping through the hallways of the FBI building, dude was flying high there. In fact, I could almost see him high-fiving Brennan or giving a thumbs up. It’s hard for me not to imagine Booth not being really happy (even if it was the morning after VNG died and a sniper was running around town) about finally making love to Brennan. That’s why HH’s scenario about what S7 may have looked liked seemed so bleh. It would have been impossible for me to buy that Booth could have slept with Brennan but then not know what it meant to them or not being sure about what they were. Nah. Again, after everything and especially after S6 I think when they finally did sleep together it meant something. Booth going back to being just partners after going there with her just would not have been believeable. He struggled after the 100th episode so going back to things as usual after sex just would not have been at all believeable. It gives new meaning to the end of HITH when Brennan took his arm. If they didn’t have a lot of time together the morning after then there may have been some question about what that all meant but in that moment, when she took his arm, it was like, okay, we’re okay and life is moving forward.

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