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Rock the Vote 2011: Greatest Episode Ending- Round Two


Good morning! It’s time for another round of voting for THE Greatest BONES Episode Ending EVER! Although I suppose “greatest” is relative. Perhaps it should be “most popular”. Oh well!

Either way, place your votes here in round two! From the original nearly 130 episodes, I’ve narrowed it down to 64–pretty much half. Each episode below had at least 25 votes total.

This poll will close on Thursday morning at 12:00 AM. As always, feel free to comment below, but know that comments won’t be considered as votes.

Peace, Love & Bones,




22 thoughts on “Rock the Vote 2011: Greatest Episode Ending- Round Two

  1. And yet again I voted for WAY to many…I tried to curb it this time though so I was very strict! LOL

    Only the best of the best were voted for….which was still a lot, but less than there would of been!

    Though to be fair, there’s only ONE I want to win. And it is the best so it better! 😉

  2. Me again…I forgot to request the e-mail last time. Whoops!

  3. It’s “little” things like Rock the Vote that make me happy. 🙂 Also, it’s very hard to choose sometimes.

  4. I actually narrowed it down to 8!

  5. I really REALLY tried to only pick two per season this time. But then I got to S3 and I just love every freaking episode from that season and . . .

    It’s the thought that counts, right?

    • LOL – I tried to do the same thing…and then got to the later seasons and struggled – too many good ones!

  6. Why y’all limiting yourselves when we don’t have to, yet? Be free be free! 😀

  7. Ooooohhh; most of my favorites are still here. Yay! Curious to see which one actually wins. I won’t complain regardless. Hope you’re feeling better after your root canal, Sarah!

  8. Wow – this is tough. But I managed to vote for “only” half of these…

    So, “The Bones That Weren’t” was the only one that didn’t get a single vote in Round One? Just saw that the other night – making my way through the new S6 DVDs. I resisted the (strong) urge to skip right to “Daredevil in the Mold” and go from there.
    However, has anyone else found the “Hannah-button” on the remote? I think you know which one it is… 😉

    • I’m doing a one-episode-per-night rewatch of S6, too, and last night was The Bones That Weren’t. I tried to tell Brennan not to say anything about the x-rays but…..didn’t work. Hannah lived.

      • LOL I remember yelling at the screen when I first saw that ep. I wasn’t quite as vocal 2nd time round, but know that when my dvds turn up and I watch with hubby (who hasn’t seen season 6 yet) I’ll be back to yelling 🙂

  9. Season 6 has a lot of fabulous endings!!

  10. This time I tried to keep it at 5 per season and was pretty successful, except for season 3 (it was just that awesome) and surprise, surprise season 6 (guess it was better than I thought, lol).

  11. And I just have to shed a silent tear for the elimination of Gamer in the Grease. If you haven’t seen it recently it, seriously go re-watch. It’s so perfect. That is probably in my top three endings and it just doesn’t get a lot of love. But to me, everything just works beautifully–Friendly, flirty BB, Booth in that smoking hot suit, flirty BB, and that awesome song playing in the background. Really, I could go on, but I’ll just take a little moment of silence and mourn :).

  12. I tried to restrain myself, but I just couldn’t with S2 and S3, so I just stopped fighting and went with it. 😀

  13. I, like many others apparently, tried not to go hog wild and just vote for every single episode listed. I started out limiting myself to two. Then upped it to three. Then when I realized I need four, I said to heck with it and just voted with my heart!

    What I now realize is that this is only going to get more difficult as time goes on. I can tell some of the absolute best episode endings are going to make it down to the wire and I’m just not going to be able to choose between them! I guess I’m really going to have to start looking at the way the scenes advanced the story…but so many did in so many different ways! Ugh! This is going to be torture!

  14. By the way, Sarah…where did you get the totally awesome Rock the Vote picture in the email notices? I’ve never seen those shots before. They look great!

    • That actually came from the end of a Bones ep on iTunes ( think! ). After each episode there, there is this Fox promotional vid thing, and I think i paused that and took a screen cap. They were called TV’s Hottest Partnership or Hottest Crime Solving team or something like that. i’ve had the pic for a long time, but never had found a use for it…until now 🙂

      But yes, I love that too. I just added my own text to it (and a pic of the word Vote with the red v) and used MSWord to join the pics together.

  15. It’s so so hard to just pick a few…I ended up voting for at least half of those listed. 🙂

    This is going to get harder and harder. I mean, what criteria are people using as “best ending”? Are you voting best B&B ending? Best overall ending (including others)? It’s soo hard!!! There are so many…

  16. All of my faves have made it so far. Thank you. Of course that just made voting that more difficult. I voted for way too many episodes.

  17. thanks God we could vote more than 1 episode…

  18. If I’m not mistaken, many of us think The Bones that Weren’t had the worst ending with the sunglasses scene. Anyway, I was watching the episode, trying not to cringe with Booth and Hannah being affectionate. Maybe they weren’t as bad as I originally thought – well, Hannah’s voice was still annoying. You know, the show can kind of straddle the line of being too cheesy at times, but I’m usually fine with it. And I know Booth is an affectionate guy and softie at heart. But at the end of the hospital scene with him and Hannah, he gives a little growl that even I had to roll my eyes at. I mean, if he’s going to do that, he should at least try to sound more like Mufasa and less like Simba. Hmmm, I wonder how I would feel if he did that with Brennan?

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