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Booth Week: Top Five Tuesday-A Man and His Gun


Good morning, and Happy Tuesday to you!

One thing I love about Booth is that he’s an awesome shot, but he doesn’t necessarily love guns. Right? He will shoot (even to kill) when needed, but that’s not the way he is. Others of you have commented on that before, so this isn’t a new thought of mine or anything like that. But I thought for Booth Week’s Top Five Tuesday, we’d take a look at a few times (read: probably more than five) Booth used his gun. And I mean in the literal gun sense, of course!

(Sidenote: Special thanks to pal bbmagic for helping me muse on this one)

1. Protecting his partner.  The Woman in the Garden, Season One

2. Not Good- Gator in the Girl, Season Two

There’s no gun in this pic, only the aftermath, haha, when Booth uses his gun to stop a (somewhat annoying) ice cream truck driver’s clown from playing incessant music while he’s trying to get details on their next case in Florida. This gun action leads to Sully, and also leads to the cocky belt buckle (I’m pretty sure), and also leads to Gordon Gordon Wyatt. So, in that way–it IS good.


3. One Shot. One Hell of a Shot. Mummy in the Maze- Season Three

Edit: For some reason, my number three didn’t make the final ‘update’. LOL, I wish I could blame wordpress, but I’m guessing I made a mistake at some point. As if!

Anyway, I love the little bit of confidence that Booth has in this shot he takes. He ‘saves the girl’, and in this case, that means Brennan, but they also both save a girl from being a potential victim of their killer. Also, you all know that Squint Booth is up there with my all time favorite Booths! So, that, combined with his deadly accuracy for good makes this scene one of my favorites. That it’s followed up with Brennan later telling Booth that she’s sorry he had to shoot someone, since she knows he hates it…well, that’s special too.


4. He knows how to use it. Con Man in the Meth Lab- Season Four

Pardon the Toyota in the pic, but I still love this next-to-last scene of this season four episode. First of all, this scene gets INTENSE out of nowhere, right? Booth once again has to shoot to kill, but he’s so on point, so incredibly on point.

5. Getting to his people. Proof in the Pudding-Season Five

Remember the promos for this episode where they showed this scene and then Mr. White told the team that they were no longer working for the goverment, or something like that? Haha, as if one little tiny bullet smashing into a federally funded secured lab glass door would prevent this team from doing their jobs. 😀

I don’t know if it’s because it’s the Jeffersonian, if it’s because of the gun, if it’s because Booth wants to save his people (namely Brennan, naturally 😀 ), or if it’s the leather jacket, but…yesssss.

6. Booth vs. Broadsky: Bullet in the Brain- Season Six

Broadsky invites Booth to shoot him, and in this case, Booth doesn’t pull the trigger. Jacob sort of smirks at him and says he’s always known that Booth wouldn’t shoot to kill if there was any doubt. I find this to be a nice quality about Booth. This then set up a small arc in which Booth tracks Broadsky until capture. I love that, in the end, Booth hasn’t added Broadsky to his list of deaths.

So what’s on your list? Booth stretched out on that table in season six? Booth rescuing Brennan from Kenton in season one? Booth shooting out the speakers in season four? Booth rescuing Brennan (again) in the season five premiere? Booth getting his certification back in season five? I know there are more, so let’s hear them!

Peace, Love & Bones,



34 thoughts on “Booth Week: Top Five Tuesday-A Man and His Gun

  1. Con Man has pretty much been my all time fave episode except I’ve never understood why Booth suddenly is pulling out the shotgun in that scene. I’m sure all kinds of arguments could be made for it – but it always felt odd to me and very contrived… meaning they had him using it simply so that they could set up Brennan taking is holstered gun and ultimately get herself shot.

    I would put Hole in the Heart rifle Booth on this list. The scene where he code communicating with Hodgins and Brennan? Love the tension, love how focused Booth is, love how Hodgins figures out how to cut to the quick in giving Booth the info he needs.

    • Well I imagine it’s much easier to stop a car with a shotgun than with a handgun. Maybe? Booth is a trained sniper and very good at it, so maybe for something like that he would just be mor in his element using something held and aimed like a rifle as opposed to a handgun.

      Anyway it works for me. 🙂

  2. I love your list and I must say The Mummy in the Maze shot is my favorite on your list.

    I also love the fact that when Booth had the chance to kill Brodsky in The Hole In The Heart, he just shot Brodsky in the leg. I really did love the human element of that scene. Booth was cool enough to just wound Brodsky and yet still be angry enough to step on Brodsky’s leg for a small vengeance. It’s Boothy.

  3. I would add Wannabee in the Weeds, an episode when Brennan uses Booth’s gun (no pun intended) after he falls victim to Pam’s shot.

    And then he’s lying there, holding her gaze like he wants to make sure that if he dies, she’s the last thing he sees. *sigh*

  4. The recertification scene was one that was intense, hot and sweet all at the same time. You felt them subconsciously working together during it. The thumbs up became a sort of B&B code between them.

  5. That scene in Proof in the Pudding is my favorite Booth w/a gun scene ever, ever, ever, ever, ever. I don’t watch promos, and at that part of S5 I wasn’t part of the online fandom so I was 100% unspoiled, and I literally squealed at the TV like a little girl when I saw that. Hot doesn’t even begin to cover it for me. *whew* *wipes brow*.

    Also on my list would be all of the sniper episodes this year, but in particular, Killer in the Crosshairs where Booth goes into full-out sniper mode – staking out a vantage point, estimating the wind speed and direction on his cheek, making Brennan be his spotter and use his range finder. I didn’t even care if Booth shot Broadsky (okay, I knew he wouldn’t :P), but seeing him completely in his element as a sniper and showing that side of himself in front of Brennan without any hesitation whatsoever is just awesomeness.

  6. I love the first one you posted. I probably shouldn’t enjoy it so much (I mean do we really want our police/fbi etc. sticking guns in someone’s mouth and threatening to kill them), but it is so grrr, and we do know this is really a bad guy who was trying to kill his partner!

    Oh and Mummy in the Maze! Booth is amazing there, the guy is bleeding, ricochet shot in the leg, and shot by the bad guy in the side and he can still shoot through the wall and take out said bad guy. That’s the man I want by my side if I’m in a bad situation.

    Proof in the Pudding, good gracious who could resist Booth shooting his way into a place to protect “his people”? The man just embodies the hero.

    Then for those that you threw out there at the end; Booth rescuing Brennan from Kenton was awesome. The guy is all beat up from being blown up, leaves the hospital rushes in shoots the bad guy in the nick of time and then has to go back to the hospital to finish recovering. *le sigh*. 😀

    Then of course there is the rescue from Harbingers. This time he doesn’t need a hospital, and he can hold Brennan, give her a kiss (ok on the top of the head but it’s something) and calls her baby.

    It is all just so…yeah, I like Booth with a gun. 🙂

  7. I know I’m probably in the minority, but the scene from Bullet in the Brain is one big hand waving moment for me. Four other people died because he waited until Hole in the Heart to shoot Broadsky in the leg, when he had to perfect chance to do it in Bullet. Yes, I realize from a plot standpoint why they played it out that way. I just don’t buy it from a character standpoint.

    • Hmmm. Interesting point.
      *Begins handwaving explanation*
      Even though Booth knew it was Broadsky, maybe he didn’t have all the evidence to implicate him as a suspect in terms of the law so shooting him wouldn’t have been appropriate. And it also seemed like Booth’s original intent was to shoot to kill. I think Brennan even questioned him on that and he insisted. Somewhere along the way (after sleeping with Brennan?) he changed his mind. But it does make sense to me that he did because I think it was important in Booth’s mind that he sees the difference between himself and Broadsky – no vigilante justice for him. He’s supposed to be on the side of the law, especially since he works for the law.

      Maybe I’m in the minority, but after all that mess, a shot in the leg felt so anti-climactic to me. I get it was the right thing to do, and that’s probably why. Because on the other hand, Booth sticking his gun in the gang member’s mouth and threatening his life – totally intense and oh so hot, even though it’s not the right thing to do. But I’m okay with it since it brought us another part of Booth’s character development. I just think it would have been more interesting if Broadsky had died because he was resisting to the point where it was acceptable for Booth to use his gun and he received a fatal wound, or did something the equivalent of jumping off a balcony (Epps) that led to his own demise.

  8. I think I have to vote for “pudding” because that leather jacket + gun = HOT 🙂

  9. How about the first time (I think), in The Man in the SUV? Booth had to take out a guy about to set off a bomb in a public area. But he needed to see his face first to make sure. And there was also some nice comforting from Brennan at the end there. He didn’t even want to go back home to his girlfriend! Hmmm, I’m sensing a pattern.

  10. May I add Woman in the Car, where he orders (one of the very few times!) Brennan to stay behind while ho goes into the warehouse to rescue the little boy. Gosh, he looked good in that bullet-proof vest… Also loved man in the SUV because he refuses to shoot the terrorist until he can see his face. That told me so much about his character, that he wouldn’t kill someone unless he was sure it was the right person. And like I brought up before, him taking out Gormogon with that awesome music in the background and the scene where he refuses to shoot the apprentice because he might hit the little boy, wow. In Proof in the Pudding, also awesome when he shoots at the moving cart. Who knew exploding fruit could be so sexy?

    • PS-I’m hogging, I know. Brought up before by Sarah, I think, the scene where he could have shot Max and Brennan befgs him not to. You see the hesitation in his eyes, but ultimately he gives his girl whatever she wants.

  11. Okay, two moments that haven’t been mentioned yet (I think).

    The end of Knight on the Grid, one of the few episodes that ends with B&B apart. She’s reading to her niece and he’s alone at the shooting range, practicing, practicing, working out all the anger and frustration of letting Gormogon get away and a kid almost drowned and they sent kneecaps to Brennan and Brennan’s family is upsetting her and he’d really rather be firing his other gun in her direction right now…I digress.

    (Just saying…guns and the firing of and who has them and who is allowed to have them = all sexual metaphors in my book)

    Then a funny gun moment, in X in the File, when he pulls it out and it flies across the room. That whole scene, her scream, his reaction, the deal he offers her. Adorable.

  12. Love the blog Sarah, I’ve been reading it practically everyday for who knows how long. Love the choices, but I’d have to add the scene in Harbingers where Booth saves Brennan from that shady doctor. He busts the door open and then bam!! The dude’s just lying there on the floor. Such accuracy!

    Also, the ‘I got you baby’ bit really excites me

  13. I love how much we love Booth with his guns/shooting abilities 🙂

    I think its the intensity and the focus. Especially the ones like Harbingers, Mummy in the Maze, HitH, etc where Booth takes the guy out in like one shot, boom. Focus, intensity, hotness…oops I think I lost my train of thought 🙂

    Can’t think of the name of the ep, but its when Booth has to save Brennan by breaking out of the hospital early…runs in with no vest, take the bad guy out, and save Brennan himself by lifting with his head/shoulders because of the pain. And then they just hug. Sigh. LOVE that one 🙂

  14. Also, there’s The Man in the Morgue where Booth flies down to N.O. to help/protect Brennan. Detective Harding is suspicious of Brennan’s amnesia story. In one scene, Booth pulls his gun out when Detective Harding busts into Brennan’s hotel room to arrest her.

  15. Booth at the end of HITH. Serious gun, serious dueling snipers. The way he clicked whatever he was clicking on that gun to answer the call from the lab and being all intense…HOT. Seriously, HOT. Plus he shot Broadsky but didn’t kill him. Booth on the table in BITB was hot but this was the payoff. Well, that and him knocking Brennan up the night before;)

    I also liked Booth qualifying in DITD AND him shooting the bad guy in Harbingers.

    • So really what this all boils down to is Booth has his gun in his hand a lot.

      (Too much? 😀 )

      • What it boils down to is Booth has his gun in his hand and it’s hot. Sexual metaphor? Of course.

      • LOL. No, not too much:)

      • LOL, one of my all time fave GGW lines is “when it comes to a man and his gun, a woman is the natural cure”. Yesssssss

      • “When it comes to a man and his gun, a woman is the natural cure”. Amen. And I think we can all agree that Brennan cured whatever funk Booth was in post DITM. Hell, an argument can be made that he was Mr. Grumpy Pants for a lot of S6. But Brennan turned that frown upside down. See Booth at the beginning of CITG. Enough said. That was a relaxed Seeley Booth. Back to good humor in the diner scene joking and interest peaked to discuss the habbits of bowlers sneaking around for a little somethin’ somethin’. Footloose and fancy-free. No signs of brewing “anger” there. Nope. DB made a joke in the commentary for BITB regarding Booth’s line about needing time to “hang back and find his inner peace” something along the lines that he hung back and then, bam, Bones was pregnant with their kid….no more time for inner peace. Thank you, Dr. Brennan. I bet he would have scored very well at the shooting range, hey, what am i saying? He did shoot Broadsky square in the shin the morning after if you know what I mean. Booth’s aim was juuuust fine.

  16. I’m gonna go with your photo’s 4 and 5 (Love the almost casual way he’s turned away from the glass and come on, Booth running with a shotgun). Add Booth stretched out on the table with the sniper rifle at 3, 2 would be the “Gun goes first” scene and my number one has got to be the season five premiere kick and shoot in one fluid, super fast motion. Gotta love it.

  17. Mummy in the Maze – where Brennan pulls out that huge Dirty Harry piece… and is totally unable to wield it…so then they switch (cute!) also, Booth Dressed as a squint doing the badass fbi thing! (awesome!)

    …also, brennan freaking out in Wonder Woman boots, come on!

  18. Hello, people: Fatigues Booth with his government issue automatic weapon in Mastodon. I may not be a fan of the first half of S6, but I totally agree with Hart: David/Booth in fatigues — hotter than hot. And, with the gun, trying to save the little boy — I have to go turn the AC up.

    On the shotgun in Conman — without the jacket, excellent shoulder to hip ratio driving the heat still higher. Somebody, please turn the AC up.

    The second shot at the range in the Pilot. A man, his gun and a woman — sexual tension up the wazoo! I’m just going to climb into the freezer.

    Dwarf, Harbingers, Pudding, HitH.

    It’s all hopelessly phallic, but it’s all so very, very, very good.

  19. Anyone see the latest promo for S7? Is it a spoiler to say there’s a “gun” scene? That is all I’ll say. B&B love their gun scenes, don’t they?

  20. Definitely Booth in Proof in the Pudding and Harbingers!!!! Gets me EVERYTIME!

  21. I think this video is pretty relevant to this topic. This fanvid has a lot of the moments mentioned above. And can someone tell me what episode 3:26 is from?

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