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Booth Week: What’s Fate Got To Do With It?


(Edit from Sarah: Sorry for the delay on this one today! It’s all my fault. I thought it had posted, but I had it set to private. As if! 😀 )

One of the most common opening sentences used to describe Bones to the (poor people who don’t know what they’re missing) uninitiated is:

‘A cocky FBI agent and a prosaic Forensic Anthropologist work together to solve gruesome murders’

I’ve always thought this doesn’t really come close to what this show, and its characters, are about. There is a lot more to Booth than his sometimes cocky demeanour. And considering a definition of ‘prosaic’ is ‘lacking in imagination and spirit’ I think we all know it does a disservice to the lovely Dr B.

But thinking about Booth and his sometimes cocky nature, led me to wonder whether he always had a quiet confidence that between him and Brennan it would ‘all work out eventually’?

In short, has he always known that eventually they’d get together, or was it an unknown to him? A fated event that was bound to happen or for a long time, a love he believed to be unrequited? Has his relationship / partnership with Brennan in seasons past been a source of affirmation of his self-belief or a deconstruction of confidence followed by a building back up?

Booth is a man who has said he believes in fate, ‘that ol’black magic’ and that there is ‘someone for everyone. Someone you’re meant to spend the rest of your life with’. Does he still believe these things I wonder? Has his eventual relationship with Brennan proved him right, or has he now moved past these ideals, to a place where he wants it to be ‘more than luck’.

‘It’s going to be more than luck that we spend the rest of our lives together. Wait, did I say that outloud? No? Phew!’

In some ways, I think one of the clever things this show has done is slightly reverse the stereotypical gender roles of the leads when it comes to romantic relationships. In early seasons we hear Brennan talk about and engage in sexual relationships more frequently than Booth. Apart from Tessa, it’s not until season 2 that we see Booth with anyone at all – and even then they get it out the way quickly by alluding to the fact that Booth is not lacking for partners by showing him with two women within one episode. After that, there’s barely a hint of it until H.

In the early days of their own relationship it was Brennan who made overtures to move it forward sexually, not Booth. There are several moments in the first two seasons where I get the feeling that had Booth let it, Brennan would have been more than happy to engage in some physical urge satisfying. There are two scenes that make me think this. In Woman in Limbo in season 1. Booth shows up at Brennan’s house at midnight with Chinese. They eat, chat about their parents and their pasts and share a very intense moment of loaded eye contact. After which Booth breaks the spell of their look by exhaling, stretching and quite abruptly making a move to leave. I think he knew where that evening could have led and was stopping it in its tracks before things went a bit far. Brennan on the other hand is completely relaxed, I think she’d have been ok with either eventuality.

’This is nice. I like her. She’s all pretty and sparkly eyed and swishy soft hair...hold up, I better get out of here’ (nice forearm Booth. Nice watch. Nice shirt. Niccce)

The second time that comes to mind is in Truth in the Lye. In the next to final scene, Brennan mentions (while all up close and locking him in that blue gaze of hers, while he swallows and shoves his hands in his pockets) that she’s sure Booth isn’t short of prospective sexual partners, in a way that might be construed as a subtle play to show she might not mind being one of them. Again, I think Booth pulled back at that moment when perhaps Brennan would have proceeded.

‘Physical urges? Yeah. I have those’

And of course, all of this comes after what we saw in the 100th, which was a Brennan who asked him if he was seeing anyone and later suggested they have sex. Booth was delighted at the time, but he was also the person who told her he thought ‘this was going somewhere’. Brennan didn’t in fact want this to go anywhere at all and ran off to the cab to stop things, while getting irrationally angry with him the next day. This led to her refusing to work with him for a year. It’s no wonder Booth was careful not to let that kind of situation arise again.  

What I’m getting at, is that while the well trodden path of TV and movies often has it that it’s the woman whose task it is to slow things down, in Bones, that’s kind of been Booth’s role. That’s interesting, I like it.

What does all of this have to do with whether or not Booth always knew he’d get his girl eventually?

Booth is a man who knows he’s hot. He just does (he’s not blind). He’s known from their first case that Brennan found him attractive. But he waited. After that first case, he never overtly went there again until he asked her to try for something more between them in season 5. I’m starting to think that he always knew there was more between them than sexual chemistry and he wanted to wait until it really would mean the ‘start of something’.

See how pretty he is?

Oh ok, if you really need more evidence I guess I could bring out the big guns. Much like Booth has...

Now, I don’t know many (any) guys who are as good looking as Booth. His face, his body, his mannerisms, his charm. The dude has the goods. But I’m willing to bet that in real life, guys who look like Booth aren’t as nice as Booth. In fact, this is one reason I can identify as to why I love the show so much. There are hints that he was less evolved when he was younger, at high school and college, but even those are tempered with the information that Booth was always respectful of the women in his life, however temporarily they were there (I like to this this came from Pops)

So, Booth was confident that Brennan wanted him physically. But was he confident that she would eventually want him personally? Did he hold back in those early years in the belief that they’d get there eventually? Was he talking about them in those moments – when he told her there was someone for everyone, that everything happened eventually, that she too would one day experience transcendent and eternal love?

It’s the good scotch, for the good conversations

Or did he believe she had once wanted him physically but wasn’t interested in more? He’s a man who we know has well hidden, but deep insecurities about being wanted as a person. About being enough. He’s known many women who have happily gone to his bed, but none who’ve wanted to stay the course. This led us to speculate in season 6, once we realised that there was a lot he hadn’t shared with the beautiful and happily vacuous Hannah, that here was possibly a man who didn’t think a woman who knew all there was to know about him would value him enough to stick around.

And has Brennan helped or hindered these thoughts over the years?  After the beginning of season 3, she didn’t make overtures towards sleeping with him casually again – partly because she knew him well enough to know he thought there was more to have and partly because she was starting to look at what she really wanted. So on the one hand, he had a woman in his life who told him that she knew he’d never give up, that he was a good father and a good man. But at the same time she dated his friend, his brother and his boss.

I think that in the end, as so much did, it came down to the coma dream. He came out of that knowing with absolute certainty that what he’d felt all those years before was right – this is the woman to build a world around. But that brought into stark focus the fact that she wasn’t in that place at all.

I think prior to season 5, he put quite a lot of stock in fate. After season 5, he really didn’t believe it ever would happen – not least because she assured him it wouldn’t. He had to let go of a lot of what I think kept him going in earlier dark times of his life. Trust in fate and destiny, magic and romantic ideals. But although it was painful, I think he came out the other side of it in a much better place. A place of honesty and intimacy, a knowledge that good relationships require a lot more than luck, and that the rewards can be higher than you barely ever dared to dream. One thing I want to see from season 7, is a Booth who is incandescently happy and who can scarcely believe his old friends fate and the gods have seen fit to heap on him such a multitude of familial riches.

More of this please Mr Hanson

So – what do you think? Did Booth always know they’d get together eventually? Was he biding his time, waiting for her to ‘catch up to her own reality’? Or did he believe his feelings were mostly one-sided? Jump in, can’t wait to hear your thoughts!…


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  1. Part of why Brennan went ahead to date others was the line he drew and she believed him that it was something that he would not cross with her. Other men would make a play for her and when Booth did not go beyond the line he drew, she never pushed it. When the 100th rolls around, the attraction is something she is very much aware of but fearful of.

    I don’t think Booth was sure of them being together. Hannah became the new line in the sand between them, and despite the fact that he struggled with how he felt about Brennan, he was so angry with all women that he was willing to walk away from her. He drew another line in the sand and dared her to cross it and with that one, she maintained her assertion that she would be standing next to him, and always would.

    I think the events of season 5 devastated him and made him uncertain of Brennan. He chose to take the first woman who showed him interest (and other things– reminiscent of his time in high school under the bleachers) and followed his desire rather than his heart. Blizzard makes it clear he still believes in the magic of love, but later episodes show he just is not sure about her– he is a realist, too. He knows she still has the ability to back away and break his heart again and he doesn’t want that.

    The beauty of both Booth and Brennan is that they are not cardboard cutouts– they are three-dimensional and filled with contradictions and orneriness. Both of them can be so incredibly wrong about something and yet, so right about it as well. Both will backtrack and take a new view of things when given the right kind of evidence. Booth believes in the magic of love and wants to wrap Brennan in the same beliefs. But he sometimes gets lost in that magical thinking which is why he got hurt by Brennan and rejected by Hannah. He has a blind spot when it comes to his heart and the women he loves. I think he’s mostly a realist, except in matters of the heart.

    Being as cocky as he’s been in the past suggests a very confident man– but his confidence has been shaken and Brennan is so practical and realistic about most things that it might temper his belief in possibilities with her. That dynamic– a mixture of oil and water– will be interesting to watch with a baby and the necessity of being more than just partners, but a family.

    • Speaking of love and fate, here is a beautiful true-life story of a couple who died holding hands. They were together for 72 years! A true couple that loved one another for 50, 60, 70 years! The family they built said they loved being together and them dying together was actually a blessing:

      Seriously, how sweet is this? It’s rare but true.

      • Yes, I saw that article too camcat!! It’s linked on my facebook 🙂 This is the part that really got me:

        It was really strange, they were holding hands, and dad stopped breathing but I couldn’t figure out what was going on because the heart monitor was still going,” said Dennis Yeager. “But we were like, he isn’t breathing. How does he still have a heart beat? The nurse checked and said that’s because they were holding hands and it’s going through them. Her heart was beating through him and picking it up.”

        “They were still getting her heartbeat through him,” said Donna Sheets.

        AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW…….see THISSSSS is what Booth was talkin’ about!!!!! 🙂

  2. Wow, I mean wow. What a great, long, wonderful post! And, nice job on the picture captions. They are amazing 🙂 He does have nice forearms, doesn’t he?

    Hmm….Booth’s view on fate. It has been pretty rock steady, like his faith, but his faith got shaken, to its core, in the 100th with Brennan’s last rejection. What made this the last straw was that the coma dream had solidifed his feelings, so much so that he was sure she would take a chance with him. When she so vehemently said no, he just was devastated. I think the “fate” part of his brain shut down, and took a vacation for Season 6. Not that he completely threw all his beliefs out the window, but for his own sanity, he had to just put that on the back burner.

    When Hannah so unexpectedly came into his life, he probably had some thoughts about maybe Brennan’s rejection was to push him towards Hannah, his true fate. But even if he did tell himself that, I don’t think truly deep down he believed it. And I don’t really think his belief in fate came roaring back to life, until maybe Blizzard. Then that part of his brain started flickering back to life. However, by the time we got to CitG, he put his heart into overdrive 🙂 Which was completely noticeable by Max at the diner and at the bowling alley. And the viewers! haha

    I think Season 7 will see our good ol’ Booth, back, and better than ever. He’s made it past his tumor trouble (hallucinations, unrequited love for Brennan, physical and mental challenges), past Hannah, past a lot of his anger. And now he has the one he loves the most. Will they have problems? Most definitely. But I think his belief in the power of fate has been restored. I know I’ve said it a million times in “defense” of season 6/Hannah, but sometimes we have to go through pain to be stronger and have our faith be stronger. I think Booth definitely had a crisis of the heart/soul, but he has been restored.

    Our Cocky Booth is back! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Oh gosh, where to start? There’s a dozen meaty topics to address in this post. As you know, I love that the show turns stereotypical gender roles upside down. The men are sentimental and the women are practical. I love that.

    To answer your question, I don’t think Booth knew they’d be together eventually. I think he was attracted to her, sensed something in her that matched him (I’m big on Gordon Gordon’s “they are not in any way opposites”). But when he realized she didn’t have the same desires/goals for a relationship that she did, I don’t think he pined quietly for all those years. Early on, I think he “moved on” but cared about and sensed she wasn’t entirely happy and wanted her to be happy for her own sake. Then he wanted to *be* the guy that made her happy. For a while, he thought he *was* the guy who made her happy. Then he thought he was just fooling himself, then he went back to wanting her to be happy, even if it was without him.

    Like you, I hope season 7 gives us a Booth who is happy and happy to be making Brennan happy. And I want to see a Brennan who believes she deserves that kind of love and happiness.

  4. I don’t believe Booth always knew they’d be together eventually. He may have hoped, he may have dreamed but when he gave it that one big push and she said no, he backed off. I’m not blaming him – that was a very decisive NO on her part.

    And then Brennan had her mini-breakdown and there was Maluku and then Miss Tacky Extensions was waiting beneath the fig tree and voila.

    More than his belief in either Brennan or Hannah, I think it was Booth’s belief in love in general that took the biggest hit when Hannah said no to his proposal. As much as Brennan had to find a way to believe in love, Booth had to find a way to believe in it AGAIN.

    • Well said MJ. I don’t blame Booth for backing off after the 100th episode either. I do believe he held out some glimmer of hope until the end of BWTA. He was so hurt when he learned from Sweets that Brennan was going on the dig in Maluku. That lead to the heart crushing scene on the bench when he couldn’t meet Brennan’s eyes and then him saying that things HAD to change when they met up in a year. He knew, for self-preservation, that he had to really move on. I agree with HH that it would have been pathetic if he just kept waiting around. And i have to say if the original plans for S7 had taken place that that would have been ridiculous too. I wish Brennan could have told him her fears and that she needed time AND space to process some things but, alas, it was not meant to go down that way. So he took his time and space too and moved forward. I think thou did protest too much about moving on and things being in the past when he returned seven months later but, again, I think he was protecting himself. I think Booth knew the moment he laid eyes on Brennen again in MITR that it was going to be harder than he had hoped…that he was going to have to really reinforce some walls to protect his heart and preserve any progress he had made. He was walking a line from the moment he returned to D.C. and that line got more and more difficult to walk when Hannah showed up and post DITP. I think it fits with what Booth said in PITP about protecting his own feelings and leaving some things unsaid – I know that is not the most popular episode or end scene but I think looking at the arc in total I can see the whole picture.

      I think Booth WAS “over it” meaning believing in love, etc. when Brennan met up with him at the end of DITM. He didn’t know which end was up. I really do hope that it made him stronger though. I liked what Brennan had to say about getting stronger at the end of BITB. I know there are some different views on that as well but I liked it, especially in light of S6.

  5. When introducing BONES to the “uninitiated” I usually say….”if you’re looking for the best depiction of a relationship in the history of television…THIS IS IT” or something along the lines of “if you love me….you’ll love this show!”. I know…that sounds like blackmailing my peeps to watch it but it worked so far!! Haha. But seriously, “a crime procedural show about an FBI agent and a forensic anthropologist” just doesn’t do them justice!!!!!!

    I feel that Booth did think that they would eventually be together (especially during the Harbingers episode when Avalon said “it all works out eventually”…I think that statement made Booth very happy and hopeful–made me very happy and hopeful too!). I strongly feel that the events of their first meeting dictated Booth’s behaviour towards her greatly (especially why he constantly holds back his feelings). Brennan, on the other hand, seem to (think that she) love their relationship the way it is (despite her more obvious advances). Life’s ironic.

    Their love wasn’t “one-sided”, in my opinion. I look at them and I see two people who really really love each other but just isn’t doing something about it.

  6. Goooood post. Okay, first I just have to say that I know this is a tv show and that I probably put more thought into things than the writers! I also will admitt that I do believe the writers, in the early days, didn’t alway think that far ahead. Heck, even now. We know from HH that the plans for S7 looked much different until Emily announced her pregnancy.

    I think Booth did want to believe that he and Brennan were fated, that it would eventually happen. Can’t you just hear Booth thinking, “it’s gotta happen, everything happens eventually!” Booth could have easily been portrayed as a “ladies man” but wasn’t and I love that. That’s not to say it wasn’t happening off screen but that’s another matter. Anyone know the story behind Parker? We don’t learn – and neitehr does anyone at the Jeffersonian – that Booth is a father until Man in the Fallout Shelter. I recall Brennan in particular was surprised. He told Brennan about his gambling problem but not that he has a kid? And he didn’t talk to any of the squints about it either…. interesting. It’s a nice touch because I can’t think of too many shows that has their leading man have a child out-of-wedlock and the struggle being him trying to deal with that. We know Booth wants to be a good father and be there for Parker but his relationship with Rebecca complicated that greatly. He probably hoped his old Booth charm could help Brennan to see another POV on love. Brennan’s relationship with Sully HAD to hurt, right? Because it looked like Brennan really could make it work with Sully and Booth had to think that that could have/ should have been him, and why wasn’t it? I DO like how mature both Booth and Brennan were during the Sully/Hannah arcs. I really did believe they both wanted the other to be happy, even if that caused them pain. They were never silly in that regard and I really appreciate that a lot. There had to be a part of Booth that was “dazzled” by Brennan and wondered how it could work between them even if they did take that chance because they were so different. The coma dream gave him an actual picture – even if it wasn’t them. He told GG in DITD that he didn’t feel Brennan loved him – he couldn’t see it. That’s interesting in light of BITB when he told Sweets about the conversation in DITP. Booth tells Sweets that Brennan said she loved him, even though she didn’t use those exact words….he even tells Sweets that Brennan “basically said she still has feelings for me”. WHAT! Remember that part? That “still” part jumped out at me ( It’s like Brennan admitting in CITC that she dreamed of her and Booth together. WHAT!) To me that said Booth knew Brennan loved him, he knew it. He knew they had a connection beyond the physical attraction. Brennan comes right out and says it in BITB – “we both thought about “it””. So if Booth knew Brennan loved him, what did it for him after what he tells GG? Was it her going to the gun range in DITD? Was it her proving that it wasn’t JFK in PITP? I really see Booth as holding on to hope up until they parted for Maluku. He said he had to move on but I don’t think he really did in his mind until after they actually parted, and maybe not even until he couldn’t even reach her on the phone while they were apart. Early S6 may not have been my favorite but it’s fascinating to try and figure out what was going through our favorite FBI guy’s mind. I DO think that after DITP Booth was trying to make a lot of things work and was really trying to walk a line he never had to before. He’s a complex guy that Booth….something that I think Brennan finds “dazzling”. And I do think that by the end of S6 Booth did realize that love and life and happiness does involve more than just fate/luck. But, hey, every once and a while the universe can send a signal to help it all along. Whether it be in a cruel twist like taking VNM before he was ready or sending an unexpected gift at just the right time to move things along;) Can’t you just imagine the thoughts going on in Booth’s mind when Brennan tells him she’s pregnant with their child?! LOL.

  7. Woww… Amazing analysis and review of the 6 seasons that have led us to them being finally together. I believe Booth knew they belonged together and that, according to his faith and his believes, they would eventually end up together when it would be the right time. He may have lost faith for a while but I think that in the end, not only did they get together, but they are in sync and are at the same “point” in their life. They were both “ready for it”. (hehe not my words after aLl… Isn’t that what he told her? 😉 turns out it applied to him too!) Love this show, love this blog 🙂 thx for the post!

  8. It is hard to say what about my feelings on this one is backed by the show, and what are just my feelings in general. But, I think there is a difference between believing you will end up with someone, and knowing that you love them (or you could potentially love them). For Booth and Brennan, I think they both realized early on that there was the potential for a deep and abiding love. This caused a variety of different reactions at different points in the show. But being in love, doesn’t always mean you know you will be together in the end. I think that is the essential tension of life. You know what you know, but you don’t always know the way those things will fit together.

    I think Booth does still believe in fate. I am optimistic that Season 7 will be as fun as everyone has hoped it will be. But I am glad to see Booth’s evolution from a belief in “luck” (gambling) to “fate” (Hannah), to “more than luck.” I think, essentially, Booth is saying you build upon what life gives you with intentionality and work to create love and family and life. And I think he will actively work towards building a beautiful life for Brennan, Parker, the new baby and himself, in a way that he wouldn’t have known how to do previously. And knowing that he is contributing actively to that life will make him much happier than fate could ever have made him by itself.

  9. I think it boils down to “brain and heart”. I think that we can easily define them as one or the other in the beginning of the series. Booth brought the “heart”, Brennan brought the “brains”. However, as we get to know these characters, learn the backstories, and see them learn and grow from each other, the lines are no longer so clearly defined.

    Why did/does Brennan idenify with the “brain” side primarily? What happened to her “heart” side?
    And Booth, why does/did he strive to hide the “brain” side in favor of the “heart”? And then we learn about Brennan’s parents, Booth’s father, etc etc….and we see them blurring those heart-brain boundaries all the time.

    Season 6 was weird. We all get that. And I think it was because our characters jump the tracks to the other side. Booth shuts down his “heart” after the 100th, and focus on the “brain” ie, going through the motions of building a life with Hannah, because on paper, he’s not getting any younger and its the right thing to do. On the other hand, we have Brennan, having to chuck her “brain” out the window and follow her “heart”, as we see in DitP, HitH, CitG as we’ve never seen Brennan do before.

    Brain and heart, Bones. Brain and heart.

    🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Good point! Their roles were reversed in S6! Brennan was listening to her heart and the universe knows that I think she was holding on to hope that she would get another chance so she was going on heart and hope. And Booth was definitely, imo, not going by his heart. Nope. He was surviving and using his head to protect his heart.

    • Cool!!! Never thought of it that way before!! I do love it when these two switch roles (a prime example would be after the “mistletoe kiss” where Brennan–who is generally very articulate–is loss for words and Booth says “I don’t know what that means”). HOW CUTE!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Workaholic, I love that observation! They did do that in the mistletoe kiss didn’t they! 🙂 I loved how flustered they both were, and you are right that they totally switched reactions…it was great how it was Booth who said, “I don’t know what that means.” 🙂 🙂

  10. I don’t really have time right now, but there is one thing I have to say, that seems to always come up in these discussions:

    I don’t think Booth ever believed that it was JUST about fate. I think he always knew there was work involved in building a life with someone. He understood, as we saw in the 100th, that, fate or not, they were at a standstill and he had to take some initiative if they were going to move forward.

    He believed that fate brought them together. He believed they were destined to be together, if he did the right things. He grew more and more deeply in love with Brennan over the years. He tried to do the right things to forward the relationship — including doing nothing to forward the physical side of the relationship even when she seemed open to it.

    Post-100th he was a wreck because he’d lost faith in their eventually which meant also losing faith in his belief in fate. I agree that he went into his head and more or less ignored his heart for a long time — if only to protect said heart. And, Brennan finally learned to really listen to her heart. So, they’re now where they are.

    I don’t think Booth has lost his faith in fate. I don’t think he has suddenly realized that more than luck is necessary. I think he always knew this. For the first time, he feels he can do the things that will show Brennan his love and not send her running. For the first time, he can act overtly toward building a life with her. It was fated or destined. It just took a different path than he would have liked. What matters is that they are finally (eventually) getting there, as they were always supposed (fated) to do.

  11. I think it is possible that Booth thought that there was an “eventually” between them, even after the 100th – he had the foolish hope that men and women get when another breaks his/her heart… they don’t let go, thinking “maybe s/he’ll change his/her mind”. But I think he let go of that hope at end of S5. And even if he hadn’t, his proposal to Hannah clearly indicates to me that he no longer believed in fate putting him together with Brennan.

    After Hannah’s rejection? I don’t know that Booth redeveloped that faith in fate. And that is why I found the latter half of the season much more painful to watch in terms of B/B’s relationship. Hannah? She meant nothing to me — until the rejection, and suddenly she became a key player in the B/B dynamic.

  12. Great post – don’t have time to leave a lengthy reply, but just need to say that you have chosen some amazing screenshots for this post. WOW. I mean I knew Booth looked good, but some of these are just HOT. Great way to start my day 🙂

  13. I don’t have very solid views on fate, because it’s something I can be skeptical about. But I think fate did have a part to play in how Booth and Brennan met. After that, I like to give the credit to Booth and Brennan. There were several times when they could have walked away from each other. But time after time, they chose to maintain some sort of relationship between themselves even when it was strained. It could be fate that they love each other the way they do, but at the same time I don’t want to discredit all the struggles they went through to get to that point. Them staying connected is more about deliberateness on their part than chance from the universe, IMO.

  14. Really good question. What I project into the characters (and I definitely DON’T think the writers/TPTB give it nearly as much thought) is that over time Booth came to believe that he and Brennan were fated to be together UNTIL the 100th after which his faith was deeply shaken and (almost) irrevocably reliquished when Brennan left for Malukus and didnt’ contact him. Enter Hannah… where maybe he regained a sense of fate, or not.

    Immediately post-Hannah I think that Booth had completely abandoned his ideals of fate and love and even after sleeping with Brennan wasn’t sure about his feelings and beliefs on the subject

    I believe that Fate entered/re-entered the picture for both of them when they found out they had created a child together. Yes, we only were privey to Booth’s look of happiness when Brennan told him, along with responding smile, and we don’t know what early S7 will hold. But what makes sense in my mind is that the pregnancy tore down all the emotional walls — they would be connected forever, come what may– which is really what both of them always wanted, therefore taking the risk to believe in fate and everlasting love made sense again. Depite everything that had happened and against all oddes, they ended were where they wanted to be. Which is what I hope we will see in S7.

  15. I saw an article on a website that gave answers to fans’ weird questions about certain TV shows. One of them was about how Bones is pregnant. Their answer was a one-night stand. I never saw it that way. I don’t think it was, and even HH said they focused more on the emotional aspect and acceptance. Do you guys think it is a valid viewpoint on what happened?

    • No, I don’t think it was a one-night thing. SN actually said in an interview that it didn’t matter either way but I disagree.

      The level of comfort they displayed in CitG, even just in that opening scene walking up the bowling alley, indicated more than an awkward one night stand. Add in their behavior at the diner, and that little look Booth gives her as she walks away after the cheek-kiss? Nah, it was more than once.

      • The ONS question will probably rage on for a bit longer. If you look at HH’s recent comments about S7 he says, basically, things would have looked different had it not been for ED’s pregnancy. I think it was always their intent to have B&B sleep together in S6 after the death of a character but S7 was originally suppossed to have them questioning what sleeping together meant to their relationship. I recall HH saying around mid S6 that debate raged amongst the writers about whether to go there with B&B or not. IF ED hadn’t gotten pregnant then I guess B&B would have comforted each other in HITH and then would have gone back to things as usual but then, what?, been friends with benefits? Not feel they were ready to try for more? That would have just been so tedious. I mean why would they have slept together in HITH if it didn’t mean more? They had SO many opportunities to sleep together over the years,many stressful times in which they could have turned to one another for comfort. What would have made them go there only to not continue or become more? As it DID play out it is hard for me to believe that they only slept together once and then not again between HITH and CITG. If we find out that that is what happened then I guess I could see them revisit it and wonder if they are only together because of the baby but I really hope not. I think there’s other stories to tell and I think they can tell it from point that B&B were ready to go there and the baby was a bonus or a good reason to make them really go for it, no holds barred. But, no, I don’t see what happened in HITH as a ONS. Nope. There was too many little glimpses of “new couplehood” in CITG and I believe that is what Max saw too.

    • I have one thought on this: after nearly 8 years, could it ever be a one-night stand?

      I mean: maybe it could be a one-time having sex, but given the history and their general attachment to each other, could it ever be one night with no consequences?

      • No, I don’t think it could ever be a ONS with B&B. After everything they’ve meant to one another and after S6 especially, there had to be consequences. That’s why hearing HH’s comments on the original plan for S7 and trying to imagine how they could have written B&B as having had sex but not being together and not knowing what it meant seems so wrong. I think that would have been really akward.

      • I’ve always wanted Brennan’s words as she left in the taxi after their first kiss to be true. When Booth asked her if she was afraid she would have regrets in the morning, she said that would never happen. Although at the time that was probably more of a shot-out to her sexual confidence, I think that they retrospectively they are okay that it happened when and how it did. And used it to jumpstart going for more with each other in their relationship.

    • Thank you! I’m with you guys. Maybe it’s the shippers in us. It just amazes that somebody thought that, and wrote it in an article like it’s the truth. Grrr! I don’t even understand how they are watching the same show.

      • >> I’ve always wanted Brennan’s words as she left in the taxi after their first kiss to be true.
        >> When Booth asked her if she was afraid she would have regrets in the morning, she said
        >> that would never happen.

        That’s not what she said! Actually, that’s not what he said, either.

        Booth said, ‘What? Are you afraid that when I look at you in the morning, I’ll have regrets?’… meaning was Brennan afraid that Booth would wake up with regrets after sleeping with her, that she couldn’t live up to his sexual expectations?

        It was to THAT that Brennan replied, “That would never happen”, that she absolutely would blow his mind in bed with her sexual skills.

        At that point, the conversation had a solely sexual context.

      • Thanks. I did misquote. But I stand by what I said of wanting her words to be true – the right words, though, not what I mistakenly said.

  16. I definitely think that if Booth allowed it, Brennan definitely would have slept with Booth. It was clear in subtle and not-so-subtle ways. Booth doesn’t believe in coincidences, so sometimes I think he sees where fate is at play. That special connection that two people can share can be so entrancing like magic. But I do think Booth did know that relationships take work. It would support his idea that love is worth it, and so is everything around that. In BitB he mentions fate. Okay, sidenote. I love that part. He actually says “love, fate, and happiness.” Brennan’s response really shows how much she’s grown. Before, when he would say love, she would say it’s just chemicals. Before, when he wished her happiness, she said she didn’t know what that was (so sad :(. Pretty please, can we have a happy Brennan and Booth, Hart? ). Now, she only protests fate; but she doesn’t need to and never does. She just has to want to be with him, and she does.

    I think they both have had strong feelings toward each other. Sweets definitely picked up on their strong emotional attachment early on. But just because you have feelings for someone doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to get involved with them, either in a relationship or for strictly sexual relations. Neither of them were blind to their differences. And though they never mentioned it, I think they always had in the back of their mind the last time they acted on their feelings and how disastrously that ended. When Sully told Booth that he has the hots for his partner, Booth comment was that he didn’t need that. By that point, they are friends and have a mutual respect going on, but he is just aware of their differences as she is, and I’m not sure that he sees how they would work. I like va32h’s comment about how he wanted to help her find the right guy, but that turned out into him wanting to *be* that guy. Now, maybe he wasn’t thinking “It all happens eventually” with Brennan when he first met her. But, he did know that something about her captured his attention and gripped his soul. Year after year, he found that that never let up (which is why his attempt to create emotional distance was so painful for the both of them.) And their platonic, surrogate relationship was strong and fulfilling enough (until his coma dream) for him not to have any other serious relationships. I never really know if Booth is trying to get Brennan to consider him when he makes his comments about love and relationships, at least up to season 4. I kind of think the writers did that on purpose to keep us guessing. I don’t even know where I’m going…I think I got off track somewhere.

  17. Sorry to have missed the party; great post and great replies. Only two more weeks!

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