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Brennan Week: Scene Study Part Two- Judas on a Pole: More Than One Kind of Family


Hey, hey, good morning! I hope you are having a great weekend, wherever you are!

Side note: I saw Mighty Macs last night, and it really is very good. It’s worth your time and money, in my opinion. I won’t deny that it was a little strange to see DB play a character who was in love with someone else, haha, but it did give me an idea for another post, so win-win there! Also, there is this one moment where he gives this little wink, and it’s…guh. Okay…enough of that. Let’s talk about some murder and chin nudges. 😀

If you recall from Thursday’s scene study, Booth and Brennan were sitting on a bench, after Max and Russ hightail it out of Brennan’s life again. He’s comforting her, without a hug this time. On Thursday, I mentioned that it seemed to me that Booth was sort of respecting her wishes not to be hugged, but the more I thought about it, the more I think it was more of a deliberate action to show that Brennan was not scared. She might have been shocked, hurt or unable to exactly comprehend what was happening in that moment, but she didn’t feel fear–thus no need for a hug. Does that make sense?

Okay, moving on. The next scene shows Max physically hoisting FBI Deputy Director Kirby up (he was dead already) and shoving a coin into his mouth before setting his corpse on fire. Bravo BONES editing department for the way it fades from Max watching his work to Booth seeing the remains of that work…

Meanwhile, Cam was refusing to give Zackaroni a full time job on the Jeffersonian team, because he wouldn’t be credible in front of a jury. So Angela gives him a “What Not to Wear” experience and a haircut, and Cam is convinced. “Who am I to break up this team?” she asks. Hmmm……

Angela says she’ll buy his lunch, and Zack wants to go to the diner. He likes the diner, he insists.

Just before they all leave, Brennan pulls Zack into a private hug and congratulates him. He thanks her, and then they both pat one another on the shoulder. Haha!

Booth either knows they are there, or has still been having someone trail Brennan around (okay, he may or may not do this…I have no idea 😀 ) , or he just happens to walk by the diner and see them there. He doesn’t really knock on the window, but somehow Brennan just senses that she should look out the window.

It’s like her spidey sense or something– “Booth is in a leather jacket within only a few feet of me. I can sense this.” Haha!

She is so pretty! I waffle between wanting to preserve ED as Temperance Brennan for all time  and wanting ED to be on show after show after show for the rest of her life. I suppose in the end, it will be ED that decides that for herself 😀

“What happened?” she asks him.

“The Attorney General took one look at the evidence your father provided, and he…you know…reinstated me,” Booth says. I love the way he sort of leans in toward Brennan when he says it. And she can’t help the smile on her face either. We talked about it at the end of the Con Man Scene Study–it’s hard to imagine sometimes how they don’t rush home to bed together, and we talked about how it goes with the fact that above their attraction to one another, there is a deeply rooted need to protect the other one–at all costs. I think in this scene, what I see at least, is this idea that they are both once again coming to terms with the fact that they can’t imagine life without the other one.

Booth mentions that he was reinstated, and Brennan gives this smile and says “I’m glad,” as if it’s casual and a shrug, and Booth smiles too. But underneath that, for both of them, is this fierce grip of “I can’t do this without you”, and they don’t even want to consider the possibility of losing the other. In this instance, it’s covered by their professional partnership…and they get away with it…for now…

But Booth has more news. “Listen, we uh…we found another burned body. Same place…same setup.”

“Kirby?’ Brennan asks.

“I’m pretty sure,” Booth answers as he holds up Max’s calling card- the Columbus coin. “It was Kirby’s blood in your apartment.”

Okay…do you think the writers already had Verdict in the Story in mind when this episode was written, or did they just happen to write themselves a WONDERFUL way of presenting reasonable doubt on Max’s behalf (if you consider Brennan implicating herself in a murder and making Booth implicate her as well ‘wonderful’, haha) ?

“My father’s still trying to warn people to leave me and Russ alone.”

“No, Russ…he’s safe with your father,” Booth tells her. “They’re warning people to stay away from you.”

Brennan does not like that, and Booth can see it.

“You know what, I’m sorry…” he tells her. “That you had to go through it again. Watching your family drive off. You know…leaving you behind.”

Um, yeah…got it! That’s kind of crappy dialogue, in my opinion, but I suppose it’s along the lines of “If someone is watching this episode for the first time, they should know that Brennan’s family already left them before”, one of those annoying moments for those of us who have seen all of the eps already up to that point. But it’s also sort of a cold way for Booth to put it, in my opinion–sort of shades of Brennan’s Christmas dinner invitation in Goop on the Girl, where she tells him he’s been shunted by his own family, haha. I just want Brennan to say something like “You don’t have to tell me…I was there.”

But she doesn’t.

“My father, he’s,” she says…

“He’s your dad,” Booth tells her. “And he loves you.”

“You know…” she starts to say. “I’m just…I’m just one of those people who doesn’t get to be in a family…that’s all.”

“Listen, Bones…hey,” he presses his knuckle to her chin and lifts her face to meet his eyes. “There’s more than one kind of family.”

I’m still of the opinion that I don’t think they were about to kiss and got interrupted. It’s a ‘moment’ for sure, but not a kissing one…but what do you think?

Either way, Zack does interrupt them, and from his hand motions seems to be saying, “Hello…party to celebrate me…Come inside!” (and did they just happen to have that huge “Congratulations” sign?!?)

“Well, Zack got the job, right?” Booth figures out.

“Come in and congratulate him,” Brennan insists.

“Nah, you know…he’s your squints…not my squints,” Booth tries to tell her.

“No,” Brennan insists. “Booth…” she begins, and he gives this cutie little resigned sigh/groan that is funny to me.

“We’re all of us your squints,” Brennan continues, which is lovely. I’ve always thought that this episode was MORE about Booth finding his ‘more than one kind of family’ in the squint squad than Brennan–or at least equally so, right?

“Do me a favor and pat Zack on the shoulder with an open hand,” she instructs him and pats him on his own shoulder.

“What?” Booth asks. “Why? Does that mean something?”

Brennan just laughs at him, and they go into the diner, and that is that!

So what say you? Was it a near-kiss moment? Is it possible that Booth was in more of a need for ‘more than one kind of family’ than Brennan at this point?


Peace, Love & Bones



22 thoughts on “Brennan Week: Scene Study Part Two- Judas on a Pole: More Than One Kind of Family

  1. Ah! First thoughts, will let this marinate and come back later:

    1. ED is absolutely, flat out GORGEOUS in this ep! I might actually get distracted from the leather jacket here….
    2. There is more than one kind of family…yes that is for both of them equally. Because Booth didn’t want to presume to be in their group, kind of staying on the fringe, and Brennan makes him feel included….so wonderful.
    3. I think it could have turned into a kissing moment…but we will never know, ahhhh!! 🙂
    4. Leather jacket. Yum.

  2. Good Lord, that moment is just ridiculously sweet, but I say no kiss. This wasn’t about sexual attraction (well, it always sort of is, isn’t it…) but about making Brennan feel that not everyone leaves. His speech here just reinforces what his actions already showed her-he’ll always stand by her, even when it means putting duty aside. And the shoulder tap? A hug implies one person is weaker than the other and needs support; a shoulder tap puts the people on a more equal footing. I believe Booth didn’t want Brennan to feel that he was sorry for her-just that he was there for him if she needed him. No need to take away her pride (and wasn’t she still handcuffed at this point? Maybe a captive hug would have seemed a little over the top right now.)

    And you’re right; by now everyone was more accepting of the idea that they were all a team, and as much as that ending scene is about Booth telling Brennan that he cares about her and that you can find your own happiness outside the places you normally would have in the past, it’s also about Booth feeling that he’s no longer an outsider to the little squint squad. By the by-thanks for the lovely pictures, and a very happy Saturday morning to you too!

  3. “I’m just one of those people who doesn’t get to be in a family”.

    This sentence breaks my heart. It was the perfect moment of misery for Brennan. The next sentence (“there’s more than one kind of family”) is one of those sentences that can make you smile even if you’re in tears. And this is why BONES is such a fantastic show!!!

    I didn’t think it was a “kiss” moment either. It was perfect!!! The chin nudge KILLED ME. *dies*

    By the way, one of the strangest things happened. “Running up that Hill” by Placebo was stuck in my head for the past few days (I even woke up this morning hearing it fade off from my dreams). I kept wondering why I suddenly keep replaying this song in my head. Now I know!! It was the first part of your scene study!! I must’ve read it and unconsciously thought about “Judas on a Pole” which then lead to me “Running up that Hill” which was played while Max watched Kirby burn. LOL! Glad to know my subconscious is tuned in to BONES as well!!!

  4. Sarah, I just love when you post a scene study! I always felt that Booth really became a part of the “Jeffersonian Family” this episode, and they became “his squints”. I just love the scene at the end where it could have become a kissing moment. It brought to mind the gag real from season 2. Check out David fooling around during that scene at 4:58. These two have so much chemistry. Bring on season 7!

    • Very funny, Linda, thanks.

      • That is one of my favorite gag reels.

        And that scene with Ryan O’Neal and Booth, when Max is being arrested? Be still my heart. Love it. Just lurrve it.

      • Any of the gag reels and the one for season 6 is the same that have another actor messing up Ryan O’Neal’s big scene is soooo funny. Patricia Belcher is laughing in the season 6 one and O’Neal is hilarious in his response. I do love Max.

  5. First of all, how gorgeous is her hair in this episode? Season 2 = best Brennan hair ever. In the shot looking out the diner, yes, but also in that apartment when she’s trying to open the door with the credit card?

    Anyway, I think all the body language here is significant because earlier in the episode Zack makes a point of saying that an open hand on the shoulder indicates approval but a closed-fist tap on the shoulder indicates doubt. That’s why Brennan wants Booth to pat Zack on the shoulder in a certain way and even though Booth doesn’t know it, I think his hand on Brennan’s shoulder at the monastery is a way of saying that he’s okay with the choice she asked him to make (her vs. her dad). Interestingly, Father Coulter punches Russ in the shoulder when they are in Brennan’s office…hmm….

    I agree with you Sarah that Booth’s dialogue about watching Brennan’s family drive away is clunky, comes of cold, and is really OOC for the usually sensitive Booth. But I also agree that it’s one of those “As you know, Bob” moments when the writers try to throw in a little exposition.

    I don’t think they were going to kiss. As long and as hard as they’ve fought their attraction, they aren’t going to give in on a public street with all their friends watching. OTOH, it’s one of those moments that make the audience scream “JUST KISS ALREADY!” (or was that just me?)

    I do think Cam’s line about “who am I to break up this team” is significant. She is still the outsider to the whole squint squad and she’s still sleeping with Booth at this point in the story, making her the “outsider” to the team of B&B too. Given that Booth spends all his time in this episode fussing over Brennan, supporting Brennan, worrying about Brennan, rescuing Brennan, I’m sure Cam would have been asking herself “Who am I kidding” when it came to her relationship w/Booth.

    • I think Cam knew very early on in her S2 relationship with Booth that he had feelings for Brennan that went beyond a professional partnership. I can’t remember the episode but I recall a scene between Booth and Cam where Booth asks Cam if she ever had a moment where she thought “wow” maybe this is “it”, meaning they were the real deal, and she responds no and he agrees. Cam says she felt “satisfied” with Booth and was happy she had her own place and he was too. I think Cam is a good friend to Booth.

      B&B are so beautiful in this episode. The “more than one kind of family” thing reminds me of what GG said about them actually not being that different. I think B&B share a connection that deeply fulfills them. Yes, they are physically attracted to one another but it’s more and that’s what makes it such a special relationship.

  6. As many times as i’ve watched this ep, the following just occurred to me and would have made the defense attorney’s job a bit easier in Verdict: What the heck is Booth doing carrying around evidence (the coin) and handling it without gloves?

    On kissing moment or not: I’m with vh32: whether it was a kissing moment or not, I too always scream “KISS ALREADY!” at my TV. On the video above: Apparently David likes trying to kiss Emily. In some interview, Emily said he does it because he knows it embarrasses her.

    Finally, leather jacket and green jacket too — turn up the AC, please.

    • Yes, Emily has said several times that David likes trying to kiss her for that reason. I highly encourage you guys to listen to their commentary for tBitB. They are so silly and hilarious. When they were talking about “it”/sleeping together in the elevator, David says they should have just laid one on each other without telling anybody, because that’s what they do, what their characters do. Emily says, no, he does that because he knows it makes her feel uncomfortable. But David disagrees and says it’s to make her feel wanted, to make her feel in the scene. LOL!

  7. Nah, I didn’t think they were going to kiss. I think we tend to forget–and it’s so easy because Booth is all about Brennan in the episode–that he’s still with Cam. But he’s not going to kiss another woman in the middle of the street with the woman he’s sleeping with a few steps away. No way.

    But I do think it’s one of those moments where they can’t help being close. Even if just for a moment. Love, love this episode!

  8. I’m not sure if he would have gone in for a kiss but that particular moment has always seemed a little awkward to me. The knuckle under the chin? That’s a very intimate gesture and it seems a little out of place to me. It just looks – well, I’ve already said awkward but I’ll use it again. It feels awkward.

    • On Awkward – I think that happens sometimes when they try to “stage” certain shots. Like at the end of the X in the File, Booth cannot be comfortable in that position! Even at the end of Hole in the Heart, he’s lying at an odd angle atop all those pillows. I call it a TV Thing.

      On Intimate – they’ve always blurred the line. Even in early season 1, she tried to feed him a spoonful of cereal. Very intimate.

      • Yeah in both those scenes with Booth it looks as if he’s holding his head up to keep the light on his face but surely they could have staged them more believably. I notice that every time I see those episodes.

    • It seems like one of those scenes that they do more for promo sake. It reminds me of the promos for mulder and scully.

  9. I think it’s one of those moments that he thinks about kissing her but wouldn’t actually do so (if that makes sense). I would also like to bring attention to the very last moment when he goes into the diner after her. He tries to tickle her or urge her in or something and I love how she just giggles. It seems like a ED/ DB moment that was just left in. Love it!

  10. Kissing moment or no kissing moment, that chin tip is probably one of the most deliciously intense moments of the entire series (at least for me). And I believe I already waxed poetic about the awesomeness of the scene on the rooftop of the hotel – the music etc. etc.

    Wonderful scene study, Sarah (and thanks for all the beautiful screen caps).

  11. I just love taking an older episode, and giving it a good study, especially as we are going into a pretty monumental season for many of the characters. It can be easy to forget some of these moments. I just like how Booth is having to embrace the fact that he is no longer working alone, but he now has a partner and “people” now that he is sort of responsible for. And that Brennan is really starting to address some deep family issues, and she has to learn to share her feelings with others for a change, namely, Booth…and she’s becoming close to other people, like Zach, which opens herself up to potential hurt. It’s kind of a new frontier for both Booth and Brennan, who both tended to keep mostly to themselves. We always think of Brennan with that issue first, but Booth was very similar in that respect. There is still so much we don’t know about the characters and the future seasons at this point (and neither do the writers, really!) but this early stage between all the characters really is alot of fun, because you could just see the potential of this show, and the chemistry of B&B, and I definitely got hooked on this show around Season 2 for scenes like this. And come on, ED is so beautiful! Bring back season 2 hair! 🙂 🙂

  12. Definitely no kiss, because really, “hey, your dad just gutted a dude, put a coin in his mouth, then lit him on fire” just doesn’t work. Also, too early for Booth, he, at this point already sort of knows that he wants something, something big, and the timing not right.
    Hands down my favorite scene in the entire series.

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