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Rock the Vote 2011: Greatest Episode Ending- Round Three


Good morning!

It’s time for another round of voting for THE Greatest Bones Episode Ending EVER! Here’s the plan:

In this round, the remaining 64 from last round were reduced to the top 32 vote getters. Each of the below episodes received at least 50 votes.

  • On Sunday, October 30th, you’ll have the chance to vote from the top 16 episode vote-getters from today’s poll.
  • On Saturday, November 5th, you’ll have a chance to vote from the top 8 from the 10.30.11 poll.
  • On Sunday, November 6th, the final four remaining episode endings will be ‘debated’ and will try to earn your vote on that day.
  • On Monday, November 7th, the final two remaining episode endings will debate again and try to earn your vote.
  • That final vote will occur on ‘Election Day’, November 8th, 2011.

Sound good? For now, it’s time to vote!

Voting for this poll will end Thursday, October 27th at midnight. And once again…feel free to comment, but know that comments will not be considered ‘votes’.


21 thoughts on “Rock the Vote 2011: Greatest Episode Ending- Round Three

  1. This is way too much fun 😀 Also, much easier than the last rounds so yay!

  2. Oh gosh, my love affair with season 3 continues. This whole thing has made me realize that this may have just been the most shipper worthy season of all. Season 1 couldn’t hold my love and got no votes this time. Every other season except 3, I kept it to just 2 votes.. But oh season 3, how I love thee! There are no words. I am so ridiculously excited for the next round! This was an amazing idea! 🙂

  3. Apparently I’m fond of S2 endings!

  4. OK this time I managed to only vote for half the avaliable options. YAY so that means I didn’t cancel out my own votes. I think.

    Bones really does do some awesome end scenes, even episodes I might not be crazy about can be (almost) fully redeemed by the ending. Of couse the best ends are those B&B moments of connection/reflection/introspection/conversation :D.

    • And that’s the problem, isn’t it? Some of those end scenes are so, so good it’s hard not to vote for the episodes they’re in even when maybe the rest of the ep wasn’t the absolute best. But yay, most of mine are still in the running!

  5. I’m not even sure if I can keep voting. If I vote for all but like 1 or 2, what difference will it make? It’s already almost impossible for me to choose between these! It really doesn’t take much to make me happy. Maybe I need to make a list of criteria to try and follow.

  6. Who are you people who keep voting for The Parts in the Sum of the Whole and Daredevil in the Mold? Masochists, all of you.

    #Team SantaInTheSlush

    • I have no idea who is voting for them put I can say definitively that I am not voting for those. As wonderful as the acting is in them, those are just too gut wrenchingly painful to watch for me. But if people are voting greatest as displaying amazing acting chops I can see where they’d vote for those.

    • MJ 🙂 No kidding! ‘Parts in the Sum’ is one of my very top faves of the whole series, but I can’t vote for the ending as a favorite – it’s just downright excruciating!

      Guess it depends on your criteria for ‘favorite’ – I’m finding mine appears to be temperature-based: warm-and-fuzzies, or, just freakin’ HOT!

    • I agree. Vehemently. I stand firmly upon the platform of Happy Endings.

    • I voted for both of them. I just love the angst. Since receiving my season six DVDs I have watched the entire season, but I’ve watched Daredevil in the Mold and Doctor in the Photo numerous times. (I was sick in bed for several days, so I had lots of time to reacquaint myself with season six). It just twists my guts is the best possible way.

      My husband thinks that I am sick and twisted, but sometimes I just like to enjoy sad entertainment. One of my favorite movies EVER is The Man Without a Face. If you can watch that movie without bawling then you have no soul. Every time I watch it I cry until my head hurts and my husband tells me I’m insane.

      Maybe I am. Maybe I am.

    • Well… Daredevil took on a different meaning for me after the end scene in PITP. I know, I know, there are some who are not fond of PITP or the whole “some things are better left unsaid” thing. But what I take away from PITP is that Brennan standing by Booth in the aftermath of the Hannah era – which I believe begins with the end scene in DITM – “meant the world” to him. I think Booth built so many walls up when it came to Brennan when he came back from Afghanistan. He didn’t know Hannah would be joining him shortly but he did know that things had to change when it came to Brennan. He had to do a lot of self preservation to continue working with her. I think he just didn’t trust that his heart wouldn’t get broken again. In Daredevil, Brennan saw him at a very low point and I think we know and he knows that period of time was painful for her and yet she stayed by him. He was angry, but not at her and I think those walls started coming down from that moment on. In The Parts in the Sum of the Whole Brennan says Booth needed protecting from her because she believed she couldn’t be what he needed. She wasn’t ready or maybe she just didn’t give herself enough credit. In any case, both scenes are painful but I think, in the bigger picture, have made B&B stronger. Personally I did not vote for The Parts in the Sum of the Whole but I did vote for Daredevil because I think it was a key scene that brought us to where we are now going into S7.

      • Daredevil is ok by me because it is finally a small step in the right direction. Parts in the Sum of the Whole: I am of the it’s just too sad to watch. It’s a big step in the absolutely wrong direction.

        Acting in both is incredible.

  7. Okay, this one was a lot easier for me. I think I voted for three in S2 and two in S3, and the rest I was able to vote one per season.

  8. This experience has made me more and more sure of what my absolute fave ending is…hope it sticks around!

  9. Next week is gonna be tough!!!

  10. Man this list is getting very tough to chose from. I forced myself to only vote for half the list. A agree about The Parts In The Sum of the Whole being too sad to vote for. I can’t bring myself to vote for any ending that has Booth with tears in his eyes. Can’t do it.

    • I know exactly how you feel! How can anyone’s favorite ending include the PERFECT MAN in tears? Or throwing a ridiculously expensive ring into the water?

  11. I have to say that my favorite episode ever is Proof in the Pudding. It’s so well acted and is one of the most interesting storylines. I just love that ending because it really shows how much Brennan cares for Booth. You know she dislikes lying, but did so to protect Booth. She was willing to lie about the science to save Booth’s image of America and what he’s done as a sniper. It seems like Booth is always the one that’s watching her and making the first move and admitting he loves Brennan. In this episode, Brennan gets to do something for Booth to show her feelings.

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