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Brennan Week: Top Five Tuesday- A Woman and Her Lab


Hello, and Happy Tuesday around the world!

When I set out to do Booth Week and Brennan Week again this year, I didn’t plan to have their weeks sort of mirror one another– it’s just kind of worked out that way. Last week we talked about Booth with his gun, so this week, I thought we’d take time to discuss Brennan and her lab. Let’s get to it!

1.  Wow… (from the Pilot, season one)

I’ve said before that Santa in the Slush was my first BONES ep, but when I went back and watched the Pilot, I remember being amazed at Brennan and her ability to reconstruct a skeleton. That ability…it wasn’t something that was even in my mind as could be possible. I’ve learned a LOT about the skeletal structure over the past few years (haha, haven’t we all!) , and I love when they show Brennan in the lab like this. I know a lot of BONES friends who are also scientists, and the way the writers showed Brennan (at the start of the series) as brilliant and amazing really spoke to them.

2. Getting by with a little help from her friends (from Aliens in a Spaceship, season two)

Yes, technically this isn’t the Jeffersonian lab, but I like that ‘lab’ action happens wherever Brennan is. In this case, she and Hodgins create more oxygen for themselves when they are buried alive–thus giving the team more time to find them.  That’s faith AND brains, baby!

3. More than one kind of experiment (from Santa in the Slush, season three)

I love that Brennan takes this opportunity to kiss Booth, and it’s special that she does it ‘for her family’ (yes, really taking one for the Brennan team, there Temperance!), but I particularly love how excited she is about kissing him, and then how flustered she gets when it’s over. She’s got stuff to do, she tells him. “With bones,” which is about as vague as she can get. She must feel like she’s on pain killers–feeling like normal people feel most of the time when we think about kissing Booth. 😀

4. All in a day’s work (from Passenger in the Oven, season four)

Of course the scene where Booth is dazzled by Brennan in her borrowed glasses is awesome, but what is ALSO awesome is the way Brennan sort of MacGuyver’s it up in the airplane and makes it work in order to find out how the victim died. She’s resourceful and very impressive.

5. She loves ancient remains. (from Night at the Bones Museum, season five)

No, I didn’t just choose this pic because she’s looking suspiciously at Daisy (Though it didn’t hurt), but I wanted to see Brennan in the scope of the lab with this mummy. Brennan is awesome in this episode. She gets mega-jazzed about the ancient remains and the find, but it’s more than that…she also changes history and sets a long-standing record straight.

How many people can say that?

6. Because that’s what scientists do! (from Body and the Bounty, season six)

Brennan loves learning new things, and she attibutes a lot of that to science (think the end of Devil in the Details). I love in this instance that she had made a pact with Bunsen Jude, and she stuck to it, and she was the cool “Bone Lady”. I know I would absolutely watch any show she was on 😀

Okay, what moments did I miss? Man in the Fallout Shelter? When she takes Booth’s clothes off in Goop on the Girl? Talking with Micah in DitP? I know there are others…let’s discuss!

Peace, Love & Bones,



15 thoughts on “Brennan Week: Top Five Tuesday- A Woman and Her Lab

  1. I love when we’re shown that everything Brennan usually passes off to the interns are tasks she’s more than capable of doing herself. My rewatch episode last night was Bikini in the Soup and when she’s alone in the lab at night, she’s cleaning bones. That’s an intern job but it’s an intern job because she chooses to make it one not because she doesn’t know how to do it herself. I love those scenes.

    My added scene here is the end of Gamer in the Grease. It didn’t make my cut for the best episode endings but I like that Brennan’s lab is a place where she works AND plays.

  2. Whether people like DitP or not, I love that Brennan takes a personal interest in the remains and cleans and studies the bones herself. She’s burning the midnight oil to uncover the truth and that’s one of the things that makes her special.

    I also love it when she noses around people’s homes to find evidence or is using other aspects of science to help solve the case. It shows the depth and breadth of her knowledge.

  3. Ha ha – I love #2 and 3! And I adore the way ED/Brennan looks in the bone suit at the end of The Body and the Bounty.

    And yes, any Top Five Tuesday about Brennan and Her Lab is incomplete without the Booth as Evidence scene from The Goop on the Girl. They both enjoyed that experience waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much!

  4. Great pics Sarah! One of my all time favorite Brennan in the lab moments was Doctor in the Photo. We see Brennan processing evidence; however, this is one of those rare occasions when Brennan used more than scientific reasoning to solve her case! Her moments with Micah are remarkably touching and lead to one of my favorite scenes out in the rain with Booth!

  5. Brennan’s face before kissing Booth in Santa in the Slush! Good times. I love the reaction Booth had to when he saw her coming at him as she went in for the kiss! Ha! I LOVED B&B’s work on the plane in Passenger in the Oven. Brennan doesn’t need a “lab” to do what she does best. We saw that in Aliens in the Spaceship as well. I love the thought of little BB watching mommy Bones as the “Bone Lady”. Awww. Can’t you just see a little thumbs-up for mommy:) Brennan as a parent/chaperone on a camping trip could be AWESOME.

  6. I’ll have to contribute some scenes later because I’m supposed to be working on a talk now. But I love the post. But while reading this post, all I could think of is that Brennan is cool! Or as Booth would put it, “Bones, you’re a genius!” Some of my favorite scenes are when the interns weren’t able to figure out something on a particularly hard case, and she’s by herself studying those bones for hours until they “speak” to her. She is a very good teacher, but it really reinforces that idea that she is the best. Can we call her the bone whisperer? Too much?

  7. I love that scene from the pilot. She’s just off a plane from Guatemala, hasn’t slept in who knows how long and it’s just her and her bottle of Elmer’s glue. And then Zack brings her a cup of coffee with that adoring little look,which tells you everything you need to know about how the interns see her.

    I also approve of including Santa in the Slush because it’s my favorite episode of all time, ever, everything.

    One moment not on the list is from Man in the SUV when Brennan reminds Booth to go home to his girlfriend and she goes back to the lab. She’s identifying a soldier from WWI or WWII and I just love the way she packs the bones so reverently in their box, which now has a label with a name, because of her. The whole “you bring me these bones and I give them a name” thing.

  8. Some random thoughts:

    1. I too love how Brennan completely jumps at the chance to kiss Booth. She could have found another way, she’s Dr. Temperance Brennan, but you know she couldn’t resist some Booth action! It’s kind of like Booth’s “guy hug” where she could frame it innocently in another context that isn’t romantic, yet she gets to do it anyway! And your pic is perfect. I love how we can see Booth is totally into it 🙂

    2. Bones Museum: Yes, Brennan does get to change history, and she was awesome. And she usually takes the credit for being awesome…but here….she totally throws it back to Booth and gives him props for changing history with every bad guy he nabs. I think that kind of dazzled Booth right then and there. I think it was so great that she recognized what Booth did as well as what she does herself. Pretty cool.

    3. Does anyone else think that ED looks like Zooey in her pigtails? There are some times when the 2 sisters look very different, but sometimes I will see ED in Zooey and vice versa. I love them both 🙂

    4. Lab moments to add to the list: Booth hugging Brennan SOOO tight when she helps him in the “Pudding” ep, the fact the Brennan digs deeper to help Booth in “Pudding” too is great; Wonder Woman and Clark Kent after a really bad date; I have to include reciting the saints in “Goop”; and when Booth consoles Brennan after Zach blows himself up with the letter she gave him. And she just rests her head on his shoulder. Sigh. 🙂

  9. I’ve enjoyed episodes that show that the lab is only a part of a larger institution like The Proof in the Pudding and The Hole in the Heart where the actual reach and range of the Jeffersonian are hinted at. It makes what Brennan does seem larger and more important somehow as if she is part of a much bigger picture than just an examining table. It’s good to see how both Booth and Brennan fit into the enormous institutions where they work which gives the audience metaphoric ‘long shots’ of their partnership since so much of the storytelling is in ‘close-up’s’.

  10. One of my favorite episodes is The Man in the Fallout Shelter which happens (almost?) entirely in the lab. We learn so much about why she behaves the way she does, and we really start to clue in about some of the motivating factors in her life (childhood abandonment, burried pain etc.) Lots of touching, emotional scenes in which Emily Deschanel just wows. Particularly her christmas story told to Angela and overheard by Booth. I think that episode was when I really started to fall in love with the show.

  11. I really miss moments in which Brennan does a lot of the work (especially the season 1 episodes). Like a lot of you mentioned above, she definitely knows how to do it but just passes it on to her interns. I think that’s very nice of her to give them such a great learning opportunity. As someone you would expect to require perfection at every step, it’s very nice of here to “let go of the reins” once in a while to teach (and trust) someone else. 🙂 🙂 Good subtle character development right there!!

    • That reminds me of a time when they had identified the victim, but Brennan told Zack to reconstruct the skull. Some other FBI agent was there and he asked why, and Brennan reminded that the Jeffersonian was still an institution of learning.

  12. Brennan is awesome. Period. What she can do is phenomonal and I love how the show showcases that. That scene from the Pilot is such an impressive way to set up how great she is.

    I love her reactions to the great work the others do. Her awe in the Bones that Weren’t mirrored mine when the bones were ‘created’. It reminds me of why I fell in love with this show. The science, and the kick ass chick who rocked! The stud squeeing came later;)

    PS. Just realised how many positive terms I used to to describe her. Thanks for putting this post out there Seels. I tend to focus on Booth’s hotness a lot…and read too many comments ‘out there’ about awkward Brennan…but this reminded me of how great our woman is!

  13. This is not exactly on point, but when thinking about the lab, I think of the episode where Gordon Gordon is trying to help B&B get their working together mojo back. The scene where GG is asking Booth why he finds the lab so uncomfortable is always amusing. Then we get GG questioning Brennan about what she wants in the interrogation room which is an interesting contrast v. how confident she feels in the lab.

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