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Premiere Week: Pilot- Partners, They Share Things. Builds Trust.


Good morning, and welcome to Premiere Week!

Yes, you guessed it...created by JennyJenWho!

Feels good, right!?! It does–in more ways than one. For one thing, we have pretty much survived this hiatus. One quick question: Is there interest in having a post open after the premiere for chatting here (like we did with the finale)? If so, I’ll set one up for…oh yes, a week from today.  Let me know in the comments.

For Premiere Week, we’ll be talking about each season’s premiere up to season seven next Thursday! Today, we’re starting with the Pilot episode…and it was time for a scene study. But confession, I could hardly choose just one scene. I sort of chose snippets of several scenes that I love very much–those that I feel truly incorporate B&B’s first case as partners.

Let’s get to it!

The episode opens as Angela is frantically trying to figure out when and where Brennan’s plane is coming in. Also, she’s late, and no one seems to want to help her.

LOL, this guy. Don’t you just know someone like him? Plus, I always want to know how a ‘character’ like this would show up on someone’s resume, you know? Like he played the part of “Snooty airport employee” or “Guy Angela flashed boobs toward”, etc.

But seriously, it’s one thing for someone to hold up one finger, as sort of a “give me a minute here, please,” but the two finger approach? It’s like…Snooty McSnoberson. Haha!

Angela is like “Seriously, dude?” and when he still ignores her, we get the first “Bitch, please” look from Angela in series history. Huzzah! A monumental event.

The B,P look is quickly replaced by her ever sexual resourcefulness, and she decides to rip her (conveniently) snapped shirt open, and yeah…this guy…well, he doesn’t have any fingers up at the moment.

“Tell me you tried ‘excuse me’ first,” Brennan walks up behind her, and airport dude is quickly forgotten as the two friends hug. Pilot episodes are always filled with extreme characterizations and over-doses of exposition, so some of the character actions between (all of) the characters in this ep feel a little over the top. But I get it…it’s a sales pitch. Knowing that almost makes me want to give another episode of The Finder a chance…almost.

Moving on…

As Brennan is describing her trip to Guatemala, she realizes she’s being followed by someone. She quickly takes him down, and it’s revealed she’s being detained for bringing illegal remains into the country. Such as the below skull. She shows no sign of fear.

But that doesn’t stop Booth from ‘saving’ her anyway. “FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth, Major Crime Investigation, D.C. Supremely Hot Division;  Bones identifies bodies for us.”

And say it with me now…

“Don’t  call me Bones!”

Fun Fact: She’ll say it again in the episode. She’ll also say “I don’t know what that means” four times and “I hate psychology” three times.

Once it’s clear that Booth set Brennan up to be detained so he could get her attention, she is annoyed.

“Getting Homeland Security to snatch me so you can stage a fake rescue…”

“Wellll, at least I picked you up from the airport, huh?”  <insert charm smile here> 

LOL…meanwhile, where exactly is Angela? Perhaps Brennan told her she didn’t have to wait. Or perhaps Booth paid her $50. Perhaps she’s hooking up with the airport dude. It’s a mystery.

Brennan is not amused and Booth tells her he doesn’t care, and besides, he went through the appropriate channels, and her assistant was stonewalling him. Brennan tells him it’s because after the LAST case they worked together, she instructed Zack not to put him through. Which means it’s possible he’s been calling a few times in the past year. Excuse me…thirteen months, minus a week.

Brennan tells Booth to pull over, and he does, but he chases after her, asking what it will take for her to help. She tells him she wants full participation in the case, and he says fine. They are Scully and Mulder. She doesn’t know what that means. He says it’s an olive branch–she should just take it and get back in the car.

Booth takes Brennan to a crime scene, and she later identifies the body as belonging to Cleo Eller, a young Senate intern. Booth had been working her case for a long time, but with this information, now he knows he’ll be able to get ‘all his ducks in a row’ and head an investigation. This new plan means Brennan is not invited along for the ride. She’s annoyed (and calls him a rat bastard…which is kind of funny. Brennan doesn’t cuss that much…not that I’ve ever counted!), but she also does the cutest little side skip thing to catch up to him. Booth tells her no way, and so she tells him that the Jeffersonian will be releasing a press release about Cleo.

Booth stops in his tracks.

“You do that, and I’m a dead duck.”

“What are you trying to do?” he asks her.

“Blackmail you,” she tells him.

“Blackmail a federal agent.” he clarifies. “I don’t like it.”

“I’m…fairly certain you’re not supposed to,” she tells him. Hahahaha! Either way, she gets what she wants, and she’s in. Yay!

But as the case goes on, she steps out of bounds. Earlier, Cullen had agreed to let Booth take Brennan into the field, but she was his responsibility. He understood. So it’s on him when Brennan takes matters into her own hands. She gets ‘dismissed’ by Cullen, and Booth stands up for her to Cullen (sort of–in a case kind of way), and the moment after that is one of my faves of the Pilot…

“Are you okay?” he asks.

“Don’t be nice to me after I got you in trouble,” she tells him.

“Your heart was in the right place,” he tells her.

“No, I’m not a heart person. You’re a heart person. I’m a brain person.” Brennan replies. I like the little inhale Booth makes at her words. I think he is sort of surprised that she called him a heart person (in a nice way).

He looks at her, surprised, and then says “Ah, forget it.”

“You vouched for me. No, I won’t,” she insists. I like this. I would imagine that Booth gets a lot of agreement in his life because he’s so gorgeous–especially from women. But Brennan has been able to see past that to see what a good person he is, and she tells him, in her own way, that that is very important to her. I think Booth is a little surprised, but touched, by that. More than he would be by some sort of feminine adoration. What do you think?

Brennan talks more about the case, because they still have a few hours until Booth has to turn over the case file. She asks him if they want to go ‘roost’ Oliver Laurier, and Booth gets this smile on his face. “Roust.” And I think it’s the same as when he saw her for the first time–that dazzled feeling. She’s kind of abrasive, but she also sees the good in him, and she is a genius, but she sometimes says the wrong thing. She’s this gorgeous spit-fire combination, and he’s hooked…for sure. Of course, Zack probably could have told us that, based on how many times Booth presumably called. 😀

Later on in the episode, Booth is at the lab, and Angela gives him a little bit of advice on why Brennan is the way she is.

“For somebody who hates psychology, she sure has a lot of it,” Booth says.

Next we see Brennan shooting at a firing range…

“Thought I’d find you here,” Booth says after he walks up behind her. “You know, you being a good shot, doing martial arts–it’s all your way of dealing. I mean, who knows better than you how fragile life can be?” It’s not exactly a compliment…and he’s certainly trying to interrogate her, I’d say.

“Maybe an Army Ranger sniper who became and FBI homicide investigator,” she throws right back at him.

“Ah, you looked me up,” Booth says, and he kind of likes that, I think. He sort of crowds in behind her, and then he asks if she minds if he uses her gun to fire off a shot. She doesn’t mind, and he shoots…

…and it’s a little to the right. Brennan smiles…perhaps she thinks it’s funny. Perhaps she is thinking that Angela would likely think it is significant in some way relating directly to Booth and his ‘gun’  haha!

“Were you any good at being a sniper?” she sort of taunts him.

“A sniper gets to know a little something about killers. Senator Bethlehem? He’s no killer.”

“Oh, and Oliver Laurier is?” Brennan wants to know.

“Way I read Laurier–he’s unhinged. That makes him dangerous.” Booth moves closer.

“That’d be your gut telling you that, correct?” Brennan asks, and disdain could not be drippier from her lips.

“You know…homicides,” Booth begins and moves even closer. ‘They’re not solved by scientists. They are solved by guys like me asking a thousand questions a thousand times,”

“Catching people telling lies every time,” he tells her.

And when he sort of grabs onto the fencing behind her and holds onto it for support while he leans in even further.


“You’re great at what you do, Bones. But you don’t solve murders. Cops do.”

“Cleo Eller was killed on a cement floor sprinkled with diatomaceous earth. Traces of her blood will still be in that cement. One of us is wrong…maybe both of us. But if Bethlehem wasn’t a senator, you’d be right there looking in his basement for that killing floor.”

“You’re afraid of him,” Brennan challenges. “Your hypothesis is that squints don’t solve murders and cops do. Prove it,” she says. “Be a cop.”

It’s impossible to show exactly how charged that scene is. Do yourself a favor and pour yourself a glass of wine and watch it, hmmm?

Booth sort of watches her go, and then takes out his own gun and fires one off–perfect shot.

Because we know that Booth had to hand over the file that night, we know it’s the same day when Brennan goes to his office to see him. She catches him watching family home video footage of Cleo with her parents. She knocks and gets his attention and he talks a little about how happy the family was.

“Zack said you wanted to see me?” she tells him, and I don’t know why it’s taken me THIS long to realize that this is significant…but it is. After a year of having Zack stonewall him, obviously, Booth…first of all, after their talk, he called for her. Zack gave her the message (probably assuming she’d ignore it) and then Brennan actually came to see Booth. That means something!

But Booth wants to do a little psychology and accuses her of trying to change the subject away from family.

Brennan rolls her eyes and turns to leave. Can’t you just imagine her thoughts. “Why did I even come here? This was stupid. From now on, I’m going to tell Zack not to even tell me if he calls, and–”


Oh, the first name. She stops in her tracks and turns around and can see that he’s serious.

“Partners, they uh…share things. Builds trust.”

“Since when are we partners?” she scoffs.

“I apologize for the assumption,” he tells her.

Then he hands her a warrant he has gotten to search Bethlehem’s basement. She is suprised.

“You were right,” he tells her. “If Bethlehem wasn’t a senator, I’d be in that basement, looking for that killing floor. But you’re wrong…I was never afraid of that guy.”  Booth makes it clear. I love that (and I love his loosened tie and straight finger, but mostly I love his honesty. Yeah…)

And this is my favorite part of the pilot.

Booth says “I’m not doing this because you’re a genius…I’m doing this for Cleo.”

But Brennan gets this look on her face when he calls her a genius…and it’s like the above, when she so emphatically tells him he’s a heart person and she won’t forget what he did for her. Like Booth probably gets attention for how gorgeous he is, Brennan likely gets attention for how beautiful she is–I would imagine that happens professionally quite a bit…especially in terms of people she might work with outside of anthropology. Can’t you just imagine that? Comment after comment of people like “You’re an anthropologist? Well, aren’t you a pretty little thing” etc, etc. But here we have Booth sort of getting past all of that, and he says he’s not doing what she said because she’s a genius.

She probably heard variations of that, like ‘I’m not just doing this because you’re hot,” etc, and I think she likes that Booth didn’t say that. I love it!

They solve the case, and (I will never understand why) in the middle of Cleo’s funeral, Brennan walks up and puts a rose on the casket and then leaves! But Booth follows her, which is super sweet in motion. They sort of smile at one another and prove that they were both right about something in the case. Booth tells her that is all well and good, except he solves cases, and she gets on the best-sellers list. She was not aware, and he can’t quite believe it. “It means you’re rich. Call your accountant.”

She doesn’t have one, and he really can’t believe that. I like this,because it means that Brennan became rich after knowing Booth. 😀

He’s telling her to get out of the lab more (aka…to solve more cases with him) and she is watching the funeral…that she just walked out of. haha!

But it is nice as they both reveal something about themselves–she understands how Cleo’s parents felt…her parents left when she was young. Booth tells her that as a sniper, he took a lot of lives. One of the things he hopes to do before he’s done is put away that many murderers. Brennan sort of scoffs–he doesn’t really think there is some cosmic balance sheet, does he? He gives her a pained look, which she identifies and then she says she wants to help him with his self-given task. He pretends to consider it, and she sort of laughs, and then he smiles, and they walk off together into the sunset

Okay, okay…it’s like 2 PM or something, but still…it’s the beginning of a beautiful partnership.

What did I miss? What are your favorite parts of this episode? And I think we’ve done this before, but maybe not for awhile. If you could give the Pilot a ‘regular’ BONES episode title (you know, “The _________ in the __________”, etc or something like that), what would it be?

Let’s discuss!

Peace, Love & Bones



22 thoughts on “Premiere Week: Pilot- Partners, They Share Things. Builds Trust.

  1. Oh the scene in the firing range….it’s hot, hot, hot. Love it! This “episode” study makes me want to pull out my Season 1 DVD’s and watch the pilot again. Thanks for sending my Bones excitement into hyperdrive Sarah…and I’d been doing so well during the hiatus too! 🙂 Is it next Thursday yet?

    I’m game for a post-premiere chat…at least for a little while. 3 a.m. feedings tend to dictate an early bedtime, but I think I’ll be wired enough after the episode to hang out for a half-hour or so.

    • I think I would call this episode “The Bones in the Beginning”. After the 100th episode, this episode took on a whole new meaning. Booth tried to contact Brennan again during that 13 month, minus a week, time period after their first case/meeting. He tried to reach her, after she slapped him and told him she hated him and would never work with him again. He was blocked by Zach. Hmmmmm…. I would say that Booth couldn’t quite get the beautiful scientist out of his head. And Brennan? Well, she DID work with him again AND got out into the field with him. Brennan has evolved some this time but part of me wonders if she wasn’t a teensy bit intrigued to see Agent Booth again. Did she think about him during that 13 month period, minus a week? I think the firing range scene shows there was still an attraction between the two of them, only the innoccence of their first encounter was gone. And, again, they DID work together, even agreed to continue to do so. I don’t think either Booth or Brennan could be forced to do something they did not want to do.

  2. I love that you’re doing a scene study of the premieres!!

    True confessions, though I’ve mentioned this a few times here and around the Bones boards – I hated the pilot on first view. /duckstomatoes. Actually, I shouldn’t say I didn’t like the whole pilot. It’s mostly just the opening airport scene and I hated it for exactly what you mentioned, that the characterizations in that scene – Sassy!Angela flashing her boobs (love her little corset, though). EcoWarrior!(ha) Brennan taking down the homeland security guy, even the shooting range scene – not the exchange between Brennan and Booth so much, but the fact that Brennan was in the shooting range to begin with (She’s hardcore, Audience! Blasphemous, I know), were just over the top to me and colored the way I viewed the rest of that episode that if it weren’t for the fact that I had S1 from Netflix on an old school DVD, I don’t know if I would have gone on to watch The Man in the SUV. (Good thing I did!!!!)

    I will give props to some parts of the pilot, though. The scene that you have up in there where she goes to see him in his office is really quite outstanding. The writing has a more relaxed, seasoned feel to me. And the quiet vulnerability you see in Booth when he’s alone watching the footage of Cleo Eller (which is all on DB there) was the first time I had any empathy for Booth. Likewise, when they get the search warrant for the senator’s house and Brennan is watching everything going on, and you can see her unease behind Brennan’s proud, stony facade – is she feeling like she’s out of place there? Is she having doubts but not wanting to show doubts to Booth? Those two scenes are just fantastic in how they show the depth of the characters and the skill of the actors, because the characterization in those scenes is not something that’s beaten over the audience’s head by dialogue. It’s all the acting, and I remember being really impressed by seeing that depth.

    So anyway, I apply my Bones experience – “don’t judge a show by its pilot” – universally now. And that includes The Finder. 🙂

  3. Ah, Angela and her bitch please, face. Love it! This has got to be one of the better pilots, right? A lot of the time, the pilot is pretty bad and you just hope the show gets better. But despite a few things that like you say are over-exaggerated I love this pilot!

  4. Yes please on the premiere night post!!! It will keep me from spamming my Twitter timeline. 🙂

    Random thoughts as I read this post:

    Does Angela always boudoir underwear? If so, lucky Hodgins.

    Geez, they all look so young.

    Blue shirt!! They should put Booth in blue shirts waaaaaay more often.

    It’s interesting how Brennan’s voice has changed since this first season. I kinda like that low, husky note she had then.

    I love the gun range scene. Of course she had the wall at her back but I love knowing that even if the wall hadn’t been there, she would NOT have backed away. Because she’s Temperance Brennan and she does not back away from anyone. Plus you just know (now that we know) that both of them were thinking about a night at a bar, and tequila, and a kiss in the rain. You just know it.

    I **LOVE** that he called her Temperance. He never does that, so it’s significant when he does. And I love that she called him on the “we’re partners” thing because they weren’t at that point and he was totally trying to use it to manipulate her.

    Oh, and I hate that shade of lipstick they made her wear in the last scene. It’s just ugly. Love her soft, pretty updo, hate the lipstick.

    I would call this The Beginning in the Bones.

    • Yes! Booth in a blue shirt is all sorts of sexy. we need more Blue Shirt Booth! And I agree about Brennan – it is very interesting the way her voice has softened as her character has softened. It’s one of the many things I love about ED’s portrayal of Brennan. (and ditto on the lipstick – not digging that shade either.)

  5. I give pilots a lot of leeway. They have to throw everything in there and hope something clicks with the audience. So we get Angela’s corset and Brennan’s cleavage and sexy gunplay and “ooh are those two gonna do it?” and quirky sidekicks and dark humor all that.

    And sometimes we get odd scenes like the walking away from the funeral but I just chalk it up to a staging thing. Since the funeral also has the fabulous exchange between Goodman/Zack/Hodgins/Booth over arresting Brennan…I can overlook the odd scene with the rose.

    This pilot and the Criminal Minds pilot are two of my favorites because they just set the tone and the characters so well that even seven seasons later, I (we?) still remember the characterizations and scenes established then.

    I would go old school prosaic and call it The Girl in the Pond.

  6. For me the scene at the shooting range is the first B&B love scene. They are so obviously into each other despite whatever words they are saying. And I love the very end of the last scene where the camera pans back as they are walking away and Brennan leans over and gives Booth a shove. I figured that DB had said something inappropriate and ED pushed him but that small gesture read into the text of the story indicates the intimacy that now exists between them. The comfort level as well as the electricity was just there with this episode.

  7. 1) Chat on premiere night — yes, please.

    2) The shooting range scene: I think that that remains the single hottest scene in all of the Bones-verse. Yeah we get other almost kisses and warm moments — and I love them all, but this scene is pure, unadulterated HEAT. They aren’t yet “linked in a profound way.” They are two people who barely know each other, probably don’t like each other that much — yet — but they are intensely attracted to each other. You can feel the electrical sparks. And, now we know for certain that they were that attracted to each other and that there were lingering hard feelings.

    Later hot scenes reflect that profound link or at least the growing bond between the two. Those other scenes reflect that they’ve begun to know each other and respect each other if not actually liking the other — yet. The heat is tempered by that. There’s certain whimsicalness to them. That’s not to say that you can’t see those moments leading them to finally kiss, but that it’s a very different dynamic than in the pilot.

    3) Love the scene in Booth’s office: bravo Emily and David. I actually like the funeral scene, especially when they all turn to look at Zach. On the DVD commentary, Hart notes that this was the first scene they shot and that everyone had just met. I think he said that that collective turn to look at Zach just happened. He also comments that he hated car scenes until he saw these two in the car.

    I can re-watch this ep over and over.

  8. “FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth, Major Crime Investigation, D.C. Supremely Hot Division”

    It’s true. DB is absolutely gorgeous in these pictures. How she doesn’t get with Booth when he is THISCLOSE to her face, I’ll never know. I don’t even know how you do that as an actress, ED must have some serious willpower. I’d forget my lines that’s for sure 🙂

    1. Yes to the premiere chat. Should we agree to wait till after the end, so we can concentrate on watching it in the moment, and then squuuueeeeeeeee together afterwards?

    2. Episode title: The Brain and the Heart

    3. Thank you for this study, Sarah! I’m so going to watch that tonight. As the seasons go on, and we nit pick about what this character said, and what HH did, etc….it can be easy to forget the specialness of Bones being all shiny and new…and what captivated people enough to make it become the ratings grabber it is today. The writing is typically good, but I think we have to owe most of it to the electricity generated by our fab duo, ED and DB. Which reminds me to another favorite show of mine that often generated serious electricity between the leads, Who’s the Boss. Sometimes they’d look at each other and you can literally see sparks!

    Mona tells Tony in one ep:
    Mona: There’s enough electricity in this house to light up a small city!
    Tony: No way…well, maybe Dubuque. (Iowa)

    Tony isi talking to Angela later and says:
    Tony: You ever been to Dubuque?
    Angela: No.
    Tony: Nice city. Very well lit.

    That whole conversation from WTB? popped into my head as I looked at those screen shots. How big of a city do you think Brennan and Booth could light up right there in that moment? Whoa 🙂

    • Well if Brennan has enough repressed sexual energy all by herself to power a small town (as per Angela), they together I’d say Paris, the City of Lights, is the place for B&B.

  9. Okay, so I pretty much smiled the entire time I was reading this post. 🙂 I would have to say my favorite scene from the Pilot is in the shooting and then in Booth’s office when he tells her that he got the warrant. Although, I also love the blackmailing scene lol. If I could name the Pilot with a traditional Bones title I would call it The Start of the Partnership. As far as a chat after the premiere, I would love that! I really enjoyed the chat after the finale. I live in the eastern part of the U.S. and I will probably have to work until around 10, but I plan on watching it as soon as I get home so if we have a chat then I should be able to join in in time for the west coast chat! 🙂

  10. Oh how I love the pilot! Like you said, pilots are often too heavy on characterization (so they don’t generally GRAB you right away), but for me the BONES pilot really hooked me! There’s something about it that I can’t explain that really yells at me “THIS IS GONNA BE A HECK OF A RIDE!!”…and it WAS!!! It was beautiful!

    Is there something about the “coloring” effects of the pilot? It looks very sepia (correct me if I’m wrong please :D)

    I’ve never thought of how Booth and Brennan see past all the “labels” society gave them to appreciate what they are as a person as early as the pilot. Now that you’ve mentioned it, this is something that really spoke to me.

    The shooting range scene left me gasping for air. That was haaaawwwwtt!!

    On a totally random note, I kinda miss Brennan’s old look. Her current look is gorgeous, but there’s something about how she dressed in season 1 that I really love. It’s probably the “I’m ready to take on a jungle” look. Ha! It’s interesting how Brennan somewhat evolved her wardrobe over the seasons.

    Their “walk into the sunset” at the end of the episode is one of my favourite scenes ever! I love how it FEELS like an ending, but is in fact a BEGINNING (of something beautiful!). One would probably expect a scene like this to be in the series finale, but I thought it was brilliant how TPTB put it in the pilot 🙂 🙂 Also love the metaphor of how two people are now setting out on a journey on a “long road” ahead of them.

    And, seriously, Angela just rocks!

  11. I got hooked on Bones in Season 3 so I didn’t watch the pilot first. When I did watch it, I really didn’t like the airport scene at all. Angela was crazy over the top, Brennan handles human remains without respect and Booth seemed too aggressive. I think if I had watched the pilot first, I probably wouldn’t have continued watching. Thank goodness I saw them out of order. My favorite scene is the ending when they walk away together — it’s just beautiful and a sign of good things to come. I also loved Brennan skipping to catch up and how intrigued she is with the opportunity to work with Booth.
    I can’t think of a better episode title than The Bones in the Beginning.

  12. Yes, definitely, on having a post open after the S7 premiere for chatting here!

    Can’t beat “The Bones in the Beginning”.

    I too saw the Pilot after I’d seen most of S4 and S5 as reruns and then bought all the DVDs, so can’t say if it would’ve “hooked” me or not – I was already wayyy hooked when I saw it the first time. But I do know that the firing range scene had my eyes bugging out, big time!

    And Brennan certainly has mellowed since, has she not? There’s a primitive, kick-ass, chip on the shoulder quality to her here that she doesn’t have so much in later seasons.

  13. “Your heart was in the right place,” he tells her.

    I love this. And years later, we still have Booth saying things like, “You speak from the heart.” I love that Booth recognized Brennan’s heart right from the start. And he does so even when she doesn’t recognize it in herself. Because she does have a big heart. I love when she does big things in such understated ways, especially for Booth: cooking him mac-and-cheese, buying him another Cocky belt buckle, inviting him to her Christmas dinner, finding the plumbing book and letting him teach her, showing up at the gun range uninvited with the tommy guns.

    I think if giving gifts was really Brennan’s thing, she would be the best. Her knowledge and observation skills make a deadly combination.

    • As Booth has said, Brennan’s heart muscle is bigger than she is given credit for. Booth knows who Brennan is, he’s sensed it from the beginning I think. I actually think Booth probably takes pride that he got it, that he sees her and is dazzled by what he sees. Their points of view are different but I do think there is some truth to what Gordon Gordon says, that there is more common ground between them than it seems. I agree also that Booth probably was intigued by Brennan acknoweldging his good traits. I tend to think Booth’s relationship with Rebecca started off with physical attraction and most of his relationships probably did begin that way. We’ve seen along the way that Booth needs to hear that he’s a good person Brennan was attracted to Booth but she also is drawn to truth and she did see the truth of him, even if irritated her a little along the way:)

  14. The Pilot is still one of my all time favourite episodes. I pretty much love the entire thing, but the ‘Be a cop? scene? So so so so hot…like, so hot! It is the scene that hooked me and it hasn’t let me go since!

    • How hot would/could it be if we have a similar interaction between them only now it can end in an actual kiss or chase to the bedroom? Remember the “Tai Food” scene at the end of Girl with the Curl? Yeah, another scene where you can feel the sexual chemistry. They could share a similar scenario only now they would be in a committed relationship and it can actually lead somewhere! A loving relationship where the couple digs and respects one another is not often shown on television. I’d love to see that with Booth and Brennan. They don’t need to be icky/stick sweet, they just need to be them only now they can actually act on their attraction. I think it can be majorly hot.

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