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Premiere Week: Morning After Q- Titan on the Track: Was Brennan Jealous of Cam?


Good morning, and Happy Friday!

We’re on day two of Premiere Week, which means we’re discussing season two’s premiere: Titan on the Track. Not to brag, but one thing I like about BT is that if we want to talk about season two, we can! I just recently finished watching all of Parks and Recreation, and when it was done, I was sort of just sitting there, wishing I had someone else to talk to about it. Don’t look for me to start the Parks & Rec Theory anytime soon or anything like that…the point is that I wish other people would, haha!

But back to season two. In this episode, Brennan is back from a trip, and it’s clear that she and Booth did not regularly keep in touch during this time. Also, Dr. Goodman has gone on sabbatical and Dr. Camille Saroyan has been hired as head of forensics. She’s got a cop mentality and she’s from NYC, and oh yeah…she knows what Booth looks like out of his suit. Bada Bing!

She’s not as smart as Brennan, and she seems to have the job Brennan thought she might get, and there was her friendship with Booth, but did all of those things make Brennan jealous? What do you think?

Let’s discuss!

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16 thoughts on “Premiere Week: Morning After Q- Titan on the Track: Was Brennan Jealous of Cam?

  1. I absolutely think that Brennan was jealous of Cam, especially once she realized that Cam and Booth had once been sexually involved. I think Brennan was insatiably curious about Booth’s sexuality and his private life, and the fact that this woman was dropped into her lab with no warning 1) was “in charge” of her lab and 2) had intimate knowledge of Booth was infuriating to Brennan. She probably wouldn’t admit to herself that it was jealousy, but I think it was. Compounded with the fact that she and Cam just rubbed each other the wrong way personally, it’s a wonder things never got violent.

    Which is why one of my all-time favorite scenes from Bones is “I’m with Bones, Cam. All the way. Don’t doubt it for a second.” (I might not have gotten the exact quote, but you get the idea.) Ooooh…Fiercely Loyal Booth is almost as sexy as just plain old Fierce Booth.

    • I think you got it totally right; the jealousy at this point is of Cam’s intimacy with Booth and of her knowledge of him. Booth’s a private guy (not telling anyone about Parker or his home history) and along comes this woman who he’s revealed himself to (visuals, visuals…)-it does not for a happy camper make. It doesn’t help, as others have pointed out, that Cam got the job she thought she deserved.

      In fact, objectively it was completely illogical of Cam to get it, except for the fact that logic isn’t all there is to being an administrator. Even though Brennan wouldn’t have admitted it at this point, remembering names, smoothing things over and dealing with the finer points of a bureaucracy are all skills that are as important to the running of any organization as are the actual skills involved in the job. And none of these are Brennan’s stronger points-nor would she probably care to be good at them for the sake of a promotion.

  2. I’m not sure if it’s because I haven’t seen this episode in a long time or because of something else, but I didn’t really get a jealous vibe of Brennan (at least not about her history with Booth). I’ve always felt that the conflict between the two of them stemmed from Cam’s sudden arrival into a group of people who have worked with each other for a while. Brennan may have felt that her position as someone the team looks up to was compromised by Cam’s arrival. Dr.Goodman, who was everybody’s boss, wasn’t much of a threat in this respect since he hardly worked closely with the team, and it seemed like Brennan would have done what she thought was right anyway.

    Cam was different. She knew she had authority and she intended on acting on it. What she didn’t count on was everybody else backing up Brennan (especially Booth–“I’m with Bones all the way”). I think she was really shaken by that and realized she had to “share” this authority to make it in this job. And, seriously, who else didn’t leap for joy when Booth said that (’cause I certainly did!!!). 🙂 🙂

  3. I don’t believe Brennan was jealous of Cam. To be jealous would mean she felt threatened by Cam and I just don’t think Brennan was ever threatened by her. Really, she wasn’t even threatened by Hannah, she was just heart-broken.

    But I do think their relationship got off to a rocky start and that was totally Cam’s fault. What, she couldn’t have acted a little bit professionally and actually introduced herself to Brennan? No? Instead she had to go with that smartass, “Well, you got that half right,” line? Bah. If anyone was jealous – and threatened – it was Cam of Brennan. Regardless of how many times she makes everyone repeat “I’m the boss of this lab,” the person really in charge is Brennan. Watching Blackout in the Blizzard last night I got a chuckle near the beginning when Cam practically asked Brennan for permission to send everyone home early because of the snow.

    Cam’s the boss of the lab? Yea. Sure.

    • I totally agree that Cam was intimidated. I think she came on so strong precisely because she was intimidated. Overcompensating. It didn’t help that Zack and Hodgins, who had been so friendly to her before, immediately returned to their Queen. Then her old friend says he’s with her too.

      I always thought Cam started her sexual relationship with Booth as a subconscious way of asserting herself/rebelling. Brennan had everyone and everything else, but she couldn’t/wouldn’t have Booth in bed. And of course Booth had his own weird reasons for sleeping with Cam. I love season 2!

    • So it appears your dislike of Cam started from her first scene. Do you find it equally irritating that Brennan does not remember the names of anyone outside her professional circle (those who are “beneath” her professionally) and that she chastises Booth for introducing her?

      • Oh, no. I’m a total hypocrite where Brennan is concerned. I forgive mistakes she makes that I happily crucify everyone else for. Because I love Brennan. Cam, not so much.

  4. I love season 2. It’s so complex and layered and rich and the whole Booth/Brennan/Cam triangle has so many twists and turns.

    I think Brennan was:
    1) Stunned that this new person was suddenly in charge of her lab
    2) Hurt that Goodman didn’t tell her or give her an opportunity to apply or have any input
    3) Amused/insulted at Cam’s rather hostile introduction. Brennan has not been ordered around in a long time and her expression when they first meet is so “Excuse me? Do you know who I am?”
    4) Wistful/envious that Zack and Hodgins got along so well with Cam
    5) Annoyed at Cam’s general attitude
    6) Jealous/curious about the relationship she’d had with Booth yes, but also because Cam has the social skills she doesn’t and that’s why she got the job. When Booth gets up in her face and says “that’s why Cam got the job”. Ouch! The truth hurts.

    • I agree with all six of your points! The lab was Brennan’s domain, it didn’t seem like Goodman was too hands on…however, Cam is definitely a boss that wants to know everything that is going on and be very present around you as you do your job. Cam and Brennan are both strong women that are used to being in charge, its inevitable that butting heads would happen. Also, Cam is a “flesh” person, which as “Bones”, Brennan does not understand. I do think Brennan is a bit jealous at Cam’s getting the job, having social skills, and having Booth. Not the crippling, cry-yourself-to-sleep-then-slash-her-tires jealous, but twinges. Brennan doesn’t like having someone new come in and order her around, and I think that is a typical reaction people in her position would have.

      I also love that Booth is the middleman, smoothing over the the conflict between the women, by telling it to them straight, telling them how it is. He tells Brennan in no uncertain terms why Cam got the job, but also goes right up to Cam and tells her he is on his partner’s side. I love that.

      But yeah, I think va32h got it right. Its not just plain ol’ jealousy, but a combination of all those feelings you said: stunned, hurt, envious, annoyed, jealous….but it was interesting to have Cam come in and be that involved boss who could get under Brennan’s skin, and keep her on her game. It took me awhile to warm up to Cam, but over the seasons, I like her character as part of the ensemble. Like Booth, she can wrangle both squints and “regular” people, and Goodman was a little more on the “squint” side, so I like what her character brings.
      (Although Booth getting up in her face was awesome sauce. You tell her, Booth!)

      • Brennan’s always said she doesn’t like change, and Cam meant change in every possible way for her, from her job to the surrogate relationship she has with Booth. By the by, missed yesterday’s post, but all for a discussion after next week’s episode! Not that I think there will be a “discussion” per say, maybe more of a love-fest…

  5. I don’t think Brennan was initially jealous. I think she was very surprised that Goodman was gone and Cam was inserted into a job that she probably thought should have been offered to her. I don’t know if she would admit it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she was also a little hurt that she had never been contacted about this position.

  6. I’m in the not jealous camp. PO’d because someone wasn’t letting her do her job her way, but not jealous. I don’t even think it bothered her that much that she didn’t get the job. She just wanted to be able to continue doing things her way.

    BTW, in the s5 finale, Cam tells Brennan that she (Cam) works for her (Brennan).

  7. “The pyramids are better at change than you are.”

    He may have been trying to tease her a little with that in S5, but I think that’s relevant for this question. She comes back and there is CHANGE? In HER LAB?

    I imagine that went over like a lead balloon. Plus this woman who has shown up is not indulgent towards her, doesn’t seem to care about who she is or her accomplishments AND knows more about her partner than she does?

    I can’t imagine she enjoyed any of that. Brennan does not like to feel like she is left to catch up on anything important and in this case she was left dead last to know. I think it would unsettle most anyone, but Brennan especially.

  8. The beginning of the episode when Brennan comes back and hasn’t been in touch with anyone and finds everything changed parallels the first episode in season 6 when she does exactly the same thing. It is interesting to me that for someone who supposedly has such an accelerated learning curve and who likes to lecture on the constancy of change, over and over Brennan repeats this pattern. It’s almost as if she believes that when she shuts the door of the lab for an extended length of time everything freezes until her return and no matter how many times she is proven wrong, she repeats that same pattern. I wonder what Gordon Gordon would say about that.

  9. Oh and I do think Brennan was jealous but as others have said it was only one emotion in a complicated sea of emotions involving her relationship with her team and her partner.

  10. Love season 2 ! So happy its a topic of discussion.

    I would say Brennan is mostly threatened by Cam. . . definitely its a whole slew of emotions at play here, but I think its less about being envious and more about insecurity.

    I think that Brennan has built her identity around being a uber elite forensic anthropoligst, leader in her field, best of the best etc. etc. – I think that her sexy super genius identity are part of the walls she has put up to protect herself from the world and a way that she fosters her imperviousness. She hides behind her superiority. I think thats why she gets so frustrated with herself for not being great at reading people, she struggles with not being the best at everything. Its a chink in her armor. So here comes Cam who seems to kinda have it all – and the fact that someone has evaluated Cam as a better fit for the most elite position at her institution – I think it had to be a tough hit for the identity / ego. Then throw in that she has a relationship with Booth that Brennan is starting to get attached to (if not in a romantic way at this point, then definetly in a deep friendship way) I don’t see how somebody with as many emotional layers as Brennan can not feel that.

    I love that about this show and this character, even though her ego is totally threatened and sometime acts poorly you can always see the human in her and that at the heart of it she is trying to do her best in the world.

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