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Premiere Week: Top Five Tuesday- Reasons Harbingers Is My All Time Favorite BONES Premiere!


One thing I love about BONES is that I’ve met people from literally all over the world. Of course, when I say ‘met’, I mean that we hang out online and such–I haven’t actually met any of you! So crazy! But the point is that it’s cool. We’re cool.

I had to smile when as soon as November arrived, people’s Facebook or Twitter statuses would indicate it. It’s November! was posted with more joy than is usually dedicated the month! At least, I think so! But yeah…it’s November…kinda exciting!

We’re ready for Season Five here at Premiere Week, and I’m *channeling Sweets* wicked pumped that HiaF fell on this week’s Top Five Tuesday. It is my all time favorite BONES premiere! There are many, many wonderful moments, and not just this…


There’s this eager ‘we’re almost on the same page’ vibe with B&B that hadn’t really happened before (or since) in those early season five days. There are too many moments to choose from, but I did manage to narrow it down to five. For now!

1. The Hug:

As so many of you have mentioned before, it’s fun that Brennan refuses a hug from Cam, is shocked into one by Hodgins (and doesn’t really respond), and then openly hugs Booth when she sees him (also after she sits on him, which is just…adorbs!). The subsequent scene, where Angela calls them out on not being so forthcoming about the fact that Brennan was pregnant in their little shared reality thingy is also awesome.

2. The Chat

I could use a little more Booth and Cam friendship moments (like the one in season six, also, where she comes to ask him for relationship advice). But this one is special, because Booth doesn’t deny that he is ‘in love with Dr. Brennan’, and Cam smiles happily.

Plus she calls him a ‘Sweet, kick-ass, FBI murder-solver with a hard fists and a lion heart’! Love it!

3. The Visit

Cyndi Lauper’s acoustic version ofย “Fearless” moved to the top of my list of fave ‘songs used in Bones eps’ with this episode, and the music is so haunting as Booth studies the newspaper clippings of his success with Brennan (though who in the heck took that photo of the two of them making fun of Sweets? I get annoyed by this stuff. Ignore me. haha). Then he goes to visit her, presumably around 2 AM or something, when she is digging around for clues. They are both so hesitant around one another–Booth because I think he’s considering telling her that he loves her, and Brennan, because she’s trying to make sure that he has fully recovered. He tells her he hates this part of their work, where she is working, and he’s just sitting around. She tells him she has something work-related for him. He immediately goes into work mode and leaves the area. Brennan asks him if he wants to get breakfast (which I also love, because theย  way she asks leads me to believe this is a common occurence), but he says no. She is confused by his actions. And Ms. Lauper keeps on singing ๐Ÿ˜€

4.ย  The rescue

“I got you, baby!”

I’ve mentioned before how I was annoyed with Bones after the season four finale, and I spent that summer trying to just not think about it. I had not seen this episode before it aired in the US, and as I watched, and this scene happened, I totally gasped and hit the rewind (aka did that REALLY happen?) button. And it did! I love Brennan’s reaction in the scene, and Booth’s as well. It was like…instinctive, you know?

5. The realization

I know words like ‘eventually’ and all of that get overused in Bones-verse sometimes, but “dazzled” was immediately one of those words–the minute it was used to describe Brennan, and Booth’s feelings toward her.

Good call on the part of the writers to have this information come to Brennan via a psychic, someone she was less than eager to give credence to. And also well done to have it be that Booth was dazzled by the ‘truth’ of her–which is incredibly more meaningful than her work or her beauty, or any other standard Brennan might hold herself up against.

I love it.

But there are more great moments too…so feel free to add them in the comments!

Peace, Love & Bones,


PS…I hope you’re voting for your top Bones Episode Ending EVER! (Well, from these 16, that is!)


43 thoughts on “Premiere Week: Top Five Tuesday- Reasons Harbingers Is My All Time Favorite BONES Premiere!

  1. That last screencap of yours is one of my favorites. It’s one of those times whey they let Brennan be as gorgeous as ED is. I also like to think that there’s a reason she wears the same sweater in Blackout in the Blizzard.

    This is my favorite season premiere too.

  2. Job interview to dash off to, but 3 quick notes:

    It’s during Fearless too, but I love when Booth puts on his socks and leans back and starts to smile. Also the shot of the feet.

    The scene where Booth tries to tell her he loves her is so-o sad to me. He looks kind of sad — that telling the woman he loves that he loves her is so scary and he’s so unsure.

    Scene with Caroline and the bloody shirt.

    Wish me luck!

  3. I…just…wow. This epsiode was just wonderful from beginning to end. I thought Cyndi Lauper was inspired casting as the slightly kooky psychic. And her and Booth’s interaction about second best at the end was a nice moment too. From the super tight hug they gave each other at the beginning of the episode, Booth still off-kilter from his coma dream…to the “baby” as he is holding her tight yet again, it was great. I noticed in your picture the way she is holding on to him with her good hand. It’s sort of like, in that moment, they allowed themselves the freedom of just holding each other and not trying to maintain any personal/professional distance.

    I also like the red herring they sort of throw in there, when Booth is talking to the psychic on the stairs, and she senses that Brennan is in danger, and sends Booth off to save her, and she calmly hails a taxi…I definitely thought….wait a minute, did she just play him? And Booth, rushes off to save his partner at even a psychic’s hunch that she needed him. That was cute ๐Ÿ™‚ haha

    And then we get a brief “hot sniper Booth” glimpse when he takes that doctor out…Boom. It’s over. Don’t mess with protective Booth’s partner, man. And the next scene, where he’s just sitting in his bloody shirt…with her blood…and Caroline snaps him back into action. Great scene. I thought it was an interesting callback to that in HitH, where Booth hadn’t washed Vincent’s blood off his hands. It’s like Booth takes on the pain and suffering of that person with him…whew. Anyway.

    And then yes, “dazzled”. I guess it can be overused, but its like the best word ever to describe Booth’s feelings…I think the dazzlement (new word? ๐Ÿ™‚ ) left his eyes a bit after the 100th, but then after Blizzard, I think it came back. And I think Brennan can finally admit now that she’s a bit dazzled by her man at times too! Or is that just me?? haha

    Great, great ep. Epic ep. To me, there are just certain shows that move me. That are just “key” episodes. Like for me, Aliens in a Spaceship, Harbingers, Mayhem, Verdict, Doctor in the Photo, end of Daredevil, HitH and CitG.

    And of course, Booth calls her “baby”. Sigh. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Agreed!! “Second best” for absolutely a great way to kick start the season!!!

      And “dazzled” is my new favourite world ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. Well, really, who isn’t dazzled by Temperance Brennan? Such a perfect word to use and it just completely throws her.

    One thing I’ve always believed – Booth still has that shirt she bled on. Like Gary Sinise in CSI:NY holding on to the beach ball his wife inflated before she was killed on 9/11. That shirt is hanging at the back of his closet somewhere.

    • MJ, Your comment reminds me of Brokeback Mountain, when Hearh Ledger’s character goes to Jake Gyllenhall’s parents’ hose and he finds his bloody shirt in the closet tucked inside one of Jake’s shirts. That scene broke my heart. I always kind of had a thing for HL.

      • And then he takes the shirts back home with him, but whereas before, Jake’s shirt was on the outside, Heath puts his shirt on the outside (if I remember that correctly). That movie breaks my heart too – even moreso now that HL has passes away.

      • I’d read the short story the movie was based on so I knew that scene was going to break my heart. And, it did. It was so well done. Heartbreakingly beautiful.

        Although I do think Booth washed that shirt. But it’s still stained with Brennan’s blood so I think he kept it.

    • Oh crapola. I meant Heath.

    • And house! It is so much harder to catch typos on my phone. Argh!

    • He’s a sentimental guy that Booth. All rough and tough on the inside but ooey, gooey at his core. I could totally see him keeping that shirt, right along with his scrap book with the clippings and photos he was looking at in Harbingers. Even when he was building up walls to protect himself from his feelings for Brennan in early S6 I really can’t see him letting go of small things/tokens of their history.

  5. My two favorite parts of this ep:

    1) When Booth turns back in the doorway of Sweets’ office and flashes his badge and a goofy grin. I’d like a screen cap of that!

    2) When B & B try to avoid looking at each other but don’t quite manage it after Angela brings up the pregnancy they didn’t mention.

    Oh, crap, one more I just thought of!

    3) The way Booth says, “Bones!” after he jumps up from the couch. He manages to pack an awful lot of meaning into that one word.

    • I love your #3. There is so much in that one word. And then that hug! Adorbs.

    • When B & B try to avoid looking at each other but donโ€™t quite manage it after Angela brings up the pregnancy they didnโ€™t mention.

      This. This fascinates me! It’s so complex! LOL. I contend that Booth WOULD have donated his “stuff” to Bones at the end of S4 – pre tumor diagnosis – IF Bones had allowed him to be part of the child’s life. I don’t even think he was asking for a romantic involvement. I think they both liked the idea of having that kind of bond with one another. Brennan wanted a piece of Booth but she feared anything more and I think she knew on some level that he would have wanted more and more and more if she had allowed some strings attached to that “donation”. So, yeah, that look on their faces when Angela brings up the fact that Brennan was pregnant in the coma dream….wow. It says A LOT.

      • That whole scene–from when she enters her office until he says, “I gotta shave” is filled with so many layers of nuance and and unspoken meaning. That is one of my all time favorite scenes. Has Sarah ever done a scene study on that one? If not, it gets my vote for the next one she posts! And I live DB scruffy. I’ve got a thing for beards.

  6. I love this premiere, too – I always forget how much until I see it again….EXCEPT, I’ve never been a fan of the Avalon character. EXCEPT the “dazzled” line – I really do love all aspects of that line.

    Yes, I’m a mess of contradictions, too. Just like the characters in this show.

  7. What a great post; it helps that this is one of my favorite eps too! That hug…I’ve replayed that sucker a lot because they are both so incredibly into it. It’s interesting that the the Mastodon hug kind of mirrors it: happiness, relief and then uncertainty. But that Harbingers hug-you can just feel the events of the coma dream bleeding through in their expressions. And the “I got you baby?” Yeah, I rewinded (rewound?) that part over and over again, because I couldn’t quite believe that Booth actually said that-it was such an intimate, bedroom term to use and the fact that he kind of whispered it…delish! Wonder if that was in the script, or just an impromptu choice. Either way, it totally added to the power of that scene. A genius line.

    The scene with Cam was wonderful too; I could really use more Booth/Cam moments like that. It’s intriguing that although Booth has never admitted to others that he loves Brennan, he hasn’t denied it when it’s been brought up. I think it’s kind of refreshing not to be hit over the head with the nature of his feelings and I like this roundabout way of showing us. It’s also very in character, because Booth has always had a tough time revealing personal things. This is definitely one of those episodes where the writers got things right.

    This premiere more than any other opened up a whole world of possibilities and made their “eventually” seem so close…if we had only known the two years of hell our little hearts were going to be put through before the big bang actually happened! Definitely one of those times where it was best not to know too much about the future.

    • Here’s something to ponder regarding “eventually”. So… I see a lot of people saying that S7 is the “eventually”. What if it isn’t? Would HH write it so that B&B don’t actually get their “eventually” until their old and gray? Like, what if S7 starts off great (see S5 Harbingers) but then ends with another heartcrush (see finale for S5). I hope that isn’t the case, I hope B&B can weather storms together but…..yeah…..

  8. While all of the other premieres hinted at the two of them as a couple, Harbingers becomes exactly what a harbinger is, foretelling events to come– a pregnancy possibility, love spoken, doubts creeping in. The characters and the season began with a sense of hope– Booth was clear about his feelings even if he wasn’t clear about what he could do about them. Brennan was confronted several times with her relationship with Booth and tried to wrap herself in denial.

    One of my favorite parts, besides the Fearless montage, is Avalon and Brennan’s final reading. It is very uncomfortable for Brennan who faces it with Brennan moxie and seems so undone by it as well. At first I thought Brennan was just being dismissive, but on subsequent viewings I really think she’s very much aware of what Avalon is saying to her and her discomfort is palpable. It’s the same discomfort that seemed to accompany everything after the 100th– nothing was quite the same with her or Booth or with the team. For such a truth seeker, sometimes the truth is the one thing she really doesn’t want to deal with.

    • I love Brennan’s reaction to Avalon in that second reading. I’ve gotten into a debate about that at times. Brennan may not believe in psychics, but she is clearly discomfited by what Avalon tells her.

  9. Oh, season 5 premiere of Bones, how glad I am I found you! This was my actual first episode, and I found it being on Hulu. But I could only watch the first couple of episodes, and the season 4 finale. I loved Booth and Brennan and the chemistry they had. I don’t remember much else, but I’m pretty sure it was the romantic interest between the leads that really drew me in. I always like my stories to have a little romance. I had no idea of the history of the show, especially not that people hated the S4 finale. I was just confused, I guess, haha. But the good kind of confused, which had me signing up for Netflix and catching up at an alarming rate probably not recommended for a busy graduate student.

    I love all the moments mentioned in today’s post.

    • I think my favorite part of this post is the first picture of Booth. It offiicially turned what was left of my brain till mush. I will be no good to anyone until well, I’d say Thursday, but I think Thursday will in turn make me useless on Friday….but I digress.

      Thanks for that screen shot of Booth! Yum ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I love the part where Angela kisses Booth’s forehead and Brennan asks if he wants her to do the same then he dreamily says yes. When she gives him a look of ‘Yeah right’, she is so gorgeous! Okay, back to staring at the screencap of Yummy Booth.

  11. Love Love Love this ep – definitely the best premiere…but I may change my mind by Friday!

    Booth just looks hot and adorable and sweet and uncertain and it turns me to goo.
    Brennan looks beautiful – in every shot. But the lighting in the ‘dazzled’ scene is spellbinding.

    Great post Sarah ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. This episode is one of my favorites. I love every scene everyone has mentioned and the recap was awesome. It is such a pleasure experiencing premiere week with you all. I was glad, Sarah, that you mentioned the song. I’ve been getting through the long wait for the new Bones by listening to songs from the episodes and I’m adding Fearless now. Here is what is also on my playlist. Anyone have suggestions for things to add? Kandi โ€“ One EskimO; The World Isโ€ฆ – Matthew Ryan; Fountain โ€“ Sara Lov; Make You Feel My Love โ€“ Adele; No Envy No Fear โ€“ Joshua Radin; Mmmโ€ฆ Laura Izibor; Buckets of Rain โ€“ Beth Orton; I Hurt Too โ€“ Katie Herzig; You โ€“ Fisher; Everyday โ€“ Toby Lightman; Next To You โ€“ Tim Easton; Faster โ€“ Matt Nathanson; The Sun Will Rise โ€“ Brendan James; Heartbeats – Jose Gonzales.

  13. Harbingers is definitely my favorite Bones premiere so far! I think you named my top favorite scenes from it too. The scene where Booth saves Brennan is probably my favorite favorite though, followed closely behind by the scene where Brennan hugs Booth when she sees him in her office. Roughly only 49.5 more hours where I’m at until the Bones premiere!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Is it bad that I am already counting down the hours? Lol

  14. I just fired up Harbingers on the ol’ DVR, and yeah…its good ๐Ÿ™‚

    I froze it on the picture of Booth in Sweets’ office. Yay. I also paid close attention to their interaction in Brennan’s office, their hug, their reaction to Angela’s calling them out on the coma pregnancy…this is a great episode…so glad we had the study today!! Perfect way to get through these last few days!

  15. So far, this is my fave premiere. I’m hoping it gets displaced on Thursday. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I also really like the Pilot.

  16. This is my favourite premiere too guys!!! And also…….IT’S NOVEMBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ (I can’t believe I am so excited about a month!!)

    1. The Hug
    Loved this!!! What I adored about this scene was how genuine it felt. It feels like two friends jumping at each other after a long summer vacation. The elation, the joy. Pure!

    2. The Chat
    Did I say I was annoyed at Cam at the beginning of season 2??? I TAKE IT ALL BACK!!! BLESS YOU WOMAN!!!!!!

    3. The Visit
    It was LOL moment for me when Booth was suddenly all “unsure” about what to do around Brennan. Again, it’s that warm fuzzy feeling when you’re talking to your crush! How sweet!!

    4. The rescue
    First of all, can I just say that Brennan running away from the doctor with the knife is probably one of the most suspenseful scenes in the history of BONES. There’s something about the closed quarters of the clinic and how quickly the situation changed from “questioning a suspect” to “running for your life”. Freaked me out! Booth holding her after he shot the guy sent my head spinning. There’s something about “vulnerable Brennan” and “I’m there for you Booth” (refer to Two Bodies in the Lab last scene) that gets me every time. Also, I was lost in the “DID HE JUST SAY BABY???” crazytown right after that scene. *Head explodes*

    5. The realization
    Can I just say that Brennan’s expression is just downright magical? Not only is she stunning in this screencap, but her expression reminds me of a child being amazed for the first time. Avalon’s words were RIGHT ON! That’s what so great about this moment. Here we have Temperance Brennan, successful scientist, successful writer, successful human being. But why does Booth love her?? …………Because he knows the truth of her and is DAZZLED. Geeezz..I love this show!

    • Workaholic, I love your post!! haha

      I agree with every word ๐Ÿ™‚

      Rewatching Harbingers tonight, I just kept getting amazed over and over again. Man, we are fans of a pretty great show!

    • “It was LOL moment for me when Booth was suddenly all โ€œunsureโ€ about what to do around Brennan.”

      I love moments like this because it feels so real! The moment in HITH when Booth and Brennan are at his apartment and Brennan is making up the couch as her bed was so AKWARD but in a GOOD way! In BWTA Booth hugged Brennan and we know he’s hugged her other times too but this….it’s like they knew there was a delicate line that could easily be crossed and both wanted too but…the moment is…..wrong? right? And of course it all leads to 4:47:) which gives us another example of:

      ” โ€œVulnerable Brennanโ€ and โ€œIโ€™m there for you Boothโ€” This time “I’m here” Booth for a vulnerable Brennan leads to baby Brennan-Booth and the next chapter!

      • Thanks bb!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m getting to Harbingers soon!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

        Camcat!!! I totally forgot about the “awkward couch making” scene! (am I the only one who imagined Brennan folding Booth’s shirts?? just sayin’) I don’t think Brennan’s been in Booth’s apartment with the intention of spending the night before. That must have felt like “7 minutes in heaven” for the both of them. Awww you cute kids!! ….it’s finally time to call them “Mama Bones” and “Papa Booth”. *cue 10 minute squee-fest*

  17. I just really need to let this out – somewhere.

    Bones is back this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    With B&B together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    How GOOD is that?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ok. Now that I have that out of my system, proceed ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. I so totally agree – “Harbingers” is a stunning episode – so many layers, so many nuances. I never tire of seeing it. And Avalon’s “dazzled” line just gives me goosebumps.

    One scene that always makes me laugh: When B&B are doing their shoulder-punching, ‘atta-girl’, ‘right back atcha’ routine on the sidewalk, suddenly Caroline is there:
    “You two got a minute?”
    Her typical dry delivery – she’d been witness to this…interesting exchange the whole time!

    A thought – BT should have a post (or a sub-post or something?) on how everyone’s dealing with the Is-It-Thursday-Night-Yet Screamin’ Meemies?? Seems like that could be entertaining. As well as supportive. In our time of need. Just sayin’… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  19. Is there going to be a post today? This, our last official day of hiatus???? I need some BT to get through this day!

  20. Little late in commenting but Harbingers is my all time favorite episode and definitely the best season premiere. I love the tight hug at the beginning and how there is no hesitation from either of them. Love when he rushes off and saves her and calls her baby. How he keeps wearing the shirt with her blood. The news clipping memories. The “I love you” scene — for someone who says she doesn’t believe in love, Brennan was comfortable saying it back, even though he said ‘in an atta girl kind of way’. I’ve always thought this episode is when they each first recognized the depth of their feelings for the other.

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