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Premiere Week: Mastodon in the Room- Similes


From Mastodon in the Room


Good morning, and yeah I know this post is late, but it IS still officially morning, so in my book that counts!  😀

It’s Wednesday, y’all, and depending on where you are in the world, it could be almost Thursday! I’ll be posting tomorrow, so feel free to stop on by to hang out. I know that premiere days tend to make some people go under the spoiler free cover until the episode airs, and I get that. The Spoiler Free policy will be firmly in place here at BT!  And I’ll have a post ready to go live at 10:00 PM EST, for those of you who want to come and chat with one another about the episode. And as always, we’ll have a Morning After Q on Friday!

Okay, let’s round out Premiere Week with a little discussion about some of the similes used in the season six premiere, Mastodon in the Room.

When BT was just a little germ of an idea in my mind, I was thinking that it would be very literary…I would use my English degree to analyze the show from that perspective–character development, themes, plot diagram, foils, etc. That has happened…some, and I welcome that, but it doesn’t happen all of the time, and I’m cool with that.

I usually get distracted from my literary pursuits by things like…

From Change in the Game


But today, I do want to delve into some literary work by looking at three similes (you know, comparing two unlike things using like or as!) that were used:

1. Serious as a heart attack

2. Loving like a sister

3. Taking like a flea


Let’s do this thing! MicrosoftWord to your mother!

1. Serious as a heart attack:

This one, from Booth to Brennan as we know, is interesting to me, and a lot of you have made mention of this in comments over the past year (a year!) that it’s possible Booth didn’t know when he would see Hannah again. He was certainly surprised to see her in D.C. by the next episode, and by all accounts he was going to try the long distance relationship thing, but without him knowing that he would see her soon, he is still drawing a line in the sand, so to speak, and letting Brennan know that his new relationship is very serious.

It’s different than his previous relationships with Rebecca, Cam, and Catherine…and usually he would sort of flush, deflect and assure Brennan that it probably wasn’t that serious.

I kind of like that Booth lays it all out there–it’s VERY good from a Booth character perspective. The dramatic irony portion (oohlala, literary terms!) is that of course, we as viewers can see that Brennan has had a change of heart. Actually, scratch that. I will never not believe that Brennan didn’t love Booth and act out of her love for him. I think she had a change of mind, if that makes sense. She always cared about Booth–by the time season six rolled around, she had come to terms with it in her mind and decided to perhaps pursue that.



2. Loving Like a Sister:

I loved the scene between Angela and Brennan where Angela tells her she’s going to have a baby (one exception: when Angela tells her she will die loveless and alone. As if! ), and Brennan is SO happy for her. Though I suppose, for those of us with sisters, it’s not as if we always get along with ours or don’t say mean things sometimes! Haha!

To me, the scene felt right because Brennan defined what metaphorical sisters are like, and that made me laugh. And I like that Brennan is Angela’s go-to person.



3. Taking like a flea:

This is one of my favorite season six moments, when after Brennan told Booth that a flea is a speedy creature, Booth used her simile to describe how he would apprehend their suspect. The picture at the top of this post is Brennan’s reaction to what Booth said, and I like that smile on her face. To me, his repeating her line was close to the equivalent of her saying “What’s between us is ours”– of course, they weren’t in formal wear gazing into each other’s eyes at the time of the S6 Premiere, but still…it was an recognition of what the other had said and application to the appropriate situation. Very nice.

Thoughts from you on that one?

Or any other thoughts for the good of the group? 😀

I will see you tomorrow, and remember that voting for this round of Rock The Vote: 2011 Greatest Episode Ending ends at midnight tomorrow morning!

Peace, Love & Bones



23 thoughts on “Premiere Week: Mastodon in the Room- Similes

  1. 1. I like the way Booth handled the whole Hannah thing (though of course I wish she never existed haha!) because it was very Boothy. He likes to be that committed guy in a relationship, and just because circumstances seemed to change, especially in DitP, he still pursued the “right” course in his mind. And I think it was commendable. I think its good for Brennan too, because she can be assured in the B&B relationship they now have, that he won’t up and leave her for the next pretty face. He is a trustworthy guy, and that is awesome sauce.

    2. Oh, Angela, how conflicted I am over you! Sometimes you drive me to distraction, sometimes you are really very nice 🙂 Even though she can annoy me terribly, I do like that she is a good friend to Brennan, someone that on paper, Brennan should not be friends with. She’s not a genius, not a doctor, not the expert in her field, and she sees a psychic, but Brennan is friends with her anyway. That’s cool. Angela is a great sounding board to Brennan and vice versa…like in HitH…hehe 🙂

    3. A very nice season 6 moment. A lot of these were lost in the Hannah-haze of frustration, but they were there! A rewatch of the Season 6 DVDs helped me rediscover little gems like this…and beautiful pic of Brennan’s reaction as welll! Very classic B&B, even in the midst of this change in their relationship. Hoping for more of this in Season 7…

    …which is TOMORROW! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Oh, Mastadon in the Room, how I love thee. What a great title for an episode that said so much without actually saying it.

    Mastadon, Brennan’s realization of her real feelings for Booth?
    Mastadon, Booth’s realization that his feelings for Brennan hadn’t changed?
    Mastadon, the soon-to-be-introduced Hannah?
    Mastadon, the reality of what “just partners” really meant?

    8:00 pm tomorrow can’t get here soon enough.

    • “Mastadon, Booth’s realization that his feelings for Brennan hadn’t changed”

      Oh, that was definitely there. I won’t believe otherwise. The moment he laid eyes on her for the first time in 7 months I don’t believe he was thinking, “wow, I’m so glad I’m in a relationship that is serious as a heart attack” nor do I think he was thinking, “man am I angry that she didn’t even call me in seven months”. Nope. I think a little voice inside went “Bones!” and then in an instant that little voice went, “man are you screwed” because I like to think that any thoughts he may have had that said, “man are lucky to have found that reporter and you are so over Bones” went out the window. His heart probably beat a little faster and all those feelings probably came rushing back.

      “Mastadon, Brennan’s realization of her real feelings for Booth”

      And our girl Brennan? Well, we didn’t hear too much about her time in Maluku but I think she missed him. She missed having him worry about her and solving murders together, and their time at the diner and coffee and all of it. We know she dreamed of what being together would be like. I think she decided to give them a chance when she got back to DC. And when she laid eyes on Booth the first time in seven months. Whew. Brennan IS a woman and Booth was looking mighty, mighty fine in his fatigues. Wow. She HAD to be thinking, THAT is a good looking man. I AM very attracted to him and I think we would be VERY compatible, sexually. She hugged him so tight! And then when he broke that hug first….her face…ouch. I think we knew in that instant that things were gonna get weird. Of course I like to think Booth was thinking, “I love our guy hugs….she smells so good….Stop it man! Dude, don’t go back there again. You moved on buddy. Pull it together. Things have changed, they have to…starting now.” And that was the only hug in S6….up until HITH. I still like to believe that not giving Brennan a hug in DITP had to hurt Booth on some level, even though he was doing the right thing by trying to be committed….I think he knew he couldn’t cross that line. But boy he came roaring back in HITH:)

      • I agree with you about DitP. I tend to focus on Brennan because I love me some Brennan but watching Booth, he was definitely conflicted/hurting/tormented and a little bit angry, too, I think. Now she realizes that? NOW she doesn’t want to have regrets? Such a great moment. Painful, but great.

      • “Its good for Brennan too, because she can be assured in the B&B relationship they now have, that he won’t up and leave her for the next pretty face”.
        “Watching Booth, he was definitely conflicted/hurting/tormented and a little bit angry, too, I think. Now she realizes that? NOW she doesn’t want to have regrets?”.

        Yes to both these comments. I think Brennan knew very early on what kind of man Booth was. She knew that he wasn’t the first “blink/balk” in the Tessa relationship AND I think she knew that he really did think it was “going somewhere” between them when they first kissed and that’s why she didn’t sleep with him. She also told Hannah that she better be as serious as Booth or it would hurt him. So, yeah, I think Brennan DOES know Booth will committ but I would imagine, and we’ll soon see, that a part of her will always fear that everything could go away in an instant. Love does take a great deal of faith….she may still have some “imperviousness” to loose.

        And was Booth angry? Oh,yeah. I think you can see that going through his mind….”Damnit!, this could have all been avoided if you would have just given us a chance. That’s all I asked but you couldn’t do it and NOW you have regrets. Well, Seeley Booth has moved on, yep, moved on. Everything is in the past..and…and…oh, man, Bones is crying?!… Ugh, this is the worst….I am not the bad guy here, she made me move on…. stay strong man, no guy hugs here. Nope. Can’t go there. Gotta stay disconnected….I know, I’ll offer to call someone.” I like to think that neither of them slept a wink that night after THAT ride home. I mean, really, how did they go on from there? Talk about akward. I think it was remarkable that Brennan didn’t just go into pure shut-down mode….I think that says a lot. I think she was able to see for herself just how strong she really is because she DID feel. As Micha said, it’s better than not feeling anything at all. Brennan was free and Booth was left with…well…You only love one person the most.

      • I always thought Booth broke the hug b/c Brennan hadn’t changed her shirt in a week and he was thinking “yeesh, she smells bad”

  3. Mastodon set up the whole season– beyond the will-they-won’t-they dynamic at work for the previous 5 seasons, we had an pretty full season of Booth trying to resolve his feelings for Brennan and Brennan trying to resolve her relationship with Booth. That uncertainty was there throughout the season. Yes, they could be partners, but anything beyond that was forbidden territory, something Brennan finally sees in the fake handbag case (very symbolic, I suppose). It’s only in Sin in the Sisterhood where we see a somewhat concerted effort on Booth’s part to treat her a bit more kindly– he uses her as the periscope, listens to her anthropological insights and even shushes Sweets to hear her side of something (but he won’t patronize her by letting her think he agrees with her.) It was the hug he couldn’t give her in DitP.

    • Nice point, about SITS Roxane! I totally agree. I know they aired a few of the episode out of shooting order in S6 but I think the seashell moment at the end of BITB is a big moment for Booth as he watches Brennan. Any “anger” he had in the car in DITP kind of melted away in that moment a little and I think he kind of accepted that he was always going to love, like, and be dazzled by her. It was a sad moment because DB portrayed so many little flickers of emotion in that short moment as Booth watched Brennan take in a simple pleasure. By SITS there was healing and I think Booth would walk the line. Booth is loyal in his commitments but, I don’t know, I think there may have been a line that Hannah or any other woman couldn’t cross with Brennan that would have caused a lot of tension. It could have been worse for Booth, he could have had a woman who WAS threatened by Brennan or once she found out what Booth’s “past feelings” were and Brennan’s confession of regret may have asked him to sever the partnership all together. A her or me type of deal. That would not only affect Booth’s personal life but his professional career as well. I think by SITS Booth thought he could have it both ways, afterall both the women in his life got along! Yay for Seeley! And since Hannah was so cool about everything, he probably thought he could easily stick his nose into Brennan’s business from afar every now and again…you know, follow her to dangerous neighborhoods and save her life, maybe do background checks on any guys that came around and she tried to move on with. Boothy stuff. Cocky. Thank goodness DITM ended that era but I think things could have gotten really, really sticky. Like if Brennan HAD found a guy to move on with and maybe he wasn’t as cool as Hannah. Anyone think Booth could have been friendsies with a SO of Brennan? Sully was a fellow FBI agent so that was okay but even then I don’t think Booth spent any afterwork hours with Sully. I could actually see Brennan making an effort for a double date but Booth? Nah. Nope. Don’t see it.

  4. This is such a sad episode to me, from the Brennan point of view. Finally realizing and accepting her feelings for Booth and then Bang! She finds out he’s moved on. I felt her pain and to me Hannah is definitely the Mastodon in the B&B “room”. How she can put on a happy face and go on being his partner is beyond me, but I imagine that is part of the loyalty she felt toward him.
    I became a fan of this show very late in the game season 6 to be more precise but I absolutely LOVE IT! to the point that I created a “Bones Club” at the nursing home where I’m a nurse and got the ladies hooked (and some guys too), We started watching from season 1 and at first I thought it was going to be an episode a week but once they started watching they can’t get enough. We are at the end of season 5 and we have no spoilers. Twice a week we get together at 2 and we go, go, go. I have to figure how to get the new season from Tivo to a DVD so they can keep watching (they go to bed around 7 and Bones comes on at 9). Is it Thursday yet??? 🙂

    • Janett, what a wonderful story! That’s the power of good television for you; it’s like a campfire that brings people together and gives them something to think and talk about.

    • Love it that you have a Bones group! Tell me, do the older ladies think Booth is a bit dishy?

      • Linda, boy oh boy do you and the rest of the girls remember that little episode “The girl in the goop” where Booth is half naked? LOL yes, they think he’s “dishy” and then some. I was a little embarrassed to tell you the truth when they kept saying ‘can we see that again’? LOL Their generation is definitely not ours, but the comments I heard made me laugh to the point I was crying and my face was red as a lobster for some others. I also did a collage with pictures of Emily for one of the guys, it’s hanging in his room. I’m suppose to do the same for a couple of the ladies with pics of David and TJ but things have been a little hectic and I’m a little slow on those projects. And to think that when I started this we started watching because they needed help in the activity department to keep them busy and we were watching in a little 19″ tv and now we have moved (thanks to the ladies) to the big screen tv, supposedly because of their vision, yeah right lol. I love it though, I told them about this blog yesterday and next week we’re going to take an hour so they can read some of the blogs here, wish me luck!

  5. I haven’t watched Mastodon in a while (or much of season 6 to be honest) but I do remember being surprised when people said it was clear Brennan had come home ready to be with him. I didn’t see that at all – can anyone point out a few moments I may have missed?

  6. I just want to say that every time I see another comment on my inbox, my brain reads the word “similies” as 🙂 “smiles” 🙂

    Because you guys. It’s tomorrow. Baby bumpin’ with Brennan and Booth time is tomorrow. I just wanted to remind you in case you’d forgotten 🙂

  7. Firstly, I want to thank Sarah from the bottom of my heart for helping to maintain my sanity all summer long with her awesome postings. Bones Theory and Forensic Mama’s site helped 4 very long months go by quicker. Thank you, thank you!

    About the heart attack comment, I know that many viewers at the time felt that Booth was being snarky, but all I saw in that wonderfully nuanced scene along with the cell phone picture and the “I thought I was the only one you didn’t call” moment is a huge amount of hurt coming through. For seven months all he probably thought about was how she had abandoned their partnership and their friendship, and I think he wanted her to hurt too. By the time red-bow Booth comes along I believe he was ready to look after her again, to watch out for her feelings, but not this early. It may have been hard to watch, but it was definitely realistic.

    And Brennan? I don’t feel that she came back from Maluku with any real willingness to have a romantic relationship with Booth. I think she wanted everything they had before, all the surrogate stuff, but it wasn’t unitl she saw him with Hannah and saw what that did to their partnership-the missed drinks, the physical distance, the emotional disconnect, that she understood just how much she wanted to be with him. They still had all the work stuff, but it wasn’t enough anymore. When she turned him down in the 100th she did it because she feared she wouldn’t be enough for him and would lose him in the long run; with Hannah, that happened any way. Much as it pains me to admit it, without Hannah, I think they both would have gone back to their old, comfortable patterns, the ones that didn’t involve any risk-taking.

  8. I think Brennan may have been more open to saying yes to giving them a chance when she came back from Maluku….I don’t know if she would have initiated it but I think she may have taken that leap had Booth asked again. I remember reading DB saying that he thought Booth was trying to wave Hannah around in front of Brennan in Mastadon as a way to inflict a little pain or a kind of nah, nah, look what I did kind of thing but I think HH said he didn’t see it that way at all. I see it more as Booth was trying to convince himself and everyone around him that he had moved on, that it was a brand new day. I don’t really see Booth as being a long-distance kind of guy, that’s why I find it hard to believe that pre-DC the Hannah relationship was really that serious. I think once she came to DC he was committed to making it work but before that…that I have a hard time believing. As for Booth wanting to protect Brennan’s feelings….yeah, I think that crept back with the red bow moment. And in Body in the Bag in the scene where Hannah says she has to tell Brennan she knows about her regrets she shared with Booth. Booth really felt icky about her saying anything to Brennan because, well, “just be careful because she’s different”. That was bittersweet. Because really, the situation sucked and I believe Booth didn’t want to hurt Bones. He had to know how hard it had to be for her to admitt regrets to him.

  9. I really do love Season 6 (yes, I can say that now that I can put it into context). I love the ‘turn’ their partnership has taken from the Season 5 puppy dog Booth and avoiding the bleeding obvious Brennan, to assured tortured Booth and ‘putting her heart out there’ Brennan. This premier set up pain, sure, but it was all worth it given how it ended. They both really did need to deal with what they did in Season 6 to have reached the point we are now at.

    So…on my side of the world it is 8am on Thursday the 3rd November….but I need to wait till some time tomorrow to see the ep. The injustice of it all…

  10. I loved the taking like a flea simile when Brennan first said it, but when Booth said it to her it just made it that much more awesome! 🙂 Less than 24 hours until the Bones premiere for me and I can hardly contain myself!! I doubt I will be able to focus on much tomorrow except for the fact that the premiere is so close. I’m not sure how I am going to make it through school and then work lol. Unfortunately, I have to work until 10pm. However, I plan on watching Bones as soon as I get home. Are the people in the later timezones going to be chatting after the episode too?

  11. seriously struggling with pre premier jitters…need to step away from the computer and spoilers…I am so excited that I feel disfunctional.

    For as intellectutal as this blog is, I do think we need a ‘squee’ place…just to get it out of the system before we can return to being rational women again…

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