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A Little Imperviousness Never Hurt Anyone- Why Bones Should Look To Its Past For Its Future


Good morning,

In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s November 3rd. Doesn’t that seem nuts? Like we’ve had that date in mind for months now, and…it’s today. Like high school graduation or something!

Once again, a reminder to keep things spoiler free around these parts. And at 10 PM, I’ll open a post for people to come and chat. Note that if you haven’t seen the episode at that time, and you come around to that post, you are likely to be spoiled.

But for today, as season seven is about to begin, I wanted to just hop on a little soapbox and talk BONES.

There’s the saying, “I love the age I am, because I’m still all the ages I’ve ever been,” or something like that. And I think the BONES writers would be good to consider that sort of an idea when it comes to Booth and Brennan, and their individual characters as well as this new relationship–whatever that turns out to be.

Sure, all these years, a lot of us have been arguing that they are in a relationship–they just weren’t sleeping together, etc,etc. But wherever we fall in that argument/discussion, there is something different about them living together and being parents together.

Toward the end of season six, there was this idea that Booth and Brennan were starting fresh with one another. They agreed that some things were better left unsaid, they seemed to just put the past behind them…with no regrets and no judgements on it.

But as they make this fresh start, (and the writers bring them through it), I feel that it’s incredibly important for the characters to maintain what it is that made each one fall in love with the other in the first place. Does that make sense? Whether we can pinpoint those moments, or if it’s been a journey between them to love–it did still happen. All of that history needs to exist in the present. The ‘age’ they are now needs to reflect all the ‘ages’ they have ever been. Some of that includes some imperviousness.

In this case, when I think of imperviousness, I’m saying that the attributes that are solely Booth’s or Brennan’s need to still exist. There should be some things that remain the same and are impenetrable. There are a lot of real-life couples who don’t agree on politics or religion and stuff like that, but they make it, because they learn to work around those differences. It’s when people get too soft that all that is left over is a gooey mess. I don’t want B&B’s characters to be so soft toward one another that all we are left with is a gooey mess. I don’t want Brennan to lose ‘the last of her imperviousness’ if it means she doesn’t stand up to Booth. I don’t want Booth to completely lose his hard edge and anger, if it means he just is constantly going with the flow. Does that make sense?

Booth and Brennan today are not the same characters from the Pilot–and that is BOTH good and bad. Right? If they were still sort of antagonistic and getting into each other’s personal space a little bit– constantly challenging one another…that would be bad. But a little bit of that wouldn’t hurt, and actually would work.

Not to put thoughts into peoples’ minds, but I’m thinking each of us has a little bit of an idea what it might look like for B&B to be together. My idea involves bickering, maybe some heated moments, but both of them standing their ground and eventually coming to a compromise. They also make each other laugh and happy, and are there for one another in the sad moments. And ALL of that centers around the idea of the work that has been laid out in the form of their partnership.

We’ve talked about what seems like countless awesome moments where  they have just…understood one another. And even if they don’t agree, there was always a lot of love and respect there, right? From the moment Brennan told Booth she wanted to help him with his ‘catch as many murderers’ mission–they were connected. Of course, he told her about that because SHE had revealed to him that her parents had disappeared when she was young. Give and take.

The only way give and take works is if someone is giving. But also, only if someone else is taking. Right? I don’t want them to be in a completely ‘give and give’ relationship–that’s not them.

Throughout the series, they’ve been generous with one another, and often times held something back– for each of them, it’s different, at different times in their relationship/partnership.  On the surface, a healthy relationship between these two means that they don’t have secrets, they agree with one another a lot and they respect each other. But I’m afraid that, based on last season, the characters might have lost their way as to who ‘they’ are–each one. Last season was supposed to provide that for both of them, from what I saw, so it will be interesting to see if this season continues in that vein, or if the people we see now as Booth and Brennan are basically almost nothing at all like the people who fell in love with one another, and who, for me at least, I fell in love with.

Again, I don’t expect them to not have any growth at all–but…okay, here’s an example…

Sometimes beautiful people who are actors and actresses (and all kinds of jobs, I suppose) will use a little plastic surgery in order to maintain their ‘younger’ appearance. It usually works for awhile, until they think they need more. If too much ‘enhancement’ is used, the beautiful people do not even have the same face as before. Does that make sense? I’m afraid that the little bit of ‘work’ that B&B each had done in the past season will end up being such that we won’t even hardly recognize their ‘faces’, or in this case–their histories, their partnership, etc, etc.  Will B&B being ‘together’ really be the culmination of what we have seen, or is it like two strangers, who are just navigating life with a baby in the mix, a la “Look Who’s Talking”.

It will be interesting to see.

But, in this blogger’s opinion, BONES needs to remember who these characters were, to know who they are.

Thoughts from you?

As always,

Peace, Love & Bones,


PS…see you tonight!




33 thoughts on “A Little Imperviousness Never Hurt Anyone- Why Bones Should Look To Its Past For Its Future

  1. I don’t think you have to worry about any of that. From what I understand Booth and Brennan are still themselves. Last season Brennan was too much like Booth and there wasn’t enough conflict between them. Now we’ll see who they really are and I’m sure there will be give and take. I’m counting on Stephen Nathan to keep his word.

    • If Brennan wasn’t as Brennany as she was earlier, was it because she feared rocking the Booth and losing him entirely? I suspect there might be some of that in their relationship this season, but I agree, that their conflicts were thought-provoking and allowed us to see that despite all the contradictions, they still had a deep and abiding respect and love for the other.

  2. This is really interesting because I was just thinking about how I can’t wrap my head around the sneak peeks (for people who’ve seen them, I specifically mean the kitchen scene). It almost seems like these are two characters, who are in love and having a baby, who just happen to be played by David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel – kind of like the coma dream ep. It’s disconcerting. Mainly I’m just nervous; there has been so much build-up and I want season seven to be the amazing pay-off we deserve after season six.

    • Thank you for putting into words what has been nagging at me since the first promos came out, because that’s exactly the reason why I’m feeling strangely uneasy about the upcoming season. I almost feel a little left out because all around me people are squeeful and excited, and I look at the promos and sneak peeks and ask myself, “What’s with these two? They seem cute together, but I have no idea who they are.”

      • Hey Rose, it sounds like you’ve seen all the extras, and I don’t want to reveal anything here to anyone…but the extended kitchen scene makes me feel like its still our B&B…and we haven’t really seen the epsiode in its entirety…but I got a good feeling from seeing the sneak peeks.

  3. Firstly, thanks for reminding me of the day…it just sort of slipped my mind that it was Thurs—NOT! 🙂 I’m super pumpedddd!

    Secondly, thank you for “Fancy Booth”! He sure cleans up nice doesn’t he? 🙂

    Thirdly…It sounds like your thoughts are like my own at the end of Season 6 Sarah. When I heard, “I’m pregnant,” I alternately jumped for joy and freaked out. How in the world can a show do this? How will this look? Thankfully (in a way, a smallll way) I am happy for the hiatus. It’s given my brain time to wrap around this new reality…and you know, I’m OK with it now. I think it will give the show fresh blood and be really new and different. How many shows have had the main characters hook up OFF SCREEN, and jump start you back into their lives mid-pregnancy, skipping all the parts along the way. Obviously, ED’s pregnancy perpetuated it, but its a bold move to play it how TPTB have.

    I think its going to pay off. B&B still have TONS of unresolved family issues, personal issues, the usual new couple issues, Bones has lots more money than Booth, where do they live, religion, views of the world…etc etc…so there is still great opportunity for conflict. I think that we will end up getting the best of B&B….happy, pregnant B&B, but still our bickering duo. It took me awhile to get on board, but I am ready to go! Let’s do this! 🙂

    • I think that’s what drew them to the new scenario– they can go back to the old Booth and Brennan who were constantly challenging the other and the whole shebang matters more because there’s another life they have to safeguard, nurture and grow. I love the idea of taking a step backward, back to the bickering Bs rather than the moonstruck Bs or the go-along-to-get-along Bs of the past two seasons. However it plays out, I think the way they decided to go with the relationship was gutsy.

    • LOL bb!! You must be very occupied today to have forgotten!! The “lost cause” that I was this week has been going around making googly eyes at my friends saying “Thursdaayyyyyy”. 😛

      I also can’t wait to see how all their “issues” will come into play this season. After all, the closer you are, the messier it gets (do I foresee a lot of ‘baby debate’ coming up?)

  4. Sarah, I could not agree with you more. This season is going to be on the writers and it’s going to make or break that good ol’ magic that we all love from seasons past. Their differences and that imperviousness that made them fall in love with each other have to be reflected somehow in the relationship they have today. They need to bicker, disagree, give each other a hard time, but at the end of the day they also need to show that they are “dazzle” by one another. So writers, I hope and pray that this first part of the season it’s all we’ve been waiting a L-O-N-G time for, because we all know the actors are definitely going to have your back. Hooray, Hooray! it’s finally here…
    Thursday, November 3rd!!!!!!

  5. I can’t wait to see how this plays out. This post articulated very well a lot of the fears I have going into the new season.

    But I also worried about sabotaging myself when it comes to loving/hating whatever happens. It’s hard to keep my expectations positive but realistic. I mean, there’s absolutely no way I’m going to see exactly what I want to see, right? So I need to judge what I do see on its own merits, not against my imagination (and some very good fanfic reading over the summer).

    So, I’m going to cross my fingers, hope for the best and wait and see.

  6. I’m not worried-but it’s definitely going to be a different world out there, that’s for sure. The dynamics between two people who are friends and work together and the dynamics between two people sleeping together and having a baby have to be different. It would be weird if they weren’t. So ready or not, I’m pretty sure the new B/B are going to be showing polygonal sides we never knew existed. Will that make their interactions OCC? Maybe, but the fact is that while the essence of character may not change, the manifestations of it often do in order to make personal relationships possible. The resulting give and take may not always be fair; however, as long as the process feels real and honest, I’m willing to accept what the writers have to offer. But it goes without saying that no matter how conflicts are resolved on the show, there will always be some people who are unhappy with the way things worked out and who feel that a favorite character got trampled in the process.

    To me, it’s unavoidable that there will be feelings of betrayal associated with the types of adjustments Booth and Bennan are going to have to make in order to be a couple, but I don’t see how else it can be at this point. Sometimes in conflicts there is no compromise: live together, or not; have a baby, or not; date other people or not; get married or not. In any of these situations and in so many others, there is no middle ground; either one person gives in totally, or they move on separately. In real life principles and ideals are sacrificed all over the place for the benefit of a union, and after you’ve lived with someone long enough you are definitely not the same exact person you started out being. Is the process always pretty or fair? Probably not, but the only other option is to go on your merry way alone. As long as the characters are allowed to make changes on their own without blackmail or bullying, I’m willing to live with whatever decisions they make. And may I add that in all my years on this earth, I have never been more excited about a show’s premiere. Yay, Bones!

    Thanks again Sarah for your lovely blog!

  7. Great post! Totally agree on every point. I think that shows where couples get together DO fall into trouble when they become too lovey-dovey. There ARE couples who do not agree or share points of view but end up together and raising a family. A great example fo that is political strategists Mary Matalin and James Carville. Wow. Talk about different POVs! But when I watch them together on political talk shows I totally believe they have great respect, love and affection for one another. They’ve been together almost 20 years! Even when they have spirited debate on topics they bring different views to the table on, you can see they probably walk away, take a breath, and then go home and enjoy their life together. I especially like seeing them when they come together to speak on topics they AGREE on! Like their love for their hometown or when their is a moral issue they actually agree on. It’s a fascinating dynamic.

    I am of the view point that things have evolved and the game has changed. Yes, B&B have been partners and a little more but there in whole new territory here. Raising a family and possibly making a commitment to share a life together – in whatever form that takes – is a BIG change. There IS more at stake.

    A few points I hope the writers remember from B&B’s past via Gordon Gordon!

    1) The heart wants what it wants. Period. On the surface B&B do not make any sense but yet they attract to one another and they DO complement one another. I would like to believe that neither Brennan nor Booth have had a relationship with anyone else like the one they have with each other. They do respect one another. Brennan does want to see Booth’s POV and Booth, I beileve, has revealed more aspects of himself to Brennan than to anyone else; he is dazzled by her and proud of her.

    2) B&B are actually more similar than it may appear on the surface. I get that. I believe there are some core values that they do share. Plus, I do believe that each has wanted to belong to a family for a long time.

    3) Patience and Hope. Oh, boy. Isn’t that what every great love needs? There ARE rocky times. There ARE times when you feel like strangling the one you love; you only hurt the ones you love afterall. But if the alternative is to not have that person in your life, well, that’s not the outcome you are going for so it’s time compromise. Every family has to have hope that they will thrive and grow , and love and play, in a very complex world.

  8. First, what is it about a guy putting on his tie? Especially, that guy. ;-D

    Anyway. This is interesting because I agree that the last two seasons one or the other was trying to hide and not hide something from the other. The internal conflicts were what was driving things. Hidden internal conflicts — way to soap-y. In s5, Booth was afraid to just say “I love you,” but he also really wanted to say it. In s6, Brennan finally realized how she felt about Booth, but she couldn’t tell him, but then again, she really wanted to tell him. And, when each did, it wasn’t pretty. It was sad and we were left with “wrong sounding muppets” (Family Guy reference). We were left with B&B that couldn’t bicker and banter because the risk of losing everything was so high.

    I will never concede that all of that angst was necessary, but I have come to agree with TPTB that a bunch of new love mushiness would have been kind of icky. Give us a little affection, but I think that will do the trick. Kissing and “I love you” would be good. And, I also agree with them that a baby is a wonderful way to get us back more of the “original” B&B. There are so many things we already know they disagree on, most of which become far more important to resolve now that there’s a baby in the picture. But, I hope that with the love part out there on the table, they’ll both feel secure enough in that to get very noisy as they try to work out those differences together.

    Based on previews, promos and reviews, I feel optimistic, which is way better than last year’s dread.

  9. I did have those qualms at the end of last season, but like others mentioned, I think it had more to do with internal conflict, and not having the kind of security they normally had with each other. I was hoping that them being more comfortable with each other would allow them to get their mojo back. I don’t think we have too much to worry about, because HH and SN follow story code: no conflict, no story. I think the LAST thing they want is a Booth and Brennan with all soft edges. I imagine they wouldn’t even find that interesting to write. And sometimes whether a character is IC or not is a matter of perception, like whether or not Brennan would get married.

    I think maria made a very good point about our reaction to seeing them deal with their conflicts. From our point of view, something may not seem fair, and other things along that line. But I agree with her – people do change. If you’re not going to separate yourself from that person, it is usually the only option because we should all know by now that you can’t change anybody but yourself. I think we should be open to and accepting of how they choose to resolve their conflicts, even if we feel like it’s not the way we would have handled it or we wouldn’t have been happy with the compromise. I say, give them time to learn and grow with each other. They have to make decisions that are right for themselves. (Part of my RL philosophy is coming through – can you tell?) What’s important is that the love is always there, and neither of them just give up, even if they feel tempted to walk away.

  10. I’m trying to be very optimistic. And even in the dark days of season 6, I’d still rather watch Bones than nearly everything else on TV.

    The thing I’m trying to remember is that the writers are unlikely to make me happy all of the time nor to make every one happy. So I think it’ll just be a case of did they make make me happy enough? I know how I want things between BB to be and I can even say there are right and wrong ways for BB to be together (in my view), but in the end I can’t impose my expectations on the writers. They’re telling a particular story and I”m just along for the ride. If they tell it well then we as the viewer will be more willing to buy into it and say, “oh, yeah, that’s how BB would be together. If they don’t tell it well, then the response will likely be something along the lines of, “Ugh, no way Booth and Brennan would ever behave like that.”

    Based on the sneak peaks, I was pretty happy with what I saw and I guess I just have to hope the writers don’t lose their way here cause I’d love a season 8! 🙂

  11. I just want to see an episode that features Harmonia and GGW–BOTH of them 🙂 And watch them watch B&B. I think Harmonia and GGW would be an epic duo! And Max. And Caroline. Ok, so I just want every awesome guest star ever to come back this season and interact with B&B&B!!

  12. For five seasons the actors comfortably inhabited the skins of their characters until last season when it was as if they had put on new clothes that really didn’t fit right. It chaffed them; it chaffed us. From the clips we’ve seen, B&B seem to have shed the discomfort of season 6 and are back in their right skins. Here’s hoping for a great season 7. B&B together at last. Bring it on.

  13. I am feeling very optimistic today. I believe that the writers will succeed in having Booth and Brennan in a relationship having then raising a child together but still have them be themselves. They’ll bicker, and push, and give & take their way through life.

    Hopefully I’ll still feel the same way tomorrow. It’s just all that HH and SN have said in interviews really does lead me to believe that they understand that the characters can’t turn into lovey dovey anything you say dear stepford characters…that be the way of cancellation. They really do seem to be determined to have Brennan be Brennan and Booth be Booth just as a couple now. If they can succeed in that then I think this show still has a few more seasons in it…at least a couple more anyway.

    • Frankie, let’s go one better than a couple of seasons.

      I suggest that TPTB turn Bones into sort of a “Truman Show” that just goes on and on for years, and we can turn on the Bones Network and watch them any time we want!

      • That’s quite an idea, bb. LOL.
        I once read someone’s comment on YouTube that pretty much said that they love B&B so much and find them so fascinating that they would watch them buy stuff at one of those home stores (Bed, Bath & Beyond of Linens-n-Things) and it they would still be entertained.

        I think everybody knows at least one couple who could probably have their own sitcom because they’re fascinating to watch, even if they are disagreeing with each other. I think it would be funny if that’s how B&B are to their friends, which isn’t a stretch of the imagination by any means.

      • C-bones, it’s a wonder I’m able to type at all, considering I have November 3rd brain right now. I can’t be held responsible for anything I say or do today or tomorrow 🙂

    • I’m glad they’re not going for the lovey dovey couple. That would have taken a toll on how respectful their relationship has always been. What would be interesting is now we’ll probably get to see Booth and Brennan in their home environment more than ever 🙂

  14. To watch Booth and Brennan at the grocery store: “This is not a free range chicken, Booth. A free-range chicken is raised without any. . . .”

    “I don’t care if it was raised by wolves, Bones. It’s a damned chicken and all I really want to know about it’s history is if it was fried or baked. That’s all. Besides, you’re not even eating the thing.”

    “It’s highly unlikely that the chicken was raised by wolves, Booth. Wolves by their very nature. . . .”

    “I know, I know. . . . Can we just buy the chicken without finding out its domestic situation? I really just want to put the chicken on the range and enjoy it while I’m watching the game.”

    “On the range? Free range? Ohhh, you’re making a joke.”

    “No, Bones, I was trying to make dinner, but I think we’re going to have to start planning breakfast instead.”

    • That’s great! So funny. So true! Booth and Brennan would be Booth and Brennan in any situation. I think they would be really bored without having what they have, right? When my grandma passed away, my grandfather really missed their little bickering they had going on for more than 50 years! LOL. As a child I thought they hated one another but I realized later how much they really cared for one another. I hope the show does get an 8th season because could you imagine B&B trying to plan a holiday gathering?! ALL the issues that that might include! Maybe for baby BB’s first holiday season. It would be like Goop on the Girl only B&B would try to plan something together.

      • Ooh! Ooh! Maybe the baby can spit up all over Booth and he has to take his clothes off 🙂 Goop on the Guy 🙂

        …………Is it time for Bones yet? Now? Are we there yet? Aghhhhhhhhhhhh 🙂

    • Grocery shopping has never been more entertaining!! 😀 😀 😀 I’m laughing so hard I might’ve dislodged something.

  15. Roxane: priceless! LOL! Picturing that just made my morning.
    And, a Bones Network – I like it! That’s pretty much what I’ve had all summer — since I
    got all the DVDs they’ve been pretty much on a loop for months now — accompanied by the wonderful BT (thank you, thank you, Sarah!) I had a lot of catching up to do, being a relatively recent ‘convert’.

    I admit to feeling a tiny bit nervous about tonight’s premiere, but I think it’s mostly due to fear of my having too high expectations. Not only have I never, ever felt such anticipation for a show, but this will be the first time I’ll be seeing a Bones season in “real time” (yep, I’m that new), so that in itself is a whole new experience.

    I’ve managed to avoid any major S7 spoilers, but the teasers/interviews I’ve seen lead me to agree — I think TPTB are going to be able to navigate through this new B&B(&b) territory in keeping with the characters’ pasts. I think they’ll retain all the quirks and bickering that we love, but with the added yummy bonus of B&B are finally finally hallelujah A Couple now!

    I saw evidence of that in the one preview video I kinda saw by accident (“You had intercourse by accident, Miss Wick?” sorry, that just popped into my head) and couldn’t look away… I think it’s gonna be OK. I’m ready for the ride, wherever the writers wanna take us.

    So in the meantime (just hours away now), I will deal with the butterflies in the stomach, and try to (mostly) avoid letting out loud inarticulate shouts of pent-up anticipation at inopportune moments 😉
    (Looking forward to checking in here post-ep tonight too – I think we all deserve a bit of a squee-fest, don’t you?)

  16. Interesting thoughts all around. I think I’ve actually managed to pull a few coherent thoughts from my sleep-deprived brain to share with you all today. Apologies in advance if they don’t make sense. 😉

    1. Yea for Bones day! Is it 9 o’clock yet?
    2. I don’t think we ever have to worry about the bickering going away completely. For one, HH and SN have to be well aware that said bickering (well, that and the smoldering hot chemistry ED and DB create on-screen) between B&B is their bread and butter. It’s never going to completely go away because that’s the conflict that drives the relationship portion of the show. But that being said, I do think they’re going to have to find ways to deal with/resolve some of the inevitable major relationship issues (marriage, religious issues, etc.) because NOT doing so would eventually torpedo the B&B relationship. And I would imagine that the way some of those issues are handled is going to be controversial because, as Maria said, sometimes resolving an issue means someone has to “lose.”
    3. A long, long time ago in a galaxy far away…no wait, that’s Star Wars. Fourteen or fifteen (eek – has it been that long?!?) years ago when my husband and I were newly engaged, we did a pre-marriage Sunday School program at our church. I don’t remember many specifics from the class, but one thing that always stuck with me was what the book said about couples becoming more like each other the longer they’re married. And I’ve definitely seen that in my own marriage. It’s not that my husband and I are clones of each other (far from it). We don’t color coordinate our outfits or do absolutely everything together (good thing too because my husband would look a bit out of place at one of my Mothers of Preschoolers meetings). We haven’t gotten all “soft and gooey,” but I would say that over the years our hard edges have been softened some and we fit together better. We still bicker and disagree (sometimes vehemently) but we’ve also learned to find common ground and things that we like to do together. Anywho, my point is that as the B&B relationship progresses, I would expect to see them find that common ground more and more and sometimes even gravitate towards it. So I’m going to go out on a limb and say that I think B&B can successfully soften some of their edges without losing their edge entirely.

  17. You are making a very valid point here, Sarah! One thing that BONES has taught me over the years was that for two people to be with each other, it is not what they love about each other that is important… is what they can accept about each other. Surely, it is very easy to love many people for the things they do or have (e.g. intelligence, ability, financial assets, profession etc.), but it is infinitely more difficult to love someone for who they are. This is why “he knows the truth of you and is dazzled by it” felt so profound to me. Does Booth love Brennan for her brilliant forensic anthropology skills, her beauty, her personality? Yes, I would say he does. But I would also argue that the beauty of their relationship lies in his “dazzlement” with every thing Brennan felt has gone wrong with her life.

    I agree that Brennan and Booth should maintain who they are even if they are together TOGETHER. I’ve seen many people change themselves for their love ones and the end result is rejection. When you change yourself for someone, they no longer feel that they know the person they fell in love with and you may be secretly angry at your partner for the changes you have made. Am I making any sense here? Anyhow, I don’t ever want it to happen to our favorite duo! 😦

    On that note, I am very eager to see what the writers have in stored for us this season. If they can strike the balance between sweetness and individuality (as they have done in the past) then I’m seeing a very enjoyable season ahead of us!! 🙂 🙂

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