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The Memories in the Shallow Grave-Post Ep Discussion


Hey, y’all!

Okay, so a couple of groundrules:

1. No bashing any live person (actor, writer, show creator, other fan).

2. Some people consider previews for ‘next week’s episode’ to be spoilers, so please do NOT mention any of those things (or any other spoiler, as always 😀 ) here.

Sound good? Other than that…enjoy! I’ll be back soon!


100 thoughts on “The Memories in the Shallow Grave-Post Ep Discussion

  1. Anyone else having a (wonderful) mental-breakdown? I have no words.


  3. I’m smiling and crying and JUST SO HAPPY!

  4. Just grinning stupidly. Here are some words.
    They delivered!
    It was wonderful.
    A little kissing. Exchange of “I love you’s.”
    I loved when Booth went to rescue Bones with siren blaring and lights flashing.
    Excellent final scene: in bed, not in the bar.
    And, Michael Staccato Vincent is the cutest little thing.
    I have to add that the promo for next week is hilarious. I don’t think that’s spoiler, is it?

    • That was a pretty damn epic final scene. Like we always knew it could be! So natural! Brennan doing her homework researching homes and Booth just chilling. They looked so comfy! The belly kiss:) So much hope for their future… Awww.

  5. It was so amazing, I have no words to adequately express my happiness!

  6. I was not able to participate fully in my fangirling due to serious judgment from my roommate. Who called Brennan a bitch, by the way, and I almost jumped out of my seat to slap her.

    Did the show feel off to anyone else? Maybe I’m just not used to B&B actually admitting that they love each other…Or it might be that the rest of the characters have had 5 months to adjust and aren’t freaking out like I am. I don’t know, something felt weird.

    Still. OMG how happy am I? Booth’s face while she was telling him why they should get their own place together? Adorable. Love that he got upset that their moment was ruined by her realization about the case. So happy right now.

    • Lol I think I saw your post on Tumblr about your roommate!

    • I agree with the weirdness. I feel like it was almost… too perfect? (Don’t hate me.)

      And I really do wish we could have seen the characters react to the news. And seens B&B really begin to become a couple. We missed so much.

      • I was afraid of that in the beginning of the episode. But judging from their interactions in the rest of the episode, I feel that the magic’s still there.

      • I agree on the weirdness… but I’m contributing that to our lack of B&B and the fact that it was a season opener, season opener’s are always a little off in my opinion… But I agree with workaholic888, the magic was still there 🙂

    • I think it’s going to take a moment to process that they are openly admitting that they love one another! That was weird – but it a GOOD WAY! Like, wow, we aren’t in Kansas anymore!! I’ll take that because the alternative would have been them sleeping together and then not knowing what it meant. THAT would have sucked. Plus, Brennan was in the lab more so Booth was either alone or with Sweets and that was different. THAT is why I think it may have felt “off” no, just different. But you know what, things ARE different! Very real, a baby changes things. I think we’ll get to hear other characters’ perspectives on B&B. I thought Cam was very sweet to Brennan and i liked that.

  7. Wow. REALLY hope the ratings are good because they deserve it. Wow. I have to gather my thoughts but… I think, based on this episode, that what lead to them sleeping together in HITH was an exchange of I Love Yous….don’t know who said it first but I really do think that it’s very plausible. No turning back after that. And I think this episode makes the last scene in CITG flow more easily. Go back and watch that scene after tonight. It works. Ugh. SO GOOD. They LOVE one another and are in love. No doubt. Oh, and Sweets was solid in this too, I think. Not annoying, just eager to be part of it all:)

  8. Loved it so much.

    Hodgela & Baby moments.
    B&B learning to compromise

    And hello…they brought up Booth’s gambling problem! Whoa!
    They are giving us what we wanted people. And its awesome!

  9. Btw, did we all notice the new footage in the opening credits?

  10. The only thing that keeps going through my head right now is: “We’re back, baby!”

    I’m still flailing, and I swear that it was all I could do to contain a scream when she said “I love you, Booth”. And I only contained it so I wouldn’t miss any dialogue, but it was only just barely.

    So freakin’ worth the seemingly endless wait.

    Oh, and baby Hodgins? How frickin’ adorable is that kid?

    My one gripe: Fox, why in the heck did you choose to air the season six DVD ad after the opening credits and open said ad with with Booth kissing she-who-shall-not-be-named? REALLY? After all the freaking amazing build up and promos for THIS season, you open the ad for season six DVDs with her? Lame. :p I’d have chosen the final scene of CitG, but that’s just me. 😉

  11. I’m dead, but I died happy.

    • I am so delirious with happiness right now. I feel like I did in May when I first heard, “I”m pregnant. You’re the father”.

      Tonight, I got, “I love you”….and Booth’s “I know”.

      Ahhhhhhhhhhhh…… 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • OMG, that “I know” was so effing perfect too. I think he delivered it better than Han Solo. 😉

      • OMG Jade!! I was gonna say Han Solo too!!! Seeley Booth is definitely giving Solo a run for his money!!! 😀

  12. Love, love and more love. Great episode, the dynamic between them is there and I loved every minute of it. I will watch again later tonight, just in case I missed something :-). Not disappointed at all and very happy they’re back.

  13. My dad called me with THREE MINUTES LEFT of the show… ask me if I was recording it. NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

    (I mean, I was. And I could pause it. But still. It was right before the epic belly scene. Cruel interruption!)

  14. Anyone think Micha! when Booth asked why Brennan didn’t call the security guard when she fell? I thought of Micha immediately and then Brennan said she only thought of Booth. I’m not going to lie, I teard up a little when she said that because my mind went back to DITP… and then I thought about how she asked if Booth could hold her in HITH…. I’m tearing up a little bit now.

    • I thought it was amazing when she told Booth she hadn’t called security because all she could think about was him. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

    • I loved Booth’s reaction to her phone call, though I have to admit, the lights and siren sprint to the Jeffersonian gave me the giggles.

      • Right!? I was cackling my butt off.

      • Oh, my God you KNOW Booth is totally prepared to use the lights and siren when Brennan goes into labor and he drives her to the hospital. No doubt in his mind that that is what needs to happen. LOL.

      • And Brennan had to get in a little dig about she’d waited longer than she expected – maybe he ran into traffic… lol. And Booth’s very fleeting WTF? expression at that comment (in a good way)

  15. I loved it all I thought they acted very true to their characters with just the right amount oflove and lust, I loved that Booth said he was sorry for getting angry because he knows she is trying to understand

  16. Hodgela baby. Cutest thing ever!!!!

  17. I loved it so much! could someone pleeeassseee transcript what they were saying at the very end in the bed, when the camera moved back ? I didnt catch everything even rewatchng it : ( and im dying too know !!!

    woooww soo amazing, im sooo happy 🙂

    • Here’s that very end exchange:
      Booth – No, no, 50-50, straight down the line.
      Brennan – Well then, we’re going to have to inflate the pool.
      Booth – Makes for some great memories, right?
      Brennan – Wouldn’t you like to have horses, though?
      Booth – Horses… God, why did I think this was going to be easy?
      Brennan – That’s what you like about me – I’m not easy.
      Booth – Not all the time.
      Brennan – Wellll, it’s a fact that males usually prefer women they have to hunt for.
      Booth – Right, here come the tribes…

      • I really liked how they brought up the paying for the house issue, but in a fun way. Drama may come later, but I thought Brennan’s response about inflating the pool was really funny. I guess no need to say she’s more financially secure than him twice in one episode, right? 😉

        Oh, and she’s still writing books!

      • thank you very much 🙂

      • Saw 2 cool fan shout outs when I re-watched first was Booth rawed Sweets from ‘bones that foam” and when Bones told Booth she would find a place to move in with him He said he was hoping it would be more romantic like in She told him when he told H to move in with hm in Maggots in the meat head

  18. Loved Booth and Sweets in this episode! ha, I loved the way Sweets wanted to be all up in their business and Booth was having none of it, lol!

    • I think my favorite Booth/Sweets moment was the Chinese food explanation, when Booth just started eating and didn’t seem to be paying much attention to Sweets.

    • Loved this conversation with Booth and Sweets in the diner:

      Sweets: I’m just glad I was of some help.
      Booth: Oh! So you’re gonna take credit for this, huh?
      Sweets: Well, it takes a village.

      Haha! Baby duck so wants to be a part! I admit sometimes Sweets annoys me sometimes, but I liked him in this episode.

  19. I loved this ep so much. Honestly. It’s the best of both worlds. We aren’t in will they/won’t they limbo, but we do get to navigate this new life with them. The only other show to do this that I’m familiar with is the Nanny. Its nice to give the fans the pay-off from the years of waiting, if you do it right. And from what I have seen, I’m confident that the Bones crew will be doing this right.

    And the promo for next week? I won’t reveal all, but the word “Boothy” was totally used by the narrator. I swear, Fox promos is now being headed up by a fangirl. Wait, Sarah, is this your job?! 🙂 hehe

  20. Ok, THIS was the dancing in the underwear moment my little heart has been holding out for! Honestly, I don’t think dancing out in the street butt-naked would be too out-of-line right now. And if I thought Booth was too cute for words before, well…Lets just say we need a scene study of him looking at her while she’s talking about his virility. You know he’s thinking “how adorable are you and how did I get so lucky?” Kisses, I Love Yous, cutest baby ever, vulnerable B/B and Sweets not being too annoying? Aaaahhhh! And did I mention that the case (yes, there appears to have been a case!) was actually interesting? My heart may just stop tonight from sheer bliss…

    • Ditto on the scene study of Booth’s look in the kitchen. She tries to play it off anthropologically, but he thinks she is HOT! Great, great, great ep. I’m not going to sleep tonight.

    • Maria, you are so right. The underwear dancing moment FINALLY arrived.

    • “Lets just say we need a scene study of him looking at her while she’s talking about his virility. You know he’s thinking “how adorable are you and how did I get so lucky?”

      I feel this can be arranged.

      • Another scene study – The whole “I LOVE YOU TOO BOOTH” and Booth’s reply: “I know”. AHHHHH!! I KNOW. Great. Just SO GOOD. Cocky, but in an oh so Boothy way. And the way he looked at her when he said that….gah. Seeley Booth is loved and he knows. He was looking at her like she was Christmas morning.

        Remember how Booth said he likes how Brennan lets him fix things? Well, she did that for him this episode too when she called him to help her. Aw.

      • I immediately thought – ScreenShot – at his expression there! Holy cow! And that was only their first scene together. I seriously thought I might die right then & there and not see the rest of the episode!

      • With lots of pictures, please!

      • Yes please!

  21. So here’s why I loved this ep (and the reset):

    It still felt like Bones to me. Angela is still the best friend, Cam is still attempting to be the boss, B&B are bickering, Sweets is still sticking his nose in things. It is still Bones. And it is awesomeeee!

    • That’s how I felt too. It’s still Bones. As far as their new dynamic, for those who thought something was “off,” I think that has more to do with seeing them not be in a relationship for six seasons, and one episode where they have been in a relationship for a few months. Yes, different, but our brains probably just need some more time to adjust to the new normal. (Ha! It’s kinda weird to use the word normal for anything that pertains to B&B.)

      • Yes, it is discombobulating after so many years of waiting. Not “off”, for me though – more like, “Is this really happening? This is really happening!” Odd sensation, but certainly accompanied by a mega-grin throughout!

  22. I accidentally identified the murder right off which is disappointing but this episode wasn’t really about the murder. I was glad to see Wendell and he got a few moments in the spotlight. I’m not sure where they’re going with Sweets following Booth around like a puppy. Did you see Baby Hodgins?!? How adorable is he?

    After waiting all summer – even after all the spoilers – the episode delivered and left me wanting more

  23. I’m…I don’t know. I need to watch the episode again when there aren’t other people in the room talking and I’m not trying to soothe a fussy 2-week old. Not only was I not able to pay attention to the nonverbal communication, but I missed some of the dialogue too.

    Overall, though, I thought the vibe did feel a little bit off at times, but it was still nice. The new dynamic may take a little getting used to, but I think I’m really going to like this evolution in B&B’s characters. And how awesome was it to see Brennan so invested in her relationship with Booth, to see them both apologize for hurt feelings, and to see them actually COMMUNICATE what they were thinking and feeling!?! That scene in the diner where B&B argued was achingly well done (and completely true to the characters a la this morning’s discussion) and the resulting apology/I love you scene pretty much left me breathless. And I love the way they handled the marriage issue.

    There’s so much more to discuss but it will have to wait for another time. I’m off to bed. See you all tomorrow for the MAQ.

  24. It’s amazing how much was covered –
    Baby, I love yous, living together, booth’s past gambling problem, Brennan’s past in foster care…so much!

    Not to be critical but was anyone else annoyed that Parker wasn’t mentioned? He would love a pool! That’s the only little quibble I had. I was surprised how much they covered in a single episode.

    So are B&B not working together anymore? I was also a little confused about that.

    • I am still so happy about how cute they are together – especially at the end!

    • Natbor:

      1. Brennan (and Emily) are super pregnant and can’t be out and about on their feet as much. So Sweets and others have to step in
      2. There was so much covered too! It sort of felt like another Pilot…since we just discussed the Pilot a few days ago, that was fresh in my mind. They had to cram so much in to catch us up on the pregnancy time jump. 🙂 I thought they did a pretty good job catching us up in a hurry, but it still felt like a great episode.

    • I think maybe they didn’t mention Parker because they would have had to explain too much about how he feels over the whole Dad was with the blond and now he’s with Bones and they’re having a baby sequence of events. They couldn’t get all of that in but I’m sure Parker will come up sooner or later. I wish we saw more of him.

      • When Booth told Brennan that he did want the baby to think Booth was like his father, that he wanted to give their child a home, their home, I thought of Parker. I think we all can discern that while Booth has been shown to be a good father to Parker, and we’ve heard Brennan say he’s a good father, he probably has some guilt about the situation. We know Booth has struggled with not always being able to be with Parker. I have to wonder if Parker is going to be a jealous about this….he’s older but, still, seeing Booth in a home with Brennan and the new baby…. Parker loves his Dad and I’m sure he wished they could have been together more too…. Did Sweets say he wanted to be Booth’s village?! Did I hear that right? LOL! Ha! Nice one.

      • The part where Booth says that he wants to live together because he doesn’t want to be like his dad was my only real handwaving part of the episode. I understand Booth has no knowledge of the real reason his dad wasn’t around, but I would think Booth making a comparison to the baby mama situation he had with Parker is more apropos in that context. But that’s just me. 😛

  25. Yay for the “I love you” statements! Wow, I thought it would have taken longer to hear it from Brennan. I actually liked that there wasn’t a big emotional build-up to it. Let’s face it, when things are going well, you’re feeling good, maybe sharing some kisses, it’s probably not that hard to say. But the fact that they can affirm their love, and be secure in the knowledge of the other’s love, while things were tense between them packs a powerful message of how much they want this.

    And as harsh as Brennan can be, she can be just as sweet! When she fell down, she only thought to call Booth. And that was probably the longest “Yes, let’s live together” speech I’ve ever heard! But so Brennan!

    • Remember Brennan’s reaction to Booth’s “casual” invitation to Hannah to move her stuff into his place? She commented on how “casual” it was so I think it does fit with Brennan’s character that she would take the decision seriously and want to think it out. And, yes, she’s human and she is scared, that fits with who she is as well. But she does know that she loves Booth and that is BIG. And Booth KNOWS that she loves him.

    • Yes – loved that ‘OK, I agree let’s get our own place’ speech that just went on and on – so very Brennan as you say. And Booth patiently waited til she got it all out – he knows her so well!

  26. I loved it! It was super-sweet, and even though I was a little frustrated with Brennan over her approach to the whole living together thing, I was glad that Angela picked up on the foster child aspect and pointed out to her that she doesn’t need to fear abandonment anymore. I really loved how maturely they handled the whole argument, and I think I just about died twice – the first time when they exchanged I Love You’s and the second time with Booth kissing the belly. *gah!*

  27. I just finished watching the episode and I loved it!! 🙂 I liked how B&B resolved the issue of where to live, it seemed very in-character for them. I loved Booth driving with the sirens on to get to Brennan and her saying that the only person she thought of when she needed help was Booth. Also, the final scene was adorable and just so them. I definitely think that this was a great start to the season.

  28. Loved it. Even though B & B are dealing with a lot of changes in a small amount of time, they know they are in it together and it’s forever. They are secure in their relationship and they know it’s the most important thing in their lives. Maybe that’s why the case took a backseat, even though it provided the metaphor for the opportunity to start a new life. I love that Booth insisted they get ‘their’ place instead of one moving in with the other. It shows how invested he is (not like his last relationship which was more of a ‘fling’). I really do only have good things to say. They really did a great job making the episode flow well with the end of last season, everyone stayed in character, baby Michael is adorable, as is daddy Hodgins, Angela is making mature decisions and actually helping Brennan. Cam seemed a little jealous of it all– from Wendell’s trust in Brennan to Brennan, Angela and Hodgins all getting to parent newborns. Perfect!

    • Regarding Cam…..I REALLY hope they don’t show Cam regretting decisions in life or being jealous. Nah. Cam has been family o Michelle. She’s achieved a lot. There ARE women who ARE content to not have children. I hope we see Cam embrace her life, decisions, and able to find happiness for herself. I would be cool though if she was Aunt Cam to Michael and baby Brennan-Booth:)

    • I don’t think Cam seemed jealous. Well, not in a bad way, but she is the boss. She knows how it is, but she should still be respected for her authority and expertise. I like the scene with her and just Brennan and she was making sure Brennan was okay. And I think she’s right and smart for her rules. A good leader doesn’t wait for a problem to happen to take action. With all the changes happening in so many of their personal lives, chaos could easily ensue if there weren’t any rules.

      • Michelle hasn’t always been 18 and nothing was said about her wandering in and out of the lab at will when she was younger. Granted, there’s a big difference between a teenager and an infant but I doubt an infant would be left unsupervised with expensive equipment, anyway.

        “No babies” feels like Cam’s rule simply because Cam wants to make a rule. Good luck enforcing that with Baby Booth.

      • Michelle was a (pre?)teen when Cam took her in. I really don’t think she was in the lab that much. She certainly wasn’t wandering around, it was always just to talk to Cam. Besides, even if she could, at her age I think she would rather be somewhere else hanging with her friends. I don’t think Cam would mind so much if they weren’t in the middle of a murder investigation. Michael seemed to be charming his way into her heart, so I think she does like the little guy.

  29. One more thought before I go off to dream of B&B…. They are TOTALLY sexually compatible! LOL. I like how we got to see a glimpse or discern that the fires are burning there without it being crass. I got a nice sweet/hot vibe. Man, thinking about CITG now and the cheek-kiss in the bowling alley and the diner scene with Max and,well, those two were in lurve for sure:)

    Brennan: “You like that I’m not easy”
    Booth: “Well, not all the time”

    Enough said.

    • That right there was my favorite line of the entire episode.

    • I love Brennan and Booth. It’s only right that they got together. I mean, they’re kind of the ultimate for me. They differ in so many ways, but they like each other, maybe for that reason. But they don’t just like each other, they really love each other. On top of that, they’re hot for each other. *Sigh* That’s why they are sweet, not because they’re sappy. Booth is the more sentimental guy, but Brennan being who she is, it’s hard to call her sappy.

  30. Okay–so I really loved that she was wearing her mother’s earrings from The Man in the Morgue. I thought it was a nice touch for long-time watchers, and I kept flashing back to Booth at the end of that episode asking her if they meant something. That connection had as much meaning for me as Booth in his Cocky belt buckle–like there are certain totems that link them not only to each other but parts of their past.

    Even my husband squealed a couple of times (I think I finally have him hooked!). I know that I started gesticulating wildly at the television when the ILY’s came out of both of them, so matter of factly–and *in public*!

    • I noticed the earrings too ! Cute touch.

      I slapped my husband in the chest when they exchanged I love you’s. Probably should treat him better since he watched the show with me and tolerated my bursts of maniacal laughter.

      I think I am in the camp of needing to get used to the new step in the relationship. I felt this episode was light hearted – generally I enjoy the heavier, more emotional episodes – but overall I think it was a darn good episode. I know I’ll be watching that one again tomorrow 🙂

      Loved when Booth complained to Bones “that was our moment!”. I think thats a total nod to the fandom’s bru ha ha about not witnessing the hook up on HitH.

  31. I’m posting way too much – apologize if I’m flooding any email inboxes. I’m late to this party and everyone’s probably already gone home 😉 But first, being on the West Coast, my episode was 3 hours after a lot of you guys’, and secondly, I’ve already watched it three times in a row (this really is quite insane but I’m not going to think about that right now.)

    Random ramblings:
    Case? Was there a case? Oh well, I’m sure I’ll eventually pay attention to that later….
    Hodgela’s Michael – that is one incredibly cute baby…
    “Your magazine is in my oatmeal.”
    Why was Booth making breakfast wearing his shoulder-holster but hadn’t put his pants on yet?
    —maybe that’s a step up (or down?) from the “Omlette Shot” …
    They said it! Out loud. To each other. Seriously?? They both said I Love You to each other.
    Poor Wendell. Caught in the middle between 2 mighty strong women…
    “That’s it? That was our moment?” lol (yea, was that a nod to fans?)

    Wonderful. Just wonderful. And how beautiful is it that now, when you’re about to shout, “Just KISS, already!” – they do!

  32. Warning. This is going to be a squee. Sorry. I can’t help it. Really. I apologize for anyone who has aversions towards capital letters.

    OK. If Booth thinks he can’t make it through the pregnancy, I’m pretty positive I won’t be able to make it through the episode without fainting first. Two minutes in we’re getting smooches. I can just die right now and be happy.

    Is it OK for me to use the phrase “duck timing” instead of “bad timing” from now on?? Poor Sweets, stepping into the conversation at the worse moment possible.

    Interesting on how much emphasis has been placed on “issues” that may come up later on. Setting some ground work for future conflicts?

    WOW. The violin guy is just COOL!!! Listening to every single speech in his life would feel like a dramatic moment from a movie.

    DID I JUST HEAR THE L WORD!?!?!?!!? ….*phone rings*….did i mention that I HATE PHONES now??!!! ………..ANOTHER L WORD!?!?!?!

    Booth eating Sweets’ timeline. CUTE 😀

    Wendell’s comment about the baby. Best line!!

    All in all a solid episode!! Great start. And woaahh…that was cathartic for me. And yes, it’s gonna be a GREAT WEEKEND!

    • Workahollic, I adore your comments! Perfectly squee-worthy!

      And my dad chose THREE MINUTES LEFT of the episode to call me and ask if I was recording it. I had to pause it right before the epic belly rub scene. It was cruel 🙂

  33. Oh, yeah, now that I’ve calmed down (kind of), I have something to say about the case. Brennan and Booth are as smart as ever! Booth realizing the doctor didn’t ask certain questions, Brennan pointing out the gum and realizing its significance, even though she caught it later because she was “awash in hormones”, lol.

  34. I’m so glad you guys can actually think and assess the show! I’m still on that overload buzz of OMG, BONES IS FINALLY BACK! I am so dang happy about it, that the show is practically perfect for me. Maybe even perfect. Give me 2 or 3 more episodes and I might be able to think rationally! Maybe. Maybe not! Might take more! I’ll wait and see! But I will eventually get to where I can analyze it!

    I will say that one of my favorite moments was when Booth didn’t take the tribe thing sitting down and went and researched more tribes to back up his opinion. How cool was it to see that he was confident enough in his relationship with Brennan that he felt free to do that? To show his anger without fear of the consequences? I for one pretty much stood up and cheered! That was the moment I knew they were a solid couple. It wasn’t the kissing (although that was pretty friggin awesome!), it wasn’t the domesticity of the kitchen scene, it wasn’t the apologies (we’ve seen those before)…It was the moment where Booth felt free to show his anger without turning around and walking out as he flung words of working on a case over his shoulder like he did in Conman. They actually talked and would have kept talking if Sweets hadn’t shown up. And they didn’t just drop it and forget about it later…they talked again…and again! A couple that communicates and compromises has more going for it than a lot of things in this world. YAY for B&B!!

    Oh yeah…one other thing…BONES IS BACK BABY!!! (lol…told ya…still riding that high!)

    • Oh…and I forgot to say…I’m glad you guys took the time to write down your thoughts because it made for some interesting reading! Thank you!

    • In total agreement; if he wasn’t secure in the knowledge that she loves him, I don’t think he would have ever risked showing how he really felt about her comment. And may I say, the Booth that definitely grew a set over the summer is sizzlingly HOT!

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