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Morning After Q: What Kind Of Life Will They Have?


Goooood Morning! There’s just something special about a Friday after a Bones Thursday, right? When BONES was on Mondays, it just made Mondays that much more exciting–and the same is true for Thursdays. BONESDays are good days! Likewise, an ep that makes me crazy or rips me to shreds (Doctor in the Photo–I’m looking at you) can bum me out for an entire weekend. Happy to report–not this time. It will be a good weekend. ๐Ÿ˜€

After the season six finale, onย May 20th, 2011, I asked “How Exactly Will This Work, Bones?”, and if you want to look back on our immediate finale reactions, it’s kind of fun!

Now that the hiatus is over, we’re getting to see some of exactly how it is working. Obviously, one episode does not a season make (or break–for those of you who weren’t fans), but what do you think so far? Are you pleased? What will the ‘life’ they have agreed on look like?

Let’s discuss.

And of course we can also talk about things like Booth, in the kitchen, in his dress shirt, tie, holster, boxers, socks and sandals.

Yes, we can. And very high-minded things as well. ๐Ÿ˜€

Peace, Love & Bones,


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69 thoughts on “Morning After Q: What Kind Of Life Will They Have?

  1. My thoughts are still so jumbled, but I’ll try to make sense ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m so happy. So happy. Great episode. Yes, it was “jam packed” but I think it had to be somewhat to catch us up on the time jump. So well done. From the kitchen scene, to the I love you’s, to the rub da belly scene…just great. And they reintroduced Booth’s gambling storyline and touched on Brennan’s foster home/abandonment feelings. It felt like a new Pilot we watched last night. A new dynamic for our B&B couple. They are a couple! It feels a little strange, but a lot awesome. But I’m just rambling….so back to the topic.

    What kind of life will they have? Whatever life they want, as they said. Angela helped Brennan along with this, but she was getting there on her own too. She can’t just run scared from Booth now, they have a baby between them, and shared a life for 5 months. She has to deal with the emotions now, and its great. They had a little tiff, but I liked how Booth used the time to look up other Indian tribes, to have an anthropological answer in return for her…and she likewise talked to her “emotional” friend Angela to understand what Booth meant as well. They both came back with “evidence” for each other. And they worked it out together, and ended with “I love you!” (And Booth’s “I know.”) Sigh.


    I think TPTB made a bold move, going completely with ED’s pregnancy and using it in the show, and ultimately, I think it will pay off. I think we will get the best of both worlds. I mean how long could we have them work together and nothing ever happen between them? Things have to change, that’s life. And I think the writers are cognizant of our concerns, and this episode reassured me that they care about these characters as we do and want the best for them. I like the pay off it gives the long term fans, that yes, these characters are meant to be together, and here is the together part! Not many shows give you that…they just hold the UST till the finale. But I think I’m really going to love this new dynamic. I thought I wouldn’t sleep last night due to intense squeee-ing, but I actually slept great…it just feels good.

    I said this last night in the Squee Post, but I’m happy because what they gave us is different, but still Bones. Angela was still the best friend with advice, Hodgins is still adorable (and more so now!), Sweets is still the nosy, but well intentioned friend, Cam is still trying to be the autority figure, Booth is sitill Boothy, Brennan is stll anthropolgical. It’s still Bones. But awesomer!

  2. I really do think I’m going to like it. I was a little nervous at first about how the writers would handle the transition from UST to couple (which is funny considering how incredibly excited I was about the baby storyline immediately following the finale), but I think they handled it well. Dare I say I think HH and SN paid attention to what the fans “wanted” when they wrote this episode? I think it will be an exciting year!

  3. Well all I can say is I’m excited!!! I’ve watched the episode at least 5 times now. I’ll admit the first time some things felt a bit weird, but once a sobered up a little bit, I realised that they’re officially a couple now. It’s a good 6 months down the line, so there are things that were probably an issue directly after the end of season that wouldn’t be an issue right now. So I had some trouble processing that at first

    The one thing that I can really appreciate is the level of honesty between them, before the season started I believed how honest they were with each other about their feelings is what would essentially define how successful their relationship will be. Hearing Brennan say I love you too Booth, was an indication of how much we’ve missed and the growth between the two characters during the hiatus.

    They still have a lot to figure out, but I’m so happy for them about where they are in life. When Brennan said last season (or in Season 5 I can’t remember) that their partnership is so important to her. You can definitely see that this is still true now. Even though they were all busy with the case B&B still made time to meet up with each other to deal with the whole ‘where to live’ issue.

    Both characters have major insecurities when it comes to families, so going forward honesty is gonna be such an important factor in their relationship. And I just love how well they’ve learnt to compromise…

    Notable Moments that made me jump around like a crazy person: Angela’s convo’s with Brennnan, Belly rub, the intensity of the diner scene and the kiss in Brennan’s office (”,)

    Although they seem like a pretty private couple (what’s theirs is theirs) I just wonder what it would take for them to display their affection for one another in public.

    Just one more thing. I can’t wait to hear comments from Caroline, Max and Pops. If there is ever any denial, those 3 really kow how to expose it.

  4. i’m so lost for words right now… i’m fighting back tears… (sniff… sniff..)
    (starts a slow clap…) clap.. clap…clap …..applause!!!
    can’t wait for SCENE STUDIES from this ep… the kisses… booth’s reactions when he was angry… the moment? whew!!!

  5. Q: What kind of life will they have?
    A: Any kind of life they want.

    I’m still in rose-colored-glasses-world about this episode. Not only was it just FUN but there was just so much there that says so much about where they are.

    Booth talked about his father.
    Booth talked about his gambling addiction.
    Brennan was forced to acknowledge her foster care memories impact on her life.

    For all the complaining on my part about the Bones hand/wave, it really feels like they (the two of them) aren’t hand/waving anything. Those issues are there and acknowledged and it’s only the first episode!!

    By far my favorite scene was the interrupted kissing moment after the rescue. There Booth is, going in for the neck kiss and bam! She’s off looking at paint splatters. Momentus interupttedus. The *wink wink nod nod* to the fandom was just the icing on the cake.

    As far as BONES is concerned, I’m five by five.

    • Now that I’ve gotten a chance to watch that interrupted scene, I had to laugh at Booth’s reaction to her pulling away. The man almost fell over into the crates! Reminds me of their first kiss in the rain when afterwards he had to take a step to regain his balance. Nice to know Brennan still has that affect on him so many years later!

      • Right – rewatched that over and over (but of course) – she pulls away so abruptly to dash over to her paint splatters that his momentum has him almost tipping into the crates (don’t break the Egyptian vases!) with kind of a “Huh?” sound. Yes, she still staggers him – like the kiss in the rain as you said, and…under some mistletoe…

    • MJ, on the “Brennan was forced to acknowledge her foster care memories impact on her life.” bit. I fully agree. I really thought that when she made the comment to Cam when they were discussing the victim..something about maybe the amnesia, and having to start a new life not being a bad idea; I really thought that’s what she was talking about. That if she didn’t have that baggage maybe things would be better, and she wouldn’t keep hurting Booth. That is of course my own interpretation but I think what bothered her most about her disagreement with Booth was that she could see she’d hurt him.

      • I could’t agree more. I didn’t realize it until I read it> At first watch (because we’ve all watched 7-01 more than once at this point!) I thought Brennan was backsliding but she was only being her RATIONAL self. Booth related to the case with the his gambling addiction. I never noticed how Brennan related. But that’s exactly it! Forget the old (bad/ painful) memories… let go and move on… Start fresh, create a better life. (with Booth! YAY for season 7!)

  6. One of the things I found interesting last night was to think about Brennan when she was in the only other major relationship we’ve seen her in–with Sully–and that’s how I’m trying to judge whether they’ve left her character much the same. I don’t feel quite as much angst about being in something long term (of course a few years, seeing Angela married and a kid on the way probably contribute to that). But we see her difficulties in being in a relationship coming out in multiple ways–we still see her trying to make sure that when things change, they change on her terms. Only this time, she has a pregnancy (and its attendant hormones) to blame for her finding out that she can be more open.

    I wonder if this is what the world right side up looks like… ๐Ÿ™‚

    What kind of life will they have? They will have the kind of life where Booth asks if she’s done something, she’ll say no and try to argue him out of doing it and then finally, she’ll giddily run out the door thinking she’s gotten away with something while he quietly pays the bartender. They’ll have the kind of life where both of them get to take the lead and the other one lets them. They’ll have the kind of life where Brennan will constantly bring up anthropological anecdotes and Booth will remind her that she is making a life for herself–that they are making a life for *themselves*.

    The other thing that I’m working through was how responsive Brennan was to Booth’s anger. I can’t decide if that’s relatively new or if that also leads back to the foster system thing. It doesn’t seem very Brennan to be concerned whether her anthropological analysis makes someone angry.

    Much more later, but for now, must go to work and then watch a few million more times.

    • Yeah, but this isn’t just any someone…it’s Booth. And I think with him she’s always been concerned if she’s done something to hurt or anger him. I think it goes under the umbrella of why she thought she needed to protect him for her before. It’s not like she immediately caved – she only noticed that he had gotten angry. She changed her mind later after thinking about it while waiting for Booth to come “rescue” her from the floor :).

  7. Aside from all the scenes that literally left me drooling and made my family wonder if I needed to be committed, I loved that fact that they solved this one big issue by themselves. Yes, Angela offered her two cents’ worth, but I firmly got the impression that ultimately it was the two of them who came up to the plate on their own. I really liked that, because it shows how much they’ve matured and how seriously they’re taking their relationship. It bodes very well for the future, even when we all know there are going to be plenty of other problems to deal with. One example: the normally quiet Booth from ConMan, witholding vital information about himself and only sharing a tiny bit of it at the end of the ep, is now able to process his feelings and articulate them. Along with Brennan’s ILY, a huge leap for character development. “What’s next” is looking very promising indeed.

    And just a thought, but how different would this season have looked without the pregnancy? According to TPTB, possibly two people who slept together but didn’t know where they stood with each other for another six months-and most assuredly, no ILYs-ugh. People, I think we all agree that what we got instead is heaven. The pregnancy holds a gold mine of new, interesting storylines that are bound to make the show feel fresh and edgy. Love it! And the UST, still all there, baby…

    • Thank heavens for ED’s pregnancy. That changed the game for the better. I’ve been reading elsewhere criticisms about Brennan needing Angela to interpret Booth for her and that’s not the feeling I got at all. Brennan understood what Booth was saying, why he wanted them to get their own place together. She just needed a second opinion from someone who ‘thinks’ like Booth, ie relies on emotion and not just reason. When Angela hit on Brennan’s worries stemming from her time in foster care and told Brennan she didn’t have to have that life, she was far more effective than Sweets has ever been in isolating Brennan’s worry and neutralizing it. ‘Remember the good times with your Mom and Dad and have that life’ is now one of my favorite lines.

      • I agree with you, EL. I can see where Angela may have been coming on a little too hard at first (“Good for Booth”), but I really appreciated her show, not tell, approach with the video clip. You can see the wheels turning in Brennan’s mind. I interpreted that part to be if Brennan really wants that kind of family life, and I’m guessing she does the way she was wistfully watching, it will require some life changes. I think Brennan goes to Angela because she is honest with her responses. Brennan really doesn’t mind even if Angela gives a smart response. Real friends do usually give lots of leeway for understanding, but they don’t normally walk on eggshells around you.

        Sometimes Brennan knows she feels a certain way, but she doesn’t know why. Booth and Angela are usually her go-to confidants in helping her understand. Psychology is a little more palatable when it comes from them, because they know a lot about her and who she is, and she trusts their intentions.

      • It also allows viewers — again so unlike last season — to have some idea of what Brennan is thinking and feeling. Angela is the audience’s surrogate as Brennan explains her problems. What I especially appreciate is that Booth no longer feels he has to use Sweets as a sounding board but is talking things out directly with Brennan. As she grows more confident of their relationship and their life together, I think she won’t need to run things by Angela as much but it’s good to see their friendship revived.

  8. It felt like the Change in the Game mojo in this episode. The kisses were adorable, they were happy and comfortable with each other…and so it felt like a good continuation from CitG to now. And the team is functioning together as usual, solving crimes…I loved their interactions. And how they worked through the living arrangements discussion. And that there is a nekkid omelette picture out there. And the IYL’s. And Booth’s looking her up and down in the kitchen.

    There was a lot to love, and not much to criticize on my end. And the promo? I won’t speak of what it contains, but if you saw it…..whoa. Verrryyyy interesting… ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I’m just so-o happy even taking my mother to the doctor (regular thing, nothing serious) won’t depress me today. I my even not require the post-visit ice cream. Nah….

    On point now: I lo-o-o-o-o-o-ved it! I’ll echo the “whatever they want” in answer to what kind of life. It will be an “exceptional” life in the sense of unlike others. How could it be like a “normal” couple? Whichever ship you’re talking about, their version is exceptional. No one’s seen one like that before. A forensic anthropologist and an FBI guy partners in solving crime — never happened before. A man and a woman whose mutual attraction is obvious manage to remain “just” the closest of friends for years and years — any two other people would have landed in bed a lot earlier. And, probably wouldn’t still be friends and partners. Heart guy and head girl who have bickered for years and have hurt each other so much make a baby and then start to figure out how to be a couple — doing everything the hard way, when others would have run away long ago.

    Fave moments:
    OMG — they said “I love you.” Also the Star Wars call out there.
    Kissing! YAY!
    Booth’s demeanor changes on a dime (kudos to DB) and then the blaring siren and flashing lights.
    That Bones only thought of calling Booth when she got stuck.
    The GREATEST final scene of all time (for now anyway).
    H E double hockey sticks — it loved ’em all!

    BTW, Michael Staccato Vincent H. really was the cutest thing. And, with the hat! OMG!

  10. Re: Michael Staccato Vincent
    I don’t envy the casting people: they have to find an even cuter baby for B&B. ;-D

  11. I really enjoyed the episode! I loved the B&B moments, especially him coming to rescue her when she fell and then their kiss when they made up. I loved the scene in the kitchen with Booth and Brennan having breakfast too; it felt very natural to me. Also, Michael is just sooooo adorable and the video of the Hodgins family was super cute :)! That being said, there was some kind of small disappointment nagging at me last night when I was done watching the episode that I just couldn’t put my finger on and I think I finally figured it out. I feel a little bit left out. Early on when I first started watching Bones, I think I used to always imagine a lot of firsts for B&B like their first kiss as a couple, their first date, the first time they said I love you and so on. We didn’t really get to see any of that on the show (Yet. Maybe there will be some flashbacks one day), so I guess we could say that whatever we were imagining is what happened, but I kind of wanted to see it on the show. I know that sounds kind of whiny because it’s like we are finally at the moments that I have been waiting for and yet I’m still not completely happy lol. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy with the episode and really liked it. However, I think since we missed so much of the story when they first got together (and them actually getting together) that it seems like we shouldn’t be at this point yet. Almost like we skipped ahead in the story. Does that make any sense? Lol. To me, it kind of felt like reading a really good fanfiction story about B&B in the future. I mean, it’s great and makes me smile, but it doesn’t quite seem real because B&B aren’t at that moment yet in real life (on the show). But, in this case, it is real and on the show and I’m not sure how I feel about it. Sorry, I feel like I’m doing a bad job of explaining it. It makes more sense in my head lol. I think it might just take me a little while to come to terms with the fact that there are some moments that we will never see and to be happy with where Booth and Brennan are now on the show and what moments we do get to see from here.

    • The first time I watched it, I felt a little left out too. I also thought of Parker when Booth mentioned that he didn’t want to be like his Dad. However, after watching it a second time, I’m just so happy at all the great moments they had -I can’t believe it was all in one episode.

      Can we discuss the marriage comment for a minute? Booth said he wanted to be married before moving in together with all of them. Do you guys think Bones will propose? I think she will when she’s ready. I just can’t believe how happy B&B are together!

      • Booth gave a Parker speech in the last scene of The Signs in the Silence at the end of last season so maybe the writers thought it would be redundant to repeat that in terms of Parker in this episode. But I agree, Parker does need to be brought into the mix — at least mentioned. And as for marriage, it’s Brennan quoting Booth when she reminds him that he said he would never move in with someone he wasn’t married to. But here he is, ready, willing and eager to move in with her, which says to me that as far as he is concerned, in his mind they are married.

      • RE: Parker, Booth HAS been a good father to Parker but he wasn’t able to give him the homelife he probably would have liked to. I would imagine that Booth believes – well he came right out and said it – that he and Brennan are family. Period. He knows there is a very good chance that he can give this child that life and really wants to. I think Parker will be included in the family, no doubt.

    • Teresa, I don’t know if you’re new to this blog or not, but I can tell you you are not alone in how you feel. In fact, if you look at all the previous posts from the S6 finale to perhaps even now, you will see your thoughts echoed in many people’s comments.

      Personally speaking, I’m not all that bothered. Yeah, I think it would have been nice to see those moments you talked about. But we didn’t, and there were a variety of reasons. For people who disagree with HH & SN’s philosophy of why things happened the way they did, you’ll just have to agree to disagree. I’m pretty happy with what we DID get, because what we got was pretty great.

    • Teresa,

      I feel EXACTLY the same way! I do not know what to do with myself because I am so unhappy that they skipped ahead. It feels like this should be next season and this season should be all of those firsts I have longed for. I’m just not ready for this.

  12. OOOOOOOOOH! It’s even better when you watch it the second time!

    • Yes! Was this the best premiere ever? The best episode? Maybe, maybe not, I don’t know. But I definitely think it will be re-watched as much as Harbingers. It just made me smile and feel good, and it still felt like my show.

  13. I loved it! (Loved everyone’s comments so far, too!) I was worried the jump in time wouldn’t feel natural, like they’d have Angela every five minutes going “OMG, Bren, you’re having a baby!” But it wasn’t like that at all – I had high expectations, but I think they were guarded ones. The interaction between B&B was even better than I anticipated since they seemed comfortable with each other, but also still figuring out their relationship. Even if you’ve been with someone a long time, the relationship continues to evolve. I definitely wasn’t expecting the ILY exchange! I haven’t been able to watch it a second time, but I will this weekend.

    It was almost like watching a fanfic, and I’ve been reading enough of those during this hiatus, that I really enjoyed it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. I read an interview with HH from a few days ago where he said, “For Booth and Brennan after all these years, I always thought, If these two don’t get together, and stay together and be happy, then we’ve really, really betrayed the audience because they belong together.”

    I found that reassuring, especially the ‘stay together and be happy’ part, since I’m sure there are going be rocky patches ahead – “Bones” wouldn’t be “Bones” without that angst cropping up (which is a good thing – we don’t want overdoses of syrupy or slapstick, now do we?)

    For now, with this ep’s end scene and what kind of life lies ahead of them – Those long looks they exchanged – wow – we’ve seen those kind of looks before, but this time, what must’ve been running through their minds – whole new undercurrents – still charged, hot/sweet, but with all the possibilities, potential for this “New memories, new life.” And satisfaction, even if still a little tentative – they’ve made the leap, baby!

    Instead of endings like Booth holding the red bow, See you tomorrow, sooo much regret and loneliness left in the air as she closes the door… instead, we got “Rubba da belly, kiss da belly, little baby in da belly” – I mean, the man is downright GOOFY with happiness. And Brennan can’t help but smile at his Boothyness.

  15. I haven’t had a chance to read everyone’s responses yet, I’ll do that later, but I have two quick thoughts.

    1. After the show came back from the first commercial and Cam, Hodgins and Wendell were in the lab going over evidence, the thought “I really, really missed this” popped into my head. I feel like the even the camaraderie in the lab was different last year and now it’s back and it’s awesome.

    2. Is it just me, or is this the first time since season five that Brennan has mentioned working on a book? I feel like there wasn’t a single mention of her writing at all in season six, and now she and Booth are together (!!!!!!!!) and she’s talking about her next book. Coincidence? I think not.

    • Jade, that’s a good point about her writing. It’s like the coma dream kind of freaked her out, that she wrote such a story, and that Booth felt the realism and the love of the story, which led to the 100th ep “break up” and then the ensuing Season 6 dramaz. She probably took a delibrate step back there. I wonder what “Page 187” might look like now, eh??? ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Quote from another board: “And now when they fight they can have makeup sex. OMG, I just realized that.”


  17. It was perfect! I was so happy with it and I’ve already watched it several times. And my family officially thinks I’m nuts. But I don’t care! Sorry if this is jumbled, my brain is still whirling and trying to wrap around the fact that they are a couple!

    I was surprised how much they packed in there, without making it feel to rushed. I mean, we got talk about marriage, ILY’s, and resolving their living together issues. But it felt natural and their chemistry was still smoldering! Oh and when Booth said “I know”? I almost dropped dead. I think that has got to rank in the top 5 sexiest Booth moments!

    When Brennan realized that she had hurt Booth, omg, she looked so sad. I admit I might have cried a bit. It’s clear that Booth has become her whole world, and while she still gets scared, she knows and acknowledges how important he is to her. I think they handled their disagreement very well,still saying ILY and both apologizing. I think they will have a great life together because they love and respect each other. They will have fights and hard times I’m sure, but they can handle it. Did I mention how excited I am for this season??!

  18. I loooved the whole thing soo much – it really did feel like a new pilot ( what with the change in the opening sequence as well ). All the kissing and the sweet ILY’s (and i know) and the banter as the show is slowly fading out (“i’m not easy” “not always” ;] ). It was all soooo adorable and every shipping fans dream. But I think my favourite part was when Brennan asked Booth “You’re not going to ask me to marry you?” I thought, OMG that sounds as if she’s ok with marriage!!! That made my night ๐Ÿ˜€

    And to answer your question… I think they will have any life they want, but I’m pretty sure that their’s is going to be a happy one!

    Oh and Michael Staccato Vincent was soooo cute!! That scene when he was staring at Cam.. ahjkflqcq

    It just feels good to be bakc!!

  19. I really liked this pilot: I think SN and HH did a very good job answering all the fans questions. As for the question of what kind of life they’ll have, it’ll be one made up of a lot of little battles between Booth and Brennan because their fundamental beliefs still clash, but in the end they’ll work their way to an agreement. Basically like they have been for 6 years, but this time sharing the same bed ๐Ÿ™‚

    Also, and I can’t believe no ones mentioned this yet: Brennan ATE THE PIE!!!

    • OMG I noticed that in the promo! Nice continuity there, eh? Made me giggle, Sweets was right.

    • Speaking of fundamental beliefs, has anyone else noticed how much harsher Brennan has become about (“mythical”) God. I believe it was way back in season 1 or 2 that she told Booth “can’t my burning in hell, if I’m wrong, be enough for you?” The comment about God not babysitting for their child… I was surprised about. God is so important to Booth. You’d think there would be a little more respect (for lack of a better word) Because you know Booth will want God somewhere in his child’s life… Can’t wait to see those arguments in upcoming episodes!

      Two of my Favorite Bones quotes: “Jesus is not a zombie!” and “God is not a sociopath!”

      I do have to say that I love that Bones has Brennan being an atheist and the dialogue between the two of them on their opposing beliefs. It is refreshing.(If only everyone could be so understanding) Stepping off the soapbox now!

  20. So, this really has nothing to do with the discussion topic (sort of though). I was reading someone’s rant about how they hate Bones now because it’s a “silly romcom” and that Brennan isn’t this strong, independent childless female role model anymore. They were really pissed that she was happy now (or “with a man” happy). But I kind of thought she had a bit of a point. It got me thinking that this was exactly why I started watching the show…

    But is that really the case? Is the focus really so far off from the science aspect? I mean, most of the people I’ve talked to were upset that the case was so weak. I was a little annoyed that the case was so one dimnesional, but because it’s a show and a lot happened from the end of season 6 to this premiere episode, they had to reappropriate the characters. I get that. I do.

    My hopes for the show is that there will be a re-emphasis on the science aspect, despite the new baby. I think because B&B have gotten together, there will be less of a “romcom” feel. It’s not all “will they, won’t they” tense. Not that I don’t totally love that they’re together; it’s a fabulous dynamic. But still, there’s something different about them and other TV couples. Am I right? She’s still brilliant, she’s still in a different dimension and on a different level. Is there really a problem with her having a family too? I thought the whole idea of feminism was to be able to make the choices YOU want, not what other people believe you should want….

    And what’s so wrong with Brennan being happy anyway? That’s one thing I don’t get; your life shouldn’t be so awful that you have to look to identify with a TV character and be devestated because that character is able to grow as a person.

    Sorry, I had to get that out of my system. Very few forums that I can rant on.

    • I appreciated your “rant.” I hear this too. TV characters can’t represent you. They may reflect you in some areas, but they aren’t you. I identify with Brennan, myself, but I would never do or say some of the things she says or does. Maybe at the start it seemed like Brennan was the type of woman who would never be in a committed monogamous long-term relationship. Some women feel that way. Some of those women change their minds. Brennan is just in the latter camp. It’s not like the show promised us she wouldn’t. I think this raises two important questions:

      1. Has Brennan sacrificed too much of who she originally was?
      2. Was she truly happy with who she originally was? If she was, one could argue she changed too much. If she wasn’t, one can argue that the changes were so she could have a better life for herself.

      I know certain people can complain about relationships (read: “men”) taking something away from women. Brennan is actually unique in her scenario. At this point, I feel like she should be able to do whatever she wants if it will make her happy. If she wants to build a family with Booth, what’s wrong with that? This woman has nothing to prove to anybody anymore! She’s a respected forensic anthropologist, top in her field, and a successful author. There is no career-climbing that she has to worry about. Or doing things she wants to do before she settles down and gets married; something that some married women claim they wish they had done. In a way it’s kind of perfect timing for her. On top of all that, Brennan does value her career, and even if she has new priorities now, there is no way she will let her career get waylaid. (Even from the producer’s standpoint, that spells the end of the show. I don’t think they would do that, but if they did, I would be thinking they are wrapping things up.)

      Personally, I think in every season, beginning with the Pilot, Brennan always reveals a little bit of herself about her hesitancy to connect with other people, or her disappointment in her inability to successfully do so. Those bits have always seemed to me that deep down she wanted more, but couldn’t quite believe that she could get it or do it. Brennan has emotions; she doesn’t understand them very well, and doesn’t like to live her life based on them. Booth has usually understood her even when she has trouble verbally expressing her emotions.

      • A question in this context that needs to be asked is why at the beginning of the series was Brennan the way that she was. That she was alone by choice is true but as the series unfolded it became obvious from her efforts to establish connections with other people that the root of her aloneness was not because she was happily self-sufficient but because she was scared — scared of abandonment, scared of betrayal [remember she asks Booth, Will you betray me?], scared of breaking her shell, being vulnerable and then being hurt again. She continually justifies her solitary condition with ‘What’s wrong with being alone?’ but if that were the truth of her, she would not have reached out to Angela, ultimately reconciled with Max and Russ and finally realized just how much she loves and needs Booth. Everyone needs someone whether it’s in a romantic relationship, a familial relationship or just a really good friend and for Brennan, she’s at last discovered that she has all of those things with Booth. Her need for a family, expressed in so many ways and in so many words, cancels her need to be alone. This doesn’t compromise her devotion to her career, it enriches it.

      • “Her need for a family, expressed in so many ways and in so many words, cancels her need to be alone. This doesnโ€™t compromise her devotion to her career, it enriches it.”


        Why can’t this gal have it all? I think she’s earned it! And having Booth by your side can only make things better IMO ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Also, she wasn’t initially looking for the kind of relationship that Booth was, but she did realize having connections with people was important. Moreover, in getting so close to him, the casual relationship just wasn’t good enough for her anymore. And I think she realized she didn’t want to have to share Booth or have his affections directed towards any other woman.

    • I forgot to say something about the cases. I’m kind of irrational here, because I want the cases to be solid, too, even though the cases are the last thing I care about. I do not watch procedurals, so I think I’m less critical of the cases. I know I don’t just want B&B for 40 minutes straight. I need my B-line stories and a case to move everything along.

      It’s nice for the cases to be really good, but I don’t think they make or break the episode for me. At times I think, maybe I should pay attention to all the science going on, but it’s not why I watch. For the premiere, I was so focused on other things, I didn’t want a case that had to compete for my attention. I think I’ll appreciate a really good case later. And they only have to make really good cases because it’s a TV show and they have to keep people’s interest – in RL there would be no pretense of all their cases being interesting.

      I don’t think I can say I’ve watched an episode because the case was just so good. For example, I loved The Signs in the Silence; I have yet to re-watch it, though I’ve been meaning to. I have, however, watched The Change in the Game so many times – in whole, and in parts. I guess I’m just one of those people who mainly watches TV shows to be entertained, but I can also appreciate my brain being engaged. So episodes with an overall entertaining, lively feel are the ones I watch over and over again.

  21. I just have to talk about the fight at the diner. I could not believe how quickly Booth became angry and how innocent Brennan looked. But what I really loved, was how Booth wiped his mouth, said he was angry and why, and sat back in his chair. He didn’t get up and walk away angry. He didn’t keep ranting, without giving her an opportunity to talk. It was so committed. It is the way a married couple fight, because there is no where to run! Where are you going to go that doesn’t involve the other person? I just love that commitment.

    I did become a little worried at the coffee stand when Booth said he needed to get back to the office, but Brennan did an amazing thing by saying “I love you.” Despite the anger and the confusion, the love never goes away. And I am just so impressed that a tv show bothered to capture this dynamic. So much of tv involves stupid tropes about couples fighting.

    I was a little sad about the murder. It wasn’t really as cool, complex, or gross as I expect from the show, but really I was too busy enjoying the other stuff. Also, can I just say? I am so excited about the next episode. The trailers look amazing!

    • I loved that scene too! ๐Ÿ™‚ and i think ED and DB acted it our perfectly!

    • I liked how Booth said he had to get back to the office during the coffee cart scene (and the nice job with the DC background special effects team!). Can anyone ever remember Booth saying that to Brennan before? I can’t…..and then him taking the call from her when he was eating Chinese….and Brennan asking the team if they came up with anything because Booth keeps calling (didn’t Cam usually say that one?)…… All things I don’t ever recall seeing before and yet, to me, it just seemed like something a couple who may be in their situation would do. I don’t know, it was a small thing but it was different but different in a good and significant way.
      I really appreciate their fight because it wasn’t silly, it was mature and, yes, the love was still there. They both have issues – as most people do – but I think they are in this together and that is big.

  22. One thing that I came away with from the show is that everyone seems to be working together as a team. Before it seemed that they were fragmented, not really connecting– last season Cam had three moments when she criticized or chastised Brennan and I don’t think they ever had a scene in which they connected beyond the case. (Even those scenes with Cam and Brennan are far and few between, but it is understandable given that she is Brennan’s “boss” and while others may not recognize that, Brennan does.) Cam was almost like Sweets asking to help but getting shut out. Brennan wasn’t going to confide anything to Cam just like Booth wasn’t going to let Sweets have any kind of influence on his decisions regarding Brennan.

    I liked a whole lot about the show, but I liked some of the scenes and lines that people haven’t mentioned. Sweets’ line that “it takes a village” when he’s trying to take credit for helping Booth and Brennan decide to move in together is funny because he didn’t do anything in the episode (I know some people are applauding that) and it’s like he’s trying to be Papa Duck to the Bs. Funny thing, the “baby ducks” figured it out on their own, mostly.

  23. Did anyone just love that she called Booth to rescue her from the floor because she didn’t think of security, she only thought of Booth?

    • Yes, absolutely! I believe some other people commented on that.

      • Haha, yes and I loved when she said he must have got stuck in traffic because he took longer than she expected to get there. Booth’s expression was hilarious. This episode was wonderful, truly wonderful ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m still grinning.

    • And some look he gives her right when she says that – it’s like half a second long, but wow. He definitely got the significance of that ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • I totally loved how Booth’s expression and the way he looked at Brennan in that scene. Especially the part where she said she could depend on him sexually. A little cocky, but downright adorable. ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. The diner scene was significant. I think showing them loving and disagreeing AND working through it was HUGE. HUGE. The diner scene was intense but, to me, it also showed how much they love one another because you only get that kind of hurt when you love someone. Truly. And then seeing them work through it maturely and with respect was so important. That is rarely seen on television. Kudos.

  25. I think ED/Brennan looks incredibly beautiful, and I’m not just saying that because she’s “glowing.” It also helps that Brennan is happier this year than last year, so it’s great to see her smile more.

    • The obvious happiness of both Brennan and Booth in the first episode this season goes a long way toward bandaging the wounds of last season where both of them (and most viewers) were so miserable. It’s wonderful to finally see the characters in a happy place after Brennan’s long journey through loneliness and Booth pinball status of rejection. To quote Brennan, they’ve given themselves to each other completely, and rough patches or not, it’s a great relief to this viewer.

  26. Hi guys!

    I think my favorite part of this episode was their argument. It’s showing us that Bones is still Bones, Booth and Brennan still have their issues. I like what it foreshadows for the rest of the season and their life together. One of the interesting things I found was Booth telling Brennan that she was gonna ask him to marry her. Originally I would say that this was because he’d learned his lesson about pushing her. But then he asked her to move in together. And yes, he later apologized for pushing her, and said it was because he wanted their child to know that he wasn’t like his father. But it still leaves me thinking that he won’t ask her to marry him because he’s a little afraid of her answer. I actually don’t think he has much to worry about, judging by Brennan’s face when she realized he wouldn’t ask her to marry her. Anyway, that will probably be an issue they are going to have to resolve. I’m hoping for it to happen next season (okay well I’m just hoping for a next season, and one after that, and after that….) So yes, they will have whatever kind of life they want, they just have to decide on what that is. Which will be the fun this season.

    Just one last little tidbit to add, I just about squeed in the middle of class the next day, when I realized that Brennan had said “I love you”. I was a bit overstimulated during the actual episode. lol I love that she can just say it now, but also kinda wish we had seen the first time she did.

  27. Hey guys! I found quite a beautiful article that is an overview of Brennan’s emotional growth. I thought it was written very well. No spoilers for the new season either.

  28. This is a random thought, but…God bless any person that messes with the Brennan-Booth family. Separately, they were fierce. But together, with a child involved?! Yeah, that person would be taking their life in their hands. Okay, maybe they wouldn’t get killed, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they got seriously threatened enough to feel grateful that they were spared.

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