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Rock the Vote 2011: Greatest Episode Ending- Round Five



Today’s poll is only up for 24 hours, as we are getting down toward Election Day, so be sure to rock your vote!

You have the chance to vote for the top 8 today, and tomorrow, the top four choices will be ‘expanded’ and try to earn your vote.

Here’s the poll below, and  can I just have a tiny moment of silence for my BELOVED Glowing Bones in the Old Stone House? *sadface* #AlwaysGottaEat


LOL, moving on! Get your vote on!


14 thoughts on “Rock the Vote 2011: Greatest Episode Ending- Round Five

  1. REALLY? You want me to choose between these???

  2. A couple of my favourites are still there yay!

  3. I’m sad Parts in the Sum of the Whole didn’t make it this far 😦
    As hard as it was, I restricted myself to voting one per season (Santa, Mayhem, Night at the Bones Museum, Change in the Game). I hope those will be the final four.

    Night at the Bones Museum holds a special place in my heart because that episode ending was what got me hooked on Bones initially. I’d happened to catch only those final few moments while waiting for another show, and the sheer chemistry and emotion between B/B in that scene led to me resolving to check the show out the following week.

    In all honesty though, I feel like the greatest episode ending ever is still yet to come– it’ll probably be the episode in which the B/B baby is born. I love S7 so much already.

  4. awww, come on! can’t there be an eight-way tie?

  5. wow I really just chose 4 episodes ^^.. but it was sooo hard not to select all 😀
    but most of my favourites are still in there too =)

  6. I was actually able to NOT vote for 3 of them! Its getting tricky! I’m trying to really hold myself to looking at the endings only and not the whole episode. Which endings have the most meaning, UST, emotions, and that have impact.

    (Come onnnnnnnnn Mayhem! Seriously, the handkerchief and confessions?? Ah-may-zing! 🙂 hehe

  7. Now it’s realy getting cruel; I can’t believe I was forced to vote down Museum! (In the exact opposite of what bb is doing, I’m trying to not look exclusively at the ending). Although my absolute fave is still in there, so I’ll remain happy at least until tomorrow.

  8. Sarah, I think I did something dumb (when not) and I may not have clicked the vote button the first time. I voted again, but feel free to delete one of the votes if both came through.

  9. The real problem is that my fave ending now is Memories in the Shallow Grave. 🙂

    Sitting in bed planning their future. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  10. Well all of my favorites made it so this was very tough. I mananged to vote for just 4.

    I’m with Agelena. I loved the ending in Memories in the Shallow Grave. It will just make any vote next year that much tougher.

  11. I thought it would get harder to vote for my favs, not easier, which I find very interesting. As the choices narrow, I find I’m able to really pick out which ones were more meaningful for the couple. Well…for the show! hehe! But let’s be honest…we’re all looking at this with Booth and Brennan in mind, not the show. 😉

  12. This keeps getting easier since my adored Daredevils is no longer. Bring on the next vote!

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