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Rock the Vote 2011: Greatest Episode Ending- Round Six


Hey everyone!

Sorry for the delay today. I was having some site issues, but they are resolved. Woo! Having said that, we’ll keep this poll open until noon EST tomorrow. We’ll also have another post tomorrow to discuss, and then on Tuesday, we’ll have a Top Five Tuesday and the final round of voting.

Imagine my surprise when, at midnight, I closed the poll and found that we had a two-way tie for 4th place. Since this is all for a good cause, I decided, “Ah, what the heck–let’s just have a final five!” So, we are…

I wanted to expand each of the final five episode ending choices before you vote today–just so you know what you are voting for (not that you haven’t seen these scenes dozens of times, I’m sure!). Each ‘campaign’ has 150 words (and don’t think that didn’t kill me, just a tiny bit 😀 )

But here we go!

Season Three: Santa in the Slush

The episode was hailed as the “OMG BOOTH AND BRENNAN ARE GOING TO KISS UNDER SOME MISTLETOE” ep, but, in true B&B fashion, while the kiss and subsequent reactions were cute, the real magic happens when no one expected. She’s in a prison conjugal trailer-turned-family Christmas for Max and Russ, and Booth surprises her by arriving with Parker. He doesn’t come inside the trailer—that’d be imposing. Not that Brennan would mind, I don’t think, but what Booth has planned is something even more special. He calls her and tells her to come look out the window, where he and Parker have a Christmas tree, lit up by his SUV. Brennan is touched, but even more so, it’s clear that it was incredibly meaningful for Booth to be able to give this to her. He loves Christmas, but he also loves her.


“I love my gift, Booth…”

“Merry, Christmas, Bones”


Season Four: Fire in the Ice

Sometimes you can know things, but sometimes, what that really means is that you just really want something to be true. For Booth and Brennan, they both want to be the person who could be right for the other. They don’t always know exactly how that will work out, or whether it’s right or not, or if they even deserve what they want –but that doesn’t come close to changing the fact that they both really want it to be true. And sometimes…that want…it just has to go somewhere—it has to come out some way. For these two, it’s usually in commitment, dedication and sometimes in trying to make the other one laugh a little. When they both are feeling the pull…well, there’s nothing more special. Their words, their actual hands—they cannot resist one another.

“You’re going to make me fall.”

“I’m never going to make you fall.”


Season Four: Mayhem on  a Cross

“Temperance… partners, they…share things. Builds trust.”

When Booth uttered those words to Brennan during the Cleo Eller case, I think he had a goal in mind—he wanted them to work together, and he was willing to do what it took to facilitate that. He needed her keen mind, her ability to focus 100% and help him solve murders. What he possibly didn’t anticipate was that once Brennan knew something was the right thing to do, no matter what, she committed to it, 100%. Here, they go to invite Sweets back to Booth’s place for a family dinner, but Brennan is prepared to give even more. She shares a dark secret from her past, and she wordlessly pleads for him to do the same. He gives a little bit of himself, and then they share comfort in the remaining seconds.  Comfort, and understanding and a deeper connection than ever before.




Season Five: Night at the Bones Museum

Many people have found love in life, but it’s rare when two people have a partnership like Brennan and Booth’s. Love is an underlying factor in that rare connection, sure, and sometimes that love helps the partnership, and sometimes hinders. Sometimes the partnership helps the love, and sometimes hinders. Even if they don’t always understand each other’s words, they’re listening. And these two have a way of being stripped bare with one another—even while fully clothed. There’s a strength in the way they can be vulnerable with one another, and there is an incredible beauty between them. It’s not just because they are both attractive people—it’s more than that. It’s a timeless, seemingly lofty goal, but it’s not ephemera—it’s a flawed and sometimes cracked reality. And that makes it even more beautiful.

“What goes on between us…that should just be ours. Isn’t that what you said?”



Season Six: Change in the Game

First of all, Adele. In this day and age where it seems like TV shows try to use popular music to manipulate the emotions of the viewers, this “Make You Feel My Love” doesn’t overshadow the B&B scene because that idea—that both of them would do just about anything for the other—that is the story of B&B. Whether you’d been watching BONES for six seasons or only for 40 minutes up to that point, there was no way not to be drawn in to the story that is these two characters. It hasn’t been easy, but underneath all of the struggle has been the possibility of true happiness—for two people who don’t always feel they deserve it. They love each other; they’re going to have a baby. It’s one of the happiest days of their lives. And well, ours too, for that matter.

“I’m pregnant…you’re the father.”


Okay! The poll is open! And once again, feel free to comment (and campaign, if you wish), but know that comments are not considered in the vote tallying.

See you tomorrow!

Peace, Love & Bones,



13 thoughts on “Rock the Vote 2011: Greatest Episode Ending- Round Six

  1. Yes! My two favorites are still there!!

  2. Honestly, I’ll be happy with any of these. Those pictures and your descriptions have made my day!

  3. I love them all but I HAD to go with Mayhem. That one line from Booth slays me and Brennan? Ah man…just brilliant.

  4. These are all my favorite; but, I did manage to narrow it down to two. How can you not vote for Santa In The Slush??

  5. Well, my favorite is still here so that’s all the counts. 😀

  6. Gosh this gets harder & harder but my favourite is still there as well.

  7. Sorry to the others, but Mayhem, hands down for me. Both Booth and Brennan look like they are about to cry, and the way Booth tells his story, even though he doesn’t want to, he does it FOR HER….and the handkerchief moment. I. Cant. Breathe. You can feel the emotions crackling in the room between them.


    • I, too, am a Mayhem devotee.
      The handkerchief moment, it kills me every time I watch it. When he presses it into his heart after she tucks it inside his breast pocket (most romantic physical gesture ever), and he has that LOOK in his eyes just before they break their gaze…

      So my Top 3:
      1. Mayhem on a Cross
      2. Change in the Game
      3. Night at the Bones Museum

  8. Oh man…my fave is gone 😦 but I do love all of these, so will need to choose one. Each of them made me breathless when I watched them and I rewatched these endings so many times…

    Do I choose angst, flirting, forever connected, dazzled or the grey sweater?

    decisions decisions….

  9. Oh god, I missed the last round! nooooo! Ha, my heart belongs to Fire in the Ice. But there’s something about Night at the Bones Museum that just ,…ahh, can;t decide, can’t decide. Re-watch of those 2 episodes may be in order! 🙂

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