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I Stand Corrected- And Other Week One Observations


Good morning!

I have to admit that even though BT has been in existence since July 2010, this feels like the first season premiere we’ve experienced together. So, pardon me for the next few days (or however long it takes) while I process through the episodes! I hope that we process through them together.  I always see BT as this really (REALLY) long conversation–mostly a lot of questions asked, and people share their opinions, but because the show is still happening, ‘answers’ or observations are a little more…fluid. We’re analyzing the show in real time, vs. a college course that might study why and how Leave it to Beaver had an effect on popular culture, for example. So I try to keep that in mind–that something I might be SO SURE ABOUT last year, last month, last week, etc, has changed.

However… Fun Monday Fact: I can be kind of judgmental sometimes. It’s not something I’m proud of and I try to work on it. In fact, it’s my 2012 New Year’s Resolution to focus on being less so. Why I’m waiting until then and not now is a good questions…but…here we are!

It’s not that I am always looking for ways to judge, but it’s more that I just say stuff as if they are definitive instead of getting all of the evidence. I can usually tell when I’m making those statements and then will (usually, haha–and how long this takes is always dependent on how much I want to be right) try to find out the facts and evidence for both sides.  I like having BT around to toss these ideas out to and get a bigger picture. So I have three things here, that I have observed in the past week or so, and I’d love your thoughts…

Observation #1. Kathy Reichs

The other day when chatting with a friend, I said “If I were Kathy Reichs, I’d be asking the world to stop mentioning that the character of Temperance Brennan was based on my life”.  I mean, Brennan is not the same character (and not just in a personal growth way) that is in the pilot episode, let alone a reflection of Kathy Reichs and her job (that we know of).

But then,  I saw pal IDigBonesTv (who, if you’re looking for a comprehensive single-column “everything about Bones-world, spoilers, actor interviews, writer interviews,  family interviews, etc” blog–this is a blog to check out).

She tweeted about an interview with Kathy Reichs, about how Ms. Reichs was pleased with the differences between “her” Temperance (from the books) and the Temperance of Hart Hanson’s TV show.  It’s an audio clip and it’s worth a listen, if you have the chance.

As I listened to it, I thought, “Okay, she’s taking more of a ‘live and let live’ approach here, and she doesn’t feel threatened by Temperance on TV.” Whether that is a reflection that she thinks Temperance on TV has nothing on HER Temperance or not–that doesn’t really matter, right?  In other words, I stand corrected!

Observation #2. “If B&B are happy, then we are happy”.

I was not expecting this sort of reaction from fans, and after seeing a screening of S7 E1 & E2, I spent a couple of weeks thinking about what BT would look like, and what would be the best way to frame questions to keep things from getting ugly, etc (because if people think that an unhappy fandom is good blog-business, they are on crazy pills). Then, in the days leading up to the premiere, I noticed a TON of optimism. I was happy about that, but also felt some dread– like, “Okay, what’s best…telling someone they were about to be disappointed, or letting them experience it and then BEING there for them once they ARE disappointed??”  This is what I mean when I say that I can be quick to make assumptions, haha. I just assume what reactions might be, because I want to prepare for them–and I want to help. And I mostly just want everyone to be happy ALL OF THE TIME! Haha. Buuuuuut, imagine my surprise when after the episode aired, everyone was mostly happy.  Not that we were all vomiting rainbows or as pal Lauren said, “I’ve never thought HH was Midas”, but yeah…there was just this general sigh of relief, like “It’s all good.” People are still asking questions and analyzing, of course, which is good for blogs like this one 😀

In both of these observations, I’m very happy to have proven myself wrong, if that makes sense. And as I re-watched the premiere, I’m thinking that some of the audience ‘sigh of relief’ comes from the comfort level B&B had with one another. Booth tells Brennan, “It’s been five months, and we are together all of the time” or something like that, and it’s like “okay,”. Awesome. Consider me standing corrected 😀

This brings me to my third observation, and it’s totally something I want to hash out with you all–to get your thoughts…

3. Booth & Brennan & Living Together & Marraige

A few questions in this one:

A. Was anyone else surprised when Brennan stated that Booth had told her (at some point) that he wasn’t going to live with someone again unless he was married. Hmmm…interesting, right? First of all, I’m curious how that conversation came up. Was it something that was discussed pre-Hole in the Heart, or sometime during the ‘show-hiatus’ , that maybe Brennan asks if he wants to move in together, and he says he won’t.

B. What are your thoughts on Booth’s ‘physical’ affection toward Brennan–in his apartment and in her office? I think last season, a lot of people saw Booth’s physical affection toward Hannah and declared that relationship “ALL ABOUT SEX ONLY, THE HORNDOGS!”, but we’ve talked here a few times about what Booth’s love language might be, and ‘Touch’ seems to be moving up the list. If he is talking with Brennan, and it’s a nice moment, he wants to ‘seal it with a kiss’, so to speak, right? All of this is sort of swirling around in my mind, something like this, “Okay, so if Booth is like that with Brennan, then does that assume that when he was with Hannah, that it really was genuine affection, OR does it assume that with Brennan now, he’s really more concerned with the physical, and–” etc, etc…and all of these equations that keep me up nights, hahahaha! I think we have learned from this post so far that it is not safe for me to assume.

C. As n2SeeleyBooth mentioned in the comments yesterday, she found the ‘moving in together’ conversation differences between Hannah and Booth and Brennan and Booth interesting. We remember from Maggots in the Meathead that Brennan was surprised that Booth hadn’t offered up a more traditionally romantic way of asking Hannah to move in with him. Booth just shrugged, but here, we see that when Brennan offers up her reasoning for moving in with him (he’s handy to have around, practically, emotionally and sexually), he wishes for something a little more romantic. Thoughts on this from you?

D. Marraige. AHHHHH! Okay, this idea that they have this competitive rivalry between them on who will ask whom is what I loved most about this premiere. I have it slated for this week’s Scene Study, so I will lay out all of my thoughts at that point, but quickly for today…I’m trying to do the math. If, as Brennan states, Booth has stated that he won’t live with someone unless he’s married (which…interesting, right, from a ‘will Booth demand marraige’ standpoint–or maybe he’s just goading Brennan), but he’s also wanting to move in with Brennan to have ‘their place’, is he assuming that he will change his mind, or that marraige is def in the cards? His reasoning doesn’t add up, is what I’m thinking. But Brennan didn’t tell him that–she just laughed at him (but in the best way).

Okay…enough from me. What are your thoughts? Anything else you’re thinking of? Let’s discuss!

Peace, Love & Bones,


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49 thoughts on “I Stand Corrected- And Other Week One Observations

  1. Okay, I’ve only got a second, so I can’t address everything I would like to respond to at the moment, and I will have to be satisfied with just this: I would posit that the “I’m not moving in with anyone unless I’m married” comment PROBABLY was uttered sometime between Bikini in the Soup and The Killer in the Crosshairs.

    I’m thinking Booth was probably still “angry” and shooting at paper hearts (metaphorically speaking, of course!) and just feeling fed up with Love in general. He had reached some level of equanimity, because this is after Brennan showed up with the Tommy Guns on V-day and cemented her promise to be there for him as his partner and friend and not to ask for anything he wasn’t ready to give. He was still feeling like the possibility of love for him in the future was still very theoretical, and had not yet allowed himself to “go there” as far as far as considering a possible relationship with Brennan. So it was likely a rant that he possibly KNEW he didn’t even mean. And extension of the “I’m done” attitude.

    I wish I had more time because there is just SO MUCH to this post. Awesome food for thought. I’ll be back!

  2. The fact that Booth said he wouldn’t move in with anyone unless they were married and the fact that he wants to move in with Brennan says to me that in his mind at some level they are ‘married’ in that they have a committed relationship that he expects to last a lifetime. Maybe Booth isn’t as conventional as a lot of viewers think. Maybe living with a loving Brennan, who is with him because she wants to be with him, raising their child and making a home together for him is marriage. Much more than a piece of paper or some words in a church.

    • I can not remember what episode it was from (maybe Harbingers) where they said something about settling for second best. I totally agree with your take on this scene. Booth knows how Brennan feels about marriage. Having her “want” to be with him in all of the was mentioned above may just be enough without making her compromise her beliefs.

    • I completely agree with you there, I also got the sense that they’re (almost) as good as married now. I also think the numerous references to them being a family during the episode solidifies that…

      • The fact that he referred to him and Brennan as “family” says a lot to me. “We’re family, Bones”….

  3. As always, an interesting jolt to the morning– a kind of thoughtful bolt of caffeine for the Bones fan.

    1. Sometimes people just like the publicity associated with their name or, in this case, their creation. I’m sure Bones is good for book sales, so why fight it?

    2. Happy fans are still going to need conflict to keep interested in our pair of crime fighters. While there’s no wave of fan fiction being written to fix the terribly wrong, and most online fans seem fairly content with things as they are, a happy couple is not going to sell tickets, as it were. I want to see the trials and tribulations that these two are going to go through– yes, I think they deserve happiness, but I also think that’s not their fate. I think they laid the groundwork for some interesting conflicts for the future: religion, money, living arrangements, addiction, childhood trauma, wants vs. needs, etc. Some of the issues were subtle and others hit us over the head, but it didn’t matter because we were still wrapping our heads around the fact that they are now a couple.

    3. a. I assumed he must have said something after Daredevil about “#@%$ women, I’ll never move in again with someone unless I’m married.” It sounds like the thing Booth would say given how devastated he was by the rejection of not-quite-Brennan. Since he’s willing to overlook that now means he’s willing to bend his self-imposed rules for Brennan and his kid. (Brennan, of course, would remember and use it as her safety net, too.)

    b. It’s more than sex here– he has a willing woman who is on the same page with him at least with the love thing. Everything else is to be determined over the coming weeks. When did he fight with Hannah? When did he have a serious discussion with her beyond telling her that Temperance had a thing for him? The actions might be similar, but the context is very different.

    c. He’s still a romantic at heart, but the whole fight centered around how she was coming to the conclusion that they needed one place together– something she was trying to rationalize (in very irrational manner with the Iroquois, by the way.) I think the big difference between then and now with Booth is not only the woman involved but also the context. Bones is uber-rational and Hannah was uber-fly-by-the-seat-of-her pants. He’s had 6 years (and 5 months) to understand that she’s got to reason her way through things before she makes that leap. (Her rationale was uber-Brennan.)

    d. For him, this is a gamble, but a good one in which he’s got a willing woman who can tell him (and mean it) that she loves him. Love will be the glue and he’s so confident of her he’s even willing to bait her. Brennan– who wasn’t completely rational in her rational mode– doesn’t, as you point out, call him on it.

    Bottom line with the sex/love, live in/marriage thing is that it is much more complicated between them than it was with Hannah and Booth. It always was– even when he was with Hannah. His “reasoning” is powered by his heart while Brennan’s is powered by heart and head and hormones right now. Ultimately, the head prevails, but it is going to be guided by her heart.

  4. Great post – it’s interesting, I think because the hiatus went on so long, and I spent so long thinking about what it was going to be like, that my own imaginings almost became canon in my mind, you know? So that when it aired, I was like, ‘woowww, that’s where we are – awesome!’

    I watched the premiere with my best friend last night, who loves the show and has seen every episode but isn’t obsessed (cough, like me, cough). She hadn’t seen a spoiler or given it a moment’s thought in the last six months (crazy, I know) so she sat down to watch with the idea like, ‘OK, she announced she’s pregnant. Now what?’ It was so great to see her reaction from the episode totally fresh, with no outside influences. The first time B&B kissed in the kitchen, she gasped and squealed ‘how WEIRD!’ And basically, that continued. She said, ‘they’re the same people, but kind of different. So comfortable, so relaxed with each other, so happy. It’s so nice!’. (She also said the writer’s had managed the relationship and jump ‘perfectly’.) I know this isn’t strictly to do with your post, but I’ve been wanting to mention this since last night and BT is the place 🙂

    On to your actual queries – re Kathy Reichs, I listened to that audio clip too. It was great to hear how supportive she is of the show, and how much she trusts HH. The only thing that made me frown was her saying she thinks of TV Brennan as the younger Brennan, and Books Brennan as the older version – not ok with me as Booth isn’t in the books, and as far as I’m concerned ‘older Brennan’ is very much going to have Booth in her life. haha, I know they’re fictional characters and so I don’t need to worry. Honest, I do. Deep down. 🙂

    Audience reaction – I’m delighted that most people are happy – beyond happy, I’ve never heard the fandom squee so loudly. There are things I’ve seen people mention (why no mention of Parker, why has Brennan changed? Why hasn’t Brennan changed? etc etc) but I’m just not letting those comments get me down. I’m too excited to have it back, and happy with what we were given, to even think about negativity. (That’s not saying people don’t have a point / aren’t entitled to their opinion, it’s just that personally, I really want to savour the feeling that I have of it all being well and exciting in the Bones world for as long as possible)

    Re qu 3 – I saw someone else mention somewhere that they like that Booth is keen to move in with Brennan despite the fact he said he wouldn’t again without being married, because it kind of signifies that in Booth’s mind, they are as good as married. I like that. I think the fact he brushed off what he’d said in the past signified that he’s changed his mind since then. He knows Brennan isn’t going to rush to get married, and being with her and with their child is more important to him than getting married. He’s not going to give her an ultimatum.
    I also LOVED way Brennan said ‘you mean you aren’t going to ask me to marry you?!’ haha – busted Brennan, you’ve been expecting him too and I also heard a little disappointment in there. Love that he’s learned not to jump in with her and is going to chill and wait and see if she ever wants to. Love that.

    Booth’s physical affection – if touch turns out to be one of Booth love languages, I’m going to love it 🙂 I thought it was interesting that both of their kissed were initiated by him, and broken off by Brennan. And that she smiled and laughed both times, it’s like she indulges his affectionate side. I thought it was interesting how they’re both pretty private, no PDA’s so far. Things high on my list of ‘things I’d love to see’ are: a kiss initiated by Brennan, a lil passion please and some snuggling – in bed or on the couch, or a hug maybe, it’s all gold to me 🙂

    To be honest, I used to kind of think that people who said that Booth and Hannah were all about the sex were either wishful thinking or having double standards – if you’d replaced H with Brennan in that nooner, everyone would have loved it. However, they never showed us a scene in Booth’s bedroom with Hannah like they did with Brennan, so maybe there’s something in it after all. Who knows 🙂

    Did anyone else notice that the story jumped around a little? For instance – Booth and Brennan finish their kitchen convo on good terms and are fine at the crime scene. But Brennan goes to Angela and says that Booth is upset with her because she’s not ready to move in. But at that point, he wasn’t upset with her and she never said she didn’t want to move in! I just thought the editing was weird, or the timeline or something. That means that in one episode Brennan went from not wanting to live together, to agreeing to sell her apartment and buy a new house with him. Quite the turn around there 🙂

    Wowza, this has been the longest comment response in the history of the internet I’m sure – apologies. It’s possible that I’m a little over excited that we have fresh Bones to pour over 🙂

    • Awesome post Sophia. It was long but very insightful. What I’ve also been pondering is what would have happened if Brennan didn’t pull away (especially from the second kiss). The last time Brennan initiated a kiss was 7 years (and 5 Months) ago, so I agree with you; in fact I think it’s long overdue

    • Great post. I enjoyed reading your non-obsessed friend’s reactions – so That’s how the other half lives, huh? 😉

      And I too hope we’ll see Brennan not quite so indulging of Booth’s advances but rather respond in full. Or better yet, iniitate some serious smoochin’ herself. On the other hand, if she didn’t put on the brakes sometimes, they just might be doin’ the deed all over the place, since I doubt he’d stop her! And I don’t think I’ll take that thought any further just now… eeek…

  5. Hm… I want to hit up the marriage point first. (May have more thoughts later)

    I’m just wondering if Booth is just feeling his “I know” mojo back when he states with certainty that she will be asking him this time. Remember, he is that guy in ep 100 who “knows” and tries to get Brennan to know it too. But here in Memories, he talks about how they basically spend all their time together, and have for the past 5 months. He is just looking at her at the breakfast table with such an adorable grin when she’s all backpedaling about mentioning marriage. I think he’s cocky because she brought up the subject in the first place (so perhaps she was thinking of it!) and then she looked actually disappointed when he said he wasn’t asking…and then he just so…confident in his response that she will be asking him.

    It’s either Booth just being cocky, yet hopeful, Booth…or hoping foreshadowing by TPTB?? Or both? 🙂

  6. For email, until I have time to respond. Nothing to see, folks. Move along.

  7. Question about the episode timeline and the Booth and Brennan timeline world.. In the episode, two dates were mentioned, six months ago it was february and Booth and Brennan have been moving back and forth between places for five months. How does this make sense in Bonesland episode timeline?

    • The first rule of Bones is, don’t try to figure out the timelines.

      The second rule of Bones is, don’t try to figure out the timelines.

      (Srsly. I’m almost positive it’s been medically recognized to induce migraines.)

      • I was working on my The Boy with the Answer Story, and I was trying to figure out the timeline for the trial, when I realized that despite the fact that there is definitely more than one day of the trial, everyone is wearing the same clothes in every trial scene. Apparently Caroline and Taffet only have one “court outfit.” Whatev. What’s the phrase? Hand wave, I think.

      • Caroline always seems to enter every episode she is in with one outfit. No matter how much time passes between scenes, days, weeks, whatever, she reappears in the same clothes. Probably a budget issue but you would think they could change it up a little bit.

      • EL, I have never noticed that about Caroline before, but I’m going to start paying attention now. I likely wouldn’t have noticed this time except that I was trying to make sure that my story didn’t contradict the episode and I thought–Wha–?!?!? They don’t change clothes? That must be one stinky courtroom. Also, I consider it a free pass to impose any timeline I darn well please.

    • Which puts them in the middle of summer and Booth in shirtsleeves (fine) and Brennan STILL in a trenchcoat (really?). Is she that cold all the time?

      • Well, then you’ve got the season six conundrum. In Killer in the Crosshairs they are running in short sleeves, but in the next ep, Blackout in the Blizzard there is…well, a BLIZZARD. I know they tried to address it with the Climate Change conversation in the diner at the beginning of the episode, but seriously…How hard would it have been to just make the actors wear a jacket in the previous episode for heaven’s sake!?

        Okay, okay. Hand wave. Letting it go now…or, trying to.

      • Don’t even get me started on the trenchcoats which Brennan apparently wears all year round. Have the writers actually been in DC in the summer? Trenchcoats are unthinkable. OK hand wave and moving on.

      • I read a story on recently and it referenced Brennan’s rainbow of trench coats hanging in her closet. They were actually in ROY G BIV order. I think it was a story by va32h. Until I read that story I’d never given her coats that much thought. As a person who doesn’t give a flip about fashion (I’m a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal–recently I was wearing khaki pants and a plain old button down shirt and my daughters oohed and aaahed over my “fancy” clothes!), I tend not to notice wardrobe choices unless they are just REALLY unusual–like some of Cam’s. I resolve to start paying more attention.

    • this is really more of a response to CJ’s Mom re the timeline issues: (love your story by the way!). Anyway, I notice that too in Boy with the Answer how Caroline and Taffett are always in the same clothes and I think it is definitely at least the next day when the hear testimony about the dust mite.
      I was just in DC in July and it was sweltering — way too hot for trenchcoats!
      It does seem like it is not too much to ask that the clothing match the weather for all of the characters in the same episode. Anyway rant over — hand wave!

  8. Real time and Bones time are usually different. Maybe close sometimes, maybe not. They may make exceptions if they want a holiday-based episode. At least that’s been my observation, because I know they can be very flexible with the timeline.

  9. When did Booth tell Brennan about not wanting to move in with someone unless married, or a marriage in the future? I totally suspect that happened between the end of Daredevil/Mold till the end of Bikini in the Soup. I am definitely on board with CJsMom that it happened way before B&B gotten together, but I think it happened a bit earlier and that by the time B&B were jogging together, that ‘fact’ was already uttered at some point, and definitely said in his ‘angry’ period. I wouldn’t be shocked if he has said it when she drove him him, or put him in a cab after his drunken rant in Daredevil. Brennan of course remembered and put two and two together. The reason for her to not ‘officially moved in.’ However, Booth didn’t deny it when she brought it up. Instead, he turned the tables on her by first not denying it and then by putting the ‘fate’ in her hands. I also think that Booth is ok with not being married to Brennan so he is more than happy to bend his own rule and move in together unmarried, or with any wedding vow in their future. Does he hold hope it might happen? Oh yes, absolutely since he put it there that he is convinced Brennan will ask him so he knows they will go there one day – no idea when it will happen – and like before, Booth knows – from the beginning.
    And until that happens, he is more than fine to just move in together, get a place of their own, together because in his book it pretty much means marriage and he’s ok with that knowledge. With all other women, he needed that vow, that certainty and legal paper to make it real. With Brennan, he doesn’t need that anymore. Just being with her is enough. He knows marriage doesn’t come easy for Brennan, not is as likely and eventhough he knows, he’s also fine with waiting because he KNOWS Brennan. Once she makes that step (and again, he knows she’s making it at some point), it’s big, huge and he’ll wait for that fundamental happening.

    And the romantic thing is pretty much the same thing. With Brennan he knows things won’t go as normal and traditional as with any other woman. She is not normal, his own words. And Booth doesn’t want it traditional and normal with her anyway. SHE is different, and not easy – and that is what he likes about her (altho not all the time). That always made Brennan stand out from all the women he’s had before. So everything, everything is different with Brennan. With H (and yes, I’m that juvenile that I won’t utter her name – not even in writing), it was purely physical and based on sex. He didn’t care for the romantic part in that. Brennan somehow expects Booth to be romantic and he is but H was, and no matter whom says not, a consolation prize and he wasn’t being his normal self because that was exactly the part he wanted to forget. Brennan took his Boothy so with H Booth was un-Boothy. Now with Brennan he is 100% Boothy again and in comes the desires for being romantic again, expecting romance in return. Brennan is the Standard. So anyone and anything before that wasn’t. So his own standard didn’t pop up until he got HIS Standard. And everything is paralleled and respectively intertwined. E.g. He would ask someone to move in with him in a romantic way but that is his standard approach. But not being with his Standard, that approach won’t happen. This time he didn’t ask but actually he did, in a very sweet way. So they made this pact to ‘split their time between apartments’ and “Neither us of us really likes it.” So he is carefully touching upon, figuring out HER feelings on the subject before plunging ahead and she brings up marriage which gives HIM the romantic opening and his cue to, again, carefully (read: jokingly covering up the seriousness of the word/action) inquire about marriage, putting all of decision in her lap. If that isn’t romantic, I don’t know what is since… again, he KNOWS Brennan and putting something that means SO much to him in her hands, the ball in her court, is a hugely romantic gesture. He basically gives her his entire life and future.
    So when she accepts (in her office – and like Brennan, she squint-talks it, making it ‘scientific proof’ in her head), he hoped for a smidge that she would throw caution to the wind for a bit and not go for squint speak but hey, he takes what he can get and since he knows she loves their sexual side of the relationship, he knows he can add in his own 2 cents and getting his ‘kiss seal on the deal.’

    So will Brennan ask? Yes she will. When? I am as much in the blank as Booth is. She could throw it out while in labor, or a few months down the road as parents or if she goes really wild, she may throw it out when they get their house, giving Booth his deal that he doesn’t have to move in unmarried after all by ‘compromising’ as moving in as an engaged couple.
    Like I saw on Tumblr yesterday, B&B basically are now ‘engaged to be engaged.’ By agreeing to get a house together, Brennan admitted to Booth they’ll move in together with a future as becoming husband and wife one day. And since the asking still has to be done, they are not engaged yet but definitely on the road towards it.

  10. I don’t really follow Kathy Reichs. I haven’t read any of her books. I see her on television flogging VIA rail. However, by virtue of the fact that I watch the tv show, she is making money off me. I suspect that’s in her mind when she says she doesn’t mind the differences between her Brennan and TV Brennan. Good for her to be able to let go of her creation.

    For point #2, I can think of several episodes in Season 6 where I disliked 90% of what I saw, but stuck with it in the hopes it would be be better. For the Season 7 premiere, I liked 90% of what I saw. I just want to enjoy the positive and not focus on the negative. “I am fangirl. Hear me squee”, or something like that.

    As for number 3, unless Show tells me something different, I will believe that Booth made that statement some time after Devil, and before Blackout, in an angry and/or drunken and/or angry/drunken rant. I don’t know if there’s any point in comparing Hannah and Booth and Brennan and Booth. I’m not sure the writers remember who Hannah is. I thought the way Booth dealt with Brennan’s reasoning was quite sweet. He knew she’d have to find her own way to rationalize it, and after 7 years I think he just expects that from her.

  11. Let me just start by saying that, having had a few days to digest the premiere, I still don’t think I have ever seen a more satisfying tv episode ever. High praise, but after the bizillion hours of television that I’m (moderately) ashamed to admit to having watched in my life, hours where shows I was invested in either didn’t deliver on the main premise they strung you along with or delivered way at the end, when it didn’t matter any more, this premiere felt great. I’m still loving it, so kudos to all involved because they managed to give us something touching and entertaining and true to the characters, and all with a brand new twist that still makes me want to tune in next week. I know, there were probably minor inconsistencies and things we wish we had seen, but over all it was 43 minutes of pure heaven. And I’m doubly pleased that others were equally satisfied with it, especially given that so many people were unhappy with the time jump and were ready to give the episode a thumbs down. That it survived this kind of scrutiny and even seemed to turn a lot of people back on to the show is no small feat. So there’s my kool-aid moment-whew!

    Re physical contact: Booth has always been a touchy guy (but only with those he loves!) so not surprised to see him all over her, especially since “the line” isn’t there anymore. I believe that all other elements of his love for her were in place already and only the blatantly physical was missing, so now he’s just doing some catching up. In this way, his dam has broken too, all the more noticeable since last season was so touch-free and their physical distance really seemed to pain him-note the helping to make her bed scene in Hole. It’ll be interesting to see how she reacts to him being all over her space since she’s not the most demonstrative person ever. There is definitely the danger there that he could get a little too possessive and I’m wondering whether they’ll bring this up.

    Re the marriage thing: agree with all that he probably made this blanket statement in a moment of deep negativity after Daredevil, mirroring the “there’s a line you can’t cross” comment of years ago. He’s an impulsive guy, goes with his feelings in any particular moment, and perhaps doesn’t choose his words wisely. But he’s also a thoughful guy, and willing to own up to his faults, so we get the I’m sorry moment at the end. Just like he was willing to overlook “the line” at the first opportunity, he’s willing to live with her on her terms. However, I do believe he won’t backtrack when he says he won’t be asking-it would only paint him into a corner where he can only lose, so why go there? There’s no doubt he would love to marry her, but to use Brennan’s metaphor, maybe he’s finally learning that if he plays hard to get he’ll make a more appealing prey. Happy hunting, B&B!

    • One more thing-after years of endng up with no Buffy, no Cordelia, no Brennan, Angel/Booth finally gets his girl-yay!

      • Maria – I loved a lot of the points in your comment – but three of them really made me smile;

        1.’Pure heaven’ – I’ll say. I’ve been on cloud nine since watching. Am seriously considering watching it every night this week until the new one 🙂
        2. ‘the line’ – ahh, remember those days? All those hours discussing the line. Bye bye line 🙂
        3. Angel / Booth finally got his girl – I thought this too! It’s actually the first time we really get to see DB play this role (being in a committed, happy relationship), it’s exciting to see what he’ll do with it. (I know was committed to Buffy, but there was more angst there than I’m hoping to see with B&B!)

      • That struck me too. Finally DB gets to play a character who is actually happy in a relationship with a woman who loves him and whom he loves. There may be white water ahead but at least now they are in the same canoe. Let’s hear it for the Iroquois and for that tribe where he gets to shoot her in the leg with an arrow. Although not as good as a bite on the neck.

      • Although the possibility of a tiny bite on the neck was definitely there when they were making out in her office, El…

      • I live in hope, Maria. Alternately I would like to see her bite him now that would be a change-up.

  12. B/H vs B/B – I think the biggest difference we’ve seen and the one we’ll see in this relationship isn’t the physicality. That’s the easy part for Booth, the part he likes the most 🙂 The part that shows his true commitment and the depth of the relationship is his willingness to compromise what he’s wanted to obtain his ultimate goal and his willingness to share his deepest thoughts and motivations. One just needs to look at 6×11 and 6×13 and compare how willing he was to have that conversation w/Hannah about his past w/Brennan and his dropping Hannah like a hot potato when she rejects his proposal to see just how different it is compared to him compromising to live w/Brennan and to actually share his deeper feelings and motivations about why this means so much to him.

    • Very interesting comment – I think there has a been a lot of talk about what Brennan has to get through to be in a committed relationship, and what the two of them have to get through to be happy together (cohabitation, the marriage question etc.) But there isn’t a TON of talk about what Booth needs to work through. I know on other message boards the writers get a lot of crap for making it seem Brennan is always the one “in the wrong” in relation to the whole mind vs. heart argument . . . but I think it is interesting to explore Booth’s short comings as well.

      I think we saw a little bit in this episode that he is hesitant to share the root of his feelings about living together, and I think his stubbornness about how things “should be” also contributes to a lot of the relationship issues with Brennan. I think it has forced him to push a little too hard in relationships in the past. . . proposing at the wrong times (and to the wrong people) or coming on a bit too strong / jumping (humping!) the gun etc.

  13. Giving this some thought, I’m wondering if Booth is sort of taking a page from the Sweets’ playbook and doing a little reverse psychology on the whole marriage thing. I think Booth still would like to be married, but he’s backing off of it for now. Her disappointed face when she said something like “You aren’t going to ask me to marry you”…kind of surprised me a little bit. I think she was expecting him to push it and he wasn’t. In fact, she’s the one who mentioned marriage in the conversation, and Booth totally called her out on it. Definitely interesting to see what she does with the decision resting in her hands now!

    Brennan still has yet to convince me that she’s truly this marriage hating person. She was completely supportive of Angela and Hodgins and spoke of the anthropolgical meaning of their marriage. I think her anti-marriage stance goes along with her I’m just meant to be alone stance, stemming from her parents’ abandonment. Angela even tells her to remember the happy times with her family all together and that she could choose that life. And Booth echoes that at the end of the episode, that they can have the life THEY want.

    There would be a lot of good reasons for them to consider marriage, besides the whole loving and committed family unit thing :). They still work in a dangerous profession, and it might be beneficial to have someone who could legally make that call in a health situation, considering neither of them are super close with their family. Also, Brennan might want more legal pull in regards to Parker, or his health care, etc. I could see her completely pulling some anthropolical reasons for it, ie buildling a society, consolidating resources, etc.

    Not to say they will get married on the show , but I could see how it might be possible.

  14. Yet one more thought about the marriage scene. I really liked how they kept their characters consistent as to what we think of them, ie, Booth romantic and affectionate and Brennan rational, even while having them make consessions that would have been difficult for them in the past. Particularly interesting is Brennan’s lack of romanticisim, other than her shocking “I love you” which, in all honesty, was huge to hear. But in their other moments together her agreeing to live with him has been couched in terms of what is best for the baby and what is most convenient, whereas with Booth his desire to live with Brennan is all about making a home and a family with her. I’m pretty sure this was a very deliberate presentation, and I wonder if the marriage proposal that she’s bound to make will be her big romantic moment, made after something lifechanging happens like a threat to either of their lives. Not getting married may be the last of Brennan’s defenses, since marriage is so final to Booth and she’ll want to be certain that she can go into it with the same commitment that he brings to the table.

  15. I agree that Booth probably made his, “I’m not moving in with anyone else unless I’m married to her” statement in a moment of anger, but I’m going to disagree a little bit as to why I think he backed off on that particular declaration. I think it has more to do with the baby than it does Brennan. It’s about being a family. It’s about wanting to prove that he’s not his dad. And I think it’s also about him wanting to do everything with this child that he never got to do with Parker. I’m not sure we would have seen that conversation (at least not this early) if there wasn’t a baby in the equation.

    As far as the marriage exchange is concerned, while I got the feeling that Brennan was still somewhat iffy on the subject, I am intrigued (and encouraged) by the fact that she did seem somewhat disappointed at the thought that Booth wouldn’t ask her to marry him, and also by Booth’s confidence that she would one day ask HIM to marry HER. It’s almost as if he knows she’ll do it one day (read eventually), he just needs to wait for her to be ready (hmmm…sound familiar anybody?).

    I have to say that the one thing that really stuck out to me after I re-watched the episode and had some time to process it, was the way the writers managed to carry over last season’s character growth (Booth’s confidence and Brennan’s awareness of how what she says and does affects other people) while still maintaining B&B’s core character traits.

    Brennan’s default is always going to be, “what’s the rational thing to do or say in this situation?” – regardless of how said rational answer affects other people. And we saw that in her argument with Booth. But we also saw her realize that she’d hurt him AND we saw her make Booth’s feelings on the issue a priority even though it required her to do something that she felt wasn’t rational (and while Angela may have played a small role in pushing her in the right direction, I think the bulk of the decision-making in this case was Brennan’s).

    Booth is always going to struggle with his demons. We saw that in his reaction to Brennan during the diner argument when he walked out without resolving anything. But we also saw him reference his demons in conversation with Sweets more than once (his gambling issues) and we saw him open up with Brennan in her office (about his father) more than I think we’ve ever seen him do in the past (with the possible exception of Blizzard and maybe Mayhem and Con Man).

    So while we saw B&B argue in the same way they have in the past, we also saw them communicate and compromise, and finally, resolve their differences. THAT is something we haven’t always seen them do. It’s a sign of a healthy relationship and I really appreciate the fact that we saw the whole process play out on screen. That’s the kind of character evolution that makes me happy.

  16. 1. Tempe vs. Brennan – I’m a big fan of the books, and to be honest, it was the show that led me to the books. Having said that, however, IMO the only thing the two characters have in common is their name and their profession. Tempe is not Brennan and vice versa. I can’t even say “I prefer . . .” because the characters are just too different.

    2. Well, I’m certainly happy. 🙂 I watched the premiere having read the sides and having seen all the previews and I was prepared to be happy but I wasn’t quite prepared to grin like a fool the whole hour. I could nitpick about small things I didn’t like but big picture, I’m thrilled. I even forgive it the fanfic-y-ish-ness because after dining on oversalted puke and bile last year, I wants me some ooey gooey sweetness.

    I understand that some people have issues I don’t. I even appreciate hearing about it because it’s usually something I didn’t look deep enough to see. But me, I’m happy.

    3(a). After my initial “Woa! They’re talking about marraige!” reaction, I wasn’t surprised the topic had been discussed previously. I agree with the prevailing sentiment that it was a discussion held post-Hannah and pre-Hole in the Heart babymaking. “I’m never living with another woman unless we’re married” sounds like the sort of definite, somewhat bitter comment a man who just went through a breakup would say. And it’s typical of Brennan that not only would she remember that comment but she’d take it literally and bring it up again. I’m holding out for Parker doing the proposing (10 fanfic pts for me if that happens!) but I can totally see Brennan rationalizing her way around a proposal.

    (b) Booth finally gets a chance to be all up on Brennan and we’re surprised when he takes advantage of it? Nah. Makes perfect sense to me and I’m only glad we’re finally seeing him act that way with the RIGHT person. *ahem*

    (c) I thought that “I was hoping for something a little more romantic” comment from Booth was tongue-in-cheek, a way of gigging at her like he always does when she goes all hyper-rational. I didn’t see that as Booth’s secret wish that Brennan would go down on bended knee when she offered him a key. I mean, the man has known her for seven (eight?) years. He knows better than to expect that.

    (d) IMO, Booth is getting more than he expected at the moment from Brennan and he appreciates the huge step it is for her. I think he knows that for her, moving in together is the same commitment marriage would be, without the legal contract. I believe he still wants to be married to her and I think he believes that will happen, someday, but for now, he’s swimming in gravy and thrilled to be there.

    Oh, and Sarah? Don’t think that little “I saw E1 and E2 already” comment slipped by. I’m green with envy. Green, I tell you.

    (apologies for hogging up the bandwidth with this long reply)

    • Two things:

      First, absolutely love your description of season six (“oversalted puke and bile”)! After watching the DVDs, I can admit it’s not as bad as I thought at the time, but I certainly felt that way last fall. It was so hard to watch.

      Second, Brennan’s face when she made the comment about him not asking her to marry him was priceless. I think that at that point she was thinking she would say no if he did, but then she seemed sad that he wasn’t even going to ASK. Love those nuances.

    • Booth being not only willing to move in with Brennan in their own place but telling her in a laughing way that the marriage proposal is up to her basically tells her that when she decides they should be married then they will be. I don’t think there’s any doubt on his part at all. And I liked the several references to the ‘tribe’ because essentially that is what B&B are founding, a new tribe.

      As for the differences between B&B and B&H, someone here said it, quoting Harry Potter, about things being right and things being easy. H was easy (in more ways than one). But for Booth, she was easy because she wasn’t interested in his past, his demons, his kid, or at the end, his future. Good times was the bottom line and Booth didn’t have to share anything painful because she didn’t care. Brennan is interested and Brennan does care in her idiosyncratic way which is why she is right for Booth. Each one fascinates the other and that as much as love and sexual attraction is the glue that will keep them together.

  17. I think I’ve watched this season premiere more times in a short amount of time than I did any of the other season premieres, but more because I’m still trying to process it.

    [b] Observation #1. Kathy Reichs [/b]
    I did like the interview with Kathy Reichs. It’s refreshing that she has the confidence to not only acknowledge that HH’s Brennan is different than hers, but also encourage it. She’s right – when I read Kathy Reichs books I do not see her Tempe as the TV Brennan in my head. They’re two completely different characters, and I think that makes it a win/win for both Hart Hanson and Kathy Reichs. Kudos to her.

    [b] Observation #2. “If B&B are happy, then we are happy”. [/b]
    Sure, but I don’t think they’re quite there yet. “Eventually” is still blossoming. Booth and Brennan are still figuring out their place in each others lives and I’m not seeing the rainbows and butterflies everyone else sees just yet. The line that struck me was when Brennan tells Booth that seeing the manifestation of his virility fills him with a sense of pride and power, “It’s natural that you would confuse that with attraction,” and the way she says it just gave me the impression that she still isn’t 100% confident in one way or another, either about Booth’s feelings or herself.

    [b] 3A. Was anyone else surprised when Brennan stated that Booth had told her (at some point) that he wasn’t going to live with someone again unless he was married? [/b] I think what’s more telling about that is that Booth mentioned that they’ve been spending almost all of their time together for the last 5 months. So despite Booth’s declaration, they’re already essentially living together, he just isn’t calling it that. 😉

    [b] 3B. Re: Booth’s ‘physical’ affection toward Brennan: [/b] I’m not surprised about Booth’s physical affection. He seems to be a ‘touchy-feely’ kind of guy. What I am surprised about is the fact that Brennan actually doesn’t seem as comfortable with it.

    [b] 3C. [/b] I got nothin’ right now.

    [b] 3D. Marriage. [/b] True confessions: I always had this fanfic-ish idea in the back of my head that Brennan would end up being the one to propose to Booth and he would be completely gobsmacked, so I was a little surprised (and disappointed) that Booth actually suggests that this be the case. No Booth! It’s supposed to be a surprise! 😛 What I found interesting though was when Brennan sounds kind of insulted when she thinks Booth wouldn’t propose to her. I do ultimately still think Brennan will get this ‘sign from the universe’ that she wants to marry and that she’ll want to marry out of love, not just a “blending of familial obligations as well as monetary and property consolidation.”

    • stupid HTML formatting fail 😛

    • 3B: I, too, thought there was something off, but it was the whole point of the episode– Brennan isn’t 100% certain of herself in this relationship. She’s trying to get cues from Booth and Angela, but she’s still feeling her way. She seems almost indulgent of Booth’s kisses and his belly rub– she’s had these before but she’s not feeling every moment in the same way that Booth might. I think it’s true to her character– she’s never been in a long-term relationship with someone else and while we can see Booth all in, she’s going to be a bit more reluctant (and hormonal.)

  18. I just noticed the ‘omelet’ reference at the top of these pages – lol – clever, Sarah.

  19. 1. I’ve never read Kathy Reichs novels (tho’ I own one) because I can’t bring myself to ‘ruin’ the show with the books. Kind of the reverse of readers who don’t like to watch a movie based on a book because they don’t want someone else’s interpretation of the story.
    2. I watched the premiere with relatively low expectations (having gotten completely hooked on ‘Castle’ during the hiatus) and so I don’t think my happiness at the result was due to B&B’s happiness but that it was genuinely much better than I could have ever hoped for.
    3a. I think Booth probably did say something during or shortly after the Daredevil convo regarding not living together without marriage again. However, I think it was more about the anger towards himself that he fell into a relationship that was based on a false premise than it was about needing the confirmation of marriage or not trusting Brennan if they ever got to that point.
    b I thought the episode had just the right amount of affection. It showed that they were totally into each other but comfortable enough that they are still themselves.
    c. Romanticism – I love Booth’s romantic side — he doesn’t need to send her flowers. He showed her that their lives together are his first priority by not giving into her crap about the real estate market (now’s the perfect time to buy!) or the Iriquois. I am proud of Brennan that she gave his point of view the consideration he deserves. When Brennan called for help and said he was the only one she thought of, she wasn’t saying it to be romantic — it was just the truth. She is definitely all in.
    d. I think when Booth teased Brennan about her being the one to propose, I think he means if she ever wants to, his answer is always ‘yes’ so that she doesn’t have to worry about rejection, abandonment and it took the pressure off (they have enough pressure in their lives right now). It was really sweet.
    Great post. So glad Bones is back!

  20. Didn’t have time to respond yesterday before work and collapsed with exhaustion afterward, so here goes now. A lot has already been said that I agree with, so I’ll try to just add my take on things, but I’ll undoubtedly reiterate too.

    1. I agree with whoever noted that it all benefits KR, so why would she bash the TV show. It probably doesn’t hurt that she is actively involved in the show. She has some input into TV Temperance. If she were really unhappy with how the show was evolving, why would she continue to work with them?

    2. Everybody’s happy. I don’t think that those of us who are so happy are blinded by hearts and flowers. We’re happy with it; we don’t think it’s perfect. They are together and happy about it, but they are still having issues — just like any RL couple would, no matter how happy they are to be together. B&B are now working together to deal with those issues and that is all that I ever wanted throughout the nightmare that was the 100th through early s6.

    The thing that surprises me most is that despite all the hype and spoilers and promos, they managed to deliver a more than satisfying episode. No disappointments for me. I just loved it all. The more I watch it, the better it gets. 🙂

    3.a. Brennan quoting Booth on not living together without marriage: It’s like so many things on Bones: if HH and co. need something to have happened, TA DA! it did. It’s the kind of thing that Booth might have said in his rant in Daredevil or on St.Valentine’s Day Massacre day. I’m not going to worry about it.

    3.b. First, I believe that he did love Hannah, but not in the way he loves his Bones. Also, we only saw selected moments with Hannah, so it seemed like all it was about was sex, but I’d argue that we have insufficient information to draw that conclusion.
    Booth has always been affectionate with Brennan to the extent that he dared. Thank about the look on his face when he’s giving her that first guy hug. That man is over the moon. Or when she ends up dancing close with him at the prom in Death of the Queen Bee. At first he’s uncomfortable, but then it’s clear he’s happy to be holding her in his arms.
    Now he doesn’t have to hold back, doesn’t have to wait until she’s upset or afraid — and he can do stuff besides just hugging her. The guy must think he died and went to heaven. ;-D

    3.c. Booth to Hannah is nothing like Booth to Bones. Also the situations at the moving in are totally different. With Hannah it was spur of the moment. With Bones, there has already been discussion of how they will entwine their lives. The moving in together discussion is really just a continuation of that discussion. As such and given that it was Brennan who was taking the critical step, I wouldn’t expect it to be terribly romantic. I think that Booth’s comment was just kidding. He knows his Bones, and he knows that romance is not her long suit.

    3.d. As discussed above, I don’t put much meaning into whatever Booth may have said about not moving in together without marriage. It’s a way of getting marriage into the conversation which is necessary because it’s going to be one of the issues that these two face. Sometimes, it’s easier to just be cynical about what TPTB do. Like so many things that seem odd or seem to come out of nowhere, they’re there because HH needs them there to serve the long run storyline.

  21. Thanks for the kind words about my little contribution to the Bones community.

    On observation #1, this isn’t like the books by Richard Castle that are a parallel marketing campaign tied to the show. Kathy Reichs writes fiction about a character named Temperance Brennan. You’ll note, there is no Seeley Booth in her stories.

    Hart Hanson, on the other hand, also has a character named Temperance Brennan who is modeled more directly from the real Kathy Reichs and hence the difference in the two characters. Emily Deschanel, says she likes to think of her Temperance as the pre-cursor to the one in the books.

    So, Kathy made up a character who happens to share her career of forensic anthropology. FOX developed a show based on the real Kathy Reichs, not her book character. On the show, Temperance is also an author, just like Kathy. It kind of makes your head spin. In a fun sort of way.

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