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Rock the Vote 2011: Greatest Episode Ending- FINAL VOTE


Hello, hello! It’s hard to believe that it’s election day here at Bones Theory. THANK YOU to each person who has come out to vote for your all time favorite BONES episode ending!

Throughout the entire competition, a few episodes have consistently had the highest scores, but the two that are on your ballot today, honestly, fared at an average level until about two rounds ago. At that point, it was any ep’s game, and while the voting was fairly close to bring it from five to two, these two episodes ended up on top.

To keep this post concise, I’ve created links to Scene Studies for each scene:

If you want a closer look at the Mayhem on a Cross episode ending–click here.

If you want a closer look at the Night at the Bones Museum ending– click here.

Once you’ve read them (if you want), then come back here to vote! The poll will be open until midnight on Wednesday morning.



22 thoughts on “Rock the Vote 2011: Greatest Episode Ending- FINAL VOTE

  1. I’m kind of surprised that these are the top two. I love them both, but I thought Santa in the Slush would for sure make the cut. So many of the endings were great, so I definitely had a hard time picking my favorites.

  2. Yes! My favorite (A Night at the Bones Museum) made it to the top 2! 😀

  3. Ok, awesome, awesome scene studies. Did not help me choose between the two one bit. It is kind of like comparing apples to oranges, because the tones are so different. Each one displays a part of the B&B relationship that makes them so special. I can’t decide right now, if ever.

  4. Well my favourite didn’t make it but I rocked my vote anyway!

  5. Yay! These are my top two!
    The hard part now is choosing just one, I honestly don’t know which is my fave anymore.

  6. May the best episode ending win! 😀

  7. wow – I’m surprised! my absolute faves aren’t there anymore, which is kinda sad, so I need to go off and ponder these…

  8. I’m kind of disappointed that Santa in the Slush didn’t make it to the final vote; but, these are still some of my favorite episodes.

  9. okay, i just read the two Scene studies (by the way, scene studies and top five tuesdays just make my day), and weighed which of the two episodes is better based on romance, depth and connection…. but i guess i can’t actually judge which is better… the Night at the Bones Museum is surely more romantic based on their lines, it is longer than the other one, the setting is just spectacular, and they were dressed very nicely (an added point in making both of them just more gorgeous).
    But i think, in terms of depth, (and aside from the fact that i replayed the scene on my dvd so many times after the first time i watched it), Mayhem on a Cross shows a stronger connection between them, it is very emotional, character driven…. it just shows how the two of them (especially brennan), has grown up and is willing to show the other the murkiness that is their past…

    have you seen booth’s reaction when brennan placed the handkerchief on his pocket and the way he touched the spot that brennan’s hand just touched? – PRICELESS!!!!!

    it only shows that a scene (or an episode ending) need not be long (it was really short for my taste), or full of poetic lines (brennan actually used “teeny tiny words” here), or be set in a scenic place (it was in an FBI office), or the characters be dressed exquisitely (they were on their regular work outfit), or be alone to be considered romantic (hello? sweets is just there right in front of them) – to be very effectual and impactive…. Must. Love. Bones.

  10. Sad that Santa in the Slush and Boneless Bride aren’t up there, but I’ve placed my vote 🙂

  11. Both of these scenes left me a little breathless, but honestly, it does not matter how many times I watch Mayhem, starting from when we see Sweets’ back, S*** gets REAL people! The fact that Brennan just completely shares such a personal story (TO HELP SWEETS!) is a big freaking deal to me. And Booth is just watching her, wanting to just grab her close, but Sweets is right there, so he gives the hanky instead. And then she prompts him, he resists, and she just looks at him. Pleading with him to open up too. And he does! For her. And then the almost handkerchief moment. To me it is more powerful than Santa (which I loved too!) because it just, I don’t know. Its hard to describe how I feel about it. Its just powerful. And the way Booth looks up at her after that…I’m freaking out just thinking about it! And little Baby Duck just watches them, and I think is truly moved by their appearance to help him, and by the connection he sees between them. And he lets them drag him off to dinner. It’s when I became a fan of Sweets. Boom right there. I forgive his little Sweets ways because now we sort of know where Sweets comes from. Its more than a B&B moment here, it truly brings Sweets in as one of them, in the Land of Misfit Toys (thanks, Booth!) where they can all find a home. 🙂 And we get a Stephen Fry air guitar solo, which tops this ep as the best ending right there.

  12. I’m so bummed Santa in the Slush didn’t make it. This is my disapproving face, a la Hodgins.

    Of these two, I’ll have to go with Mayhem on a Cross. Night at the Bones Museum is tainted for me because of that ‘what’s ours is ours’ line.

    Long Live Santa in the Slush!!

    • Night at the Bones Museum is tainted for me because of JennyJenWho’s hilarious squeecap on her LJ where she wrote ‘c***blocker’ all over the screen shot of all of the squints who interrupt B&B. And now I think of too many cocks in the hen house every time I watch that ending now. It won’t leave my brain. 😛

      So I join you with my disapproving face too. Viva Santa in the Slush! *fistbump*

      • Yay! We’ll be in the corner, staring disapprovingly, happy in the knowledge that we’re right and they’re all wrong. *fistbump*

  13. I literally gasped in shock when I saw that these were the two finalists. The one I was sure would make it…even from the very first vote…didn’t make it?! Well, I suppose my choice is easier now.

    Wow. I’m still surprised. I think I’ll end up shaking my head all day over how this whole process fell out. Interesting. 🙂

  14. No Santa? Methinks I smell a rat! I love Night at the Bones Museum because well, I love Egyptology and the ending scene is to die for, which I guess is the point of this exercise. That said, I can’t overlook the fact that despite Booth literally begging her not to date Hacker, his boss (I would italicize if I could) she not only does (and dresses nice for him, and laughs at his lame jokes!) but keeps on doing it even after the 100th. Yes, she brought Booth to the event and flirts with him mercilessly, but the cold hard fact remains that it was all windowdressing, kind of “I can have my cake and eat it too.” Too much of a surrogate moment for me. So I’ll have to go with Mayhem because this is (to use Sarah’s words) one of those incredibly naked moments for them where nothing matters but what the other person is feeling and going through-Sweets who?. The sacrifice there on both their parts is breathtaking and very meaningful, so much so that we’re still debating its significance years after it aired. We KNOW what it took for them to open up and share those memories. Still, SANTA RULES! (I would die happy knowing that when I cross over someone is going to be looking at me the way Booth looks at Brennan in that Christmas tree scene-and for that matter, the way he looked at her during the “virility” comment.)

  15. And this is exactly why I absolutely hated season 6. They came so close and promised so much and then it got trashed. But now, finally, we are back on the right — not the easy — path. Mayhem goes straight to the heart of the B&B relationship. Two adults who share the common bond of childhood misery recognize that in each other and promise by their actions to be the family the other has always wanted. B&B are now their own special tribe. Another reason I loved the ending in Mayhem is that both Booth and Brennan are crying, both actors fully committed to the soul-baring revelations of abuse. Booth seems almost more wounded by what he hears of Brennan’s abuse than he is by the memory of his own. A truly great scene — not that the other one isn’t as well but this one hits closer to the bone of their emotional bond.

  16. Fire in the Ice is …*breath hitches* is goooone … NOOOOOOOOO! Okay, Now that I got that out of my system. I had to go with Bones Museum. I read both scenes study and the credit goes to you that I nearly wavered in my decision. But in the end, the longing, the hope, the fear, the everything in that final scene, I just …. I had to go with NatBM. Awesome rock the vote!

  17. What in the world? I don’t think I voted for either of these episodes even in the early rounds. I am shocked. More people picked Mayhem over Santa in the Slush? Really? *sigh* I don’t want to be *that* person, but I just can’t pick either one of these two episodes as the greatest ending to an episode of Bones ever. Gracefully bowing out of this now. Sorry. 😛

  18. I’m surprised that Santa in the Slush didn’t make it, but I have to say that I’m really happy for Mayhem on a Cross. I watched it today and oh man, it has one of the best endings on Bones’ history. It’s so simple, but at the same time carries such a deep message and shows so much about the characters. I love it.

  19. WHAT! I came back and it’s gone and now I can’t vote 😦 😦 😦

    But I did make my decision, so for the record, i’m going with Mayhem. I like me a bit of angst, sure, but B&B are in the same place in the scene, whereas in NitBM, we know that Booth is somewhere else, and whilst Brennan appears to be there with him…well we all know what happens 11 eps later…

    In Mayhem, the pain, the connection, the fact that they each make the world a better place for the other, in spite of their hellish childhoods can’t be questioned. Their bond has transcended all that. So Mayhem gets my (late) vote.

    And with that kids, adios: I won’t be back for a little while (other than to check on the winner!). I’m yet to watch Season 7, as I plan to share it with hubby who after 3 years of denial has FINALLY agreed that downloading is the way to go. It’s just that he hasn’t seen S6 yet (DVD arrives tomorrow). We’ll watch that together in super marathon fashion – if I have anything to do with it!

    So enjoy, I hope the season is as fabulous as I imagine it to be, and I’ll be back soon 🙂

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