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Top Five Tuesday: New Season, New Memories


Hello, and Happy Tuesday!

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For today’s Top Five Tuesday, I wanted to jot down five of my favorite things so far in season seven. They aren’t all B&B related, but they are moments I liked very much. I’ll show you mine, and then you can show me yours in the comments!

1. Sex, Socks…pretty much the same word

If we can’t see B&B having sex in bed, at least we get to see Booth in socks in bed, right? Not that I am demanding to see them having sex, and I understand that all of that–the point is that I looove that Booth wears socks in bed like this. I also love that Brennan is the only woman we’ll see in this bed ever again.

2. The Shrinky Stuff

When it comes to Sweets being up in Booth’s business, I think that for the first time ever, Booth doesn’t feel threatened. It’s like he doesn’t have anything to hide. Of course, that means he’s going to not tell Sweets stuff, but it’s not out of that clenching need Booth had in the past to keep his partnership with Brennan safe at all levels, right (think when they first met Sweets in season three).

I love this idea of Sweets trying to sniff around and get the goods on B&B’s relationship, especially because I don’t think any of them think it has anything to do with the FBI at all. No, he just wants to know what his favorite people are up to. I can see B&B still torturing him, in the best way, so I’m all for that.

3. Killjoy Bray

I loved this scene between Brennan, Angela and Wendell, mainly because I thought it was hilarious that Wendell kept trying to get Brennan’s attention back on the case. It was funny to me because it showed that he was trying to impress Brennan, but as a side benefit, he also got to annoy Angela a little. I don’t know…I think sometimes the Wendell/Angela stuff can kind of get buried in BONES history (and honestly, I’m fine with that *tosses a handful truckload of dirt onto it*), but it did happen, so it was really fun for me to see Wendell sort of hold his own with Angela. He’s my favorite squintern at the moment, so I hope he’s around a lot more.

4. I can tell, just by looking at them, that this family smells fantastic.

I know it’s been said before, but…

Cutest baby ever.

I mentioned at the end of season six that I felt some anxiety that all of the ‘good’ relationship stuff had been ‘wasted’ on Hodgins and Angela, and that B&B would sort of happen as an afterthought. I’m still kind of holding out on a verdict on that one, and not to create a huge long laundry list of DEMANDS for the writers or anything, but…I want some B&B& baby time, and I want it to be adorable, just like this. And it can be in the B&B way, which is not the same way as all others. I’m just saying I don’t want it to be 10 minutes in an entire season, haha. But enough of that. Cutie baby. And I love Angela having video on the big screen at the lab, too. ๐Ÿ˜€

5. Yessssssss

Booth using the siren for Brennan is Hottttttt! LOL, I don’t know why, and it was kind of a funny moment, but I just loved it.

Okay, enough from me. Time for you to weigh in with some new moments or ‘memories’ from this new season.

Peace, Love & Bones,



30 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday: New Season, New Memories

  1. opening scene in the kitchen: booth tells brennan that she will ask him.

    i love this because as soon as it came out of his mouth, i was like, ‘omg, that is the ONLY way it could happen’

    plus, boxer booth, virility, “that’s my toast!”

    • yup.. agreed…. brennan finally admitting that her life’s happiness is really dependent on another person – which could only be booth… and admitting that the only way she could totally have him is to be married to him… and be the one to ask….that would be a giant cherry on the top of this huge chocolate mountain that is bones (sorry, i’m hungry at the moment…)

  2. I’m with LucyC. I really liked that Booth hasn’t ruled out marriage; but, he had decided that he isn’t going to be the one to ask. Just loved that.

    I also loved them kissing after Booth “rescued” Brennan when she fell. He was really getting interested and the look on his face when she broke it off was just hilarious.

    Gosh if the rest of the season is like episode one, were all going to be spoiled rotten when the season ends.

  3. I agree with everything above.

    I too love the end scene, especially that final shot. He’s leaning toward her a bit. The last of the conversation is wonderful. It shows how well they know each other, how comfortable they are becoming and yet how different they are. And, it’s funny. The whole scene is just so cozy and they are so much themselves (Booth watching sports, Brennan researching houses online).

    Not sure if it’s hotness, but the scene with siren blaring and lights flashing is wonderful and hilarious. How he goes from apologetic and conversational, to panic stricken is great too.

    The “I love you’s” — especially when Brennan says it. It took my breath away. She stammered a bit, but she knew she should say it and she did. Booth was so matter-of-fact about it. BTW, while I get the Star Wars call out, it isn’t really parallel. The situations are quite different. Han hadn’t just told Leia that he loves her. And, Booth’s “I know” is more about reassuring Bones that she’s doing and saying the right things, rather than the slightly cocky acknowledgment of her feelings by Han.

    “Tell him not to look at me that way.” I love the way Cam is being bossy, but is so discomfited by the way the baby is smiling at her. And, I looooooooove that baby.

    Every different way that Booth looks at Bones. Kudos to DB for saying so much with just a look. Mostly there is so much love there even when he is angry.

    You know, I just love this whole episode. It did something impossible: it delivered beyond the hype. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I can’t believe I didn’t think of this before, but I think it bookends (I hope I used that word right) the moment when Booth told GGW that he would “know” if Brennan loved him back. It’s so great he doesn’t have to wonder anymore.

    • The greatest thing to me about this episode is that they both now know and aren’t afraid to say so to each other. I like that Brennan is talking with Angela and that Booth is talking with Brennan and shutting Sweets down completely. I like that B&B are having one on one conversations without a third wheel always involved. That finally they are communicating with each other. And I love the way Booth is light and playful with Brennan and Brennan is still studying Booth and trying to understand how he thinks even after all this time. But all of their interaction is done with a framework of offered and acknowledged love.

  4. The look on Booth’s face as Brennan talks about seeing his virility says “Oh Bones, you are just so darn cute!”

    I will also add that there was an episode that Brennan wanted Booth to put on a siren and he says something like it’s for real emergencies. I love that this is a real emergency!

    The fact that Brennan only thought of Booth when she was stuck and Booth trying to have a moment with Brennan afterwards were great!

    New Memories. New Life. The end was my favorite part that also annoyed me a little but I’ll ignore that part for now.

  5. Those top favs were some of my own as well. Ok, the whole episode was my favorite!

    ~I adored Angela’s home video. Is it too much to ask that Michaela and TJ get married and have a precious baby for realz? It was so cute! Also, Brennan feeling emotional towards Angela and then saying its probably hormones was great. I love their friendship ๐Ÿ™‚

    ~Can I just say I am so happy to see Booth so deliriously happy?!?!??! Look up at that shot of him with Sweets. He is smiling and laughing as they walk and talk together, have you ever seen Booth so at ease and friendly with Sweets (or anyone really) before? In the breakfast scene, at the end, his “I know”…this is a truly confident, happy, at peace kind of Booth that I am really loving. There are still angsty moments obviously, but overall, Booth is in a great place and I am really happy for him!

    ~Also, shout out to Booth and Brennan having a shared childhood dream of a tree house! Of course Brennan envisioned hers to be a lab, while I’m sure Booth’s would’ve had a “No Girls Allowed” sign on it…but, I love that they had that in common.

    ~Brennan telling Booth that she called him to get her unstuck rather than security because she only thought of him is a really great moment. Not that she means it romantically, but that she is just stating that fact that he was first in her mind. Love it. This is where Brennan being so literal is a good thing, because you know she’s telling you the truth ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am just still in squee-heaven about this ep. It was still Bones, but awesomer. haha

  6. I just have to say – I hope his socks don’t stay on ALL the time.

    The ILYs were my favorite moment. I think. Right now, anyway. My favorite moment changes every time I watch it, though. It was so obviously not the first time they’d said that to each other. And it was just out there. In the open. In public. And while it was easy for Booth, it was so obviously not (sorry to repeat a phrase) easy for Brennan and even just a bit uncomfortable for her. But she said it anyway. Because she feels it and because she wanted to make sure he knew.

    I think the one impression I got from this episode is how much they matter to each other and how hard they’re willing to work to get it right. In the diner, Booth was angry and a little insulted/hurt, but he stretched his arm back along the seat and stayed there and was ready to keep talking. He didn’t leave until Sweets got there and he and Brennan couldn’t talk privately anymore. And SHE went looking for HIM to continue the conversation! That’s just . . . wow. That’s major for Brennan.

    Oh, and someone get Brennan and laptop tray, please. That pillow will fry her fan.

  7. There were a lot of good moments for the Bs in the episode– the very fact that they are pretty comfortable in this relationship and realize what’s at stake is nice to see. I liked that Booth kept shutting down Sweets– it’s as if he has a vision for how this is supposed to go with Brennan and he doesn’t need the boy wonder to poke his nose into his business. But more than that, he is confident that he will be able to work out the problems with Brennan.

    I liked that Angela was there for Brennan and that eventually it was Brennan who was initiating the contact with Booth and then figuring it out on her own that she needed Booth. (I’m not sure that Brennan doesn’t understand what the kicks meant; she did want a baby earlier. That played a bit falsely for me, but the home movie was great.) The fact that Angela honed in on the foster care issue helped cement the idea that Angela really understands how difficult some of this will be for her. It was a nice friendship moment– yeah, Brennan didn’t react in a way Angela wanted, but we know that it takes Brennan time to figure things out.

    It’s hard not to want to see Cam and Michael (or Michael and anyone) interact more. Yes, it’s probably not a good thing (and OHSA would have issues) having a baby in a lab, especially that lab with Mad Scientist Hodgins there, but I’d love to see how that baby plays on the other’s heartstrings. He is adorable.

  8. One of my favorite moments (involving Sweets, surprisingly), is when Sweets wants to take credit for helping Booth and Brennan decision to live together. His comment, “It takes a village,” cracks me up.

    The interrupted kiss was another favorite moment. How many times is something like that going to happen? It reminded me of a story by va32h where Brennan interrupted their make-out session to catch their kid’s hamster. And it reminded me of their almost kiss in the museum scene, where Booth needed a few more seconds to regain his equilibrium.

  9. There were soooo many awesome moments in this ep and I was excited for every one. But there was one where I found it difficult to not just 1) jump up, 2)pump the air, and 3) yell, “Yessssss!!! Way to go, Booth!” Ok…maybe I actually did that last part. Maybe the second part too. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But when he fired back at Brennan all the research he’d done on tribal customs…I was really happy to see him stand his own and do the very thing that Brennan has done in the past to counter his arguments. It just felt like they were on equal footing for the first time to me. And I love that!

  10. I adored the episode and there were many moments I loved, but the one I think was the cutest (not necessarily to be confused with favorite) was AFTER the interrupted moment. I did love Booth’s “That was our mo…that was our moment?” BUT IMO the cutest is his face after she makes her “awash in hormones comment.” The look on his face right before the scene ends is like “I can’t believe this is my life but I’d better get used to it and thank goodness for that because it’s AWESOME!”

    Or not. I may be reading in to it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • It’s lovely to see that he’s more amused by her than annoyed by her. I’m rewatching season 6 and while he’s always been a bit snarky, their relationship was so off that he just seemed snarkier with her. Whether he’s on equal footing with her or feeling confident in their relationship, it’s all good.

    • Yes! I do like his face after she said that. I’ve really been loving Brennan’s phrasings of things: manifestation of virility, emotional inconsistencies, awash in hormones, and so on. And I love that Booth knows that Bones is different and really isn’t expecting her to change. And even if it frustrates him a little bit, he actually loves her more for it.

      And in the end scene, the stuff she said about not being easy and men hunting is so ironic compared to when they first met and almost had sex, because at the time she was more of the huntress while he was the willing participant. But besides that, Brennan was, and still is, definitely not easy.

  11. What wasn’t there to love? I believe all my bases were covered by y’all, but I’ll add Booth’s look during the microsecond between her “I only thought of you” and his “yeah, right.” With the virility comment, the hormones comment and her ILY, he was bemused and adoringly happy, but with that “I only thought of you” he was dazzled by her beyond words yet again, just like when she kissed him on the cheek and the only reaction he could muster was a foot stomp. You can just feel his heart squeeze just a little in that scene. Pure awesomeness. And Booth being so confident and take charge around Sweets, definitely smoldering.

  12. Is anyone else squeeing their fool heads off at the idea of B&B’s actually having the baby? I was like an emotional mess and the Hodgela birth…what in the world are we in for with B&B? Drama? Intrigue? Danger? Booth’s reactions? What will Brennan be like?

    haha It just kind of hit me. It will be epic. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • oops, *at* the Hodgela birth

    • I keep flashing on Hodgins’ hilarious freakout, “Baby! OK! Baby!” frantically looking for his keys. I’m sure Booth won’t react like that, but it certainly should be quite something, however it happens.

      • Well he did throw on the siren and race across town to help her get ‘unstuck’ and frantically ran in the room to help her…so I could see our Booth get a little bit freaked out like that ๐Ÿ™‚ It would be fun to see him in Hodgins-mode.

      • Naughty of me I know but I like to compare Booth’s utter panic at Brennan’s call, racing with all sirens blaring to help her when she fell down to his ‘oh, H’s been shot’ and casual attitude to her major surgery by continuing on the job with Brennan. Actions speak louder than words, kids.

      • Good point, EL. Booth in rescue mode for Brennan is awesome.

        That he didn’t panic for H seems to point to remote feelings for her. Just points to the fact that he may have been in trapped mode when H came to D.C.

      • haha, for a few seconds there, i was trying to think “WHO THE HELL IS H?”
        last season, i cannot wholeheartedly enjoy the first episodes because all i think about is brennan is really hurting due to booth and H being in a relationship….and i was really annoyed!!!
        but now, i can watch reruns of the first half of season six and truly enjoy them because all turned out well eventually…

  13. I also totally liked the scene where they were discussing the omelet shot. Angela was really, really funny at that one. She really wanted to see the shot. Brennan was just so casual about it. And Wendell just totally annoying Angela. Now this kind of scene (apart from Booth and Brennan) makes Bones a very engaging show. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Okay, I know I’ll never be able to satisfy all of my feelings about this episode in one try so I will just have to accept what I can accomplish in one go!

    My overall reaction: elation. Duh.

    The marriage thing. Dr. Temperance “I don’t believe in marriage” Brennan seemed a little put off learning that Booth was not going to ask her to marry him. Then, when he cane back with, “you are going to be the one to ask me,” all I could think of was CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. It will definitely take a while, but she might just get there.

    That baby. There are no words.

    The siren! YES. I also recalled the episode when he said the siren was only for real emergencies. “Save your woman!” Booth might be my favorite…

    Shutting Sweets down is great. I actually really like Sweets BECAUSE he is super annoying. If everything were to go smoothly on BONES it just wouldn’t feel right! He is so desperate to get a look into their new world, not gonna happen!

    There is so much more, but I need to stop myself. Again, elation. This season has potential to be seriously incredible.

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