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Rock the Vote 2011: Results




Good morning!

The results are in, and *drumroll please*


Congratulations to Mayhem on a Cross for being voted as the “Greatest Episode Ending”. Of course, it’s impossible to really declare one single episode ending as “the greatest”, but I hope you’ve enjoyed narrowing it down a little bit!

Life is nuts today, but I’ll be back tomorrow with a Scene Study for the S7 Premiere…Here’s a little something to entice you back…



15 thoughts on “Rock the Vote 2011: Results

  1. Well, if Santa in the Slush couldn’t win then I’m satisfied with Mayhem On a Cross.

    Loved the above picture. You’re very good at capturing photos that make our hearts flutter.

  2. Yep, the two I voted for lost, but really — the final choices were all terrific, and I couldn’t be disappointed by any result! Besides, Mayhem is one of my favorite episodes overall.

  3. Yeah my favorite ep ending wonnnnnnn! *happy dance*

    Its just rare that a TV/movie sucks me in to the point that I am feeling what the characters are feeling. The first time I watched it, the pain on both the characters faces are just…wow. And its also when I fully accepted Sweets for the first time. I forgive any mistakes he makes because he’s just trying so hard to be a good Baby Duck 🙂 . Its just another example of how well DB and ED can express so much with just their faces. I wish I could go watch it right now!

  4. I’m just going to pretend Santa in the Slush won. 🙂


  5. I’m satisfied that my favorite was the runner-up, and it was a close race. Thanks for the fun!

  6. Woah! (horse) – that pic at the top — definitely undermining my attempt to NOT watch S7 Ep.1 every single night…

    Thanks for the Rock-the-Vote fun. And speaking of voting, “Bones”, DB, and ED are all up for People’s Choice awards:

  7. Woo Hoo! My favourite won! 😀 I absolutely adore Mayhem on a Cross. That ending just gutted me and left me mesmerized. It’s my all-time favourite episode.

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