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Scene Study: Memories in the Shallow Grave- You Look Great


Hello, and Happy Thursday to you around the world! At least, I hope it’s still Thursday everywhere!

If I’ve been kind of mum on this scene, it’s only because I’ve been saving up for today. Kudos to the show-writers who, after having given us Bang! Mama Bones! also gave us Bang! B&B TOGETHER! A kiss before the opening credits? That’s pretty serious. (Speaking of opening credits, thoughts on those?)

I loooooooooooooooooooooooove this competition between B&B regarding marraige and proposing. I don’t care who asks, or if the other one even says yes. I just need this to not suck. But at this point, there is nothing we can do but wait. And pore over every single detail. Yes, that too.

Let’s get to it…

If you thought Booth was going to get rid of the pin-up magnets on his fridge because Brennan was staying at his place half of the time, well…

B&B are getting ready in the morning, just any random morning, it appears.

“Do you want me to help you with that?” Booth asks, as they both try to squeeze past one another.

“No, I can make toast,” Brennan states. “It’s just that your kitchen is very small.”

“My kitchen’s the same size that it’s always been,” Booth declares. Though, side note–after doing the scene study for Mayhem on a Cross and watching the pre-end scene with B&B and Dr. Wyatt in Booth’s kitchen, I’m thinking that THIS kitchen in this scene is actually BIGGER than it’s ever been. Good times 😀

“The implication that I’ve grown bigger,” Brennan observes.

LOL. Booth. LOL. Booth’s face.

“I’m aware of that,” Brennan states, and I love how before she says it, Booth is sort of like “Crap, did I just say that?” It’s not until Brennan tells the facts that THEN does Booth get sort of Boothy and try to make her feel better about it.

“No…no, it’s not that you’ve grown bigger,” he tries. And then he bends over to show us that he likes making eggs with no pants on. Brennan later reveals to us that he has (at least once) made an omelet while naked–but hey, we’ll take boxer shorts and socks. For now. 😀

And the holster. That must be included.

“It’s that you’ve…grown out,” Booth sputters. “You’ve gotten larger, you know? Like, you just expanded.”

“You look great,” He finally decides to settle on a compliment.

“By the way,” he adds breathily as he stares at her body.

“What you see is the manifestation of your penis own penis virility, which fills you with a sense of pride and power. ” Brennan advises.

I love the way he looks at her, the way each millisecond makes him smile even more. It’s like “Is she serious right now? She’s serious. She’s serious? She’s seriously squinting me up–right now. Seriously? Seriously.”

“It’s natural to confuse that with attraction,” Brennan says.

“You look great,” Booth insists and pulls her close for a kiss.

Um, good morning.

Brennan sort of pushes him away (but not in a bad way) and walks around the kitchen island that did not previously exist.

“Your magazine is in my oatmeal,” he tells her.

“You know, we don’t have to go through this,” she tells him. “My place is much roomier.”

“Well, we both agreed to split time,” Booth insists.  

“Yes,” Brennan agrees, but we can hear from her tone that she’s less than thrilled. “And we are.”

“Neither of us really likes it,” Booth suggests.

“I’m fine,” Brennan insists, which of course means she is not fine with it, but she’s not complaining.

“oh, come on, Bones,” Booth says. “It’s been five months” (well done writers! Like a lot of you have said, it’s not like we knew when it was five months ago, but still…at least we know that it’s been five months. Since VNM or since Brennan told him–that is unclear 😀  But still…). “And we spend almost all of our time together,” he continues. “What we need is…one bed, one place–our place.” Booth, I’ll have a place with you. Just keep that holster on, mmkay?

“I thought you said you’d never move in with someone again unless you were married.”

“Are you asking me to marry you?” Booth flips around to her, so quickly, it’s almost like he had it planned (though I don’t think he did)


“What? Me ? No. No,” Brennan insists. “You’re the one who believes in marraige– I’m not going to bring it up.”

“Ah, you just did,” Booth brags.

“Are you saying that you aren’t going to ask me to marry you?” Brennan asks, a little offended if I may say so. I don’t know that if asked she would say yes, but I do agree with those who feel she is expecting and perhaps anticipates BEING asked. Which is fun, for me. She sees herself as his standard (not in a cocky way, just a factual way, as he has told her this), so she figures she will have Booth’s standard approach. But I agree with a lot of you who say that Booth, because she is the standard, is happy with her, and their life as is (sans magazines in oatmeal, but you get the point). Fun, fun times!

You are going to ask me to marry you,” Even with italics it is not possible to convey how cute that sentence is.

Brennan outright laughs and I LOVE IT! “That’s ridiculous,” she tells him.

“It’s not ridiculous,” he tells her. “It’s gonna happen. I don’t know when,” he says.

Booth, I’m gonna guess sweeps week. But that’s just me.

I think this is my favorite picture , right there, of Brennan. As Booth continues to declare, “But when it does, the three of us should have nice place, where there’s a–”

He gets interrupted by his phone, but I still love the moment. I like the sweet and indulgent look on Brennan’s face. She really might think the idea of proposing to Booth is ridiculous, but she still likes him very much.

Pal Smurfs mentioned to me awhile ago that SN & HH (I think!) had commented at how shocked they were that ED and DB did so well at portraying B&B so happy and together at home–that it was very natural, to their surprise. I thought that was nice, but I also want to point out that these are the same people who have said “B&B ARE together–they just aren’t haven’t sex” . Why the shock then, is my question, on their part?  Seems to me that it WOULD almost be easier to have B&B scenes than not. Let me be clear that I’m referring to character closeness and not real-life-actor details.

My point is that I love the ease between B&B here–it’s sweet and flirty and indulgent, and it makes sense and is likely not going to go away even if they DO have a kitchen big enough for the two of them (or three, or four, etc…)

Booth tells her they have a murder and then takes a bite of the toast (Brennan’s toast, she might remind all of us).

And, I’d just like to remind all of us that he’s not wearing any pants. 😀

Okay…what do you love about this scene? What do you not love about this scene? We talked marraige/proposal/motivations on Tuesday, but feel free to weigh in more here if you’d like. Are you surprised at how (relatively) easy going it is between B&B? Other thoughts? Let’s discuss, and I’ll see you tomorrow!

Peace, Love & Bones,



53 thoughts on “Scene Study: Memories in the Shallow Grave- You Look Great

  1. My scene, with lots and lots of pictures-aaaahhhh! Brain freeze (the good kind, like the one you get after you’ve had the best coke slurpee ever, bubbly and intense, on a hot summer day)-THANK YOU, Sarah! Will return later when more coherent.

  2. I just loved this episode. It was great from the first scene to the last. I really love that they are so comfortable with each other.

    The first time I heard Booth tell Brennan that it would be her that would ask him to marry her, I said yes. Way to go Booth. He’s been rejected too many times to take that bus again. If there is going to be a marriage then it will have to be Brennan doing the asking and I really believe that she knows that.

    I also loved the kiss in the morning. Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I think I loved everything about this scene. I’m not really in the mood to try to come up with things I didn’t like. I did notice how his kitchen had actually changed. I took the five months to mean when they decided to split their time between their two places – not their relationship or the night of VNM. I think there was one month between tHitH and tCitG, and there could have been another month before they started staying at each other’s places. And I believe Brennan is supposed to be 2+5=7 months pregnant.

    • I also noticed the change in the kitchen and wondered where that island bar came from.

      I had the same thought on the 5 months too. That it has been 5 months since they’d officially decided to split their time between their two homes. It would fit more with how far along ED was in her pregnancy at the time they were filming those scene if she were 7 instead of 5 months pregnant. But then they don’t always make sense with their timelines.

      • Hm…well about the island bar…

        You see, when Booth found out they were having a baby, and they decided to split time in two places, that he did some home renovations to make things easier. And they went to the bookstore and bought Renovations for Dummies and then Booth “taught” her how to do home repairs, and they had another “moment”.

      • I think the island bar existed, or we saw it previously, in the episode where Booth made dinner for Hannah….I forget which episode that was but I just saw that scene on the TNT reruns recently.

  4. “Booth, I’m gonna guess sweeps week. But that’s just me.” Hahahahahaha
    also, no pants = awesome! always!

  5. I loved this as an opening scene! So perfect! I love that both of them seem so happy and at ease. And Booth? Dang but the man is so happy he’s about to pop! We have never seen such a happy Booth before! I also like how he put the ball in her court about marriage. He’s telling her he wants to marry her, but it’s up to her and he’s willing to wait. I think that he also has faith that she will want to marry him one day, and I just love that.There is nothing I don’t like about this scene!

  6. ohhh that scene was really great =) …. I just looove the sweet smiles on their faces ^^

    by the way, pleeease all vote for Booth here, we don’t want him to lose right?

  7. Okay, so am I the only person who wondered if we were going to see Booth at the crime scene still not wearing any pants? The relieved way he says, “we’ve got a murder!” then grabs her toast and goes, I can totally see him hurrying Brennan out the door with his phone in one hand and her toast in the other, totally forgetting the fact that he’s not wearing any pants. Or is that just my wacky sense of humor?

    Anywho, loved the marriage discussion (and I still think it’ll happen one day) and the screen caps. And the kitchen seems totally different than in Mayhem (unless we’re seeing it from a different angle?)…I thought the stove was where the refrigerator is now?

    • Haha that would have been funny. Trouser-less Booth is always great.

      We definitely saw a different kitchen view than we’ve seen before.

      The times I can remember seeing Booth’s kitchen:
      1. when pops sets fire to the stove – I can’t remember if that was the one we saw last week
      2. when Booth makes romantic dinner for Hannah – pretty sure that’s not the same one, as it appeared that he was making dinner in an open plan kitchen that faced the lounge…
      3. Mayhem – as you’ve said, it looked different to last week’s

      Anyone remember any other times we’ve seen his kitchen?

    • LOL! I love the idea of him forgetting his pants.

      Though I think that Brennan would stop him at the door and ask him if he’s forgetting something. When he gives her the “what the hell are you talking about, Bones?” look she’d give him one of those significant pointed looks she does so well, and then just glance down at his legs, back up at his face and raise an eyebrow. Then he’d kind of give her a half grin and say something like, “Right. Pants. Be right back.”

      It would totally fit with very focused “lets go!” Booth like the “Pants. Pants. Need my pants!” line from Goop on the Girl.

      (That’s a long way of saying it’s not just your wacky sense of humor. 😉 )

  8. I love this scene – I think it’s going to go down as one of the best / key scenes in Bones history.

    A few thoughts – how much does Booth eat for breakfast!? haha, gotta keep the strength up hey Booth 🙂

    Love that the holster is back. Love that that was the first kiss we saw between them as a couple. Love that Booth can rib Brennan about proposing to him. Love the way he smiles at her when she’s ‘squinting’ him. Love love love 🙂

    Do not love the slippers. They are old man slippers Booth, step away from them please 🙂

    ps: When they are kissing, Booth says something against her lips that makes Brennan chuckle. Can anyone figure out what it is? It’s been driving me crazy for a week 🙂

    • The incongruity of the slippers is what makes the slippers so-o cute.

      I mean: his whole outfit is just beyond cute. If I saw that every morning, I would so-o propose. ;-D ;-D ;-D

      • I love that DB is always willing to make fun of himself, either by being goofy, singing off-key or (trying) to make himself less hot than than he is-cue in the scene where every joint in his body is popping or the Michael Jackson dance. It makes his character way more relatable. So I’ll take the slippers! (I just had a thought-remember when he said he went to bed Han Solo, and woke up Obi Won? I wonder if a writer slipped the “I know” as a reminder that we got our Han back.)

      • I agree Angelena and Maria! It’s the ‘off’ stuff that gives him just that little bit extra uniqueness.

        Love love love the idea that we have our Han Solo back! I had totally missed that connection and now I’m grinning like a fool thinking about it!

    • Sophia,

      I watched that scene a bunch of times trying to figure it out. I think that he says something like, “mmm, that’s hot, or you’re hot” something like that. I can make out the word hot. But I love how is voice is kinda breathy, i think it’s this tiny little sexy moment that went mostly unnoticed and I loved it! 🙂

  9. I. Just. Can’t. Even.



    1. Is there anything better than Booth in his holster? I do not know what it is exactly about that, but it is amazing. I think HH and Fox are turning into fangirls, what with the fangirl promos, and TWO I love yous in the first ep, and a shoulder holster in the kitchen, Booth with no pants…marriage talk. Whew!

    2. I love Booth’s amusement of Brennan’s anthropological views of why he likes to *look* at her like that…Brennan may try to be so scientific, but even she is feeling self-concious about how she looks to her man. I think that is so cute. And Booth does too 🙂 Obviously her spouting her squinty stuff in personal life is a defense mechanism, and Booth is so on to her game, he just grins. Love.

    3. I also love Brennan’s marriage thing. She totally is the one to bring it up, even though she says she doesn’t want to talk about it. Hm….and Booth calls her out haha! And his super cocky way about him that she will ask him. I am hoping that is some foreshadowing for us. Please! Its not necessarily that Booth HAS to be married, I just like what that would mean if she wanted to be committed to him in that way. Because I think technically she could pull a Rebecca on him without being legally married (though we know she won’t) and coming from her, it would mean a lot. And we could maybe get a B&B wedding?? Like maybe a traditional Iroquois ceremony? 🙂

    4. Sarah, you’re captions are the best. LOL at Brennan’s face. Love it. Keep the scene studies comin!

  10. It was so typical for Brennan to couch her very natural female insecurities about her looks in terms of science, like it really doesn’t affect her that Booth may not think she looks that great now. I mean, I don’t know a single woman who feels sexy and attractive once they get that big-I certainly didn’t. And Booth’s answer was the best possible one, because it was genuine and sweet. The guy absolutely looks at her like he still thinks she’s the sexiest, most beautiful thing ever. He just recently got his girl, their dating is barely a few months old-he’s not going to get a bump get in the way of business; there’s lots of catching up to be done. Brennan definitely seemed happy with his response.

    And I did love how suddenly Brennan seems a little offended that he may not be asking her to marry him. Nothing makes you want something more than when you realize you may not be able to get it; it turns even the most mundane thing you took for granted into the most desirable one. Good job, Booth!

    • Good point, Maria, regarding turning marriage into a desirable outcome. Not that I think Booth would maliciously manipulate Brennan, but he *is* a master manipulator. He has to be for his job. He knows Brennan. Sometimes better than she knows herself. I think your reverse psychology hypothesis holds weight!

  11. The better question may be: what did I not like about this scene? The answer is: NOT ONE THING! Like the rest of this episode, I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooved it.

    While I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove shirtless Booth, pantless Booth ain’t bad either. ;-D

    How could a gal not propose to that?


  12. I’m one of those who doesn’t care if they get married– but the conversation was fun because he has so much confidence in their relationship and in himself that he can kid her about it. I doubt he was able to do that with Rebecca and we know how it turned out between him and Hannah.

    The comments that SN and HH made about ED and DB’s portrayal of couplehood didn’t surprise me. I don’t usually get overly agitated by their comments because they have a show to sell and frankly, controversy draws in viewers like flies to honey. Sometimes on shows the couple gets to be tooooo overly coupley and ED and DB underplayed it which fit into the whole idea of them being together for a while. It was evident that they cared about each other– the fight really did affect Brennan and I couldn’t help but think that the violinist’s words were there as much for the evidence as for Booth to hear about his/her behavior.

    They’re kind of living together, but at two locations and it fits them perfectly that they couldn’t just go immediately into a domestic situation, but find themselves still clinging to their independence. I got the impression that Brennan might expect Booth’s proposal, but the thought of doing it herself had not occurred to her.

    The proposal on a shared living arrangement fits Booth’s character so well– he wants the perfect little family (as long as it’s 50/50). And it fit Brennan who probably isn’t super comfortable in his space (“my place is roomier”) and would much prefer to be surrounded by her things. The moving back and forth might be something she can rationally accept, but her inner child is probably rebelling a bit because of her foster care background. The moving back and forth and not being “home” had to influence her desire to just have Booth move in with her.

  13. As someone who has never seen Star Wars (gasp, I know) – what is this reference to it people are talking about?

    • No worries-Han Solo was the young, adventurous cocky guy of action. He fell in love with the heroine of the movies-Princess Leia. Right before he was about to be frozen in carbonite (a form of cryogenic imprisonment) she tells him “I love you” for the first time. Instead of saying something sappy or expected, he looks at her and gives her a little confident smile and says “I know.” Obi Won was the elderly mentor to the Jedi Warriors, the good guys in the films. So when Booth says “I went to bed Han Solo and woke up Obi Won” he’s referring to the loss of his physical skills. I didn’t do justice to the original three movies, which are really great (skip the last three-painful, unless you’re 8), but you probably get the idea. Worth watching, though.

      • I’ve never seen any Star Wars (though I’m familiar enough with the general plotlines and characters)…but I have seen Spaceballs. Does that count?

        I just can’t wait for tonight. You guys, a new episode TONIGHT! After onlky a week! Can we handle back-to-back awesomeness??? I’m super excited!

      • Thanks for the catch up Maria, was nice of you to take the time!

        I noticed so many people excited about the ‘Star Wars reference’ that I wondered what it could be.

        Although, I do have to say, when Brennan said ‘I love you too, Booth’, as soon as I saw Booth’s face I said out loud ‘I know’, right before he did, so I knew it was coming even before he said it – I think that’s quite a commonly used piece of dialogue in TV and movies. (I love trying to guess what character’s are going to say next in TV shows and films – it’s normally pretty hard with Bones, because their dialogue is quite unusual – another reason I love the show)

    • Sophia-
      I’m a Star Wars nerd in a whole family of Star Wars nerds, so I may be a tiny bit biased, but the interaction between Han and Leia in The Empire Strikes Back is epic. Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher had great chemistry (plus my husband and I used to flirt by quoting lines from the movie back and forth when we were dating, so it has a special place in my heart). It’s definitely worth a watch – even if you don’t watch any of the other 5 movies.

      • Sophia, Stephanie is 100 percent right. The Han and Leia relationship is awesome, and somewhat B&B like, I think. They start bickering literally from the moment they meet and the attraction is there right along with the sniping at each other.

        To give you an idea, one of my favorite lines of Han’s, regarding Leia moments after they meet in Star Wars (I’m old school, I refuse to call the first movie anything but :p ) is: “Wonderful girl… either I’m going to kill her, or I’m beginning to like her!”

        then, from ESB there’s this gem:
        Han: “Afraid I was going to leave without giving you a good-bye kiss?”
        Leia: “I’d just as soon kiss a Wookie.”
        Han: “I can arrange that. You could use a good kiss!”

        and a little while after that:
        Leia: “Why you stuck up… half-witted… scruffy looking…. Nerf herder!”
        Han: “Who’s scruffy lookin’?”

        I could keep going quoting lines, but I think you get the point. :p The original trilogy is totally worth watching even if it’s for no other reason than to watch Han and Leia bicker. 😉

        Also, Steph, I knew there was a reason I liked you. 😉 I think it’s sweet that you and your hubby quoted lines to flirt. Totally dorky, but in a very good way. 🙂

    • Let me just add that the situations are not exactly parallel, but it is still a great call out.

      Booth had just said “I love you” to Bones, which Han Solo had not. So, Booth was reassuring Bones that she has let him know that she loves him. Han Solo, on the other hand, had not just told Leia that he loves her, so he was being quite cocky (and Boothy) and his meaning was more along the lines of “D’uh, of course I know that. You’ve been pretty clear.”

      I’ve always interpreted the Han Solo to Obi Wan remark pretty simply to mean “How did I go to bed young and wake up old?”

      The original 3 episodes are definitely worth a view. And, Spaceballs may not help you understand Bones trivia, but it is delivers a lot of yucks.

      • I agree, Angelena, about the difference between Han and Booth. I also thought the Han to Obi Wan reference was “how did I go to bed a young warrior and wake up an old warrior.”

        For those of you who don’t know, Booth is more romantic than Han ever was. Booth is also a lot more responsible.

        If anyone is considering watching Star Wars for the first time, please get the director’s cut, they are awesome.

  14. Did anyone else see the Lost in Space robot in that first image of Booth after Brennan says, “The implication being I’m getting larger”? That’s what I saw….Warning! Warning Will Robinson! 🙂

    I’m with you, Sarah, that is a lovely picture of Brennan at the end. You know how we always look at those expressions on Booth’s face and say something like, “aww, he’s thinking – she’s so cute!” Well right there, she’s thinking, “awww, he’s so cute.” And she luuuuvs him.

    • Loved Lost in Space (what haven’t i watched…) and that was definitely a Danger, Will Robinson moment. Poor Booth-but great save. He and Hodgins are the masters of the graceful landing!

  15. bb, your idea of a traditional Iroquois ceremony for B&B wedding had me totally LOL !!!

    I’m sure she was totally expecting him to ask her to marry him (one day) and she certainly would be disappointed if he didn’t. But now his idea of Her doing the proposal not only seems amusing to her but I think she is considering it or least she really thinks she might consider it – that’s how I read this last screen cap that Sarah loves so much.
    And I hope (like others) that it is foreshadowing because it would be the best way to bring a marrriage between these 2 : Booth being patient enough to wait for her to be ready and her being confident enough (in him & in herself) to make that one more step in her committment.
    And now that the writers have put it on the table they’d better do it …sometimes.


  16. OK I haven’t read any comments yet but wanted to get my thoughts down while I can. Work is beating me up lately.

    I think I could just scroll through those pictures over and over all day long and be entertained. I just love the way both of them express so much with just their facial expressions. It is awesome. (sigh)

    OK the actual scene, I loved. The way there were together…a couple! So comfortable together. I got the sense that even if not happy about the current living arrangements they are happy with each other, and will put up with that to be together.

    The whole marriage exchange just thrilled me. Everything about it. And yes Brennan did seem a bit disappointed or put out(?) when questioning that he didn’t plan on asking her to marry him. 😀

    I just loved the way he was looking at her when she went all squinty to describe why he was attracted to her in her current condition.

    Really everything about this scene just made me one super happy Bones fan. 🙂

  17. Sarah, not meaning to be ungrateful or too nitpick-y, but you left out one, or two, great screen caps: the last two.

    I love the look on Booth’s face when he announces that they have a murder and Bones’ when she points out that he’s eaten her toast. Especially the former. ;-D

  18. Absolutely love this scene study! The look on Brennan’s face when Booth is trying to backtrack is priceless and my favorite part is the look Booth gets when she starts to squint up on him. He can’t even believe how cute she is, lol!
    Love the final picture of Brennan. I hadn’t caught that in the actual episode and it pretty much says, “can’t even believe how cute you are” too!

  19. I meant final picture of Brennan when they’re discussing marriage, not after he steals her toast, lol!

  20. Okay, so does anyone else think that it’s really pretty awesome that Booth has the pin-up girl magnets on his fridge?

    First, it totally fits his personality that he’d think the pin-up girls are hot and I love that attention to detail by the set people.

    Second, I think it speaks volumes about how secure they are in the relationship. Booth doesn’t feel the need to take them down because he knows that Brennan isn’t threatened or insecure by the fact that he’s got them there. Heck, maybe she even got them for him.

  21. I forgot to ask before– do people want an after- ep post for commenting? I can set it up. I have an MAQ for tomorrow of course, but I mean immediately after the ep.

  22. I rewinded the part where Booth bends down like 10 times wondering what the hell he was doing with his eggs on the floor, before I realised that the only purpose of that shot is to show that Booth is not wearing any trousers. LOL Apparently I am either too slow or not heterosexual enough to catch stuff like that.

    I think Brennan is just not the type of woman to care about Booth having pin-ups on his fridge. She probably views it as an natural anthropological expression of his alpha-maleness. I don’t think Brennan worries much about her physicality the way we ‘normal’ women do. Her weakness is handling emotions, not her body. I’m looking forward to many blunt remarks about the changes her body goes through. Grossed out/embarrassed Booth = cute.

    • Ahem: “Rewound” Sorry, not a native speaker.

    • I agree with your thoughts on how Brennan feels about the magnets. I also think Booth was never ashamed of them before when Brennan was just visiting. Why would he change? If we suppose he might be willing to change because they are a couple now, I think he’d also consider that his actions might scare Brennan. She will be acutely aware of the changes I would think. She will pay attention because she is in a new situation and is learning. I think Booth would be one of two things: either a guy, who doesn’t think about those kinds of things and doesn’t even see it as a problem; or a guy who is aware and made a conscious decision to leave them as they are. I personally think it’s the second one!

      • I think your right about the magnets. Brennan is very observant and would notice any changes he made to his apartment as well as himself. He definitely will consider that before he does anything that might make her uncomfortable.

        Of course, he just may not see a problem with his collectables. There pretty old and he loves old stuff. Just look at his walls.

  23. I still think it’s weird that Booth wears a gun while making breakfast – what, he’s gonna shoot the stove if his eggs don’t turn out right?
    Maybe TPTB heard all the squeeing about how hot that shoulder holster is on him.

    Or, there might be a mechanical clown lurking somewhere…ya can’t be too careful…

  24. Awesome scene study, as always. There has always been subtext between them and it makes me deliriously happy that even though the status quo has changed, they still have that.

  25. great scene study! The refrigerator magnets remind me of Booth’s (gone rogue) tie in Parts in the Sum of the Whole. It’s just another example of how comfortable they are together that Booth doesn’t need to hide anything from her or change who he is. I loved the kiss. And that they are so happy. Looking at their smiles just makes me smile all over again. Looking forward to tonight’s episode.

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