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Morning After Q: Any Idea Where We Are or What The Hell?


Okay, so obviously we’re here at Bones Theory, but haha, I just could not resist the Gunn quote from Angel’s “Waiting in the Wings” (I rewatched that ep last night to make sure I had the quote right, and it’s such a great ep. “Stop calling me pastries,”. Ha!) . But what the heck?

 Last season, though while tempted a few times, I held off on having WTF? be the MAQ, always trying to at least come up with something else to discuss.  But this S7E2…I am just not feeling it. There were so many WTH moments for me, and it bums me out that in a 13 episode season, this garbage takes up one of the slots. For me, it goes back to one thing that annoyed me about S6: Time management. I haven’t, for awhile now, been willing to concede any “well, the writers were in a tough place because they had to fit this in, in this amount of time” excuses, and absolutely will not now nor ever going forward again. They are professionals; they know what they are doing; there are ways to concede to network and story demands without so much bullsh#t.

B&B are together, for possibly the last season of the show, you have 13 episodes for that, and you want Brennan to learn empathy? People who start sentences with things like “I feel like I’m rational, but…”, usually aren’t, haha. But I FEEL LIKE I AM RATIONAL enough to NOT have this long bucket list of things I DEMAND from the writers. I might have a couple of things in mind that I would like to see, but I don’t feel like they are too much to ask. “Brennan making it through an episode without that glazed, confused look on her face or the pinchy frown between her eyebrows,” for example.    

“Oh, it’s their vision”, I hear(d). “I completely trust them”, I read. But I just can’t see it–at this point. And worse…okay let me see if I can describe what I’m feeling.

Remember the end of Couple in the Cave, when Brennan is alone at the bar after Booth leaves with Hannah? I think I had argued at that time (and I still believe this), that Brennan falling in love and having a family and giving up some autonomy–that was only going to happen with Booth. Not that he had created her out of some Frankenstein-esque sitch, or whatever…it just has been clear to me that she wasn’t out in the world searching for romantic love and then she found Booth, but rather…she met Booth, they grew as partners, etc, and she loves him. He’s the one.  But at the beginning of season six, she was more alone, and she felt the loss acutely–because she’d allowed herself to feel those emotions. The situation wasn’t possible without having experienced the other situations, so to speak.

Basically this…I never cared this much about a show before, but if I do care now, it’s because the show ‘made’ me care about it. If I hold the show and Brennan to high standards, it’s ONLY because that’s what it was about! I’m such a Booth in a lot of ways, and Brennan, as a character, has taught me a lot (the ability to say “I don’t know what that means” and have it just be a simple fact–not a weakness, the ability to sometimes separate emotion from situations and just observe, etc). If I have expectations, I feel that they are only based on the years of evidence provided to me. In that way, I’ve become a Brennan–observing all of the information and trying to come to a rational conclusion. YOU TAUGHT ME THIS, SHOW!

I feel like I’m sitting at the bar alone, while the ‘thing’ that helped get me to that place and recognize the journey there is now sharing a drink with a vapid blonde.

This episode makes me cuss. A lot. I’ll spare you that, but I can say that I certainly have the ‘glazed, confused look in my eyes and frowny pinch between my eyebrows’.

What am I missing? What is it that made other critics stand up and cheer it as “Bones at its best” or “Greatest season ever”?

Let’s discuss!

Peace, Love & Bones,



135 thoughts on “Morning After Q: Any Idea Where We Are or What The Hell?

  1. Hee! I saw the title, and was like, “Gunn!!!”
    I agree that this felt like a throwaway episode. Also, sorry, no way that Brennan goes for an ultrasound without Booth. No.Frikin.Way. Not because she is all of a sudden attuned to his needs, but NO WAY BOOTH HASN’T HAD THIS CONVERSATION ABOUT DR APPOINTMENTS WITH HER. No.Frikin.Way. She is 5-6 months pregnant. There have been other appointments, they may have had this conversation once, but no way.

    OK – that part of the rant is over.

    To be fair, I was going into this episode jaded. “Competitive Eating” is disgusting, wasteful and criminal in a world where people have no food. It is gross. I can’t believe that HH actually used this as a background without someone on the cast being horrified.

    Next – (ok, wow, I hated this episode)

    Sweets and Booth in the interrogation room with the “trainer/coach” dude (which, ew) – and the guy says he thought “it’d be the pregnant lady that took [him] out” and Sweets tells him to be careful because “that’s his daughter” in there. Gross. Gross and beneath Sweets. “You’re talking to the father” “Meet the father” or any other damn thing would be fine, but the gross ownership of that line really chapped me.

    Cam/Caroline thing was stupid. The superhickishness of Finn is grating, he could be great – and I am more than willing to give it time, but I didn’t buy it.

    Things I liked: “now I am thinking about intercourse again”, Opie/Thurston, Booth’s face about the heartbeat…and (I know this is going to ruin my status on this site, but…) The teaser for next week, with Daisy doing an autopsy with a Ken doll. Sorry, but I love her.

  2. You are right, Sarah, this episode was off.

    1. I get that Brennan stlil has some growing to do. I can see how she’d be house hunting for a big house with her money and not understand why Booth would care. That makes sense. But for goodness sake, even Brennan would know Booth would want to be there. She took away his “moment”! And to announce it in public…come on guys, Brennan is better than that. She’s not an idiot. Maybe Season 1 Brennan, but not now.

    2. WTFFFFF was up with Hodgins? I mean, seriously. He was cruel, and unnecessarily so! And with no explanation as to why. Mocking his accent? Hodgins was completely OOC to me. And then after the experiment worked, they were suddenly BFF? I thought for a second, ok, maybe he was just tripping off of losing experiment buddies like Zack and Vincent, but they never had Hodgins express if that was true. That would be an interesting character arc to explore…but they became friends so fast, that doesn’t seem to be the case. I really hated Hodgins this episode.

    Things that I liked:

    1. Brennan driving “Boothy”. Driving with one hand carelessly on the steering wheel? Hilarious! And Booth’s realization that it wasn’t a safe way to drive, especially with a pregnant Brennan in the car with him was cute.

    2. Caroline. The voice of reason. I completely understand her point. A defense team would totally jump on that if they found out about Finn. You get another Heather Taffett on your hands and the evidence is inadmissable. Cam is right that that’s not fair, but honey, life ain’t fair, and you have to think about how that might affect future trials and cases.

    3. Booth’s missed chance at another moment at the end. Brennan tells him she has more to make it up to him with, and Booth misunderstands, “What did you have in mind?”, as he leans in for a make out sesh, but that was not what she meant. Sorry Booth 🙂

    4. “Daughter”. It was mighty fine to hear many characters reference the baby. “Their daughter” “His daughter” “Our daughter”. Delightful 🙂 I have to admit, I’ve known it was a girl for quite awhile, but it was definitely great to hear everyone talking about it. Baby Girl Booth! Get ready for some “Awww….” moments people!

    Hm….Ok, I just realized I wrote more positives that negatives down. I thought I hated it more haha! Well, I guess this one will merit a rewatch. Anything after the squee-fest that is last Thursday was bound to be somewhat of a letdown. Guess I’ll need to meditate on it for a bit 🙂

    • I get the Hodgins thing a little…first, you have super young and brilliant Zach, who lived in his house, and he was closest to…who ends up apprenticing Gormagon and is in crazyjail. Then…omg the T-Rex/Human thing with VNM, and bam! Hole in the Heart. So he is going to hate the new guy no matter what, and that cheesy accent was an easy mark. He did straighten himself out fairly quickly though, and the Opie/Thurston thing ended up being kind of awesome.

  3. I have to say – this is the first episode, honestly, in the history of this show that I feel THIS mixed about.

    Things that bothered me:

    * I agree with Lucy above. I don’t buy that B&B did not have a conversation about ultrasounds, or that Booth did not make it abundantly clear that he would like to be there with her while going for those kids of procedures.

    * I don’t buy that during a time when a woman is MOST emotional, that Brennan has regressed into becoming even more unfeeling and rational than she was in Season 1 of the show.

    I came away from this episode feeling so flat on the Booth/Bones ship that I was wondering WHY Booth loved her… because I was ready to throw her through a window, pregnant or not.

    I also agree that Hodgins seemed out of character. And when Caroline came in demanding to know more about Finn — I kept flashing back on the fact that for a period of time, Brennan’s father worked in the lab with children, despite the fact that he had a criminal background.

    I hate it when a show doesn’t consult it’s own consistency book…

    I really dislike that this show had a throwaway episode when the show only has 13 episodes this season. I really dislike that this show was SO MUCH WORSE than the premiere last week. And I hate that my “must see” show left me feeling so flat – and really, not looking forward to next week.

  4. I guess I’m a little more loyal to the show than most people. It’s true, there were certain parts of this episode (the fact that she found out about the baby without him, Hodgins being kind of rude) that were less than ideal. But, I can see WHY the writers did them. In my opinion, it seems like they don’t want to take Brennan and do a 180 with her. I agree that last season there were episodes to facilitate emotional growth, but people would be on here complaining if we had a completely different Brennan this season. I think they need to grow her slowly to make it seem more realistic. I don’t think she’d go from being normal “rational” Brennan to being “Boothy emotional” just because she’s pregnant, and they’re together. That being said, I think it’s time for them to be a little better about not making her seem so horrible this season.
    As for Hodgins, I kind of see why he was that rude. First, remember how he was after Zach left? Moody, disappointed, etc. This kid is a replacement for VNM, who, granted, wasn’t as close to Hodgins, but a friend nonetheless.
    I don’t see the big deal about Finn. I, personally, don’t like southern accents, but he adds some extra mystery to the show (and the southern colloquialisms were hilarious, in my opinion). To each, his/her own, I guess. I personally strongly dislike Daisy, but I’m not going to freak out about it and worry that the series is over now.
    I thought there were good quotes in this episode! “Hack off my legs and call me shorty”…hahahahahaha.
    Do we want another season? I do! Dwelling on the negatives doesn’t get you anywhere. Enjoy what you get. Hopefully they’ll write Brennan as a little more compassionate, and hopefully she can understand Booth’s feelings better. Regardless, I will forever love this show.

    • I can see understand why they want to take the slow route. It’s just annoying to see it going over paths we’ve already trod. And you’re right that an 180-degree turn would not be realistic. I wouldn’t want a suddenly emotional Brennan. But I wouldn’t mind a Brennan as emotional and empathetic as she’s ever been, and she’s been shown that way before.

      I wasn’t as put off as others with Hodgins’ treatment of Finn. I think it shocked me a bit at first, but then it wasn’t so crazy because the only intern who got the most initial acceptance after Zach was Wendell, I think. Clark first’s time, he was really trying to prove himself, but when Zach showed back up, he could see where the tide had turned. “If you guys didn’t replace me, who’s this guy?” “Nobody” (I’m paraphrasing.) Nobody except Sweets liked Daisy. Sweets has had to beg for a second chance for her. Fisher didn’t get love, but his personality had a lot to do with that. Almost forgot Arastoo, I think he gets along fine with the others, it’s just Brennan who’s given him a couple of digs.

      • I agree. Of COURSE the show is about Brennan slowing letting down her hyper-rational walls…but we already saw that occurring gradually over seasons 1-5. In episode 100 they went shooting back up again, and stayed that way for most of season 6. That made sense. Then her walls started to come down (Doctor in the Photo, Blackout in the Blizzard, Hole in the Heart), her character – no offence, Impervious Insensitive Brennan – became more bearable, and I decided to put that in a box labelled “Okay Fair Enough I Get Why You Did That”. YET these random, virtually out-of-character storylines keep popping up, where Brennan reverts to being a robot for the sake of….well, I can’t tell what it’s for the sake of! It reminds me of ‘Feet on the Beach’ where I was endlessly frustrated, both by Brennan’s inability to accept that she’d upset someone, and the fact that a professional/scientist had been offended by an academic criticism in the first place. Basically, I was annoyed by the writing.

        I know HH/SN are determined to maintain the chemistry by having B&B “bicker” like the good old days, but I wish that could be a season 1/2-esque debate between equals, rather than them constantly fighting over Brennan making yet another faux pas. That’s not “chemistry”, its just tiring.

  5. Sarah, now that I think about it, is this what you felt like you had to “protect” us from? Like some others above, I went from elation from the first to mixed feelings on the second. I love the character Brennan, but she can only be clueless every so often. I suppose it’s good that Booth can be understanding and forgiving, or else he’d always be pulling out his hair.

    I don’t want to be one of those super-critical people either, but I know what you mean about getting expectations from the show itself. Granted, Brennan frequently doesn’t understand where Booth is coming from, and I get that her main frame of mind is always going to be rational. But Brennan trying to get in Booth’s mind is not new; I think we’ve discussed at length that besides attraction, Brennan was drawn to Booth out of curiosity. Neither is empathy for Booth a novel idea for her. I really am starting to think that they need some people who watch the series from beginning to end. I used to joke about having a continuity editor, but maybe one is really needed. I’m still watching, but I’m hoping that I’ll feel better about it all.

    I still laughed, which is more than I can say for other shows I decided to stop watching. I thought the snake stuff was cool. I liked that Finn stood up to Hodgins, but didn’t care for the Opie/Thurston reference, mainly because I didn’t get it. Booth and Sweets’ initial misunderstanding of what the victim was when talking to her husband was humorous. Booth and Brennan at the fair and in the car were funny. As far her declaring he is always is in the mood for sex, it’s not like he ever really denied it, and at the end it is pretty much what his mind immediately went to when she said she had more. Hey, it’s a new relationship, and pretty soon they won’t have as many opportunities.

  6. We’ve been down this road before. Brennan makes a faux pas about babyhood/parenthood/couplehood/peoplehood and it leads to some kind of resolution at the end in which Brennan learns a valuable lesson.

    If the episodes follow the same path as this, I’ll watch, but I won’t enjoy Brennan’s arc.

    To make this episode work for me with B&B, I think I needed Brennan to say something like, “I am scared of giving up my independence to you, Booth (or baby).” I can see her struggle with that being at the core of why she does what she does, not that she is an insensitive lout because we know she is not. She is slow on the uptake in emotional issues, yes, but she handles Finn perfectly, is listening to the baby as she works and she’s spot on with Booth at the end. We’ve seen her fight for foster kids, help a deaf girl and open her heart to others. We know she’s capable.

    There are a lot of things I liked about the episode. I like Finn and I like how he’s being “welcomed” into the Jeffersonian. It was nicely done. (I didn’t think Hodgins was un-Hodgins-like.)

    Brennan “walking in Booth’s shoes” was not nearly as successful. It was funny, but Jersey Shore funny—comic relief and little else. If the story explored the idea that Brennan is acting as she is because she fears that if she gives up too much she might just lose a part of herself in the process, I might buy it more. I can see her struggling with that. How far does she let Booth into her life? Her bedroom, yes. Her innermost fears? Her secret struggles? I can see her still trying to compartmentalize parts of her life in the fear that it might all fall apart someday.

    Maybe they’re laying the groundwork for some bigger reveal later (like DitP), maybe not. The fact that Brennan immediately goes to intercourse with Booth might be how she sees their relationship and why she cannot seem to see Booth as more than just a sperm donor at this point. Exploring that would be good. (The fact that Booth seems to go for sex at the end just reinforces her idea that he’s only thinking about sex in her mind.) It makes the characters more 2-dimensional and that does them both a disservice.

  7. I thought the B&B stuff in the episode was a little off, somewhat forced and awkward, but the case was interesting.

    Maybe it’s a generational thing but I wasn’t (and still am not) that fussed over the missed ultrasound. When I had my son 24 years ago, you didn’t even get an ultrasound unless they suspected something was wrong. With my daughter two years later, you got one if you specifically asked but it was impossible for anyone but the technician to see anything. And my then-husband never went to any of my appointments, and I would have been surprised if he’d asked to go. They’re doctor appointments. Get undressed, put your feet in the stirrups, have your tummy measured and out you go.

    I was bothered that Brennan announced the gender like it was no big deal. Telling Booth he was going to have a baby girl, that was the moment they missed – for me.

    I also wasn’t all that surprised by Hodgins’ reaction. Rich northern frat boy meets poor redneck southern boy – of course there will be a little bit of “I’m better than you are” there. Plus, everyone from the south knows that when other people hear your accent, they start deducting IQ points. Southerners/rednecks/hillbillies are just about the only group you can make fun of with impunity, and not get the PC police on your tail. Major kudos for Finn standing up for himself. “We both speak science” was wonderful.

    All in all, this won’t go down as one of my favorite episodes and probably won’t be rewatched a lot. But, hey – no Hannah. And – sweet moment at the end.

    (PS – am I the only person who thought Brennan was listening to her daughter’s heartbeat as she worked? That was the first thing that occurred to me, and it just made me melt.)

    • Yep, I think she was listening to the heartbeat too. /swoon.

    • That’s what I thought too.

    • Yep #Teamheartbeat here. That private little smile of hers… Special time with her daughter that no one else could experience.

    • Yes- thank you for that confirming thought. #TeamHeartbeat!

      I had assumed Brennan was listening to the baby’s heartbeat, also. And that, of all things, was so beautiful and made me think so much else that went on regarding finding out the gender, Booth, and the weird bang-us-on-the-head with empathy thing make even less sense.

    • Heartbeat, ah! I had thought that originally, but then someone else said they thought it was just music. I adore it either way (though I still contend like in my GMMR stuff) that because it was such an amazing scene of ‘connection’ that it made the other junk…well, even junkier. MJ, I *think* it was you who had commented once here that you were waiting for ‘the moment’ Brennan fell in love with the baby in her, and while I have never had that experience, and I don’t know if this scene qualifies…I feel like it was the same idea. That soft smile Brennan gave, instinctive and private (though we were watching)–it was a connection, and it was awesome.

      And like character foils, the awesomeness of that served to reflect the ridiculousness of other things.

      • Sarah, that’s a good point. I think that is kind of what was made this episode “off” for me. Alone, the episode was ok. But when you compare it to last week’s, or Aliens in a Spaceship, or Hero in the Hold, or whatever…we’ve seen the characters do better and the writers write better, so in comparison, this episode just falls a bit flat. The amazing episodes that we still talk about years later showcase what is possible, so sometimes it is weird when we seem to go backwards.

        BUt yeah the baby.usic/heartbeat scene was lovely. Pregnancy agrees with ED, she is literally all glowing and soft and pretty! Maybe we need to do a “pregnancy” study, because I’ve been really taken by how natural and pretty she’s been looking.

      • That little smile when she put the earbuds in, that’s why I immediately thought she was listening to the heartbeat. For me, that smile was for her a moment of instant connection, even more so than the random kicks and elbows she’s felt. Even more so than the ultrasound DVD. That heartbeat, that’s the sound of your baby’s life, right there.

        Angela and Hodgins had the ultrasound machine but Brennan, as private as she is, wants to hear the proof of her daughter growing in her womb. That was a lovely moment.

        And I agree, it was so beautiful it sort of clanged oddly against the backdrop of the rest of the episode.

      • The whole point of the scene was to parallel the scene in The Doctor in the Photo when Brennan studies the body of the doctor while listening to the voice of the dead whom she sees as herself. Now she is studying a body but listening to the voice of the living, her daughter, who is an extension of her as well. A terrific scene IMO

      • El, I think you nailed it with their intentional parallel with DiTP; it was a terrific scene with great lyrics and music. I agree with others based on the gear she had strapped on, she was listening to the baby.

    • I thought it was obvious she was listening to the baby. If she wasn’t that huge thing she had strapped around her belly is a strange looking MP3 player.

      • There are studies that say that playing music for babies in utero makes them smarter. I wholeheartedly agree that she was playing music for the baby…it’s a very Brennan thing to do.

      • I meant to say that I wholeheartedly BELIEVE it was her playing music for the baby. Google either Belly Buds or Pregnancy sound system. It looked very similar to the Nuvo Ritmo brand.

      • I thought it was Brennan playing music for herself and the baby. Either way, it’s a bonding moment for the two.

  8. When Finn first arrived, I feared a storyline that included Brennan (or someone on the team anyway) being defensive or insecure about his young brilliance. I should have trusted more, I thought, because the writers didn’t go there and I should have trusted Brennan. She’s so so much better than that.

    I think the first episode showed us that she has embraced if not painlessly, her relationship with Booth–fun in the kitchen, nights in bed with socky Booth, I love yous, disagreements and makeups. THAT Brennan not only wouldn’t have gone to an ultrasound without Booth, she would have surprised him with an extra ultrasound in Angela’s office like Angela and Hodgins had with little Michael.

    I was a little taken aback by Hodgin’s meanness and Finn’s superhickishness, but ultimately liked that part of the story–yeah, the snake stuff was cool and bonding is good even if a little awkward. I liked Cam and Angela’s part in this. But…

    I’m not sure I can watch Booth getting excited and bouncing at the overeating event ever again. I’m just hanging on to all the other Booths. I’m going to pretend that one didn’t happen. Really.

  9. Bones can be sooo much more than this!

  10. Very glad you brought this up. I think the writers feel like they can get away with a whole lot less continuity, because we’re all distracted by B&B together. The defence that she has changed, or that her pregnancy is altering her behaviour, can only be accepted to a degree.
    Brennan listening to music whilst working on a body? Umm, wasn’t Hodgins banned from doing that? Yeah she listened to Lauren Eames in DitP, but that was completely different.
    Brennan ‘learning’ to empathise wasn’t even given the attention it deserved, even though I don’t think it should have been the main focus. How exactly did she change her mind about the ultra-sound during the course of the episode? How can she be completely oblivious one moment, and then extremely tactful with her new intern the next? Grr, writers.

  11. Bones started out telling a ‘Gone with the Wind’ type of story. I now just see Rainman. If I expect anything more I’ll be disappointed. Brennan isn’t the same interesting person and complex person we saw in the earlier seasons. What does Booth get out of this current romantic realtionship with Brennan? All I see is sex. Instead of Brennan’s personality/characteristics being attributed to her past, I think they are now writing her with a more pronounced emotional/mental handicap. Sarah you aren’t alone. I am not enjoying what they are doings with this show and its characters either. I am as confused and annoyed as you are.

  12. OK, I’ve had time to think about it and I’ve decided that I liked most of the show; but, there were definitely flat parts.

    Now, this part may get some people angry with me; but, here goes:

    I tried to think why Brennan wouldn’t have Booth go with her to have her sonogram and I think this is what may have happened. She didn’t think about it at all. This is her pregnancy not their pregnancy. In Change in the Game, she told Booth, I’m pregnant and you’re the father. She didn’t say I’m pregnant and we’re going to have a baby.

    Even though she is in a relationship with Booth and she loves him, I get the feeling that she is still trying to live her life in such a way that if Booth finally leaves her she won’t get caught off guard. She still doesn’t get that Booth is staying no matter what. Since he puts up with stuff from her that no one else ever would, you would think she would see that Booth was in it for the long haul. I think she is just trying to protect herself even this late in the game.

    This may be part of the reason she wanted Booth to move in with her. She didn’t want to commit to buying a house with someone if her relationship wasn’t going to last forever.

    I know this sounds negative; but, we all know Brennan’s background and we all know that she really believes that there are no permanent relationships. She still has a way to go when it comes to trusting that anyone would want to live with her forever.

    I liked that Booth didn’t get angry. He was clearly disappointed; but, he didn’t take it out on Brennan like he could have. He is actually turning out to be very considerate when it comes to Brennan. He knows her better than anyone else and he knows how to handle her.

    • Well said, Lenora. I really believe that Brennan is in some ways learning very basic things again because she’s never been in this situation before. This is permanent, big and different, and she’s not the best at adapting. How the writers chose to show that was awkward this time, but not beyond credibility. She’s the same person as before, but confronted with a whole new set of facts that are going to take a while to process without much time to do it. I can completely imagine her thinking that the sonogram is just another routine, personal medical appointment and that Booth shouldn’t have a say in. The boundaries between them are very fluid nowadays, and there’s a lot for her to learn about what should and shouldn’t be a joint decision. If Brennan had nothing to examine and digest in her personal life there wouldn’t be much of a show left. But writing with more depth please-as someone else said, they could have used the same situation but given her a more significant reason for keeping Booth out of what she viewed as her business; That wrap-up at the end could also have used more oomph. I’m still happy though-at this time last year we were being regaled with Hannah’s lingerie; now Brennan’s saying how much Booth likes sex-with his brilliant, lovely, very pregnant partner!

    • Good points. After all, Brennan’s had approximately 20 years (since her parents disappeared) of being on her own, relying solely on herself, and building the shell she’s lived in for protection – vs. only 5 months of living with Booth and being pregnant. She loves him and knows he loves her, but these are huge changes and it’d take time for those many defenses of hers to dissolve entirely.

      • I completely agree with the argument that Brennan is still Brennan and she’s not going to completely change. The problem I have is sometimes they seem to regress her too far. Last week, she had a minor snafu about the house, but she got it, apologized, they compromised, and talked about building a new family, etc. I just find it hard to believe that super genius Brennan would not think that Booth either a) would want to know she was going to an ultrasound b) actually go with her to said appt, or c) want to be told first before she announces it at the crime scene! Even if she personally does not think these things are a big deal, she knows that Booth would they they were. I found it just…awkward I guess. Booth got cheated out that special moment. Did Rebecca let him go to these things? Is he going to be kept out of these special moments all over again?

      • I completely agree with the argument that Brennan is still Brennan and she’s not going to completely change. The problem I have is sometimes they seem to regress her too far. Last week, she had a minor snafu about the house, but she got it, apologized, they compromised, and talked about building a new family, etc. I just find it hard to believe that super genius Brennan would not think that Booth either a) would want to know she was going to an ultrasound b) actually go with her to said appt, or c) want to be told first before she announces it at the crime scene! Even if she personally does not think these things are a big deal, she knows that Booth would they they were. I found it just…awkward I guess. Booth got cheated out that special moment. Did Rebecca let him go to these things? Is he going to be kept out of these special moments all over again?

    • Hi Lenora,

      If anything, I would have stated it even more strongly. I basically think that somewhere deep down Brennan probably believes that Booth is only with her because of the baby. I wouldn’t blame her if she thinks so – after all, the whole Hannah episode must have left a mark somewhere. So I think that when Brennan slips up in terms of not including Booth, she does so inadvertently: part of her still believes (or feels at some level) that he doesn’t love her as he did Hannah (remember, this is Brennan’s POV), so she acts as if she’s not with him because yes, part of her feels lonely.

      The problem is that the writers chose a particularly unconvincing story to hit us with the head with it…

      • I’ve got to say this: fans are more upset about Hannah than Brennan. I don’t think that Brennan thinks he doesn’t love her as he did Hannah. I think quite the opposite, in fact.

        Had to say it, sorry.

      • I’m kinda with Angelena on this one too. I haven’t seen any evidence of Brennan doubting Booth because of Hannah. I don’t know if they are going to bring up anything on that line of thought later, but it doesn’t seem like they are thinking that way at all. Even without Hannah, Brennan would find it an awesome (as in big) concept that someone loves her completely and for who she is. Or as we like to call it in the Bones world, is dazzled by her. In the premiere, she accepted his ILY. If she didn’t believe him, she would have said something. I don’t know if she’s gotten to the point where she believes he will love her forever, but she believed him in that moment, and it didn’t take her too long to return the sentiment.

        So I don’t think it’s about comparing his love for Hannah. If anything, she saw the level of his commitment, so it was further evidence how seriously Booth takes relationships. I think the reservations are from being in this type of relationship for the first time when she’d been holding herself back for a long time. She had greater reservations with Booth because of what they already had. But even if she makes missteps, or Booth gets angry, she listens to what he has to say because she still wants them to work and she does love him. So far they’ve handled their disagreements a lot better than other couples would have, and I give them credit for that.

  13. I loved the premiere, and a week later, still loving it. This one was ok, though I admit the B/B part felt disjointed, kind of wedged into the storyline. The main purpose of this episode it seems was to introduce the new squint and showcase some of the other people that didn’t get much earlier, like Cam. It also set sets up a Finn/Hodgins dynamic. The story though was good and engrossing (get it?), so there was only so much left for B/B. It’s funny, because I believe Booth should have been considerably more upset by being left out of the ultrasound than by her comments last week, but I guess they can’t have him having a hissy fit every week. This week she was once again clueless and he seemed oddly unconcerned given the transgression (which was not in character), and the resolution of their issue felt weak because we never got to see just what she learned from being in Booth’s shoes or why she thought that she needed to make things up to him at the end. Plus, by now she probably should have known better. But maybe the point is that the knowledge that we all take for granted about human interactions is somewhat out of reach for her and now that things have changed between them she’s going to have to figure out a new way of doing business. This unexpected turn of events for them may have her questioning her ability to be in a permanent relationship more than it ever has before, and I do hope they do something meaningful and deep with that because that would be worth watching; just don’t make it a throwawy comment, writers!. But I agree with you that I don’t want every ep to consist of Brennan hitting a brick wall only to be enlightened in the last 3 minutes of the show.

    Still, this season feels totally new to me, kind of like the first, and I think we and the writers are all trying to find our sea legs as we navigate around the new B/B dynamic. After last week, I’m more than willing to give them a pass or two, and there were still things I really liked; whoever wrote Finn’s lines is smokin’, cause they were great. One question, there was a set of red die on the table during the last interrogation, and I don’t know why they were there. Just a prop, or some sort of foreshadowing for Booth? Given that financial stuff keeps coming up and there are potential emotional issues for him in the wings, I wonder if he’ll be tempted. Any thoughts?

    • Maria, Booth had the red dice in his hand and he then put them on the interrogation room table. This is the second time we have been reminded of Booth’s gambling. Maybe their going to have a show to address that and their just reminding of us his past. It could be interesting.

    • They are brining up Booth’s finances a lot and I noticed the dice as well…. Why wouldn’t Booth have money? That makes no sense to me. Yes, he already has one child to support and, no, he is not a famous author but still….why is money such a big struggle for him? That’s kind of odd to me.

      • I think they portray Booth as a g-man with a typical G-man salary. Even though he is a special agent, he may not be making a lot of money but enough to cover all his basic expenses and Parker. I think it’s just in comparison to Brennan, he may not have a lot of savings.

      • oh yeah and he lost all his money on a very expensive engagement ring he tossed!!

      • Best Christmas gift Brennan could give Booth — the services of a certified scuba diver or a really enthusiastic wader if the ring is in the reflecting pool on the Mall. Then we can stop hearing how wealthy she is and how impoverished he is.

      • There’s been discussion of Booth’s financial situation before. As a supervising special agent whoever it was who knew said he’d be making low 6 figures, BUT…. DC has an incredibly high cost of living and he’s got child support to deal with. So, not a lot of discretionary income and maybe not a lot of savings, esp non-retirement.

  14. I’m surprised that people are hating this episode so much. It’s not my favorite, and it certainly wasn’t as good as the premiere, but I didn’t hate it by any means. Brennan was kind of reverted back to old Brennan, but they do this every so often, so I guess it just doesn’t surprise me that much. I do hope they don’t end every episode with Brennan having to apologize to Booth though!

    I feel like with these first couple of episodes, they have a lot to do,the new intern,B&B’s relationship,the pregnancy and the cases, so maybe the storylines aren’t getting quite the depth that they need. But you know, every season has an episode or two that is missing something.

    And Booth only wanting sex? I didn’t get that impression at all. All she said is that he enjoy’s sex at anytime,and what guy doesn’t? They’re just making up for lost time, and the fact that he wants her so much when she’s 6 months pregnant I think is actually sweet. He wants HER not a barbie doll. The end was incredibly adorable, and isn’t Booth just going to be the cutest dad to their little girl!! I can’t wait for the rest of the season!

  15. also, when are we getting the parker/brennan scene where she talks about sex/pregnancy/birth and booth freaks out?


    • Brennan would so be into it, in Professor-mode, educating the young, with all the intricate details and Parker’d be all big-eyed, “Coooool! And then what happens?” and there’s Booth freaking out — “Wo! Wait, what? No!!” while they totally ignore him 😉

  16. one.
    this post just ruined it for me. i forced myself not to read the rest of the review after the first few paragraphs. what the hell? it’s a great season and a good episode. we got what we asked for. i love bones and that’s just it.
    no more reading episode reviews for me from now on. ugh.

    • So so hard to get involved with the fandom, isn’t it? Whereas it can be a lot of fun watching with others and being able to share our thoughts about this show we love, it can also backfire, too. Not sure if you’ll see this comment, pa0x03, but if you do, know that you are not alone in how this sort of thing can ruin (or enhance – depending upon your own original view) the experience.

      Cheers for just loving/enjoying the show!

    • Sorry pa about your experience; this blog is 99.5% hearts and flowers, but we do like the occassional discussion about what could use some improvement. The criticism here, little as there is, is always respectful and constructive. Just come back a few times and you’ll become a believer-just check last week’s discussion about the premiere!

    • I had a similar experience last season with an episode that I enjoyed but which, it seemed, most of the fandom hated. I finally just stepped back from the internet for awhile, until the fandom was on to something else. A few weeks ago I had a twitter discussion with a fellow fan about that episode and finally felt like I could enjoy it again without feeling bad.
      I agree with you about episode reviews. If it ruins your enjoyment of the show, then stop reading. It’s supposed to be for fun, right?

    • To be fair, this is Sarah’s blog. She’s allowed to write whatever she wants and not be criticized for it. She’s just writing down her reactions and how she honestly feels. Yes, sometimes it is best to step away so that your first good impressions don’t get tainted.

    • fortunately, i received a notification in my email on the comments in this post… can’t resist not to give feedback… thanks for the empathy…
      yes, it’s sarah’s blog and i have my utmost respect for her… just like i said from my (very few) comments in the past, it has been a habit of mine to check out (while waiting for the facebook page to load) this blog for a new top five tuesday or scene study…
      it’s just that i (and i know you all do too) have a personal relationship with bones… it is very seldom to encounter a show that you truly connect to and enjoy and feel you are at home when u are watching it… you are not a part of the audience but a part of every scene…
      i have a life, a busy and exciting work (and a love life, too)… but bones is a refuge for me when i want to escape from all of that… and this blog has been a refuge when i really miss the show from its break….
      i can relate so much with some of the flaws of brennan, and character development is likely even with real people…
      you can say i’m a little melodramatic and overly sensitive, but that is just me…
      yes, a break from this habit could be a solution… bonesfanaticforever… bye for now… (overdramatic me waves goodbye…)

      • I agree with you!! I’m going to hold off reading reviews for awhile. All the negativity just kind of ruins it for me. I enjoyed the episode, and will continue to enjoy the season.

  17. I randomly remembered season 5 “The Devil in the Details”, and the beautiful scene at the end, when Brennan says that she doesn’t really understand Booth’s faith, but she can kind of relate to it in her own way. I love how this scene shows that even though they are completely different she can see through his eyes.

    Last night’s episode was not bad, I mean, I didn’t hate it. But it’s like the writers went back to a time when Brennan couldn’t understand Booth at all, and the little disagreements they had were played out for the comedy. And I can’t help but feel this way.

    I couldn’t be more happy that they are together, and I love this baby girl like my own fictional niece or something, but I’m not getting those amazing butterflies that I used to have anytime they’d be together on screen. Okay, I didn’t mean that. But let’s just say that I’m looking forward to some REALLY deep stuff and not the “Brennan is a scientist and she doesn’t get that Booth loves her and wants to really be a part of this kid’s life” that this episode was.

  18. my big interrogation is : why making Brennan sound THAT clueless about Booth’s feelings when she has so much evolved last season…

    again I saw on twitter some people began the same old odd debate about “Booth has hurt Brennan so much ON PURPOSE last season, but Brennan is totally clueless about it”… to be honest I don’t think so….

  19. I’m actually okay with this episode. I see Sarah’s point, that in a 13 episode season you would hope for a winner every episode, but overall I am on board with the general progression of the season in relation to this episode.

    I love me some tender B&B moments, but I think this really was a “B” storyline episode. I think they have to develop the other characters to keep the shows chemistry going. It would eventually fall flat if we weren’t seeing the other story lines advancing. I think they needed to take a step back with B&B a bit – it was a lot last episode. Not complaining about that, I think it had its place in that episode, but I know that I needed a little bit of readjusting afterwards. Even though I was routing for more make-out sesh’s (would a little tongue contact be too much to ask ?) I wouldn’t have been up for more almost kisses and interrupted moments. That would have felt like the writers were toying with me. I think this was a treading water episode for the B&B story line while we introduced the new Squintern. It was rather one dimensional, but again I think if we had gotten into another saga with B&B it would have been exhausting.

    One thing that made me roll my eyes, was obviously this woman is not 5 months pregnant. She is easily 8 months pregnant, and would have had this ultrasound MONTHS ago. Ohhh Hollywood.

    Also, I believe I either heard or read something where the actors talk about all the things that Booth carries in his pockets. Although I feel like I can’t remember that ever being addressed in an episode, I remember them saying one of the things he carries is a set of die. Would be a fun thing to discuss 🙂

    Does anybody remember when Wendall first came to the Jeffersonian and he had a really intense tough guy accent and Angela thought he was getting scholarship for the mob ? They pretty much changed his character because it just didn’t work . . . so I am wondering why they came out the gate with such an intense accent from Finn. It was a little over the top in my personal opinion, but overall I liked the character so I am willing to let that go. It was Finn’s pilot episode which kind of necessitates over the top characterizations. And I did think that Hodgins was in character, although it was a little surprising. . . He has softened so much over the seasons that it was nice to see some of the old cranky “a*s hat” Hodgins back for a bit. Also glad to see a softer Cam this episode.

    I think this episode mixed it up a bit, and I don’t think thats a bad thing. We still have 11 episodes to go, and I am still holding out judgement for this season until we see some really meaty intense episodes. If that doesn’t happen I might throw a big ‘ole hissy. . . but for now I am try to remember that not every episode can be like that – and every season has its building block episodes.

  20. Warning: This is going to be long.

    First, a few quick responses to stuff that really bugs me:

    Booth did NOT hurt Bones on purpose last season. I’ll leave that at that.

    Booth wasn’t going in for sex there at the end. He was just sitting closer to hear what she was going to say. Kind of letting her know that the apology really was enough.

    I seriously doubt that Hodgins was a typical frat boy (if he was a frat boy at all). More likely a science geek, nerd. Frat boys (my apologies for the stereotype, but saying Hodgins is a frat boy is stereotyping too) don’t get three science Ph.D.’s. They’re more likely to flaunt their wealth rather than try to keep it under wraps.

    Main stuff:

    I liked the ep. I don’t get all the complaints here. I think some of the complaints are about their trying to show us some of the stuff people have been complaining about not seeing. The business about doctor’s appointments, for example. We didn’t see any of the earlier ones, so we’re hearing about one now, and here’s what happens when that comes up. Brennan doesn’t yet get why Booth would want to be there. He gets squeamish around the bodies sometimes; lots of men get squeamish about ob/gyn appointments. And, Brennan is being her usual clinical self about it.

    In general, we’re seeing Brennan’s progress in a shortened time period. I’m cool with that because I long ago accepted that time lines are extremely fluid in Bones. Frankly, they’re quite fluid in most shows. Time jumps are not that unusual. I recently notice that at the beginning of NCIS, Tony knew nothing about movies. Now we all know that he’s a fount of movie knowledge, constantly finding parallels between movies and the situations their team faces. When the heck did that change happen? Was it ever even acknowledged, let alone explained?

    Anyway, back to Bones. I liked the chemistry developing between Hodgins and Finn. Loved Thurston (the asshat) and Opie. If the barfing snake is any indication, I think we’re going to see some very, very entertaining experiments again.

    I liked how Caroline and Cam drove the questions about Finn, but how, in the end, Cam came to the right conclusion.

    Didn’t find the case all that gross. This was far from the grossest body. For some reason, I find the liquified bodies the most disgusting and have to look away.

    I liked Brennan trying to put herself in Booth’s shoes. Some of it was very funny. I especially loved the scene in the car. Did you notice how Booth hurt his shoulder in the quick turn? The expression on Brennan’s face when she said that she was thinking about intercourse again was priceless. BTW, I love that Brennan keeps referring to it as intercourse and how that still bothers Booth.

    I also liked the scene at the eating contest. Brennan’s fascination with how “clever” it was that Booth was simulating the adrenaline rush of battle. Only Bones could be that analytical. But, then she does try to fit in hollering her encouragement, etc. Reminded me of the midget wrestling scene in Dwarf. She gets the law, but not its spirit.

    I loved the end scene. It was very sweet. Brennan was looking at Booth the way Booth has so often looked at her. That was a nice change up. She was so happy to see how happy he was.

    Anyway, I quite liked this ep. I remain happy that they’re together and trying to work things out. They won’t get it exactly right all the time — that’s to be expected. BTW, it hasn’t been only Brennan who has been adapting. Last week Booth apologized for pressing her about buying a place that would be “theirs.” This week, he kept his temper in check in a situation where his anger would have been justified to many people.

    People kept saying to cut TPTB some slack last year because somehow that was going to get us to where we wanted to be. Well, I hated the pain last year. This year we’re past all that angst, so I don’t see why TPTB don’t deserve to be cut some slack now too. People are never going to like every little thing, but overall, I’m liking this season a whole lot more than last.

    • I agree 100%. It makes me sad that some people disliked it so much, but I’m happy with it and don’t want to let other peoples opinions get me down!

  21. This episode just confirms the lazy-road that the writers took with Brennan. She’s not complex anymore. She’s portrayed as clueless and empty most of the times, so when a moment like the one with Finn happens, you say “that’s out of character” and then you rewind to the more complex Brennan of S1, S2 and S3 and you say like “Oh…right”. The weirdest thing is that she has supposedly evolved. I know this had been said a lot, but many people were drawn to Bones by the complex identities created, and how they interact with each other.
    I think I’ve been patient when hearing the writers say “She has gone through a lot, so she has changed, she has suffered and closed herself… etc” and tried to believe it, but it’s disrespecting with the long-term viewers these inconsistencies. I love this show! and you are so right Sarah when you say that they made us expect a lot. Just when I’m mad enough, another episode like The Blackout in the Blizzard” or a glimpse of the witty, fast-paced, emotionally-lost-but-conscient Brennan appears and I’m just obliged to watch and love it again. I repeat… It’s not fair!

  22. as I said to some people, I know that the pregnancy is a real revolution for Brennan…. but still… why keeping a big part of the things to herself, and not share with the others (it includes Booth and Angela… ) I mean, it’s important to her, she is totally lost because she has to deal with personal issues fast… and she still wants to do all alone… not a good progression, more a regression (again in my opinion)

    • This comment reminds me of when they did that “first thing that comes to mind” game thingy with Sweets and she decided that she wanted to have a (Booth’s) baby.
      She blurted that right out to everyone (and God did I love Cam and Hodgin’s reactions!) that she was going to be having a baby. It did not seem at all like something that was personal to her or private.

  23. KiraNovember 11, 2011 at 9:34 am
    “I do hope they don’t end every episode with Brennan having to apologize to Booth though!”

    Yes, we can all agree with that ! Not every week ! But may I just point out that it was BOOTH who apologized to Brennan last week ! LOL ! ( he felt that he was pushing her about his desire to move in together.)

    Maybe, just maybe ! some people here are a bit too sensitive about Brennan and the way she’s portayed and it doesn’t do any good to them because they just can’t see and appreciate what they would normally do ; like bb who’s suprised to point out more positives than negatives in this episode for instance.and concludes on the necessity to meditate for a while. Good idea ! keep your distance people ! keep your sense of humor !
    Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying this episode is perfect and there are at least questions about Brennan ‘s behaviour( I’ll come back for that) but don’t blame the writers right away and be offended by a simple word they put in her mouth (ampathy I’m looking at you) it makes your thoughts and anlysis less interesting (at least to me) when I’m used to be amazed by the depth of some comments.

  24. The dice. He used to play with dice when he interrogated people, or a poker chip. I can sense some foreshadowing here, especially with the financial issues popping up. It makes me anxious, but I will be watching!

    As far as not really explaining Hodgins’ behavior toward Finn or Brennan’s reasoning for leaving Booth out, I’m kind of happy the writers didn’t hold our hands and give us some overly satisfying explanation. Isn’t that part of the reason why we love BONES? To over-analyze and try to fill in the blanks from what we already know? This also offers an opportunity for some carryover into future episodes.

    Will this episode be a favorite? No. But I’m not about to get upset about it. Considering how short this season is, and the fact that it very well may be (gulp) our last, I wouldn’t want another one like it, but each season has had an ep like this. Besides, any episode that followed the GLORY that was last week was bound to be disappointing one way or another. But I still enjoyed it.

  25. When I got done watching this episode, I thought for sure I was going to be the only one who didn’t like it, so I’m glad to see I’m not alone. And just a little perspective, it was NOT Couple in the Cave, so I’m cool with it. lol. It could have been much worse.

    I refused to believe that Brennan could be that wonderful with Finn (who she’s known all of two hours) and terrible with Booth who she has known seven years and lives with. It’s just not gonna happen. She wasn’t even that clueless in the beginning of the show.

    Hodgins getting upset *might* have worked IF (and that’s a big if) they had explained why, which they didn’t. However, the Opie/Thurston conversation is now my new favorite part of the show. I cannot wait to see how this plays out in future episodes. This better not be a one time thing or I will be upset.

    What was with Angela being all “Why do I even try?”. It reminded me of Season 6 Angela and she was not a very good friend. I hope this will change in the future.

    I really hate Caroline’s role in the show last night. There was no point to her being there. She was filler to make Cam re-evaluate her good decision in the first place. Caroline is one of my favorite characters because she is always used perfectly and only when needed. She is in character all the time and I love that. However, last night, the writers dropped the ball with her and that makes me sad.

    All that being said, I loved Brennan and Finn’s scene, and if the writers hadn’t pissed me off with the B&B storyline, I would have enjoyed it even more. I loved Cam saying “Ooh, snap!”. I cracked up. And I really liked the addition of Finn. I think he’s going to be an interesting addition to the team. He’s got that required “Land of Misfit Toys” thing that all Lab people seem to have, but he’s got great character already.

  26. Kira
    “I do hope they don’t end every episode with Brennan having to apologize to Booth though!”

    Yes, we can all agree with that ! Not every week ! But may I just point out that it was BOOTH who apologized to Brennan last week ! LOL ! ( he felt that he was pushing her about his desire to move in together.)

    Maybe, just maybe ! some people here are a bit too sensitive about Brennan and the way she’s portayed and it doesn’t do any good to them because they just can’t see and appreciate what they would normally do ; like bb who’s suprised to point out more positives than negatives in this episode for instance.and concludes on the necessity to meditate for a while. Good idea ! keep your distance people ! keep your sense of humor !
    Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying this episode is perfect and there are at least questions about Brennan ‘s behaviour( I’ll come back for that) but don’t blame the writers right away and be offended by a simple word they put in her mouth (ampathy I’m looking at you) it makes your thoughts and anlysis less interesting (at least to me) when I’m used to be amazed by the depth of some comments.

    • I guess what I meant is I don’t want Brennan to be making a mistake and upsetting Booth every week. Last week Booth apologized to Brennan, but she was the one that initiated the conflict by being insensitive(which didn’t bother me because I know she’s still just a little afraid that happiness doesn’t last). I don’t want it to appear as though she is always the one making mistakes.
      I agree with you that we need to look on the bright side and really look at everything, not just one offensive line.

  27. *Oops, I had double post up there. I’m having computer issues today! Sorry!

    Also, for the record, I’m truly not trying to make people not like the episode or completely throw out my season 7 happiness…honestly I’m not! 🙂 I just am venting out my feelings about the episode, but I do plan on rewatching it and just giving it another chance, after reading what everyone has been saying. There were lots of things I did love about the episode, so it wasn’t terrible. I just had a couple issues here and there is all. Like I’m sure we all do from time to time. I am also hopeful about the new squintern. He seems like he could be really promising, especially with the stepfather angle. Booth is right. They really are the Island of Misfit Toys!

  28. Alright. Here’s the thing:

    I knew this was coming. The regression bit. It’s their go-to when they want to create some kind of conflict and they don’t have anything else. I hate it, which is why I’ve never watched Feet on the Beach. I saw 10 minutes and I was out. That’s not our Brennan. That’s a plot device to drive a story…and not a very good one.

    That said, and I have 4 kids and have had 5 ultrasounds, and I couldn’t be mad about what she had done. Perhaps because I was expecting them to go this route, I imagined to her it was simply another appointment. 10 fingers, 10 toes, all is well. She simply didn’t consider BEYOND the medical. Do I like that? Nope. Of course not. Is it the Brennan we love? No, it’s not. But am I angry (like I’ve seen that some people are?) Nah. I had a whole scenario written in my head prior to viewing explaining how this could happen (see what spoilers do?) and I hoped it would go somewhat similarly, but knew it wouldn’t. It usually doesn’t. And because I was expecting this I didn’t really get mad at Brennan, just annoyed at the writers. COME ON GUYS!

    What I did like was Booth’s under-reaction. He kept cool, he talked about it. There was no petulant child Booth. No fuming, no sulking…he was quite grown-up about the whole thing. I appreciated that he talked about it. And you could see she was trying to get the differences: emotional vs practical. Pregnancy messes with your hormones and not just the ones that make you cry. It messes with the ones that make you angry or hurt…I can imagine her trying to over compensate for some of these by trying to categorize things instead of seeing the overall picture. Still, not pleased about it, just trying to make sense of what went on in the writer’s room.

    I do not get that she in any way thinks their relationship is based on sex and that he wants it all the time in an abnormal way. If anything, it’s a good thing that he wants her all the time and I think she thinks so, too. Also, I think she likes that. 😉

    Angela? Yeah. No. There are no words for what she said. Rude.

    Hodgins, I get it. Hodgins has been betrayed and put through the ringer by one too many interns. Zack, VNM and really, though they are cool now, even Wendell hurt him. So here comes a new guy with a bumpkin vocabulary, a backwards baseball cap, over the top Southern expressions and Hodgins’ old anger management issues come forth. I’ve got no problem with that. At all. While he directs his anger at Finn, it’s not really about Finn. It’s about the need for Finn. He shouldn’t be there. Vincent should be. Or Zack. I actually thought it rang true, though, again, I had to THINK about why he was being that way. It’s like sometimes they over explain things (BRENNAN WAS IN FOSTER CARE! BOOTH WAS A GAMBLER!) and other times we are left to connect the dots.

    I do, though, have a problem with the backwards baseball cap, the hair and the expressions. Lose them. All of them.

    The end was nice…but I needed a smooch. I did laugh that Booth was expecting make up sex apparently, but she had the u/s dvd instead. It was sweet, but it missed something. I did love that she was so happy he was happy. But it just fell a little flat. I blame the entire story leading up to that moment. The last 3 minutes just could not bring it back around. And it’s not DB and/or ED. It’s the writing and in this one, even the directing seemed weak to me. I did have to look it up…from what I can tell, the baby has his chin. I like that she’s seems happy about that. It was a throw away bit, but I think it just hit extra home for her…it’s his baby, too.

    So yeah, that’s my long winded, rambling way of saying “HUH?” too but not in a surprised way, and really only about last night. I enjoyed the premier much more. I will hold out hope that last night was the end of the “Brennan screws up then sees the light” episodes. I have faith we are still in a good path.

    • Angela’s comment didn’t bother me that much either, even though I concede it was rude. Maybe it’s because I feel like I can’t judge her when my response probably would have been the same. It’s reasonable to assume that everyday isn’t going to be a “deal with Brennan with big loads of patience and understanding” day when she’s acting all clueless and impervious. It’s just unfortunate that that was pretty much the main line between them. If anything, Brennan was only taken aback, not hurt. And it only seemed weird when she made it seem like she has no impact on Brennan when she saw that she did with the housing issue.

      On another note, I thought it was funny when Cam had Angela look in the microscope, even though she wouldn’t know what conclusions to draw.

  29. Even though I said I had mixed feelings, I’m glad that some people still really liked it and found it enjoyable. It makes me appreciate it more. After watching the ending for the third time, I’ve concluded I really like the ending too – I don’t think it’s forced or awkward.

    It’s true that Brennan is making some huge changes in her life. And at the end of the 5th season, she admitted that Booth is better at change than she is, and he jokingly/affectionately responded that pyramids are better at change than she is. It’s good that Booth knows that about her, and is giving her time to adjust, or apologizing if he thinks he’s doing too much pushing. Even with love in her life, her habits of living on her own for 20+ years where she made all the decisions isn’t going to change overnight. I’m glad the “experiment” was successful. I don’t think the mistake was too big, though I did think Booth was going to be more upset. I don’t question her going to the appointment alone; I only question that she wouldn’t have informed Booth of the sex before anybody else. She told Booth of the pregnancy first, right? It’s not like she was purposefully withholding information of the sex. That does not necessarily mean she’s looking for no involvement from Booth. I think she does want a family, with Booth involved as an active father. But she may have different ideas from Booth on what that means, or she doesn’t really know what that means. Either way, I think Booth will just have to learn to be more clear with Brennan on what he wants. That being said, I will not consider the “experiment” successful if they decide to “teach” her this same lesson anytime soon.

    That was cathartic. I actually feel better about the episode after reading some of the more positive reviews and writing this.

  30. So glad I’m not alone in my impressions of last night’s episode. I loved the premier. Well, I loved B&B in the premier (the case was lame and I solved it the second the guy mentioned his gum-chewing habit, but I don’t watch for the case.) But I loved how B&B could disagree and exchange “I love you’s” at the same time.
    This week fell flat for me, though. It’s probably my fault for being such a spoiler freak and reading so many great reviews about the first two episodes, including one that said the second was even better than the first. Not for me. I thought the scene with her listening to the baby while working was sweet and I actually was surprised to enjoy Finn, but the B&B scenes didn’t do much for me this week.
    I’m thrilled that they’re together and the writers don’t feel the need for huge angst, but I miss the witty, smart-ass Brennan of earlier seasons. Booth loved this Brennan. She didn’t need to change. SHE IS NOT CLUELESS!

    • I think Brennan was being a smart-ass when she asked Booth if she should have told him the victim was a female in private! Ha! The way Booth responded to that I think he knew that too. Some said it was her being clueless but that’s not how I took it at all. I really liked Booth’s reaction at the crime scene because it was played very real to me and with a good balance of frustration and, “Oh, boy. God help me that I love this woman.”

  31. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one. I thought this was all case and no substance..even the Finn subject should have been back burner a week or two more…Yes he was new move on for now…I was soooooooooooo disappointed that there was no showed affection this time..the first one we have several kisses and an would think there would be more of a blow up for the sonogram and gender from Booth than the living arrangements…there should have been more banter something with grit…they would always stand their ground given Booth usually gave in but still. It was very bland I’m very disappointed! I am furthermore pissed when I read in an article from Nathan that the birth won’t be until April…I mean holy cow that’s got to be wrong! Anyone agree?

    • Maybe we didn’t see more because B&B weren’t the main storyline – it seemed like Finn was. Why is it wrong for the birth to be in April? I don’t mind, actually.

      • Just seems like it’s too far away…but I see why you don’t mind…really I do I just pray we get more B&B as we go on…I really don’t like throw away episodes…I watched the first 2 over and over again and I still get the giggles and blush and get mad when I’m supposed to so I will just be happy it’s on tv….

  32. Also I really miss your in depth reviews…I watch and rewatch episodes from Pilot to present in order all the time when I am not doing anything else this is all I analyze and I have your site open to go along with because I am sure you know that you are SPOT ON with everything in each episode. Sometimes it’s like your the creative emotional editor to the writers you dissect everything perfectly but maybe because I agree with your opinions! Keep them coming I miss the ones you haven’t done…

  33. I think this season is about damage control. They are filing each episode with things that had proven popular in the early years of the show like clueless Brennan, odd ball squints, and befuddled Booth. They want us to forget air head Hannah Barbie Doll and forget the fact that she was NOT a consolation prize. Having any coherent plot development in S7 is, at best, a secondary consideration. Just forget S6 and smile at the isolated scene snips and one liners you responded to before.

  34. I feel like I have to start this comment by saying that I have accepted that I am going to get what TPTB want to show me. I think sometimes we obsessive fans try too hard to read DEEP INSIGHTFUL THOUGHTS into Bones. At the end of the day, it’s a TV show. If I compare what I saw last night to the first half of season 6, I would say I enjoyed it more than those episodes, and that makes me happy.
    As for Brennan, I see someone who perhaps decided last year that she wanted a relationship but is now faced with the reality of having that relationship and is having some adjustment issues. I didn’t particularly have any issue with her not telling Booth about the ultrasound. I don’t think it’s necessarily a huge moment in pregnancy. I felt it was off that she would think it approporiate to tell Hodings about the sex of the baby before she told Booth. But I think she is experiencing an internal struggle between being the person she has been for so many years (completely on her own and not responsible to anyone but herself) and the person she is becoming (part of a family and therefore having to take others’ feelings into account). Even if she knew she wanted this last year, actually having it is still a new reality.

  35. When you get a lot of us who are So invested in this show, there are bound to be strong opinions, right? One of the best things about BT, imo, is reading all the disparate points of view. Thoughtful, intelligent, with just enough fangirl squeeing thrown in for fun. Couldn’t ask for better!

    I enjoyed this ep. Now granted, I wasn’t bowled over, grinning-like-an-idiot, inchoherent, etc., like with the premiere, but it was entertaining.
    Did I have issues with parts of it? You bet – most of which have already been commented on here. And did I have the niggling feeling that – wince – there’s No Time in such a shortened season for every ep not to be a whopper – yep, I did. However….
    S7 is the first season I’m seeing “Bones” in realtime. Technically I’m a newbie, I guess, but since I spent the whole summer/early Fall with seasons 1-6 pretty much on a constant loop I don’t feel like one anymore.
    I’ve never had it where you see one ep a week and have 6 days before the next one, 6 days to put the current ep under a microscope (or the mass-spectrometer (sp?) or any of those other unpronounceable machines at the Jeffersonian).

    I know I was able to get through the H. arc in S6 because I knew I’d soon get to the ep where I could wave a cheery, celebratory BYE-BYE! to her. (That first half of S6 was still very depressing though – I can only imagine how horrid it must’ve been without that luxury.)

    So, I was thinking – with “Hot Dog” we’re only at #2, and if it’d come along as just part of a whole season’s DVDs, I would’ve enjoyed it, albeit with reservations, shrugged, and gone gleefully on to the next one. Just sayin’ – I’m along for the whole ride, have no reason to expect that “Bones” would irrevocably let me down now, not after such an incredible canon.
    And for me, even a so-so Bones ep is far and away the best thing out there.

    • I feel the same way. I started watching Bones in late May after the Season 6 finale,but have watched the entire series through 5 times. I don’t feel like a newbie-I can practically quote every episode word for word- but I do think it changes my perspective a little bit. And I agree that a so-so episode is still FAR better than an episode of any other show. I’m all in!

  36. At the crime scene, I loved this comment by Booth: “I would have loved this movie! It would have been my favorite movie of all time!”

  37. ok I don’t have the time right now to read all the comments, but I read the post and I agree. Watching the episode, I spent a lot of time waiting for the moment I could quote “Well hack my legs off and call me Shorty!”, but it didn’t come. I’m disappointed. Even if there are a few moments that I loved about this episode, especially the last scene. Anyway, what I really wanted to say (and maybe it’s been said already), it’s that this morning, thinking about the episode, I remembered the song that was played when Bren was examining the bones. Mindy Gledhill “Anchor”. Perfect song. I immediately wondered if that was the song she was listening to, and if it was, then it was even more perfect. There is no song more perfect to describe her relationship with Booth (and the Baby, in a few month?).

    Anyway, that’s what I wanted to say, have a great day,

    See ya!

    • I just listened to that song.
      Oh, Bones. Even when I want to get mad at you sometimes, you do things like pick such beautiful songs that capture so much in their lyrics. Beautiful, just beautiful. Before I used to get scared that Booth might not have known what he was in for when he was wanting to be with Brennan. But I’ve seen nothing but understanding on his part; some anger, yes, but eventually expressing himself.

  38. i thoroughly enjoyed the first two episodes of bones season 7 because if this is the last season of bones you dont want them all to be totally ot of character and being all gushy with one another because its not something they would do, they’ve practically been in a relationship all this time but were too stubborn to admit it. I believe it was such a brennan thing to do when she went to the ultra-sound without booth because she knows nothing about things normal people do, she also made up for it by going to the doctor and asking for a video of the scan. Not all episodes of bones have a huge meaning towards it, the main subject is “theirs been a murder and they solve it” so every now and then their are episodes which dont have anything towards it but they make up for that by making the episodes where its either ; dramatic, sad, happy or sweet. LOVE BONES !!!xx

  39. After seeing an episode like this, I fear that we will have to get used to the idea that Brennan will never understand everything that we long time fans just KNOW she DOES understand, because a Brennan that isn’t awkward and causing problems like this is a Brennan that isn’t fun/interesting to write.
    I have noticed and refused to believe this before this, but this episode makes it painfully clear: Whenever one writer allowes her to grow, another writer allways seems to reverse it. A Brennan that learned to much is probably considered boring and uninteresting by the writers and creators. I’m very afraid it’s as simple as that. And if that is really where we stand, then I cant help but hope that this is the last season. I just can’t watch this show suck and have the characters become caricatures of themselves.

  40. Omg! This is exactly was I was thinking as I watched this episode. There were so many times where I was just like “What the heck!?!?” I really hope this doesn’t turn into the season where every episode is a different “what did Brennan do wrong now?” moment. I figured that if/when B&B finally got together they would have their fair share of problems, and I thought it would make for good story lines as they continued to grow together as both professional and personal partners. But now it just seems like every problem is something that Brennan says or does wrong. For example, why does she keep bringing up how rich she is compared to Booth!? She must have mentioned it at least 4 times in these first two episodes, and I can hardly remember her talking about it throughout the rest of the seasons. I mean, maybe I am just not remembering it correctly but it seemed odd to me. I know Brennan can be incredibly blunt sometimes, but her bringing it up so many times felt like major overkill to me. Also, I have to say, Sarah, when you would kind of criticize Angela for not being that great of a friend after the whole pig incident I would cut her some slack. I would think that was really rude of her to put a price on their friendship but I wasn’t going to hold it against her forever. However, in this episode I found Angela’s comment of “why do I even try” after she talked to Brennan about Booth not being at the ultrasound to be extremely irritating. She was being a major biotch! I’m not sure why her saying that made me so upset, but for some reason it did lol. I just really don’t know what to think. I really hope this is the only “bad egg” episode of the season because, as was mentioned in this post, we only have 13 episodes this season! There were some moments I did enjoy though. I really liked the new intern and I thought the part at the end with B&B watching the ultrasound was really cute. Also, I’m super happy that they are having a girl!! 🙂 I keep thinking that maybe my expectations for when B&B finally got together were too high even though I tried really hard not to let that happen. I think I’m just going to try to have a positive outlook and say that the next episode will be better and build more off of the premiere than this one.

  41. If anyone’s interested in that song being sung while Brennan’s going over the bones, it’s Anchor by Mindy Gledhill. I’ve already downloaded it – love it.

  42. 3rd viewing and I still like it. Maybe more.

  43. I’ve got mixed feelings about these episodes. I adore Booth and think DB is even better than before. But, I’m so over “robot” Bones. There are moments when I think…why is Booth in love with her???? Of course, we know why because we know their history. But, if I were a new viewer, I’d wonder what the hell was going on? It would not interest me…it would probably even seem a bit bizarre that this hunk of a guy could love this clueless, “robot” Dr. Brennan. The only thing that makes it believable is the way Booth looks at Brennan. DB sells it and so we buy it.

    I don’t believe, as some do, that season 1’s Brennan was this clueless. There was a natural flow to her behavior and speech patterns. Yes, she was a bit stunted in some areas of her personal life but I never felt uncomfortable with how they portrayed her. It’s the seasons 1-4 Dr. Brennan that I came to enjoy watching…it was this Brennan that made me excited about watching the match up of Booth and Brennan. But, this incarnation of Brennan, which I believe began in season 5….is not enjoyable to watch anymore. So, Bones is no longer the “must see” TV it used to be. I watch it, am sometimes mildly amused by it, but I can’t gush about it because I just don’t feel “IT” anymore. The magic is gone. I see magic in other shows…with other couples…but not here. Sorry!

  44. I didn’t LOVE the episode but I liked it. I liked Booth’s reaction to Brennan’s “annoucement” at the crime scene..”ah, I can’t do this now, we’ll talk about it later” – nice way DB delivered that line. Yes, Booth was disappointed he wasn’t there at the ultrasound, but it wasn’t the end of the world and I think Booth knows that Brennan wasn’t being malicious. The end scene was very nice. So far I like Sweets and Booth’s interactions. B&B are so comfortable and chill and still them. I liked seeing them eat together and talk through the issue and I LOVED Booth coming to – I assume – get Brennan to go home at the end of a loooong day.

    Here’s my one question coming away from this episode…Does Booth know Finn’s background? He knows Brennan has a new intern but does he know the controversy surrounding him? Will Caroline tell Booth? I mean, HELLO! Brennan seems to have taken to Finn and Finn joins the “island of misfit toys” in that he too comes from a bad background/childhood. I think Finn’s background HAS to be brought to Booth’s attention, especially after baby girl Booth arrives, right? I mean, RIGHT!

  45. new poster here. love the site and everyone’s insights.
    After viewing the premier last week and this Hotdog episode I also have been a little worried about B&B but after some thought I think what needs to be considered is that at the end of the 5th season Bones & Booth had a break up and were not together as a couple until the end of the 6th season. Though they know each other extremely well, I see them currently functioning as individuals and not as a couple, including Booth. Because not only should Bones have known that Booth would want to be present at the ultrasound but Booth should have discussed with Bones his wants in regards to his participation with the pregnancy and their child. I think perhaps they don’t yet trust themselves in their relationship and hopefully this season will take us on a journey to their rediscovery and trust of themselves and each other.

    I think Finn’s arrival was overplayed but he could be an interesting addition to the show. I’ll just have to wait and see.

    • In re-watching the episode, I think your idea that they aren’t really a couple yet is probably true. These are two very independent people who just became a “couple” and haven’t had all that much time to really understand what changes they need to make when all of a sudden, bam, “I’m pregnant. . . you’re the father.”

      I think it’s evident in how Brennan is listening to the heartbeat of her child and how she relates to Finn almost immediately that she isn’t nearly as dense as she seems. I don’t think she completely trusts where Booth is in this relationship with her and the baby. She’s never had to rely on another person to the extent that she will with the baby and she and Booth were essentially estranged for a year with H in place. Booth may not be pushing her on some things because he doesn’t trust that she isn’t going to bolt. (And there have been plenty of discussions here that Booth is not someone who always asks for what he wants from a woman.)

      Maybe the episode was another sunglasses moment, maybe it does lay the foundation for something later. The fact that she brought up the idea that he wanted sex (seemingly all the time) may be her impression of who he is in her life as a “boyfriend/baby father.” If they were really a couple, how hard would it be for Brennan to say to Booth, “I want to set up a trust fund for our child”? But it’s one of those things that she is going to do on her own because she doesn’t really trust Booth in the relationship or she doesn’t really see how a couple might do it. She’s compartmentalizing the care of the child as well.

      • I DO think Brennan still has fears about love not lasting but I don’t think it’s because she doesn’t trust Booth; I think it’s because she doesn’t trust herself. In the 100th episode Brennan didn’t give them a go because she didn’t trust that she be what she believed Booth wanted or needed. She’s grown since then, she’s become less impervious but I do believe she still has fears and that’s very real to me. I think Brennan knows Booth is an all-in kind of guy.

  46. I didn’t hate the episode, but I didn’t love it either. On a Firefly scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being “Two Bodies in the Lab” and 1 being “Twisted Bones in the Metal Truck,” I’d rank this at a 3. Maybe a 2, depending on my mood. The weird thing about this episode for me was that I liked all of the other characters in this episode more than I liked the B&B parts.

    I was born and raised in West Virginia, and I get so defensive about things that perpetuates hillbilly/dumb hick stereotypes, so I was fully prepared to hate Finn. I didn’t. I actually liked him quite a bit, especially when he stood up to Hodgins.

    As for Hodgins, he has always been a bit of judgy a-hole at his core, so I didn’t find his harsh treatment of Finn out of character at all. Angela, on the other hand, can STFU and DIAF. My jaw dropped open when she said, “Why do I even bother?” Maybe Hodgins and Angela are on the same moon cycle together. 😉

    Caroline – I understand why it made sense from a legal standpoint why she was there questioning Cam about Finn. I don’t understand why, if Patty Belcher was only written in for 4 episodes this season, why they writers used her just for that. Total waste of Caroline. However, I loved Cam in this episode, and I haven’t loved Cam in a while.

    I liked the way Booth reacted to Brennan at the crime scene (except for when he was running out the door when the python came up missing, WTF). This was one spot where I think the writers did a good job of making Brennan’s rationalization of why she wouldn’t think Booth would be interested clear, and while I was a little surprised Booth wasn’t more upset about this, I could buy the argument that they were trying to show he’s seeing Brennan’s reasoning through her eyes and he knows it wasn’t personal. But then they have Brennan ask Booth if she should’ve told him the victim had female genitalia in private too. Come on, writers. She’s not *that* dense.

    I was really looking forward to the ultrasound part. I had wondered if she was going to show the recording of it to Booth in her office, so I was excited when this ended up being the case. Except that it really wasn’t the scene I was hoping for. Don’t get me wrong, I thought the look on Booth’s face was priceless, but I just feel like there’s something missing between the two of them. I don’t see them as “them.” And it’s almost like Brennan doesn’t either, based on her asking Booth if he was happy. It was weird to feel so all over the place about an episode. This was a strange one.

    • I agree that this episode was an odd one. There were good moments, but overall it left me feeling flat and wishing I could fast forward the next week to get onto the next one.

      I think she was listening to the heartbeat – which is lovely, but even that is a bit incongruous with the rest of the episode.

      If Brennan takes private moments to listen to the heartbeat of the baby within her, in what world wouldn’t she understand that Booth is also interested in experiencing the same?!

      It was a private, secret moment – which I think is kind of the problem, she’s really not including Booth much at this point. Considering ‘what’s ours is ours?’ (and I’m aware of the problems with that statement) I can’t believe she told Sweets before Booth what the sex of the baby is! I thought Booth would be very upset about that (even more so than that she didn’t think he had the right to be present when she learned) – he’s so private, specially with Sweets, that the fact he knew they were having a daughter before Booth did – wow, not cool.

      They kind of skipped over / wasted what should have been one of their most amazing moments as a couple. We’ve already missed a lot, for reasons I totally understand and don’t mind, but now we’re back? Yeah – I want to see the big moments. And finding out there is going to be a little girl Brennan-Booth? That counts as a big moment, FYI.

      I didn’t like that there was no real affection between them this week. Not in public or private. I pretty much want kisses and heat between them every week please. We’ve waited 6 years and this week there wasn’t much to show that Booth wasn’t just a sperm donor ala season 4.

      I thought Angela’s comment about ‘why do I even bother’ was, while unusually short, kind of justified. Brennan did not come across as particularly nice in this episode and I understand Angela wondering why she bothers when she’s spent so much time explaining things to Brennan in the past and she still seems as clueless as ever.

      They wasted the ‘how Boothy can Brennan get’ thing as well – what, she tackles a big guy (which Booth wouldn’t have done, incidentally) and drives fast and that’s enough to apparently give her enough of an insight into him to understand why he’d want to be present when she finds out the sex of their baby? Doesn’t stack up.

      I remember reading ahead of this episode that Brennan makes it up to Booth in the most adorable fashion ever that he missed out on the ultrasound, but that too fell flat. Her showing him the DVD isn’t her putting effort into making up that she took that moment away from him – it’s what he should have had from the beginning. I was expecting something more than just a viewing of the ultrasound.

      Other parts of the episode were good – laughed out loud at the snake coming out of the body, really liked Finn, Cam was lovely (Caroline was wasted) and it was funny and sexy to hear Booth say ‘now I’m frustrated’ but overall, I think it’s best I move on to concentrating on the next episode pretty quickly.

      ps: PTB? Booth isn’t afraid of snakes. You showed us that in season 3 episode 5 ‘The Mummy in the Maze’. If you’d like me to move to Hollywood and spend all my time on set with DB and ED to let you know when new things are incongruent with what’s already in canon, I can be available immediately 🙂

      • This ^^ exactly. They even had Booth being afraid of snakes. It was just all off! It was just weird to me. I’m not losing faith in the show overall, but it made Brennan and Hodgins turn into insensitive jerks…and that’s not cool. Both of those characters have grown far past how they were portrayed in this episode. Oh well, on to next week!

  47. I feel like their rhythm is off. Before they split apart (end of 5th season) they were so wonderful and at ease with each other. It was amazing to watch but now I’m not feeling that magic though I still feel their chemistry. I’m hoping there is a plan but after the 6th season I’m a little anxious about trusting the people in charge of these wonderful characters. Booth and Bones deserve the best.

  48. I’m a little confused at the opinions that Hodgins was out of character in this episode. Remember Finger in the Nest and how he treated the older, jack-of-all-trades intern? I love me some Hodgins but his attitude toward someone like Finn is completely in-character, IMO. You have to prove yourself to Hodgins, and then you’re good.

    • Good point MJ, Hodgins was pretty snotty to the older squint in Finger in the Nest. Finn is new and needs to prove himself to the team.

      Again, I didn’t hate this episode…..I think B&B do have growing to do and we will see that. We’ve seen Brennan make some faux paus so I wonder what Booth will do to cause Brennan concern? I agree with the other comments here about the gambling and that possibly coming back. I think though that Brennan WILL be by Booth’s side when he needs her the most. She may still be learning but I think, and hope, that when they are really challenged they will have each other’s backs. They are individuals trying to come together to build a life and family because they love one another. That’s not easy, especially as you grow older. Yes, they’ve been friends/partners for a long time but this is different.

    • Jack even made a lot of terrorist and Islamic extremist comments to Arastoo in the beginning too.

  49. I’m glad I’m not alone in my issues with this episode. During the post-ep discussion, I couched my response but now I see I’m not overreacting to my problems with it.
    Of course I don’t watch the show for the cases either and I probably need to watch the episode again (if I can bear it) to make sure but, the husband doesn’t report his wife missing and she has been missing for weeks? The episode didn’t discuss the parallels in that the victim was pregnant, that her pregnancy changed her life and affected other people. There was just so much they could have done with this storyline that they missed.
    Booth and Brennan enjoying the overeating mess seemed out of character. In a previous episode (forgot which one) they discussed whether or not chess was a sport but they agree that overeating is?
    Last week Booth said they spend almost all their time together. How then does he not know that she has a Dr. appt where she is going to find out the sex of the baby? Even if he didn’t attend the appt, Brennan would have immediately shared the information with him so they could squee about it together. Then they would make plans, discuss names… She is going to let him be in the delivery room, isn’t she?
    Brennan is a very private person and I can understand that she is getting to know her child with the heartbeat monitor. I thought that was very sweet and it’s really the first time we have seen her connect with the child. I hope we have more moments like that.

    • Well..if after 7 years of knowing how important family is to Booth, she didn’t think he’d want to be at an ultrasound to find out the sex of his child, why would she even bother to include him in the birth..after all, he’s pretty squeamish and he already attended Parker’s birth so surely he wouldn’t want to be there for that. I joked on another forum that he would probably read about the baby’s birth in the newspaper the next day…LOL!

      And like I said above…it wasn’t a heartbeat was a Nuvo Ritmo prenatal sound system..she was playing music for the baby.

  50. Guys, let’s take a moment to realize that Booth and Brennan are having a little girl!!! Yay!!! How soon do you think the issue of a name will come up? Has to, right??! Now that they know they are having a daughter, the great name debate can begin. Hopefully Brennan will realize – and I hope – initiate the discussion that they need to name the child together. Fingers crossed! So it’s a girl! Will the last name be an issue? Will Brennan assume her daughter’s last name will be Brennan? Will she make an argument that naming a child after the father is antiquated? I’m thinking Brennan-Booth will be the last name but the first name…well…let the games begin! My top three are:
    1) Molly Brennan-Booth
    2) Ava Brennan-Booth
    3) Laura Brennan-Booth
    Also, will we get any freak-outs from Booth when it really sets in that he’ll be having a little girl to raise? I could see Hodgins saying that Michael can’t wait to meet little girl Brennan-Booth and Angel and Hodgins talking about future dances/dates they may go on. Oh, I can’t imagine Booth liking that too much at all. Not. At. All. We won’t get to see Booth with a teenage daughter so I hope we get a little peek into his imaginiation running wild at the thought of having to protect his little girl from boys. I think he’d actually relish the idea of intimidating the hell out of them.

    • Ugh..I hope not…I hope Booth finally sticks up for himself and doesn’t go the hypenated route.

    • Instead of the hyphen, I think Brennan would make a nice middle name. And I’ve been thinking of the baby as “Lucia” for a long time because of a fanfic I read. They had B&B go to St. Lucia for a honeymoon and were inspired from that. So I’m crossing my fingers for Lucia Brennan Booth. Now if only the Bones leaders read the same fanfic that I did…..:)

  51. Hi everybody! This is my first comment, because I don´t speak (write :-)) english very well, but I always love read your posts and comments.
    I liked this episode and this time I want to share why. :-)  Why Brennan didn´t tell Booth, that she is going to an ultrasound? Maybe she didn´t know… I have no idea how it works in US, but in my country (Slovakia, Europe) every female doctor has an ultrasound in his office. When you are pregnant you are going to see him, like every 3-4 weeks (when you have some complications more often) and sometimes you know before appointment he is going to do an ultrasound and sometimes you don´t and when you are there he just use it to check something. And you certainly don´t know when you are going to find out about gender, because you can´t see it all the time. Again I don´t know how it works in US, but it is really not usual in my country that father of the baby is going with you inside of doctor office. I had like 10 ultrasound (I am 5 month now :-)) and my husband saw it once. He wasn´t there when I found out about our baby being boy, and he wasn´t first to know either, because he was working, he can´t use cell phones in his job, so of course till evening I told lot of people 🙂 So I think it is okay she told Sweets when she met him before Booth. 🙂  And maybe it wasn´t to Brennan so important because she just want a healthy child and it doesn´t matter if it is boy or girl and maybe she didn´t think it is so important to Booth either. She told that she didn´t know that genitalia are som important to him :-) For me it was typical Bones thing to do, because she was all medical about it. 
    About the Finn thing – I thought, that she was so unusually empathetic with him because of Booth. She knows Booth very good (years of study .-) and because he had similar problem with his father she could really understand that with Finn a be empathethic about it.
    Again I´m sorry for my english and I hope everybody understood :-) Have a nice day and see you next week by next episode!!! 🙂

    • Your English is great! Good post, interesting points.

    • Some very good points indeed. In my eyes Ultrasounds have always been a medical moment and not a squee moment. I think Hollywood has romanticised a procedure that is mainly intended to check the baby’s health….

      Thank you for your insights from your personal experience

  52. You know, I didn’t think this was a perfect episode, but I didn’t hate it, and I actually found more to like – much more – in my second viewing.

    I was going to comment about Finn – who I expected to hate, and didn’t – and Hodgins, who I didn’t find to be out of character, but this was approaching the length of War and Peace, so…

    I think Brennan has grown and changed, which is why she could – haltingly – tell him she loved him last week, and why she could offer an absolutely sincere apology this week. But she’s never not going to be Brennan. Emotions are always going to confound her, both hers and others, meaning she’s probably frequently going to be out of step with Booth.

    The ultrasound has a lot of people upset, but I honestly think there’s a cultural divide here. What is, at heart, a medical procedure has come to be viewed by many in our culture as a Big Emotional Moment in a pregnancy. But this is Brennan, and why would she think of it as anything other than a medical procedure? Thirty years ago, fathers not only weren’t present for the test (which were usually reserved for high risk pregnancies), the technician wasn’t allowed to tell the mother the gender even it was apparent, due to fear of lawsuits. That shifted, and now it’s one of the milestones of pregnancy for our culture, but how would Brennan – who doesn’t deal particularly successfully in either emotions or her own culture – know that?

    That’s not to say there aren’t problems with that plot, because it wouldn’t have been her first ultrasound, and I can’t imagine they’ve gone this late into the pregnancy without talking about the baby’s sex. But I can imagine Booth telling her he didn’t care whether it was a boy or a girl as long as it was healthy, and her taking it at too-face value.

    I see honest confusion from Brennan. She tells Angela finding out second hand about the baby’s sex wouldn’t have bothered her, and I believe her – and don’t think less of her for that, because she’s Brennan. In the diner, we see that she’s thinking about his response. She’s never been in this kind of relationship before, and I think the question she’s trying to answer is ‘how many details am I supposed to tell him?’ She thinks she’s getting it – that things which might have emotional significance to him, if not to her, he needs to know about. Then he throws her a curve ball by reacting to her plans to set up a trust fund.

    There’s no anger (at least not to me) when he says, ‘You’re doing it again.’ He’s smiling a little, there’s almost an ‘Earth to Brennan – stating the obvious’ kind of tone/expression there. And then he challenges her to try and see things from his perspective. He loves her, and furthermore, I think he trusts absolutely that she loves him. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have bothered with the challenge. He plainly thinks she does know him well enough to learn from the exercise, and trusts that she loves him enough to want to try.

    My biggest problem with the ep grew out of that challenge, because I couldn’t see the point where it went from jokes about sex and driving to where she is at the end, understanding just how much it matters to him.

    But now that I’ve watched it a few times, and listened to some things others are saying, I think it might be a combination of things. In the scene in the diner after Booth interrogates the husband, he sums up the guy’s feelings about his wife’s career being more important than the baby. I don’t hear anything out of the ordinary there in his tone, just expected disgust. But Brennan seems to hear something else, because she says, ‘surprisingly, I’m a bit horrified as well.’

    Then we have the beautiful scene where she’s playing music for the baby. (I confess that I think this is another scene where they could have made it clearer what she was doing, because debates are still raging as to whether that device is designed to play music or listen to the heartbeat.)

    For me, what’s significant here is the song. I love much of the music the show introduces me to, but don’t usually get hung up on analyzing the lyrics looking for parallels. But I can’t ignore the words here: “There are those who think that I’m strange; they would box me up and tell me to change. But you hold me close and softly say that you wouldn’t have me any other way.”

    That’s what I’m seeing in B&B’s relationship this season. He loves her, believes she loves him, and out of that, is patient with her as she navigates what for her is a very new experience. And so we see only mild annoyance from him and the humorous suggestion that she walk in his shoes rather than demands that she turn into someone she’s not and automatically know what he’s feeling. And in response, she gives him back her love.

    I keep thinking of the different languages of love in respect to the two of them and while none of it may make sense to anyone else, I think he’s getting from her exactly what he needs. He feels loved by her – when she agrees to try and see things from his perspective, when she struggles to understand something that doesn’t make sense to her, when she apologizes and shares the DVD with him. Even her awareness that the case took a toll on him due to the victim’s pregnancy. I honestly think he interprets all of that as love.

    • Excellently stated Ryn. I do agree with all of this.

      Oh and on Booth feeling Brennan’s love and seeing it in her working so hard to understand him and in apologizing, and just trying to find things to make him happy, like the DVD…Not only Booth can see that as proof of her love; it’s also what I take from that…what I think the writers are intending to show with that. Brennan is concerned with Booth’s happiness. She may not always get it right, but she’s trying and to me that says a lot about her feelings.

    • I was already starting to feel better, but this helped a lot, too. I guess sometimes I’m confused on what’s supposed to be happening. But I like your analysis, and find that it really meshes with what happened.

    • Nicely said. I think Booth knows how BIG this is for Brennan. She wouldn’t give them a chance in the 100th episode because she thought she couldn’t change, she “didn’t know how”. Booth wasn’t asking her to change, he just wanted her to give them a chance…to go for a different outcome. That’s where they are now. I think they are transitioning from “giving it a chance” to full-blown this HAS gone somewhere and IS going somewhere. They are FAMILY. Brennan is still Brennan but I agree, she is trying and Booth knows that. I think it means the world to him.

      Also, I have to say, I LOVED watching Brennan watching Booth’s reaction to the ultrasound. I flashed back to the end of MITMH when Brennan watched Booth’s reaction to the telephone. Seeing Booth happy means a lot to Brennan. I said this at the end of S6, to sum up early S6, Hannah gave Booth a phone (kind of but not really), Brennan is giving him a baby/family. Case closed. I think sharing the ultrasound with Booth probably added to Brennan’s own happiness as well. They are sharing this happiness.

      • I think your reference back to the 100th is spot-on. Her great fear there was that she didn’t have his open heart, and personally, I don’t think him arguing with her about it would have convinced her otherwise. Brennan’s all about evidence – and that’s what Hannah accomplished, because I think at various times during last year, what Brennan saw was that she actually loved him more than Hannah did, and that made her change her view of herself enough to risk the relationship. But I also think she’s still learning just how open her heart is, what she’s capable of, and what she needs to do to meet his needs in that area…and I think she’ll have some of the same learning curves with their daughter.

        I’d not thought of the phone gift, but you’re right – she loves making him happy, and there are parallels there.

    • Yes! I do agree that when she shared the DVD with him it communicated love. BTW, do doctors do that — make a DVD copy of the ultrasound? I know they print pictures. If making DVDs is something doctors don’t usually do, then Brennan certainly went out of her way to make up for what she had overlooked earlier. Makes the gesture more loving but uniquely Brennan. Now Booth has a copy of his “all time favorite movie!” 🙂

      Another thing, I can’t help but think that Brennan’s statement to Finn about the extraordinary and the mundane may have also have some subtle messages about the whole ultrasound arc. I don’t know… maybe this is just me over analyzing. 🙂

    • I absolutely agree with your post! 🙂 and she is definitely listening the heartbeat! That device is for that. I love her smile! 🙂

    • As usual, ryn, you’re spot on. Completely agree with you.

      I’ll add, I believe that the DVD of the ultrasound has become pretty common.

    • One thing that confused me was whether Booth even knew about the appointment or not. I don’t really seem him going to all the appointments (despite all the fanfic insisting he would.) Just because he missed a lot of things with Parker doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s really concerned with every detail and aspect of the pregnancy. As Ryn said, I can really see him saying he just wants a healthy baby. Brennan must be having a healthy pregnancy, otherwise she probably (I think) would have said something. I’ve never been pregnant, but from what I’ve heard appointments are not something most guys would enjoy, and much of it is based on the mother’s health, as well. Of course, Brennan’s health is her own and what does it have to do with Booth? I could see Booth asking how everything went afterward. Maybe he would have, but a case probably came up or something, lol.

      In spite of the seemingly big leap Brennan made to understand Booth, this is not the worst-case scenario. I think the worst-case scenario would be Booth really getting angry, or expecting her to suddenly be someone other than who she was now that they are together and expecting a baby. This would feel way worse if we saw that Booth was really trying to change her. Instead, we see him trying to get her as much as she tries to get him, and being very forgiving. For that, I breathe a sigh of relief.

      I hope that they make clear that there are marked differences between Brennan and Rebecca. I don’t want Booth to feel like he’s on the outside again even if the intentions are different. But it doesn’t seem like Booth feels like that; it looks like they’ve just had some misunderstandings so far. We are only two episodes in, and they are pretty new at this, so there’s a lot of room to grow. They seem willing to learn, so that’s good.

      • I got the idea that he didn’t know about the appointment, but that might just me. And I don’t think he was particularly thrown by that. It was finding out that something significant happened at that appointment that changed things.

        Maybe it’s just me, but the way I envision this going if Brennan weren’t Brennan is she would have stopped by the Hoover after the appointment, or called and said, ‘can you take a break and meet me [at the diner, or coffee cart, or wherever]. And when he did, she would have said, ‘guess what? We’re having a girl!’ and he would have said, ‘aww… [insert kisses and belly pats]…I’d have loved to have seen that ultrasound.’ And either she pulls out the DVD, or calls the doctor. (Note that there’s no tension there for a story…)

        In other words, I don’t see him as being upset about not being at that appointment because guys don’t always go even when they know one is scheduled – and they don’t always know one is. (Most of the time, but not always. My niece has had an unscheduled one.)

        As to Brennan and Rebecca…I don’t see the relationship with Rebecca nearly as negatively as a lot of viewers do, but I’ve not seen anything from Booth to indicate he feels as if Brennan is cutting him out of the pregnancy for any reason other than just her not understanding how much detail he wants from her.

      • Booth’s relationship with Rebecca has gotten a little better throughout the series. The first time we knew he had a son in tMitFS, he was this close to begging Rebecca to let him see Parker. We’ve always been led to believe that Booth is a good father, but we also see how Rebecca’s decisions often trump Booth’s, much to his dismay at times.

        “I’ve not seen anything from Booth to indicate he feels as if Brennan is cutting him out of the pregnancy for any reason other than just her not understanding how much detail he wants from her.”
        I agree. I hope I didn’t make it seem otherwise. I was saying what I DON’T want to happen. And I want it to be clear because I don’t want there to be some big stink in the future where people feel like there’s enough evidence to make it seem that way. We’re already in dicey territory as it is with fan reactions.

      • About Rebecca…I don’t want to make it sound like I think they’ve had a wonderful relationship or that there’s never been any problems there, because that’s obviously not the case. There’s certainly been times when she limited – or threatened to limit – his access.

        But – and this is very clearly just my take on it – I see other things they tell which suggests to me it’s more complicated than that. He loved her, he proposed, she said no because she didn’t want to be one of those women who got married out of need. I don’t interpret that to mean she didn’t love him, or that she then cut him out of every aspect of the pregnancy (though I know some who do.) Later, she changed her mind – which I understand to mean she loved him enough to reconsider marriage, but they’d missed their moment.

        (And since Booth tells GG that he broke up with Cam because his ex-girlfriend wanted to give their relationship another try, I assume – though there’s no way of knowing for sure – that those two things happened together, that she realized she’d made a mistake in telling him no and asked to get back together; he did so, and they both realized they’d moved on.)

        Meanwhile, in terms of Parker…as little sense as it makes in terms of the established show time line (or the military, for that matter), Booth was apparently in the army when Parker was born, and went AWOL to be there for the birth. He would only have done that if Rebecca either let him know she was in labor, or had someone else do so, suggesting (to me, at least) that she hadn’t cut him out of every moment of her pregnancy, whatever their relationship was. If the dad’s in the army and you don’t want him around for the birth, it’s not that hard to not notify him.

        We see in Baby in the Bough that he’s comfortable with infants, suggesting that he’d spent enough time with Parker at that age to know how to change a diaper,etc; Rebecca just assumes he’ll coach Parker’s t-ball team, he and the nanny seem quite comfortable with one another (suggesting to me that she sees him regularly), and Booth at least occasionally picks him up from school (Verdict.) I’m also always a little fascinated that he has all those conversations about private school and whether he should be considering that for Parker in Bone that Blew without ever once referencing getting Rebecca’s opinion on it. It’s hard for me to reconcile that with someone who seriously feels like he has no rights or access. At the minimum, I get the feeling that if he decided private school was the way to go, he’d have every expectation of being fully heard by Rebecca on the topic.

        So what I see – and again, I know this is just me – is a very complicated relationship where Rebecca clearly thinks he’s a good dad (and tells him so) and he’s very obviously involved in Parker’s life and appears to have always been so …with the exception of a few times when Rebecca got angry and attempted to control Booth by restricting his access.

        Is that good? No. It’s absolutely reprehensible for someone to ever stoop to that, no matter how frustrated they are with the non-custodial parent. Even if that ex-partner is using his job to spy on you, it’s wrong. But I just don’t think that’s the sum total of their relationship or reflects his general position in Parker’s life.

        And that only matters, really, right now, because I keep seeing people comparing Brennan’s actions in this ep to Booth supposedly having to always have fought for access to Parker/having been cut out of most of his life, etc. And I honestly don’t think that view is supported by what we see in the show…but that’s just me. :]

      • Can’t reply directly, but I think this will show up in the right place.

        Ryn, I’m with you on Rebecca. I think the overwhelming evidence is that Rebecca and Booth get along pretty well on issues regarding Parker. That’s not to say that there is never any conflict, but that they act like reasonable adults who put their son’s welfare first. The couple of times when there was overt conflict with Rebecca were early in the series. MitFS is only a handful of eps into s1 and the business with following the boyfriend is probably not later than s2, maybe earlier. Truth in the Lye first ran in Sept. of s2, so they were on good terms at that point. Were there other examples of conflict between them about Parker?

        That makes me wonder if that conflict was something they tried out because it fit well as a B story, but over time found that it wasn’t a fruitful way to go. We’ve rarely seen Rebecca in recent seasons, so no conflict over Parker either.

        I find these issues a lot like some issues people have with how Booth treated Brennan last season: the fans are having a harder time with it than the characters. Brennan accepted what happened with Hannah and doesn’t seem to have needed an big explanation or apology from Booth about it. Similarly, whatever’s going on with Rebecca, Booth is ok with it the vast majority of the time. As many have noted, if he was so-o upset about it, he could take her to court, but he chooses not to. This is very Boothy, but it’s one time when being Boothy is the right thing to do: it’s putting Parker’s welfare ahead of his own needs. Going to court usually does not enhance the working relationship between parents.

      • That’s interesting re: Booth’s attitude on being angry with Brennan in this ep. When rumors of the ultrasound fallout began, I was assuming he would be much more upset, that there would be another big fight, etc. But he wasn’t, and I’m fine with that even after a re-watch. Booth is learning to moderate his reactions, Brennan is learning that she needs to share more.

    • I’ve watched the episode several times now and closer scrutiny has not reduced my satisfaction with it. It’s not the 1st ep, but it’s still a nice ep.

    • Ryn, you have just made my day! Your post says it all perfectly. Last week the writers gave us everything we asked for, the ILYs, the kiss, the sweet moments, etc. Bones is one show that has always gone against the grain. In the first 6 seasons very rearely, did we actually get to see what we wanted to see (sex scenes, kisses, B&B hook up, etc). That’s the way things have always been. It would be very naive of us to expect to see what we want to see now, given the shows past history.

      Just cause they’re havig a baby it doesn’t mean things are going to change. This is something that’s new a challenging for the characters. As people when something new and challenging enters our lives we revert back to what we know and trust, something that never fails us. For Brennan its science and logic. So I think her ”regressing” makes sense.

      Booth on the other hand believes in the traditional family unit. So he too will react to things or make decisions using that as a standard, when he doesn’t kow what to do, even though he knows full well that raising a baby with Brennan will be anything but normal. So naturally we will have contraditions from both characters because they’re entering uncharted waters.

      As much as some of aspects weren’t executed very well I can appreciate the fact that even now the show can still challenge my belief in what ought to be and I love it for that! Bring on episode 3!!!

  53. Here’s my other gripe with the episode (besides Brennan’s character not being the one I loved in earlier seasons): Is it too much to ask to get at least one B&B kiss per episode this season? I mean, we only get 13 (17?) episodes. I’m not asking for a bedroom scene or even hot and heavy make-out each week. Just a little physical affection. Maybe I was spoiled by the premier, but I really missed that in episode 2.
    I know HH and SN don’t want them to be too lovey-dovey, but please…we watched eye sex foreplay for seven seasons waiting for this ship to come in.

  54. I just caught this… when Brennan tells Finn “I can imagine how it must feel to know that people are thinking that you did something like that.” remember back in The Death of the Queen Bee all of Temperance’s classmates assumed that she was the one who killed Evelyn Simms. Just showing yet another way that Brennan is relating to Finn.

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