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IAYA: Would B&B Ever Sever Their Own Working Partnership?


Good morning!

As you know with I Ask, You Answer posts, the question is the post–meaning I can’t go on and on about what I think– and it kills me. Ha!

So…since I’ve already asked the question in the title, I’ll ask it here again and then it’s up to you all to discuss.

Would B&B Ever Sever Their Own Working Partnership?


24 thoughts on “IAYA: Would B&B Ever Sever Their Own Working Partnership?

  1. I don’t know. I just don’t ever see this happening. I think what Booth and Brennan do together is too important to both of them and even if they were still doing what they do but partnered with someone else I don’t think it would be enough for them. They say that they need to work with the best and they are the best! Lol

  2. If it were to save their love/couple/family definitely yes ! (at least I hope so) though it wouldn’t be good for us- it would be the end of the series ah- ah ! Like if for some reason (FBI, difficulties with baby care or whatever …) they had to chose between the two I think they love eachother enough and they ‘re aware enough (yes both of them!) that they’re going for “long love, life, happiness and even fate” even if she does’nt believe in fate I think Booth might still believe !
    SO yes ! they would ! I think they even WILL one these days. I think it’s pretty difficult to work with your spouse for a life time but even more so in their domaine.

  3. I meant Booth might still believe in Fate in a certain way ; like it is still Fate that he met her but since TSitS we know he’s ready to act upon it differently.

  4. I could see it happening, but perhaps years down the road. I mean, thinking practically, there would be no show without them working together, so they’d have to allude to it happening in the future anyway. But if they maintain a close, family relationship, I could see them doing other things but still coming home to each other at the end of the day 🙂

  5. Absolutely.

    At some point, it will occur to one or both of them how dangerous it is to have them both in the field, getting shot at.

    Or, Booth will be promoted and his job responsibilities won’t include fieldwork.

    Or, Brennan will have an opportunity that takes up the time she’s now devoting to Booth’s cases.

    Or, something else.

    Their partnership no longer depends solely on their working relationship and it’s the partnership that’s kept them working together.

  6. What are the ties that bind them to each other as a couple? Love and trust and respect bind them together; if the other has something that completes the other, then working together isn’t as important except to society as a whole. (I know that’s not exactly the question.)

    Can they be a couple and NOT work together? I’m not sure if they can share a life together without something else to hold them together– a child or two would certainly cement their bond and give them a shared goal/interest that they have in working together. (Being the people they are, I tend to think they need something to give them purpose in life to make them work as people. Otherwise, Brennan might be locked away in some loony bin or lab and Booth might constantly be gambling away his pay check at a career he’s only giving part of his attention to.)

    Would they sever their working relationship– I think they’ve tried to sever the personal relationship, but it seemed much too valuable to each of them to completely let go of it. In time, I think they will have to let go of work– a field agent’s life becomes complicated by family and time and Booth might need to let go first. Brennan could continue in the lab for years before she quits. They just might sever the partnership to protect their family, or to protect the other.

  7. Yes, I think so. Whether or not we, the audience, sees it – I don’t think so (they might allude to it as the series draws to a close, sob)

    But if we’re thinking of Booth and Brennan and the life they might share years after we’ve stopped ‘watching’ through the show then, absolutely, their time together as active partners working cases will come to an end. Booth is already 40 (ish) – he can’t be in the field forever and if Booth stops working cases in the same way, so will Brennan I think (I don’t think she has any desire to do it without Booth).

    Maybe he’ll work higher up the in the FBI (although, historically they’ve made it sound like Booth’s not perhaps interested / suited to the more political roles). I could see him training young agents maybe.

    As MJ said, it’s not the working partnership that’s keeping them in each other’s lives any more.

    I like to think of a future B&B, round their kitchen table regaling a graduate Parker and teenage daughter about the time they found a body tied up in a circle and Booth thought it had been ‘rolled up in a carpet’ 🙂

    • I want to know about that body!! It is so totally unfair to leave us hanging like that. Who put those bones together like that? What was the purpose? Is there a serial killer out making letters of the alphabet from bodies? I wanna know!!

    • The “meaty parts!” I love that scene – Brennan totally loses it – I think maybe the only time we see her laugh like that. And yes – we wanna know about that Circular Skeleton, I mean, c’mon! That and the burned one at the top of the monument…

  8. something just occured to me reading MJ’s post ; do you think that if they weren’t working together they would go for a coffee ? LOL !

  9. Yes, I could see it possibly happening. They are “family” now….not just “Partners”. I could see them pulling back from field work….maybe Brennan goes into teaching more…hey, maybe they’ll write books together instead! But, yes, I could see the professional “partnering” scaling back. I think their life parternship will become more of a priority. I could see Brennan as the one who brings up the danger issues first. I would think, rationally, Brennan would fear their daughter ending up in foster care if something were to happen to both of her parents. I could totally see an episode where B&B discuss gaurdianship for their daughter were something to happen to both of them….oh,boy. That would be a debate, wouldn’t it! Who would get baby girl Breenan Booth? Max? Jared? Russ? The Hodgins Family? Cam? Caroline? Sweets&Daisy? Seriously…..ponder those options!

  10. At this point they could go on together without work (although I believe they could benefit from more time together until this relationship stuff gets sorted out better), but I don’t think it will ever be brought up on the show itself, not even at the end. The way the opening credits go, with them walking off together, and as many times as we’ve been shown that image in tons of episode endings, I think when the show finally ends (NO!), they’ll still have their work partnership. But if not, maybe they can open a detective agency together, with Sweets, the squints and Caroline-can you imagine Caroline answering their calls, or Daisy or Fisher for that matter? I’d definitely watch-then we can all meet up again in Sarah’s new “B&B Investigations” blog to squee some more.

  11. I wonder if that is the series ender that HH has in mind. He has mentioned in interviews that he knows how it all ends… and even though something else he said recently alluded to the fact that it has changed a little bit (due to the baby, is my thought), the end of their fieldwork partnership would certainly help bring closure to the series in a satisfying and realistic way.

    • Ride off into the sunset by opening a bar?

      • Note we have not yet seen Founding Fathers this season! I wonder if we’ll get a first glance of it once the baby is born and B&B go out for their first post-baby date to celebrate a case. Aww. That would be sweet!

  12. It might not be severed but it could change. At some point, one or the other might want to withdraw from field work, and there might still be work they could do together. For example, fanfic often has them training other FBI guys and other squints in how to work together. They could write books about it. They could become consultants of some kind in what they do. I suspect that there are many other things they could do together in the work area. Just have to let the mind wander.

  13. If you mean going out in the field together definitely yes. Brennan would still work on the bodies in the lab as needed, but no longer go and chase down criminals with Booth. It’s a dangerous situation at the best of times. Not a good idea to have both parents in a high risk situation on a daily. Plus, as MJ noted Booth could get promoted.

    Their partnership was never just about investigating the crimes. Even if that’s what they tried to tell themselves. It’s always been about them being together in every way that matters and now they are.

  14. I think that if they had to they would. I think they really enjoy working together, and it’s still really important to them, but now it’s not all they have. I think they held onto it so tightly before because they were really scared of not being around each other. They wouldn’t have the partner excuse to justify hugging,going out to dinner,showing up at each other’s houses at midnight and all their other ‘just partners’ stuff.

    Now they would still be together, and come home to each other, so they could handle it. I personally hope we don’t ever see it though. I love them working together and even just seeing Brennan in the field less makes me a little sad.

    • I agree with you. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that their partnership was just a cover for them wanting to spend time with each other, but they did use it to form a surrogate relationship. The work they do together is very important, and they know it. And even the parts of their job that don’t involve the other are important to them, too. I think they have a very strong preference for working together after all these years. When Booth was incapacitated, Perotta was chosen because she had worked with them before, not because they really liked her. They could work with different people, they just wouldn’t have the same dynamic. They have their way of doing things now that took years to cultivate, and they would prefer to keep it that way as possible. And I think because of their success rate, they’ll have a fair amount of say with how they want to exercise their options.

      There have been several periods where things between them have been hostile (moreso at the beginning), uncomfortable, or awkward. Yet, they continue to work together. Yes, Brennan would sometimes go somewhere or take a break, but in their minds they always come back to work with each other. So I don’t know that it’s always about their feelings for one another. They just happen to be very professional and can compartmentalize pretty well so that they can solve murders in spite of however they are feeling. On that note, it would be pretty hard for either of them to fully exercise the silent treatment. I think we’ve already seen that times when they are on time-out from a disagreement they discuss work. I suppose there could be drawbacks to that, but I think it’s good because it makes it harder for them to shut each other out.

      On the issue of both parents being in the field: I think it’s possible that that may not come up in the show. But if we don’t see it by the time the series ends, it could happen after that. In RL, there could be dire outcomes. But if they want to keep the show going, all they have to do is make sure nothing too terrible happens to either of them. Plus, think about the intensity of a dangerous situation involving them!

      • Yes, I wasn’t trying to say that’s the only reason they worked together, but thats part of why it became so important that they continue working together. They are a very good team, and like you said, they compartmentalize well.

        About the both parents being in the field, I agree with you. I hope it doesn’t play a huge role in the show, because them in intense situations-there is simply nothing better. I think if we lose them out in the field altogether, we would lose a big part of the show.

  15. I do think they would miss each other… They are more than partners now but their dynamic does work well. Going back to the beginning of S6 – with a different perspective – I think they both missed one another a lot but just didn’t say it….and that’s not something better left unsaid. I always think of James Carville and Mary Matlin – two vastly different personalities/beliefs that come together and work well. They consult now for so many different political entertainment shows…. Could you just see B&B being media consultants on murder investigations! LOL. Sweets, Angela, Hodgins, and Cam have all had amused reaction shots to B&B when they’re together and “bickering” or hashing out details.

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