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Prince in the Plastic- Post Episode Chat


Same rules apply! Don’t dis any actual person, and no spoilers! πŸ™‚


40 thoughts on “Prince in the Plastic- Post Episode Chat

  1. I loved this episode! Even the Daisy bits. *lol*

  2. A much better episode than last week. Loved the gun battle between Booth and Brennan. It was nice that Brennan bought two guns. She obviously planned to have some fun with Booth. Favorite Boothism: me cop you squint. I’d have wanted to strangle Daisy myself. He had more patience than I would have had.

  3. AHHH this was so awesome! I wish they would have talked about how the victim was abused when she was young and i think it was interesting how the victim sort of resembled both Booth and Brennan. She got abused like Booth and as Booth described it, “she had a tough childhood and tried to become something great” (or something like that) just like Brennan.

    I LOVED the scenes with B&B on the couch. omg that was great how Booth put his arms around Brennan and she leaned in to him all cute. I have no words for this, it was just too great.

    im not sure what to think about Sweets becoming part of the FBI, i think im just too used to him being the baby duck and now hes all grown up!

    Overall i loved this episode and i think Brennan was actually in character this time about the toys and being all squinty with the prince doll and not quite understanding the concept of toys i guess, I say this because i remember that season 3 episode (i think) was it the Mom in the Minivan? or something like that when she took care of Andy and she played with him and the purple elephant and was talking about how elephants aren’t purple and stuff, I just think they go this one right.

    Anyways ok freak out moment over, I dont know how im going to sleep tonight haha.

  4. I LIKED IT!

    I loved both scenes when Booth came home.
    Cuddling on the sofa and Booth having a drink. Practically out of Doris Day movie. Reassuring her that she will be a good mom. (ooooh, thinking about that’s making my eyes water)
    Loved that Brennan was reading about tribal child-rearing practices.
    Loved the B&B’s “gun” battle. There’s that bickering, bantering pair that many have complained we haven’t seen enough of. Love that Brennan bonded w/ baby Michael over the gun.
    Loved when had to pick her up out the chair.
    Brennan being Prince Charmington was hilarious.
    Baby Duck is really growing up — loved when Booth told Sweets he was good enough to have his back. BTW vest Booth — yummy!
    Daisy with Booth was hilarious. Some great Booth looks there.
    Sweets threatening to not let Booth have a man cave if he didn’t get a gun. Loved that Brennan sided with Sweets and that Sweets pleasure with that changed when she said he could draw fire from Booth.
    That nobody could assemble (including the genius squints) that push truck — those Chinese directions were spot on.

    Those are just the quick things. I’ll be back.

  5. I actually loved the Daisy bits! She’s so earnest, even if she is a bit annoying. I loved her suggestion of the murdery double dates to Booth, because I’ve always seen Daisy and Sweets as a B&B lite couple. Also how she wanted to not have any clothes on at the driving range. Of course, I’d be saying that about Booth if I was at the driving range with him and that vest….but that’s another story entirely…

    Oh yeah, the show… πŸ™‚ I love how Angela and Brennan will have these parenting moments together, through it, we see Brennan learning how to enjoy play. Scarred face….priceless.

    Did anyone else yell at DB to look at the road?

    I loved the little B&B moments we are getting. They are like our Founding Fathers, but so initimate and coupley.

    What else…oh yeah, the opening with Sweets was great. Baby Duck!! He tries so hard πŸ™‚ And Brennan suggesting that he could draw fire away from Booth so she won’t be a single parent…great line. It was very clinical, rational Brennan, yet, showed that she is planning on NOT being a single parent because she has Booth! Yayayyayyaayyayyayayy!!!!!!111!! haha

    • I agree, I actually felt quite tolerant towards Daisy today haha, she was a bit annoying sometime but this time she was actually funny in her scenes with David πŸ™‚

      Angela and Brennan: loved it! It was so sweet to “see” Brennan bonding with little michael and watching Angela build that toy was hilarious!

    • I agree with you about Booth as the range master. When I saw him turn around with his clipboard, I said Wow. I also thought it was hilarious that Brennan thought it would ok for Sweets to draw fire away from Booth. Anything to protect her man. Awesome.

  6. I also wanted to add that in that scene when they showed Booth coming home (i think it was the second time?) I almost had a heart attack because just seeing that door made me think of Hannah and its so irrational for me to panic because i know Hannah is NEVER coming back (thank goodness) but it just brought soooo many bad memories from season six. I don’t know if that was just me or not but I just had to get that out there. B&B seriously need to get their own place now lol.

    • I think for a lot of people it’s going to take most of this season of B&B togetherness to compensate for the ghost of Hannah that pops up at unexpected times like a nasty odor.

  7. I loved it!! The B&B scenes were just…awww. Maybe I’ll be capable of rational thought later, but currently I’m squeeing like a crazy person!

    Sweets having a gun and stuff with take some getting used to, but I think it’s being handled pretty well.
    I’ll add more later when I can think straight!

  8. I loved Booth’s irritated attitude towards everyone (*cough* Sweets and Daisy) but Brennan. He’s clearly going to have to adjust to having people other than Brennan out in the field and in the interrogation room with him. The difference is just crazy; he’s obviously more comfortable with Brennan. It’s adorable.
    I liked the domestic scenes with B&B, feels a little more like them than all the cutesy/ coupley stuff we saw in their other relationships.
    So happy that there’s more Brennan-Angela awesomeness.
    I wanted to punch Daisy in the face 90% of the time, but Sweets was just awesome: “Then you’re not getting your man-cave!” Lol.
    And that last scene? Ex-sniper versus Pregnant Brennan? Lol. Loved it. Fantastic.

    Anyone else think that they’re putting the grossness of the remains over the complexity of the case? The rumored serial killer for this season can show up any time now.

    • Speaking of grossness. Why is it that the liquid-y ones seem the absolutely most disgusting? Dry flesh and bone doesn’t bother me.

      • I can handle mostly anything. But the dry flesh and bone don’t really bother me either. People seem to dissect the investigation side of a case a lot, but with all the recent stuff I’ve heard about how Bones is one of the more scientifically accurate shows, I tried to pay more attention to the science. I did and was impressed, and it makes the show that much more cool.

      • While watching the part when they sliced the bottom of the bad with my very squeamish friend I was like “look” and took a bite of my dinner just to make her sick. (I’m like that!). That marked my first time being truly GROSSED OUT by Bones- the nastiness of the second slit made me spit it back out!
        Yes! the are way grosser and less complex and the show seems to be brighter overall. I watched the pilot after PitP. Like two totally different shows.

  9. Another thought: This episode was kind of a good blend of eps 1 and 2. Solid case and solid relationship moments. Good supporting cast moments. Good use of working Emily in with her limited appearances. Light hearted, but a few tender moments.

    Plus, Emily and David having a nerf ball fight. I bet that was fun to film πŸ™‚

  10. Like Dandana said, they really got things right with this one; I loved it! They had a little bit of everything and everyone-and Daisy’s scenes were alternatively teeth-grindingly irritating and hilarious. Loved how Booth let Sweets get his gun regardless of the fact that he wasn’t 100% and Booth’s life may eventually depend on him. I also thought the case was pretty solid, with good participation by Hodgins and Cam. And totally sold on B/B interactions-that kid is 50/50; wonderful, sweet line. The ending? Hardly even miss Founding Fathers!

    • I agree. Who needs the Founding Fathers when we have Booth’s apartment. Love the scene when Brennan said she would dissect a frog with her daughter. Booth was being supportive; but, the look he flashed her told me he didn’t plan to be around the house the day that happens.

      • i cant just imagine him going out with sweets when it happens, or just trying really hard not to look while Brennan and Baby Booth are being all squinty ❀

  11. I loved it! Man, when we get lucky we get lucky! Two scenes of Booth coming home to Brennan. Cuddling and a “gun fight”.
    I actually loved Daisy for all of it. But then, I never hated her. I’ve always loved to see the others being annoyed by her. We hardly ever saw Booth and Daisy together, and they interacted just like I guessed they would. But yeah, you could tell he’d rather have his partner.
    Which reminds me, I liked B&B during their first interview with the guy at Dillio’s when Booth backed Brennan up on something she said to the guy and she said “Thanks, Booth.”

    • The best part about Booth coming home to Brennan is that he can really tell her about his day. Contrast that to when he was dating Tessa (yes, I took it way back) and they had that scene with them eating dinner silently. And while them being able to talk about their day and whether they’ve been affected has always been something that they’ve done, I’m just really happy that they still do it. And can cuddle now. *Squee*

  12. They got pretty much everything right in this episode. Booth getting comfortable with Sweets in the field and putting up with Daisy. Sweets and Daisy both growing up a bit but yet still showing their immaturity at times. Booth and Brennan both being all business most of the time but being able to have fun at the end, especially Brennan being able to let loose a little. Loved her Prince Charmington imitation — even though she was unfamiliar with the doll she had enough creativity to pretend with it. She is going to be a great mom. Loved that there was no question they would be together throughout their daughter’s childhood. She seems so much more comfortable and happy with her life now.

  13. Good episode, I enjoyed it much more than last week. B&B are SOoooo happy and everyone seems to be in a good place….. I’m kind of nervous for the second part of S7. I feel things are going to get a little more intense post-baby. That’s bound to happen. Until then though, gosh it’s hard not to feel all warm and fuzzy inside! Booth at a gun range = HAWT!!!! Oh, boy. I give mad props to Sweets because baby duck handled himself pretty well in that range test. Gotta give it the squints, they don’t do anything half-assed. Again though, I feel like there might be a real serious moment where Sweets really will need to have Booth’s back. Why else is being armed, right? Is it just for this episode? Hmmmm….

    It was SO AWESOME to see Booth coming home to his Bones, wasn’t it?! That’s a happy, fun, supportive nest they have there, isn’t it? Aww. Who needs Founding Fathers when you can be home and all snuggled in and playing with toy guns! B&B love their gun play! Don’t get me wrong, I think we WILL see Founding Fathers and a celebratory drink again and FF were good times but this is GOOD STUFF!

    Good stuff: Domestic B&B…. Range Master Booth…. Brennan playing with a doll….”Agent Booth” and Squint Daisy – ha!

    Stuff that annoyed me – Angela putting together a toy in her office. Really? Really! I get that the idea they couldn’t put it together is amusing but that just would not happne in a professional setting. Sorry. I know, I know, it’s probably just me. I could have done without that.

  14. After Brennan gave us a glimpse into their future, family frog dissections!, does anyone think Booth will need to institute a rule about kitchen supplies that need to be used for food only in the Brennan Booth household? I have visions of a very curious and sporty little girl y’all. Playing with her friend Michael, maybe play t-ball, collecting tad poles, playing in her tree house, maybe have a telescope. When she gets a little older, a member of her mathlete club and playing field hockey. She’s gonna love and adore her parents. Right?! I mean she just got to! They are AWESOME! I know, they are not real but it’s just so fun to imagine.

    • In answer to your first question, I don’t think so. Brennan seems like the type to have a place for everything and keep everything in its place. But I can see Booth wanting to make sure things are organized in such a way so he knows what to avoid or not touch.

      Also, yes, their daughter will love her awesome, not real parents. She will certainly be unique, and probably very well-rounded.

  15. I got a MEGA kick out of the autopsy of Prince Charmington. They would.

    And yes, would notice those shoulders and narrow waist at any angle from a MILE away.

    Booth shutting Daisy DOWN was great. No one has really stood up to her like that, though Cam has come close. It didn’t exactly work, but A for effort. Loved those two working together.
    “Me cop. You squint.”
    “Permission to squint!?”

    I want to watch ALL of the gun range scenes again. And again. And maybe again! There is something about a guy whipping out a pistol and hitting the target that just gets me. Not to the same level as Booth, but DAYUM JFD!!! I still can’t get over the fact that Sweets has a gun… but I think it will lead to something at least hilarious in the future.

    I adore any scene with TJ Thyne and Tamara Taylor together. I get the idea that Cam laughing at Angela behind Hodgins was just a BIT too genuine! And I LOVE it.

    However many times I end up watching the gun range scenes, I will watch the foam ball gun fight twice as many times. How did they get through that scene without laughing hysterically?? How did they even read that scene the first time without laughing hysterically?

    Best. Show. Ever.

  16. Loved, loved, loved this episode. So much better than last week. The scenes between B&B at home and how comfortable they are with each other were adorable. Baby duck is all grown up and he has a “piece” now πŸ™‚ The scenes with Daisy and Booth were actually pretty funny, I guess we’ll keep her for now. Brennan and Angela’s bonding was really nice to see, baby Michael is just too cute for words. And last but not least Booth wearing that red vest at the range dear Lord help, I died and went to heaven πŸ˜‰ I’ll be watching again in the morning when I get home from work.

  17. I forgot to mention, did anybody notice Booth’s face when Brennan was talking about dissecting a frog with their daughter? Priceless!!!!

  18. Just watched it again: still great!

  19. I truly enjoyed this episode. Definitely helps me feel better after last week’s. Brennan was a more normal person…she wasn’t sure about “play”, but her efforts were adorable, and then by the end, she was attacking Booth with a nerf gun. It wasn’t a heavy-handed, “Oh Brennan needs to learn a valuable lesson”, type of show. I thought it was all really natural and just flowed well. This is the Brennan I want to see! And Booth in the vest too. We may need to do a scene study on the vest. Keepers of the Cocky, we also need to include keeping our eye out for the red vest πŸ™‚

    • Just thinking it’s a shame that Brennan wasn’t at the range because that pretty much excludes a scene study-but maybe just this time? Pretty please? (Lots of pics, including the behind the scenes one!) I swear, TPTB must go out of their way to put DB in the most sqee-inducing outfits-must be a fangirl hiding in there.

      • I second that! I think a scene study of Range Master Booth and Sweets should be our early Christmas present.

  20. Can I just say I love Booth and Brennan’s level of confidence in each other and their relationship? Sure, we see them and will probably continue to see some of their insecurities of becoming a parent. Brennan knows Booth is not his father, and Booth knows Brennan is going to be a great mom. Which incidentally, are the same words he told Brennan before he went into surgery at the end of season 4.

    Sidenote: I know there was much debate on last week’s episode. Having so many different writers for Bones has its pros and cons. If you don’t like an episode, chances are you’ll like the next one better.

  21. Hi hi! πŸ˜€ So glad it’s Bones-day πŸ˜€ My thoughts are everywhere today so just gonna dump random thoughts here πŸ˜€

    So as soon as it was clear that the remains were in plastic….I was like “uh oh…this is going to be revolting”…and it was. What’s with BONES bodies nowadays upping the “ick factor” every episode? Or maybe it’s just me.

    Brennan playing with that Prince Charmington doll = priceless! What baby wouldn’t LOVE THAT!?!? (no seriously..I mean it. I’m pretty sure babies won’t understand the gruesome details anyway…the way she’s playing, any baby would’ve been amused!! Right?!) And besides, her “scientific playtime” with baby Andy back in the day proved pretty effective (“PHALANGES!!”).

    Brennan: By the way, you’ve got a little….sword…in your hair… (ahahahahaha)
    Lawrence: did I get it?
    B&B: *simultaneously while shaking their heads* no…. (AWWWWWWWWWWWW HAHAHAHAHA)

    Booth lifting Brennan from the tiny chair. Did anyone else flashback to “The Girl With The Curl”??? Awww.

    Don’t stone me, but I’m actually liking Daisy in this episode. And Hodgin’s forehead nudge did help a lot!!! πŸ˜€ The amazing thing is that Daisy and Booth does have an interesting dynamic. Annoyed Booth is funny FUNNY FUNNY!!! “I cop, you squint”….”Permission to squint Agent Booth”…”squint away”..*I JUST DIED LAUGHING*

    Wow!!! Can I just say, this is the first time we’ve ever seen Booth come home to Brennan!!!! *EXCITEMENT SQUEE* They’re so natural. It’s like watching a couple of 10 years talk (well, more like 7 years but you catch my drift). “Her calcaneus is currently kicking my spleen” LOL Oh, and I am SOOOOO psyched that Brennan wants to dissect a frog with her daughter. It’s something I plan to do with my child(ren) because it was one of my fondest memories of my childhood with my dad. What a touching scene!! πŸ˜€

    Hodgins and Angela assembling the Baby Walker. LOL!!!

    Can’t believe Sweets shot himself (OK OK…it was a ricochet but still)….and did he just use that fact to intimidate a suspect? The baby duck is growing up!! XD

    Who else wants to go to a toy shop and boy a toy gun now? ^^

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