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Scene Study: The Finder- It Sure Is Magicky


Good morning, and Happy BONES day! You may or may not be tired of me making confessions, but well, that’s just how it’s rolling between BONES and me these days!

I don’t think I mentioned it here yet, but I realized after re-watching the S7 premiere that watching it originally and watching episode 2 immediately after it didn’t do me any favors in terms of the premiere. So I was perhaps a little harsher toward the premiere than I should have been–my view was clouded by my disgust level for S7E2. So another one of those “I stand corrected” moments! C’est la vie.

The grande point is that tonight’s a new night, a new BONES episode, and I’m prepared to love it and call it on crap, both if necessary! Haha. PS (though technically this post hasn’t even started!), I’ll open another post tonight at 10EST for chatting if you’re so inclined!

But enough chit-chat…let’s get to today’s Scene Study.

I thought of this scene while chatting with bbmagic the other day about Booth’s general hotness (we have incredibly sophisticated chats. “He is so hot”. “Yes, seriously dreamy. I love his fingertips.” Haha!), and one of us mentioned this end scene of The Finder (I find it ironic that one of my fave B&B scenes is during what I would consider a non-official Bones ep!) and Booth and Brennan BOTH–how awesome they looked. I realized I had never done a scene study on it, and that just seemed like a shame. So without further ado, let’s discuss!

First of all, this pic here first is NOT part of the end scene. No, it’s just B&B looking nice, randomly walking down the street together at night. Looking gorgeous. At night. Together. For no reason.

I remember after this ep aired, pal ChoeBe declared that B&B were def on a date at the end of this episode (like a lot of us declared haha), but she also declared that this scene was B&B ALSO on a date, and I tend to agree. When else have we really seen them just hanging out like this, for non-case related reasons?  Of course this was interrupted with a moving van drop-off of a murderer, but still…that was after the fact that they were already on a DATE. TOGETHER. AT NIGHT. LOOKING GORGEOUS!

Ah, I will drink to that. And B&B drink to that (or something like that) at the end of this episode. Are you ready? Oh gosh, I am so ready to discusssssssss!

“Told ya, Bones,” Booth declares. “Finder power.”

“There’s a rational explanation for his abilities,” Brennan asserts. “It’s not magic.”

“Maybe not, but it sure is magicky,” Booth decides as he does this cute little spin the medal around his fingers trick.

I remember an interview that (I think) Kristin Dos Santos did (before her last name was Dos Santos, so sometime around season three?) and she interviewed David Boreanaz in person, and one of her opening comments was “his biceps are ridiculous”. Ha! And yes, KDS…so, so true.

Is she staring at his body? Is she staring at her medal?

Hmmm…could go either way, really.

“What do you call my amazing abilities behind my back?” Brennan asks, and I must say–this is a little flirty, right? Very Brennan flirty, which is awesome.

“Yours would be a rigorous application of training,” Booth tells her, and she smiles at him.

“With an intense attention to detail,” he continues, and she smiles again. She is lovely, of course, but also we can sort of see the smile on Booth’s face. You know, the dimpled one with the crinkly eyes? Yes, she is getting charm-smiled, ladies and gents.

“Cheers,” Brennan says and they clink drinks. I love the way Booth totally keeps his eyes right on her as they drink. At that point in the season, it was like Evian in the desert to see them actually making meaningful and smiling eye contact. So totally a date!

B&B have always been attracted to one another, and there is just something awesome about the moment when they realize that they don’t have to hide that attraction any longer.

“I think Walter did look the other way– the day that Parker was born,” Brennan tells Booth, referring to an earlier conversation they had where Booth explained that Walter should have looked the other way as a human being, when Booth was holding Parker after he was born.

Booth is not seeing it. Ha!

“Seriously,” he says. “Looked the other way. He handcuffed me in front of my newborn son.”

“A newborn can see, at best,” Brennan argues. “Only between 8 and 15 inches”.

HAHAHA, I love this look on Booth’s face. It’s like, “Could you stop with the rigorous attention to detail please?”

Trust us, Booth, you like watching her do the math. We promise.

“Parker probably wouldn’t remember anyway,” she tells him. “But more importantly, Walter waited until you had a chance to hold your newborn son before he arrested you.”

Not to get all fan-fiction-y on you, but don’t you think he loses himself in her clear blue eyes sometimes? Haha…remember that ep in season five (I think?!?- someone help a blogger out in the comments, por favor! ) where Booth asks why exactly he likes having her around, and she tells him it’s because she always tells him the truth. And he replies that it’s true–he doesn’t know why, but her truth does make him feel better. I have to laugh at this moment too, because she’s totally telling him the truth, and he knows it, but he doesn’t necessarily like it. But she still tells it.

“You know, I don’t like the son of a bitch,” he decides.  “And you…” he begins, and in my opinion, his voice takes on that same sweet, breathy tone it does when, in Fire in the Ice, he tells her that she’s ice skating with him because he has a concussion, and “who better to keep me company…than you?” and we all die a little inside.

Sidenote: Is it weird that I get a little squee-y whenever Ben Franklin (here in bust form) appears in BONES eps, at Founding Fathers? I hope not, because it does happen. 😀 It’s like he represents fate or “casting bait” or whatever that Margaret Goop on the Girl quote is.

“Here you go,” he smiles as he puts her medal around her neck. “And you can’t make me. Cheers,” he says and they both smile.

There is something about this scene (when I watched it this go-around) that immediately reminded me of the commentary from Two Bodies in the Lab-Season One. If you haven’t seen that ep with the ED & DB commentary, I highly recommend.

But there is the great scene where Brennan is enamored with David, the online dating guy, and Booth is getting all prickly about it (under the guise that he’s a suspect, but really because, you know…he’s in the same room as Brennan). And on the commentary (i think), DB declares that Booth is a little jealous. ED sort of laughed, surprised, and says “really?” and DB is like “Yeah, that’s his girl” in this way I’ve always loved–that DB totally ships B&B, basically. Here’s the scene I’m talking about (so, a little scene within a scene study, haha)



I’m sensing a Two Bodies in the Lab scene study in our future!

Okay, back to this episode. B&B are smiling to one another and drinking beer and looking gorgeous, and yes, the biceps. (side note: I am sure I’m the only one, but v-necks on guys just make me gag. I know a LOT of people love DB in the V, but I am not one of those people. Having said that, my usual gag reaction is tempered considerably, which tells me just how hot he does look. Ha!)

“Cheers to that,” Booth declares.

“Fair enough,” Brennan concedes and laughs.

“Right?” Booth brags. “Got your medal back.” I love that he’s taking credit for it.

And as the episode ends, we sort of hear him talk about it. “Just remember,” he insists and points to her medal and then to himself as if to assert that he did all the awesome work.

She says something to him, I assume something challenging and flirty, because he just looks at her, and then he smiles at her. Guh.

Oh, there's magic. Magicky magic.


They made out that night, right?

I mean, there is just no way they didn’t. Don’t you think that between Blackout in the Blizzard and Hole in the Heart they at least kissed a couple of times? How in the heck do they end this night without a little flirting against her front door, right? Come on…COME ON, right?!? I just believe it, and so therefore it is true.

Today at least, haha.

Okay, enough from me…thoughts from you?

Peace, Love & Bones,



43 thoughts on “Scene Study: The Finder- It Sure Is Magicky

  1. 1. Body language-they are sitting thisclose together, facing each other, no table between them 🙂

    2. Brennan’s shirt-um…yeah, that’s not a case solving shirt my friends!

    3. Booth’s shirt-biceps, indeed 🙂 It doesn’t really matter to me what kind of shirt he wears though: v-neck, white polo, GREY SWEATER, dress shirt (with tie and holster natch), leather jacket, Philly t-shirt, no shirt at all…its ALL good.

    4. This scene study may actually cause me to re-watch–portions of–the finder ep. Because while Walter’s connection to Booth (and then the case) was far-fetched and quite frankly, odd with the whole Parker thing….there were some lovely B&B moments that were definitely magic.

    5. Question: Is what they are doing explicit dating between them, or completely subconcious? Because I’ve been thinking that they were basically keeping the same ol’ distance thing between them until HitH changed everything….but this scene study is making me rethink that. Were they actually dating?

    6. I love the conversations you have with bbmagic. They seem entirely normal to me. It kind of sounds like me watching either Bones (DB) or The Sing-Off (Nick Lachey). Whoever watches these shows with me will hear the same type of comments. 🙂
    (Yes, apparently I have a type–dark hair, muscles, adorbs grin. Except Nick can sing. Sorry DB! Still love you! haha)

  2. 1. How Angel-y is he in that first shot? Black long jacket…nancy-boy hair gel. Awesome.

    2. Blind Fox for Brennan? Heh.

    3. Magicky? Joss Whedon shout-out

    4. His biceps + her cleveage = how on earth did they wait until the end of S6?

  3. Ok, to answer your question: The Dwarf In The Dirt
    Booth: Remind me again how great I feel after talking to you.
    Brennan: Who else would always tell you the truth?
    Booth: Yeah. You know that does make me feel better. It makes no rational sense, but it does.

    I’m with you, I believe they’re on a date too. I just love how comfortable they are together and how relaxed they are. Season six was so tense for them (and us) so this episode was just a relief. They were happy and we were happy. I could have used a little less Walter; but, at his point in the series, I was willing to put up with someone like Walter to get a happy B&B.

    I just love how Booth tells Brennan that he doesn’t like Walter and Brennan can’t make him. It just speaks to me that he does love her and her opinion matters a lot to him; but, in this case, even her influence doesn’t matter. It just seems Boothy to me.

    Oh, I also love it when Booth is trying to keep Brennan from watching David walk down the hallway (Two Bodies in the Lab). Wow, talk about jealous insecurities. His look of annoyance is so cute.

  4. I am basically convinced that they were Dating (But Not Really Dating But Still Totally Dating) from the end of 6×16 onwards. Unfortunately I think it was the PTB’s intention that that remains open to interpretation, so I guess it’s going to be all about the head canon! The image of them ending the night “with a little flirting against her front door” pretty much slayed me.

  5. It just occurred to me – their body language strikes a dramatic contrast to ‘Daredevil in the Mold’, when they were sitting against the bar side-by-side and not facing each other and we cried.

  6. This scene was the first time all last season that I truly felt something ‘magicky’ between B&B. I mean, in Blackout – something has happening, but it was initiated by Brennan and Booth was just kind of thrown off guard and gobsmacked. But this – this feels right. Total date.

    1. Emily looks absolutely gorgeous in this episode. I mean, she’s always pretty, but she looks downright hot here. To my knowledge, the only times she’s ever worn anything sleeveless were for Jeffersonian functions and for Angela’s wedding. And who dresses like that unless they’re out on a date? I mean really. This is so a date. They are so comfortable with each other. This scene – YES!!!

    2. Booth in black. Sluurrrrrrrrrrp. FWIW, I didn’t notice until this scene study that he was wearing a V-neck. Too distracted by DB’s ridiculous biceps.

    3. But I think my favorite part of this scene is the last screen shot you put up – as the camera pans out and you see Booth flash his big old Boothy flirty smile. It was nice to see that Booth back again. He hadn’t been around in AGES. And I agree with you. They had to have some kissing action when he dropped her off. I just refuse to believe it’s possible that they did not kiss each other? So if you say it happened, let it be so. 😛

  7. First off, I hated The Finder and won’t watch the series. Seriously, if I wanted to see a man on the toilet with the door open, I’d have stayed married. (Yes, I’m recycling my Twitter jokes.)

    But I *did* love the B&B stuff in The Finder. And, to give him his props, I adored Walter’s remark about how sometimes the best part of what he finds isn’t what he was looking for. But, that may be because of Brennan’s emotional moment with the newspaper clipping so don’t hold it against me.

    I remember watching this episode, however, and YELLING at the TV – They’re on a date! Boobs, tight black shirt – they’re showing off their assets to each other! And, wow, is she pretty. I mean, just . . . wow, she’s pretty.

  8. One point about TBiL and it’s connection to that scene: Brennan is no way enamored by Walter in The Finder. In fact, this is one of those occasions when an attractive guy hits on her and she does not react in the way we’ve seen her react before. While she and Booth may or may not be on a date, the world is righting itself in the Bones Universe with this episode (and others, post-Hannah), Brennan clearly is not interested in Walter; she’s with Booth. She’s fascinated by Walter but she does become a bit offended by Booth’s suggestion that Walter might have a chance with her. Yes, she’s probably grateful to Walter for the return of the medal and the newspaper article, and she’ll even try to rationalize for Booth the whole arrest thing, but she’s not smitten by Walter. That’s a nuance in the episode that says something about where Brennan is and what she’s willing to forego for Booth. That’s magicky.

    • Roxane, I think Booth was just playing Walter when he said Brennan might be interested. When she hit Booth’s arm, Booth put his hands in front of his face and told her he was sorry. I thought it was a cute scene. I didn’t take it that she actually took Booth’s statement seriously. If anything they may have already been dating by now and she knew he wasn’t serious. She just hit him to let him know she didn’t like that kind of playing around. Of course, this just my interpretation of the whole scene and I could be wrong.

      • Oh, I think he was playing him, too, but Brennan did react to that. And while this sometimes seems to be a Booth-centric group, I think Brennan’s demeanor deserves some recognition for what it is. Her reactions are all more consistent with a woman who isn’t looking for the next pretty face. (I really don’t think they were dating– I think they were more comfortable with one another and had dropped the pretense of being “just partners” because they both knew it was going to go in a different direction. Until we see otherwise, I can’t see them officially dating although it does make everything that happens in that scene and later make sense. But if they aren’t dating officially, it means that Brennan may have “committed” herself.)

      • I don’t Brennan was “committed” to Booth in the typical sense, but I think she was committed to the idea of wanting to try to be with Booth. She didn’t seem to be “on the market” and she stayed close to Booth. So technically, she was a single woman with options, but I think at this point she only had eyes for Booth.

  9. How they didn’t get it on for 6 years is amazing but HOW they didn’t ravage each other after BITB where they openly admitt their attraction is down right craaaazy! Things had/did change between them after BITB, right? I mean they basically promised that that they would give it a try between them when the time was right. Soooo… would think that there was a little voice in their heads that wondered…is it now?….hmmm….is he/she flirting?….He/she wouldn’t mind if I kissed him/her right now, right? I’d like to think they moved into “partners with potential” category after BITB. In Killer in the Crosshairs, Booth totally went looking for Brennan on that run – and that was before the talk in BITB! He totally wanted to spend time with her – I LOVED how Caroline called him out in Killer on that! Anyway, back to the Finder episode, did they make out after this drink? Hmmm…I don’t know. I think once they went there, there would be no stopping so I think a kiss/make-out was going to lead to more and they both knew that and after waiting as long as they did…. We don’t know how things lead up to the deal being sealed in HITH but I kind of think there were no words exchanged there. Once they kissed, that damn broke, baby.

    • I’m with you. I don’t think they kissed until HitH, and once they did… well we all know what happened! 🙂 I just don’t think that they could’ve kissed before that and not wound up sleeping together. They’d waited too long to stop once they’d started!

      • Didn’t Sweets say that the dam would break when they kissed? Granted, this would have been at a pretty emotional time for them.

    • Hm…perhaps we need a scene study on that jogging scene… 🙂 Booth is just so adorable puppy!

      • I just lo-ooooooooove the jogging scene too.

        When Booth says, “It’s war,” you know he’s totally really saying “It’s you.”

        Sheesh, I’ve got to go open another window. ;-D….

      • Can I join in on the love for the jogging scene?

        One of the things I actually love about it most is that shot before Booth shows up, where Brennan is literally sprinting through the park – racing past everyone else, striding ahead with such strength. It’s just so Brennan to not even do running by halves you know?

        As she tells Booth, she throws herself into things and has stamina 🙂

    • I also agree that they didn’t kiss until HitH. Only because Brennan’s reaction/when she told Angela was played out so that it was a BIG DEAL. I mean, of course it was! But she acted more like it came out of no where, not that they had already been making out for 5 weeks and it was bound to happen at some point.
      I’m with Sweets on this one, one kiss and the dam burst. I wouldn’t want it any other way!

  10. It’s interesting because it never even occurred to me that they were on a date that night – and I still don’t think they were, especially not consciously.

    I didn’t really pick up on a hugely different vibe to the many other nights they’ve spent in the FF after a case – for instance, that night when Booth wished her happiness – (friendship, love, purpose and a dance) if you watched that scene and had never seen Bones before, you’d think that was a date. So, I guess it’s not the content that makes this different, but the context. Put in the context of the discussions they’d had at that point, the audience knew they had finally voiced their desires to each other and so it seems different, although it’s not really.

    I wish I could be as excited about the scene content as other’s are, but I guess this one just didn’t speak to me as loudly as other end scenes do. (Santa still screams ‘I love and adore you and it’s written all over my face’ louder than all the others for me 🙂 )

    Regarding whether they kissed at the end of this night – I’m kind of aghast at the possibility haha. I think if there is one thing B&B have in spades, it’s self restraint and I think they continued to exercise it until HitH. Indeed, had it not been for VNM dying, I think it could have been a good while before they actually moved things forward.

    One of the key aspects of that scene in HitH for me is that despite the closeness they’d been inching back towards, they were still in the place where it was understood that Brennan would sleep on the couch if she stayed at Booth’s. A couple who were kind of seeing each other would sleep in the same bed I think, because they’d have stepped into a relationship of sorts where seeking comfort is allowed and expected, but crucially, they were still in that limbo place. It was specifically the death of Vincent that changed that and pushed them over into the new place. I don’t think they were as close to it as it looks they were in this scene in the Finder. I think knowing where we end up, changed how we retrospectively view that scene.

    (I wish I could make those fun annotated pics people make for Tumblr. If I could, I’d make one that had the shot of Booth standing in his bedroom doorway with that small smile on his face after saying ‘Goodnight Bones’ and write ‘You’re gonna get laid’ over it in a sing-songy tone. Sometimes the most inappropriate and immature things make me laugh)

    • Sophia, I don’t know about others; but, for me a date doesn’t automatically mean an jump in the hay. I think by this time, they could have been dating with restraint. They were still coming to grips with their feeling and their past so they weren’t about to rush into anything (especially Booth). I thought it was a date the first time I saw this scene; but, more a “friends trying to see it it is possiible to be more” date. (If that makes sense.)

      • Hi Lenora, maybe it’s a cultural thing, because ‘dating’ really isn’t prevalent in the UK – it’s hard to explain, and I certainly don’t mean that because they weren’t sleeping together there wasn’t significance to their actions, but I just think they were still firmly in the ‘friend and partner’ zone right up until HitH – that’s what makes HitH such a powerful break through as they finally realised that life was too short to wait any longer.

        There might have been more of a flirty undercurrent to their interactions at this point, but as in so many of their interactions, I don’t think it was conscious.

        I’m a huge romantic, but it always makes me cringe when people talk about seeing ‘Booth and Brennan going on their first date’ as a milestone for instance, because to me they’ve been doing that for years.

    • Sophia, I agree with you.

      While I like the biceps ;-O… I didn’t find this scene as magicky as some others did. And, it may have felt date-y, but I don’t think it ended with any kissing. There’s the separate beds thing in HitH, and I’m with those who think that even a little kiss was lighting a very short fuse. Once lips met lips there would be no stopping them.

      They were just inching back to each other at this point. VNM’s death shoved them across the remaining space.

      I also agree that that Tumblr thing would be great. One of DB’s most amazing looks is that teeny tiny crooked smile. It’s barely there, but it just screams volumes. Some examples for your daydreaming pleasure: the end scene in HitH when Brennan takes his arm. In s7e1, when she makes the comment about being awash in hormones. Imagine your own choices too, people. I have to go open a window.

    • This scene sort of cuts both ways because I don’t think anything physical happened either until TBitB. One kiss and it would have been all over. Yet Booth and Brennan are not dressed in work clothes and are definitely in ‘date’ wear. So this wasn’t simply an end of the case, let’s get a drink moment. They dressed up specially, presumably for each other. That is a big step forward but not quite to the grab and strip moment. I could see Booth taking Brennan’s hand at her door like he did in the airport and kissing it lightly before leaving.

  11. You know, DB should really come with a warning label: View with caution in a well-ventilated space. Do not use sharp objects or drive vehicle while viewing. Viewing may lead to fever, excessive salivation (that is so-o how Brennan would say drool), heart palpitations, dizziness and fainting, goofy grins, facial redness or other manifestations of arousal. Take extra precautions when tiny crooked smile or charm smile are present. Effects of shirtlessness have not yet been determined, but caution should be exercised when this condition is present.

  12. I think we’re all defining “date” differently.

    Did they go from here straight back to one or the other’s apartment and have sex? I’m gonna go out on a limb and say no. (Dammit) But sex does not a date make, either.

    IMO, this scene is all about an evening out, just the two of them. They each obviously put some effort into their appearance, i.e., Brennan’s neckline, pretty makeup, soft shiny hair, Booth’s form fitting tshirt, showing off the guns and he knows how good he looks in black. They’re having a ‘moment’ – Brennan brought the medal Walter found for her, the one Booth already knew about. There’s a whole bar full of people but they’re both totally focused on the other, not casually looking around.

    I would bet at the end of this evening out, Brennan gets into another one of those damn cabs and goes home alone, with no kisses at the door. But for me, that doesn’t make this any less of a date night for them. A night planned ahead of time, prepared for ahead of time, for just the two of them. In my book, that’s a date.

    Not the only kind of date, obviously, but a date nonetheless, a tiny step forward in their relationship.

    • I’ll concede the point including the cab, but I don’t concede the point about being rational … Oops! Gotta stop channeling Brennan. 😉

      • I think I need to watch the scene again (oh dear, more Bones) because I’m missing what other’s are picking up on (and normally, I’m the one reading more into stuff than necessary!)

        I just didn’t see this particular night as that different to the many many (many…I got so bored with FF final scenes in season 6) other evenings they’d spent there. I didn’t think it unusual that they walked there together and I didn’t necessarily see evidence of forward planning / thinking. Their convo was sweet and they looked great, but these aren’t singular occurances in the Bones universe.

        I totally agree on the Brennan-gets-in-a-cab-alone-while-Booth-watches ending to the evening btw 🙂

        ps: It goes without saying, but the mere thought of a date with Booth? = Serious swoonage.

    • What really gets me is how they’re dressed and how much effort they put into looking good just to hang out. If they were just friends as before, they wouldn’t have looked and smelled (I could tell) so good. It’s like they were reinforcing the idea of not looking anywhere else. Before, they were “friends with a possibility for more.” At this point, they were “friends with *intentions* for more.” I think that is a significant difference. Their feelings hadn’t really gone anywhere, and that’s kind of what makes it the same as many of their previous interactions. It’s still not dating in the traditional sense, though. And it’s not like a big step toward them getting together as when they burned their dates. Like others said, their hopes of becoming more someday were out in the open at this point. Maybe it wasn’t their first time being flirty, but it had been a long time since they had been. And I do think they were still exercising self-restraint and were mostly friendly at that time.

      • In general, Booth and Brennan are attractive people, and it’s not like we never see them look good together. But in this scene, I felt more of the “wanting to appear attractive to the other person” vibe.

      • That’s what I got from their appearance, too. Just a little bit more than the usual “I’m attractive and I always look good” sort of thing.

        I have a guy best friend and when it’s just us, I don’t deliberately dress to focus his attention on me. Because we’re just buddies and not going there.

        Booth and Brennan *are* going there, and they both know it by the time of this little evening out. Not that night, but they know it’s gonna happen.

      • Understatement of the day award goes to C-bones for
        “In general, Booth and Brennan are attractive people….”

      • Haha. Thank you, thank you. Is there any money for this award? But I’m actually not one to drool or swoon over Booth/DB – except in a black top or shirtless. 🙂

  13. When did we last see Brennan in a dress this attractive without a damn trenchcoat over it?

    • What I tell myself is that Emily gets cold very easily. I have seen in BTS shots where not only Emily but other cast members are wearing coats while they are on a filming break.

  14. Great scene. Great biceps. Give me a second I need to drool a bit. *long pause* Okay, I am back. I don’t know if I would call it an intentional date. The problem is as was pointed out if you just saw certain end scenes in earlier seasons you might think they were dating. They’ve unofficially been dating (off and on) for years. It may not be an official date. But to me an official date would like very much the same as this scene. I suppose this scene could look different if it were an official date. Would they be closer? Yeah, that seems to be the only question I got. I mean I don’t know what else to ask. I suppose, would their dress be even more different than this? Would this scene still have happened in the Founding Fathers? Essentially, what does a date date look like between Booth and Bones? Does it really matter?

    • Does it really matter?

      No, I don’t think it matters if it was a date or not. However, I think it matters that they were taking their time to re-establish their friendship before going for something romantic.

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