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Morning After Q: What If You Had One Minute of Brennan’s Time?


Good morning!

I have to say that it was kind of hard to come up with a Q for this week beyond “That’s more like it, right?” and “Is that a huge sigh of relief I just heard?”, haha (feel free to answer those if you wish). But I wanted something a little more specific to the episode.

I laughed when Brennan told Daisy she had one minute of her time and attention, and it made me wonder what I would say to Brennan if I had one moment of her time. How about you?

Did you like this episode? What worked or didn’t work for you? Is there a tiny part of you that might (just for horror curiosity sake) like to see a Brennan & Booth, Sweets & Daisy murder solving double date?Β 

Are you cautiously optimistic like me?

Let’s discuss!

Peace, Love & Bones,



69 thoughts on “Morning After Q: What If You Had One Minute of Brennan’s Time?

  1. I’m not sure if I would have anything to say that would be interesting to Brennan. I’m a little on the boring side. That said. I would probably ask her what she is going to name her baby. On the other hand, if I had a minute to talk to Booth, I would ask him why he hates clowns or just stand there and gawk and him and miss my chance to say anything.

    A B&B and Sweets/Daisy murder date. I’ll take the look on Booth face as my answer.

    I loved the episode last night for so many reasons:

    1. Brennan telling Sweets she approved of his getting a gun so he can keep her from being a single parent, the look on Sweets face was really funny

    2. Brennan playing with Prince Charmington. The looks Angela gave her were so funny. I would have liked to have seen Booth’s reaction though. It would have been hysterical.

    3. Booth and Brennan bickering about bears

    4. Booth as range master – Wow

    5. Booth and Daisy in the car: I thought Booth was going to wreck the car trying to get Daisy to stop talking

    6. Booth and Brennan talking on the couch

    7. Nerf war – Awesome

    After watching this episode I now know why Booth never partnered up before he hooked up Brennan. You could just see he wanted to smack both Sweets and Daisy when they kept interrupting his interviews with suspects. Hilarious.

    Oh and even though Daisy bugs the stuff out of me, you have to give her props for defending Sweets with Cam, “You don’t get stitches for a scratch”. She was pretty fierce there.

    • Maybe Brennan knows why Booth hates clowns.

      • This is something I would also like to know. Was it an incident in his childhood? Was it horrifying or just a silly thing that freaked out a little boy? Since clowns and killing people seem to be the two things that really freak Booth out and we know about the second, it would be fun to get some more info on the reasons for the first.

      • Angelena, Ok, I never thought of that. I feel a story coming on. I’ll have to think about it.

  2. I am not cautiously optimisitic. I am unabashedly optimistic, but I haven’t stopped being so since the end of Season 6. I would love to see a murder-solving double date. Perhaps they would all find themselves on a farm, and Daisy and Sweets would happen upon a well. Daisy would peer into it, lose her footing and fall into it. Sweets would fall in after her, and B/B would have another mystery to solve.

    As for what I would ask Brennan, anything sciency I would ask would be way over my head. I think I’d just ask her what she was thinking with the bangs last year.

    • I guess I am the only one that liked her in bangs.

      • I don’t think it was the bangs that were the problem, it’s how they were styled. Emily herself seemed to wear them pretty well, but however they styled them for Brennan was always a hit-or-miss for me. Because sometimes they did look nice, and I liked them even better in the latter half of the season. But I definitely like her hair now.

      • I LOVED the bangs on Emily but it wasn’t the right style for Brennan. While watching other seasons then season 6, with all of her other character traits being “off” the bangs made her look & feel like a whole different character. But again, LOVED the bangs on ED (she looked even more like Zooey)!!!

      • No it’s not just you – I liked them too. I thought they were really flattering to her face and softened her rather heavy jawline. (Ducks the missiles)

      • I did too, I thought she looked beautiful in bangs.

  3. Sarah, just a thought; but, if you want to post a picture of Booth in his red master vest, I’m pretty sure most of us would be pretty happy. I could use new Wallpaper on my PC and you do a great job of doing screen shots. Hinit Hint Hint Hint

  4. If a I had a moment of Brennan’s time I’d probably want to ask her what she wrote and to whom she wrote it when she was trapped underground with Hodgins! Ha! okay, I’d probaby ask her what her favorite bone in the body is and why, what makes it interesting.

    A shot of Booth in his range master gear would be SWEET. I contend that NO cop on television is as hot as Booth with a gun. Period.

  5. Let me just say: I LOVED this episode. Period. Everything.
    Daisy is amusing to me because I like to see her annoy the others. Just watching Cam’s, Hodgins’, Brennan’s, and Booth’s facial expressions in reaction to her was comedy. I can thank her for that alone.

    One minute of Brennan’s time? Oh, boy. I certainly don’t want to come across as unintelligent, but her brilliance is kind of intimidating. I would probably ask her about the different countries she’s travelled to, and what her most exciting discovery was.

  6. The only thing that hit a jarring note with me was Booth’s comment that “Parker loves the bouncing bears.” I hope he said “loved” in the past tense. Parker is 11, maybe 12 years old. Do you know any 11-12 year old boys who would be caught dead playing with bouncing bears? Me, neither.

    If I had a minute with Brennan I would waste it completely by gushing about how much I love her and giggling like an idiot.

    And then I’d race to the back of the line and hope she wouldn’t notice if I came through again.

    • Yeah, I hope he said “loved”, too.

      On one hand, Brennan doesn’t always take time to notice and remember people. On the other hand, her powers of observation are excellent, so if she did make a mental note about your behavior, she would probably call you out on it, lol.

    • I think he said “loved”. Might need to rewatch for evidence πŸ™‚

      Someone on Bones is not a fan of bears! I know Brennan mentioned bears devouring children in regards to dressing Baby Andy in that adorbs bear ensemble, there was the Ep, The Man in the Bear (“You know, it’s beautiful here, feels good to be out of the city.” “Yeah, where murderers feed their victims to bears.”), and last night.


  7. I’d ask to see the naked omelet picture, of course.
    I’d ask her how various people reacted when they found out about the baby.

    I can look the science-y stuff up on the internet. πŸ˜‰

  8. 1. One minute of Brennan’s time…I might ask her personal questions about Booth. How he helps her practically, emotionally, and…in other ways πŸ™‚

    2. Red vest. Done.

    3. A murdery double date for our fab foursome? How about a tour through the body farm? Daisy and Brennan would at least have a great time. And Sweets and Booth can get sick together πŸ™‚

    4. I adored this episode. A perfect blend of Episode 1 and 2. Good case, good relationship moments. I think they are doing a nice job of blending the other characters to make up for ED’s short screen time. I still felt I got enough Brennan time.

    5. I know people might hate me, but I don’t hate Sweets and Daisy. I think they are completely adorable. They both try really hard to do a good job and earn people’s respect. They are trying to make their way through this Island of Misfit Toys, just as the rest of them are.

    6. Angela and the toy. I understand her not wanting to pay more for the set up than she did for the whole item. If I was married to a millionaire, I’d still feel that way too. Heck, I’d probably still buy clearance clothes at Target. πŸ™‚

    7. I liked the Booth coming home to Brennan moments. Nice replacement for the Founding Fathers I’d say πŸ™‚ And the first one was a nice set up to the ‘scarred face’ one later.

    8. Great job on Brennan, writers!! Round of applause! THIS is the Brennan I wanted last week. SHe was a little lost on the idea of “play”, but she was able to understand, through the poor, mangled Prince, to the trip to the toy store with Angela. I thought it was very well done, and what I’d hoped to see her written as. She’s not a complete moron writers! And this episode was wonderful at that, I thought.

    • Yeah, I liked that Angela wanted to put together the toy on principle. I would have done exactly what she did, too. Try to do it myself, get frustrated, shell out the cash for some peace of mind.

  9. Just a thought. Don’t you think that the reason Brennan didn’t play with toys when she was a kid was because she was too interested in how the real world works. I know she took Russ’s tool chest for herself one Christmas so it seems that toys weren’t on the top of her list (Except for the Chatty Kathy she had and used to smack Russ with).

    She gets the concept of toys, she’s just uncertain about some of them, like purple elephants and bouncing bears. She does have a good imagination though. Her playing with Prince Charmington was pretty good, gross but good. I also thought it was cool that she bought two nerf guns. You just had to know she had planned the nerf battle with Booth. I think it is cool that they are putting this stuff into the show.

  10. I think this is my favorite episode of the season!I really liked the entire thing, whereas for the first 2 episodes I was more just waiting for B&B scenes. And that’s not the only thing I watch the show for, but I just wasn’t so interested in the other storylines.

    Sweets and Daisy didn’t even make me too mad! They actually were amusing at times. I don’t dislike Sweets, but he’s not my favorite, and I only ever like him without Daisy. It’s going to take some adjusting to get used to him growing up and having a gun. Still a little iffy on that. Daisy and Booth was hilarious! Poor Booth!

    B&B was amazing the whole episode. I loved when Brennan basically said she’d rather Sweets take a bullet than lose Booth and become a single parent. In season 4, she wanted to be a single parent!
    They were cute at the interview, when Brennan said “thanks Booth” and when he had to pull her out of the chair.
    The scene of them cuddling on the couch just took my breath away. They were so easy, so natural, and so in love. Reassuring each other, and talking about their day. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a couple so believable on screen before. And major props to DB, his facial expressions, and the way he looks at Brennan has been so perfect this season. You can tell he is enjoying this part of the story so much.
    The nerf gun battle was awesome, and it was so fun to watch them just cut loose and goof off. A great ending.
    And last but certainly not least, Booth in the Range Master vest. No words needed.

  11. There were so many reasons last night’s episode stepped up greatly from last week’s…my favorite moment was when Booth came home after having a tiring day with the case to find Brennan so comfortably eating a snack in his home like she’d been doing if forever and then the way she turned his bad spell around making him laugh, cuddling so effortlessly, it was just…right! I also enjoyed Daisy and Hodgins banter the most. I also really enjoyed Booth’s impatience with Daisy and Sweets. Especially Sweets in the interrogation room….his expressions of “hey this is my job back off” kind of feel was amazing! I was really hoping to see Brennan be able to put that toy of Michael’s together with no problem but oh well…Scarface…nuff said on that it was perfect!

    My question would be back when Sully left without her and she was waving at him sailing off was that the point what she felt for Booth was begining to be more than co-workers and just possibly her heart opening up to him beyond friendship?

  12. I think Brennan has always had the ability to make Booth feel better….we learned that in DITD, right? Brennan noted that Booth always seemed to feel better when he would confide in her. And, yes, Booth has been able to be their “emotionally” for Brennan for a while too. I think we saw how much Brennan missed Booth being there for her in HITH. Booth couldn’t really be there for her in DITP and that was hard for both of them, but when she needed someone to talk to after VNM’s death, she was able to go to Booth. That element was really missing in the first episodes of S6 and it is SO GOOD to see it back and enhanced now with the new status of their relationship.

    • DB has been quoted so many times saying that the core of the show is the B&B relationship and last season there just wasn’t one until the very end. Thank goodness it is back again because it’s the engine that drives everything else. Without the center holding, the show just falls apart. Thank-you, Emily, for getting pregnant.

      • I’m just thankful we didn’t get non-stop UST for 8 years and then a quick “We’re together now” at the very end. It’s nice to see these characters that we’ve come to know and care about find a spot of happiness together. And we have such talented actors, they can pull this new storyline off for sure. It’s actually kind of great to see them get to show of their acting chops in new ways, instead of just gazing longingly at each other (which, hey, is great too btw). I’m just loving life here in season 7. I feel like B&B. Its been a long road, and now we can just bask in the BBB glow πŸ™‚

      • It was nice seeing how enthusiastic/happy DB was when talking about the new dynamic between BB and the tone, etc before the premeire. It has to be a shot in the arm for both DB and ED. They know they have something fun to play with now and that has to be exciting at this point in the show. They’ve been doing a great job!

  13. For everyone who would like a picture of Booth in his red vest, look no further —

  14. FYI ladies: Bones was Numero 1 last night in the 9PM period in 18-49 adults, go Bones!!!!

  15. I liked everything about this episode. First and foremost it felt ‘right’, unlike last week’s – which had a weird ‘off’ vibe for a good portion of it.
    Angela’s tussle with the toy construction was just SO true – who hasn’t spent hours trying to decipher badly translated instructions?
    Booth and Brennan were SO comfortable in each other’s company and it was a joy to watch frankly, after that fiasco last week.
    Daisy and Sweets didn’t get on my last nerve, which is unusual.
    The Daisy/Booth interactions were priceless.
    I thought it was a wonderful gesture on Booth’s part to shake Sweets hand after the assessment.
    The writers actually managed to keep some continuity regarding Brennan’s views on the lack of authenticity of children’s toys.
    Cam was Cam this week, unlike the pod person we saw last week. Hodgins was great especially in his dealings with Daisy. Loved the way he got her out of his lab.
    I would be totally happy to watch this episode countless times – unlike last week’s, which mostly made me feel uncomfortable.

    • Forgot to say – I would completely forget anything I wanted to ask Brennan as soon as she looked my way!

    • Suzie, I love your take on this episode. I too felt “uncomfortable” about last week’s ep. It just didn’t come off right, just IMO. But this episode felt…nice. It was a good case, we got lots of fun new lines to repeat, “Permission to squint?”, and we got a new favorite Booth pic πŸ™‚ All in all, I will be rewatching this a few more times this season.

  16. I loved last night’s episode! Yes, that may be just my sigh of relief you can hear. My favorite part had to be… the portrayal of Brennan’s- not doing something overtly wrong but actually just showing her slight awkwardness- self. Really relieved they finally got that back and there was no repeat of the last episode. Kudos to writers for keeping me thoroughly entertained.
    As for one minute I had with Brennan… I guess I’d ask her all the scientific trivia I’ve always wanted to know, because I think that’s one of her most endearing features. The sheer amount of stuff you could learn just by being near her and listening- awesome. Maybe I’d add in there some questions about her time in foster care, but that might be rather presumptuous of me.

  17. So we’re three episodes in where we see B&B in a relationship. In FF world, I had seen a “debate” over whether their relationship status change would mean that we would hear them calling each other “Seeley” and “Temperance” now. Personally, nothing makes me happier than for me to hear them still calling each other “Booth” and “Bones.” That’s who they have been to each other, and always will be. I must also admit, I don’t really want to hear them use their given names more often because then it will just remind me that Hannah would use them.

    Anybody else had their preferences either way?

    • I agree with you. I prefer Booth and Bones. I wouldn’t mind if Booth would say Honey once in a while. Booth has called her Temperance in the past; but, it seemed too informal to me when he did it.

      • I meant formal. Sorry, I’m multi-tasking and not doing a very good job at it.

      • Brennan should never call him anything but Booth — or an endearment.

        Most of the time, Booth should call her Bones. Someone said it was too formal when he’d call her Temperance in the early seasons, but I don’t think it was formal so much as it was serious and when he is trying to take care of her/connect with her emotionally. Think about when he did. When she tells the ambassador that her son was a good man. When she asks him to look into her parents’ case. When he tells her to go home when they find her mother’s bones. In the Pilot about how partners share things to build trust. So I have always found his use of her given name as indicative of how important whatever it is to him and how important she is to him. His voice is deep and very serious. Net net, I’d like to hear him call her Temperance in those rare moments. For example, I’ve always hoped he called her Temperance during that night after VNM died.

        Never, ever Tempe.

    • Definitely Booth and Bones. Why on earth, after 7 years of calling each other that, would they change it? I think it is so cute whenever Booth says ‘Bones’, and he is the only one allowed to call her that, and the only one who makes it sound so special. That is who they are to each other, and it would seem like calling someone by a brand new name to change it. I especially never want to hear Brennan call Booth his first name, because in my head I would hear Hannah saying it. *shudder*

    • I agree with you. All it would remind me of is last season that I would much rather forget. I don’t mind that Max and Russ call Brennan ‘Tempe’ but Hannah has ruined so much that anything reminding me of her like hearing Seeley or Temperance just makes me gag.

    • They are Booth and Bones. Period. It was odd hearing Daisy say “Agent Booth” but then it felt right…because Bones has always called him “Booth”, I can’t ever recall her calling him “Agent Booth”. None of Booth’s friends really seem to call him Seeley, right? I think I even recall him telling Cam not to call him that…. I think Rebecca and Hannah both called him Seeley so, yeah, I’m REALLY hoping Brennan continues to call him Booth. And NO ONE other than Booth calls Brennan Bones. Brennan even said she never had a nickname prior to “Bones”. Yeah. Booth and Brennan all the way, baby.

    • Anyone else ever notice that when Hannah said Seeley, it always sounded like she was saying “silly” or was that just me???

      • Yes. But every time she opened her mouth I wanted to stick my fingers in my ears. Oddly enough, I like it when Cam calls Booth ‘Seeley’ and he calls her ‘Camille’. No way are the writers going to change what Booth and Brennan call each other but it’s always been a bit awkward with the other people in the lab. Angela called Booth Seeley in one of the season 1 episodes and then defaulted to Booth. She’s always called Brennan by that name. Hodgins calls Booth by that name but says ‘Dr. Brennan’ and Cam just doesn’t really call her anything. Every time Sweets says ‘Agent Booth’ it sounds too formal but somehow I can’t see him saying Seeley. Oh well.

      • Sometimes Hodgins calls her Dr. B. Does Angela call her Bren sometimes?

    • There’s one exception I have: I liked how at the end of The Yanks in the U.K. they called each other Sir Seeley and Lady Temperance and they walk out of the dining hall arm-in-arm. That was really cute. I kind of don’t think about that episode a lot because it’s not really my favorite, but the ending was very sweet.

    • I am partial to Booth/Bones of course! Although, my heart melts everytime he calls her Temperance, probably because he only does it during serious/special moments. But I wouldn’t want him to use it more regularly, A) because she is Bones to him, period the end. B) it would be less special if he used it more often.

      Angela has called her Bren, which I like. And of course the usual “Sweetie.” Also a fan.

  18. Late to the ball, but I loved all the comments above and they pretty much express how I felt watching this ep. I’d like to add the look on Booth’s face when Brennan tries to comfort him about the case by saying they will honor the victim by finding her killer. When you think of all the times that he ended up alone at the end of the day with no one to really work things through with, it’s no wonder he looks so, so happy to have her there beside him-and he *knows* she’s trying to make him feel better! After all, going out for a few drinks with someone is not the same thing as coming home to them. Facial expressions for both DB and ED in that scene: priceless.

    Qustion for Brennan: so, when are you going to ask him? (So not doing that because I value my life, but it’s fun to think about it…)

    • To me, that’s one of the highlights of the whole time he’s home with Brennan (although it’s really a whole sequence of highlights). I’ve been trying to figure out exactly what that smile means:
      “God, I love her so much.”
      “Could I love this woman any more?”
      “Bones is the best!”
      Any other ideas? How about a post with him smiling at her like that (and other times this season) and we have to come up with captions?

      I really felt like this was really our Brennan, and consequently our Brennan and Booth, going back all the way to the early days. Knowing the toll the job takes, but taking satisfaction in or reassuring the other that what they do is good and helps bring justice to victims and closure to victims’ families and they do it very well.

      Also, I thought they were splitting apartment time. But we’ve only ever seen them at Booth’s. For some reason I thought the decision to live together was effective once they move into their own place, but I guess it could have already started. And I guess Brennan is the only one who can afford to have her place sitting empty for a while. If it was me, I probably would have put up a bigger fuss. Her place isn’t just roomier, it’s nicer. I thought about it as the intro to the scene reminded us that Booth lives above a liquor store.

      • Maybe its an issue of sets? Maybe its easier for them to film it all on one set? I don’t know, just a theory!

      • Here’s the stats on the living spaces — both Booth’s apartment and Brennan’s loft sat on the same 1000-square-foot footprint on stage 9 at Fox. When one was up, the other was down. They are exactly the same size. Brennan’s loft did not have either a bedroom or a bath but Booth’s had both and Booth’s was left up last season, for obvious reasons, except for TDitP episode when the dinner was held at Brennan’s. So if they are going to shoot a scene in the bedroom, it had to be at Booth’s. Now both sets have been struck. Draw your own conclusions.

      • I think Booth probably just can’t believe how good things are….better than he probably ever hoped for or even imagined. I have to believe that this is probably the happiest Booth has ever been in his life, aside from the birth of his son. He *KNEW*, yeah, but the reality of it probably still dazzles him and it’s more than just luck:) Plus we know that he knows that she loves him:) Aw.

      • camcat, even the birth of Booth’s son was spoiled by his arrest for awol.

      • LOL. I try to forget about that whole AWOL stuff!

      • C-bones, I think he’s thinking “how did I get so lucky?”-the same look he had in his kitchen during the premiere. It’s been made clear that Booth’s never gotten much of anything in his life, and maybe he was starting to believe he was to blame (“there’s something wrong here”), so he probably can’t quite fathom how things are turning out so far. Hopefully, there isn’t too much torment for him in the near future, or at least none Brennan can’t make all better. A little angst=good. Too much angst=not good.

  19. I think I would ask her 2 questions: 1.) I would like to know why she deleted the story she was writing when Booth was in the coma after surgery and 2.) How does she feel about the fact that she is also “not living the life she expected.”

  20. I’d probably just stare at her in awe… and waste my entire allotted minute.

    I’d like to share a few pix I’ve been working with – Couch Scene Alert!
    Not sure what to call ’em – they’re not really photographs and they’re not really paintings… It’s just a thing I do, working from screen caps. Check ’em out here:

    • Nice picture. Have you thought about Booth in his red vest?

      • Thanks. After I did those 5 pics, I come here and see the clamor about that Red Vest…
        Maybe I should venture beyond the couch scene..seems I sorta got stuck there today ha-ha…

  21. @jigs! Wow! Thanks a lot for the couch scenes. πŸ™‚ This is the happiest I’ve ever seen Booth! And Brennan is really beautiful in this scene! πŸ™‚

  22. As much I imagine Brennan and me being like her and Angela, I sadly must admit that Brennan would probably dismiss me after about 10 seconds. However, if she would listen to me for a full minute, I wouldn’t know what to say. To be in the presence of someone who has helped me through all of the tough times these past two and a half years, I would probably just hug her for the minute and say thanks.

    Anyway, about the episode, the parts with Angela and Hodgins and the walking toy thing just had me on the floor. Frustrated!Angela would come out more often. I really loved the end scene with the guns! Our OTP is the cutest! The Sweets and Booth scene was so sweet. I just really liked the episode in general. πŸ™‚

  23. Alright. This took some thought, but I devised a gameplan. If I had a minute of Brennan’s time, I would politely introduce myself and then ask where I could find Angela. If she were not simply a character, I could definitely see Angela and I getting along brilliantly. Side effect of a friendship with Angela = more than one minute with Brennan. And of course getting to hangout with Angela. Done.

    • Otherwise, with just one minute, I’d completely waste it with squealing, hugging, and ridiculousness right along with the rest of you =)

  24. I think I’d be too intimidated by Brennan to say much of anything. However, I wouldn’t mind one full minute to stand and stare at Booth’s biceps in that tight black tee shirt…. just saying.

  25. I would just like to say a big YES!! in answer to your questions about breathing a sigh of relief and this episode being much more like it. Every thing was so much better, from the case to the way the characters were behaving. I loved this episode! I’m not sure if I liked it so much just because I really didn’t like last week’s, but I don’t care. I just really hope the rest of the season is more like this episode cause I thought it was great! πŸ™‚ I don’t even know what I would say if I had a minute of Brennan’s time. I don’t think I would be able to say anything because I would be too excited to say anything that made sense. lol

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