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Top Five Tuesday: Season Seven Moments I’m Thankful For


Good morning! This time, last year, we did the Top Five Tuesday: Season Six Moments to be Thankful for, so I figured it would be fun to do another list like that this week. We’re celebrating Thanksgiving in the US on Thursday, for those of you who are not aware. It is a holiday that can often make people sit and reflect on the good things in their lives; and most of the time we’re sitting because we’ve just eaten our own weight in food, and we can’t get up.

So here are seven (hey–it’s season seven!) moments I’m thankful for…so far. Feel free to weigh in with yours in the comments!

1. The Glowing in the Bones Brennan

I’m totally in the “If your name is not Booth or Boreanaz, don’t call her Bones” camp, but I also couldn’t resist the play on “The Glowing Bones” reference either—such a Tuesday dilemma! Haha. But the point is that I am loving how pretty Emily Deschanel is right now (as always), and how that is shining through Brennan. The writers have a history of making Brennan, though gorgeous, not as gorgeous as ED (which is a completely separate topic!), but this season feels a little different in that way.

2. The Return of the Cocky Belt Buckle

For me, any time there’s cocky belt buckle involved, I like a little more fanfare, but I’m sentimental that way, I guess! Why did Booth start wearing it again? What did he do with it all those months when he wasn’t wearing it? Did Brennan ask him about it?, etc, etc  These are all questions I would like to know the answers to, but I’m completely fine NOT knowing—if that makes sense—I’m just happy it’s there, where it belongs.  😀

3. The Happiness in the Booth

I love Booth. A lot! Last season was filled with a lot of “Booth deserves to be happy” talk, which I agreed with, even though it was kind of hard to see him navigate through his own happiness, if that makes sense. But now he just…is happy, which makes me very, very happy. You know how Booth gets that edge to him? He still has that (see Cocky Belt Buckle), but he also can just relax and be happy. With Brennan and because Brennan is in his life. And it’s not a selfish thing—it’s just who he is.

4. The Consistency in the Snake Storyline

When I watched Hot Dog in the Competition, and there was mention of a snake, I automatically thought, “okay…how is Brennan going to react to this snake?!?”, so I was pleased when she was sort of non-plussed about a python escaping from the body of a victim. Especially because Booth wasn’t around to be jumped upon (then again…if he had been, and she’d jumped on him…I’m thinking that would have made the thankful list too, haha!)

5. The Girl in the Doctor

😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

Like a lot of new parents, when it comes to B&B having a baby, I just thought “please just let it be healthy”—that’s all I care about. Or perhaps should say “cared”, because now that it is a girl, well…I just adore this. I love that Brennan is going to have a daughter—this is so awesome to me. And my uterus might explode to see Booth holding a baby girl. At the very least, it will skip a beat.

6. The Empathy on the Couch

Much more on this on Thursday when we do a Thanksgiving- Day scene study of this scene (as pal MJ said, ‘hey, Brennan’s eating—that counts, right?’) , but…this SCENE!

To me, it’s a perfect example of B&B together. More Thursday.

7. The Recognition in the Relationships

While I’ve had some issues with the Angela/Brennan scenes this season, at least there are some, right? I don’t mean that in a mean way—I really am thankful that on the show, they are showing these two best friends actually talking to one another about relationships and life, and stuff like that. I think that is great. Likewise, I’m enjoying the Booth and Sweets dynamic this season because it feels like neither one of them are trying to be anything that they aren’t. They aren’t best friends (like sometimes last year they had certain scenes together); they really are more like an older brother/younger brother thing—and it works for me, big time.

Okay, enough from me! What are a couple (or seven…or more) moments from season seven that you are thankful for so far? It hasn’t been the perfect season, but there is a lot to celebrate, so let’s go for it!

Peace, Love & Bones,


55 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday: Season Seven Moments I’m Thankful For

  1. I’m grateful that we got to see Booth in rescue mode. (Brennan calls him and tells him he’s fallen and needs help getting up. His leaping from the chair and using the sirens to get to her was just awesome. His concern for her and the baby’s safety was so Boothy.)

    I was also very grateful the kissing that’s going on. Pick any kiss and that’s fine with me.

    Nerf war – a happy Brennan and a happy Booth – having fun. Season six was so stressful and unhappy and now we have HAPPY.

    Last but not least, Booth in his red range master vest. No reason just because.

  2. That last picture? I dare you to look at Michaela looking at baby/actor and not go “awwwwww.”

    On the whole, I’m loving this season so far. I don’t know how you whittled it down to just seven scenes.

  3. Gosh, gotta run, but I’m lovin’ season seven so far-in fact, it’s kind of a problem, because at this rate I’m going to run out of room on my DVR saving up all those eps-and we’ve only seen 3! Can’t they put them on DVD for the first half of the season, to tide us over through the winter hiatus? About the cocky belt buckle-just think, she can now slide it right off, without needing the “evidence” excuse…sigh. Still loving the “virility” moment, as well as the “I only thought of you” scene. And Lord, this Thanksgiving I’m also very grateful for the red vest and all the gun/holster tidbits; they may not be very “thanksgivingy”, but they sure are nice! Will be back.

  4. I gotta say it . . .

    The S7 moment I’m most grateful for? The one without Hannah in it.

  5. Compare the domestic scenes between Booth and Brennan to Booth and H and there’s a HUGE difference between them and I’m grateful. When did Booth ever talk over a case with H or “play with Nerf guns” with her? Or say “I love you” and have it returned (pre-ring mess)? Or bicker with her? They’re little things to some, but I’m happy to see that as a couple, B&B make sense and are together in a way that B&H never were.

    I’ve no bones to pick.. . . sorry, it was too easy.

    • Roxane I agree 100%! Immediately after I saw the nerf guns I thought H and Booth would NEVER have done something like that. NEVER! I am thankful for the depth of their relationship.

  6. I love seeing both Booth & Brennan happy together as a couple. I love seeing Booth coming home to Bones. The touching of her belly, the I love you’s, the kissing….this is like a dream come true! Looking forward to even more moments!

    • I’m pretty convinced that we are all going to be a crying, cooing, dribbling mess after they air the scenes where B&B meet their little girl for the first time. And I agree, I think a lot of ovaries and uteruses will be churning after we see Booth hold little baby girl Brennan Booth for the first time.

      • I so agree with that…a dribbling mess for sure! There will be no noise let alone breathing in my home when that moment happens…DVR overload!

  7. My first 7 — may have more later:

    Lots of rom AND com in our favorite rom-com procedural which was sorely lacking in same this time last year.

    The final scene of 7.1. B&B in bed. Tree houses. Belly rub. Inflated pools. New memories. It’s all good to me.

    “A very small bipedal primate of the hominidae family” who Cam wishes would stop looking at her like that. How did they get the baby to mouth “oooooooh” when Hodgins was showing him the spiders? Look at that scene again. The baby really seems to be saying “oooooh.”

    Although I am partial to shirtless Booth, pantsless Booth at the beginning of 7.1 is something we should all be thankful for.

    Your comment about how beautiful Brennan/ED looks must be seconded. It is a-ma-zing.

    Grown up baby duck — i don’t know what it is, but Sweets feels more like a grown up this season. Maybe it’s the way B&B are reacting to him.

    Finn Abernathy. “Thank you, sir.” That’s to HH. The guy’s adorable.

  8. Nerf gun scene. In fact, I might have to go watch it again right now.

    • Did anyone here ever see the movie “Waitress”? At the end of the movie, the lead character holds her daughter for the first time and she just falls in love. She tells her little girl that they are going to have so much fun. I thought of that when Brennan had that content look on her face when she thought of how fun it will be to dissect a frog with her daughter – and Booth can help! When they were playing with the nerf guns I thought, aw, they are going to have so much fun. I know, they are not real:)

  9. I’m thankful for…

    1. MSVH
    2. Rubba da belly
    3. Happiness. Hodgela, B&B, Cam even. People are happy. I’m sure **** is gonna get real serious at some point this season because, hey, its Bones. But this is a wonderful happy time. Well, besides the murders 🙂
    4. Hot looks from Booth this season! Shoulder holster (swoon), Red vest (double swoon), and Cocky is back!! (If you want an elaborate timeline of when/where Cocky has appeared, disappeared, reappeared, ask a Keeper of the Cocky!)
    5. Brennan talking about squatting in a field in regards to childbirth, and Booth’s reaction.
    6. They both have dreamed of a tree house!! Awwwwww!!! 🙂 🙂
    7. Scarred face. Ah, we love you Brennan, we really do.
    8. Sweets & Booth: the new tag team of awesome!
    9. Someone (Daisy!) finally giving Hodgins the title of King of the Lab! 🙂
    10. Bascially everything about episodes 1 and 3.

  10. Brennan just letting herself love Booth and not trying to overanalyze everything too much is a major relief. But the part I’m loving the most is that Booth is so deeply happy without any effort at all. Last season the way DB was playing the role it seemed as if Booth was trying so hard to be happy that he could hardly breathe. If you have to try that hard to convince yourself that a situation or a person is making you happy then you are fooling yourself. With H he was constantly tense and irritable; with Brennan he’s relaxed and smiles a whole lot more.

    I also love the more serious tone between Sweets and Booth. It’s as if Sweets is poised to step into Teddy Parker’s Army Ranger boots as the kid sidekick. And the Brennan/Angela scenes, thank goodness they’ve returned. But of course my favorites of all are the Booth/Brennan scenes. They are no longer walking on eggshells, afraid to say something that the other might misconstrue. They are no longer trying to hide their feelings. For them and for me the result is a smile and a huge sigh of relief.

    • Gotta give DB credit for the way he did play Booth with H. I think he conveyed a lot without going overboard. It was hard watching it in realtime but when you go back and watch it now, it takes on a new context.

      • He just seemed so closed off. The only word I can think of is ‘remote’. It was like he was walking on eggshells, pretending to be someone he wasn’t and everything he told H was either a lie or a distortion of the truth — there’s nothing between Bones and me; I’m not a gambling man; Parker’s dying to meet you. When you have to try that hard and keep your real self hidden then you are not a happy man. With Brennan, who knows so many of his secrets, his demons and can recite the causes of every wound on his body, it must, apart from anything else, be a vast relief.

      • I thought DB did a great job last year of portraying a chemistry that was just ever-so-slightly off. I definitely don’t think that DB was trying to portray Booth as as in love with Hannah as Booth thought he was – even though the in-your-face signs were there – on reflection, there were constant little hesitations that revealed the hesitation in that relationship.

        Considering he’d pretty much be able to whip up some smokin’ chemistry with a lamppost, I thought that was very impressive.

  11. I’m just so thankful for all of season 7! It really has been amazing.
    Seeing Booth and Brennan genuinely happy, and confident in their relationship, is a great thing to see. They both deserve to be happy. I’m sure there will be drama and harder times, but they are together, and that right there makes everything just a little bit easier. They cuddle while talking about their day and reassuring each other! Does it get any better??

    And the Cocky belt buckle,red vest and shoulder holster…well I’m VERY thankful for those!

  12. Kitchen smoochin’ and couch cuddling (yes-this-is-really-happening-it-isn’t-a-coma-dream)
    ILU’s! Out loud. To each other.
    Snake barf!
    “I will not let Baby-Walker beat me!” “To make seat with secure to fasten red pin”
    The song “Anchor”
    “I was hoping for something a little more romantic but I’ll take what I can get…and just one more thing to add, if I may…” (You may!)
    “We can have whatever life we want. You know that, right?”

    Digital recording media that doesn’t wear or break upon countless rewinds and freeze-frames.

  13. My top 5 for S7 so far
    1) B&B sharing their day/concerns and comforting/reassuring one another
    2) Red Vest and Holster
    3) Kissy/Happy/Cuddly/Cocky Booth. He loves his girl and he knows she loves him.
    4) B&B negotiating their new home
    5)”We can have whatever life we want.”

  14. I think one of my favorite things about S7 is even when Brennan is still being classically Brennan, Booth still loves her for it. He’s not trying to change who she is, but at the same time Brennan has started recognizing what changes she has to make to have the kind of home life she really wants for herself and for the child they are raising together.

    I think DB and ED are doing a great job. We missed a good span of time, but I believe that Booth and Brennan sincerely and truly love each other and want to make things work in terms of being together and being parents. I think they are both happy and excited to start this new life together, and that makes me very happy and excited.

    It’s all so awesome it’s almost surreal. If this is a dream, don’t wake me. I still feel like Hart believes these two characters belong together, even if they have more difficult times to go through. That helps me breathe a sigh of relief that they will love and fight their way through instead of feeling like I’m waiting for another shoe to drop.

  15. I really appreciate this post since it gives me a chance to look at the positive of s7. Don’t get me wrong, it’s heads and tails above most of s6 and I’m THRILLED that B&B have finally partners in every sense of the word. But I’ve been disappointed by how several things have been handled, so it’s good to reflect and what’s been done well.
    1. And this is first and foremost: THE ABSENCE OF THE BLONDE. Oh Hannah, how I hated thee…let me count the ways. Oops, wrong list.
    2. The Comfort of the Couple…Sure they make mistakes and might offend each other here and there, but they’re solid and they know it.
    3. The Voicing of the Words. We missed a TON and are left to infer a ton more, but I forgave a lot of that when we heard them exchange “I Love You’s.”
    4. The Cuteness of the Baby…I thought the little boy they got for Michael in the season 6 finale might be the most beautiful newborn ever (no offense to the four that were my own). I wasn’t sure they could keep up that standard, but this season 7 Michael is probably the cutest kid on TV. Enjoy the title now, though, Mister. Baby B&B is on her way.
    5. The Sharing of the Home…I’m thrilled B&B decided to purchase a home together, but I also love that they’re basically living together already. Booth walks in the door and knows she’ll be there waiting for him.
    6. Hodgins and the Squinterns. Various other attempts at comedy have failed terribly to make me laugh this season, but watching Hodgins with the squintern of the week does the trick.
    7. The Beauty of the Tag Scenes…I don’t wanna see the whole gang gather for drinks or and cute supporting character moments. Just give me B&B in happy couplehood. So far season 7 has been 3 for 3 in that area.

  16. I sort of just stared at the second to last picture for a few seconds longer than necessary. BOOTHHASBEAUTIFULARMS.

    Mostly, I’m just glad that Booth and Brennan are finally together and that they’re working through their issues together.

    • Booth has beautiful arms, hands, shoulders, eyes, smile, crinkly eyes….. When he gave Brennan that smile and pulled her in closer to snuggle on the couch…gah. Who WOULDN’T want THAT coming home to them at the end of a long day! Oh, Brennan, honey, you chose the right person to “connect” with.

  17. Some of the things I’m loving the most this season are the things that aren’t there; H, obviously, but also the feeling of angst that would have come from not knowing whether they were or weren’t a couple. So, so overjoyed they went the way they went and thrilled that it’s made the show unfold in a totally new, fresh direction that seems to be geting lots of love from viewers and reviewers alike. And most important, I’m grateful for having a lovely place to come to and share one of my favorite guilty pleasures!

    • I too am really thankful for the direction they chose to go with B&B. I’ve seen some feedback here and there by some “fans” who claim to still be dissappointed with missing out on a lot but I really think this feels right. I think there will be enough for them to deal with together as a family to keep it interesting. To not have had them united about their child or having it so they were having a child but were ambivalent about their feelings would not have felt right at all, certainly not after all they have been through.

    • It is so, so wonderful to be able to look forward to the next episode instead of viewing it with dread and trepidation and ending with an upset stomach. For at least six weeks, and hopefully longer, I can start watching with a smile (after the presentation of the body, of course) and end with a sigh — and a smile. Go Bones team!

  18. Thankyou so much for this post!

    I’ve stuck my head out of the sand – having not seen any season 7 ep and trying really hard to avoid anything on it – but I just couldn’t resist this post (I still check in to see if there’s a topic I can read about/a scene study etc where I won’t be too spoilt).

    It is so nice after the last season to read that B&B are in a good place. I’m rewatching Season 6 with hubby (just saw Dr in the photo) and I still roll my eyes/snort whenever H is on the screen “Temparance, ah yu awroight?’ Blah. Anyway, I can’t wait to have some happiness after the angst. To read that you are all looking forward to the next ep is enough for me!

    BTW: Hubby likes H… I’m just counting down the eps till she’s gone..again…

  19. Forgot one:
    8. Brennan with the Bones…Since the scene in the pilot with her bottle of Elmer’s glue, there’s just something about watching Brennan examine the remains by herself. That was probably my favorite scene of episode 2. The song, listening to the baby, so sweet!

  20. There’s lots I love 🙂

    1. ‘You, are gonna ask me to marry you..’ – oh I hope so Booth, I really really do 🙂
    2. ‘We can have whatever life we want, you know that, right?’ – isn’t that a beautiful notion? I mean, really? Who get’s to have that? I’m so glad it’s happened for Booth and Brennan
    3. ‘Don’t even, don’t even look at me’ – haha Angela, you’ve never made me laugh so much
    4. ‘You connect with me, right?’ ‘You know I do’ – I love ED’s delivery of that line…I also love her delivery of…
    5. ‘Thanks Booth’ ‘Hmm-mm’ Supportive, connected. All the time.
    6. Sweets with a gun – boy did good-ish!
    7. ‘you must have got stuck in traffic’ haha Brennan, it’s lines like THIS that crack me up
    8. Booth’s expression when she’s talking about dissecting the frog and lifting his drink up. Trust me, it is worth.a.rewatch. Got a little warmer in the room I was watching in 🙂
    9. ‘Master Ranger’ – hello mind, welcome to the gutter.
    10. Shoulder holster. There is a costume designer at Bones who reads this blog and is going to heaven 🙂

    • 9 – Range Master, Doh! (miiiiiight have been concentrating on other things in that particular moment and missed the spelling nuances. Pretty sure I picked up on the important stuff though. – The arms. The cheek bones. The stare. The slim hips. The wide shoulders. The hot rough-and-tumble trousers…sorry, what were we talking about?) 🙂

      • Sophia, I’m pretty sure no one was paying attention to the order of the words; the mental image kind of does it all-yeah…

      • He was a master Ranger in the army. You got it right!

      • Sophia, I agree with you on every single one of them but # 9 it’s a special one. And don’t worry about your mind being in the gutter, I believe that particular gutter was overcrowded that night 😉

  21. We may want to give a shout-out to an unlikely characters as well:

    Thanks to Jacob Broadsky. Broadsky was thoughtful enough to not skulk out Booth’s apartment the evening of VNG’s murder. Due to this uncharacteristically un-creepy move, Booth and Brennan were able to have a little private time which lead to little Brennan Booth’e existence and, ultimately, made her parents own up to their feelings and ‘change the game’. So, yeah, thank you Jacob Broadsky. Your murderous reign took our beloved VNM but it also lead us to where we are in S7.

    • Broadsky didn’t scope out Booth’s apartment because he thought he’d already killed Booth.

      But, thank you, Jake, anyway. 😉

  22. Even though I am no Daisy fan, I think one of the best lines so far is: “Permission to squint?”
    I loved the Booth/Daisy dynamic and that Daisy showed respect for Booth.
    The ILY’s, the “thanks, Booth” from Brennan — she won’t forget how lucky she is that they get to live whatever life they want. The Range Master. The rescue, the cuddling on the couch, baby Michael — All so adorable.

  23. There are a couple of shots in the last episode worth taking a second look (because I think we’ve covered all the obvious ones already.)
    1. When Brennan first finds Angela working on the baby-walker, the camera zooms in on the instructions. Trying to read them is hilarious, just like hearing Angela talk about them.
    2. In the very end scene, Brennan is reading a book before Booth walks in. The title is “The Child Rearing Habits of South Asian Tribes in East Indian Literature.” I guess “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” didn’t have all the info she needed. I also guess Booth hasn’t seen that book yet, because something tells me he would not share that interest. LOL

  24. I’m thankful that my OTP are together and happy, or mostly happy. They’ve come so far, especially Brennan.

    Did anyone notice how Brennan made a complete 180 degree turn from episode 5×16 to 6×16? In 5×16, she said no to her chance and said she couldn’t change. But then in 6×16, she admitted she had changed and that she wanted to try to be together with Booth.

  25. just wanted to say one last thing: There is something about the fact that ED is really pregnant in these eps that makes me smile. What I mean by that is that from what I’ve seen, given the increased physicality of their relationship, there is a lot of DB touching ED’s bump. Now I know when I was pregnant, I hated random people touching my bump. It says a lot about their real life friendship that she’s so ok with this. It makes me smile 🙂

  26. (I’m sorry I’m so late to this) I’m staying mostly spoiler-free this season and In Moment #6, when they were talking, I predicted to my best friend that I wish Brennan would just put her head on his shoulder. Then she did it and it was like the greatest moment ever. I thought it was just so couple-y and loving for her to do that. Those little moments where they do normal couple things are what I’m thankful for.

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