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Top Five Tuesday: Moments in the Mirror are Closer Than They Appear


Good morning!

First of all, sorry about last week–won’t get in to details, but I’m back, so that’s good! Secondly, I’ve created a Twitter account for Bones Theory, so if you’re so inclined, follow it. I had a friend at work say, “Sometimes I wish you had a Bones Twitter and an everything else Twitter”. He was very nice about it, but it made me laugh, since the SarahInPrint twitter account WAS supposed to be my ‘everything else’ twitter, vs. the 100DaysofBones one, and the seels one, and haha…you see the point; that did not happen. So instead of doing a different Sarah one, I figured I’d make a BT one, which should help with some of that.

Enough ‘business’; let’s call this post to order!

The other day I was thinking about my time (a lot of your time too, perhaps) at the old BoneYard (Fox official Bones site), and some of the things/people that –at the time– made me crazy, haha. Crazy enough to start my own blog, like some others have done, which is just a good thing, in my opinion (all of us, not just me, I mean). It’s like…I know in my mind that those times were amazing in a lot of ways, and also that there really were people who hated the show (in season three), and other people who said things like “If you hate the show so much, why do you even watch it), and…all of the things that happen now, happened then. I know they happened, but it’s almost like a dream…did they really happen? And sometimes I feel that way about moments in the series. I mean, I *know* they happened– I saw them with my own eyes, and with a quick click or two, I can see them again with my own eyes. But the show has been going on for so long that sometimes, some moments feel like some distant memory. What was interesting for me is that my moments like this seem to almost all fall in season three. Not all of them, but a lot. I don’t know if I’m just more likely to watch seasons 1,2 if I’m not watching a current episode or what…either way…I hope I’m explaining this correctly: some moments from the past seem so fresh in my mind, (Everything Happens Eventually, “I know who you are”, “It’s just evidence”), and others are almost as if I just read them once.

I asked pal Jen (NatesMama1128), the only Bones fan I know who has been watching the show since the Pilot aired– I feel like this deserves an award or something, like the ‘who drove the furthest to the family reunion’ award or something — if there were any moments she was sometimes like “oh yeah…that happened!”, and she graciously agreed to assist! So here are three moments from Jen, and then three more from me, and then I hope you’ll weigh in with yours in the comments.

1. Whoa. Horse.

I asked Jen the question, and she replied, “Well, it seems like Brennan was asking Booth for sperm a lifetime ago,” and haha, it’s true! That actually happened! Even though it was at the end of season four, it’s one of those moments that is just almost like a blur–somewhere in between them skating together in Fire in the Ice, Con Man, Librarian fantasies and Motley Crue (which yes, unfortunately was both ‘a dream’ and actually did happen ….ugh), Brennan did ask Booth for his sperm. Because he has good qualities. 🙂   Now she has his baby and his ‘qualities’. Haha.

2. & 3. : Jasper & Brainy Smurf

Jen mentioned that “And I was actually thinking the other day that it seemed like Jasper and Brainy Smurf happened ages ago,” …and yes, exactly, is what I was feeling too. Go watch either of those scenes and come back and report to me that they are NOT the sex–I dare you. Because they absolutely are. Sometimes…not always, but sometimes…it’s hard to watch older scenes in comparison to the current seasons. This was more true for me in early S6, but it happens today too, where I think, “Hey, awesome, B&B looked one another in the eyes when they talked. Great.” 🙂

4. Breaking those darn physics laws:

One of my favorite parts about this scene was the way Brennan conceded to Booth’s point, which threw HIM for a loop–asking if he won that argument, which sort of meant Brennan had still come out on top, in a way that only B&B could do. 

5. “You look nice. Better than nice, you look…”

Ah, yes! This moment happened! Season one…Boy in a Bush.  Booth gets nervous around Brennan, because she’s more than nice looking–she’s flat out stunningly gorgeous. Plus, as it turns out in this scene, she understands that he doesn’t break his word and that he wants to go to heaven. This scene never fails to put a smile on my face–I should watch it more often 🙂

6. There’s someone for everyone. Someone you are meant to spend the rest of your life with.

This is one of those moments I have to convince myself DID happen because it’s almost too good to be true. Sometimes B&B scenes just have the ability to suck all of the air out of the room (in a good way), and this is one of the ‘suckiest’, LOL…which is not to say that it sucks, because it certainly does not. But just that it takes my breath away, every.single.time. They both look completely gorgeous, and they are both vulnerable, and it’s one of my all time favorite scenes.

Okay, enough from me; I want to hear from you? What moments, whether they are from season one or six, or anywhere in between (or season seven!) seem like they were ages ago? Which moments from the past always manage to put a smile on your face, no matter what?

Let’s discuss!

Peace, Love & Bones,



29 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday: Moments in the Mirror are Closer Than They Appear

  1. Um…I can’t even respond coherently right now with those moments in my head. Will have to return later… 🙂

    PS. How can you be THISCLOSE to Booth’s face and not buy a ticket on that ride for a few more years? Whew!

  2. I think I’m too new to the series to have any of these moments. Every time asks me when I started watching, I think I give a different answer. I remember watching miscellaneous episodes every now and then but I didn’t really sit down to watch everything until S5, when I went through every episode on Netflix and then religiously started watching in S6. So, all of these moments are fresh to me, even if some are fresher than others.

    The moment I remember the most, though, the one that made me fall in love with the series, was the Christmas tree scene in Santa in the Slush. That’s the moment that made me want to see absolutely every episode.

  3. Guh – So much love for this post! And those moments… You’re right, it’s almost like they happened in another series entirely, they were so long ago and B/B are such different people now. For me, the moment in Two Bodies in a Lab when Booth saves Brennan and she falls into his arms and they just kind of collapse together… Um, yeah. To me, that’s one of those rare, Absolutely Perfect moments when the performances were so authentic and the writing was so on… And because it was way back in season 1 I have to remind myself, every so often, that that did indeed happen and wasn’t just some crazy fic fantasy in my head. Thanks for recapping such great moments – and for hosting such an awesome blog, I’m so happy I found it!

  4. The scene in TBitL when Booth pulls Brennan into his arms and says, “Oh, it’s okay. I’m right here. It’s all over. Okay. Shh. I’m right here, alright. It’s all over. Shh…alright.”
    And also thinking of that the scene in HitF when he holds her, kisses the top of her head and says,”I’ve got you, baby.”

    Oh, and by the way, I’ve watched it since the beginning.

  5. The moment in Blackout when Brennan just openly talks about how she knows they’ve both thought about making love! Hello! It was such a BIG acknowledgement and it was like, whoa, did she just say that! And in a way it seems like the end scene where B&B made promise with the universe that one day they would give it a shot when they were ready happened a LONG time ago, right?! It’s like those crazy kids wasted no time!

  6. Oh, and I totally agree about the end scene in Boy in the Bush! GREAT scene! That scene and the scene in Vegas when Brennan puts on that black dress…Bones is beautiful, right Booth? He can’t even eek out a yowza cause that’s how taken he is with her. Good times. Plus it’s another acknowledgement by Brennan that she does know Booth, a hint that she “connects” with him perhaps? That early in the series they were still getting to know one another, even with their differences, they could still see the good in each other.

  7. I’ve watched from the beginning. I saw the promos before it ever aired and was looking forward to the show, once it aired I was hooked and I’m still hooked on this show.

    I think the two of you made great picks on moments that we now ask did that really happen. I’d like to add the end of The Killer in the Concrete. When they sing “Keep on Trying” the way Booth’s eyes light up when Brennan starts singing. Sometimes I just have to watch that again to reassure myself that it happened.

    There are also the little moments that you can almost miss. Like in Judas on a Pole, we have when Booth drags Brennan out of the room where Zack is defending his dissertation and you she her slapping at him as he prods her along, or the end of the episode where they are walking into the diner after the “different kind of family” scene and it appears that he gooses her as they open the door.

  8. Bones has so many moments of real intimacy between the two leads, moments that I’m almost embarrassed to watch because I feel like a voyeur intruding on a very private moment, that it’s hard to pick. Whether the overall episode is okay, good or exceptional, I always find something that squeezes my insides and makes me hold my breath, which is partly due to good lines, but primarily the result of great, subtle acting. You’ve posted some wonderful ones, but here’s some of my other favorites: in Critic when he’s on the hospital bed looking for her and finally sees her; in Fallout Shelter when he turns around at the end and invites her to Sid’s; the end of Con Man with his “my dad drank” and the most amazing look on her face; when he says “you wouldn’t even have coffee with me” and they both completely shut Sweets out from the conversation; “that’s a lot of heart, Bones”; the librarian scene; the end of Daredevil and the 100th and the car scene in Doctor, because everything is out there and the emotions are so real. And I would include just about every hug they’ve ever shared; each one is so loaded-there’s never been a casual embrace between them. Sorry to hog…

  9. Beginning of S6, when they are catching up.
    Booth: You beat up armed guerillas?
    Brennan: I had to. You weren’t there to save me.
    Booth: Awww, Bones.
    (Me: Awww, Brennan.)
    Like when she told Booth “I only thought of you,” she can be so sweet without even trying.

    Or how about that time in S5 when Booth pledged that he would do anything for Brennan…except come between her and her best friend.

  10. To add a couple more to the list:

    1. What I like to call “Buck and Wanda: Part I. The costumes, the (first) red vest that reveals Booth’s whole arm :), rocking the trailer, the sexual components of knife throwing (thanks Sweets), Brennan’s total lack of inhibition, coffee outside the trailer after they solve the case. B&B moments galore!

    2. Mayhem on a Freaking Cross: One word, handkerchief. From the moment Brennan opens her mouth, spilling her foster past, tears in her eyes, I was hooked. So was Booth. His eyes locked on hers and stayed there. She tells him to reciprocate, he hesitates, but then she just looks at Booth, and he can’t refuse her. Perhaps this is a time where a guy hug could have turned into more? But no, Sweets is there. But Booth offers what he can, his handkerchief, which she accepts, and the camera guy wisely cuts right to that close up of the hands almost touching, her hand on his heart, briefly. And the look in his eyes? Kind of a dazzlement. That “whoa” this is something deep and meaningful feeling. (Can you tell I’m obsessed with this scene??) If you weren’t a shipper before Mayhem, this scene should’ve convinced you. I may have to rewatch tonight! 🙂 🙂

  11. The scene that we saw first in ep 100: the moment that Booth first laid eyes on Brennan.

    What ultimately always seems so hard to grasp is that there was a time before … a time before either of them knew the other even existed, a time when there was nothing between them at all.

  12. And … that there was a time before I’d ever heard of Booth and Brennan or before I ever cared about them.

  13. I didn’t start watching until season 5 either and caught up on DVD so not having gone through all the angst of the first four seasons I truly enjoyed The End in the Beginning and the natural way B&B came together as a couple. That’s probably why I was so angry about what went down between the 100th episode and the end of season 6. But one of my all time favorite scenes is in The Wannabe in the Weeds at the end when Booth has set up a performance for Brennan. She balks at first but Booth pushes her up to the stage and then watches her like a kid at Christmas. And you know that she is singing just for him. I always want to yell at Fat Pam and tell her to wait another freaking minute before she interrupts by pulling a gun. Or maybe five minutes.

  14. Coming out of lurking now…what struck me was that few of the early season episodes were B & B moments–TOGETHER–but were sort of feeling their way toward each other moments. I’ve only watched since October but have watched the seasons that were available to me a lot. For me, the first time you see a flicker of what would become what I think of as their chemistry would be the Man in the Bear, when Booth whisks Brennan away from all the men in the town and dances with her, not bothering to put the Holy Spirit between them as he did in late season 5’s “Death of a Queen Bee.” (We can always tell he’s in trouble when he starts reciting saints, LOL!) I also have enjoyed the body language they use in Sweet’s presence, presenting a united front as they mirror one another.

  15. So happy about the Bones Theory twitter account! I know I asked you to create one once. Thanks!

  16. I just got done watching some of the reruns I had on my computer and one happened to be brainy smurf….and yes I agree it’s amazing to me how much sexual tension and tenderness they had and I know I wouldn’t of been able to not act on it!!! I’ve watched every episode since the beginning week after week and during the summer hiatus I obtained all the seasons on DVD and have watched them all over again and fell in love with B&B all over again! I live for your site as you break things down so amazingly…many people on here have a great eye for detail. I really enjoy when people watch, listen, and absorb a story for everything and can pick things up and read in between the lines and this site definitely has it! Thanks again!~

  17. The hospital scene in Critics in the Cabernet…it leaves me breathless sometimes and yes…it does seem like it happened ages ago. I keep waiting to feel the same way today but it just hasn’t happened. He’s got a brain tumor, she’s in denial about what she’s feeling…he’s being prep’d for surgery with all the hospital staff around him. His hospital room is full of people busily working yet he seems all alone and he starts looking out the window…looking for her. He NEEDs to see her in that moment…and bam…she’s there….you see him smile a bit….. and I melt. They stare at each other and all I can think of is……yup…..that’s LOVE……..cuz both are thinking the same thing……this may be the last time I ever see you…and they’re taking it all in. But then, of course, the barriers go back up…Brennan is “Brennan”.. But, Booth is still…open…vulnerable….I loved it. It may be my all time favorite scene. This is what I think of when I see that scene…every single time. Love it and I wish I could feel that way again.

    • Just re-watched that — it is really lovely.

    • That is one of my favorite scenes as well! Just another example how the leads on this show can communicate so much without words. And ED does a great job as well, Brennan is actually emotional and tearing up talking to her friends in the waiting room, and then does all she can to be by Booth’s side and make him feel better, ie, being in the operating room. He has faith in her that she will catch anything the doctors might be doing wrong, and she willingly goes in there with him even though its not rational because she’s not a surgeon. Great scene indeed!

      Also I agree with the karaoke scene as one of the best.

      But I would not give up on Bones, yet Sarajade. As I am a proud citizen of Spoilerland–I just can’t help myself!–the season ain’t over yet, baby 🙂 (thanks, Hodgins! haha) Apparently there is awesomeness ahead, though I will not share here!

      And I would say that some of these moments, we probably won’t experience in the same way again. All the events they’ve been through, including those we’ve mentioned (Booth getting shot, Booth having a tumor, Brennan dating Sully, Booth dating “H”, Brennan being buried alive, Booth almost being blown up in the boat, Brennan and Booth’s family problems, and of course, HitH and CitG. These things change people. They are not the people they were in the pilot. Just as a fact of life, people grow and are shaped by the people in their lives and life experiences. Just as I am not the same person I was when Bones first aired (I have followed since almost the beginning), neither are the actors nor the characters themselves.

      Now, there is not to say we won’t get powerful B&B moments, they are just different. When they are cuddling on the couch, or Booth is telling her he is not his father, etc, I still get the B&B vibe. They are the same, yet different. And though I personally felt that Ep 2 was off this season, I completely and thoroughly enjoyed ep 1 and 3, so I am still very happy about how things are going!!

  18. Can’t argue about the wonderfulness of that scene.

    Good to see you here, SJ. 🙂

  19. This is a GREAT way not have to talk about the current story on Bones! Reading your article, all I could think of is, “Sarah, I feel your pain.” Yes, it IS hard looking back at the old seasons and seeing what made Bones great. Still, I enjoyed reading and remembering what it was that I loved about the series. A favorite moment for me was in season five, B&B under the sink. Not just because of eye-sex, or her admitting she felt close to him, but because of WHY she had Booth helping her in the first place. She let him come try and fix the sink TO HELP HIM with his memory issues, to help him get his sense of self back. Emotionally clueless? Not then. This is why looking back is so painful and why I cannot acquiesce to the idea that what’s currently happening holds a candle to the relationship they had prior to season six. Who they are NOW couldn’t pull off these interactions. The idea that Brennan GOT and agreed with the whole “making love” thing – not this Brennan. This Booth would have never given Brennan a Brainy Smurf and said the things he said. He’d probably have laughed at her story and told her how far she’d come. I mean, basically he wanted to MARRY Smurfette anyway, and any hint of Brennan’s “Brainy Smurfness” now gets laughed at, made fun of, and made completely not okay. The kind of love and acceptance Booth had for Brennan AS SHE WAS, is no longer a part of Bones, nor is the different but not clueless Brennan. Those characters are no longer the characters on Bones today, which, using the original slang meaning, sucks.

    Oh, P.S., watched from day one. It got put on DVR status for season six…yeah, loved those earlier seasons

  20. I just started watching Bones at the very end of Season 5. Started watching Season 6, then last christmas got the dvd’s of 1-5 to get up to speed! 2 scenes stand out im my mind that about made me fall off the couch:
    * The Mayhem scene, esp. what Booth revealed about his past!
    * In Harbingers, when Booth first uttered “I Love You”, I could not believe it , esp. since I was watching Season 6 and I wondered, what the heck happened to them?( I had not yet seen 100th ep.)

    Other great moments that took my breath away:
    Breaking the laws of physics. *The kitchen scene from DitD (Your’e in love with Dr. Brennan), The end of TMitTC – the whole conversation about Booth not being up to speed, brown sugar on his oatmeal. How he looks at Brennan as she goes to talk to Angela. And of course, their conversations in Blizzard about Booth’s Dad, making love, and trying to be together one day.

    • Ooohh, I thought of a couple more:

      *Brennan’s birthday toast to Booth in Con man. And of course, the cake scene and “my dad drank.”
      * B&B fixing the plumbing together at his apartment, Brennan admitting “I still feel close to you”
      * The end scene with Pops, him giving advice to them, then Booth telling Brennan he likes “that thing around your neck”.

      • @KarenG Ah, yes, the good ole days…I had the plumbing scene down also. Or how about the that entire scene at the end of Night at the Bones Museum…(Sigh.)

  21. Sometimes it’s still really hard for me to believe that B&B are actually “together”. So when they have their “moments” now it’s still wierd to see and still difficult to believe it’s actually happening. What is the most difficult for me to believe is that before season one even started they had made out and then wouldn’t even talk to each other and somehow returned with the awesome chemisty.

  22. Anyone know the episode where “Bones” recites a scene from Frankenstein, “verbatim” in the lab with the movie playing on a screen behind her ???

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